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Algebra 1A


									                                        Algebra 1A
                             Course Syllabus and Expectations

                                          Mr. McDermott
                                        652-7200 ext. 52227

Welcome to Algebra! In this course, you will have the chance to uncover the mathematics that runs
much of our everyday world. This document outlines the policies, procedures and expectations that
 will guide our mathematical journey this year. Please read it carefully, review it with your parents
                        and keep it in the front of your Algebra notebook.

Class Expectations

Respect – This word is a succinct summary of my expectations for this class. I expect that you will
have respect for the course material and subject matter, for myself and the other students in this
class, and for yourself as a student. The following are areas in which you can demonstrate respect:

      Absences
       Please do your best to minimize absences from class. The benefits of attending and
       participating in class are unsurpassed. If you are absent, please complete the homework
       that was due on the day you were absent for the day you return. Make-ups for tests or
       quizzes should be completed within a week of your return during a free period (in Math
       Lab) or after school. Please see the GHS Attendance Policy for additional information.

      Punctuality / Preparedness
       In order for our class to accomplish our goals, it is important that we utilize all of our class
       time. Please arrive before the bell and be prepared to begin class when the bell rings. You
       will be considered tardy if you are not in your seat at the time the bell rings, and three
       instances of tardiness will result in an after-school detention.

      Participation
       Perhaps the most important step you can take towards ensuring your success in
       mathematics is participation. I expect that you will have enough respect for yourself as a
       student to ask questions when anything is unclear and to participate in class discussions so
       that you are an active part of the learning community. Although this is not a graded
       component of this class, I can not stress the importance of actively participating enough!

      In-Class Activity
       So that you can make the most of your time in class, it is important you remain in your seat
       and focused on the class activities. Please use the restroom, gather supplies, sharpen
       pencils, and perform other tasks before class begins. If you need to be excused from class,
       please raise your hand at an appropriate time.

      Electronic Devices
       While I understand the desire to have cell phones, IPods, etc. with you, you are not
       respecting the learning process by using these devices in the classroom. Please refrain from
       using them while you are in class. Please read the GHS Policy Handbook for more
       information on the consequences of using these devices.
      Materials for Class
       Please bring the following materials with you to class everyday:
           o Notebook – 3 Ring Binder divided into at least 3 sections (Notes/Classwork,
               Homework, Assessments)
           o Calculator (TI-83 Plus or TI-84)
           o Pens and Pencils (and erasers)

Grading Policy

Your grade will be determined using a point system. The following are the types of assessments
you can expect to see and the approximate percentage of your grade they will count towards.

      Tests – Tests will be given at the conclusion of a unit of study and will focus on the major
       topics of the given unit. They will be announced in advance and will generally be worth
       between 80 and 110 points.

           o   Notebook – Your notebook will be graded once each quarter. It will be worth
               approximately the value of a test. The date of the notebook check will be
               unannounced, so it is in your best interest to maintain a neat and organized
               notebook. On the day of the notebook check, I will post a list of 3-5 items that you
               will need to pass in from your notebook to be graded. These items will be class
               notes, assessments, homework or handouts. Since I recognize each person has their
               own organizational style, I will not require you set up your notebook in any
               particular way, but you need to create a system that will allow you to find anything
               in your notebook quickly and easily. A more specific rubric will be provided for
               notebook checks.

      Quizzes – Quizzes can be given at any point in a unit, and will serve to reinforce recent
       concepts and provide you with an opportunity to evaluate your understanding of the
       concepts. Formal quizzes will be announced and will be worth between 20 and 60 points.

           o   Homework Quizzes – Homework quizzes will consist of a small number of
               questions very similar to homework problems from the previous night. They will be
               given after the class has reviewed the homework, but will be unannounced. These
               quizzes will be worth between 5 and 15 points.
           o   Guiding Question Responses – At the start of each unit, I will present a set of
               questions that will guide our exploration of the upcoming topics. Near the
               conclusion of the unit, you will be asked to respond to a selected number of
               questions. Your responses will be graded using a rubric that will be provided in
               advance and will be worth approximately the value of a quiz.
           o   Projects – Algebra extends far beyond pencil and paper! There will be several
               opportunities for you to demonstrate your understanding through more hands-on
               projects. Rubrics will be provided, and projects will be worth approximately the
               value of a quiz.

      Homework – Homework will be assigned and graded daily. Homework is your chance to
       practice and review the concepts we are exploring, so I will not penalize you for incorrect
       answers. Your homework will be graded based on completeness. The following point
       values will be used for daily homework grades:
                 2 – Homework is completed well; nearly every problem or every problem has been
                     attempted. Work is shown as appropriate.
                 1 – Homework is somewhat incomplete or is lacking the necessary work. Many
                     problems are incomplete or not attempted.
                 0 – Homework is not completed or no work is shown.

The following represents the approximate percentage that each component will be worth in your
quarter grade. Please note that depending on the unit of study, these percentages may vary.

         1st and 3rd Quarters                              2nd and 4th Quarters
                                                                Tests – 45%
                 Tests – 65%                                   Quizzes – 15%
                 Quizzes – 20%                                 Homework – 15%
                 Homework – 15%                                Midterm/Final – 25%

I encourage both students and parents to contact me with any questions or concerns you have. My
contact information is listed at the beginning of this document. Although you may call at any time,
email will likely reach me sooner.

So that I can be in touch with you, please provide your contact information below and return this
portion of the document to school with your son or daughter.

I have read this document and understand the policies and procedures of Mr. McDermott’s

_____________________________________                 ______________________________________
Student Name                                          Student Signature

_____________________________________                 ______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name                                  Parent/Guardian Signature

_____________________________________                 ______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Daytime Phone #                       Parent/Guardian Evening Phone #

_____________________________________                 ______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Email Address                         Best time / Best contact method

                         Thank you – I’m looking forward to a great year!

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