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									        General Aviation in China

                AirVenture 2010, July 30 2010

                           Jane Zhang
                  President, Silk Wings Aviation
          Director, AOPA China and Friend of China GA
Contact: or
        China-- Some (very) Basics

                            China is remarkably similar
                            in geographic area to the
                            continental USA, and lies at
                            approximately the same range
                            of latitudes

                          China has a population of 1.3 billion (!),
                          about 4x that of the USA
                          China's economy has grown 8-9%
                          per year over the last 20 years
                          China's GDP is currently about 1/3
China                     the GDP of the USA

Today and Tomorrow: Some Numbers to Crunch on
     GA Comparison         USA       CHINA      CHINA 2020 Est.
GA Airports                 18,000 (70)      57           150+
Licensed Pilots            597,109       8,800         25,000+
GA Aircraft                219,780 (1000) 650          10,000+
Business Jet Aircraft        9,628 (60)      27         1,100+
GA Flight Hours         28,000,000     85,000          700,000
Revenue USD                    41B        25M            400M
%GDP                            .30         .01             .10
Jobs Created               225,000       7,000          55,000

General Aviation in China
Current Conditions                              The DOWN-SIDE

  Only <1000 GA aircraft and pilot nationwide
  Most GA devoted to pilot training (airline) or agriculture/utility ops
  Fewer than 150 civil-use airports, only a handful open to GA
  Airspace tightly controlled by military. GA access lowest priority
  Lack of popular and official awareness and understanding

                           Awareness Growing
                           Tons of pilot wannabes
                           Plans to liberalize airspace/airport
                           access gradually
                           GA Manufacturing M&A
                           Demand for business aviation
                           Infrastructure under construction

                           The   UP-side                                    4
 Pucheng GA Airport, Near Xi'an
Annual Airshow

                           Production of
                          Thorpedo LSA is
                         moving to near this
 Two Amphibians under Development by AVIC in additional to
                 “Large Aircraft” project
          Private Enterprise:        Yuneec Electric Airplane
                             and Sunward LSA

Yuneec Electric Airplane                JL600 (Dragon 600)‫‏‬
 1st time at Oshkosh 2009                4 Engine Turboprop,
 2 seat LSA, glider, ultralight          50 ton max take off weight, cruise
 1st delivery end of 2011                speed at 560km/hour and 5150 km
 Scale Mt. Everest planned               range
                                         Aim for test flight 2013, TC 2014

Sunward (Aurora)‫‏‬                       HO300 (Seagull 300)‫‏‬
2 seat LSA composite                     Single engine, 6 seats
Subsidiary of public company             Very similar to Lake
Impressive facilities                    Aim for test flight and TC 2010
Relationship with a US engine
 Return of Seaplane Shuttle Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau

Services from 1920-60's

Renewed services approved

Started by a Canadian entrepreneur

Project to transport over 150,000
visitors back and forth between
Hong Kong and Macau annually

20 minutes flight, similar to
helicopter services offered right now

Amazing view

Future pairs with Mainland China
cities nearby
     Not-for-profit independent
   organization dedicated to the
    development of GA in China
 Provide resources to individuals
    and companies who have
  an interest in the Chinese GA
   Info @

        Active participation in
regulatory processes and educational
Outreach to communities and youth
 Membership open to all interested
   individuals, companies, and

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