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					Horizon Christian Fellowship
 The Beacon-
         “ a person or thing that illuminates or inspires:
                                                                                                         the Lights
      The Bible has been our beacon during this trouble.”
                                                                                                          Turn On
                   “ to serve or shine as a beacon:                                              “As teachers, we try to
              A steady light beaconed from the shore.”                                           make the lesson come to
                                                                                                 life. We always want the
                                                                                                 children to walk away with
                                                                                                 the "nugget of truth" firmly
(Definitions taken from Dictionary.com)
                                                                                                 planted in their hearts.
                                                                                                 Often times we go about
Children’s Church Summer Program Kicks Off!                                                      this    by    using     real-life
                                                                                                 examples. This quarter we
                                                                                                 have been studying Heroes
                                                                                                 of Faith and our class was
                                                                                                 fortunate enough to witness
Detective work is both fun and               Word to defend our Case for a Creator.              actual heroes. On the first
exciting, just ask Monk. My dad just                                                             Sunday of the quarter, Teri
                                             You might ask, “Why is this important?”             was teaching when I saw
loves catching Monk on T.V. after a
                                             My answer to you is plain and simple,               something register in her
hard day of work. Why; I guess it’s
                                             “Truth.”      Our children are being                eyes.      In    a     thought
because it’s intriguing, maybe there’s
                                             bombarded in the media and schools                  completely from God, Teri
something inside of us all that loves a
                                             with lies. The idea of Intelligent Design           asked the kids if they knew
good mystery. What does it take to be                                                            any heroes of faith. After
                                             is considered opinion not fact and little
a good detective anyway? Well, as far                                                            about twelve blank stares,
                                             by little these lies are being digested by
as I know...well I just don’t. It’s a good                                                       she pointed out that the
                                             our children and causing confusion.
thing Mrs. Deanna and her trusty band                                                            Esselstrom      family     was
                                             God created the earth and all that is in
of teachers are heading this summer’s                                                            moving to another church,
                                             it in 7 days. The Bible declares this truth
Children’s Church!                                                                               away from their friends and
                                             and our desire is to give our children              away       from     everything
Beginning July 6th the Children’s            the ammunition they need to defend it.              comfortable. They were
Church       undergoes     its   summer      Did you know that the idea of the Big               going out of love for the
program. Ages 3 to 5 alongside 5th           Bang Theory is just that a THEORY.                  people but truly they were
and 6th graders and every age in             There is more fact and truth for a                  going because God had
between       study   together     God’s     Creator and yet the world does not                  called them. Justin then
timeless word. With an emphasis on           receive it.                                         shared with us that he
detective work, this summer, the kids                                                            wasn't thrilled about leaving
                                             Our desire in the Children’s Ministry is to         all his friends but that he
will be reading, “The Case for
                                             fill your children with truth so that when          was being obedient. It was
Creator,” by Lee Strobel. You may be
                                             they are faced with uncertainty they                at this moment in the lesson
familiar with his other books, the case
                                             can boldly stand on the promises of our             that I witnessed twelve
“The Case for Christ’ and the case                                                               lights go on. Our kids
                                             God. Every week we will be sending
“The Case for Faith”. This once atheist,                                                         realized in that lesson that
                                             home discussion questions. Please use
journalist turned Christian has taken his                                                        we all have the opportunity
                                             these as a tool to help your children
talents and used them for the glory of                                                           to be heroes of faith, all we
                                             understand the ideas that are being
God and we are taking it to the                                                                  have to be is open. “
                                             presented in Children’s Church. We
children in a fun packed summer                                                                  ~Chelsea Phillipo
                                             hope this develops into deep and
program that will lead our children in
                                             meaningful family discussion. Join us in
an in-depth study of why our God                                                                 Alongside    Teri    Profeta,
                                             making our children ready to face the
Created man, woman and every                                                                     Chelsea teaches the 3rd
                                             lies the world is offering head on with             and 4th grade class.
created creature. We will be using
                                             the truth that is found in His Word.
Science (which God created) and His

                                                                                 Summer 2008 ● Horizon Christian Fellowship SouthBay
                                                                         The Blessings of Service
            Let Us                                                                    by Larry Fife
     Worship Him Together
                                                       “Angie and I have grown so attached to our 3rd and 4th graders.
                                                       Every year at this time it is so difficult for us. The fourth graders will
   What does it take to fall in love with Jesus?
                                                       be leaving our class, we will miss them dearly. It is so much of a
   What does it take to help our little ones fall in
                                                       privilege to watch them grow and to have participated in their
   love with Jesus? Wouldn’t every parent,
                                                       little lives, even if it was just for those few moments that we have
   grandparent, auntie & uncle want the answer
                                                       had them in class. Although, one of the good things about it, is
   to that question? I know I would. Mrs. Carey
                                                       that the memories will never go away. We still treasure the
   was posed this question not too long ago and
                                                       memories from our kids that we had in our class from almost 10
   after giving it some thought she simply said (in
                                                       years ago. And in 10 years from now our memories will be of those
   a nutshell), “by watching us, the parents,
                                                       kids that we have today. We thank God for giving us such
   teachers or who ever is an influential adult in
                                                       wonderful students and we thank the parents for raising their kids
   a child’s life, they (the child) learns how to
                                                       in a godly way.” ~Larry Fife
   love Jesus”. How do you display your love for
   Jesus? What tangible ways can your child
   see that will allow him or her to mimic and
                                                       Larry and Angie Fife have attended Horizon since Genesis 1:1, it
   really grasp what is in your heart for your Lord
                                                       might be getting close to 10 years now. Angie and I started
   and Savior?
                                                       teaching the kindergarten class.
   During the summer months the Children’s
                                                       Our first kindergarten class consisted of some of our current high
   Ministry will be incorporating worship and
                                                       school kids (Christa, Estevan and Andre). Monique and Brooke
   choir. It is our desire to bring the parents and
                                                       later entered our kindergarten class. With all of our kids, it has
   children together in a more intimate time of
                                                       been a blessing to watch them grow and be a small part of their
   worship before each start their time in the
                                                       lives. “
   Word. If you have a young one in Children’s
   Ministry please try to make it a point to come
   early and join us in the fellowship hall during
   worship. Come let us worship and bow down,
   let us kneel before our God, our maker.
   Together, with our children, we hope to bring
   our sacrifice and praise before the Lord and            The Gamboa Kidney fundraising
   love Him together.
                                                             efforts are still underway!
              Don’t miss a Sunday!
                                                               Please keep the Gamboas in mind
                                                              when disposing of your old cell
What’s So Great About Being Single?                           phones. and old ink cartridges.
What’s so great about being single– at Horizon
SouthBay? Maybe you’ve not asked yourself                            Just bring them to Regina
this question before, but if you ask any of our                        and she’ll do the rest!
fellow single Christians perhaps the responses
would go something like this:                                    Also, if anyone is interested... in
FREEDOM...to worship and love God without any
distractions from spouses or children.                      hosting an           Upper Case Living
FELLOWSHIP...with likeminded Christian singles                      Please contact Regina.
dealing with the same struggles of dating,                   all proceeds will go to the JGKF
serving, and accountability.                                    (James Gamboa Kidney Fund).
FUN...at least twice a month, planned activities
                                                              Thus far James is still awaiting a
like softball, movies, miniature golf, kayaking,
bowling and more.                                               match for a kidney donor.
Horizon Christian Fellowship SouthBay (HSB)                  The Gamboas covet your prayers
Singles Ministry (now that’s a mouthful) meets                 and appreciate your support.
every Friday night at 7pm at Kelly Middlebrook’s            Thank you from the Gamboa Family.
home and the study is led by Jeff Tinderholt. For                 if you have any questions.
more information or to get on the email list                         Please call 619-934-8822
please contact Kelly at 619-934-9979.

Page 3                                                                     Summer 2008 ● Horizon Christian Fellowship SouthBay
   Horizon Christian                          2008
      Fellowship                     Women’s Retreat                                  Where’s Waldo?
                                                                                   Most of us can recall seeing those
                             For those of you ladies that weren’t able to          huge books that contain on every
                              attend this year’s women’s retreat at            page a cleverly hidden Waldo. In this
         CONTACT US AT:
                             Cavalry Chapel Bible Conference Center
                                                                              case, where’s Doug Halican? Or more
          P.O. Box 1523               in Murrieta Hot Springs,
                              here is a little bit from the “mountain”.         like, where has he been for the past 6
         Bonita, CA 91908                                                       months? During Doug’s absence the
                                     The verse for the retreat was            ladies of HSB were privileged in praying
                                           2 Corinthians 2:14,                 for Doug, Nancy and the kids. Praying
            Email:           “Now thanks be to God who always leads           for the women and their families truly is
  info@horizonsouthbay.org      us in triumph in Christ, and through us          a ministry that lies somewhat hidden
                             diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in            within the ladies bible study. You
                                             every place.”                      might liken it to a search in a page of
     SERVICES MEET AT:                    And it goes on to say,
                                                                               a Where’s Waldo book. If you haven’t
                             “For we are to God the fragrance of Christ
   3737 Sweetwater Road       among those who are being saved and                     been blessed by serving and
                                  among those who are perishing.”                ministering to another lady while you
                                  Are you a sweet aroma to God?                yourself have been ministered to then
           OFFICES AT:        Does your life produce a fragrance that           try out the next ladies bible study and
                               might turn a head as a delightful smell                         be blessed!
          49 THIRD AVE                           would?
                             What does your fragrance mean to you, to
   Chula Vista, CA 91910
                               others and most importantly, to God?

                              The message was clear; our lives are to be
                             triumphant because of Him who leads us in
                                triumph! If you missed this year’s retreat
   PRAYER HOTLINE:                    then don’t miss it next year!
     (619) 685-4545
 Web Site:


   Hero’s of Faith                                                            Welcome Home Doug Halican

  As summer begins, Children’s Church wraps up their Spring lessons on the “Hero’s of Faith”. Our key verse for
  ages 3-5 all the way up to the 6th graders was Hebrews 11:1. If you stop and ask one of these kids, “what is
  faith?” you’ll (hopefully) get, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not
  seen.” The children were taken through the lives of faith hero’s from Able to Rahab and Gideon, and from
  Samuel to David. We had games and snacks, quizzes and challenges. Each teacher prayerfully prepared
  and invested their time and heart into the lessons so that our children- your children, would have at least one
  N.O.T., that is, a Nugget Of Truth. If every child could come away each Sunday at least a little more excited,
  a little more intrigued, a little more in love with Jesus, then I think each one of the teachers would be happy
  and let’s say that the Lord in Heaven would be pleased too!
  Our Children’s Church is headed up by Deanna Carey. She is a credentialed school teacher and a mother
  of 6. She has much experience from which we have all benefited. Our curriculum didn’t come from a store
  or website; each lesson was carefully penned by Mrs. Carey herself. With the support and irreplaceable
  help of her husband Sean, I’m sure they spent many nights preparing as she thought of each child’s face
  and personality so that we can deliver unique and individualized lessons to our own body of little Christians.
   So as we wrap up our Hero’s of Faith “Hall of Fame” we salute Mrs. Carey and all the many volunteers who
  teach our children.

Page 3                                                                    Summer 2008 ● Horizon Christian Fellowship SouthBay

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