Thesis Statement by Qyun


									   is a fancy term for a one
sentence summary of what the
 main purpose or point of your
A thesis statement . . .
   lets your reader know early on exactly what your
    essay is going to be about, and it also keeps you
    focused on your essay's main point.

   needs to be related to the thesis statement.

   must place your thesis statement in your

   is very specific.
       It is not just a general statement.
        A general statement is too hard to write a good
        essay about.
A   thesis is…
  arguable
  takes a stand

  specific, focused

  a road map for the reader
  Controlling idea of the essay

  avoids first person – I
  Subject + Opinion
   The life of Christopher Columbus had a lasting
    impact on the world.

   Christopher Columbus was an explorer.     NOT
   The deserts of the world have many things in
    common, but their differences are what makes
    them special.

   I am going to tell you about the deserts of the
  Which is a thesis statement?
 A.  I would like to become a chef when I
  finish school.
 B. Although both chefs and cooks can
  prepare fine meals, chefs differ from cooks
  in education, professional commitment,
  and artistry.

   And the answer is B.
  Which is a thesis statement?
 A. Hip hop music offers urban youth an
  important opportunity for artistic
  expression, and allows them to articulate
  the poetry of the street.
 B. Hip hop music is the best thing that has
  happened to music in twenty years.

   And the answer is A.
Write an essay about your name.
   Paragraph 1: Introduction –
       Introduce the reader to your topic
         • Names in general
         • Your names

    Include        a thesis
                       SUBJECT + OPINION

        _________ is a unique name because it was chosen
        for a special person.
       Although ________ is not unique, it has a special
 Paragraph   2: Parent interview
   (Why did your parents choose your name?)
    Research on (meaning and origin of your name) from
    the internet website provided
  You may want to add other elements to your essay.
   A. Nickname

   B. Middle name

   C. Famous people with your name

   D. Opinion and feeling. What do you like/dislike or

    want to change about your name?
 Paragraph     3: Last Paragraph:
     Summary or conclusion, including "Does my
      name suit me?" Reaction/comments on
      research information.

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