MS 56 (PDF) by kishorkna


									               MAI{AGEMENT PROGRAMME
                     T*try-End Examination ,
                           June, 2007

          MS-56 : MATERIALS
               O          MANAGEMENT
                                                      . t   ,   I   , . I   {

Time :,3 hours                               Maximum'Marks;, 700

     Note : There sre eight questions in fhis paper. Attempt
            any fiue questions. All que:stionscarry equal

l.                managementcontains an integratedprocess of
       materials flow, in, through and out of dn ,organizatioh.
       Comment. Discuss the various roles of materials,
       management in the context of internal and external
       interfacesto materialsmanagementsystem.

2 . What are the reasons that give rise to make or buy
       decisions ? Discusstlre ',1make ;buy't' decision.making

3 . Discuss basic shortcomings of manufacturing rresources
       planning (MRP II) as a manufacturingplanning and control
       system and thus highlight the importance of mixed
       strategiesof manufacturingplanning and control. Discuss
       one such mixed strategy.

       o                                                        P.T.O:,
4.   What is wrong with having high levels of WIP inventory ?
     Is it possible to operate manufacturing system with almost
     no WIP at all ? Why ?

5.   Define the types of spare parts management in materials
     management. Also, discuss six stages of life cycle of spare
     parts management and importance of each stage.

6.   What are the objectives of standardization ? How does
     standardization lead to variety reduction ? Discuss the
     advantages and disadvantages of standardization.

7.   Explain how a performance measurement system can be
     used in the context of materials management. What are the
     matrices   of   performance   measurement    in    materials
     management ?

8.   Write short notes on any four of the following :

     (a)   Integrated Materials Management

     (b)   Bill of lading

     (c)   Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)

     (d)   Deterministic Inventory Models

     (e)   Stores records system

     (f)   Theory of the super organization

    @                                                           1, 0 0 0

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