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					Kaleekal Thomas Thomson                                    Fikret Berkes (Co-Investigator)
(Principal Investigator)
                                                           Natural Resource Institute
School of Industrial Fisheries                             University of Manitoba
Cochin University of Science and Technology                303 70 Dysart Road
Cochin 682 016                                             Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Kerala India                                               Canada

Phone:     91-484-235-4711                                 Phone:     (204) 474-6731
Fax:       n/a                                             Fax:       (204) 261-0038
E-mail:    thomsonkt@rediffmail.com                        E-mail:    berkes@cc.umanitoba.ca
Website:   www.ornamentalfishes.org/html                   Website:   www.umanitoba.ca/institutes/natural
           aboutus.htm                                                resources

The School of Industrial Fisheries of the Cochin           The Institute’s academic activities are focused on
University of Science and Technology and the Natural       local and global problem solving in the community
Resource Institute of the University of Manitoba are       and are linked to the strength and expertise of faculty
collaborating to execute this project. Both institutions   members and the interests of students. The full-time
are popular and influential in crafting resource           faculty work closely with an outstanding cadre of
management policies and their implementation.              adjunct professors from other U of M disciplines,
These Institutes have been working together in this        from the Universities of Brandon and Winnipeg,
area for quite some time and the Principal investigator    from several government departments, such as the
of this proposed project has already supervised two        Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and
Masters Students from the NRI in a similar topic.          the Manitoba Department of Conservation, as well
Since the School of Industrial Fisheries maintains         as from non-governmental agencies and the private
good ratings both at the government and non-               sector. Natural resources and environmental policy
governmental sectors, this research collaboration          decision-making and practices provide the context
could generate the necessary climate for policy            for most of the academic activities.
formulations towards the co-management of
estuarine resources and environment. This project          Fikret Berkes is a Professor in the Natural Resources
will boost the academic activities of the Cochin           Institute at the University of Manitoba. He is also
University of Science and Technology and influence         the Canada Research Chair in Community-Based
the process of natural resource management policy          Resource Management.
making in India.
Kaleekal Thomas Thomson is a Reader in Resource                • Ph.D. (McGill University, 1973)
Economics in the School of Industrial Fisheries at
Cochin University of Science and Technology.                   • B.Sc. (McGill University, 1968)

     • Ph.D. (Madras University, 1992)
     • M.A., Economics (University of Calicut, 1979)
     • B.Sc. (Calicut University, 1977)


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