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									                                                     Book List
Donna Andrews                            Claudia Bishop                             Lincoln Child
  Meg Langslow                                 Hemlock Falls                            Utopia
     Murder with Peacocks                         A Taste for Murder                    DeathMatch
     Murder with Puffins                          A Dash of Death                   Edie Claire
     Revenge of Wrought Iron Flamingos            A Pinch of Poison                     Leigh Koslow Series
     Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loon               Murder Well Done                       Never Buried
     We’ll Always Have Parrots                    Death Dines Out                        Never Sorry
     Owl’s Well That Ends Well                    A Touch of the Grape                   Never Preach Past Noon
  New Series                                      A Steak in Murder                      Never Kissed Goodnight
     You’ve Got Murder                            Marinade for Murder                    Never Tease a Siamese
     Click Here for Murder                        Just Desserts                     Tom Clancy
     Access Denied                                Fried by Jury                          Jack Ryan
Leo Atkins                                        A Puree of Poison                         The Hunt for Red October
  See Clay Harvey                                 Death by Breakfast                        Patriot Games
Lori Avocato                                      Buried by Breakfast                       The Cardinal in the Kremlin
  Pauline Sokol                                Dr. McKenzie                                 Clear and Present Danger
     A Dose of Murder                             The Case of the Roasted Onion             The Sum of All Fears
     The Stiff and the Dead              Dan Brown                                          Debt of Honor
     One Dead Under the Cuckoo’s Nest          Digital Fortress                             Executive Decision
     Deep Sea Dead                             Angels & Demons                              Red Storm Rising
Linda Barnes                                   Deception Point                              The Dragon and the Bear
     Carlotta Carlyle                          DaVinci Code                                 Red Rabbit
        A Trouble of Fools               Sinclair Browning                                  The Teeth of the Tiger
        The Snake Tattoo                       Trade Ellis                               Without Remorse
        Coyote                                    The Last Song Dogs                     Rainbow 6
        Steel Guitar                              The Sporting Club                 James H. Cobb
        Snapshot                                  Rode Hard, Put Away Dead               Cibola
        Hardware                                  Crack Shot                             West on 66
        Cold Case                        James Lee Burke                                 Amanda Lee Garrett Series
        Flashpoint                             The Convict                                  Choosers of the Slain
        The Big Dig                            Lay Down My Sword and Shield                 Sea Strike
        Deep Pockets                           The Lost Get-Back Boogie                     Sea Fighter
        Heart of the World                     To the Bright and Shining Sun                Target Lock
     Michael Spraggue                          Two for Texas                        Patricia Cornwell
        Blood will have Blood                  Half of Paradise                          Portrait of a Killer
        Bitter Finish                          White Doves at Mourning                   K Scarpetta series
        Dead Heat                              Billy Bob Holland Series                     Postmortem
        Cities of the Dead                        Cimarron Rose                             Body of Evidence
Nevada Barr                                       Heartwood                                 All That Remains
     Anna Pigeon                                  Bitterroot                                Cruel and Unusual
        Track of the Cat                          In the Moon of Red Ponies                 The Body Farm
        A Superior Death                       Dave Robicheaux Series                       From Potter’s Field
        Ill Wind                                  The Neon Rain                             Cause of Death
        Fire Storm                                Heaven’s Prisoners                        Unnatural Exposure
        Endangered Species                        Black Cherry Blues                        Point of Origin
        Blind Descent                             A Morning for Flamingos                   Black Notice
        Liberty Falling                           A Stained White Radiance                  The Last Precinct
        Deep South                                In the Electric Mist with …               Blow Fly
        Blood Lure                                Dixie City Jam                            Trace
        Hunting Season                            Burning Angel                             Predator
        Flashback                                 Cadillac Jukebox                       Andy Brazil Series
        High Country                              Sunset Limited                            Hornet’s Nest
        Hard Truth                                Purple Cane Road                          Southern Cross
     Bittersweet                                  Jolie Blon’s Bounce                       Isle of Dogs
Nancy Bartholomew                                 Last Car to Elysian Fields
     Sophie’s Last Stand                          Crusader’s Cross
     Legally Blonde                               Pegasus Descending
     Stella Vallochi                     Alafair Burke
            Stella Get Your Gun                   Judgment Calls
            Stella Get Your Man                   Missing Justice
     Maggie Reid                                  Close Calls
            Your Cheatin’ Heart          Sally Chapman
            Stand By Your Man                     Julie Blake
     Sierra Lavotini                                 Raw Data
            The Miracle Strip                        Love Bytes
            Drag Strip                               Cyberkiss
            Film Strip                               Hardwired
            Strip Poker                           As Annie Griffin
                                                     A Very Eligible Corpse
                                                     Date with a Perfect Dead Man
                                                     Love and the Single Corpse
                                                     Tall, Dead and Handsome

                                                 Book List
Clive Cussler                        PT Deutermann                    Ken Goddard
   Oregon Series                           Official Privilege              Balefire
     Golden Buddha                         Scorpion in the Sea             The Alchemist
     Sacred Stone                          Sweepers                        Henry Culver
     Dark Watch                            The Edge of Honor                   Cheater (Digger)
     Skeleton Coast                        Zero Option                      Colin Cellars
   Dirk Pitt                               Trainman                            First Evidence
     The Mediterranean Caper               Hunting Season                      Outer Perimeter
     Iceberg                               Darkside                            Final Disposition
     Raise the Titanic                     Firefly                         Henry Lightstone
     Vixen 03                              The Cat Dancers                     Prey
     Night Probe                     Robert Doherty                            Wildfire
     Pacific Vortex                        The Rock                            Double Blind
     Deep Six                              Psychic Warrior            Sue Grafton
     Cyclops                                  Psychic Warrior           Kinsey Millone
     Treasure                                 Project Aura                 A Is For Alibi
     Dragon                                Area 51 Series                  B Is For Burglar
     Sahara                                   Area 51                      C Is For Corpse
     Inca Gold                                Area 51 The Reply            D Is For Deadbeat
     Shock Wave                               Area 51 The Mission          E Is For Evidence
     Flood Tide                               Area 51 The Sphinx           F Is For Fugitive
     Atlantis Found                           Area 51 The Grail            G Is For Gumshoe
     Valhalla Rising                          Area 51 Excalibur            H is For Homicide
     Trojan Odyssey                           Area 51 The Truth            I is for Innocent
     Black Wind                               Area 51 Nosferatu            J is for Judgment
   Kurt Austin                                Area 51 Legend               K is for Killer
     Serpent                         Jack DuBrul                           L is for Lawless
     Blue Gold                         Philip Mercer                       M is for Malice
     Fire Ice                              Vulcan's Forge (1998)           N is for Noose
     White Death                           Charon's Crossing (1999)        O is for Outlaw
     Lost City                             Medusa Stone (2000)             P is for Peril
     Polar Shift                           Pandora's Curse (2001)          Q is for Quarry
Patrick A. Davis                           River of Ruin (2002)            R is for Ricochet
     The General                           Deep Fire Rising (2003)         S is for Silence
     The Passenger                         Havoc (October, 2006)      Annie Griffin
     The Colonel                     Janet Evanovich                           See Sally Chapman
     The Commander                         Stephanie Plum             David Hackworth
     A Long Day for Dying                     One For the Money                About Face
     A Slow Walk to Hell                      Two For the Dough                Brave Men
Jeffrey Deaver                                Three to Get Deadly              The Price of Honor
     Rune Series                              Four to Score                    Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts
        Manhattan is My Beat                  High Five                        Hazardous Duty
        Death of a Blue Movie Star            Hot Six                          Vietnam Primer
        Hard News                             Seven Up                Carolyn Haines
     John Pelham Series                       Hard Eight                   Buried Bones
        Shallow Graves                        To The Nines                 Them Bones
        Bloody River Blues                    Ten Big Ones                 Crossed Bones
        Hell’s Kitchen                        Eleven on Top           Lee Harris
     The Lesson of Her Death                  Twelve Sharp              Christine Bennett Series
     Praying for Sleep                     Visions of Sugar Plums          The Good Friday Murders
     A Maiden’s Grave                Jerrilyn Farmer                       The Yom Kippur Murder
     The Devil’s Teardrop                  Sympathy for the Devil          The Christening Day Murder
     Speaking In Tongues             Jacey Ford                            The St. Patrick’s Day Murder
     The Blue Nowhere                      Dangerous Curves                The Christmas Night Murder
     Garden of Beasts                      I Spy                           The Thanksgiving Day Murder
     Twisted                               Carved in Stone                 The Passover Day Murder
     Lincoln Rhyme Series            Anita Gentry                          The Valentine’s Day Murder
        The Bone Collector                    Night Summons                The New Year’s Eve Murder
        The Coffin Dancer            Judith Van Gieson                     The Labor Day Murder
        The Empty Chair                Neil Hammel                         The Father’s Day Murder
        The Stone Monkey                   North of the Border             The Mother’s Day Murder
        The Vanished Man                   Raptor                          The April Fool’s Day Murder
        The Twelfth Card                   The Other Side of Death         Happy Birthday Murder
        The Cold Moon                      The Wolf Path
                                           The Ties that Bind
                                           Parrot Blues
                                           Hot Shots
                                           Ditch Rider*
                                       Claire Reynier
                                           The Stolen Blue
                                           Vanishing Point
                                           Confidence Woman
                                           The Shadow of Venus
                                           Land of Burning Heat

                                                   Book List
Thomas Harris                           Joan Hess                                J A Jance
      Black Sunday                           Claire Malloy Series                      Dana Walker Series
      Hannibal Lector                           Strangled Prose                           Hour of the Hunter
         Red Dragon                             The Murder at the Mimosa Inn              Kiss of the Bees
         The Silence of the Lambs               Dear Miss Misdemeanor                  Johanna Brady Series
         Hannibal                               A Really Cute Corpse                      Desert Heat
Clay Harvey                                     A Diet to Die For                         Tombstone Courage
  Tyler Vance                                   Roll Over and Play Dead                   Shoot/Don’t Shoot
      A Flash of Red                            Death by the Light of the Moon            Dead to Rights
      A Whisper of Black                        Poisoned Pens                             Skeleton Canyon
      Dwelling in the Gray                      Tickled to Death                          Rattlesnake Crossing
  As Leo Atkins                                 Busy Bodies                               Outlaw Mountain
      ConnerGibbs                               Closely Akin to Murder                    Devil’s Claw
         Deadbeat                               A Holly, Jolly Murder                     Paradise Lost
         Play Dead                              A Conventional Corpse                     Partner In Crime
         Dead Run                               Out on a Limb                             Exit Wounds
Jeremiah Healy                                  The Goodbye Body                       Birds of Prey
      Blunt Darts                               ???                                    Day of the Dead
      The Staked Goat                        Arly Hanks Series                         Edge of Evil
      So Like Sleep                             Malice In Maggody                Iris Johansen
      Swan Dive                                 Mischief In Maggody                    Eve Duncan
      Yesterday’s News                          Much Ado In Maggody                       The Face of Deception
      Right to Die                              Mortal Remains In Maggody                 The Killing Game
      Shallow Graves                            Madness In Maggody                     The Search
      Foursome                                  Maggody in Manhattan                      Body of Lies
      Act of God                                O Little Town of Maggody               Final Target
      Rescue                                    Martians in Maggody                    No One to Trust
      Invasion of Privacy                       Miracles in Maggody                    Dead Aim
      The Only Good Lawyer                      Maggody Militia                        Fatal Tide
Martin Hegwood                                  Misery Loves Maggody                      Blind Alley
      Big Easy Backroad                         Murder @Maggody.com                    Count Down
      A Green-Eyed Hurricane                    Maggody and the Moon Beams             --------------------------------
Sue Henry                                       Mule Train to Maggody                  And Then You Die
      Jessie Arnold                             Malpractice in Maggody                 Long After Midnight
         Murder on the Iditarod Trail   Carl Hiaasen                                   The Ugly Duckling
         Termination Dust                 A Death in China                             Fire Storm
         Sleeping Lady                    BasketCase                             Karen Kijewski
         Death Takes a Passage            Lucky You                                    Kat Colorado
         Deadfall                         Stormy Weather                                  Katwalk
         Murder on the Yukon Quest        Strip Tease                                     Katapult
         Beneath the Ashes                Native Tongue                                   Kat’s Cradle
         Dead North                       Skin Tight                                      Copy Cat
         Cold Company                     Double Whammy                                   Wild Cat
         Death Trap                       Skinny Dip                                      Alley Cat Blues
      Maxie McNabb                        Tourist Season                                  Honky Tonk Cat
         The Serpent’s Trail              Powder Burn                                     Kat Scratch Fever
Julie Wray Herman                         Trapline                                        Stray Cat Waltz
      3 Dirty Women                     Tony Hillerman                           Virginia Lanier
         Garden of Death                  Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee                     Death in Bloodhound Red
         Their Bitter View                   The Blessing Way                       The House on Bloodhound Lane
         Shady Acres                         DanceHallofthe Dead                    Brace of Bloodhounds
                                             Listening Woman                        Blind Bloodhound Justice
                                             ThePeopleofDarkness                    Ten Little Bloodhounds
                                             The Dark Wind                                    A Bloodhound to Die For
                                             The Ghostway                        Joe R. Lansdale
                                             Skinwalkers                               Hap Collins
                                             A Thief of Time                              Savage Season
                                             Talking God                                  Mucho Mojo
                                             Coyote Waits                                 The Two-Bear Mambo
                                             Sacred Clowns                                Bad Chili
                                             The Fallen Man                               Rumble Tumble
                                             The First Eagle                              Sunset and Sawdust
                                             Hunting Badger                      Philip Margolin
                                             Wailing Wind                              Ties That Bind
                                             Sinister Pig
                                             Skeleton Man
                                             The Shape Shifter
                                          The Fly on the Wall
                                          Finding Moon

                                        Book List
Sujita Massey
     The Salaryman’s Wife     James Patterson                           Elizabeth Peters
     Zen Attitude               The Thomas Berryman Number                   The Camelot Caper
     The Flower Master          Season of the Machete                        The Copenhagen Connection
     The Floating Girl          See How They Run (JerichoCommandment)        The Dead Sea Cipher
     The Bride’s Kimono         Virgin(Cradle and All)                       Devil May Care
     The Samurai’s Daughter     Black Market (Black Friday)                  Her Cousin John
     The Typhoon Lover          The Midnight Club                            Jackal’s Head
Kyle Mills                      Hide And Seek                                Legend in Green Velvet
     Burn Factor                Miracle on the 17th Green                    Liz Peters, PI (Christmas Stalkings)
     Smoke Screen               Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas                 The Locked Tomb Mystery
     Mark Beamon                The Beach House                              The Love Talker
        Rising Phoenix          The Jester                                   A Morbid Taste For Bones
        Storming Heaven         Sam’s Letters to Jennifer                    The Night of Five Hundred Rabbits
        Free Fall               Honeymoon                                    The Scroll of Wadi Qumram
        Sphere of Influence     Beach Road                                   Summer of the Dragon
Kirk Mitchell                   Maximum Ride:                                 Amelia Peabody Mysteries
     Anna Turnipseed               The Angel Experiment                         Crocodile on the Sandbank
        Cry Dance                  Schools Out Forever                          The Curse of the Pharaohs
        Spirit Sickness         Lifeguard                                       The Mummy Case
        Ancient Ones            Lake House                                      Lion in the Valley
        Sky Woman Falling          When the Wind Blows                          The Deeds of the Disturber
Janet Neel                         The Lake House                               The Last Camel Died at Noon
     Death’s Bright Angel       The Women’s Murder Club                          The Snake, the Crocodile, and ..
C.X. Moreau                        1st to Die                                   The Hippopotamus Pool
     Promise of Glory              2nd Chance                                   Seeing a Large Cat
Katy Munger                        3rd Degree                                   Ape Who Guards the Balance
     Casey Jones                   4th of July                                  Falcon at the Portal
        Legwork                    5th Horseman                                 He Shall Thunder at the Sky
        Out of Time             Alex Cross                                      Lord of the Silent
        Money to Burn              Along Came a Spider                          The Golden One
        Bad to the Bone            Kiss the Girls                               Children of the Storm
        Better off Dead            Jack and Jill                                Guardian of the Horizon
James L Nelson                     Cat and Mouse                                The Serpent on the Crown
     By Force of Arms              Pop Goes the Weasel                          Tomb of the Golden Bird
     The Maddest Idea              Roses are Red                              Jacquelin Kirby Series
     Continental Risque            Violets are Blue                             The Seventh Sinner
Kevin O’Brien                      Four Blind Mice                              The Murder of Richard III
     Make Them Cry                 The Big Bad Wolf                             Die for Love
Sara Paretsky                      London Bridges                               Naked Once More
  VI Warshawski                    Mary Mary                                 Victoria Bliss/John Smythe Series
     Indemnity Only           Thomas Perry                                      Borrower of the Night
     Deadlock                      Jane Whitefield                              Street of the Five Moons
     Killing Orders                    The Vanishing                            Silhouette in Scarlet
     Bitter Medicine                   Dance for the Dead                       Trojan Gold
     Toxic Shock                       Shadow Woman                             Night Train to Memphis
     Burn Marks                        The Face Changes                 Douglas Preston
     Guardian Angel                    Blood Money                           The Codex
     Tunnel Vision                 The Butcher Boy                           Tyrannosaur Canyon
     Blood Shot                    Sleeping Dogs                             Jennie
     Windy City Blues              Metzer’s Dog                              Ribbons of Time
     Ghost Country                 Big Fish                                  The Royal Road
     Hard Time                     Island                                    Talking to the Ground
     Total Recall                  Death Benefits                            Cities of Gold
     Black List                    Pursuit                                   Dinosaurs in the Attic
     Fire Sale                     Dead Aim                             Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
                                                                             The Ice Limit
                                                                             Mount Dragon
                                                                             Agent Prescott Series
                                                                                Cabinet of Curiosities
                                                                                Still Life with Crows
                                                                                Dance of Death

                                                     Book List
Ian Rankin                                Maj Sjowall / Per Wahloo                 Dana Stabenow (www.stabenow.com)
      John Rebus Series                         Roseanna                                Blindfold Game
         Knots and Crosses                      The Man on The Balcony                  Liam Campbell
         Hide and Seek                          The Man Who Went Up In Smoke               Fire and Ice
         Tooth and Nail                         The Laughing Policeman                     So Sure of Death
         Strip Jack                             The Fire Engine that Disappeared           Nothing Gold Can Stay
         The Black Book                         Murder at the Savoy                        Better To Rest*
         Mortal Causes                          The Abominable Man                      Star Svendotter
         Let It Bleed                           The Locked Room                            Second Star
         Black and Blue                         Cop Killer                                 A Handful of Stars
         Death is not the End (novella)         The Terrorists                             Red Planet Run
         The Hanging Garden               Karin Slaughter                               Kate Shugak
         Dead Souls                             Grant County Series                        A Cold Day for Murder
         Set in Darkness                           Blindsighted                            A Fatal Thaw
         The Falls                                 Kisscut                                 Dead in the Water
         Resurrection Men                          A Faint Cold Fear                       A Cold-Blooded Business
         A Question of Blood                       Indelible                               Play with Fire
         Fleshmarket Alley                         Faithless                               Blood Will Tell
      Jack Harvey                               TripTych                                   Breakup
         Witch Hunt                       Martin Cruz Smith                                Killing Grounds
         Bleeding Hearts                        The Indians Won                            Hunter’s Moon
Lillian M. Roberts                              Roman Grey Series                          Midnight Come Again
      Andi Pauling                                 Gypsy in Amber                          The Singing of the Dead
         Riding for a Fall                         Canto for a Gypsy                       A Fine and Bitter Snow
         The Hand that Feeds You                Nightwing                                  A Grave Denied
         Almost Human                           Analog Bullet                              A Taint in the Blood
Chris Rogers                                    Misteriosa Habana                          A Deeper Sleep
      Dixie Flannigan                           Stallion Gate                      Denise Swanson
         Bitch Factor                           Overture to Death                       Murder of a Small Town Honey
         Rage Factor                            Rose                                    Murder of a Sweet Old Lady
Laura Joh Rowland                               December 6 (Tokyo Station)              Not a Monster of a Chance
      Shinju                                    Inspector Renko Series                  Murder of a Sleeping Beauty
      Bundori                                      Gorky Park                      Aimee and David Thurlo
      The Way of The Traitor                       Polar Star                           Series
      Concubine’s Tattoo                           Red Square                              Blackening Song
      The Samurai’s Wife                           Havana Bay                              Death Walker
      Black Lotus                         Wilbur Smith                                     Bad Medicine
      The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria          The Eye of the Tiger                       Enemy Way
      The Dragon King’s Palace            Jessica Speart                                   Shooting Chant
      The Perfumed Sleeve                       Gator Aide                                 Red Mesa
Jeff /Michael Shaara                            Tortoise Soup                              Changing Woman
      Gone For Soldiers                         Bird Brained                               Tracking Bear
      Gods and Generals                         Border Prey                             Vampire Series
      The Killer Angels                         Black Delta Night                          Second Sunrise
      The Last Full Measure                     A Killing Season                   Robert Westbrook
      Rise To Rebellion                         Coastal Disturbance                     The Mexican
      The Glorius Cause                         Blue Twilight                           Howard Moon Deer
Sarah Shankman                                                                             Ghost Dancer
   Sam Adams                                                                               The Warrior Circle
      First Kill All the Lawyers                                                           Red Moon
      Then Hang All the Liars                                                              Ancient Enemy
      Now Let’s Talk of Graves
      She Walks in Beauty
      The King is Dead
      He was her Man
   Shelby Kay Tate
      I Still Miss My Man, But my Aim…
Beth Sherman
      Dead Man’s Float
      Death at High Tide
      Death’s a Beach
      The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
      Murder Down the Shore

                                                 Book List

Forgotten Realms &                    The Maztica Trilogy
Role Playing                             1
                                               Iron Helm
                                         3     –
The Avatar Series
                                      The Moonshae Trilogy
  1     Shadowdale
                                         1     Darkwalker on Moonshae
  2     Tantras
                                         2     Black Wizards
  3     Waterdeep
                                         3     Darkwell
  4     Prince of Lies
                                      The Nobles
  5     Crucible: Cyric the Mad
                                         1     King Pinch
The Cleric Quintet
                                         2     War in Tethyr
  1     Canticle
                                         3     Escape from Undermountain
  2     In Sylvan Shadows
                                         4     The Mage in the Iron Mask
  3     Night Masks
                                         5     The Council of Blades
  4     The Fallen Fortress
                                         6     The Simbul’s Gift
  5     The Chaos Curse
                                      The Netheril Trilogy
The Crimson Shadow
                                         1. Sword Play
  1. The Sword of Bedwyr
                                         2. Dangerous Games
The Dark Elf Trilogy
                                         3. Mortal Consequences
  1     Homeland
                                      Paths of Darkness
  2     Exile
                                         1.       The Silent Blade
  3     Sojourn
                                         2.       The Spine of the World
The Empires Trilogy
                                         3.       Servant of the Shard
  1. Horselords
                                         4.       Sea of Swords
  2. Dragonwall
                                      The Rogues
  3. Crusade
                                         1. The Alabaster Staff
The Fighters
                                         2. The Black Bouquet
  1. Bladesinger
                                         3. The Crimson Gold
  2. Master of Chains
                                      The Twilight Giants
  3. GhostWalker
                                         4. The Ogre’s Pact
  4. Sun of Thunder
                                         5. The Giant Among Us
The Finder’s Stone Trilogy
                                         6. The Titan of Twilight
  1     Azure Bonds
                                      The Year of Rogue Dragons
  2     The Wyvern’s Spur
                                         1. The Rage
  3     Song of the Saurials
                                         2. The Rite
The Harpers Series –
                                         3. The Ruin
  2     The Parched Sea
  3     Elfshadow
                                         1. Realms of Valor
  4     Red Magic
                                         2. Realms of Infamy
  5     The Night Parade
                                         3. Realms of Magic
  6     –
                                         4. Realms of the Underdark
  7     –
                                         5. Realms of the Arcane
  8     –
                                         6. Realms of Mystery
  9     –
                                      Stand Alone Books
  10 –
  11 –
                                         The Legacy
  12 Curse of the Shadowmage
                                         Starless Night
  13 –
                                         Siege of Darkness
  14 –
                                         Pool of Radiance
  15 Stormlight
  16 Finder’s Bane
  17 -
The House of Serpents Trilogy         Greyhawk Adventures
  1. Venom’s Taste                      1    Saga of Old City
  2. Viper’s Kiss                       2    Artifact of Evil
  3. Vanity’s Blood                     3    Master Wolf
The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy             4    The Price of Power
  1. The Thousand Orcs                  5    The Demon Hand
  2. The Lone Drow                      6    The Name of the Game
  3. The Two Swords
The Icewind Dale Trilogy                Sea of Death
  1     The Crystal Shard
  2     Streams of Silver             Ed Greenwood – Band of Four
  3     The Halfling’s Gem              The Kingless Land
Legacy of the Drow                      The Vacant Throne
  1. The Legacy                         A Dragon’s Ascension
  2. Starless Night
  3. Siege of Darkness                Gary Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys
  4. Passage to Dawn                  The Samarkand Solution
Lost Empires
  1. The Lost Library of Cormanthyr
  2. Faces of Deception
  3. Star of Cursrah
  4. The Nether Scroll

                                                        Book List
Miscellaneous SF&F
Douglas Adams                                Alan Dean Foster                          Elizabeth Moon
   Hitchhikers Guide                           Cat*A*Lyst                                 Deed of Paksenarrion
      Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy         Codgerspace                                   Sheepfarmer’s Daughter
      Restaurant at End of the Universe        Glory Lane                                    Divided Allegiance
      Life, Universe, and Everything           Interlopers                                   Oath of Gold
      So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish     Jed the Dead                               Legacy of Gird
   Mostly Harmless                             Life Form                                     Surrender None
Elizabeth Bear                               Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer                   Liar’s Oath
      Hammered                                 Prisoner of the Horned Helmet (Silke)      The Speed of Dark
      Scardown                                 Lords of Destruction                       Serrano Legacy
William C. Dietz                               Tooth and Claw                                Hunting Club
   Bodyguard                                   Plague of Knives                              Sporting Chance
   FreeHold                                  William Gibson                                  Winning Colors
   Harmless                                    Neuromancer                                   Remnant Population
   Prison Planet                               Count Zero                                    Once a Hero
   SteelHeart                                  Mona Lisa Overdrive                           Rules of Engagement
   Where the Ships Die                         Burning Chrome                                Change of Command
   Corvan Series                               Virtual Light                                 Against the Odds
      Matrix Man                               The Difference Engine                      Vatta’s War
      Mars Prime                               All Tomorrow’s Parties                        Trading in Danger
   Legion of the Damned                        Idoru                                         Marque and Reprisal
      Legion of the Damned                     Pattern Recognition                        Planet Pirates
      The Final Battle                       Ron Goulart                                     Sassinak
      By Blood Alone                           When the Waker Sleeps                         Generation Warriors
      By Force of Arms                         Upside Downside                         Steve Perry
      For More Than Glory                      After Things Fell Apart                    Spindoc
      For Those Who Fell                       UpSide Downside                            The Trinity Vector
   Sauron Books                                The Prisoner of Blackwood Castle           Stellar Ranger Series
      DeathDay                                 The Enormous HourGlass                        Stellar Ranger
      EarthRise                              Tara K. Harper                                  Lone Star
   Drifter                                     Lightwing                                  The Matador Series
      Drifter                                  Wolfwalker Novels                             The 97th Step
      Drifter’s Run                               Wolfwalker                                 The Man Who Never Missed
      Drifter’s War                               Shadow Leader                              Matadora
   Sam McCade                                     Stormrunner                                The Machivelli Interface
      Galactic Bounty (War World)                 Wolf’s Bane                                The Albino Knife
      Imperial Bounty                             Silver Moons, Black Steel                  Black Steel
      Alien Bounty                                GrayHeart                            David Weber/John Ringo
      McCade’s Bounty                             Wolf in Night                           March Upcountry Series
David Eddings                                  Catscratch Novels                             March Upcountry
   The Belgariad Series                           Cat Scratch Fever                          March to the Sea
      Dawn of Prophecy                            Cataract                                   March to the Stars
      Queen of Sorcery                       Robert Jordan                                   We Few
      Magicians Gambit                            The Eye of the World
      Castle of Wizardry
                                                  The Great Hunt                         The Official Guide to the Xenaverse
      Enchanter’s End Game                        The Dragon Reborn                      Lucy Lawless – The Unauthorized Bio
      Belgarath the Sorcerer                      The Shadow Rising                      The Thief of Hermes
      Polgara the Sorceress                       The Fires of Heaven                    The Huntress and the Sphinx
   The Dreamers Series                            Lord of Chaos                          The Chakram Magazine
      The Elder Gods                              A Crown of Swords                         Have 2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12
      The Treasured One                           A Path of Daggers                    Roger Zelazny
      Crystal Gorge                               Winter’s Heart                         Amber Series
   The Malloreon Series                      Jack McDevitt                                 Nine Princes in Amber
      Guardians of the West                    Hutch                                       The Guns of Avalon
      King of the Murgos                          The Engines of God                       Sign of the Unicorn
      Demon Lord of Marana                        Deepsix                                  The Hand of Oberon
      Sorceress of Darshiva                       Chindi                                   The Courts of Chaos
      The Seeress of Kell                         Omega                                    Trumps of Doom
   The Elenium Series                             Odyssey                                  Blood of Amber
      The Diamond Throne                       Alex Benedict                               Sign of Chaos
      The Ruby Knight                             A Talent for War                         Knight of Shadows
      The Sapphire Rose                           Polaris                                Four for Tomorrow
   The Tamuli Series                              Seeker                                 The Dream Master
      Domes of Fire                            The Hercules Text
      The Shining Ones                         Ancient Shores
      The Hidden City                          Eternity Road
   High Hunt                                   Moonfall
   The Losers                                  Infinity Beach

                                                 Book List
   Edward S Aarons                                  MurderedMillionaire
      Sam Durell -- Assignment                Calamity Town
        1. to Disaster (1955)                 The Perfect Crime
        2. Treason (1956)                     The Four of Hearts
        3. Suicide (1956)                     There was an Old Woman
        4. Stella Miarni (1957)               The Murderer is a Fox
        5. Budapest (1957)                    The Casebook of Ellery Queen
        6. Angelina (1958)                    Ten Day’s Wonder
        7. Madeleine (1958)                   Cat of Many Tails
        8. Carlotta Cortez (1959)             Double, Double
        9. Helene (1959)                      The Origin of Evil
        10. Lili Lamaris (1959)               Calendar of Crime
        11. Zoraya (1960)                     The King is Dead
        12. Mara Tirana (1960)                The Golden Summer
        13. Lowlands (1961)                   The Scarlet Letters
        14. Burma Girl (1961)                 The Glass Village
        15. Ankara (1961)                     Q.B.I.
        16. Karachi (1962)                    Inspector Queen’s Own Case
        17. Sorrento Siren (1962)             The Finishing Stroke
        18. Manchurian Doll (1963)            Dead Man’s Tale
        19. the Girl in the Gondola (1964)    Quintin Chivas
        20. Sula Sea (1964)                   Death Spins the Platter
        21. the Cairo Dancers (1965)          The Scrolls of Lysis
        22. School for Spies (1966)           Murder With A Past
        23. Cong Hai Kill (1966)              Kill as Directed
        24. Palermo (1966)                    The Player on the Other Side
        25. Black Viking (1967)               Wife or Death
        26. Moon Girl (1967)                  Who Killed the Golden Goose
        27. Nuclear Nude (1968)               …And on the Eighth Day
        28. Peking (1969)                     The Duke of Chaos
        29. White Rajah (1970)                The Four Johns
        30. Star Stealers (1970)              Blow Hot, Blow Cold
        31. Tokyo (1971)                      International Casebook
        32. Golden Girl (1971)                The Last Score
        33. Bangkok (1972)                    Beware the Young Stranger
        34. Maltese Maiden (1972)             The Copper Frame
        35. Silver Scorpion (1973)            The Cree from Minatree
        36. Ceylon (1973)                     A Room to Die In
        37. Amazon Queen (1974)               Strange Kinship
        38. Sumatra (1974)                    The Killer Touch
        39. Black Gold (1975)                 The Fourth Side of the Triangle
        40. Quayle Question (1975)            Where is Bianca?
        41. Unicorn (1976)                    Queen’s Full
        42. Afghan Dragon (1976)              Who Spies, Who Kills?
        43. Sheba (1977)                      A Study in Terror
        44. Tiger Devil (1977)                The Devil’s Cook
        45. 13th Princess (1977)              Losers, Weepers
        46. Mermaid (1979)                    The Madman Theory
        47. Tyrant's Bride (1980)             Why so Dead
        48. Deathship (1983)                  Shoot the Scene
Ellery Queen                                  The Passionate Queen
        The Roman Hat Mystery                 Face to Face
        The French Powder Mystery             How goes the Murder?
        The Dutch Shoe Mystery                Which way to Die?
        The Tragedy of X                      Q.E.D Queen’s Experiments in
        The Greek Coffin Mystery              Detection
        The Tragedy of Y                      Cop Out
        The Egyptian Cross Mystery            What’s in the Dark?
        The Tragedy of Z                      Guess Who’s Coming to Kill You
        The American Gun Mystery              The House of Brass
        Drury Lane’s Last Case                The Last Woman in his Life
        The Siamese Twin Mystery              The Campus Murders
        The Chinese Orange Mystery            Kiss and Kill
        The Adventures of Ellery Queen        The Black Hearts Murder
        The Spanish Cape Mystery              A Fine and Private Place
        The Lamp of God                       The Blue Movie Murders
        Halfway House                         The Tragedy of Errors and Others
        The Door Between                      The Best of Ellery Queen
        The Devil to Pay
        The Four of Hearts
        The Dragon’s Teeth
        The New Adventures of EQueen
        Adventure of the Last Man Club
        Ellery Queen, Master Detective (new
           – The Vanishing Corpse)
        The Penthouse Mystery
        Adventure of the

                                                       Book List

Isabel Allende                              Read
   Zorro                                      A Field of Darkness

Will Blythe                                 Leon Uris
 ToHateLikeThis is to be Happy Forever          Battle Cry
                                                O’Hara’s Choice
James Brady
       The Coldest War
       The Marine
       Warning of War
       The Marines of Autumn

Ann Coulter
  How To Talk to A Liberal

Harold Coyle
  Team Yankee
  Sword Point
  Bright Star
  Trial By Fire
  The Ten Thousand
  Code of Honor
  Look Away
  Until the End
  Savage Wilderness
  God’s Children
  Dead Hand
  Against All Enemies

Michael Crichton
  Andromeda Strain

Tim Crothers
  The Man Watching

John Grogan
  Marley and Me

H. Joaquin Jackson/David Marion Wilkinson
  One Ranger

Col. David H Hackworth
  About Face
  Hazardous Duty
  Brave Men
  Vietnam Primer

Raymond Koury
  The Last Templar

Adam Lucas
  The Best Game Ever

Wayne LaPierre
 Guns, Freedom, and Terriorism

Adam Lucas
  The Best Game Ever

Barbara Michaels
  Search the Shadows
  Into the Darkness

Ilario Pantano

Robert Preston
    The Cobra Event


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