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									                               Council Of State Employees

                                                                                                Fall 2010

         Congratulations to all the nominees for the 2010
        Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service.
Loren Haid – Facility Management                      Donna Siebels – North Dakota State University
John Tunge – Parks and Recreation                     Norma Ackerson – North Dakota State University
Huanzhong (Dan) Gu – North Dakota State University    Brian Hosek – Game and Fish Department
Rita Prunty – North Dakota State University           Barbara Pederson – North Dakota State University
Sagini (Jared) Keengwe – University of North Dakota   Michele Sherman – North Dakota State University
Ronald Keller – Department of Human Services          Kaye Hessinger – Department of Health
Tonya Hetzler – Office of Attorney General            Erin Kading – Office of Attorney General
Scott Payne – North Dakota State University           Jaime Fuchs – Department of Human Services
Donna Thronson – Office of Attorney General           Alice Duchscherer – Department of Human Services
Tim Erickson – Office of Attorney General             Don Lebakken – North Dakota State University
Joseph Hall – Job Service North Dakota
Sandy Wilson – Department of Transportation           Recipients:
Mark Holzer – Aeronautics Commission                  Kirk Peterson – University of North Dakota
Luella Morehouse – North Dakota State University      Holly Gaugler – Office of the Adjutant General
Dianna Denault – Department of Human Services         Kyle Forster – Information Technology Department
Julie Sherwood – North Dakota State University        Curt Hofland – Department of Human Services
Rosemary Christinson – Dept of Human Services         Thomas Job – Facility Management
Jim Weigel – Facility Management                      Janice Hoffarth – University of North Dakota
Loreen Dahlgren – Department of Human Services

                                                                        Pictured from left to right: Steve
                                                                        Schroeder, Betty Nelson, Janice Hof-
                                                                        farth, Kyle Forster, Kirk Peterson,
                                                                        Tom Job, Curt Hofland, Holly Gaugler,
                                                                        Gov. John Hoeven
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Council Of State Employees

                                                                Governors Message
During State Employee Recog-        These individuals, along with       nor’s Award for Excellence in
nition Week, I had the privilege    those who were nominated,           Public Service and to those
of presenting six state employ-     represent all of North Dakota’s     who were nominated by their
ees with this year’s Governor’s     outstanding state employees         fellow employees for this pres-
Award for Excellence in Public      and the great work they do          tigious recognition. You, along
Service in recognition of their     every day to successfully oper-     with all of our state employees,
dedication and contributions to     ate our government and ad-          are setting a standard for pub-
the people of North Dakota. This    vance the growth of our state.      lic service excellence and
year’s award recipients were        Because of your commitment          making a real difference for
Kirk Peterson, University of        to public service excellence,       North Dakota.
North Dakota; Holly Gaugler,        exciting things are happening
Office of the Adjutant General;     in North Dakota. I applaud you
Kyle Forster, Information Tech-     for your dedication to our state
nology Department; Curt             and for the exemplary service
Hofland, Department of Human        you consistently provide on
Services; Janice Hoffarth, Uni-     behalf of North Dakota’s citi-
versity of North Dakota, and        zens.
Thomas Job, Facility Manage-
ment.                               Again, congratulations to the
                                    2010 recipients of the Gover-
                                                                             Governor John Hoeven

                                                          Chairman’s Ramblings
One of the ways in which           like to take this opportunity to    The COSE Board will be meet-
COSE works to recognize the        again congratulate each and         ing soon and will try to come up
outstanding services that state    every one of the recipients. If     with some Christmas ideas from
employees perform for the citi-    you know one of these people,       our clothing line. Take a look at
zens of North Dakota is by         be sure to give them your con-      what we offer online on our web
helping in the presentation of     gratulations.                       page at http://www.nd.gov/cose/
the Governor’s Award for Ex-                                           clothing/index.htm and see if
cellence in Public Service.        Fall is fast approaching. This      there is something for you.
These awards, presented an-        means time to get flu shots,
nually by the Governor at the      dig out the snowblower (not all     Until next time, have a great fall.
beginning of State Employees       ready!) and make sure it runs,
Recognition Week (SERW),           clean up the garden, and rake       Dr. Stephan A. Schroeder,
serve to highlight the best em-    up the leaves. It seems like        Chairman COSE Board of Direc-
ployees of the great state of      some things never end. I can
North Dakota. This year an-        also see the golden colors of
other six state employees          the fall leaves beginning to
were recognized for their out-     show on the trees out my win-
standing service to the state of   dow so I know that winter can’t
North Dakota. Their names          be too far behind. Oh well,
and a photograph are shown         spring is only six months
on the front page. I would also    away.
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Council Of State Employees

                                                           Child Support Enforcement
                                       federal welfare reform. Recogniz-       on IV-D cases. Services on non IV-
                                       ing that child support was a            D cases are limited to receiving
                                       safety net for families, the legisla-   and distributing child support pay-
                                       tion provided CSE with more ad-         ments and issuing income with-
                                       ministrative authority in its provi-    holding orders. Parents may apply
                                       sion of services which led to           online for IV-D services through
                                       strengthening of the program.           CSE’s website or by requesting an
                                                                               application for services from one of
                                       Initially, CSE was primarily re-        the nine offices.
The purpose of Child Support En-
                                       lated to cost-recovery for public
forcement (CSE), a Division of
                                       assistance programs. However,           History has shown that our state
the Department of Human Ser-
                                       today CSE’s main focus is on in-        has long had a respected program,
vices (DHS), is to enhance the
                                       creasing the self-sufficiency of        and recent performance has signifi-
well-being of children and reduce
                                       families. CSE expects that health-      cantly improved to where North Da-
the demand on public treasuries
                                       care reform will once again sig-        kota CSE has ranked second over-
by securing financial and medical
                                       nificantly affect its service deliv-    all in the country on federal per-
support from legally responsible
                                       ery, particularly in its medical        formance measures. Little could be
parents, and encouraging positive
                                       support establishment and en-           accomplished without dedicated
relationships between children
                                       forcement efforts.                      parents taking care of their chil-
and their parents. CSE’s primary
                                                                               dren, and help from employers,
services are locating parents, es-
                                       The program includes a central          clerks of court, the Judiciary, the
tablishing paternity, the establish-
                                       office in Bismarck as well as eight     Legislature, County Social Service
ment and enforcement of orders
                                       regional CSE offices in Williston,      Boards, the Department of Human
for child support and medical sup-
                                       Minot, Devils Lake, Grand Forks,        Services Executive office, and
port, and the review and adjust-
                                       Fargo, Jamestown, Bismarck,             dedicated staff. By working to-
ment of orders. CSE also re-
                                       and Dickinson. CSE works                gether, and with a strong strategic
ceives and distributes all child
                                       closely with the federal Office of      plan and diligent staff, CSE contin-
support payments. In North Da-
                                       Child Support Enforcement, the          ues to meet and exceed federal
kota, CSE currently impacts an
                                       other 54 state programs, tribes,        standards and work to benefit chil-
estimated 60,000 children and
                                       foreign countries, and a number         dren and families across the state
their parents in all 54 US jurisdic-
                                       of federal agencies. The program        and country.
tions and a number of tribes and
                                       also interacts with many public
foreign countries.
                                       and private entities. These inter-      For more information regarding ser-
                                       actions are of key importance in        vices, tools, facts, and news, in-
In 1975, amendments to the So-
                                       CSE’s ability to provide quality        cluding online services, 24-hour
cial Security Act were signed into
                                       services.                               interactive voice response services,
law which created the CSE pro-
                                                                               and other opportunities, please
gram. CSE is sometimes referred
                                       There are two types of cases: IV-       contact CSE at 1-800-231-4255 or
to as “IV-D” because the amend-
                                       D cases, which stem from refer-         direct at 701-328-3582; or visit the
ments added a new part “D” to
                                       rals from public assistance pro-        Child Support Enforcement website
title IV of the Social Security Act.
                                       grams (Temporary Assistance for         at www.childsupportnd.com.
Since 1975, CSE has significantly
                                       Needy Families (TANF), foster
grown and changed.
                                       care, and medical assistance) or
Through a number of acts and
                                       from either custodial or noncusto-
amendments to legislation since
                                       dial parents applying for services;
its inception, CSE has undergone
                                       and Non IV-D cases, which stem
considerable changes. One of the
                                       from court orders where there is
most substantial changes came
                                       no referral or application. CSE
in 1996, with the passage of leg-
                                       provides the full array of services
islation commonly referred to as
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                                                         Council Of State Employees

        Thank You CAPITAL CREDIT UNION and their staff
     for sponsoring the 2010 Governor’s Award of Excellence luncheon.

                 Please visit the COSE website for State
                     Employee Discounts
    throughout the State. Remember to check back often
       because these discounts are updated regularly.

Fish Award Nominees
                 2010 Second Quarter Nominees:
Sharla Price – DOCR                 Michael Hubbell – BSC
Debbie Mantz – BSC                  Pamela Schonert – OMB
David Sagsveen – BSC                Alicia Berger – BSC
Zachary Allen – BSC                 Amy Juhala – BSC
Toni Tanata – Reg. Child Support    Lynn Helms ND Oil & Gas Commission
Jamie Fuchs – WCHSC

                 2010 Third Quarter Nominees:
Tania Hellman, DHS                  Jen Polk - Disability Determination Services (DHS)
Sara Kelsch, Agriculture Dept.      Gladys (Toni) Tanata - DHS

          Amy Juhala was the recipient for the 2nd quarter
          Sara Kelsch was the recipient for the 3rd quarter
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                                                                  Council Of State Employees

Pride of Dakota - Up Coming Events
                                    ute rush. Pride of Dakota will      Bismarck: December 3-5
                                    be traveling the state this holi-   Bismarck Civic Center – Exhibi-
                                    day season. The Pride of Da-        tion Hall - Friday 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.,
                                    kota Holiday Showcase will be       Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-5
                                                                        Admission $2 – Kids 12 and un-
                                    Grand Forks: November 6-7           der free
                                    Alerus Center – Saturday 10-
                                    5, Sunday 11-5                      Free reusable bag with paid ad-
                                                                        mission or bring in a reusable
The Pride of Dakota Holiday         Minot: November 13-14               bag and get in for $1
Showcases have everything           All Seasons Arena - Saturday
you need for any member of          10-5, Sunday 11-5
the family this holiday season,
and the products are all made       Fargo: November 19-21
right here in North Dakota. En-     Fargo Civic Auditorium – Fri-
joy a day out, shop North Da-       day 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday
kota vendors, and relax know-       10-5, Sunday 11-5
ing you’ve got all your pre-
sents done before the last min-

            Check out the new line of COSE Clothing
                                        available online at

                          Holiday Gift Ideas!
 Women’s Quilted Microfiber                                                     Men’s Fleece Jacket -
  Jacket - Starting at $34.00      Featured items for this                        Starting at $41.00
                                     holiday season...

                                    For Delivery by Christmas
                                   please have your order in by
                                         November 24th.

                                  Please see exact details on the
                                          website below.

                      Website: http://www.nd.gov/cose/clothing.htm
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                                                                                                  Council Of State Employees

             Fish Awards
     Developed by the State COSE Board of Directors, the Fish Award:

     Symbolizes excellence in customer service,
     Recognizes employees who promote customer service in state government,
     Acknowledges employees who model excellence in customer service to other fellow State Em-
     Exemplifies the standard "We all have a customer; we all provide service to others,” and
     Recognizes employees who understand that "Providing customer service is part of our job."

     For more information on this award, or to nominate someone, contact your COSE representative. All
     nominations must be received by December 31, 2010 to be eligible for the fourth quarter award.
     Nomination forms can be found on the web at www.nd.gov/cose/ or from your COSE representative.

                                                                 Bismarck                      Mike Roehrick                Grand Forks
                                                                 Tanya Fuher                   (701) 328-4126               Marsha Nelson
                                                                 Bismarck State College        Dept. of Transportation      (701) 777-2953
This newsletter is published three times a year by the North     701-224-5453                  mroehric@nd.gov              UND Memorial Union.
                                                                 Tanya.Fuher@bsc.nodak.edu                                  marshanelson@mail.und.nodak.edu
Dakota Council of State Employees (COSE). State employ-
ees are encouraged to submit articles or information about       Stephan Schroeder             Dickinson                    Brenda Schill
                                                                 (701) 328-3403                Lois Wenko                   UND
their agencies or institutions to their subgroup listed below.   Public Service Comm.          (701) 227-7507               Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Any comments and concerns should also be directed to             sschroeder@nd.gov             Dept. of Human Services      701-777-4141
                                                                                               lwenko@nd.gov                BrendaSchill@mail.und.nodak.edu
your subgroup chair listed below. Editorial Board: COSE
Board of Directors. Publisher: Tina Walters, 600 East            Cheryl Moch                   Fargo                        Shelley Pohlman (Alternate)
                                                                 (701) 328-2720                Cindy Kozojed                Dept. of Alumni & Community
Blvd. Ave, Bismarck, ND 58505                                    Dept. Of Instruction          (701) 231-8431               Relations
                                                                 cmoch@nd.gov                  NDSU-Telecommunications      UND School of Medicine
                                                                                               cynthia.kozojed@ndsu.edu     701-777-4305

WE’RE ON THE WEB                                                 Becky Rosenkranz
                                                                 (701) 328-3930
                                                                                               Laura Dallmann
                                                                                               (701) 231-7607
                                                                                                                            Jacki Harasym

W W W . N D . G OV / C O S E
                                                                 Protection/Advocacy Project   NDSU - Electrical & Com-     (701)857-7770
                                                                 rrosenkr@nd.gov               puter Engineering            Dept. of Public Instruction
                                                                                               Laura.dallmann@ndsu.edu      jharasym@nd.gov

                                                                 Betty Nelson                  LaDonna DeGeldere            Williston
                                                                 (701) 328-4158                (Alternate)                  VACANT
                                                                 Dept. of Agriculture          (701) 231-8380
                                                                 bnelson@nd.gov                NDSU - Enrollment Manag.

                                                                 Marcie Wuitschick             Jamestown/Grafton            Valley City
                                                                 (701) 328-1290                Karla Bachmeier              Jan Drake
                                                                 Dept. of Human Services       (701) 253-3964               (701) 845-7302
         Council Of State Employees                              mwuitschick@nd.gov            Dept. of Human Services      Valley City Sate University
                                                                                               kxbachmeier@nd.gov           Jan.drake@vcsu.edu

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