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									                                         ALIX LAMBERT

1990   School of Visual Arts: BFA
1985   Royal College of Art, London: Summer Program
1984   Parsons School of Design, New York: Summer Program


2007          Abaton Garage, New Jersey

2006          Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain, Part Two
              Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain, Part One
              Nyehaus, New York

2004          Space Junk Gallery, Grenoble, France
              Abaton Garage, New Jersey
              The Mark of Cain, Susanne Vielmetter Gallery, Los Angeles

2003          I am not like them at all and I cannot pretend, Sara Meltzer Gallery,
              NY, April 25th

2001          Flight, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, Nov.

2000           Flight Series Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
              Drawings, Suzanne Vielmetter Gallery, Los Angeles, California Bond Related Noise,
              Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art, Tuscon, Arizona
1998        Platipussy, Galeria João Graça, Lisbon
            Tattoo, Curt Marcus Gallery, New York

1997        Apartments/Platipussy/Ethel & Me, ARTRA, Milan
            Male Pattern Baldness, Team Gallery, New York

1996        Platipussy, Jose Freire Gallery, New York

1995        Male Pattern Baldness, Javier Lopez Gallery, London
            Male Pattern Baldness, Ridzhina Gallery, Moscow, organized by the Galerie Art &
            Public, Geneva
            The Joy of Painting, HERE Gallery, curated by Alix Lambert and Ami Arnault

1994-1995   Round Twelve, MA Galerie [Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin], Paris

1994        Team Gallery, Washington
            Playoff, Galerie Art & Public, Geneva*
            Galleria Raucci / Santamaria, Napoli

1993        Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York
            Galerie Kees Van Gelder, Amsterdam

1992        Alix Lambert by Kristine Ebert, Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York


2007        The Development of Tourism in Los Angeles County, The Public Theater, written by
            Suzan-Lori Parks

2005        7 Impressions of Viggo

2004        Where the Sky Meets the Earth, Billabong
2002      Box of Birds, The Malloys in New Zealand
          Cami and her sister

2001      Stanley Kunitz: Poet Laureate 2000

2000      The Mark of Cain

1997      Platipussy


2007      LA ART, World’s Largest Walkie Talkie Network, Three Dance Works by Flora
          Weigman (Sound design)

2006      Sundance Salon, Los Angeles, CA
          Asheville Museum of Art, Asheville North Carolina
          ARCO, Spain

2005      Galerie Des Multiples, France
          Midnight Walker, France
          Black Noise, Basel Art Fair, Switzerland
          SPORT, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY

2004      None of the Of The Above, The Swiss Institute, curated by John Armleder
          SAC Gallery, NY
          Cuerpos Pintados (Museum Exhibition), Santiago Chile

2003      Woodstock Festival, Woodstock, NY
          Ana Mendieta Performance Festival, ICARUS, Havana, Cuba

2002      Body Lines, The Museum of David, Jeruselum, Isreal
            Tutto Bene, Lausanne, Switzerland
            Momenta Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Deborah Kass

2001        Only Skin Deep: Changing visions of the American Self, International Center For
            photography, New York, NY
            Bogus, Castle Gallery, New Rochelle, NY
            Chelsea Rising, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans

2000        Never Never Land, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
            Side Lines, Makor, video screening.. Curated by Sara Meltzer
            Kinsway Trilogy, video wall, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY
            Game On! Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY
            New Photography, Baumgartner Gallery, New York, NY
            Human Being and Gender, Kwangju Biennale 2000, Korea
            Gender and Identity, The Parrish Museum of Art, Montauk, Long Island

1999        Curt Marcus Gallery, New York, NY
            Antiworld, Gallery Untitled, Dallas, Texas
            Photography Salon, Elizabeth Cherry Fine Arts, Tucson, Arizona
            Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, Arizona

1998        The Chicago Project Room, Chicago, Illinois
            Vienna Beef, Bricks & Kicks, Vienna
            The Downtown Arts Festival, New York
            Bang on the Can Benefit Show, New York
            Libertine, Velocity Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
            Remix, Team Gallery, New York
            a posteriori, charlieuniformtango Gallery, Dallas
            Vanessa Beecroft / Alix Lambert / Helmut Newton, l’elac (l’espace lausannois
            d’art contemporain), Lausanne, curated by Lionel Bovier
            Super Freak, Greene-Naftali Gallery, New York
            Forde’s Needles, Forde espace d’art contemporain, Geneva

1998-1997   The Young and Restless, Museum of Modern Art, New York, curated by Stephen
          Filmmakers Co-op, London
          Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu
          Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
          Kunstakademiet, Trondheim; Kunstbunker Tumulka, Munich
          Cornell Ithaca (New York)
          WRO Festival, Warsaw

1997      Coming Home Again, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, curated by Jeanne
          Des Histoires en Formes, Le Magasin, Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble,
          curated by Lili Laxenaire, Mari Linnman, Ingrid Martraix & Gabi Scardi*
          Filmmakers Make Theater, P.S. 122, New York, direction of The Best Man, written by
          John Dolan

1996-97   Up Close and Personal, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

1996      Ferbedienung: Does television inform the way art is made? Grazer Kunstverein, Graz
          (Austria), curated by Eva Maria Stalder & Thomas Trummer (Steirischen Herbst 96)*
          Trois collections d’artistes, Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds
          Push-Ups, The Factory, Athens Fine Arts School, Athens, curated by Emily Tsingou*

1995-96   All Dressed Up, Apex Art, New York, curated by Steven Rand*

1995      féminin-masculin / Le Sexe de l’Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée National d’Art
          Moderne, Paris, curated by Marie-Laure Bernadac & Bernard Marcadé*
          Mini Mundus, White Columns, New York, curated by Teresa Bramlette*
          Speed Trials, Team Gallery, Washington D.C.
          Drawings & Drawings, Galerie Kees Van Gelder, Amsterdam
          Prospect 1986-94, Galerie Art & Public, Geneva

1994-95   Arte in Video, Inter Nos, Milan, in the selection made by Tommaso Corvi Mora

1994      Oh boy, it’s a girl ! / Feminismen in der Kunst, Kunstverein München, Kunstraum Wien,
          Munich, Vienna*
          Who Chooses Who, The New Museum, New York
          Audience 0.01, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Trevi (Italy), curated by Helena Kontova;
       Otis Gallery, Los Angeles*
       Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York
       L’Hiver de l’amour / Winter of Love, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris ARC,
       Paris, curated by Elein Fleiss, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster,
       Bernard Joisten, Jean-Luc Vilmouth & Olivier Zahm; travelling: PS1, New York*

1993   Vera Vita Gioia Galleria, Naples (Italy)
       Massimo Di Carlo Galleria, Milan
       Self Winding, Nanba City Hall, Sphere Max, Osaka, Tokyo, curated by Jeffrey Deitch
       The Knitting Factory, New York
       The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York; travelling
       The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington
       Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica (California)
       Forum for Contemporary Art, Saint-Louis (Missouri); American Center, Paris*
       De Passage... / Furkart 93, Furkapasshöhe, Hotel Furkablick
       Aperto ‘93, Biennale di Venezia, Venice (Italy), The Mere Interchange, curated by
       Francesco Bonami*
       Nineties, John Gibson Gallery, New York, curated by Elizabeth Thompson
       Edities & Unica, Galerie Kees Van Gelder, Amsterdam
       Connecticut Grand Opera and Orchestra, Stamford (Connecticut), in conjunction with
       BlueBeard, an opera by Offenbach

1992   A Whiter Shade of Pale, Galerie Sophia Ungers, Cologne, curated by Udo Kittelman
       Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York
       BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, New York
       Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

1991   4th Floor, 89 Greene Street, New York, curated by Kenny Schachter
       Unlearning, 142 Greene Street, New York, curated by Kenny Schachter
       Natalie Rivera Gallery, New York
       H.O.M.E. for June, H.O.M.E. for Contemporary Art, New York, curated by Erik
       Friendly, Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York, curated by Janine Gordon & Trudie
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2007      Montclair University, Montclair, NJ

2005      University at Stonybrook, Long Island, NY

2004      Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

2003      KGB bar, Reading and book-signing through Open City Books
          University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
          Evergreen College, Olympia, Washington
          Art Institute of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

2002      University of California, Santa Barbara
          Art Institute of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
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2001      Columbia University, NY, NY
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          Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
          Cornish College, Seattle, Washington
          California Institute of the Arts, Visiting Artist, spring semester
          Oberlin College, Ohio
          UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
          Columbia University, NY, NY
          North Western University, Chicago, Illinois

2000      Tribeca Film Center, New York, NY
          Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle, Washington
          California Institute of The Arts, Visiting Artist, Fall Semester
          Columbia University, New York, NY

1999      The New York Studio School, NY, NY
          California Institute of The Arts, Valencia, CA
          The Old School For Social Sculpture, Glen Wild, NY
          The Mckinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
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1998      California Institute of The Arts, Valencia, CA
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1997-01   School of Visual Arts, New York, NY: Adjunct Professor

1997      Colgate College, Utica, New York
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          Women in Cinema Festival, Seattle WA

2001      Vera Film Festival, Finland
          Thessoloniki Documentary Festival, Greece
          FemmeFilms Festival, Creteil, France

2000      Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain
         The Amsterdam International Documentary Festival, November 24th - December 2nd.
          The Margaret Meade Film Festival, New York, NY, November 3rd - 11th.
          Impakt Festival, Subterfuge, Utrecht, Holland, May

1999       The Dallas Video Festival, Dallas, Texas, February
          Big Mama Cinefest, Atlanta, Georgia, March

1998      MicroCineFest, Baltimore, Maryland November 4-8
          Short Film & Video Festival, Arizona State University Museum, Tempe, Arizona, April


2005      Champion Gallery, Los Angeles
2003      Ana Mendieta Performance Festival, Guest curator, Havana, Cuba

1998      “Video: Past, Present and Future,” Presentation and panel discussion, School of Visual
           Arts, NY

1995      The Joy of Painting, HERE Gallery, NY


2007      WGA nomination: outstanding writing on a serial drama: DEADWOOD

2005      MAT Grant for individual artists
          Salem Arts, residency
          Nobody’s Lunch residency with the Civilians
          OBIE Award : The Civilians

2003      Atlantic City Film Festival, Silver Award Documentary, Winner
          The Public Theater, residency, NY (with The Civilians)
          Nominated: BAUM award in photography

2002      Nominated: Truer Than Fiction Award: The Independent Spirit Awards.
          Honorary G-monster award, The Blue Angels

2001      Nominated, Tiffany Award
          Honorable Mention, French Association of Journalism
          Fundacion America, Santiago, Chile

2000      Nominated, Tiffany Award
          New York State Council on The Arts
          Sunshine Foundation
          PS1 Museum, Special Project Studio Program, NY

1999      Fundacion America, Santiago, Chile

2007        365 Plays, The Public Theater, written by Suzan Lori Parks

2004        Deadwood, HBO
            Nobody’s Lunch, The Civilians, PS 122, NYC





2007        JOHN FROM CINCINNATI: Writer / Associate Producer

2006        DEADWOOD, A Rich Find, Season three: writer
            JOHN FROM CINCINNATI: Writer / Associate Producer

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