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									WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 2
Tenant Design Criteria

Table of Contents                                                                                     Page
                 Part A - Woodlands Mall Expansion - Lifestyle Center Architectural Design Criteria
                 Introduction                                                                          3
                 Section 1: Architectural Facade Criteria                                              7
                 Section 2: Special Storefront Conditions                                              14
                 Section 3: Store Display/Entry Zone Criteria                                          15
                 Section 4: Store Interior Design Criteria                                             17
                 Section 5: Store Lighting Criteria                                                    20
                 Section 6: Signage Criteria                                                           22
                 Section 7: Parking Field Facade Criteria                                              26
                 Section 8: General/Structural Requirements                                            27
                 Section 9: Architectural Drawings                                                     28
                 Section 10: Jurisdictional/Code Information                                           34
                 Section 11: Submission Requirements                                                   37

                 Part B - Woodlands Mall Expansion - Lifestyle Center Engineering Criteria
                 Section 12: Mechanical System Design Criteria                                         40
                 Section 13: Plumbing System Design Criteria                                           49
                 Section 14: Landlord Supplied Domestic Water, Sanitary, Vent and Gas                  50
                 Section 15: Electrical System Design Criteria                                         61
                 Section 16: Sprinkler System Design Criteria                                          77
                 Section 17: Fire Alarm System Criteria                                                80
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                         PAGE 3

                           The lifestyle center expansion of The
                           Woodlands Mall is intended to create a
                           promenade court that will serve as an out-
                           door retail connection between the existing
                           mall and a new dining and waterway district
                           to the south. The promenade is intended to
                           have an exciting urban street feel, character-
                           ized by a variety of storefront designs, as
                           well as added qualities found in a lush urban
                           Retail tenants in the project are encouraged
                           to exhibit individuality in storefront design,
                           subject to a material and design criteria that
                           is compatible with the existing mall and with
                           the high-quality palette of materials utilized
                           in the base building architecture, hardscape
                           and landscape. Storefront access will be
                           accentuated by paving and landscape details
                           that will carry over to the featured esplanade
                           in the center of the brick-paved drive. This
                           esplanade will feature lush landscaping, nat-
                           ural hardscape, comfortable seating areas
                           and interesting water features - all intended
                           to create a relaxing parkscape within the
                           center of the project.
                           While this esplanade will provide the center-
                           piece to the connection established between
                           the mall and the dining and waterway dis-
                           trict, the visual connection will begin with a
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 4

               "grand porch" which will cover a new dining      of the promenade.
               terrace above the existing mall entry. The
                                                                Overall, the project design integrates shop-
               grand scale of this new entry is intended to
                                                                ping, dining, entertainment and business
               compliment the overall scale of the project
                                                                activities - all the while embodying the char-
               and establish an architectural language for
                                                                acter, quality and spirit of life in The
               use in the second-level office space above
               the lower-level retail tenants.
               This second level of the project is designed
               to be a backdrop to the featured tenants
               below - set-back several feet from the retail
               facades - and characterized by a continuous
               glass and metal panel system shaded by
               sloped metal roofs designed in the same
               idiom as the grand porch. From the ground
               level in the promenade court, however, the
               retail facades - of various heights and archi-
               tectural expression - remain the project
               Given the primary parking access to the
               project, the facades of the project that front
               onto the parking fields have been designed
               to fully support the architectural language
               and material quality of the promenade.
               Parking field facades will be punctuated with
               openings that tenants are encouraged to uti-
               lize as secondary entries, but which could be
               adapted for use as display windows. These
               facades will also be accentuated by sculptur-
               al graphic elements, landscaping and hard-
               scape - all acting in concert with the design
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                           PAGE 7

Section 1: Architectural Facade Criteria
                Architectural Facade Criteria
                Tenants will be responsible for construction
                of their entire retail facade - with connection
                to the base building in accordance with the
                Landlord's working drawings and specifica-
                tions. The Landlord will provide a weather-
                tight roof structure onto which the Tenant
                must make weathertight facade connection
                at the lease line(s) according to structural
                details outlined under “Store Facade
                Structure”. As part of the tenant-designed
                facade, the tenant is responsible for the
                installation of a high-quality exterior weath-
                ertight storefront, including entry doors.
                Designs of the facades (including heights)
                are encouraged to vary - within the limits of
                the criteria established below.

                Tenant Facade Requirements
                The Tenant shall provide facade construction
                between the centerlines of the demising
                walls that shall comply with the following:
                    n   All facades shall be composed of
                        exterior weathertight storefront
                    n   All storefront glazing shall be insulat-
                        ed glazing with clear glass.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                               PAGE 8

Architectural Facade Criteria
                      n    All necessary insulation, flashing,
                          sealing and other waterproofing
                          measures at the storefront shall be
                          the responsibility of the Tenant.

                      n   If aluminum or other prefabricated
                          storefront components are used,
                          they shall be high quality commercial
                          grade components installed and
                          weatherproofed in accordance with
                          all manufacturer’s recommendations.
                          In the case of aluminum storefront
                          systems, anodized finished or other
                          factory applied finishes are required.
                          The storefront framing shall be com-
                          patible with the base building materi-
                          als, and also reflective of the Tenant’s
                          desired design presentation.

                (The example at right illustrates a facade that suc-
                cessfully employees key criteria elements.)
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 9

Architectural Facade Criteria
                Store Facade Planning                           Recessed Door Entry Requirements
                                                                Tenants must provide outward swinging
                The storefront construction shall not project
                                                                doors at the store entry. The doors are
                beyond the Lease Line, except for approved
                                                                encouraged to be substantially glass and
                projecting elements such as signage,
                                                                must be a minimum of 8’-0” high. Recessed
                awnings, or canopies. The Tenant facade
                                                                doors are required unless otherwise
                shall fully infill between the center line of
                                                                approved by Landlord.
                the demising walls. The Tenant facade will
                attach to the front of the Landlord’s provid-   Entry Door Requirements
                ed shell (see figure on page 5). The facade
                is required to extend to a minimum eleva-       Plain aluminum storefront framed doors
                tion of 165’-6”, but cannot extend beyond an    with standard type handles and hardware are
                elevation of 168’-8” above sea level.           not allowed. The storefront doors are
                                                                required to incorporate decorative features
                Store Facade Transparency                       that enhance the overall storefront. Tenant
                                                                designers should strive to specify doors that
                The tenants are allowed to express their
                                                                become an integral
                individuality by the degree of transparency
                                                                aesthetic feature to
                of the storefront. Opaque wall areas shall
                                                                the overall store-
                not exceed 55 percent of the total area of
                the tenant facade.
                                                                Doors shall be
                Storefront Base                                 weathertight with
                Tenants are required to install a storefront    all necessary hard-
                base which must be constructed of either the    ware and acces-
                Midnight Groundface or Midnight Rockface        sories. Thresholds
                Prairie Stone, unless otherwise approved by     shall comply with
                Landlord (see page 10 for manufacturer).        ADA requirements
                                                                and shall provide
                                                                an even transition
                                                                from exterior to
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                         PAGE 10

Architectural Facade Criteria
                Acceptable Storefront Materials               Unacceptable Storefront Materials
                Glass                                         Glass
                Clear, 1/2” (min.) thick tempered with        Mirror
                polished and beveled edges                    Plexiglass
                Sandblasted, frosted, etched, or textured     Laminates
                                                              Plastic Laminate
                Metals                                        Simulated materials: brick, stone, wood, etc.
                Stainless steel - brushed or matte finishes   Metals
                Solid brass or copper accents
                                                              Anodized aluminum
                Other metals to be reviewed on a case by
                       case basis                             Unfinished, unless otherwise approved

                Limestone                                     Tile
                Stone Fabricator: American Limestone          Ceramic tile
                      Color:        Cordova or Burnished      Clay Shingles
                                    Silver                    Vinyl tile or sheet vinyl
                       Finish:      Honed or Split-Face
                Manufacturer: Acme Brick                      Rough cut lumber or barn siding
                      Blend Name: 251-Valley Rose             Distressed or unfinished wood
                                                              Plywood paneling
                Concrete Masonry Units                        Simulated wood products
                Product: Prairie Stone
                Manufacturer: Northfield Block Company        EIFS, GFRC, and Stucco are not allowed
                      Color:        Midnight Groundface       unless approved in writing by Landlord.
                                    Midnight Rockface
                Other materials must be approved by
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                        PAGE 11

Architectural Facade Criteria
                Recessed Entry Area Finishes
                Where the entry door is recessed, the Tenant
                shall remove a portion of the existing con-
                crete and install the Landlord's standard
                border paving, extending from the Lease
                Line up to the door closure line.
                The ceiling at the exterior recessed entry
                area shall be weatherproofed finished mate-
                rial such as metal panel or plaster. The
                Tenant shall provide exterior-rated recessed
                lighting in the ceiling to accent the entry.

                Awnings and Canopies
                Tenants are required to incorporate decora-
                tive design elements such as awnings and
                canopies that project beyond the plane of the
                facade, provide modest pedestrian protection
                from sun and rain, and add dimensional
                interest to the character of the
                storefront. Store facade projecting elements
                shall comply with the following:
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                           PAGE 12

Architectural Facade Criteria
                     n   Minimum height to bottom of pro-      than 3’-0”-- to provide lighting of the pedes-
                                                               trian walking surface.
                         jecting element: 9’-0”
                                                               Projecting elements shall be designed and
                     n   Horizontal projection requirements:
                                                               located so that they do not create a signifi-
                         Maximum Projection: 6’-0”
                                                               cant visual barrier to adjacent tenant store
                         Minimum Projection: 3’-0”
                                                               facades. Landlord shall have final determi-
                     n   Minimum Lineal Footage:               nation regarding clearance and sight line
                         80 % of total facade frontage         issues.
                Horizontal projection requirements are         All projecting elements shall be designed
                measured from the Lease Line.                  and constructed with the highest quality
                                                               standards, even when unfinished framing
                Accessory lighting shall be required beneath   components, fasteners and other elements
                projecting elements that extend greater        are exposed for design presentation.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                      PAGE 13

Architectural Storefront Criteria
                Acceptable Awning/Canopy Materials
                Clear, 1/2” (min.) thick tempered with
                polished and beveled edges
                Sandblasted, frosted, etched, or textured
                Stainless steel - brushed or matte finishes
                Solid brass or copper accents
                Painted steel frames for glass insets
                Other metals to be reviewed on a case by
                       case basis
                Solid colored canvas
                Colors to be approved by Landlord
                Cables and Tiebacks

Architectural Storefront Criteria
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                            PAGE 15

Architectural Facade Criteria                                    Section 2: Special Storefront Conditions
                Store Facade Structure                                           Tenants 3000 and 3022 shall be subject to
                                                                                 special conditions as outlined below:
                All storefronts shall be self supporting--
                transferring all gravity loads to the concrete                   Tenant Storefront Openings
                                                                                 The Landlord shall provide storefront dis-
                All accessory storefront elements such as                        play window and store entry area openings
                awnings and canopies shall be supported by                       in the exterior wall. All such openings shall
                the Tenant’s storefront structure. Only later-                   be in accordance with the Landlord’s base
                al loads shall be applied to the Landlord’s                      building working drawing and specifications.
                base building--as indicated by the structural                    The Tenant is responsible for the installation
                detail below.                                                    of a high quality exterior weathertight store-
                                                                                 front, including any entry doors, within the
                                                                                 exterior wall openings.
                                                                                 Aside from the reduced scope of Tenant
                                                                                 construction outlined in this section all other
                                                                                 criteria contained in this manual shall apply
                                                                                 to Tenants 3000 and 3022.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 16

Section 3: Store Display / Entry Zone Criteria
                The Store Display and Entry Zone                  recessed. The cover plates are to be chrome
                General Requirements                              finished or painted to match the ceiling
                For the purposes of these criteria, the Store
                Display and Entry zone extends into the           Acoustical tile will not be allowed in the
                store a minimum of 10’-0” from the store-         Store Display and Entry zone area.
                front Lease Line. All Tenants must comply         Store Display and Entry Zone
                with these requirements.
                Floor Finishes                                    Extending five feet back from the storefront
                Floor finishes in this zone shall be hard, high   glazing, the sidewalls and show windows
                quality, durable materials. At the entry, the     shall be dedicated for use as a high quality
                floor finish shall be a non slip material.        show window display. A creative display is
                Carpeting is not allowed in the Store Display     required - standard merchandise racks and
                and Entry zone.                                   wall finishing materials such as slatwall will
                                                                  not be allowed in this display zone.
                The finished floor elevations at the store
                entrance must align with the border paver         Distinctive, high quality and appropriate dis-
                elevation of the exterior walkway, with a         play techniques which best showcase the
                weatherproofed threshold of minimal thick-        Tenant’s merchandise must be used.
                ness (not to exceed 1/2”) provided at the
                                                                  At the storefront entry, display fixtures or
                doors.                                            merchandise, must be placed at least three
                Ceilings                                          feet behind the Tenant’s entry door.
                                                                  Merchandise racks and display features must
                Ceiling surfaces within the Store Display and     not block customer traffic flow in and out of
                Entry zone shall be gypsum board, wood, or        the store.
                other type of hard surface material with a
                maximum elevation of 12’-0”. Store exit           Storefront Security Systems
                signs must be located hidden from view from       Storefront security systems must be unobtru-
                within the promenade. Sprinkler heads in          sively incorporated into the Tenant’s Store
                the ceiling must be flush or fully
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 17

Store Display / Entry Zone Criteria
                Display and Entry zone construction. Free         Storefront Lighting
                standing tower type systems are not allowed.
                                                                  Display window lighting shall be incandes-
                Any theft detection/security system must be       cent, HID or similar color light source, as
                indicated on the Tenant’s Working Drawing,        approved by the Landlord. Light sources
                and the Tenant shall submit shop drawings         and track lighting shall not be visible from
                which shall indicate size, location, design,      the adjacent sidewalk or street scene areas.
                and appearance. No system shall be                Sodium lamps are prohibited in storefront
                installed without prior approval by the           areas.
                                                                  Spotlighting may be accomplished by
                Miscellaneous Store Display and                   recessed, incandescent, adjustable angle fix-
                Entry Zone Requirements                           tures or by track mounted adjustable spot-
                                                                  lights. Flood lamps 150-watt or spotlights
                Television monitors to be installed at the
                                                                  may be used for normal throw with 250-watt
                storefront or within the SD & E zone require
                                                                  lamps or low voltage concentrating spotlights
                specific approval by the Landlord. Monitors
                                                                  for low throw or high accents. All adjustable
                shall be incorporated into the overall store-
                                                                  units must be focused so that the lamp
                front design and are to be encased within
                                                                  brightness is not visible from the sidewalk or
                attractive display fixtures to conceal all sur-
                                                                  street scene areas.
                faces except for the screen surface. The
                monitors, if allowed, may not emit any
                No speakers will be allowed in the store-
                front or store interior which would allow
                sounds to be heard in the promenade walk-
                Sprinkler heads at the store facade show
                windows shall be fully recessed with cover
                plates either painted or in a color to match
                the ceiling.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                PAGE 18

Section 4: Store Interior Design Criteria
                General Planning Requirements                       with durable finishes consistent with the
                                                                   anticipated public exposure.
                Tenants are encouraged to provide a high
                quality, well detailed, and unique interior        Acceptable Store Interior Elements
                environment which complements the store-
                                                                        n   Hardwoods: all finished wood shall
                front design.
                                                                            be millwork quality kiln dried wood
                The store layout, fixtures, etc. must be                    with a durable protective finish where
                designed to comply with handicapped acces-                  exposed to public contact
                sible requirements which are defined by                 n   Ceramic Tile
                local, state, or national codes or laws.                n   Natural Stones
                                                                        n   Metals
                Interior Finishes                                       n   Corian
                                                                        n   Carpet (commercial grade)
                Interior finishes are to be high quality, long
                                                                        n   Gypsum wall board
                lasting, and durable. All finishes shall com-
                                                                        n   2’-0”x 2’-0” fluorescent fixtures
                ply with building code and insurance under-
                                                                        n   Painted gypsum board
                writer requirements for appropriate fire
                resistance and flame spread ratings. All           Unacceptable Store Interior Elements
                trade fixtures shall be first class new fixtures
                                                                        n   Vinyl flooring and bases in sales area
                                                                        n   Vinyl stripping between material floor
                                                                        n   Indoor/Outdoor carpeting
                                                                        n   Unfinished and anodized metals
                                                                        n   2’-0”x 4’-0” fluorescent fixtures
                                                                        n   Acrylic lenses
                                                                        n   Strobe, spinner, chase, or moving
                                                                        n   2’-0”x 4’-0” acoustical ceiling system
                                                                            in sales area
                                                                        n   Mirrored ceiling
                                                                        n   Slatwall
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                PAGE 19

Store Interior Design Criteria
                Floor Finishes                                   high quality cut pile or loop/cut pile combi-
                                                                 nation carpeting is required. All loop car-
                The Tenant is responsible for installing all     peting is not allowed.
                finished floor coverings. All transitions
                between floor finishes of unequal thickness      Provide waterproof membrane to base
                are to be accomplished by a gradual transi-      height where water is present (i.e. restrooms
                tion with floor leveling compound to create      and all food Tenants).
                a smooth and level walking surface.
                Tripping hazards such as vinyl or rubber car-    Floor Finishes Not Permitted
                pet trip strips and noticeable reducer trim
                                                                      n   Carpet extending into the Storefront
                are not permitted.
                                                                          Display/Entry Zone
                At the transition between stone/ceramic tile
                                                                      n   Vinyl tile or any other sheet goods
                materials and carpeting, the Tenant shall uti-
                                                                          flooring in the sales area
                lize a terrazzo edge angle or other similar
                trim to create a clean and smooth transition.         n   Vinyl or rubber base in the sales area
                Carpeting, if used in the sales area, shall be        n   Simulated materials, such as simu-
                of the highest quality. Commercial grade                  lated wood, of any kind

                                                                      n   Single color low profile all loop car-
                                                                          peting in the sales area

                                                                      n   The Landlord may allow exceptions
                                                                          to the above restrictions if the
                                                                          Tenant can show the proposed mate-
                                                                          rial contributes to an overall high
                                                                          quality interior design. Low quality
                                                                          or discount store appearances are
                                                                          not allowed.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                 PAGE 20

Store Interior Design Criteria
                                                                  Ceilings Permitted
                                                                      n   High quality lay in ceilings, maximum
                                                                          size 2’x2’ within a matching color sus-
                                                                          pension grid are allowed beginning
                                                                          20’-0” back from the lease line into
                                                                          the tenant space
                                                                      n   Painted gypsum board ceilings or
                                                                          other high quality non combustible
                                                                          ceiling materials: tenants are encour-
                                                                          aged to utilize coffers or coves to pro-
                                                                          vide design/lighting detail to the ceil-
                                                                          ing plane
                                                                      n   Open sales area ceilings only where
                Interior Ceiling Criteria                                 all structural, mechanical, and electri-
                                                                          cal elements above the sales area are
                Tenants are required to furnish and install a             painted (unless otherwise approved
                finished ceiling system throughout the entire             by Landlord), and in compliance with
                space. Tenants with open to deck ceiling sys-             code and plenum return requirements
                tems must install all duct work wiring, etc, in
                a neat, clean matter. All such elements           Ceilings Not Permitted
                including roof deck and structure must be
                                                                      n   2’x4’ lay in ceilings in the sales area in
                painted (unless otherwise approved).
                                                                          a suspension grid or any non-regular
                Ceiling heights in the Tenant’s space shall be            edged ceiling tile installed in a sus-
                a minimum of 12’-0”.                                      pension grid.

                Sprinkler heads in the ceiling must be flush          n   Mirrored ceiling
                or fully recessed. The cover plates are to be
                chrome or match ceiling color.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                               PAGE 21

Store Interior Design Criteria                                     Section 5: Store Lighting Criteria
                A wood ceiling is not permitted except                            Interior Lighting General
                where installed in accordance with the fol-                       Requirements
                                                                                  Lighting within the Tenant’s premises is to
                     n   Wood must be fire retardant                              be designed to accentuate the merchandise
                     n   Wood trim or panels must be                              and product display within the storefront
                         installed on the underside of a gyp-                     windows as well as the general sales area of
                         sum board ceiling so no wood is                          the store.
                         exposed to the plenum space above
                                                                                  Lighting Fixtures
                         the ceiling.
                                                                                  Lighting fixtures shall be high quality com-
                Demising Walls                                                    mercial grade. The fixtures shall be con-
                Metal stud framing shall be provided by the                       structed and installed to be glare free and
                Landlord for the demising walls which sepa-                       shall comply with all applicable code
                rate adjacent tenants. At the corridor walls,                     requirements. Specific fixture requirements
                the Landlord will install gypsum board on                         are as follows:
                the corridor side of the wall only.                               1. General Lighting
                The Tenant shall provide one layer of 5/8”                        High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) lighting
                fire code gypsum board, taped, spackled,                          shall not be used.
                sanded, and finished on the Tenant side of
                the metal studs. Interior wall surfaces acces-                    All fixtures within Tenant’s public areas,
                sible or visible to the public shall be finished                  unless decorative shall be fully recessed.
                in an appropriate manner using quality
                                                                                  To retain and protect the visual environment
                materials and finishes.
                                                                                  of the area for the benefit of all Tenants,
                Sound insulation or an additional stud wall is                    each individual Tenant shall limit the bright-
                left to the discretion of the individual ten-                     ness of their lighting fixtures subject to
                ants, but will not be provided by the                             Landlord approval.
                                                                                  Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium
                                                                                  lamps are not permitted.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                               PAGE 22

Store Lighting Criteria
                     n   Luminous ceiling or glitter strips are   Bare lamp fluorescent fixtures may not be
                         not permitted.                           used in areas visible to the public.
                     n   Exposed, unshielded neon tube light-
                         ing of any kind in a location below      If fluorescent lighting is used, it must be of a
                         eight feet above the floor is not        low brightness type. Acrylic lenses or bare
                         permitted.                               fluorescent tubes are prohibited. Acceptable
                                                                  lamp colors are warm white, deluxe warm
                2. Incandescent Lighting                          white or deluxe cool white. Low voltage
                                                                  type lighting is recommended for high
                Low voltage type lighting recessed or surface     impact on merchandise displays. Unique,
                track is recommended for high visual impact       creative track heads are encouraged.
                on merchandise.
                                                                  4. Exterior Lighting
                Pendant-mounted track fixtures may be used
                for general lighting only if Tenant has estab-    Lighting is permitted to be installed on the
                lished an identity based on this theme or         the Tenant’s facade as approved by
                motif.                                            Landlord.
                Fully-exposed bulbs or colored incandescent       5. Exit Signs and Emergency Lights
                bulbs are not permitted except special orna-
                                                                  Exit signs and emergency lights shall be
                mental lamps approved by Landlord.
                                                                  installed to serve their intended function,
                All soffits within recessed entries shall be      but located so they do not have a significant
                illuminated with recessed down lights.            adverse affect on the storefront or interior
                                                                  design aesthetics.
                3. Fluorescent Lighting
                                                                  Designers shall specify low profile emer-
                Fluorescent fixtures, if visible from the com-    gency light packs, or the emergency lighting
                mon walkways, shall be recessed and shall         shall be the regular lighting with battery
                employ parabolic louvers. White acrylic egg       backup power.
                crate or acrylic prismatic lenses are not per-
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 23

Section 6: Signage Criteria
                Signage Criteria Overview
                Signage must be an integral design feature
                of the Tenant’s storefront design. The sig-
                nage shall be designed to compliment the
                design of the overall facade and general
                building design.
                All signs which are visible from the common
                walkway or parking areas shall require spe-
                cific approval in writing by the Landlord.
                                                                  Signage Size and Quantity
                All signage is to be of the highest quality
                construction. Shop fabrication and painting       Tenants shall be allowed one primary sign on
                is required. All attachments, labels, fastners,   the Courtyard elevation and one primary
                mounting brackets, wiring, clips, transform-      sign on the parking field side.
                ers, disconnects, lamps and other mecha-          The Tenant’s storefront signage shall be pro-
                nisms required must be concealed from view.       portional to the scale of the overall store-
                                                                  front and building facade design. The sign
                                                                  shall not exceed 30 percent of the width of
                                                                  the storefront unless otherwise approved by
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                 PAGE 24

Signage Criteria
                   Sign height shall be proportionate to the         Signage Location
                   scale of the overall storefront and building
                   facade design. Letter size will be limited to a   The location of the signage shall specifically
                   24 inch maximum unless otherwise approved         coordinate with the Tenant’s storefront entry
                   by Landlord in writing.                           location, awnings, canopies, the detailed
                                                                     character of the facade, and other contextual
                   The signage is limited to the Tenant’s trade      design features (as illustrated in the diagram
                   name only as defined in the lease.                on pg 22). The Tenant shall locate the main
                                                                     sign on the Tenant’s storefront construction
                   All signs must be illuminated.
                                                                     or immediately above the Tenant’s storefront
                   Signs must be fabricated and installed            in accordance with Landlord’s location
                   according to national, local building and         approval.
                   electrical codes and must bear UL label.
                   All electrical penetrations through the store-
                   front fascia for sign installation shall use PK
                   housing or approved equal.
                   Design shall provide access to transformer
                   and local disconnect.
                   Signs shall be clock timer controlled and illu-
                   minated during mall hours.
                   Interior signs that are visible from outside
                   the Tenant’s space must be approved by the
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                 PAGE 25

Signage Criteria
                   Secondary Signage                                  Blade signs
                   Decorative secondary signage, such as blade        Store facade blade signs are allowed where
                   signs, decorative icons, and small repetitive      such signage adds to the design environment
                   window signage are encouraged provided             of the public walkway area and the overall
                   such signage compliments the facade.               building facade.

                   Signage Not Permitted                                  n   Tenants shall design, furnish and
                                                                              install blade signs
                        n   Exposed or surface mounted box or             n   Include Tenant’s name, logo and/or
                            cabinet type signs, or any signage with           graphic image
                            exposed raceway or electrical connec-         n   Image must be on both sides and
                            tion                                              right reading on opaque material
                        n   Exposed tube neon signs and open              n   Must be a hard durable opaque
                            face channel letters with exposed tube            material
                            neon                                          n   Material thickness shall be a
                                                                              minimum of 1-1/2”
                        n   Individual metal channel letters with
                            illuminated Plexiglas face
                        n   Cloth, paper, cardboard and other
                            similar stickers or decals on or
                            around the storefront surfaces
                        n   Freestanding, moving, rotating, flash-
                            ing, animated, or noise making signs
                        n   Signs which are not professional in
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                  PAGE 26

Signage Criteria
                         n   The lowest part of the blade sign shall
                             not be less than 8’-0” A.F.F.
                         n   Bracket shall extend a minimum of
                             3’-0” from storefront

                   Show Window Graphics
                   Small scaled pedestrian level adhesive win-
                   dow graphics are desired at the Tenant’s
                   show windows. Such store identification
                   graphics shall be less than 6” in height and
                   located low on the window.
                   Maximum area of such signage on window
                   glazing is 144 square inches.

                   (The example at right illustrates a facade that suc-
                   cessfully employees key criteria elements.)
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                         PAGE 27

Section 7: Parking Field Facade Criteria
                Landlord will construct parking field
                facades, utilizing materials listed as accept-
                able facade materials. Within these facades,
                Landlord will construct openings. Tenants
                are encouraged to merchandise lease spaces
                so that the large openings can be utilized as
                secondary entries. Alternatively, Tenants
                will be required to utilize the large openings
                as an attractively designed and well main-
                tained display window.

                At the Landlord’s design discretion,
                Landlord will supply all windows, doors,
                canopies and awnings for these parking field
                facades. It would be encouraged, however,
                that Tenant’s provide storefront elements
                consistent with elements utilized on the
                promenade facades and consistent with the
                storefront criteria previously outlined.

                Tenants will be required to supply signage
                for the parking field facades in compliance
                with the criteria established for signage on
                the promenade facade.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                         PAGE 28

Section 8: General / Structural Requirements
                Roofing Penetrations
                Roofing penetration requires advance
                approval by the Landlord. All work includ-
                ing structural supports, curbing, and flashing
                shall be installed in accordance with
                Landlord’s Standard Project Details. All
                roof work including cutting on the roof
                membrane shall be performed by the
                Landlord’s roofing contractor under contract
                to Tenant and at the Tenant’s expense.
                Roof protection boards shall be installed
                around any roof top HVAC equipment by
                the Landlord’s roofing contractor under con-
                tract to the Tenant at the Tenant’s expense.
                Landlord approved grease protection sys-
                tems shall be required around any cooking
                exhaust fan outlet.
                Specific roof top equipment zones have been
                designated. The Tenant will be required to
                install all roof top equipment within this
                zone, unless otherwise approved by the

Section 9: Architectural Drawings
Architectural Elevations

Architectural Elevations

Architectural Sections (see page 28)

Typical Storefront Sections

Architectural Storefront Criteria
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                 PAGE 35

Section 10: Jurisdictional / Code Information
                General Growth Properties Inc. (“GGP”)
                110 North Wacker Drive
                Chicago, IL 60606

                Tel: 312.960.5000
                Fax: 312.960.5064

                Project Architect
                RTKL Associates, Inc.
                1717 Pacific Avenue
                Dallas, TX 75201
                Tel: 214.871.8877
                Fax: 214.871.7023

                The Woodlands Mall
                1201 Lake Woodlands Drive
                Suite 700
                The Woodlands, TX 77381
                Ken Purvis
                Operations Manager

                Tel: 281.363.3363
                Fax: 281.367.4947
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                    PAGE 36

Jurisdictional / Code Information
                Jurisdictional Authorities                       For complete information on design
                                                                 approval processes and form require-
                All Tenant work shall comply with authori-       ments see The Woodlands
                ties, agencies or entities having jurisdiction   Commercial Planning and Design
                over the Woodlands Mall Expansion includ-        Standards.
                ing the Woodlands Community Association
                Freestanding Restaurant Tenants only shall
                comply with the following:

                       The Woodlands Community
                       Association, Inc. (WCA), The
                       Woodlands Association, Inc. (TWA),
                       The Woodlands Commercial Owner’s
                       Association (WCOA), and the
                       Woodland Trade Center Owners
                       Association (TOCA), are nonprofit
                       corporations established by the
                       Covenants governing specific geo
                       graphic areas in the Woodlands.
                       A complete application form and two
                       sets of required documents are to be
                       included in each of the three
                       required submissions - Concept,
                       Preliminary, and Final design
                       reviews. Applications must be
                       received at least three business days
                       in advance of a scheduled meeting in
                       order to be placed on the agenda.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                            PAGE 37

Jurisdictional / Code Information                                Section 11: Submission Requirements
                The Woodlands is an extraterritorial jurisdic-                  Tenant Construction Review Process
                tion of Houston, so projects in the
                Woodlands are constructed using the codes                       All tenants are required to submit plans and
                for Houston. The following codes are cur-                       specifications to GGP for approval. For out
                rently adopted by Houston:                                      parcel buildings, restaurants, and in-line
                                                                                retail spaces, all documents shall be forward-
                2000 International Building Code with                           ed to GGP Tenant Coordination
                amendments                                                      Department in Chicago. The GGP corpo-
                1997 Uniform Fire Code with amendments                          rate address is listed below. Also noted
                                                                                below are the added plan check processes.
                2000 Mechanical Code with amendments
                                                                                The Woodlands Mall is not located within a
                2000 Uniform Plumbing Code with                                 city municipality and there is no local juris-
                      amendments                                                diction that issues building permits or that
                                                                                will issue a certificate of occupancy. Since
                2002 National Electrical Code, NFPA 70,
                                                                                there is no local authority to perform these
                      with amendments
                                                                                reviews and inspections, it is required that
                                                                                tenants that will be constructing a store at
                                                                                The Woodlands Mall must use a pre-desig-
                                                                                nated consultant to perform plan reviews
                                                                                based on the City of Houston building code.
                                                                                The Landlord’s designated review consultant
                                                                                is Rolf Jensen and Associates and their con-
                                                                                tact information is provided below. Rolf
                                                                                Jensen and Associates must review the ten-
                                                                                ant's construction drawings submitted by the
                                                                                tenant architect or general contractor. They
                                                                                will provide written plan check comments
                                                                                and correspond with the person who submit-
                                                                                ted these drawings.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                                  PAGE 38

Section 11: Submission Requirements
               Rolf Jensen will also perform two inspec-        Final Construction Documents
               tions; rough inspection on all framing,
               mechanical, plumbing and electrical and a        Submit bound sets of construction documents to Landlord
               final inspection upon completion on lease        (containing Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
               work. Tenant is responsible for all review       drawings)- in the quantities listed below.
               and inspection fees charged by Rolf Jensen.
                                                                Contact Information
               All food establishments will need to also
                                                                General Growth Properties, Inc.          Sets of plans required for
               submit drawings to Montgomery County
                                                                110 N. Wacker                            review - Two ½ size sets
               Health Department for review and inspec-
                                                                Chicago, IL 60606
               tion. The tenant is responsible for all review
                                                                Ph. 312-960-5000
               fees and inspections by Montgomery County
               Health Department.                               Rolf Jensen and Associates               Sets of plans required for
                                                                13831 Northwest Freeway                   review by RJA - 6
               Fire Sprinkler drawings will need to be sub-
                                                                Suite 330
               mitted to The Woodlands Fire Department.
                                                                Houston, TX 77040-5215
               Tenant is responsible for any review fees and
                                                                Attn: Nathaniel Addleman
               inspection fees by The Woodlands Fire
                                                                Ph.    713-462-1840
                                                                Montgomery County Health Dept.          Sets of plans required for
               Preliminary Documents                            301 South Thompson                       review by MCHD - 4
                      Key plan                                  Conroe, TX 77301
                                                                Attn: Paul LeBlanc
                      Floor plan (minimum scale 1/4”)
                                                                Ph. 936-539-7839
                      Storefront Elevation (minimum
                      scale 1/2”)                               The Woodlands Fire Department            Sets of plans required
                                                                9951 Grogan's Mill Road                  for review by TWFD - 3
                      Reflected ceiling plan                    The Woodlands, TX 77380
                      Material sample board (labeled and        Attn: Martha Hill
                      keyed to plan)                            Ph.   281-367-3444
                      Color rendering or photograph of
                      storefront prototype
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                          PAGE 39

Submission Requirements (continued)
               Signage Documents                                All material must be kept within the leased
                                                                area. No storage of equipment or material
                    n   One set of reproducible signage         is to be kept in unoccupied spaces, mall
                        shop drawings                           property, and parking lot areas.
                    n   One set of reproducible blade sign      Contractor’s Guidelines
                        shop drawings (if applicable)
                                                                The following is a brief description of
                    nAll Tenants must submit a separate         required items/procedures for Tenant con-
                     signage drawing package. These             struction. Note that this is not a complete
                     drawings will be subject to separate       description of all requirements and limita-
                     Landlord approvals. Tenants should         tions for Tenant construction. The Tenant’s
                     send signage submission packages to        contractor shall obtain a “Tenant Contractor
                     the attention of the Tenant                Manual” at the site from an authorized
                     Coordination Department in                 General Growth representative for further
               Chicago.                                         guidelines.
               General Requirements                             Quality Standards
               The Tenant or it’s general contractor must       All work by the Tenant’s contractor, includ-
               schedule a pre-construction meeting with         ing repair work, shall be performed in a
               the on-site representative prior to beginning    first-class workmanlike manner and shall be
               construction.                                    in good and usable condition at completion.
               The Tenant shall cause its general contractor    The Tenant shall require any person per-
               to deposit with the Landlord without liability   forming work to guarantee that the work is
               for interest, the sum of $5,000. This sum
               shall be applied towards any cost incurred by
               the Landlord or the Landlord’s contractor to
               complete any part of the Tenant’s work
               which the Tenant or the Tenant’s contractor
               fail to complete within the time period
               required by the lease.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 40

Submission Requirements (continued)
               free from any and all defects in workman-       Insurance
               ship and materials for 1 year from the date
               of completion. The Tenant shall also require    The Tenant’s contractor must fulfill the fol-
               any such person to be responsible for the       lowing insurance requirements, and shall
               replacement or repair without additional        maintain at no expense to the Landlord:
               charge of work done or furnished by or                 Workers’ Compensation Insurance
               through such person which shall become                 with statutory limits and Employer’s
               defective within 1 year after substantial              Liability Insurance with limits of not
               completion of the work. The correction of              less than $100,000.General Liability
               work shall include, without additional                 Insurance with limits of not less than
               charge, all expenses and damages in connec-            $3,000,000 combined single limit for
               tion with the removal, replacement or repair           bodily injury and property damage,
               of any part of work which may be damaged               including personal injury, Contractual
               or disturbed. All warranties or guarantees             Liability Coverage specifically
               for material or workmanship on or regarding            endorsed to cover the indemnity pro-
               the Tenant’s work shall be contained in the            visions contained herein and
               contract of subcontract. The contract shall            Contractor’s Protective Liability
               be written so that all warranties and guaran-          Coverage if the contractor uses
               tees shall benefit both the Landlord and the           subcontractors.
               Tenant, as their respective interests appear,
               and so that the contract can be directly               Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance in
               enforced by either party.                              the contractor’s name, including
                                                                      owned, non-owned, leased and
               Coordination                                           hired car coverage with limits of not
               The Tenant’s work shall be coordinated with            less than $2,000,000 combined sin-
               the Landlord’s work as well as with the work           gle limit per occurrence for bodily
               of other Tenants, so that the Tenant’s work            injury and property damage.
               will not interfere with or delay the comple-
               tion of other construction in the Woodland’s
               Mall Expansion.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 42

Section 12: Mechanical System Design Criteria
               General Criteria                                 5.      The Tenant is required to submit cal-
                                                                culations and documents for the design and
               Design Responsibility                            installation. The Landlord's approval is
                                                                intended to insure that the Tenant's design
               1.      The Tenant agrees to retain the serv-
                                                                respects the limitations of the provided Base
               ices of a Professional Engineer to design the
                                                                Building Systems; to insure that the inter-
               Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) Systems
                                                                faces between the Tenant's Systems and the
               within his space, and then to inspect the
                                                                Base Building Systems conform to the
               work to insure that the work is carried out in
                                                                respective limitations; and to assess that the
               compliance with the performance require-
                                                                Tenant's demand on the Base Building serv-
               ments and does not cause any detrimental
                                                                ices can be satisfied. The Landlord's
               effects on the Landlord's systems or system
                                                                approval does not insure satisfactory per-
               of other Tenants.
                                                                formance of the Tenant's Systems, nor com-
               2.     All Plans, Specifications, and            pliance with any Federal, State, or Local
               Calculations shall be prepared under the         Codes, Regulations or Ordinances. The
               supervision of, and be sealed by, a              Tenant accepts full responsibility to insure
               Professional Engineer licensed to practice in    that the system designed and provided for
               the State of Texas.                              the Tenant's Space will perform to the
                                                                requirements stipulated and to the Tenant's
               3.      All work shall be in accordance with     satisfaction.
               current Local and State Building Codes,
               including the ASHRAE Handbooks and the           Warranty
               latest applicable edition of NFPA 70 - The
               National Electrical Code, and all other          1.     All work shall be performed in a
               applicable Codes.                                workmanlike manner and shall be in good
                                                                usable condition when completed. The
               4.      Food Service Facilities shall be addi-   Tenant shall require all Contractors and/or
               tionally designed and constructed to adhere      vendors and/or individuals performing any
               to pertinent State Board of Health Codes.        work on behalf of the Tenant to guarantee
                                                                the work to be free from any and all defects
                                                                in workmanship and materials for One (1)
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 43

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               year from commencement of beneficial use         3.      The Tenant agrees to deliver to the
               or acceptance.                                   Landlord a complete release for all liens
                                                                arising out of the Tenant's construction work.
               2.     All warranties or guarantees as to
               materials or workmanship with respect to         4.      Tenant shall obtain all permits and
               the Tenant's work shall be included in the       final mechanical inspection approval certifi-
               Contract and Subcontract which shall be as       cates for all mechanical work, and copies of
               written that the beneficiaries are both the      the permits and certificates shall be immedi-
               Landlord and the Tenant, as their respective     ately forwarded to the Landlord.
               interest appear, and this right to warranties
               and guarantees can be directly enforced by       Document Submission Requirements
               either of the Two (2) parties. The Tenant        1.     Heating, Ventilation, and Air
               covenants to give the Landlord assignments       Conditioning (HVAC) Systems' Plans and
               and other assurances as necessary to effect      Specifications, and Catalog Cut Sheets for
               the above requirements.                          the Tenant's HVAC equipment as detailed
               Tenant Construction Responsibility               on Info Sheet M-1 & M-2.

               1.      The Tenant's work shall be coordinat-    2.     Toilet Exhaust System as detailed on
                                                                Info Sheet M-1 & M-2.
               ed with the work being performed by the
               Landlord and other Tenants, to such extent       3.     Sanitary Sewer and Vent System for
               that the Tenant's work will not interfere with   plumbing fixtures and miscellaneous drains
               or delay the completion of any other con-        from the Tenant's Air Conditioning and Fire
               struction work and/or any other operations       Protection Systems, including connection to
               at the Center.                                   Landlord's Waste and Sanitary Vent Systems.
               2.     The Tenant shall provide public liabil-   As detailed on Info Sheet P-1 & P-2.
               ity and property damage insurance for all        4.     Domestic water service commencing
               work performed by Tenant's Contractor,           from the Landlord's water main to the
               Subcontractors, Vendors, and their respec-       Plumbing Systems and fixtures provided by
               tive Subcontractors and Vendors.                 the Tenant with Tenant provided submeter as
                                                                detailed on Information Sheet P-1 & P-2.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 44

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               5.      Kitchen Exhaust Systems showing the       3.    HVAC Work: Calculation Criteria
               entire system of sheet metal work, including
               the exhaust fans, the Kitchen hood, the Fire      a.    General
               Suppressant System, and all ancillary sys-        (1)    All calculations shall be in accordance
               tems, as applicable. Drawing must also show       with the latest editions of the pertinent
               exact location of proposed cleanout doors         ASHRAE Handbooks, all applicable Codes
               and drains.                                       and requirements, and good engineering prac-
               6.    Temperature Control Systems of the          tice.
               Tenant's Heating, Ventilating, and Air            (2)    All calculations shall be summarized
               Conditioning Systems.                             on the attached Landlord's forms.
               Design Criteria                                   b.     The Heating Load Estimate shall be
                                                                 based on the actual space configuration and
               General Design Requirements                       thermal character of the respective Tenant
               1.      Intent: This Document establishes         Space. The capacity shall be calculated to
               the criteria that the Tenant must follow in       maintain a maximum space temperature of 76
               the design of their Mechanical Systems.           Degrees F. db during the peak cooling load
                                                                 period and a minimum of 70 Degrees F. db
               2.     Design Criteria                            for the design daytime heating load with a
                                                                 space temperature of 60 Degrees F. for night
                      a.     Design Criteria for the
                                                                 or off-hours heating loads, whichever is the
               Mechanical Systems are described in the fol-
                                                                 greater figure.
               lowing sections.
                                                                 c.     The Landlord's Engineer has calculat-
               b.      The quality of materials, methods of
                                                                 ed the Base Building Systems' capacities using
               installation, services and the quality of work-
                                                                 the climatic design conditions for Houston,
               manship of the Tenant installation shall be at
               least consistent with the standard set by the
               Base Building work.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                              PAGE 45

Mechanical System Design Criteria
                                                           SUMMER CONDITIONS
                                         96 F.db                    76 F. db                      7.5 mph
                                                                    + 2 F.
                                         77 F. wb                  50% RH

                                                           WINTER CONDITIONS
                                        Outdoor                   Indoor                           Wind
                                       Temperature             Temperature                        Velocity
                                        27 F. db                 70 F. db
                                                                + 2 F.

                  d.   U-Value Summary

                       The Landlord's Engineer has used the following "U" Values for the calculations of the Base Building
                       HVAC Systems. The "U" Values are provided in this Section as a guideline.
                               First Level and Single Story Structures             Second Level
                               U Value        U Value     Shading        U Value     U Value      Shading
                               Winter         Summer      Coefficient    Winter      Summer       Coefficient
                       Glass    1.09           1.03         0.94          1.09        1.09          0.68

                       Roof     0.05           0.05          --           0.05        0.05           --

                       Walls    0.08           0.08          --           0.08        0.08           --
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                         PAGE 46

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               Noise Criteria
               Mechanical equipment to be installed by
               Tenant must conform to the following noise
               and vibration limits:
               1.     It must not produce noise which pen-
               etrates into any adjacent occupied areas (not
               occupied or leased by Tenant) and causes
               the noise to exceed 35 dBa.
               2.     In the Tenant's premises, it must not
               produce noise exceeding 40 dBa in normal
               areas of human activity.
               3.      Floor-mounted equipment shall be
               mounted on a resilient mounting system to
               provide at least 95% efficient vibration isola-
               tion of all frequencies generated by the
               machinery or equipment.
               4.      Equipment mounted on or suspended
               from the structure or sub-structure shall be
               provided with 95% efficient vibration isola-
               tion system covering all frequencies generat-
               ed by the equipment; and the mounting sys-
               tem must be such that resonances cannot
               occur between the equipment and the struc-
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                               PAGE 47

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               Outline Specifications                            4.     Installation by the Tenant shall con-
                                                                 form to the following criteria:
               Tenant Systems
                                                                      n   All equipment shall be furnished and
               1.     All Retail Tenants shall design, fur-               installed by Tenant's contractor, in
               nish and install all equipment to complete                 accordance with Tenant's approved
               the HVAC System, including all Split System                Mechanical Design.
               Units, piping, ductwork, grilles, and controls.        n   Ductwork shall be designed in accor-
               All Office Area Tenants shall design, furnish,             dance with ASHRAE recommenda-
               and install all equipment to complete the                  tions. Construction and installation
               HVAC System, including all Rooftop Air                     of flexible ductwork shall not exceed
               Handling or Split System Units, piping, duct-              5'-0" in length.
               work, grilles, and controls.                           n   Should Tenant's premises or any por-
                                                                          tion thereof, in the judgment of the
               2.      Wherever Toilet Rooms are installed
                                                                          Landlord's Architect, contain any
               within Retail Tenant Areas, Toilet exhaust
                                                                          operation which might cause food
               fans shall be furnished and installed by the
                                                                          odors or noxious/toxic fumes - no air
               Tenant and ducted to the Landlord provided
                                                                          shall be re-circulated from such areas.
               Toilet exhaust mains. All Office Area
                                                                          Tenant shall be responsible for
               Tenant's shall provide roof mounted exhaust
                                                                          exhausting or relieving all odors or
               fans above their space. Tenant Toilet
                                                                          fumes in an acceptable manner such
               exhaust fans shall be equipped with back-
                                                                          that none are re-circulated into adja-
               draft dampers and interlocked with the
                                                                          cent Tenant Spaces.
               Toilet Room lights.
                                                                      n   Each supply and return diffuser and
               3.     Tenant's contractor shall provide fac-              register shall be equipped with an
               tory curbs or rails for all equipment.                     adjustable volume control device.
               Note: All roof work shall be performed by              n   The Tenant's supply ductwork shall be
               the Landlord's roofing contractor at Tenant's              insulated with 1 ½" foil faced duct
               expense.                                                   wrap or 1" acoustical duct liner.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 48

Mechanical System Design Criteria
                   n   The Tenant shall submit Design and            n   No insulation may be used on top of
                       Drawings to the Landlord for                      any suspended ceilings.
                       approval, not less than 30 days before        n   Kitchen Exhaust Systems shall be
                       construction is scheduled to begin.               provided by the Tenant, as required
                       Design calculations shall include                 by their Kitchen design.
                       complete cooling and heating load             n   Kitchen hoods, fans, and ductwork
                       calculations. All work shall be in                shall conform to the requirements of
                       accordance with these criteria and                the Uniform Mechanical Code and
                       subject to approval of the Landlord.              NFPA.
                   n   Additional structural framing                 n   Electrical interlock shall be provided
                       required as a result of roof penetra-             to allow Kitchen exhaust fan to run
                       tions or placement of RTU shall be at             simultaneously with Tenant lighting.
                       Tenant's expense.                             n   If Tenant Space odors are not ade-
                   n   Structural Plans and calculations                 quately controlled, Exhaust System
                       must be reviewed and approved by                  revisions will be required.
                       Landlord's engineer at Tenant's
                       expense.                                 Natural Gas
                   n   Blocking and fastening to roof shall     Natural gas is available from the local utility
                       be by Landlord's roofing contractor at   company at designated locations and may be
                       Tenant's expense.                        used for heating or cooking purposes.
                   n   All roof penetrations must be by         Tenant shall arrange to obtain service from
                       Landlord's roofing contractor at         the local utility company. Piping, meter, and
                       Tenant's expense.                        all associated work for extension of service
                   n   Maintenance of HVAC System shall         to the Leased Premises shall be provided by
                       be provided by the Tenant.               Tenant, at Tenant's expense and shall be sub-
                   n   Condensate drain shall be routed to      ject to Landlord's approval and Code
                       Tenant's Plumbing System.                requirements.
                   n   Tenants may use the area above the
                       ceiling for a return air plenum.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                       PAGE 49

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               Exhaust Systems                                     FPM. The exhaust fan shall have a
                                                                   drainage area at the bottom of the
               Toilet Exhaust Systems                              unit equipped with a residue trough
                                                                   equipped to be cleaned periodically
                   n   All Retail Tenants (1st Level) shall
                                                                   by Tenant. The location of the
                       connect their Exhaust Systems to the
                                                                   exhaust fan shall be no less than 10'-
                       Toilet exhaust main provided by the
                                                                   0" (or Code minimum) away from any
                       Landlord. All Office Area Tenants
                                                                   air intakes. An additional duct exten-
                       (2nd Level) shall exhaust directly
                                                                   sion of the fan discharge may be
                       through the roof using Landlord
                                                                   required. Exhaust duct and fan loca-
                       approved Exhaust Fan System.
                                                                   tions shall be submitted to Landlord
                   n   All Tenants shall provide their own
                                                                   prior approval.
                       Toilet Exhaust Systems in accordance
                                                               n   Tenant shall clean its filter and Duct
                       with applicable Code. Tenant's
                                                                   Systems regularly to avoid grease
                       System exhaust shall not be less than
                                                                   damage. Tenant shall submit cleaning
                       2 CFM per Square Foot of Toilet
                                                                   reports to Landlord on a regular
                       Room Area or 50 CFM.
                   n   All 1st Level Tenant fans shall be
                                                               n   Tenant shall provide an electrical
                       provided with backdraft dampers and
                                                                   interlock to allow the Kitchen exhaust
                       all fans shall be controlled by the
                                                                   fan to run simultaneously with the
                       Toilet Room light switch.
               Special Exhaust Systems                         n   Make-up air for Exhaust Systems
                                                                   from Kitchen, Food Preparation
                   n   Food or other odors must be exhaust-        Area, Dining Area and Cafeteria
                       ed to the atmosphere through a              Area shall be accomplished by
                       Tenant-furnished and installed up-          Tenant-furnished and installed Make-
                       blast exhaust fan in accordance with        up Systems.
                       applicable Code. The fan unit shall
                       be modified by the addition of a ven-
                       ture type duct adapter to assure a
                       minimum discharge velocity of 2,000
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 50

Mechanical System Design Criteria
               All automatic extinguishing equipment shall      proposed system to Landlord for prior
               be installed in accordance with the National     review and approval.
               Fire Protection Association Standard 96, lat-
               est edition, Section 10 (Pamphlet 96) and all    All Exhaust System ductwork and exhaust
               local Codes. The extinguishing system shall      fans used for exhausting cooking odors and
               be Underwriters Laboratories approved with       grease-contaminated air shall be cleaned on
               the following features:                          a regular schedule. Cleaning shall occur at
                                                                frequent intervals to prevent grease accumu-
                      a.      Protection of the hood and        lation. Cleaning reports shall be submitted
                      duct.                                     to Landlord on a regular basis. Underwriters
                      b.      Surface protection for deep fat   Laboratories approved grease extracting
                      fryer, griddle, broiler and range.        hoods with water washdown cycle are sug-
                      c.      Automatic devices for shut-       gested. A properly designed and conven-
                      ting down fuel or power supply to the     tional range hood with washable grease fil-
                      appliances. (It should be noted that      ters is acceptable, provided that any fire pro-
                      these devices must be of the manual       tection sprinkler heads or chemical fire pro-
                      reset type).                              tection is provided above the filters and
                      d.      Simple means to manually          within the exhaust duct run between the
                      activate the fire extinguishing equip-    hood and the roof-mounted exhaust fan, and
                      ment within a path of ingress or          further provided that it is approved by
                      egress. This means of manual activa-      Landlord's fire protection engineers.
                      tion shall be mechanical (not electri-
                      cal) and must be clearly identified.
               The extinguishing system shall be installed
               and inspected in accordance with Pamphlet
               96. Tenant shall enter into an inspection
               agreement with a firm qualified by the sys-
               tem manufacturer to perform such inspec-
               tions. The systems' vendor shall submit
               plans and other pertinent information on the
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 51

Section 13: Plumbing System Design Criteria
               Plumbing Design Criteria                              n    At least One (1) 3" floor drain and
                                                                          cleanout in each Toilet Room,
               Tenant shall provide a complete Plumbing                   Kitchen and/or wet areas.
               System from Landlord's distribution point              n   Floor drain to be 3" minimum.
               (supply stub-out) within the leased premises,              Sanitary piping shall be cast iron.
               as detailed on Info Sheets P-1, P-2 & P-3,             n   Domestic water (hot or cold) shall be
               including but not limited to, all necessary                type L copper.
               labor, connections to supply stubs, piping,            n   Combustible piping (PVC) shall not
               clean-outs, fixtures, etc. necessary for the               be permitted.
               satisfactory operation of a Plumbing System
               as follows:                                       All Plumbing Drawings must be prepared
                                                                 and sealed by a State of Texas licensed engi-
                    n   Connection to Landlord's point of        neer and must show clearly:
                        service and extending service accord-
                        ing to Tenant's requirements and all          n   The location of all fixtures including
                        applicable Federal. State and Local               water heater.
                        Codes.                                        n   Clean-out and floor drain locations.
                    n   Handicapped Toilet Facilities provid-         n   Domestic water distribution.
                        ed in accordance with Title III of            n   Water heater detail with relief valve
                        American with Disabilities Act and                and piping to floor drain.
                        local Codes.                                  n   Location of sewer and vent connec-
                    n   All water heaters must be located                 tion.
                        below ceiling. Water heaters shall            n   Water meter location.
                        have a maximum 12-gallon tank                 n   Water, waste and vent riser diagrams.
                        unless used in Tenant's business.             n   Complete gas piping layout as
                    n   Provide relief valve from water heater            required for rooftop equipment.
                        to drain pan. Route drain from pan            n   Location of existing roof drains and
                        to nearest floor drain.                           leaders as applicable.
                    n   Domestic water piping to be insulated         n   All connections to Landlords mains.
                        with a minimum 1" thick fiberglass
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                    PAGE 52

Section 14: Landlord Supplied Domestic Water, Sanitary, Vent and Gas
               Domestic Water                                               n   Tenant shall provide at least One (1)
                                                                                3" floor drain and cleanout in each
               Tenant provided water meter shall be indi-                       Toilet and Kitchen Area.
               vidually metered in the Tenant's Space.                      n   Tenant shall provide access to
                    n   Dry Retail Tenants: ¾" cold water                       cleanouts in the Leased Premises.
                              capped stub-out                          Pipe Materials
                    n   Remote readout to be located 60”
                              above finished floor, placed             Copper domestic water pipe, cast iron sani-
                              in a location not to conceal             tary pipe, cast iron vent pipe. PVC pipe is
                              remote                                   not permitted.
                    n   Food Court type Tenants: 1" cold
                              water capped stub-out                    Natural Gas Service
                    n   Restaurant Tenants: 2" cold water                   n   Gas service is available for Tenant's
                              capped stub-out                                   use at designated locations.
               Sanitary Sewer                                               n   Concealed gas piping is not permit
                                                                                ted. All gas piping in Tenant Spaces
                    n   Lower level Tenants will have to cut                    must be exposed.
                        the slab, connect to the sanitary sewer             n   Gas piping to be welded construction
                        line and extend the line as required                    except connections to equipment.
                        by their layout.                                    n   Support and paint per Mall Standard
                    n   Upper level Tenants will core drill                     Details.
                        slab only to connect to Landlord’s                  n   Gas piping down into space for Food
                        sanitary sewer line.                                    Tenants is to be run thru plenum in a
                    n   Sanitary sewer stubs shall be provided                  sleeve with the sleeve vented to out
                        by Landlord at or near the boundary                     side air.
                        of the Leased Premises.
                    n   Plumbing shall be installed in accor-
                        dance with applicable codes.
                    n   Tenant vents are to be connected to
                        Landlord provided vent.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                      PAGE 53

Landlord Supplied Domestic Water, Sanitary, Vent and Gas
               Schedules and Diagrams
               The following Data Sheets must be complete
               and accompany Final Plan submission. No
               Drawings will be reviewed for final approval
               or be approved for permit use without the
               following Four (4) documents completed,
               signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer
               licensed in the State of Texas:

               M-1   Heat Gain and Heat Loss
               M-2   Heat Gain and Heat Loss
               M-3   Spilt System Heat Pump Schedule
               M-4   Roof Mounted Air Handling Unit

               The following Info Sheets are provided for
               informational purposes:

               M-1   First Floor Tenant HVAC Installation
               M-2   Second Floor Tenant HVAC
               P-1   Tenant Plumbing Connections
               P-2   Plumbing Riser Diagram
               P-3   Tenant Exterior Grease Interceptor
                     Installation Detail
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 63

Section 15: Electrical System Design Criteria
                Introduction                                              location and type.
                                                                      n   Lighting fixture layout (including
                The following is a list of minimum design                 lamp type and voltage).
                information required to expedite plan                 n   Lighting fixture schedule (with make
                approval by Landlord. It is not intended to               and model numbers).
                be a complete listing of all requirements, but        n   Emergency, exit and night lighting fix
                should serve as a minimum check list to be                ture layout (all with battery backup).
                used by Tenant's design consultants to com-           n   Branch circuit, wire size and layout.
                plete the construction documents. Tenant's            n   Feeder conduit and wire sizing.
                electrical service is metered. Some services          n   Electrical room layout (i.e., panel(s),
                are above ceiling and some are below floor.               time clock, etc.); plan must be to
                Verify at site.                                           ¼"=1'-0" scale.
                We urge you to read this manual in its                n   Conduit and wire sizing for HVAC
                entirety in order to fully understand the                 equipment and panel; indicate over
                requirements needed to generate an approv-                current protective device type and
                able set of construction documents.                       size for equipment and panel.
                                                                      n   Complete electrical panel schedule(s)
                Electrical Drawing Requirements                           and MEP tabulation sheet.
                                                                      n   Notes and specifications on drawings.
                All electrical drawings must be prepared by           n   Transformers, if required, are to be
                and wet sealed by Texas State licensed engi-              floor mounted and ground to build
                neers.                                                    ing steel.
                     n Floor and wall receptacles - location

                       and type.                                 All work shall be in accordance with current
                     n Fans, motors and all electrical           Local and State Building Codes, including
                       equipment - location and type.            the latest applicable edition of NFPA 70 -
                     n Floor and wall voice/data outlets -       The National Electrical Code, and all other
                       location and type.                        applicable codes.
                     n POS outlets (voice/data outlets and
                                                                 Food service facilities shall be additionally
                       isolated ground receptacles) -
                                                                 designed and constructed to adhere to perti-
                                                                 nent State Board of Health Codes.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 64

Electrical System Design Criteria
                The Tenant is required to submit calcula-        2.      Landlord has sized the electrical serv-
                tions and documents for the design and           ice to retail lease areas sufficient to accom-
                installation. The Landlord's approval is         modate a nominal electrical installation of
                intended to insure that the Tenant's design      15 Watts per square foot. Loads in excess of
                respects the limitations of the provided Base    this allowance will require special review and
                Building Systems; to insure that the inter-      written permission of the Landlord. Any
                faces between the Tenant's systems and the       required revisions to the Landlord's electri-
                Base Building Systems conform to the             cal distribution system to accommodate the
                respective limitations; and to assess that the   increased electrical load will be at Tenant's
                Tenant's demand on the Base Building serv-       expense.
                ices can be satisfied. The Landlord's
                approval does not insure satisfactory per-       3.      Landlord has sized the electrical serv-
                                                                 ice to food court lease areas sufficient to
                formance of the Tenant's systems, nor com-
                pliance with any Federal, State or Local         accommodate a nominal load of 75 Watts
                Codes, Regulations or Ordinances. The            per square foot. Loads in excess of this
                Tenant accepts full responsibility to insure     allowance will require special review and
                that the system designed and provided for        written permission of the Landlord. Any
                                                                 required revisions to the Landlord's electri-
                the Tenant's space will perform to the
                                                                 cal distribution system to accommodate the
                requirements stipulated and to the Tenant's
                satisfaction.                                    increased electrical load will be at Tenant's
                Design Criteria for Tenant’s Electrical          4.      Landlord has sized the electrical serv-
                Design Work                                      ices to restaurant lease areas sufficient to
                1.     Landlord has provided a conduit at or     accommodate a nominal load of 40 Watts
                near the perimeter of the Tenant space to        per square foot. Loads in excess of this
                the Landlord's electrical service point.         allowance will require special review and
                Electrical service shall be 277/480 volt 3-      written permission of the Landlord. Any
                phase, 4-wire, 60 cycle.                         required revisions to the Landlord's electri-
                                                                 cal distribution system to accommodate the
                                                                 increased electrical load will be at Tenant's
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 65

Electrical System Design Criteria
                5.      Landlord shall provide an electrical      Landlord's electrical service point and pro-
                distribution system to electrical service         vide a complete electrical system within the
                points located at various points throughout       leased premises, including but not limited to,
                the Shopping Center. Tenant shall connect         all necessary labor, branch and main circuit
                to Landlord's service connection point and        breakers, panels, conduit, wire, etc., neces-
                provide disconnect switch, power company          sary for the satisfactory operation of an elec-
                metering equipment, necessary conduit, and        trical system.
                conductors from the electrical service point
                to the Leased Premises through the desig-             n   Each Tenant space shall have a single
                nated conduit. Tenant shall complete the                  electrical disconnecting means.
                electrical installation within the Leased             n   Electrical equipment and materials
                Premises in accordance with all applicable                shall be new, in accordance with the
                                                                          National Electrical Code standards
                codes. Electrical plans submitted for
                Landlord's approval shall indicate the load               and local codes and shall bear the
                requirements and wattages, and shall include              Underwriters Laboratories label.
                complete panel schedule, riser diagram,               n   Storefront signage and display win-
                lighting fixtures (with quantities), and equip-           dow lighting shall be controlled by a
                                                                          time clock.
                ment schedules. Notwithstanding anything
                                                                      n   Electrical panel shall be provided
                to the contrary, Landlord shall not be
                required to provide service in excess of the              with bolt on breakers and copper bus
                existing design load.                                     bars. Load centers are not accept-
                6.     Electrical drawing submittal shall             n   Panel loads are to be balanced within
                include a tabulation of the electrical load,              +/-10% during normal operating
                including quantities and sizes of lamps,                  conditions.
                appliances, signs, water heaters, etc.                n   Lighting circuit breakers shall be
                                                                          rated for switching duty.
                Tenant Responsibilities                               n   Additional capacity may be available.
                1.     Tenant shall extend Landlord's service             Upgrades to service size shall be at
                conduit to Tenant's electrical panel, provide             Tenant's expense upon Landlord's
                and install service conductors from                       approval.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 66

Electrical System Design Criteria
                     n All wire must be copper and in con-        conduits terminate at or near Tenant's lease
                       duit.                                      line.
                     n A copy of the contractor's load bal-

                       ance data must be given to the Center      4.     Tenant shall provide duct smoke
                       Operations Director.                       detectors in the supply and return ducts as
                     n Meters are located in meter areas on
                                                                  required by code.
                       exterior of building.                      5.      Tenant shall connect and furnish all
                     n Low voltage wiring is not required to      necessary labor, branch and main circuit
                       be in conduit, but must be plenum          breakers, panels, transformers, conduit, wire,
                       rated cable.                               fuses, etc., to provide a complete approved
                     n Electrical service is routed to tenant     electric distribution system within the
                       space from meter areas.                    Leased Premises.
                     n Empty conduit is routed above

                       Tenant's space.                            6.     Loads in excess of 15 Watts per
                     n Typical voltage is 277/480V-3-phase-4-
                                                                  square foot for retail tenants, 75 Watts for
                       wire.                                      food court tenants, and 40 Watts for restau-
                                                                  rants and cafeterias shall require special
                2.     Tenant shall provide disconnect            review by and written permission of
                switch with fuses and power company meter-        Landlord, and Tenant shall be charged for
                ing equipment and extend Landlord's service       required revisions to Landlord's distribution
                conduit to electrical service point via discon-   system.
                nect switch and metering equipment.
                     n Tenant shall coordinate electrical
                                                                  7.     Tenant's electrical drawing submittals
                       service requirements with power            shall be prepared by a registered electrical
                       company.                                   engineer, include a single line diagram and
                                                                  individual wattage tabulation (as well as
                3.      Telephone service equipment shall be      overall total wattage demand) of the electri-
                provided by Tenant. Landlord will provide         cal load including quantities and sizes of
                (1) ¾" empty conduit to each Tenant space         lamps, appliances, signs, water heaters, etc.
                for telephone service. All service arrange-       A complete electrical panel schedule is
                ments with the local telephone company are        required for each installation.
                the responsibility of the Tenant. Empty con-
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 67

Electrical System Design Criteria
                Electrical Construction                          5.      Electric water-heaters for domestic
                                                                 water usage in the Leased Premises are to be
                1.     Electrical materials and equipment        furnished and installed by Tenant. Electric
                shall be National Electrical Code Standard,      water-heaters shall be automatic and shall be
                unless better grade is required by local code    limited to 12 gallon capacity unless Tenant's
                and shall bear the Underwriters                  business requires larger capacity. Heaters
                Laboratories label. All wire must be copper.     must have a pressure relief valve discharge
                2.      Telephones and service shall be pro-     piped to nearest drain in the Leased
                vided and installed by Tenant. A complete        Premises. Tenant shall submit support detail
                conduit system, if required, shall be provided   if a water heater is above the finished floor.
                by Tenant for the utility company with wires     6.     Panel board, furnished and installed
                installed in the conduit.                        by Tenant, for lighting and power within the
                3.      Lighting fixtures shall be furnished     Leased Premises shall be equal to type
                and installed by Tenant, and shall be of a       NLAB class panels, and shall meet the
                type approved by applicable inspection           requirements of local code.
                authorities. Recessed fixtures in furred         Electrical Outline Specifications
                spaces shall be connected by a flexible con-
                duit (6'-0" maximum length) and "AF" wire        General Requirements
                and run to a branch circuit outlet box which
                is independent of the fixture. Fluorescent       All materials shall be new and shall conform
                ballast shall have individual non-resetting      to applicable standards for the particular
                overload protection.                             materials. All electrical equipment and
                                                                 materials shall be UL listed and labeled.
                4.     Electrical material shall be furnished
                and installed by Tenant. Distribution panels,    All work shall be installed in a neat and
                motor starters, lighting panels and push but-    workmanlike manner by licensed electri-
                ton stations shall bear engraved bakelite        cians.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 68

Electrical System Design Criteria
                Devices, plates, enclosures, covers, raceways,   277/480 volt system:
                fixtures, etc., shall be aligned perpendicular                 Phase A - Brown
                to and parallel with principle structure mem-                  Phase B - Orange
                bers.                                                          Phase C - Yellow
                                                                               Neutral - White with tracer
                Edges of device coverplates shall be vertical.                 Ground - Green
                Tops of floor outlets shall be flush with the    Color code shall identify the same phase
                floor.                                           throughout the system from service switch
                Exposed raceways shall be offset where they      through all branch circuitry.
                enter surface mounted equipment.                 Main service feeder shall be sized in accor-
                Wiring installed in panelboards and enclo-       dance with the National Electric Code.
                sures shall be neatly trained and laced.         Tenant loads on the service feeder from the
                All wiring systems shall be concealed in pub-    Landlord's service equipment shall be bal-
                lic and finished spaces.                         anced under normal operating conditions to
                                                                 within plus or minus 10 percent across all
                Flexible conduit shall be used for connection    phases.
                to vibrating equipment.
                                                                 Storefront, store signs, and any lighting with-
                Minimum wire size shall not be less than No.     in the control zone must have a lighting level
                12 AWG (except for control wiring).              as approved by the Landlord and shall be on
                All wiring shall be color coded per NEC.         a time clock. Time clock settings shall be as
                                                                 directed by the Landlord.
                        120/208 volt system:
                              Phase A - Black                    Exit signs and emergency lighting shall be
                              Phase B - Red                      provided in accordance with local building
                              Phase C - Blue                     codes.
                              Neutral - White                    All electrical equipment within the ceiling
                              Ground - Green                     cavity shall be supported by building steel or
                                                                 bar joists. All supports connected to bar
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                               PAGE 69

Electrical System Design Criteria
                joists shall be from the top chord of the        All tenant HVAC, mechanical and plumbing
                joists only. Electrical materials shall not be   equipment within or remote from the prem-
                supported by roof deck, ductwork or              ises shall be served from the Tenant's electri-
                HVAC/Plumbing/Fire Protection piping.            cal services in the premises.
                Supports for unusually heavy equipment
                shall be designed by a registered Structural     Connected load on 20 ampere lighting
                Engineer.                                        branch circuits shall not exceed 80 percent of
                                                                 circuit capacity.
                Ground fault receptacles shall be installed in
                toilets within premises and within three (3)     All roof penetrations shall be made by
                feet of lavatories or branch circuits shall be   Landlord's roofing contractor at Tenant's
                protected by ground fault circuit breakers.      expense.

                "Lock on" devices shall be provided for cir-     Wire
                cuit breakers serving exit or emergency light-   1.      All branch circuit, feeder and control
                ing.                                             wiring shall be soft drawn, annealed copper
                Branch circuit directories shall be provided     with 600 volt, THWN, THHN or XHHW
                in each panelboard. Directories shall be         insulation.
                typewritten and shall be accurate and com-       2.      Conductor No. 10 AWG and smaller
                plete.                                           shall be solid and conductors No. 8 AWG
                                                                 and larger shall be stranded.
                All electrical operated signs shall be time      3.      Aluminum wire shall not be used.
                clock controlled.                                4.      All wiring shall be installed in conduit
                All motors 1/2 horsepower and larger shall       or shall be armored cable (NEC Type AC or
                                                                 MC). Armored cable will only be allowed
                be three phase. Motor less than 1/2 horse-
                power may be single phase.                       for branch circuits within the premises.
                                                                 Exposed or open wiring of any kind will not
                Electric heating units 3 kilowatt and larger     be allowed. Bx cable shall not be used.
                shall be 3 phase, balanced. Heaters less than    Metal flexible conduit for connection to
                3 kilowatt may be single phase.                  recessed light fixtures shall be 6'-0" maxi-
                                                                 mum length.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                                PAGE 70

Electrical System Design Criteria
                Conduit                                             devices are located adjacent to each other.

                1.      Conduit shall be rigid steel, interme-      Panelboards
                diate steel or EMT and shall be galvanized,
                except as indicated in paragraph 2 and 3.           1.      Branch circuit panelboards shall be
                2.      Flexible conduit, two feet minimum          bolt on molded case circuit breaker type.
                in length, shall be used for connection to          Breakers serving lighting circuits shall be
                vibrating equipment.                                "SWD" rated. Breakers serving HVAC cir-
                3.      Flexible metal conduit tails, six feet in   cuits shall be "HACR" rated.
                length, may be used between accessible fix-         2.      Minimum interrupting rating for
                ture junction box and the recessed fluores-         branch breakers shall be 10,000 amperes
                cent lighting fixture served from the junction      symmetrical from 120/208 volt panelboards
                box. Junction boxes of this type may serve          and 14,000 amperes symmetrical for 277/480
                up to four separately recessed fluorescent          volt panelboards. High interrupting capacity
                fixtures. In all cases other than above, each       circuit breakers shall be provided as
                lighting fixture shall have its own junction        required by Tenant's short circuit calcula-
                4.      No plastic conduit or fittings shall be     3.      Each panelboard shall have a ground
                used, except when installed under the floor         bus. All bus bars shall be copper.
                slab on grade level.                                4.      Each panelboard shall have a circuit
                Wiring Devices                                      5.      Residential load center type panel-
                                                                    boards shall not be used.
                1.      Convenience receptacles shall be            6.      Panelboards shall be Square D, I-line,
                specification grade, 120 volt, 20 ampere,           NEHB, or NQOD, or as manufactured by
                grounding type. Ground fault interrupter            General Electric or ITE-Seimens.
                type where required.
                2.      Toggle switches for control of lighting     Transformers
                circuits and ON/OFF control of other equip-
                                                                    1.     Transformer shall be three phase dry
                ment shall be specification grade, quiet type,
                                                                    type with 220 degrees F class insulation
                20 ampere, 120/277 volt.
                3.      Wall plates shall be ganged where
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 71

Electrical System Design Criteria
                                                                 Electric or ITE-Seimens.
                having a maximum temperature rise of 115
                degrees F.                                       Disconnect Switches
                2.      Transformers shall have 480 volt pri-
                mary winding, 120/208 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire      1.      Disconnect switches shall be fused or
                secondary windings and 6 primary voltage         non-fused as required, heavy duty type.
                taps, 2 at 2 1/2 percent FCAN and 4 at 2 1/2     2.      Fuse clips for fusible switches shall be
                percent FCBN.                                    rejection type.
                3.      Transformers 45 KVA and smaller          3.      General duty disconnect switches
                may be wall mounted on tenant built wall or      shall not be used.
                trapeze mounted provided the Tenant uti-         4.      Disconnect switches shall be Square
                lizes a suitable engineered mounting             D, Class 3130, or as manufactured by
                arrangement. All other transformers shall        General Electric or ITE-Seimens.
                be floor mounted.
                4.      Transformer location shall be suitable   Motor Controllers
                ventilated to dissipate heat generated by the    1.      A suitable motor controller shall be
                transformer at full load. In addition, trans-    provided for all motors.
                former shall be located to allow proper          2.      Motor controller shall provide either
                ventilation as indicated by the transformer      manual or automatic control as required.
                manufacturer. Transformer shall not be           3.      Motor controllers shall be provided
                mounted above ceilings.                          with overload protection in each phase load
                5.      Each transformer shall be provided       and overloads shall be selected based on
                with an engraved warning nameplate perma-        actual nameplate rating of the motor being
                nently affixed to the top of the transformer     controlled as recommended by the manufac-
                with the inscription as follows:                 turer.
                "WARNING - HOT SURFACE - DO NOT                  4.      Motor controllers may be either indi-
                STORE ANYTHING ON TOP OF OR                      vidual type or combination type as desired.
                DIRECTLY ABOVE THIS TRANS-                       Individual type controllers shall be provided
                FORMER".                                         with a lockable type disconnect within sight
                                                                 of each controller. In addition, where con-
                6.     Transformers shall be Square D, Class     trollers are located not in sight from load
                7400, or as manufactured by General              served, a disconnect switch shall be located
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 72

Electrical System Design Criteria
                within sight of the load served.                2.     Contactors shall be suitably rated for
                5.      Combination type controller where       the load served.
                used shall be fusible type. Fuses shall be      3.     Control circuits extending beyond the
                dual element, time delay type sized per         contactor enclosure shall operate at a maxi-
                equipment nameplate rating.                     mum voltage of 120 VAC.
                6.      Control circuit extending beyond the    4.     Wherever possible, contactors shall be
                controller enclosure shall operate at a maxi-   mechanically held type.
                mum voltage of 120 VAC.                         5.     Contactors shall be Square D, Class L
                7.      Manual motor starters with overloads    or LX, or as manufactured by General
                for fractional horsepower motors shall be       Electric or ITE-Seimens.
                120/240 volt AC, single phase, NEMA enclo-
                sure to match environment and contain ther-     Lighting Fixtures
                mal protection for each ungrounded conduc-      1.      Fluorescent fixtures shall utilize rapid
                tor.                                            start, energy saving lamps. Preheat and trig-
                8.      Combination motor starters shall be     ger start lamp shall be limited to fixture
                manufactured and rated in accordance with       requiring lamps less than 3 foot.
                NEMA standards. Starter shall be gravity        2.      Fluorescent fixtures shall be of high
                drop-out type, contain thermal overload pro-    quality with tight fitting doors and trim frame
                tection in each ungrounded conductor, full      free of light leaks below or above ceiling.
                voltage, single speed, non-reversing, heavy     3.      Fluorescent ballast shall be rapid start,
                duty control devices, NEMA enclosure to         energy saving or electronic, Class P with a
                match environment, and contain a discon-        Class A sound rating, and shall have individ-
                nect switch as indicated previously.            ual non-restting overload protection.
                9.      Motor Controllers shall be Square D,    4.      Supports for lighting fixtures shall be
                Class 2510 or Class 8539, or as manufac-        independent of ceiling suspensions system
                tured by General Electric or ITE-Seimens.       unless ceiling system is specifically designed to
                Contactors                                      support weight of fixture.
                                                                5.      Clips shall be provided for each lay-in
                1.     Contactor for control of lighting and    type fixture to secure the fixture to the ceiling
                other loads shall be heavy duty, commercial     grid.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                               PAGE 73

Electrical System Design Criteria
                6.      Fluorescent light fixtures (troffer       business. The storefront sign shall be con-
                type) will not be permitted within the Design     trolled by a seven day time clock.
                Control Zone. Fluorescent strip lights used       12.     Storefront lighting and lighting within
                in soffits must be shielded from the direct       the Design Control Zone shall be controlled
                view of the patron.                               by a seven day timeclock.
                7.      All fluorescent light fixtures (troffer   13.     Exit signs are to be internally illumi-
                type) used in sales are must be equipped          nated, color and size of letter shall be in
                with parabolic type louver.                       accordance with all applicable codes.
                8.      Incandescent, quartz halogen or other     Illuminated exit signs shall contain two sock-
                lamps producing 45 lumens per watt or less        ets for emergency lamps, two fluorescent
                may be used for decorative, accent of special     lamps for normal power, or shall be LED
                display lighting, or in particular cases where    type with battery backup, satin aluminum
                incandescent "color" is mandatory. In other       stencil face with color permanent fiberglass
                areas, illumination may be fluorescent, or        letter panels, and single or double faces as
                metal halide.                                     required.
                9.      Egress and exit lighting shall be pro-    14.     Emergency lighting units shall supply
                vided as required in accordance with Article      emergency lighting when the normal supply
                700 of the latest version of the NEC.             fails. Units shall be heavy duty, solid state,
                Provide night lights for security monitoring.     low maintenance battery and rated for 1-1/2
                Night light circuits shall be provided with       hours at full output. Remote heads shall be
                lock-on devices.                                  supplied by same manufacturer as battery
                10.     Lighting circuits, except night light     unit.
                circuits and exit signs, may be wired through
                                                                  Time switches shall be electronic type with
                lighting contactors. These lighting contac-
                                                                  indoor enclosure, seven day and battery
                tors may be controlled by a time switch to
                prevent lights from being energized when
                Tenant space is not occupied.                     Nameplate: Tenant shall furnish and install
                11.     The storefront sign must bear the UL      nameplates on all motor starters, pushbutton
                label and conform to all building and electri-    stations, disconnect switches and panel-
                cal codes. The store-front sign must be illu-     boards. Each nameplate shall be black lami-
                minated at all hours the center is open for       nated Micarta with 1/4" high white letters,
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 74

Electrical System Design Criteria
                and shall be permanently affixed to outside      not energized if toilet room lighting is not in
                surface of door by means of metal screws.        operation.
                                                                 3.      Hot water heaters shall be wired
                Key switches for rolling grilles must be flush   through a disconnect switch. The disconnect
                mounted a maximum of 12 inches AFF               switch shall be located near the hot water
                and shall be located on the side face of the     heater.
                storefront, not on the mall face. Switch cov-    4.      Provide a light and convenience out-
                ers shall be bronze anodized or match adja-      let near all tenant mechanical equipment
                cent storefront finish materials.                above fixed suspended ceilings. Switch to
                Doorbell System: A doorbell system shall be      light shall be located near access panel to
                provided for deliveries. The chime or bell       ceiling space and shall have continuous light-
                shall be located in the sales area near the      ed pilot for ease of location.
                rear of the space and the pushbutton shall
                be located near the rear door.
                                                                 Schedules and Diagrams
                                                                 Enclosed is a schedule for use by Tenant for
                Security System: A security system may be
                                                                 area and load calculation compliance. This
                installed if the individual Tenant requires
                                                                 sheet shall be used for submission of data to
                one. Before the security system is installed,
                                                                 the Landlord for review.
                the Tenant shall be responsible for obtaining
                approval from the Landlord. The security         The load calculation schedule must be com-
                system must meet all the Landlord's criteria     pleted and accompany final plan submission.
                before installation may take place.              No drawings will be reviewed for final
                                                                 approval or be approved for permit use with-
                Mechanical Equipment
                                                                 out schedule. The schedule shall appear on
                1.     Electrical heaters installed within air   the Drawings.
                ducts shall be so interlocked so that the
                                                                 Enclosed is a typical one line diagram for
                heater may not be energized if the air is not
                                                                 tenant electrical services. This diagram shall
                                                                 be used to develop the one-line diagrams to
                2.     Toilet exhaust fans shall be inter-
                                                                 be incorporated into the Tenant's Electrical
                locked with the toilet room lighting so fan is
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                              PAGE 77

Section 16: Sprinkler System Design Criteria
                Submission Requirements                                 Tenant’s Premises and as generally
                                                                        located on the Lease Outline
                Tenant shall submit complete plans and spec-            Drawing.
                ifications for all sprinkler work, as per the
                requirements of the Lease, which shall con-      Tenant’s Sprinkler System
                sist of, but not be limited to the following:
                                                                 The Tenant shall provide a connector to
                   n   General notes included on the             Landlord’s single blind flange in the top or
                       Tenant’s Working Drawings and             side of the Landlord’s sprinkler bulk main, at
                       information in the specifications         the Tenant’s expense. The Tenant shall con-
                       which define the sprinkler system         nect to this flange and extent piping through-
                       design, material and installation         out the entire Premises, and install all sprin-
                       requirements for the Tenant’s space.      kler heads as required by the Tenant’s store
                                                                 layout. Only one connection to the
                   n   Detailed information and drawings as      Landlord’s sprinkler bulk main is permitted.
                       required for special conditions includ-
                       ing in-rack sprinkler coverage if         Sprinkler Shop Drawings
                                                                 Sprinkler shop drawing must be submitted to
                   n   Sprinkler system shop drawings and        the Landlord’s Insurance Underwriter for
                       hydraulic calculations must be            review and approval before the Tenant’s sys-
                       submitted for approval to the             tem is installed.
                       Landlord’s Insurance Underwriter.
                       Shop drawing floor plans shall be         Sprinkler System Design
                       drawn at 1/4” = 1’-0” scale or larger,    Requirements
                       and shall indicate all tap connections,
                       pipe specifications, head locations       Tenant’s sprinkler system design shall be
                       and hydraulic calculations.               based on Ordinary Hazard Group II
                                                                 Occupancy Classification, or greater density
                   n   A sprinkler bulk main for tapping by      if required by code. Tenant’s sprinkler sys-
                       Tenant shall be provided by the           tem shall be hydraulically calculated with
                       Landlord in a location in or near the     flow and pressure requirements shown at
                                                                 Landlord’s connection point.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 78

Sprinkler System Design Criteria
                   n   Minimum Density: .17                     water service connection point.
                       GPM/square foot over the most
                                                                Sprinkler Head Requirements
                       remote 3,000 square feet. (The
                       location of partition shall be ignored   All sprinkler heads shall be quick-response
                       when choosing the remote area)           type. Fully recessed (concealed) type sprin-
                                                                kler heads shall be used at the storefront
                   n   Maximum Coverage per Head:
                                                                show windows and entry area. Either fully
                       130 square feet
                                                                recessed or semi recessed sprinkler heads
                Hose Allowance: Hose stream allowances          shall be installed throughout the public sales
                are not required within Tenant system calcu-    area.
                lations. A 500 gpm hose allowance has been
                included in the Tenant fire sprinkler main      Material Requirements
                design calculations.
                                                                Piping: Black steel, Schedule 40 per
                Minimum Water Supply Pressure:                          NFPA 13.
                                                                Fittings: 175 pound steel screwed, welded or
                Water Supply available at the Tenant con-
                nection to the Tenant fire sprinkler main is
                as follows:                                     Drains and Valves
                   n   Lower Level: Minimum 70 psi static,      Valved Drains shall be provided with hose
                       43 psi residual, while flowing 725 gpm   thread at all low points in sprinkler piping.
                   n   Upper Level: Minimum 63 psi static,      Identify low point with a ceiling marker and
                       40 psi residual, while flowing 725 gpm   provide access to all valved drains.

                Note: Tenant fire sprinkler mains have been     An Inspector’s Test Valve is not required in
                hydraulically calculated to provide the above   each Tenant Space and should not be provid-
                described water supply. Tenant sprinkler        ed.
                calculation need only be taken to the           Fire Extinguisher
                Tenant’s connection to the Tenant fire sprin-
                kler main, and do not need to be calculated     Fire Extinguisher for hand use shall be pro-
                back to the building riser or municipal         vided, located and installed by the Tenant in
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 79

Sprinkler System Design Criteria
                accordance with the local Fire Department
                                                                 Sprinkler General Requirements
                                                                   n   All Sprinkler system tests shall be
                Special Fire Protection Systems                        witnessed by the Landlord’s on-site
                Cooking Hood Exhaust Fire Protection. Fire             representative and local jurisdictional
                protection above cooking equipment shall               authorities as required.
                consist of an automatic fire extinguishing         n   Thoroughly clean installation upon
                system with connection to the Landlord’s               completion. Heads, pipes, valves, and
                central fire alarm system.                             fittings shall be completely cleaned of
                Special Storage Conditions. Tenant’s stor-             grease, metal cuttings, dirt, etc.
                age conditions may affect the design and           n   Final connection to Landlord’s sprin-
                installation of the Tenant’s sprinkler system.         kler main shall not be made until the
                For areas where height of storage exceeds              entire system within the demised
                twelve (12) feet, hydraulically calculated             Premises is pressure tested and
                sprinklers shall be provided in accordance             accepted by the municipal Fire
                with NFPA No.231 or 231C. Details for                  Department and the Landlord. The
                storage arrangements, types of racks, aisle            Tenant shall not be allowed to bring
                widths, etc., shall be submitted to Landlord           any merchandise stock into the
                and local Fire Marshal for review. For dou-            demised Premises until the entire
                ble-decked storage areas (whether solid, slat-         sprinkler system and fire alarm
                ted or open-grated), automatic sprinklers              system has been inspected, approved
                shall be provided for each level. Fire protec-         and put into operation.
                tion above rolling shelving units much also
                be provided in accordance with all code and        n   A Fire Protection System Material
                local fire department requirements.                    and Test Certificate must be submit-
                                                                       ted to the Landlord, and Landlord’s
                Dry Sprinkler Systems shall be installed in            Insurance Underwriter.
                areas subject to temperatures lower than 40
                degrees F., or as an alternate an anti-freeze
                system shall be installed.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 80

Section 17: Fire Alarm System Criteria
                The Landlord Provides the Following:             The Tenant’s system shall provide alarm,
                                                                 trouble and supervisory signals to the
                A central fire alarm system with the capabili-   Landlord’s central fire alarm system. All
                ties of monitoring the Tenant’s smoke detec-     fire alarm system components including
                tion and other fire alarm devices for tenants    smoke detectors, duct detectors, fire alarm
                smaller than 1,000 sf, and with the capabili-    panel, horns and strobes and any other sys-
                ties of monitoring the tenant’s fire alarm       tem components that are part of the
                panel for tenants 1,000 sf and larger.           Tenant’s individual fire alarm system shall be
                A fire alarm system connection junction box      high quality commercial system components
                in or near the Tenant’s Premises and as gen-     installed by a Landlord approved fire alarm
                erally located per the Space Lease Outline       contractor. Tenant’s fire alarm system shall
                Drawing.                                         comply with all code requirements.

                Fire Detection and Monitoring                    Tenant Fire Alarm Systems
                Devices                                          Spaces less than 1,000 sf - Tenant spaces less
                                                                 than 1,000 square feet are not required to
                Tenant shall install all required system
                                                                 have a stand alone fire alarm system within
                devices (smoke detectors, control modules,
                                                                 the Tenant space. At a minimum, the Tenant
                monitor modules) as required for proper
                                                                 shall be required to install a duct detector at
                operation and connection to the Landlord’s
                                                                 the HVAC unit. All components shall be
                central system. All devices that are directly
                                                                 addressable components of the exact specifi-
                connected to the Landlord’s central fire
                                                                 cation to comply with the Landlord’s central
                alarm system shall be the exact model and
                                                                 fire alarm system, and shall be directly con-
                manufacturer required by the Landlord and
                                                                 nected to the Landlord’s system by the
                are required to be installed by the
                                                                 Landlord’s designated fire alarm contractor
                Landlord’s designated fire alarm installation
                                                                 at the Tenant’s expense.
                contractor at the Tenant’s expense.
                                                                 Spaces 1,000 sf or larger - Tenant spaces
                For spaces larger the 1,000 sf, Tenant shall
                                                                 1,000 sf or larger are required to install a
                install a complete stand alone fire alarm sys-
                                                                 complete stand alone fire alarm system with-
                tem within the Tenant’s space.
                                                                 in the Tenant space. The Tenant fire alarm
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                            PAGE 81

Fire Alarm System Criteria
                system shall include the following compo-       The Tenant shall also be required to contract
                nents:                                          with the Landlord’s designated fire alarm
                                                                contractor for installation and connection of;
                   n   Duct detection devices at each HVAC      (1) monitor modules (s) that shall monitor
                       unit.                                    alarm and supervisory signals from the
                   n   Smoke detection devices if required      Tenant’s fire alarm panels, and (2) control
                       by Code or desired by Tenant             module(s) that shall provide an alarm input
                                                                from the Landlord’s central fire alarm sys-
                   n   Fire alarm panel with alarm signal       tem to the Tenant’s panel, which such signal
                       output and supervising signal output     shall initiate the horns and strobe operation
                       to Landlord’s central fire alarm         within the Tenant space. The monitor mod-
                       system. Fire alarm panel must also       ules and control modules shall be directly
                       accept an input signal from the          connected to the Landlord’s central fire
                       Landlord’s central fire alarm system     alarm system, and are required to be
                       to initiate the Tenant’s horns and       installed by the Landlord’s designated con-
                       strobes upon the occurrence of a         tractor at the tenant’s expense.
                       general building alarm. Panel shall
                       comply with all Code and jurisdiction    Minimum Smoke Detection
                       authority function requirements.         Requirements
                   n   Horns and strobe devices, location as    Duct detectors shall be required at each
                       required by Code.                        rooftop HVAC unit within the Tenant’s
                                                                space. For any HVAC unit which exceeds
                   n   Power supply/battery back-up for
                                                                15,000 cfm, separate duct detection is
                       horns and strobes
                                                                required in supply and return air ducts or as
                   n   Any other auxiliary fire alarm devices   otherwise required by code.
                       specifically required by Code or
                                                                Tenants with cooking hoods and a fire sup-
                       desired by Tenant.
                                                                pression system are required to connect such
                                                                system to the Mall fire alarm system. It is
                                                                the responsibility of the Tenant and Tenant’s
                                                                contractor to coordinate the
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                                                             PAGE 82

Fire Alarm System Criteria
                connection details for this system with the        n   Complete all wiring connections to
                Landlord’s designated fire alarm contractor.           Landlord’s central system and all
                                                                       addressable devices.
                HVAC System Shutdown
                                                                   n   Complete all system programming at
                The Tenant’s HVAC system must be con-                  Landlord’s central fire alarm panel.
                nected to the fire alarm system so upon
                occurrence of any duct detection alarm, the        n   Obtain all required permits for work
                affected Tenant’s HVAC unit will stop oper-            performed by Landlord’s fire alarm
                ation immediately.                                     contractor.

                The Landlord’s Designated                          n   Perform all startup testing and
                                                                       coordinate final test with municipal
                Contractor Shall Perform the
                                                                The Tenant’s Contractor Shall
                The Landlord’s designated fire alarm con-
                tractor shall perform the following work for    Perform the Following
                a typical Tenant space. All work performed      The Tenant’s Contractor shall be responsible
                by Landlord’s contractor shall be completed     for completing the following work for the
                solely at Tenant’s expense:                     fire alarm system installation:
                   n   Furnish and install Control and             n   Install conduit to connect the system
                       Monitor Module devices.                         connection junction box with all
                   n   Furnish only Landlord standard                  devices and/or fire alarm panel.
                       addressable duct detector for spaces        n   Install junction boxed at each device
                       smaller than 1,000 sf.                          location.
                   n   Furnish and install all wiring between      n   For spaces less than 1,000 sf, install
                       devices, detector and/or fire alarm             the Landlord standard duct detec-
                       panel and the system connection                 tor(s)
                       junction box.
WOODLANDS MALL EXPANSION                                        PAGE 83

Fire Alarm System Criteria
                   n   For spaces greater than 1,000 sf,
                       Tenant contractor shall install a
                       complete commercial grade fire
                       alarm system that shall include a fire
                       alarm panel and all required devices
                       as outlined in this criteria section.

                   n   Coordinate device installation work,
                       schedule and timing with the
                       Landlord’s designated fire alarm
                   n   Tenant is required to use Landlord’s
                       designated Fire Alarm Contractor for
                   n   Connect the Tenant HVAC system
                       controls to the fire alarm system as
                       required for unit shutdown function.

                   n   Coordinate all testing with the
                       Landlord’s designated fire alarm
                       contractor, the Landlord and the
                       local jurisdictional authorities
                       including the fire department and
                       building department.

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