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                                                                          This is a “Buyer Beware” sale!


 If you have not had a title search performed to inform you of what you are buying, you buy at you own risk. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to contact the Health
 Department concerning restrictions, or corrections that may need to be made, concerning the water and sewage systems on the properties.

 You will be required to pay 15% of the selling price down on the day of the sale, unless otherwise stated in the sale ad, or prior arrangements have been made with the
 plaintiff’s attorney to accept terms other than the 15%.

 You do not take immediate ownership or possession of the property. Once the sale is confirmed by the court, approximately 30 days after the sale date, the high bidder
  will be declared the owner. If occupied, you may take possession by having the court issue an “Order of Possession” to the Sheriff. By this order, the Sheriff will put
                                                                   you in possession of said property.


 According to Honorable Judge Jonathan P. Hein of the Darke County Common Pleas Court, the Darke County Sheriff's Office, when selling the listed property, is not responsible
 to determine and makes no representations as to whether utility bills, such as water, gas, electric and/or sewage are paid, or whether the property is free of liens.

 The Darke County Sheriff's Office, its agents, and/or the appraising agency or its agents make no representation and assume no responsibility for any environmental or hazardous
 condition that may exist within, under, around or near the subject property.

 An inspection of this property does not guarantee that the interior of the stated property has been inspected by said appraisers.

 Darke County Auditor:

SALE DATE PLAINTIFF                DEFENDANT            CASE#                ADDRESS                                             CITY                APPRAISAL

 Nov. 18    Deutsche Bank           Michael Wagner        08CV64696            3487 St. Rt. 571                     Greenville              $83,000.00

 Nov. 18    Bank of New York        Jeffrey Napier        09CV00767            6927 Jaysville-St. John Rd.          Greenville              $40,000.00

 Nov. 18    Chase Home Finance      Jeremy Runner         10CV00750            3959 McFeeley-Petry                  Rossburg                $65,000.00

 Nov. 18    BAC Home Loans          Vickie Matthieu       10CV00029            9929 New Harrison-Bradford           Bradford                $90,000.00

 Nov. 18    Chase Home Finance      Dusty Johnson         10CV00758            408 Main St.                         Gordon                  $89,000.00

 Nov. 18    PNC Bank                Stephanie Burrell     10CV00095            2166 Arcanum-Ithaca                  Arcanum                 $105,000.00

 Nov. 18    Chase Home Finance      Dane Corbin           10CV00696            377 S. Main                          New Madison             $67,000.00

 Nov. 18    Deutsche Bank           Justin Ashbaugh       11CV00380            1761 Harrison Rd.                    New Madison             $81,000.00

 Nov. 18    Countrywide Hm. Loans Eric Miles              09CV00012            3780 Hickory Lane                    Wayne Lakes             $120,000.00

 Nov. 18    BAC Home Loans          Timothy Daugherty     09CV00680            3790 West Dr.                        Wayne Lakes             $30,000.00

 Nov. 18    Aurora Loan Services    James Dynes           10CV00826            624 Wayne Avenue                     Greenville              $55,000.00

 Nov. 18    Bank of New York        Sophia Idle           11CV00438            314 N. Main                          Greenville              $52,000.00

 Nov. 18    BAC Home Loans          Ronald Bell           09CV00690            124 Shawnee St.                      Greenville              $80,000.00

 Nov. 18    Chase Home Finance      Leslie Lee            10CV00872            301 Oxford Dr.                       Greenville              $60,000.00

 Nov. 18    Bank of New York        Nicole J. York        11CV00020            144 Central Ave.                     Greenville              $70,000.00

 Nov. 18    Bank of New York        Terry Lewis Sr.       10CV00638            4628 Hollansburg-Arcanum             Arcanum                 $51,000.00

 Dec. 2     Bank of New York        Charles Terrell       10CV00863            397 Chenoweth                        Hollansburg             $30,000.00

                                                                                                        Court Ordered Starting Bid = $12,000.00

 Dec. 2     JP Morgan               Ty A. Bryson          06CV63290            418 Gray Ave.                        Greenville              $30,000.00

                                                                                                        Court Ordered Starting Bid = $15,000.00

 Dec. 2     Bank of America         Tonie Long            11CV00489            5852 Requarth Rd.                    Greenville              $126,000.00

 Dec. 2     Wells Fargo Bank        Rodney Profitt        11CV00085            108 Esther St.                       Gettysburg              $45,000.00

 Dec. 2     Deutsche Bank           Steven Kessler        11CV00393            6171 Delisle-Fourman Rd.             Arcanum                 $65,000.00

 Dec. 2     BAC Home Loans          Jennifer Schmidt-Phillips 10CV00203        408 S. High                          Arcanum                 $55,000.00

 Dec. 2     Financial Freedom       Phyllis Morgan, Executor 10CV00699         903 Braffetsville-North Rd.          New Paris               $30,000.00

 Dec. 2     Springleaf Financial    Donald Amspaugh       11CV00518            9273 Hillgrove-Ft. Recovery          Union City              $53,000.00
Dec. 2   PNC Mortgage       Jason Gibbs       10CV00736   121 N. Main    Greenville   $60,000.00

Dec. 2   Bank of New York   James Grewe       09CV00203   243 Tiffin     Greenville   $25,000.00

Dec. 2   Deutsche Bank      Scott Jenkinson   11CV00143   448 E. Fifth   Greenville   $72,000.00

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