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                                 A Very “Hamstery”
                                       By Sandy Brown, Media Specialist
                                                April 13, 2009

                           The Very “Hamstery” Introduction
          Are you thinking of having a cute, furry hamster as a
          pet? Yes? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!
          Welcome to the spot for kids and parents to learn just
          about everything they need to know in order to take
          care of a pet hamster.

                                 The Very “Hamstery” Task
          This WebQuest will introduce you to tons of helpful
          information about taking care of your new hamster. You
          will learn answers to important questions like:
             What are the costs of owning a hamster?
             How do I make friends with my new hamster?
             How do I handle my hamster?
             What do I feed my hamster?
             What does my hamster like to drink?
             How do I set up and care for my hamster’s house?

   What does my hamster do for exercise and
   What kind of health care does my hamster need?
   What do I do if my hamster has babies?
   What and how do I feed baby hamsters?
   Is there anything else I need to know about caring
    for my hamster?
Parents will learn special things they will need to
know about hamster care on The Very “Hamstery” Parent
Page , and you will all be introduced to websites where
you can share your hamster stories and photos with
other hamster lovers. Last, you will test your
learning by taking some quizzes.

          The Very “Hamstery” Process
Now let’s talk about how you will travel through your
WebQuest adventure:

Step 1: You will be given a number of websites you can
visit online to find all the information you will need
about owning and caring for a hamster. Hopefully, your
parents will go on the adventure with you, as well as
checking out the information on The Very “Hamstery”
Parent Page located later in this document. You will
either want to take notes or print information so that
you can organize the information into a table. This
table is provided later in the WebQuest, and you will
be able to type in the information and print the table
to easily find information about hamster care. You may
want to scroll down and take a look at the table before
starting your quest.
Step 2: Complete (type) and print The Very “Hamstery”
TLC Table.
Step 3: You may decide to follow some suggestions for
organizing your hamster information into a hamster care
Step 4: Enjoy communicating and sharing with other
hamster lovers on the interactive websites.
Step 5: Complete The Very “Hamstery” TLC Quizzes.

So, hamster lovers, travel the quest at your very own
pace and enjoy!

         The Very “Hamstery” Websites
Kids Hamster Care
- This website is sure to be packed with hamster TLC –
it’s written by the British Columbia SPCA! Among the
topics are life span, picking up a hamster, food,
water, shelter, exercise, grooming, health care, and

Hamster Care (
care.htm) - Not only can you find great information on
this website, but veterinarians are online to answer
your questions. Topics include what hamsters are,
where hamsters usually live in the wild, how long
hamsters live, different types of hamsters, hamster
cages, hamster toys, hamster diseases, and more.

Hamster Care (
care/hamster-care.html) - Here’s another website where
you’re sure to find plenty of hamster TLC – it’s
written by the ASPCA! Topics include hamster history,
cost, housing, diet, general care, and veterinary care.
A handy hamster supply checklist is also included.
Hamster Care Guide
( -
Written by Sun Seed Company, a source for quality pet
products, this site offers both information about
hamsters and the chance to find a store nearest you to
purchase Sun Seed products for your hamster. Topics
include history, diet, housing, handling, and care.

Hamster Care ( –
Available from SQUIDOO, a site where people share
information they know and care about, this site
contains basic care information, great hamster photos,
and links to other hamster websites.

All About Dwarf Hamsters
( – If you are
thinking about getting a dwarf hamster, this is the
place to find out whatever you need to know. It is
written by a Pre-vet major, Mary, who owns and breeds
dwarf hamsters. The site contains many topics and
recommended readings.

Hamsters: Teeth Problems
ems.htm) - You’ll find much more than taking care of
your hamster’s teeth on Pet Web Site – you just might
find the ultimate hamster lovers web site! The menu
includes the following and more: about hamsters, buying
a hamster, caring for hamsters, breeding hamsters,
showing hamsters, hamsters for sale, hamster articles,
hamster product news, hamster directory, hamster gifts,
and hamster forums.

Hamster Exercise Wheels
s.htm) - presents an article on good hamster
exercise wheels by veterinarian Lianne McLeod. Plus,
you get links to hamster ads, hamster articles, hamster
care, hamster health, top hamster books, a hamster
photo gallery, and much more!

Hamster Water Bottles (http://www.hamster-
hamster-cage.html) - not only
provides you with super-important information about
your hamster’s water bottle but says, “Psst…Hey You!
Get all the hamster information you need right here!”

What Do Baby Hamsters Eat?
hamsters-eat.html) - This blog guides you through what
to feed baby hamsters from the first day to solid food.
However, the best part is a big, colorful picture of
mama and babies!

My Hamster Had Babies! What Should I Do?
s.htm) - Once again provides an article by
veterinarian Lianne McLeod, only this time it’s about
what you should do if your hamster has babies. Links
to readings, articles, and other websites are also

The Very “Hamstery” TLC Table Instructions
The following table was created in Microsoft Word. You
can make your own table in Word by choosing Insert-
>Table from the menu. You can choose how many columns
and rows you would like. Don’t panic if you didn’t
choose enough rows. You can add another row at any
time by clicking in the bottom right cell, then hitting
the Tab button on your keyboard. You can choose the
font, font size, font weight, or any other formatting,
by selecting (clicking and dragging to highlight) cells
and choosing the formatting you want.

You can also easily copy the table I have made and past
it into a new document in Microsoft Word. Just select
what you want to copy (you probably will want the
title, picture, and table) by clicking and dragging to
highlight. Then right click on your mouse and choose
Copy from the menu. Open Microsoft Word and choose
Paste from the menu.

Don’t worry if the boxes seem too small in the table.
When you start to type in information, you will see
them grow to hold everything.

                The Very “Hamstery” TLC Table


                     Topic                                     Information About the Topic
             Costs of Owning a Hamster
          Making Friends With My Hamster
                Handling My Hamster
                 Feeding My Hamster
       My Hamster’s Water and Water Bottle
           Setting Up My Hamster’s House
           Caring for My Hamster’s House
       My Hamster’s Exercise and Recreation
 Special Things I Need to Know About My Hamster’s
                   Exercise Wheel
                Grooming My Hamster
             Health Care for My Hamster
        Keeping My Hamster’s Teeth Healthy
        What to Do if My Hamster Has Babies
               Feeding Baby Hamsters
Other Important Things I Need to Know About Hamsters

 Other Very “Hamstery” Organization Options
     If you have Inspiration software (or some other
      software that makes webs) at home or at school, you
      could make one or more webs to organize your
      information instead of using a table in MS Word.
      You can also make an outline in Inspiration.
     You may even want to make a hamster care manual in
      MS Word or by hand.   Consider using bulleted lists
      (like this one) in your document so you can find
      information quickly.

    The Promised Very “Hamstery” Interactive
terForums.   This page of Pet Web Site connects you with seven
different forums you can enter to talk and share with other
hamster lovers – three for Syrian hamster owners, three for
dwarf hamster owners, and one for posting hamster obituaries.

Hamster House ( is a great site for
hamster lovers to talk about and share their hamster stories and
pictures, but it’s a whole lot more. The site also features
FAQ, quizzes, information about caring for hamsters, a show
calendar, a hamster website directory, and a message board.

               The Very “Hamstery” TLC Quizzes

Ok, are you ready to find out how much you’ve learned?
Hamster lovers are ready to put you to the test! They
have designed some quizzes for the beginner,
intermediate, and advanced. Just visit
and start choosing some quizzes. Click in the box
beside the quiz you would like to take. Scroll to the
bottom of the page and put in your name and e-mail (If
your parents don’t have e-mail, they can set up an e-
mail account for free at Then click
“Take the quiz now!” I double hamster dare you to try
the advanced quizzes! Good luck! No cheating!

One final challenge: Make your own quiz on the website
for others to take! That would be really cool and show
how much you’ve learned!

By the way, congratulations! You’ve totally completed
this very “hamstery” WebQuest!
      The Very “Hamstery” Parent Page


Just a Few Things to Think About Before Getting
                   a Hamster
  Please review all the information in the WebQuest
   and discuss it with your child.
  Purchase a good hamster care guide or print
   information from the WebQuest websites.
  Literature states hamsters only live 1-3 years.
   Consider how this may affect your child and how
   your family would handle this situation.
  Hamsters are very small, fragile animals. Consider
   whether or not your child is old enough to handle
   and care for a hamster without inducing
   unintentional harm.
  Hamsters are nocturnal – they sleep during the day
   and are best not disturbed during that time.
   Consider that evening would be the best time for
   your child to interact with the hamster and decide
   if this would be appropriate for your child’s
   schedule. Also, consider that hamsters are very
   active throughout the night and consider whether
   the noise from the hamster’s exercise wheel and
   other activity would be disturbing to your family’s
 Please review the following website, which will
  give you additional information to consider before
  getting a hamster:
    o A Short Guide to Hamster Care for Kids: What
      Parents Should Know about Hamster Care

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