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                                                                          CHILDREN & STUDENT
Work will focus on small training of staff on a variety of                 MISSION TRIPS INFO
  health topics; visiting their operational field sites; and
  assisting with implementation of better practices.           CHILDREN’S MISSION TRIP
Work will focus on light manual labor, activities with         LOCATION: TBA
  children, and outreach to the community.                     AGE RESTRICTIONS: 1st through 6th graders
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Completed 9th Grade & older                    (1st & 2nd graders must be accompanied by a parent)
CONTACT: Doug Cassady:                          COST: TBA
                                                               CONTACT: Kimberly Texidor:
DATE: June 4-14:                                               STUDENT CHOIR MISSION TRIP
LOCATION: Debre Zeyt and Nazret                                DATE: July 12-18, 2009
Dental/Evangelism; provide human needs through dental          LOCATION: Crossroads Church of Long Island
  services at Debre Zeyt and Nazret; provide means for         Help Crossroads Church of Long Island conduct their VBS,
  evangelism, spiritual care and counseling; identify            Pass out flyers advertising the FBC/CRC Baseball
  people of peace for the purpose of establishing a local        Camps; Sing concert at Amityville Park
  evangelical congregation in Nazret                           AGE RESTRICTIONS: 7th through 12th grades                             USA
DATE: June 19-28                                               COST: $425
LOCATION: Bantu                                                CONTACT: Don Barrick:
Medical/Dental/Vision; establish baseline health exams for     SPACES AVAILABLE: 30
  children of the Bantu International School; provide for
  human needs through medical, dental and vision               STUDENT MISSION TRIP
  services in Bantu; build credibility for the Gospel by       DATE: July 19-25, 2009
  serving people; identify people of peace for the purpose     LOCATION: Lavilla, TX
  of establishing a local congregation in Bantu;               AGE RESTRICTIONS: 7th through 12th grade
  evangelism                                                   COST: $250
DATE: July 3-11                                                CONTACT: Mike Corb:
LOCATION: Debre Zeyt
Children and Youth Outreach Ministries; provide Bible
  instruction for 200+ children in the Debre Zeyt “Msgana”
  church ministry; provide English language instruction at
  the Community Development Training Center; carry out
  gospel saturation in homes and present the “Jesus” film            COMMUNITY MINISTRY OUTREACH
DATE: July 10-18: Same description as July 3-11
COST: Approximately $1500 each trip                                        OPPORTUNITIES
CONTACT: Doug Cassady:                          Arrow Child & Family Ministries
                                                               Habitat for Humanity
Join our prayer effort between our church and our sister       Fawn Ridge Apartment Ministry
church in Kalbar, Australia for direction and guidance in      Holly Creek Apartment Ministry
the future of our partnership.
    If you have an interest in serving or praying for          Angel Food Ministries
Australia then contact Doug,                   First Connect Volunteers
                                                                                                                              First Baptist Church
                                                                                                                          of The Woodlands Missions
Name                                         If you would    I’m interested or would like more information on:             GERMANY PARTNERSHIP IS GROWING!
                                             like, you can   (Circle all that may apply.)                                  PARTNERSHIPS: Evangelisch Freikirchlichen Gemeinde, In
Address                                      draw a                                                                           4 Germany Cities
                                             picture of      GRAFFITI CHURCH - MANHATTAN, NY PARTNERSHIP                   4 BASEBALL CAMPS, 4 CHURCHES, & MORE VOLUNTEERS!
H Phone                                      yourself in     Wilderness Leadership Development Adventure                   Reach German young people and families for Christ
                                             this square.    DATE: June 27-July 4, 2009                                       through a baseball camp and nightly youth rallies. Live
Cell Phone                                   ☺               LOCATION: Winter Park & Fruita, Colorado                         with a German family for a week and develop strong
                                                             Need 4 men who love the outdoors to mentor and invest in         friendships that will change your life.
Email                                                          inner city young men as they undertake a river              DATES:
                                                               wilderness leadership development adventure                 TRIP I: July 17-26, 2009
Age                          DOB                             COST: TBA                                                     LOCATION: Bunde & Bueckeburg, Germany
                                                             CONTACT: Doug Cassady:                         TRIP II: July 24-Aug. 2, 2009
FBCTW Church Member? Y _______N_______                                                                                     LOCATION: New City TBA & Luebbecke, Germany
                                                             CROSSROADS CHURCH - LONG ISLAND, NY                           AGE RESTRICTIONS: High School 10th grade or older at time
Will you commit to continue to pray about your involvement     PARTNERSHIP                                                    of trip.
and for the trip you are considering taking? Y or N          Long Island Mission Trip/Baseball Camp                        COST: $1451 (Price includes airfare, lodging,
                                                             Join our missions team from FBCTW as we host a                   transportation, meals & international travel insurance)
Anything else you would like the FBCTW Missions                 baseball camp for the Farmingdale, Long Island             CONTACT: Doug Cassady:
Department to know?                                             Community. We will work alongside Crossroads Church        DEPOSIT: TBA
                                                                and Pastor Sterling Edwards as we invest ourselves in      DEPOSIT DEADLINE: TBA
                                                                building intentional relationships through the camp and    SPACES AVAILABLE: 100
                                                                through our involvement in ministry in the Farmingdale
                                                                community. We have openings for coaches, cooks,            MEXICO PARTNERSHIP
                                                                administrators, children’s workers, and those interested   Currently we have a trip planned into Mexico for mid-July.
                                                                in sharing Christian love with this special community.       However, the situation in Mexico from a safety
                                                             DATE: Saturday, July 25-Saturday, August 1, 2009                perspective is under review by the Mexico Partnership
                                                             AGE RESTRICTIONS: 18 years or older at time of the trip or      Ministry Team and details for this summer’s trip will be
                                                                High Schooler with Parent                                    brought to the attention of the church as soon as
                                                             COST: TBA                                                       possible. You can email or call Doug if you have an
                                                             Contact Bryan Butler:                           interest in participating in any mission efforts that may
Your Next Steps:                                                                                                             be made this year so that you can be contacted with
                                                             CROSSROADS CHURCH - LONG ISLAND, NY                             more information. Activity supporting the preparation of
                                                               PARTNERSHIP                                                   materials for the 130+ churches on the VBS list will be
1. Turn in this passport to the                              DATE: September, 2009                                           continuing as planned as we still plan to get the
                                                             Lead \Regional Worship Conference                               materials across the border for the use of the nationals,
   Missions Table, Church Office or                                                                                          even if we are not with them. Please be in prayer for
   church staff (☺ If you do step 2,                         Contact Don Barrick:                              Pilo Saucedo, FBCTW’s resident mission, Pilo’s entire
   you can skip step 1.)                                                                                                     family, the Pastors and their congregations and all of
                                                             CROSSROADS CHURCH - LONG ISLAND, NY                             the Mexican people.
2. Register online for the trip of your                        PARTNERSHIP
   choice                                                    Help with construction work needed at both churches           KENYA PARTNERSHIP
                                                             DATE: TBA                                                     DATE: June 15-29, 2009
3. Attend GO’10 training. Choose                                                                                           Cost: $2600-$2800
                                                             LOCATION: Crossroads Church of Long Island, Graffiti
   either date 5/3 or 5/17                                     Church                                                      CHRIST’S MISSION TO THE UNREACHED - GARISSA
4. Attend trip specific training                             AGE RESTRICTIONS: 18 & older                                  Work will focus on a Cyber-café in Garissa where you will
                                                             COST: TBA                                                       teach English conversation, basic computer skills,
5. GO                                                        CONTACT: Doug Cassady:                           entrepreneurship, or any number of skills which young
                                                             SPACES AVAILABLE: 15                                            Somalis are eager to learn.
                                                                                                                           AGE RESTRICTIONS: Completed 12th Grade and older

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