Board Resolution for Filing of Statement of Information


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									A Board of Directors Resolution is used to facilitate and document decisions that must
be made during the course of the year. The board of directors generally executes
resolutions during the annual board of directors meeting. This particular resolution can
be used when drafting the meeting minutes for a corporation after the board has
adopted a resolution electing to file a statement of information with the Secretary of
State. This document contains standard language used for this type of resolution and
may be customized to provide any specific language that may be necessary. This
resolution should be used when a corporation wants to adopt a resolution to file a
statement of information.
        The chair advised the board that, within [Number] days after its articles were
filed, and each year thereafter, the corporation must file a Statement of Information
(Domestic Stock Corporation) (annual informational statement) with the [State of
Incorporation] Secretary of State, under [Statutory Code Section Requiring the Filing of a
Statement of Information]. The board adopted the following resolutions:

       RESOLVED, that the secretary of this corporation is authorized and directed to
prepare and to file or cause to be filed with the Secretary of State the necessary statement
in compliance with [Statutory Code Section Requiring the Filing of a Statement of
Information]; and

         RESOLVED FURTHER, that the secretary is directed to insert a copy of the
initial Statement of Information in the minute book following the minutes of this meeting.

(Some states, such as California, require that a Statement of Information be filed after
a corporation has been formed. In states where such a requirement exists, though it
may not be required, it is advisable to add a resolution to the minutes of the first
meeting of the board of directors to help assure that the Statement of Information will
be filed.)

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