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									                              SPECIAL CONDITION' POPULAR SONGS

Most customers buy my sheet music because they wish to sing or play it but some
buy because they collect them for various reasons and some frame them for home
or business wall decoration. This list will satisfy all these needs i.e. the complete
music is there for piano and voice but the list shows the artist who recorded it and
whose photograph is on the cover. All are in very good to fine condition
Although Bygone Tunes is located in the U.K. I must say that many of the sheets
were published in the U.S.A. (If two of the same titles and artists are offered and
publication mentioned in both U.K. and U.S.A. then the cover's design is different.) .
Please email if more details are required and a final price quotation will be given.
Thankyou for your interest.
   Mrs J Billington, 19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston. PR4 4LU. Tel. 01772-613729.
                          or contact me at

                          Title                                  Cover photo
Caught up in you                              .38 -special
Hold on loosely                               .38 -special
Rockin' into the night                        .38 -special
You keep rumnin' away                         .38 -special
Waiting by the silv'ry RioGrande              <iss Nita Croft
I'm not in love                               10 cc
Things we do for love                         10c.c.
Simon Says                                    1910 Fruitgum Co.
Up the hill to happy days(Blackpool pier      1936 Orchestra
Runner                                        3 degrees
Master Jack                                   4 Jacks and Jill
Rag Doll                                      4 seasons
Rhapsody                                      4 Seasons
Corabelle                                     5 Smith Brothers
I ain't gonna grieve (no more)        5 Smith brothers
Kentucky babe                                 5 Smith brothers
Kiss me sweet                                 5 Smith Brothers
Load of Hay                                   5 Smith Brothers
I'm in favour of friendship                   5 Smith brothers
If I say yes                                  5 Star
Stay out of my life                           5 Star
System addict                                 5 Star
I'm on fire                                   5,000 Volts
Chick-a-boom                                  53rd & 3rd
Russian moon (Underneath the)                 A F Taylor
Let's womble to the party tonight             A Womble
My little corner of the world                 A.Bryant,R.Murray +
Ah! sweet mysery of life (Great Victor H      A.Jones,M Martin,
Wisdom of a fool (+ R.Carroll &P Lowe)        A.Klooger,P.Shepherd
Wish you were here                            A.Kober,J.Logan
We'll gather lilacs                           A.Neagle,Errol Flynn
Why can't it happen to me (Film cover)              A.Shelton,A.Askey
West of Zanzibar (From film)                        A.Steel,Sheila Sim
Chiquitita                                          Abba
Dancing queen                                       Abba
Fernando                                            Abba
Super trouper                                       Abba
Thank you for the music                             Abba
Dancing Queen                                       Abba
I do,I do,I do.I do, I do                           Abba
Waterloo                                            Abba
Winner takes it all                                 Abba
Look of love                                        ABC
Gotta see baby tonight                              Acker Bilk
That's my home                                      Acker Bilk
Lonely pup (in a Christmas shop)                    Adam Faith
Time has come                                       Adam Faith
What do you want                                    Adam Faith
Take good care of her                               Adam Wade
Writing on the wall                                 Adam Wade
Friend or foe                                       Adan Ant
When did you leave heaven (Film song)               Adolphe Menjou
Sherry                                              Adrian Baker
There's no one but you                              Afrique
One rule for you(One rule for me)                   After the fire
Gonna get a girl                                    Aileen Stanley
I know that someone loves me                        Aileen Stanley
All out of love                                     Air supply
Red maple leaves                                    Al & Bob Harvey
Saddle your blues to a wild mustang                 Al & Bob Harvey
Girl in the Alice blue gown                         Al Bowlly
It's the little things that count                   Al Collins
Love me long,hold me close,kiss me warm+            Al Hibbler
You can do it                                       Al Hudson & the part
Moonlighting                                        Al Jareau
When you were sweet sixteen                         Al Jolson (no make-up!)
Where there's a will there's a way                  Al Kasha
Be mine                                             Al Martino
Don't go to strangers                               Al Martino
Here in my heart                                    Al Martino
When you're mine                                    Al Martino
Fool                                                Al Matthews
Keep calling me sweetheart                          Al Saxon
You don't ever know me                              Al Stewart
If I were a blackbird                               Alan Breeze
I cry more                                          Alan Dale
My resistance is low                                Alan Dean
Red silken stockings                                Alan Dean
                                           BYGONE TUNES
When there's love at home                                 Alan Dean
Always the lonely one                                     Alan Drew
Beside the still waters                                   Alan McGill
Baby of mine                                              Alan Price
Jarrow song                                               Alan Price
Simon Smith the amazing dancing bear                      Alan Price
It never rains in Southern California                     Albert Hammond
Oh. Lori                                                  Alessi
Dark lochs of Scotland                                    Alexander Brothers
Criticize                                                 Alexander O'Neal
As long as the river flows on                             Alf & Bob Pearson
Romany                                                    Alfredo
Colorado                                                  Alfredo & orch.
Boa Noite (from film)                                     Alice Faye,D Ameche
That ole devil called love                                Alison Moyet
Afraid of love                                            Allan Bruce
Man cannot live by bread alone                            Allan Bruce
In all the world                                          Allan Jones
Riders in the sky                                         Allan Jones
Banjo's back in town                                      Alma Cogan
Bimbo                                                     Alma Cogan
Chantez,chantez                                           Alma Cogan
Chee chee-oo chee                                         Alma Cogan
Dreamboat                                                 Alma Cogan
Got'n idea                                                Alma Cogan
Half as much                                              Alma Cogan
Homing waltz                                              Alma Cogan
I can't tell a waltz from a tango                         Alma Cogan
Last night on the back porch                              Alma Cogan
Little shoemaker                                          Alma Cogan
Make love to me                                           Alma Cogan
Mama teach me to dance                                    Alma Cogan
Stairway of love                                          Alma Cogan
Till I waltz again with you                               Alma Cogan
Don't ringa da bell                                       Alma Cogan + cartoon
Happy Birthday                                            Altered Images
I could be happy                                          Altered Images
See those eyes                                            Altered Images
Uptown Top ranking                                        Althia & Donna
My coo ca choo                                            Alvin Stardust
Pretend                                                   Alvin Stardust
You you you                                               Alvin Stardust
Don't you just know it                                    Amazulu
Afterglow                                                 Ambrose
Bella Bambino                                             Ambrose
Cathedral in the pines                                    Ambrose
Cry,baby,cry                                              Ambrose
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Don't make me laugh                                 Ambrose
Gaucho Serenade                                     Ambrose
Have you forgotten so soon?                         Ambrose
I'll pray for you                                   Ambrose
Just say 'Aloha'(make believe we're in H            Ambrose
Rural rhythm                                        Ambrose
They can't blackout the moon                        Ambrose
When my dream boat comes home                       Ambrose
Life beyond L.A.                                    Ambrosia
Along the Navaho trail                              Andrews Sis. Bing
That's the moon my son (Film cover)                 Andrews Sis.H.James
Sabre Dance                                         Andrews sisters
Andy                                                Andy Cavell
Wide eyed & Legless                                 Andy Fairweather
I just wanna be your everything                     Andy Gibb
Shadow dancing                                      Andy Gibb
Rock me gently                                      Andy Kim
Come in,come in                                     Andy Stewart
Donald, where's your troosers?                      Andy Stewart
Scottish soldier                                    Andy Stewart
Amy Rainbow                                         Andy Williams
Happy heart (by Jas,Last)                           Andy Williams
It's so easy                                        Andy Williams
May each day                                        Andy Williams
Music to watch girls by                             Andy Williams
Solitaire                                           Andy Williams
Speak softly love                                   Andy Williams
You lay so easy on my mind                          Andy Williams
No secrets                                          Angel City
Caught up in the rapture                            Anita Baker
Wedding (The)                                       Anita Bryant
Anniversary waltz                                   Anita Harris
Just loving you                                     Anita Harris
Bill (from film)                                    Ann Blythe
Maytime waltz                                       Ann Todd
Moment I saw you (Spring in Park Lane)              Anna Neagle (Film)
Rose of Picardy (Film song)                         Anna Neagle,Wilding
Children of my mind                                 Anne Murray
Snowbird                                            Anne Murray
You needed me                                       Anne Murray
I just fall in love again                           Anne Murray
Bella musica                                        Anne Shelton
Come back again                                     Anne Shelton
Crystal ball                                        Anne Shelton
Fellow on a furlough                                Anne Shelton
First few days                                      Anne Shelton
Fool with a dream                                   Anne Shelton
                                           BYGONE TUNES
For you,for me                                          Anne Shelton
Girl he left behind                                     Anne Shelton
Give her my love (when you meet her)                    Anne Shelton
Hand of fate                                            Anne Shelton
Harbour bells                                           Anne Shelton
I believe                                               Anne Shelton
I keep forgetting to remember                           Anne Shelton
I remember the cornfields                               Anne Shelton
I'm praying to St Christopher                           Anne Shelton
If you've never been in love                            Anne Shelton
Lay down your arms (WW2)                                Anne Shelton
Lilli Marlene's lullaby                                 Anne Shelton
Madonna in blue                                         Anne Shelton
Man on the march                                        Anne Shelton
Mary Rose                                               Anne Shelton
Not any more                                            Anne Shelton
Oh baby mine I get so lonely                            Anne Shelton
Old postman passes me by                                Anne Shelton
Seven days                                              Anne Shelton
Seven days a week                                       Anne Shelton
Souvenir of Ireland                                     Anne Shelton
Village of St.Bernadette                                Anne Shelton
World is mine (tonight)                                 Anne Shelton
Nice to know you care                                   Anne Shelton
Say that you care for me                                Anne Zeigler
Wonderful Dream                                         Anne-Marie David
Make it soon                                            Annette Klooger
And the heavens cried                                   Anthony Newley
If she should come to you (La Montana)                  Anthony Newley
Dreams of yesterday                                     Anton Walbrook
Jingle Jangle                                           Archies cartoon
Oh you sweet one                                        Arnie Kitson
Weep no more                                            arroll Gibbons
My last night with you                                  Arrows
Breakaway                                               Art Garfunkel
Bright eyes                                             Art Garfunkel
I only have eyes for you                                Art Garfunkel
Since I don't have you                                  Art Garfunkle
(What a) Wonderful world                                Art Garfunkle
What kind of fool am I? (from film)                     Art of Anthony Newley
Summertime                                              Art of stars from Porgy & Bess
If I were a richman                                     Art of Topol from Fiddler on roof film
How ashamed I was                                       Arthur Askey
You too can have a lovely romance (Film                 Arthur Askey,Shelton
While the Angelus was ringin                            Arthur E Davies
C'n I canoe you up the river                            Arthur Godfrey
Goodbye Sally                                           Arthur Riscoe
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
By the fireside (Iin the gloaming)                Arthur Tracy
Misty islands of the highlands                    Arthur Tracy
My Gypsy dream girl                               Arthur Tracy
To mother with love                               Arthur Tracy
Tomorrow, tomorrow                                Arthur Tracy
My first love,my last love for always             Arthut Tracy
Don't you believe it dear                         Artie Shaw
Heat of the moment                                Asia
Smile has left your eyes                          Asia
Pictures                                          Atlanta
Always                                            Atlantic Starr
Ticky ticky tick I'm gonna tell on you            Audrey Jeans
Rocky                                             Austin Roberts
Pick up the pieces                                Average White Band
Queen of my soul                                  Average White band
Baby-O                                            Avon & Hewett Sister
Good morning Britain                              Aztec Camera,M.Jones
Bang bang                                         B A Robertson
What are you going to do?                         B. Howes & B Hale
Knocked it off                                    B.A.Robertson
Kool in the kaftan                                B.A.Robertson
Later on                                          B.Cotton. WW2 couple parting art
Girl most likely to                               B.J.Thomas
I just can't help believing                       B.J.Thomas
Rose Tattoo (film cover)                          B.Lancaster,Magnani
Express                                           B.T. Express
Darling                                           Baccara
Sorry,I'm a lady                                  Baccara
Can I trust you                                   Bachelors
Charmaine                                         Bachelors
I wouldn't trade you for the world                Bachelors
You ain't seen nothing yet                        Backman-Turner Overd
Shape of my heart                                 Backstreet boys
Just a feeling                                    Bad Manners
Tarzan Boy                                        Baltimora
Eternal Flame                                     Bangles
Manic Monday                                      Bangles
Today is the day                                  Bar Kays
You don't bring me flowers                        Barba & Neil Diamond
January,February                                  Barbara Dickson
Unchained melody                                  Barbara Hale
Letter to a soldier                               Barbara Lyon
Whisper                                           Barbara Lyon
One of a kind pair of fools                       Barbara Mandrell
Woman to woman                                    Barbara Mandrell
There's Danger ahead (beware)                     Barbara Sumner
Botch-a-me                                        Barbara&Richard Lyon
                                         BYGONE TUNES
Angel in your arms                                            Barbarel Mandrell
Second hand Rose                                              Barbra Streisand
In finding you, I found love                                  Bare Essence
My lucky love                                                 Barry Barnett
Sideshow                                                      Barry Biggs
Three ring circus                                             Barry Biggs
You're my life                                                Barry Biggs
Dancin'                                                       Barry Blue
School love                                                   Barry Blue
Bermuda triangle                                              Barry Manilow
Copacabana                                                    Barry Manilow
I don't want to walk without you                              Barry Manilow
I made it through the night                                   Barry Manilow
I wanna do it with you                                        Barry Manilow
If I should love again                                        Barry Manilow
Lonely together                                               Barry Manilow
Mandy                                                         Barry Manilow
Ships                                                         Barry Manilow
Even Now                                                      Barry Manilow
Somewhere in the night                                        Barry Manilow
Oh you sweet one                                              Barry Snow
Sh-boom (Life could be a dream)                               Barry Took
Don't make me wait too long                                   Barry White
I'm qualified to satisfy you                                  Barry White
What am I gonna do with you                                   Barry White
Give a little love                                            Bay City Rollers
Summerlove sensation                                          Bay City Rollers
Michelle                                                      Beatles
Ob-la-di,ob-la-da                                             Beatles (White album
Rotterdam                                                     Beautiful South
Greetings from you                                            Bebe Daniels
In the blue hills of Maine                                    Bebe Daniels
Two in love                                                   Bebe Daniels
I#m stepping out with a memory to-night.                      Bebe Daniels
Words                                                         Bee Gees
Silver shadows &golden dreams (Film song                      Belita
Love games                                                    Belle & the Devotion
Sign of the times                                             Belle stars
Lady who didn't believe in love )from 'Hello!Beautiful)       Benny Gooodman,C.Landis,A,Shirley
English beauty rose                                           Benny Lee
I don't care if the sun don't shine                           Benny Lee
Love plays the strings of my banjo                            Benny Lee
Pair of shoes                                                 Benny Lee
Rambling rose                                                 Benny Lee
Thanks Mister Florist                                         Benny Lee
Too long                                                      Benny Lee
Many a day                                                    Bernadette
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Ivy will come                                       Bernard Breslaw
Mad Passionate love                                 Bernard Breslaw
Bird on the second floor                            Bernard Cribbins
Folk song                                           Bernard Cribbins
Everybody's fool                                    Bernard Manning
I don't want to put a hold on you                   Berni Flint
Southern Comfort                                    Berni Flint
In the mission by the sea                           Bert Firman
Remember When (we made those meories)               Bert Kaempfert
Good-night,Good luck and carry on                   Bertha Willmott
Make believe world                                  Bertha Wilmott
Dream of tomorrow like I do (Do you ever            Beryl Davies
He stole my heart away                              Beryl Davis
Jim                                                 Beryl Davis
He's my guy                                         Beryl Davis,Geraldo
Hey ho, it's love again                             Betty Driver
I wanna say Hello                                   Betty Driver
Shanghai(Why did I tell you I was going             Betty Driver
Getting mighty crowded                              Betty Everett
Put your arms around me honey (film song            Betty Grable
Take it from there                                  Betty Grable
Darktown Strutters ball (from film)                 Betty Grable,J.Haver
Run little raindrop run (Film song)                 Betty Grable,Miranda
I'm still crazy for you (from film)                 Betty Grable,VMature
Joey                                                Betty Madigan
Shoo-rah!Shoo-rah!                                  Betty Wright
Where is the love                                   Betty Wright
ey Sisters                                          Bever
All for the want of a kiss                          Beverley Sisters
Born to be with you                                 Beverley Sisters
By you,by you,by you                                Beverley Sisters
Guy is a guy                                        Beverley Sisters
Have you heard                                      Beverley Sisters
Hurry home to me                                    Beverley Sisters
I remember Mama                                     Beverley Sisters
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus                     Beverley Sisters
Mocking bird hill                                   Beverley Sisters
Rickshaw boy                                        Beverley Sisters
C'est la Vie                                        Bewitched
Jesse hold on                                       Bewitched
Rollercoaster                                       Bewitched
She's gonna win                                     Bibo
Good friends                                        Big Four
Saturday night                                      Bilbo Baggins
I remember                                          Bill Amesbury
Your cheatin' heart                                 Bill Connor
Wanderers (My lop eared mule,my broken              Bill Gerhardt
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Saints rock 'n roll                                      Bill Haley & Comets
Reggae for it now                                        Bill Lovelady
I dreamed                                                Billie Anthony
Sweet old fashioned girl                                 Billie Anthony
This ole house                                           Billie Anthony
Hot diggity                                              Billie Anthony
Tell him                                                 Billie Davis
Little sweetheart (Cariad Bach)                          Billie Manders
I can take care of myself                                Billy (of the Beater
Ten little kisses                                        Billy Anthony
Is that the way to treat a sweetheart?                   Billy Bissett
Liebelei                                                 Billy Borlynn
Sweet Lorraine                                           Billy Bud
All the best                                             Billy Cotton
Beer Barrel polka (Roll out the barrel)                  Billy Cotton
First waltz                                              Billy Cotton
Great big beautiful world                                Billy Cotton
Have you made the day worthwhile?                        Billy Cotton
Having a wonderful time                                  Billy Cotton
Here am I broken hearted                                 Billy Cotton
I miss my darling                                        Billy Cotton
I'm mad at myself                                        Billy Cotton
It's time to say a prayer again                          Billy Cotton
Jumping for joy                                          Billy Cotton
Oh little fish                                           Billy Cotton
Old scotch mother mine                                   Billy Cotton
Pals                                                     Billy Cotton
Roll me home                                             Billy Cotton
Rolling 'round the world                                 Billy Cotton
Saloon bar rag                                           Billy Cotton
Shabby old cabby                                         Billy Cotton
Sky-blue shirt and rainbow tie                           Billy Cotton
Stick it on the wall,Mrs Riley                           Billy Cotton
Tell me where the good times are                         Billy Cotton
We're very fond of the navy                              Billy Cotton
Won't you walk in the park                               Billy Cotton
If you fall in love                                      Billy Douglas
Sweet Sixteen                                            Billy Idol
Little children                                          Billy J Kramer
My life                                                  Billy Joel
Uptown Girl                                              Billy Joel
My heart's in old Killarney                              Billy Manders
Tis better to have loved & lost than nev                 Billy Manders
Just keep on smiling                                     Billy Marin
Just a rose in old Killarney                             Billy Mayerl
Bless your heart (by C.Chester&Chacksfi                  Billy McCormack
House with love in it                                    Billy McCormack
                             19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
In the little white church on the hill                Billy Merrin
When the harvest moon is shining                      Billy Merrin
Amapola                                               Billy Milton
Shepherd serenade                                     Billy Milton
Sun will shine tomorrow                               Billy Milton
Love on delivery                                      Billy Ocean
Loverboy                                              Billy Ocean
Red light spells danger                               Billy Ocean
Stop me                                               Billy Ocean
Suddenly                                              Billy Ocean
Outa-space                                            Billy Preston
My heart is where the Mohawk flows to-ni              Billy Scott Coomber
I'm singing a song for the old folks                  Billy Scott-Coomber
Oh,Donna Clara!                                       Billy Shepard
Flower waltz                                          Billy Ternant
On the little village green                           Billy Ternant
Hold back the dawn                                    Billy Ternent
Love's arithmetic                                     Billy Ternent
I'm gonna lock my heart(& throw away key              Billy Thorburn
What do you think you're doing                        Billy Thorburn
Shifting whispering sands                             Billy Vaughn
I'm gonna sit right down & write myself               Billy Williams
Go fly a kite                                         Bing + Film stars
Be honest with me                                     Bing Crosby
Deep in the heart of Texas                            Bing Crosby
Down by the old mill stream                           Bing Crosby
Empty saddles (film Cover)                            Bing Crosby
Give me my ranch                                      Bing Crosby
I'd love to live in loveland with a girl              Bing Crosby
I'm an old cow hand (from film)                       Bing Crosby
In the land of beginning again (film)                 Bing Crosby
Kentucky babe                                         Bing Crosby
Love in bloom                                         Bing Crosby
Man on fire                                           Bing Crosby
Pennies from heaven                                   Bing Crosby
Sweet Leilani (from Waikiki wedding film              Bing Crosby
That's an Irish lullaby                               Bing Crosby
When you look in the heart of a shamrock              Bing Crosby
When you make love to me(don't make bel               Bing Crosby
That's what life is all about                         Bing Crosby
Sunshine Cake (Film song)                             Bing Crosby + ladies
Kiss in your eyes (from film)                         Bing Crosby,Fountain
Meet the sun halfway                                  Bing Crosby,Gloria J
Back in the old routine                               Bing,Donald O'Connor
Spaniard that blighted my life                        Bing,J Kapp,A Jolson
Too Romantic (Road to Singapore film)                 Bing,Lamour & Hope
I get a kick out of you (from Anything goes film)     Bing,O'Connor, Mitzi Gaynor ,JeanMarie
                                                BYGONE TUNES
True Love (High Society film song)                   Bing,Sinatra,G.Kelly
Last time I saw Paris                                Binnie Hale
Agadoo                                               Black Lace
Mary Ann                                             Black Lace
Amigo                                                Black Slate
Living on the ceiling                                Blancmange
What's your problem                                  Blancmange
Sunday Girl                                          Blondie + group of men
Spinning wheel                                       Blood, sweat and tea
Natural high                                         Bloodstone
Stay with me                                         Blue Mink
Cry boy cry                                          Blue Zoo
Everybody needs somebody to love                     Blues Brothers
You're gonna get next to me                          Bo Kirkland & R Davi
Dear hearts and gentle people                        Bob & Alf Pearson
Driftin down the Shalimar                            Bob & Alf Pearson
I only saw him once                                  Bob & Alf Pearson
Satins and lace                                      Bob & Alf Pearson
Shawl of Galway Grey                                 Bob & Alf Pearson
Somewhere a star is shining                          Bob & Alf Pearson
Load of Hay                                          Bob & Alf Preason
This is the world calling                            Bob Geldof
Any time                                             Bob Harvey
Rose and the flame                                   Bob Harvey
Buttons and Bows (from The Paleface fllm             Bob Hope,Jane Russel
My love song to you                                  Bob Manning
I got a wife                                         Bob Miller
Baby Jenka                                           Bob MIller,Joe Loss
I remember Natalie                                   Bob Monkhouse
Roving kind                                          Bob Monkhouse
Horizontal Bop                                       Bob Seger
You'll accompany me                                  Bob Seger
Silver threads among the gold. (             Bob Strong + art
My eyes are wide open                                Bobbie Briton
To be or not to be                                   Bobbie Britton
Wanted                                               Bobbie Britton
Heavy makes you happy                                Bobby Bloom
Montego Bay                                          Bobby Bloom
Borsalino                                            Bobby Crush
Lazy River                                           Bobby Darin
Hello Summertime                                     Bobby Goldsboro
Honey                                                Bobby Goldsboro
Written on the wind                                  Bobby Hanna
It's Christmas                                       Bobby McGee
Someday I'll meet you again (film cover)             Bogart,Michelle Morg
Belfast                                              Boney M
Brown girl in the ring                               Boney M
                           19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Daddy Cool                                       Boney M
Gotta go home                                    Boney M
Hooray Hooray It's a holi-holiday                Boney M
I'm born again                                   Boney M
Ma Baker                                         Boney M
My friend Jack                                   Boney M
Rasputin                                         Boney M
Rivers of Babylon                                Boney M
Sunny                                            Boney M
It's a heartache                                 Bonnie Tyler
More than a lover                                Bonnie Tyler
Banana Republic                                  Boom town Rats
You're everything to me                          Boris Gardner
When I grow too old to dream                     Boswell Sisters
Breakdown Dead ahead                             Boz Scaggs
Jojo                                             Boz Scaggs
Lido Shuffle                                     Boz Scaggs
Lowdown                                          Boz Scaggs
Miss Sun                                         Boz Scaggs
What can I say                                   Boz Scaggs
Somebody to love                                 Brad Newman
Humming Waltz                                    Bram Martin
On the beach at Bali-Bali                        Bram Martin
Where the cafe lights are gleaming               Bram Martin
Girl of my dreams                                Bram Tchaikowsky
Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)                            Brass Construction
Rockin' arounf the Christmas tree                Brenda Lee
Truly,truly,true                                 Brenda Lee
The swallow (La Golondrina)                      Brenden O'Dowda
Gimme some                                       Brendon
Man with the mandoline                           Brian Lawrance
When the first piccanini was born                Brian Lawrence
Too much love will kill you                      Brian May
With all my heart Autographed)                   Brian Pollard
Someone, someone                                 Brian Poole & Tremel
Fly now                                          Brian Protheroe
Pinball                                          Brian Protheroe
Floral dance (bands on cover)                    Brighouse& Rastrick
Tell Tale                                        Brook Brothers
Angelo                                           Brotherhood of man
Arms of Mary                                     Brotherhood of man
Beautiful Lover                                  Brotherhood of man
Figaro                                           Brotherhood of man
Middle of the night                              Brotherhood of man
My sweet Rosalie                                 Brotherhood of man
Oh boy(the mood I'm in)                          Brotherhood of man
Save your kisses for me ('76 eurovision)         Brotherhood of man
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Every little step                                       Brown
On the other side of the tracks                         Bruce Forsythe
Mad about you                                           Bruce Ruffin
Domino                                                  Bruce Trent
REspect yourself                                        Bruce Willis
(evrything I do) I do it for you                        Bryan Adams
Volcano                                                 Bryan Johnson
Build yourself a long,long ladder                       Bryan Taylor
When we were young                                      Bucks Fizz
Land of make believe                                    Bucks Fizz
This could be the start of something                    Buddy Greco
I'm gonna be a country girl again                       Buffy Saint-Marie
When Mother Nature sings her lullaby                    Bully Merrin
Funny way of laughin'                                   Burl Ives
Down came the rain                                      Butch Moore & band
Can't you hear the song                                 Butterscotch
Don't you know                                          Butterscotch
Convoy                                                  C W McCall
I move on (from Chicago film) US pub.                   C Zeta-Jones +
Tap turns on the water                                  C.C.S.
Don't fall in love                                      C.Carlisle,M.Weldon
Thank you (By Drake & Shirl)                            C.Chester,E.Carol
Would you(San Francisco film)                           C.Gable,J MacDonald
Devil's gun                                             C.J. & Co
Candy man                                               C.McClaine,M Gilley
Skyline of Skye                                         Callum Kennedy
Donald where's your trousers                            Calum Kennedy
Hiking song                                             Calum Kennedy
Lovely Stornaway                                        Calum Kennedy
If ever I would leave you                               Camelot film scenes in art
Back & forth (UK publication easy key)                  Cameo
She's strange                                           Cameo
Will they love me up in heaven                          Camille Gillard
I want more                                             Can
Song from Moulin Rouge                                  Can Can dancer art
Nights on Broadway                                      Candi Staton
Way I want to touch you                                 Captain & Tennille
Two hearts in waltz time                                Carl Brisson
When the love-bird leaves the nest                      Carl Brisson
Run back                                                Carl Douglas
Little give a little take                               Carl Wayne
You're a star                                           Carl Wayne
Why                                                     Carly Simon
Me and the old folks at home                            Carlyle cousins
Gal in Calico ( cover has film artists)                 Carmen Cavallard
Get ready                                               Carol Hitchcock
It's too late                                           Carol King
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Forget me not                                    Carole Carr
I apologise                                      Carole Carr
I'm lucky I have you                             Carole Carr
It might as well rain until September            Carole King
Someone is thinking of you                       Carole Lynne
Hi-lili,Hi-lo (From film Lili)                   Caron,Ferrer,Aumont
I won't last a day without you                   Carpenters
Jambalaya                                        Carpenters
Only yesterday                                   Carpenters
Please Mister Postman                            Carpenters
Solitaire                                        Carpenters
Top of the world                                 Carpenters
We've only just begun                            Carpenters
Yesterday once more                              Carpenters
Close to you (they long to be)                   Carpenters,Purple He
Dance with you                                   Carrie Lucas
Am I asking too much                             Carroll Gibbons
Goodnight Beloved                                Carroll Gibbons
I'm gonna lock my heart(& throw away key         Carroll Gibbons
Lambeth Walk(from Me & my girl)                  Cartoon of Lupino La
Cigareeetes,whusky & wild,wild, women            Cartoon of title!!
Open the door Richard                            Cartoon.Tearful man
Can I                                            Cashmere
Morning has broken                               Cat Stevens
To have & to hold (TV series theme)              Catherine Stock
Goodnight (I'm only a strolling vagabond         Cavan O'Connor
When you're in love                              Cavan O'Connor
Lonely sweetheart                                Cecilia Harvey
Pretty little quaker girl                        Celia & Syd. Lipton
Power of love                                    Celine Dion
I'm your angel                                   Celine Dion&R Kelly
Nature Boy                                       Central Iine
Je suis music                                    Cerrone
Love in C minor                                  Cerrone
Supernature                                      Cerrone
Everything's Tuesday                             Chairman of the boar
Pay to the piper                                 Chairman of the boar
How 'bout us                                     Champaign
Don't hold back                                  Chanson
Sideshow                                         Chanter Sisters
Goodnight darling                                Chappie d'Atato
Down on the farm                                 Charey Pride
Old Fashioned way                                Charles Aznavour
This is my song                                  Charles Chaplin
Mockin' bird song                                Charles Jacobi
Madelaine                                        Charles Shadwell
O Mama Mama samba                                Charlie Chester
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Put another chair at the table                          Charlie Chester
In America                                              Charlie Daniels band
Legend of Wooley Swamp                                  Charlie Daniels band
St James's Park                                         Charlie Kunz
Most beautiful girl in the world                        Charlie Rich
I'm happy right here                                    CharlieChester
Sleepin' with the radio on                              Charly Mac Clain
You were only fooling                                   Charmian Innes
Veni-vidi-vici                                          Charmony Three
Why worry                                               Charmony three
Gertcha                                                 Chas and Dave
Margate                                                 Chas and Dave
Ain't no pleasing you                                   Chas 'n' Dave
Saturday love                                           Chenell
Sunny                                                   Cher
Chattanoogie shoe shine boy                             Cherokees
I fall in love with you every day                       Cherry Lind
Everybody dance                                         Chic
Good times                                              Chic
I want your love (UK published)                         Chic
I want your love (US published)                         Chic
My feet keep dancing                                    Chic
My forbidden lover                                      Chic
Rebels are we                                           Chic
You're the inspiration                                  Chicago
If you leave me now                                     Chicago
And all that jazz                                       Chicago dancers
What's your name                                        Chicory tip
Too good to be forgotten                                Chi-lites
Stars                                                   China Black
To whom it concerns                                     Chris Andrews
Yesterday man                                           Chris Andrews
More I see you                                          Chris Montez
Not too little,not too much                             Chris Sandford
If you remember me                                      Chris Thompson
Man of many faces                                       Christie
San Bernadine                                           Christie
Yellow river                                            Christie
Answer me                                               Christien Brothers
If this should be a dream                               Christine Campbell
Nos Da (Goodnight)                                      Christine Campbell
Wherever I go                                           Christine Campbell
Whisper wonderful words                                 Christine Quaite
My Ding-a-ling                                          Chuck Berry
Rogue river valley                                      Chuck Miller+another
Automan                                                 Chuck Wagner,Desi Ar
Moment I saw you (from Under the counter                Cicely Courtneidge
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Anyone who had a heart                           Cilla Black
Sing a rainbow                                   Cilla Black
Something tells me                               Cilla Black
Surround yourself with sorrow                    Cilla Black
Conversations                                    Cilla Black
Baby we can't go wrong                           Cilla Black
Step inside love                                 Cilla Black,Paul McC
Distant                                          Cindy Walker                                          City Boy
What a night                                     City Boy
I'll sing you a 1000 love songs (U.S. pu         Clark Gable,M.Davies
I'll sing you a 1000 love songs (US pub.         Clark Gable,M.Davies
I want to sing a song                            Clarkson Rose
I'm going back to Himazas                        Clarkson Rose
It's love-lov-loverly                            Clarkson Rose
Toad in the hole                                 Clarkson Rose
What price variety                               Claud Worth
I'm homing                                       Claude Worth
It's time to sing Sweet Adeline again            Claude Worth
Mother around the candle                         Claude Worth
He was beautiful (Cavatina)                      Cleo Laine
Looks like they're in love                       Cleo Laine
Wave                                             Cleo Laine
You'll answer to me                              Cleo Laine
Time drags by                                    Cliff & Shadows
All my love                                      Cliff Richard
Congratulations ('68 Eurovision song)            Cliff Richard
Constantly                                       Cliff Richard
Don't forget to catch me                         Cliff Richard
Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha                      Cliff Richard
I just don't have the heart                      Cliff Richard
I'm the lonely one                               Cliff Richard
It's a love thing                                Cliff Richard
Living Doll                                      Cliff Richard
Lucky lips                                       Cliff Richard
Minute you're gone                               Cliff Richard
Mistletoe and wine                               Cliff Richard
My kinda life                                    Cliff Richard
Power to all our friends                         Cliff Richard
Take me high                                     Cliff Richard
The Young ones                                   Cliff Richard
Travellin' light                                 Cliff Richard
We don't talk any more                           Cliff Richard
Daddy's home                                     Cliff Richard
All I ask of you                                 Cliff Richard.& S Brightman
Throw down the line                              Cliff.R. & Hank M.
Gaye                                             Clifford T Ward
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Rise to the occasion                                 Climie Fisher
Run to the door                                      Clinton Ford
Grandad                                              Clive Dunn
My lady (Nana)                                       Clive Dunn
Biljo                                                Clodagh Rogers
Goodnight midnight                                   Clodagh Rogers
Jack in the box (1971 Eurovsion)                     Clodagh Rogers
Lady love bug                                        Clodagh Rogers
That's certain                                       Cloud Worth
Substitute                                           Clout
(Do) The Hucklebuck                                  Coast to Coast
The bad old days                                     Coco
Oh yeah uh huh                                       Col Joye
Golden years                                         Colin Day
Love only me                                         Colin Grainger
Nightshift                                           Commodores
Don't leave me this way                              Communards
Weekend Friend                                       Con Hunley
This is not my country                               Conclusion is
Carolina moon                                        Connie Francis
Ev'rybody's somebody's fool                          Connie Francis
Don't call him a cowboy                              Conway Twitty
Words of love                                        Corinne Hermes
Dance with the devil                                 Cozy Powell
Walking away                                         Craig David
Town Crier                                           Craig Douglas
Wish it were me                                      Craig Douglas
The Pied Piper                                       Crispian St Peters
Get it together                                      Crispy & Company
Talking in your sleep                                Crystal Gayle
When Julie comes around                              Cuff Links
Move away                                            Culture Club
Jesse                                                Curly Simon
Sleepy head                                          Cyril Lidington
At last! At last!                                    Cyril Stapleton
At the close of a long,long day                      Cyril Stapleton
Belle belle my liberty belle                         Cyril Stapleton
Bone dry                                             Cyril Stapleton
Candy and cake                                       Cyril Stapleton
I'll never know why                                  Cyril Stapleton
Ivory rag                                            Cyril Stapleton
Just another polka                                   Cyril Stapleton
Old town crier (Oyez Oyez)                           Cyril Stapleton
Pretty eyed baby                                     Cyril Stapleton
Waltz of love                                        Cyril Stapleton
Give me the right (J Francis&J O'Connor              D Hughes,Geo. Shaw
Count your blessings instead of sheep                D Kaye.V.Ellen,Bing,
                           19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Birth of the blues (from fiim) V.Mayo            D Morgan,G.Nelson
I'm leaving it all up to you                     D.& M.Osmond
My foolish heart                                 D.Andrews,S.Hayward
Blow out the candle                              D.Dandridge & Moore
Whispering grass                                 D.Estelle,W.Davies
Someone else's roses                             D.Norton,Stargazers
What do I have to do (From film Are you          D.O'Connor+ lady
Hold my hand (from Susan slept here)             D.Reynolds,D.Powell
Love's golden Mem'ries                           D.Stephens+F.Low art
Cleo and Me-o                                    D.Valentine,J Regan
Say Goodnight but not Goodbye                    Dan Donavan
Instant replay                                   Dan Hartman
This is it                                       Dan Hartman
Fanagalo                                         Dan Hill
Sometimes when we touch                          Dan Hill
Out of time                                      Dan McCafferty
All kinds of evrything (1970 Eurovision)         Dana
Fairytale                                        Dana
It's gonna be a cold cold Christmas              Dana
Never gonna fall in love again                   Dana
Please tell him that I said Hello                Dana
Who put the lights out                           Dana
Suzanne beware of the devil                      Dandy Livingstone
Embraceable you                                  Dane Clark,g.Brooks
Monkey Chop                                      Dan-I
Beautiful Sunday                                 Daniel Boone
Daddy don't you walk so fast                     Daniel Boone
Ballin' the Jack                                 Danny Kaye
Bread and butter woman                           Danny Kaye
Candy kisses                                     Danny Kaye
Ciu Ciu bella                                    Danny Kaye
Happy times.(film)                               Danny Kaye
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts              Danny Kaye
Rusty old halo                                   Danny Purches
Dancin' easy                                     Danny Williams
Jeannie                                          Danny Williams
Momma's boy                                      Danny Williams
More (by Ortolani)                               Danny Williams
Dancin' easy'                                    Danny Williams
Mary Lou                                         Darewski
Boy from New York city                           Darts
Come back my love                                Darts
Duke of Earl                                     Darts
Get it (while you can)                           Darts
Private eyes                                     Daryl Hall & Oates
Kiss on my list                                  Daryl Hall, John Oat
Mated                                            Dav Grant,Jaki Grant
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Monkey Spanner                                        Dave & Ansell Collin
Double barrel                                         Dave Ansil Collins
Goodbye Hawaii                                        Dave Apollon
Mama                                                  Dave Berry
Bingo!                                                Dave Carey
Everybody knows                                       Dave Clark five
Glad all over                                         Dave Clark Five
Farewell by George Bruns                              Dave Crockett Disney film art
Mary Lou                                              Dave Davis
Hotta Chocolotta                                      Dave King
Love is a golden ring                                 Dave King
With all my heart                                     Dave King
You can't be true to two                              Dave King
It's my party                                         Dave Stewart,B Gaski
Touch me                                              Dave,Dee et al carto
Bend it                                               Dave,Dee,Dozy M & T
Okay!                                                 Dave,Dee,Dozy,M & T
Zabadak                                               Dave,Dee,Dozy,M & T
Lovers of the world unite                             David & Jonathan
The ride                                              David Allan Coe
How can I be sure                                     David Cassidy
Looking through the eyes of love                      David Cassidy
I write the songs                                     David Cassidy
Saddle up                                             David Christie
Jeans On                                              David Dundas
Falling angels riding                                 David Essex
Hold me close                                         David Essex
Me and my girl                                        David Essex
Galway bay                                            David Griffith
At last! At last!                                     David Hughes
Be anything (but be mine)                             David Hughes
Belle of the ball (Leroy Anderson vocal)              David Hughes
Bridge of sighs                                       David Hughes
Mi Amore (!960 Eurovision)                            David Hughes
Not as a stranger                                     David Hughes
There but for the grace of God gp I                   David Hughes
Let's live it up(Nite people)                         David Joseph
Makin' it (US published)                              David Naughton
Makin' it (UK published)                              David Naughton
One love                                              David Rose
It sure brings out the love in your eyes              David Saul
Don't give up on us                                   David Soul
Going in-with my eyes open                            David Soul
Silver lady                                           David Soul
Alley cat song                                        David Thorne
Adoration waltz                                       David Whitfield
Answer me my love                                     David Whitfield
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Cara Mia                                          David Whitfield
Ev'rywhere                                        David Whitfield
Heartless                                         David Whitfield
My September love                                 David Whitfield
Santo Natale                                      David Whitfield
Mama                                              David Whitfield
I'd give you the world                            Davis Whitfield
When China boy meets China girl                   Davy Kaye
Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak t          Dawn
Highland swing                                    Dawn Davis,Len Bermo
Wonderful girl of my dreams                       De Groot
Breakaway                                         Dead End Kids
Lover come back to me                             Dead or alive
Something in my house                             Dead or alive
Ariel                                             Dean Friedman
Lucky stars                                       Dean Friedman
Gentle on my mind                                 Dean Martin
Return to me                                      Dean Martin
Tik-a-tee,Tik-a-tay                               Dean Martin
Under the bridges of Paris                        Dean Martin
How do you speak to an angel(from film)           Dean Martin,J Lewis
Relax-ay-voo                                      Dean Martin,L.Renaud
Last rose of summer                               Deanna Durbin
Love at last (Film song from Nice Girl)           Deanna Durbin
My own                                            Deanna Durbin
Pale hands I loved (Kashmiri song)                Deanna Durbin
Silent night holy night                           Deanna Durbin
Spring in my heart (from First love film          Deanna Durbin
Rhythm of the night                               DeBarge
Tammy                                             Debbie Reynolds
Hold my hand (from film Susan slept here)         Debbie Reynolds,Dick Powell
I learned a lesson I'll never forget              Debroy Somers
Let me dream in your arms again                   Debroy Somers
Pagan Moon                                        Debroy Somers
What's good about 'Goodbye' (Casbah film          DeCarlo,T.Martin
Ride a wild horse                                 Dee Clark
Automatic lover                                   Dee O Jackson
Only fascination                                  Deepriver boys
Cry myself to sleep                               Del Shannon
Runaway                                           Del Shannon
Where is the love(We used to know?)               Delegation
Somewhere out there                               Delightful colour cartoon of animals
Forever and ever (and ever)                       Demis Roussos
When forever has gone                             Demis Roussos
My toot toot                                      Denise La Salle
Money in my pocket                                Dennis Brown
Bandit (The)                                      Dennis Hale
                                            BYGONE TUNES
Belonging to someone                                  Dennis Lotis
Cuddle me                                             Dennis Lotis
Green grows the grass                                 Dennis Lotis
Love me a little                                      Dennis Lotis
Por Favor (please)                                    Dennis Lotis
Wish that I wish tonight                              Dennis Morgan
Border patrol                                         Dennis Newey
Shake the city                                        Dennis Waterman
First day of summer                                   Denny Dennis
I dream of you (more than you dream I do              Denny DEnnis
I'll make up for everything                           Denny Dennis
Tree in the meadow                                    Denny Dennis
See you                                               Depeche Mode
Careless hands                                        Derek Roy
Don't ever leave me                                   Derek Roy
From the time you say 'Goodbye'                       Derek Roy
Sentimental me                                        Derek Roy
With a hey & a hi & a Ho,ho,ho                        Derek Roy
Dancing with my shadow                                Derickson & Brown
Every step I made                                     Derv Gordon
Careless hands                                        Des O'Connor
Dick-a dum dum (King's Road)                          Des O'Connor
I pretend                                             Des O'Connor
I tried to write a song                               Des O'Connor
Loneliness                                            Des O'Connor
Remember (by Reed & Mason)                            Des O'Connor
Tip of my fingers                                     Des O'Connor
'Love is'                                             Design
Sing a little song                                    Desmond Dekker
The Israelites                                        Desmond Dekker & Ace
Feel the need in me                                   Detroit Emeralds
Come on Eileen                                        Dexys Midnight Runners
It's me again                                         Diana Coupland
Fripperies and frills                                 Diana Decker,R.Burns
Kiss and a cuddle                                     Diana Dors
Chain reaction                                        Diana Ross
Do you know where you're going to                     Diana Ross
I'm still waiting                                     Diana Ross
It's my turn                                          Diana Ross
Why do fools fall in love                             Diana Ross
It's a wonderful thing to be loved                    Diane Todd
Walkin' my baby back home                             Dick Bentley
From this day on                                      Dick Hallman
Bouquet of roses                                      Dick Haymes
Cow-heel Joe                                          Dick Henderson
Old fashioned sweethearts                             Dick Henderson
Old ship o' mine                                      Dick Henderson
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Candy and cake                              Dick James
Cry my heart                                Dick James
Don't laugh at me                           Dick James
I accuse                                    Dick James
I love,love,love it                         Dick James
I'd rather be wrong than be sorry           Dick James
Let's do it again                           Dick James
Mamma knows best                            Dick James
Take a chance                               Dick James
There but for your love I go                Dick James
Man on the flying trapeze                   Dick Powell
Don't let Julia fool ya                     Dick Todd
Who are we                                  Dickie Bennett
An old fashioned song                       Dickie Valentine
Broken Wings                                Dickie Valentine
Christmas alphabet                          Dickie Valentine
Daydreams                                   Dickie Valentine
Finger of suspicion (points at you)         Dickie Valentine
I want you all to myself (just you)         Dickie Valentine
I wonder                                    Dickie Valentine
Lucky waltz                                 Dickie Valentine
My arms,my heart,my love                    Dickie Valentine
No such love                                Dickie Valentine
Old fashioned song                          Dickie Valentine
One more sunrise (Morgen)                   Dickie Valentine
Take me in your arms                        Dickie Valentine
There must be a reason                      Dickie Valentine
Blossom fell                                Dicky Valentine
I'd rather take my time                     Dinah Kaye
Come rain or come shine                     Dinah Shore
Lavender blue                               Dinah Shore
Sweet Violets                               Dinah Shore
All the love in the world                   Dionne Warwick
Heartbreaker                                Dionne Warwick
Do you know the way to San Jose             Dionne Warwick
That's what friends are for                 Dionne,E.John.S.Wonder & G. Knight
Alice in wonderland                         Disney art from film
Southtown U.S.A.                            Dixiebells,C.Ford
As long as the price is right               Doctor Feelgood
Give me back your heart                     Dollar
Give me some kinda magic                    Dollar
Love's gotta hold on me                     Dollar
Mirror Mirror                               Dollar
Shooting star                               Dollar
Who were you with in the moonlight          Dollar
Ciao,ciao, bambino                          Domenico Modugno
Oh happy day                                Don Cameron
                                      BYGONE TUNES
Hold my hand (from Susan slept here)                  Don Cornell
Lonely days,lonely nights                             Don Dowling
Wasteland                                             Don Fox
Blue,blue day                                         Don Gibson
Johnny can't read                                     Don Henley
Not enough love in the world                          Don Henley
It might have been a different story                  Don Kenito
White silver sands                                    Don Lang
Witch Doctor                                          Don Lang
American Pie                                          Don McLean
Vincent                                               Don McLean
Castles in the air                                    Don McLean
Lavender blue                                         Don Rennie
To love(to love is wonderful)                         Don Rennie
Pickin' a chicken                                     Don Smith
Cup o' tea                                            Don Williams
I recall a gypsy woman                                Don Williams
Listen to the radio                                   Don Williams
Walkin' a broken heart                                Don Williams
You're my best friend                                 Don Williams
That's what I like                                    Don,Dick& Jimmy Trio
Was it yesterday                                      Donal;d Peers
At the end of the day (by Cochrane)                   Donald Peers
Behind the clouds (are crowds & crowds+)              Donald Peers
Beloved be faithful                                   Donald Peers
Betty blue                                            Donald Peers
Cafe in Vienna                                        Donald Peers
Celebration rag                                       Donald Peers
Crystal gazer                                         Donald Peers
Dad's birthday waltz                                  Donald Peers
Feathery Feelin'                                      Donald Peers
For you                                               Donald Peers
Give me one more chance                               Donald Peers
Hoop diddley-I doo-ra-li-ay(From film)                Donald Peers
I don't care (how many lips you've kisse              Donald Peers
I'll soon be coming home                              Donald Peers
If you smile at the sun                               Donald Peers
In a shady nook                                       Donald Peers
King is still in London (WW2)                         Donald Peers
Lover's Lane has ev'rything (..but you)               Donald Peers
My foolish heart                                      Donald Peers
Ocean is wide                                         Donald Peers
On the 5.45                                           Donald Peers
Paint yourself a rainbow                              Donald Peers
Please don't go                                       Donald Peers
Powder your face with sunshine                        Donald Peers
Raise your voices raise your hearts                   Donald Peers
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Roses from Venice                                 Donald Peers
Round and round (by Sanderson & White)            Donald Peers
Sailor with the navy blue eyes                    Donald Peers
Strawberry moon (in a blueberry sky)              Donald Peers
Sundown in a little green hollow                  Donald Peers
Turn the world around the other way               Donald Peers
White sport coat                                  Donald Peers
Universal soldier                                 donavon
Memory Lane                                       Donna Douglas
Back in love again                                Donna Summer
I remember yesterday                              Donna Summer
Rumour does it                                    Donna Summer
Sunset people                                     Donna Summer
Winter melody                                     Donna Summer
Where did our love go                             Donnie Elbert
Morningside of the mountain                       Donny &Marie Osmond
Lonely boy                                        Donny Osmond
Puppy Love                                        Donny Osmond
Too young                                         Donny Osmond
Twelfth of never                                  Donny Osmond
Young love in 1973 reprint **                     Donny Osmond (adult)
Keep this train arollin'                          Doobie Brothers
All I want for Christmas is a Beatle              Dora Bryan
Bells of home                                     Doreen Harris
Home at sundown                                   Doreen Harris
I believe                                         Doreen Harris
My own Darby and Joan                             Doreen Harris
Once in a while                                   Doreen Harris
Little bit of love                                Doreen Henry
Music!Music!Music! (Put another nickel i          Doreen Stephens
Guy is a guy                                      Doris Day
I'll never stop loving you (from film)            Doris Day
It's magic (film)                                 Doris Day
My dream is yours (Film title song)               Doris Day
Put #em in a baox                                 Doris Day
Secret love by Fain                               Doris Day
I speak to the stars (From film LUCKY ME)         Doris Day
Sailor who are you dreaming of tonight            Doris Hare
Take me in your arms                              Dorothe Morrow
I'll remember April                               Dorothy Carless
I'll always be with you                           Dorothy Corless
Easter parade                                     Dorothy Dickson
Tangerine                                         Dorothy Lamour
Misty blue                                        Dorothy Moor
I believe you                                     Dorothy Moore
Don't bring Lulu                                  Dorothy Provine
Anything I dream is possible                      Dorothy Squires
                                            BYGONE TUNES
Come home to my arms                                     Dorothy Squires
Curly top                                                Dorothy Squires
It's a pity to say goodnight                             Dorothy Squires
Kiss me once-kiss me more                                Dorothy Squires
You belong to me                                         Dorothy Squires
What do we care                                          Dorothy Ward
She's a windup                                           Dr Feelgood
When you're in love with a beautiful wom                 Dr Hook
Don't ever leave me                                      Drawing of Irene Dunne (Film )
Play me like you play your guitar                        Duane Eddy
Journey                                                  Duncan Browne
I close my eyes & count to 10                            Dusty Springfield
You don't have to say you love me                        Dusty Springfield
Little by little                                         Dusty Springfield
The Last Dragon                                          Dwight David
Girls                                                    Dwight Twilley
I don't want to be a freak                               Dynasty
Santa Lija                                               E Humperdinck
Cinderella-rockefella                                    E & A Ofarim
Shame                                                    E 'Champagne' King
I want to stay here                                      E Gorme,S.Lawrence
Am I that easy to forget                                 E. Humperdinck
Another time,another place                               E. Humperdinck
Last waltz                                               E. Humperdinck
Les bicyclettes de Belsize                               E. Humperdinck
Man without love                                         E. Humperdinck
My Marie                                                 E. Humperdinck
My wife the dancer                                       E. Humperdinck
Only your love                                           E. Humperdinck
Quando,quando quando                                     E. Humperdinck
Release me                                               E. Humperdinck
Too beautiful to last                                    E. Humperdinck
Winter world of love                                     E. Humperdinck
Ma look at Charlie                                       E.Hedges,E.Fields
Sweetheart                                               E.Humperdinck
Ten Guitars                                              E.Humperdinck
There goes my everything                                 E.Humperdinck
Way it used it be                                        E.Humperdinck
Evil woman                                               E.L.O.
Things we do for love                                    E.Stewart,G.Gouldman
At last! At last!                                        Eamonn Andrews
Fantasy                                                  Earth,Wind and Fire
Let's groove                                             Earth,wind & fire
Magic mind                                               Earth,wind & fire
Saturday nite                                            Earth,wind & fire
September                                                Earth,wind & fire
Star                                                     Earth,wind & fire
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Let it rain                                     East 17
To be in love                                   Ed Allen Trio
My cup runneth over                             Ed Ames
They never told us                              Ed Welch
Angelina                                        Eddie Calvert
Cherry pink & apple blossom white               Eddie Calvert
Common touch                                    Eddie Calvert
Little serenade                                 Eddie Calvert
Little curly hair in a high chair (film         Eddie Cantor + child
It's no fun...                                  Eddie Carney
Goodbye to summer                               Eddie Carroll
Outside of heaven                               Eddie Fisaher
Downhearted                                     Eddie Fisher
Girl! A girl                                    Eddie Fisher
Oh! my Papa                                     Eddie Fisher
Wedding bells (I 'm always hearing)             Eddie Fisher
Always at a distance                            Eddie King
Dreamin' of the desert                          Eddie le Baron
Baby hold on                                    Eddie Mone
Can't keep a good man down                      Eddie Money
Two tickets to paradise                         Eddie Money
Good luck to the bride                          Eddie Parker
Ah! Mystery of life (Naughty Marietta)          Eddy & McDonald
I want to go with you                           Eddy Arnold
Can't get enough of you                         Eddy Grant
Do you feel my love                             Eddy Grant
I don't wanna dance                             Eddy Grant
To think you've chosen me                       Eddy Howard
I got Mexico                                    Eddy Raven
I don't know why                                Eden Kane
Well I ask ya                                   Eden Kane
Love grows where my rosemary goes               Edison Lighthouse
Katie-o (Johnny-o)                              Edmund Hockridge
No other love ( by Rodgers)                     Edmund Hockridge
Banana Boat song                                Edmundo Ros
Brown skin gal                                  Edmundo Ros
I came, I saw,I conga'd                         Edmundo Ros
Istanbul                                        Edmundo Ros
Laughing samba                                  Edmundo Ros
Mister Cuckoo                                   Edmundo Ros
My beloved Maraquita                            Edmundo Ros
Play,play,play                                  Edmundo Ros
Rum & Li-mo-na-da                               Edmundo Ros
Take it easy (Small WW2 size)                   Edmundo Ros
Tipperary samba                                 Edmundo Ros
Tonight's the night                             Edmundo Ros
Arrividerci Darling                             Edna Savage
                                          BYGONE TUNES
Candlelight                                               Edna Savage
Don't ever go                                             Edna Savage
Stars shine in your eyes                                  Edna Savage
Tear fell                                                 Edna Savage
Diano Marina                                              Edna Savage
Contact                                                   Edwin Starr
Treasure of your life                                     Eileen Rodgers
One little robin                                          Elaine & Derek
Didja Ever?                                               Elaine Gilbert
Shadow of your smile                                      Eliz.Taylor,R.Burton
If I give my heart to you                                 Elizabeth Batey
Our wedding of the year (1973)                            Elizabeth White
Don't cry out loud                                        Elkie Brooks
Sunshine after the rain                                   Elkie Brooks
There's a good time coming                                Ella Retford
Burlington Bertie from Bow                                Ella Shields
Rhythm of the hoof beats of the ol' gre                   Elsie & Doris Waters
Dancing with my shadow                                    Elsie Carlisle
I'm afraid to open your letter                            Elsie Carlisle
Now you've got me doing it                                Elsie Carlisle
Rose o' day                                               Elsie Carlisle
Goodbye yellow brick road                                 Elton John
Islands girl                                              Elton John
Don't go breaking my heart                                Elton John,Kiki Dee
Can't help falling in love                                Elvis Presley
Crying in the chapel                                      Elvis Presley
Love me tender                                            Elvis Presley
There goes my everything                                  Elvis Presley
Until it's time for you to go                             Elvis Presley
Wonder of you                                             Elvis Presley
Wooden Heart                                              Elvis Presley
Don't                                                     Elvis Presley
'A'-you're adorable (Alphabet song)                       Emile Ford
Love is alll                                              Engelbert Humperdinck
I'd really love to see you tonight                        England & J.H.Coley
I'm a better man (for having loved you)                   Englebert Humperdinc
San Franciscan nights                                     Eric Burden& Animals
Dear hearts and gentle people                             Eric Connor
D-A--R-L-I-N'                                             Eric Jupp & Coronets
Voice in the night(Wanted for murder)                     Eric Portman
Roses from the sky                                        Eric Whiley
October twilight                                          Eric Whitley
So Tired                                                  Eric Winstine
Excuse me waltz                                           Eric Winstone
I'm gonna love that guy                                   Eric Winstone
Keep an eye on your heart                                 Eric Winstone
Lovely Day                                                Eric Winstone
                                19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Mother nature father time                   Eric Winstone
Petite waltz                                Eric Winstone
Sory of Tina                                Eric Winstone
Coople o'ducks                              Ernest Butcher
O K Fred                                    Erroll Dunkley
One way ticket                              Eruption
Morning of my life (in the morning)         Esther & Abi Ofarim
I wanna be the only one                     Eternal
Gotta get you home tonight                  Eugene Wilde
Rock the night                              Europe
I saved the world today                     Eurythmics
Gentle Breeze                               Eva Beynon
April in Portugal                           Eve Boswell
Beloved be faithful                         Eve Boswell
Bridge of sighs                             Eve Boswell
Chantez,chantez                             Eve Boswell
Come back my love                           Eve Boswell
Down by the sugar cane                      Eve Boswell
From the vine came the grape                Eve Boswell
I can dream can't I?                        Eve Boswell
Little shoemaker                            Eve Boswell
Love me                                     Eve Boswell
My heart cries for you                      Eve Boswell
Pickin' a chicken                           Eve Boswell
Rock bobbin' boats                          Eve Boswell
Sugarbush                                   Eve Boswell
These are the things we'll share            Eve Boswell
We won't live in a castle                   Eve Boswell
Blue star (Medic theme                      Eve Boswell
Nevertheless                                Eve Graham
Poor Robinson Crusoe                        Evelyn Dall
Brush those tears from your eyes            Evelyn Knight
Go to it                                    Evelyn Laye
Heavenly night (from film)                  Evelyn Laye
Love is a song                              Evelyn Laye
Old friends are golden friends              Evelyn Laye
Our love                                    Evelyn Laye
I'm going to see you today                  Evelyn Laye.
Crying in the rain                          Everly Brothers
No one can make my sunshine smile           Everly Brothers
Climb up the wall                           Eydie Gorme
Yes my darling daughter                     Eydie Gorme
Killin' time                                F Knoblock,S Anton
Words (by Fitoussi)                         F R David
Blowing wild (from film)                    F.Laine,Gary Cooper
Was it rain                                 F.Langford,P.Regan
Darlin'                                     F.Miller & Poacher
                                      BYGONE TUNES
Come on, let's go                                       F.Vaughan,Acker Bilk
Ordinary broom                                          F.Warren,T.Martin
It's four in the morning                                Faron Young
Listen to your father                                   Feargal Sharkey
Only a lonely heart sees                                Felix Cavaliere
Foolish tears                                           Felix King
It's you., just you                                     Felix King
My guy's come back                                      Felix Mendalssohn
Count every star                                        Felix Mendelssohn
Snow bound                                              Ferrante,Teicher
Ev'ry day I love you just a little bit m                Film '2 Texas Knight
How sweet you are(Thank your lucky stars                Film artists photos
Body Rock (by Levan) Title song                         Film couple
Somewhere,my love (Dr Zhivago)                          Film cover
Fame                                                    Film scene
Good Companions (title song)                            Film scene
Painting the clouds with sunshine                       Film title song(star
Headed for a fall                                       Firefall
Love that got away                                      Firefall
Smarty pants                                            First choice
Armed and extremely dangerous                           First Choice girls
Dreams are 10 a penny                                   First Class.Paper La
Good-night,Good luck and carry on                       Flanagan & Allan
Hometown                                                Flanagan & Allen
I wonder why                                            Flanagan & Allen
Wanderer                                                Flanagan & Allen
We'll smile again                                       Flanagan & Allen
Albatross                                               Fleetwood Mac
Down Harmony lane                                       Florence Oldham
Washing on the Siegfried Line                           Florrie Forde
On the rebound                                          Floyd Cramer/Ken Jon
Which way to your heart                                 Fontane Sisters
Blue morning,blue day (UK publication)                  Foreigner
Blue morning,blue day (US publication)                  Foreigner
Break it up                                             Foreigner
Dirty white boy                                         Foreigner
Head Games                                              Foreigner
Urgent (UK published)                                   Foreigner
Urgent (US published)                                   Foreigner
Jingle Jangle Jingle                                    Forest Rangers film
I'm happy right here                                    Foresythe,Seaman,Far
Rock the boat                                           Forrest
It's a good day                                         Forsythe,Seamaon,Far
Bahama Mama                                             Four Aces
My truly,truly fair                                     Four aces
Slow Coach                                              Four aces
Oh baby mine I get so lonely                            Four knights
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Patsy Fagan (Dacent Irish boy)                  Four Ramblers
It's all in the game                            Four Tops
Imagine me imagine you                          Fox
Only you can                                    Fox
S-S-S-Single bed                                Fox
Let's do it again                               Frank Baron
Donkey cart                                     Frank Chacksfield
In old Lisbon                                   Frank Chacksfield
The Donkey cart                                 Frank Chacksfield
Strawberry blond                                Frank d'Rone
Feed my lambs,feed my sheep duet                Frank Franks
Call her your sweetheart                        Frank Ifield
Confessin' (that I love you)                    Frank Ifield
I can't get enough of your kisses               Frank Ifield
I remember you                                  Frank Ifield
Peter Piper                                     Frank Mills
Three lands                                     Frank O'Dell
Christmas dreamihg                              Frank Sinarea
All or nothing at all                           Frank Sinatra
All the way                                     Frank Sinatra
Coffee song                                     Frank Sinatra
Everybody's twistin'                            Frank Sinatra
French foreign legion                           Frank Sinatra
Goodnight,Irene                                 Frank Sinatra
Hey! Jealous lover                              Frank Sinatra
Jingle bells                                    Frank Sinatra
Let me try again                                Frank Sinatra
Love's been good to me                          Frank Sinatra
Some other time (Step lively film song)         Frank Sinatra
Try a little tenderness                         Frank Sinatra
Young at heart                                  Frank Sinatra
My way                                          Frank Sinatra
By candlelight                                  Frank Weir
Never never land (ooh-la)                       Frank Weir & girls
Sweetheart                                      Franke & Knockouts
My eyes adored you                              Franki Valli
Nobody's darlin' but mine                       Frankie Ifield
Gandy dancers ball                              Frankie Laine
Granada                                         Frankie Laine
I believe                                       Frankie Laine
I'm gonna live till I die (from film)           Frankie Laine
Rock of Gibralter (They call me)                Frankie Laine
Sittin' in the sun                              Frankie Laine
There must be a reason                          Frankie Laine
Where the winds blow                            Frankie Laine
There's a rainbow round my shoulder             Frankie Laine,Billy Daniels,A.Franz +
Be good to yourself                             Frankie Miller
                                          BYGONE TUNES
Darlin'                                               Frankie Miller
I wouldn't care what happened to me                   Frankie Ray
Can't take my eyes off you                            Frankie Valli,Andy W
Cloud lucky seven                                     Frankie Vaughan
Come softly to me                                     Frankie Vaughan
From the vine came the grape                          Frankie Vaughan
Heart of a man (film title song)                      Frankie Vaughan
Hideaway                                              Frankie Vaughan
I'm gonna clip your wings                             Frankie Vaughan
Loop de loop                                          Frankie Vaughan
MiLord                                                Frankie Vaughan
Seventeen                                             Frankie Vaughan
Single                                                Frankie Vaughan
Something in the bank,Frank!                          Frankie Vaughan
Souvenirs (Take back your)                            Frankie Vaughan
There must be a way                                   Frankie Vaughan
Unsuspecting Heart                                    Frankie Vaughan
Wanderin' eyes                                        Frankie Vaughan
We're not alone                                       Frankie Vaughan
What more do you want                                 Frankie Vaughan
Turn on,Tune in Cop out                               Freak Power
My song without a name                                Fred Hartley
I know he's mine                                      Fred Squire
I understand just how you feel                        Freddie & dreamers
Let me in                                             Freddie Sales
It's you                                              Freddie Starr
So in love with you                                   Freddy Breck
Never been kissed                                     Freddy Martin
Love descended likke an angel                         Frederick Ferrari
Stay a little closer to me                            Frederique
Southern Freeez                                       Freeez
Tunnel of love                                        Fun Boy three
Look what you've been missing                         G band
Carolina                                              G H Elliott
I'm happy when I'm hiking                             G S Melvin
This is my prayer(1964 Eurovision winner              G.Cinquettti
Wonderful...!                                         Gabriel de Buda
Dreams                                                Gabrielle
Any time at all                                       Gaby Rogers
Every little teardrop                                 Gallagher & Lyle
Heart on my sleeve                                    Gallagher & Lyle
Winning                                               Gantana
On the bridge of Avignon (sur le pont)                Garaldo
Anyone of us (Stupid mistakes)                        Gareth Gates
Don't throw it all away                               Gary Benson
Friendly persuasion (from film)                       Gary Cooper
High Noon-Do not forsake me Oh my darlin              Gary Cooper,G Kelly
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Always yours                                    Gary Glitter
Do you wanna touch me (Oh Yeah)                 Gary Glitter
I love you love me love                         Gary Glitter
It takes all night long                         Gary Glitter
Lonely boy                                      Gary Glitter
I'm walking behind you                          Gary Miller
Till I waltz again with you                     Gary Miller
Yellow rose of Texas                            Gary Miller
Love she found in me                            Gary Morris
Second-hand heart                               Gary Morris
Why lady why                                    Gary Morris
Music got chameleons                            Gary Numan
Really wanna know you                           Gary Wright
Sure feels like love                            Gatlin Bros
Runaway go home                                 Gatlin Bros.
She used to sing on Sunday                      Gatlin Bros.
When you spread a little happiness              Geirge Elrick
Get down                                        Gene Chandler
Don't stop now                                  Gene Farrow
Chip chip                                       Gene Mc Daniels
Illegal Alien                                   Genesis
Baby Blue                                       Geo.Baker Selection
Come with your heartache                        Geo.Beverly Shea,
We have all the time in the world (007)         Geo.Lazenby & his ladies!
Winchester Cathedral                            Geoff Stephen's band
Peek-a-boo                                      Geoff. Stephens band
Wheel of fortune                                Geoffrey Everitt
Windsor waltz                                   Geoffrey Everitt
20/20                                           George Benson
Never give up on a good thing                   George Benson
On Broadway                                     George Benson
In your eyes                                    George Benson
Big Mamou                                       George Brown
Reach for it                                    George Duke
I've got you before my eyes                     George Elrick
Just a little while                             George Elrick
Little happiness                                George Elrick
My golden baby                                  George Elrick
Oh buddy! I'm in love                           George Elrick
Paper Doll                                      George Elrick
Some sunny day                                  George Elrick
What more can I say                             George Elrick
Teasin'                                         George Evans
Bless 'em all                                   George Formby
Joo-jah Tree                                    George Formby
Why don't they understand                       George Hamilton 1V
Tennessee Whiskey                               George Jones
                                          BYGONE TUNES
Who's gonna fill their shoes                           George Jones
I ain't lyin'                                          George McCrae
I can't leave you alone                                George McCrae
It's been so long                                      George McCrae
Rock your baby                                         George McCrae
Sing a happy song                                      George McCrae
You can have it all                                    George McCrae
Careless whisper                                       George Michael
Old Johnnie Goggabee                                   George Mitchell
Old master painter                                     George Mitchell
Retreat (cries my heart)                               George Mitchell
Sippin' Soda                                           George Mitchell
Rhythm 'n' blues                                       George Moon
Safety first                                           George Robey
Amarillo by morning                                    George Strait
Fire I can't put out                                   George Strait
It's party time again                                  George Van Dusen
Bella bella Marie                                      Georges Guetary
Clopin Clopant                                         Georges Guetary
Ma belle Marguerite                                    Georges Guetary
Happiness Street                                       Georgia Gibbs
Photograph on the piano                                Georgia Gibbs
Tom's tune                                             Georgia Gibbs
Wait for me darling                                    Georgia Gibbs
Keep your hands to yourself                            Georgia Satellites
Getaway                                                Georgie Fame
Drifting & dreaming (Bright aka Geraldo)               Gerald Bright
I wonder why (Bright aka Geraldo)                      Gerald Bright
Fly me                                                 Geraldine
You (Toi)                                              Geraldine
All dressed up to smile                                Geraldo
All in favour say 'Aye'                                Geraldo
Andalusia                                              Geraldo
Don't worry baby                                       Geraldo
First waltz                                            Geraldo
Harriet                                                Geraldo
How many hearts have you broken                        Geraldo
How many times (can I fall in love)                    Geraldo
I didn't slip,I wasn't pushed, I fell                  Geraldo
If tears could bring you back                          Geraldo
It always before the rainbow                           Geraldo
Number something Faraway Lane                          Geraldo
One meat ball                                          Geraldo
Paper Doll                                             Geraldo
Romance a la mode                                      Geraldo
Rose of Santa Luzia                                    Geraldo
There's nothing like music                             Geraldo
                             19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Tonight we love (after Tschaikowsky)                 Geraldo
Was it the orchids you wore                          Geraldo
La Vie en rose (Take me to your heart again)         Geraldo
I like it                                            Gerry (from Pacemake
How do you do it                                     Gerry (Pacemakers)
Broken Wings                                         Gerry Brereton
I'd rather die young(than grow old witho             Gerry Brereton
Story of Tina                                        Gerry Brereton
Broken Date                                          Gerry Brown & Jazzme
Rolling down the hilly-billy trail                   Gerry Fitzgerald
Cry                                                  Gerry Monroe
Little drops of silver                               Gerry Monroe
Night Owl                                            Gerry Rafferty
This is life                                         Gery Scott
Mariana                                              Gibson Brothers
Ooh! What a life                                     Gibson Brothers
Go (before you break my heart)                       Gigliola Campbell
Little love & understanding                          Gilbert Becaud
Summertimes the time for love                        Gilbert Becaud
Alone again (naturally)                              Gilbert O'Sullivan
Clair                                                Gilbert O'Sullivan
Get down                                             Gilbert O'Sullivan
OOh-wakka-doo-wakka- day                             Gilbert O'Sullivan
Underneath the blanket go                            Gilbert O'Sullivan
Why oh why oh why                                    Gilbert O'Sullivan
Nothing rhymed                                       Gilbert O'Sullivan
Dancer                                               Gino Soccio
I just wanna stop                                    Gino Vannelli
From here to eternity                                Giorgio
Bourgie bourgie                                      Gladys Knight & Pips
Come back & finish what you started                  Gladys Knight & Pips
Look of love                                         Gladys Knight & Pips
Taste of bitterlove                                  Gladys Knight & Pips
One and only                                         Gladys Knight + pips
Way we were                                          Gladys Knight + pips
Galveston( pno,guitar & Bb,C instruments             Glen Campbell
Have yourself a merry little Christmas               Glen Campbell
I'm gonna love you                                   Glen Campbell
It's only make believe                               Glen Campbell
Oklahoma Sunday morning                              Glen Campbell
Rhinestone cowboy                                    Glen Campbell
Try a little kindness                                Glen Campbell
All I have to do is dream                            Glen Campbell,Gentry
I found somebody                                     Glen Frey
The one you love                                     Glen Frey
Don't forbid me                                      Glen Mason
Glendora                                             Glen Mason
                                               BYGONE TUNES
Round and round (by Stallamn & Shapiro)                  Glen Mason
You got what it takes                                    Glen Mason
String of pearls                                         Glen Miller with trombone
Rock around the clock (film cover)                       Glenn Ford,A. Franci
People like you and people like me                       Glitter band
How can I ever forget you                                Gloria Brent
I'm gonna love that guy                                  Gloria Brent
Sweetheart of all my dreams (Film song)                  Gloria Brent,+
You'll be mine(party Time)                               Gloria Estefan
Anything for you                                         Gloria Estefan
How high the moon                                        Gloria Gaynor
I will survive                                           Gloria Gaynor
Let me know (I have a right)                             Gloria Gaynor
I am what I am                                           Gloria Gaynor
Milly Molly Mandy                                        Glyn POoole
Painting the clouds with sunshine                        Gold diggers stars
Twilight Zone (US pub.)                                  Golden Earring
Making up again                                          Goldie
Tears of an angel                                        Golly Elsie
Seven Tears                                              Goombay dance band
Sun of Jamaica                                           Goombay Dance Band
Heartsong                                                Gordon Giltrap
Walkin' to Missouri                                      Gordon Langhorn
Green acres and purple mountains                         Gordon Mac Rae
Glenisla                                                 Gordon Mackenzie
I cain't say No (film cover)                             Gordon Macrae +
Love me forever (Film song)                              Grace Moore
One night of love (Film title song)                      Grace moore
All for one and one for all                              Gracie Fields
All my love                                              Gracie Fields
Around the world                                         Gracie Fields
Arriverderci ('till our next meeting)                    Gracie Fields
At the end of the day (by O'Keefe)                       Gracie Fields
Au revoir                                                Gracie Fields
Charmaine                                                Gracie Fields
Chi-baba chi-baba(my bambino go to sleep                 Gracie Fields
Christmas in Killarney                                   Gracie Fields
Church bells on Sunday morning                           Gracie Fields
Dicky bird hop                                           Gracie Fields
Far away                                                 Gracie Fields
Flower Seller                                            Gracie Fields
Forever and ever                                         Gracie Fields
Glory of love                                            Gracie Fields
Goodnight children everywhere                            Gracie Fields
Grandest song of all                                     Gracie Fields
Hut Sut song                                             Gracie Fields
I love the moon                                          Gracie Fields
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
I'll always love you                          Gracie Fields
I'm sending a letter to Santa Claus           Gracie Fields
Now is the hour                               Gracie Fields
Pretty little busybody                        Gracie Fields
Queen of hearts                               Gracie FIelds
Sally                                         Gracie Fields
Serenade of the bells                         Gracie Fields
Song of the bells                             Gracie Fields
Sweetest prayer in a ll the world             Gracie Fields
Sweetest song in the world                    Gracie Fields
That little old lady I love                   Gracie Fields
There's a heart in every home                 Gracie Fields
Till they've all gone home                    Gracie Fields
Underneath the Linden Tree                    Gracie Fields
Wait for me Mary                              Gracie Fields
We all have a song in our heart               Gracie Fields
When our dreams grow old                      Gracie Fields
While you danced,danced,danced                Gracie Fields
You can't be true dear                        Gracie Fields
All my life                                   Gracie Fields
Devil's gun                                   Great Expectations
Breakup song (They don't write 'em)           Greg Kihn Band
Shake you down                                Gregory Abbott
Black and white                               Greyhound
Bells of home                                 Guy Loraine
Ev'rything will come right in the end         Guy Loraine
Call Rosie on the phone                       Guy Mitchell
Chicka boom                                   Guy Mitchell
Feet up!                                      Guy Mitchell
Heartaches by the number                      Guy Mitchell
We won't live in a castle                     Guy Mitchell
Singing the blues                             Guy Mitchell/TSteele
Here I go again                               Guys n Dolls
Let's all get together                        Guys n Dolls
Stoney ground                                 Guys n Dolls
There's a whole lotta loving                  Guys n Dolls
I found you                                   Gwladys Stanley
Don't leave me this way                       H. Melvin T.Houston
Sooty.(his photo on cover aswell!)            H.Corbett,M.Benson
The Homecoming                                Hagood Hardy
Fantastic Day                                 Haircut 100
Love plus one                                 Haircut 100
Nobody's fool                                 Haircut 100
Buffalo Billy                                 Hal Monty
Hush-a-bye island                             Hal Swain
Same old moon (same old sky)                  Hal Swain
I can't go for that                           Hall and Oates
                                        BYGONE TUNES
Fallin' in love                                         Hamilton,Joe Frank R
Your cheatin' heart                                     Hank Williams
Satisfaction guaranteed                                 Harold Melvin & Blue
Star fell out of heaven                                 Harold Ramsey
Play fiddle play                                        Harold Ranseyt(organ
Mocking bird hill                                       Harold Smart at orga
Anything goes                                           Harpers Bizarre
59th street bridge song(Feelin' Groovy)                 Harpers Bizarre,Sim5
Who are we?                                             Harriott & Evans
Love Nest                                               Harru Roy
Coconut woman                                           Harry Belafonte
Island in the sun (film)                                Harry Belafonte
Son of Mary                                             Harry Belafonte
Beloved be faithful                                     Harry Dawson
Bewitched, bothered & bewildered                        Harry Dawson
I believe                                               Harry Dawson
Goodnight little skipper                                Harry Evans
Please remember                                         Harry Evans
When I dream of old Vienna                              Harry Evans
Blue ribbon gal                                         Harry Gold
Drop in the ocean                                       Harry Jones
Let's all sing at the top of our voices                 Harry Korris
Let's sing a song                                       Harry Leader
That doggie in the window(How much is)                  Harry Leader
With my eyes wide open I'm dreaming                     Harry Leader
Yesterday's roses                                       Harry Leader
All I think about is you                                Harry Nilsson
Boston bounce                                           Harry Parry
Basin street ball                                       Harry Parry+art danc
Darling Daisy                                           Harry Roy
Ev'rytime I look at you                                 Harry Roy
Georgia's gotta moon                                    Harry Roy
Heart of gold                                           Harry Roy
I never knew an angel told lies                         Harry Roy
I'll be waiting for you                                 Harry Roy
I'm gonna lock my heart(& throw away key                Harry Roy
In the middle of a dance                                Harry Roy
London Conga                                            Harry Roy
Looks like a cold,cold winter                           Harry Roy
Me myseld and I(are all in love with you                Harry Roy
Mission of St Augustine                                 Harry Roy
My midsummer night's dream                              Harry Roy
Open the door polka                                     Harry Roy
Playmates                                               Harry Roy
Promises                                                Harry Roy
Rock-a-bye baby at twilight                             Harry Roy
Rutza-rutza-hurr,hurry                                  Harry Roy
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Sentimental Interlude                      Harry Roy
Slow Coach                                 Harry Roy
There goes everybody's girl                Harry Roy
When Daddy comes home                      Harry Roy
Will you always call me sweetheart         Harry Roy
No man is an island                        Harry Secombe
Song of Santa Vittoria                     Harry Secombe
World is mine                              Harry Secombe
If I ruled the world                       Harry Secombe credits in Pickwick
Take me back to mu boots & saddle          Harry Torrani
I've got a pocketful of dreams             HarryRoy ,Bing
Roses                                      Haywoode
D-Days                                     Hazel O'Connor
Eighth day                                 Hazel O'Connor
Pure and simple                            Hear'say
Boogie nights                              Heatwave
Gangsters of the groove                    Heatwave
Mind blowing decisions                     Heatwave
Too hot to handle                          Heatwave
I love the sunshine of your smile          Hedley ward trio
Who dat up dere                            Hedley ward trio
Ev'ry'body's got to wear a smile           Helen Breen
Just to be there                           Helen O'Connell
Real tough guy (Just a..)                  Helen Raymond
Angie baby                                 Helen Reddy
Bluebird                                   Helen Reddy
Make love to me                            Helen Reddy
Goody Goody                                Helen Shapiro
Little Miss Lonely                         Helen Shapiro
You don't know                             Helen Shapiro
Game's up                                  Hello
New York groove                            Hello
Shannon                                    Henry Gross
Aloha beloved                              Henry Hall
Alone at a table for two                   Henry Hall
Bells                                      Henry Hall
Beside my caravan                          Henry Hall
Beside the singing waters                  Henry Hall
Boy and a girl were dancing                Henry Hall
Broken -hearted clown                      Henry Hall
Cafe in Vienna                             Henry Hall
Calendar song                              Henry Hall
Call me sweetheart                         Henry Hall
Changing of the guard                      Henry Hall
Feather in her tyrolean hat                Henry Hall
Front page news                            Henry Hall
How are you,Mrs Wood                       Henry Hall
                                     BYGONE TUNES
I'm afraid to love you ('fraid I might l                Henry Hall
I'm sorry dear                                          Henry Hall
In a shanty in old shanty town                          Henry Hall
It's Spring again                                       Henry Hall
Juanita (I adore you so)                                Henry Hall
Jump on the wagon                                       Henry Hall
Just humming along                                      Henry Hall
Just once too often                                     Henry Hall
King's Navee                                            Henry Hall
Log cabin lullaby                                       Henry Hall
Lonely little dancer                                    Henry Hall
Lullaby in blue                                         Henry Hall
Massed bands of the guards                              Henry Hall
Merry go round broke down                               Henry Hall
Now we are pals together                                Henry Hall
Papa Niccolini (The happy cobbler)                      Henry Hall
Play to me gipsy (the song I love)                      Henry Hall
Serenade in blue                                        Henry Hall
She fell for a feller from 'Oopsala'                    Henry Hall
Three minutes of heaven                                 Henry Hall
Wagon wheels                                            Henry Hall
Weather man                                             Henry Hall
When I told the village belle                           Henry Hall
Get me to the church on time                            Hepburn&Harrison Art
Rise                                                    Herb Alpert
This guy's in love with you                             Herb Alpert
A banda (march along with the band)                     Herb Alpert
Without her                                             Herb Alpert
I thought it was you                                    Herbie Hancock
P'ra que discutir                                       Hermanos Deniz band
I'm into something good                                 Herman's Hermits
Sunshine girl                                           Herman's Hermits
Years may come,years may go                             Herman's Hermits
My sentimental friend                                   Herman's Hermits
Hi Tension                                              Hi Tensio
You'll never know                                       Hi-gloss
What about me                                           Hilda Glyder
I may never pass this way again                         Hilton,Carroll,Hughe
Honeythief (The)                                        Hipsway
Boy from Texas-girl from Tennessee                      Hoagy Carmichael
Hong Kong Blurd                                         Hoagy Carmichael
Old music master                                        Hoagy Carmichael
Star dust                                               Hoagy Carmichael
Stairway of love (also Marty Robbins)                   Holliday,Ryan,C.Dene
Rock-a-bye                                              Holy Mackerel
New girl now                                            Honeymoon suite
Ti-pi-tin                                               Horace Heidt
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Are you getting enough                           Hot Chocolate
Chances                                          Hot Chocolate
If you gave me your heart                        Hot Chocolate
It started with a kiss                           Hot Chocolate
Half moon silver                                 Hotel
You'll love again                                Hotel
You've got another thing coming                  Hotel
Look Mama                                        Howard Jones
What is love                                     Howard Jones
You know I love you...don't you                  Howard Jones
Love somebody                                    Howard Lucraft
Burn baby burn                                   Hudson Ford
I'll take a melody                               Hues Corporation
Power of Love                                    Huey Lewis & the New
London I love                                    Hugh French
Little things in life are everything             Hugo Rignold
Canadian sunset                                  Hugo Winterhalter
Goodbye Jo                                       Humbug
Oh,babe,what would you say                       Hurricane Smith
Alone with my dreams                             Hutch
For the 1st time (I've fallen in love)           Hutch
Garden in Grenada                                Hutch
Have I tol;d you lately that I loved you         Hutch
I'd do it all over again                         Hutch
I'm going to build/future world around U         Hutch
Let's try again                                  Hutch
Letter from home                                 Hutch
Lonely                                           Hutch
Maybe you'll be there                            Hutch
No more Goodbyes                                 Hutch
Peg o' my heart                                  Hutch
Romanesca                                        Hutch
Star dust                                        Hutch
When Alice Blue Gown met Little Boy Blue         Hutch
With the wind & the rain in your hair            Hutch
Wanna gp back to Honolulu                        I.Browning & H Starr
Hold on                                          Ian Gomm
Slip away                                        Ian Lloyd
Give me an inch                                  Ian Matthews
Shake it                                         Ian Matthews
Beautiful,lovable                                Ian Stewart
Down Yonder                                      Ian Stewart
Monkey and the organ grinder                     Ian Stewart
Body Talk                                        Imagination
Flashback                                        Imagination
In and out of love                               Imagination
Just an illusion                                 Imagination
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Music and lights                                         Imagination
First impressions                                        Impressions
As time goes by (Casablanca film)                        Ingrid & Humphrey B
Bless you for being an angel                             Ink spots
Everything is great                                      Inner Circle
Got my mind made up                                      Instant Funk
Flashdance....what a feeling                             Irene Cara
Why me                                                   Irene Cara
You were made for me                                     Irene Cara
Wishing                                                  Irene Dunne
Carolina moon                                            Irene Hill
I'd rather die young(than grow old witho                 Irene Manning
He was beautiful (Cavatina)                              Iris Williams
A-Ba-ni-bi (1978 Eurovision )                            Ishar Cohen
It's a wonderful world after all                         Issy Bon
Goodnight till tomorrow                                  Issy Bonn
Happiest New year of all                                 Issy Bonn
I'm in love with 2 sweethearts                           Issy Bonn
Let by-gones be by-gones                                 Issy Bonn
Somewhere beyond the stars                               Issy Bonn
Soon it will be Sunday                                   Issy Bonn
He's the world's luckiest guy                            Ivy Benson
I had my fortune told                                    Ivy Benson
Johnny and Mary                                          Ivy Benson
Till stars forget to shine                               Ivy Benson
Why say 'Goodbye'                                        Ivy Benson
That old feeling (Film song)                             J Bennett,W Baxter
Centrefold                                               J Geils band
One last kiss                                            J Geils band
No charge                                                J J Barrie
Sympathy (from The Firefly film)                         J MacDonald,A.Jones
Hayes and Harlington blues                               J S D Band
Choo-buy song(peanut,popcorn,crackerjack                 J. Johnston,Tanner S
Spoonful of sugar (from Mary Poppins0                    J.Andrews,D van Dyke
Jeanie with the light brown hair                         J.Count McCormack
You're only lonely                                       J.D.Souther
September song (film September Affair)                   J.Fontaine,J Cotten
Freeze-frame                                             J.Geils band
Will you remember sweetheart (film song)                 J.MacDonald,N. Eddy
Too much, too little, too late                           J.Mathis,D Williams
When a child is born                                     J.Mathis,E Campbell
Three wishes (film song)                                 J.Matthews,J Gielgud
Spring,Spring,Spring ( from film)                        J.Powell,H.Keel
When you're in love (7 brides for 7 bros                 J.Powell,Howard Keel
When are we gonnna get married                           J.Sawn,Tony Brent
Let's all sing the lard song                             Jack Barty
Say it (over & over again)                               Jack Benny
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
This'll make you whistle (Film song)             Jack Buchanan
Ro-ro-rollin' along                              Jack Burke
After all these years                            Jack Harris
Bei mir bist du schoen (means you're gra         Jack Harris
Get into the spirit of Spring                    Jack Harris
Goodnight to you all                             Jack Harris
Hi!Ho! it's Spring again                         Jack Harris
I shall always remember smiling                  Jack Harris
It's a long long way to your heart               Jack Harris
Where is Alexander (with his rag-time ba         Jack Harris
Alexander's ragtime band                         Jack HYlton
Eleven more months & 10 more days                Jack Hylton
Feminine company                                 Jack Hylton
Good luck until we meet again                    Jack Hylton
So blue                                          Jack Hylton
What am I gonna do when you're gone              Jack Hylton
What would I do for a girl like you              Jack Hylton
Whistling waltz                                  Jack Hylton
Hambone                                          Jack Jackson
If you catch a little cold(I'll sneeze .         Jack Jackson
Merry month of May (in the )                     Jack Jackson
O marry marry me                                 Jack Jackson
Sparrow in the treetop                           Jack Jackson
I'm walking behind you                           Jack Nathan
Rosalie                                          Jack O'Connor
False love                                       Jack Parnell
Silver and gold                                  Jack Parnell
Airman,Airman (don't put the wind up me)         Jack Payne
Around & 'round the old band stand               Jack Payne
Beer Barrel polka (Roll out the barrel)          Jack Payne
Beside an open fireplace                         Jack Payne
Five minutes to twelve                           Jack Payne
I'm goin' back to whur I come from               Jack Payne
Indiana Sweetheart                               Jack Payne
Jack & Jill went up the wooden hill              Jack Payne
Lovely old lady                                  Jack Payne
Many happy returns of the day                    Jack Payne
Pretty Kitty Kelly                               Jack Payne
Red sails in the sunset                          Jack Payne
Red white & blue Christmas                       Jack Payne
River stay 'way from the door                    Jack Payne
Ro-ro-rollin' along                              Jack Payne
Sing a song of tomorrow today                    Jack Payne
Somebody loves you                               Jack Payne
Takin' the trains out                            Jack Payne
Thanks for the dream                             Jack Payne
Thinking of you dear                             Jack Payne
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Till all our prayers are answered                          Jack Payne
Under a strawberry moon                                    Jack Payne
Watch the news (WW2)                                       Jack Payne
What are you thinkinh about baby                           Jack Payne
I know a secret                                            Jack Simpson
Swing shoe shop                                            Jack Simpson
I will never change                                        Jack Watson
It isn't easy                                              Jack Watson,T. Brent
Apple blossom wedding                                      Jack White
Baby don't be mad at me                                    Jack White
Day of Jubilo                                              Jack White
Don't ever pass me by                                      Jack White
I can't think of a thing to do                             Jack White
I only have eyes for you                                   Jack White
I paid for the lie that I told you                         Jack White
I'm in love for the last time                              Jack White
I'm tired but I don't want to sleep                        Jack White
Over the hill                                              Jack White
Riding on a rainbow (to dreamland)                         Jack White
Wait for summer                                            Jack wild
Rupert                                                     Jackie Lee
Firefly                                                    Jackie Rae
I'll be there                                              Jackie Trent
Boulevard                                                  Jackson Browne
For America                                                Jackson Browne
Somebody's baby                                            Jackson Browne
Tender is the night                                        Jackson Browne
That girl could sing                                       Jackson Browne
Set me free                                                Jaki Graham
Yankee Doodle boy                                          James Cagney art
Apple blossom time                                         James Moody
Her town too                                               James Taylor
You've got a friend                                        James Taylor
Cuz it's you,girl                                          James Walsh Gipsy ba
Lucy J                                                     James Webley
Armful of roses(& a heartful of love)                      James,Carlton,Woods
Walkin' in the rain                                        Jan Douglas
Did I remember                                             Jan Harlow,C. Grant
My song for you                                            Jan Kiepura
There's love in your eyes                                  Jan Rosel
Domino                                                     Jan Rosol
There;s love in your eyes                                  Jan Rosol
Ya vass Loublou(only means 'I love you')                   Jan Zalski
I wonder                                                   Jane Froman
Laughing (but I'm not happy)                               Jane Froman
April in Portugal                                          Jane Morgan
Day the rains came down                                    Jane Morgan
                                 19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
If only I could live my life again               Jane Morgan
Lonely little robin                              Jane Turzy
Sunny side up (Film title song)                  Janet Gayner
Pleasure principle                               Janet Jackson
If the fall don't get you                        Janie Fricke
Allegheny moon                                   Janie Marden
Whatever will be Que sera sera (Film cov         Jas.Stewart,Doris Da
Nothing can divide us                            Jason Donavan
Sealed with a kiss                               Jason Donovan
Goodbye,nothin' to say                           Javells,Nosmo King
Shakedown cruise                                 Jay Ferguson
My reputation                                    Jaye P Morgan
In love for the very first time                  Jean Carson
My lonely lover                                  Jean Carson
Laroo,Laroo,Lilli Bolero                         Jean Cavall
Serenade of the bells                            Jean Sablon
Pals (the 'pal' song)                            Jeanette Adie
Smilin' Through.(Film title song)                Jeanette MacDonald,
Don't you get so mad                             Jeffrey Osborne
Power of love                                    Jennifer Rush
Ring of ice                                      Jennifer Rush
Make it a party                                  Jenny Howard
Mighty pretty waltz                              Jeri Southern
Let's get serious                                Jermaine Jackson
Who could be bluer                               Jerry Lordan
Shutters and Boards                              Jerry Wallace
Promise me                                       Jerry Wayne
Flip                                             Jesse Green
Nice and slow                                    Jesse Green
Say what                                         Jesse Winchester
Everything's in rhythm with my heart             Jessie Matthews
Diamonds                                         Jet Harris,T.Meeham
Love makes the world go round                    Jets
On a rainy day in Paris                          Jill Allan
I love the guy/girl                              Jill Allen
Love me to pieces                                Jill Corey
Sincerely                                        Jill Day
Leprechaun lullaby                               Jill Manners
Be my girl                                       Jim Dale
Sugartime                                        Jim Dale
Hi Ho Silver                                     Jim Diamond
Swing your daddy                                 Jim Gilstrap
If I could only dance with you                   Jim Glaser
You're gettin' to me again                       Jim Glaser
Angels don't lie                                 Jim Reeves
But you love me Daddy                            Jim Reeves
He'll have to go                                 Jim Reeves
                                           BYGONE TUNES
I love you because                                    Jim Reeves
I won’t come in while he's there                      Jim Reeves
Welcome to my world                                   Jim Reeves
My girl Bill                                          Jim Stafford
Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse              Jimmie Helms
English Country garden                                Jimmie Rodgers
Fins                                                  Jimmy Buffett
Lily of the valley                                    Jimmy Dorsey
Love-a love-a love-a                                  Jimmy Jackson
Heartbreaker                                          Jimmy James
I get up ev'ry morning (What do I do x3)              Jimmy James
Little cracked bell of San Raquel                     Jimmy Justice
Pals of the lonesome trail                            Jimmy Miller
I'm gonna knock on your door                          Jimmy Osmond
Long haired lover of Liverpool                        Jimmy Osmond
Tweedlee Dee                                          Jimmy Osmond
Great Pretender                                       Jimmy Parkinson
Pleas no squeeza da banana                            Jimmy Savo
Till the end of the world                             Jimmy Wakely
All my love                                           Jimmy Young
Baby cried                                            Jimmy Young
Because of you                                        Jimmy Young
Ebb Tide                                              Jimmy Young
Even now                                              Jimmy Young
Ghost in the wine                                     Jimmy Young
Half a world away by Kent                             Jimmy Young
More (by Alstone)                                     Jimmy Young
Remember me (by Reid)                                 Jimmy Young
Silver and blue                                       Jimmy Young
So many times(have I cried over you)                  Jimmy Young
Someone on your mind                                  Jimmy Young
Night watch                                           Jo Stafford
Shrimp boats                                          Jo Stafford
Star of hope                                          Jo Stafford
Night they drove old Dixie down                       Joan Baez
Croce di oro (Cross of gold)                          Joan Regan
Cross my ever loving heart                            Joan Regan
Don't laugh at me                                     Joan Regan
Gone                                                  Joan Regan
Honestly                                              Joan Regan
If I give my heart to you                             Joan Regan
O dio mio                                             Joan Regan
Ragabone man                                          Joan Regan
Ricochet                                              Joan Regan
Rose and the flame                                    Joan Regan
Wait for me darling                                   Joan Regan
Wand'ring boy                                         Joan Regan
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Autumn Concerto                                    Joan Small
Goodbye lollipops,Hello lipstick                   Joan Weber
Johnny get angry                                   Joanie Summers
My bright star of love                             Joe Barnes
It only took a minute                              Joe Brown
I'm gonna make it                                  Joe Cuddy
I need you                                         Joe Dolan
Shaddar you face                                   Joe Dolce
Lucky Pierre                                       Joe 'Fingers' Carr
Jumpin' Jive                                       Joe Jackson
All I possess is you                               Joe Loss
As the years roll by                               Joe Loss
Bridal waltz                                       Joe Loss
Don't ever marry for money                         Joe Loss
Got you on my mind                                 Joe Loss
Grandma said                                       Joe Loss
I like mountain music                              Joe Loss
I wanna wrap you up                                Joe Loss
Ikky tikky tambo                                   Joe Loss
Managua Nicaragua                                  Joe Loss
Mother's lullaby                                   Joe Loss
Rag mop                                            Joe Loss
St Bernard waltz                                   Joe Loss
Tears on my pillow                                 Joe Loss
Tzena Tzena Tzena                                  Joe Loss
Way up in North Carolina                           Joe Loss
When I was young                                   Joe Loss
Would I love you (love you,love you)               Joe Loss
Wow!wow!wow! (Girl with the Spanish draw           Joe Loss
Yea... Boo                                         Joe Loss
Melody of love (Hold me in your arms dear)         Joe Loss
Penny serenade                                     Joe Loss + art
Giuseppe's band                                    Joe Loss + cartoon
Make me an island                                  Joe Nolan
Ain't gonna bump no more (with big fat w           Joe Tex
Life's been good                                   Joe Walsh
I wish I could write you a song                    John Anderson
Two Strangers                                      John Cairney,S. San
Here's to love                                     John Christie
Authority song                                     John Cougar Mellenca
Peace will be mine                                 John D Bryant
Annie's song                                       John Denver
Round and round 'Mallemeule'                       John Edmond
Why don't they understand                          John Fraser
I'll sing to you                                   John Hanson
Please Mr Sun                                      John Hanson
I went to your wedding                             John Hauxwell
                                             BYGONE TUNES
Help me make it through the night                         John Holt
What a lovely day                                         John Joliffe
Imagine                                                   John Lennon
Johnny remember me                                        John Leyton
So deep is the night                                      John McCormack
Highfly                                                   John Miles
Remember yesterday                                        John Miles
Slow down                                                 John Miles
Love and hate                                             John Orvelle
Love is in the air                                        John Paul Young
Pain goes on forever                                      John Rowles
Country girls                                             John Schneider
Dreamin'                                                  John Schneider
Isle of Innisfree (from film)                             John Wayne,M O'Hara
Old man Emu                                               John Williamson
Madonna Madonna                                           Johnnie Francis
Look homeward angel (name.)                               Johnnie Ray
Down Yonder                                               Johnny & Hurricanes
Bottle me up                                              Johnny Brandon
Busybody                                                  Johnny Brandon
Don't worry & ev'rything will be alright                  Johnny Brandon
Dry your eyes,Annabella                                   Johnny Brandon
Ev'rybody clap hands                                      Johnny Brandon
One, for the wonder of your kisses                        Johnny Brandon
Strike it lucky                                           Johnny Brandon
Memories don't leave like people do                       Johnny Bristol
She broke my heart in three places                        Johnny Denis
Clown am I                                                Johnny Hacket
(Blame it) on the pony express                            Johnny Johnson
On the pony express (Blame it)                            Johnny Johnson
Mr Tambourine man                                         Johnny Johnson
Raindrops                                                 Johnny Johnston
Skokian (south African song)                              Johnny Johnston
When you fall in love                                     Johnny Lee
Little smile                                              Johnny Lockwood
Hold me now                                               Johnny Logan
What's another year                                       Johnny Logan
That silver haired daddy of mine (U.S.)                   Johnny Marvin
Certain smile                                             Johnny Mathis
Gone gone gone                                            Johnny Mathis
I'm stone in love with you                                Johnny Mathis
Misty                                                     Johnny Mathis
Someone                                                   Johnny Mathis
You light up my life                                      Johnny Mathis,D Boon
You're all I need to get by                               Johnny Mathis,D.Will
I can see clearly now                                     Johnny Nash
You got soul                                              Johnny Nash
                                19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Hold me tight                                    Johnny Nash
Running bear                                     Johnny Preston
Just walking in the rain                         Johnny Ray
Too late to go home                              Johnny Rodriquez
Begin the beguine                                Johnny Rosen
In the chapel in the moonlight                   Johnny Rosen
Melody came over the waters                      Johnny Rosen
Black Superman                                   Johnny Wakelin
I like music,you like music                      Johnston Brothers
Conscious man                                    Jolly Brothers
Swanee                                           Jolson Story film ar
I hear you now                                   Jon & Vangelis
Everyone's gone to the moon                      Jonathan King
Flirt                                            Jonathan King
Happy people song                                Jonathan King
It only takes a minute                           Jonathan King
Lazybones                                        Jonathan King
Paloma Blanca                                    Jonathan King
Is it any wonder                                 Joni James
My love,my love                                  Joni James
Why don't you believe me                         Joni James
Big yellow taxi                                  Joni Mitchell
Just suppose                                     Jose Collins
Sometime                                         Jose Collins
I wanna be where you are                         Jose Feliciano
Light my fire                                    Jose Feliciano
We all have a song in our heart                  Josef Locke
Cherry stones                                    Joy Nicholls
Dear hearts and gentle people                    Joy Nicholls
Dreamers holiday                                 Joy Nicholls
He's the one                                     Joy Nicholls
Luckiest guy in the world                        Joy Nicholls
Turn right                                       Joy Nicholls (in car
Beautiful brown eyes                             Joy Nichols
Don't worry & ev'rything will be alright         Joy Nichols
Get out those old records                        Joy Nichols
Oh It's time that we all went home               Joy Nichols
Piana Anna                                       Joy Nichols
Three wheels on the wagon                        Joy Nichols
Finger of suspicion                              Joy Nichols
Naughty,naughty,naughty                          Joy Sarney
It's an open secret                              Joy Strings
I'm praying to St Christopher                    Joyce Frazer
All my tomorrows lead me to you                  Joyce Grenfell
I'm going to see you today                       Joyce Grenfell
Bells in my heart                                Joyce Shock
Again and again                                  Judith Durham
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Breaking the law                                       Judith Priest
Can't be with you tonight                              Judy Boucher
Amazing Grace                                          Judy Collins
Send in the clowns                                     Judy Collins
For me & my gal (film title song)                      Judy Garland
Good morning (from film)                               Judy Garland,M.Roone
Heart of the night                                     Juice Newton
Edelweiss                                              Julie Andrews + film
Only women bleed                                       Julie Covington
Little ship                                            Julie Dawn
Off shore                                              Julie Dawn
El condor pasa(If I could)                             Julie Felix
Fire,water earth and air                               Julie Felix
Heaven is here                                         Julie Felix
Don't ever let me down                                 Julie Grant
Hawaiian wedding song                                  Julie Rogers
Big spender (from film Sweet Charity)                  Juliet Prowse
Domani                                                 Julius La Rosa
Blue room (from film (Words & music)                   June Allyson
Lover (from Words & music film)                        June Allyson
Lonely woman                                           June Christy
Love every moment you live                             June Valli
Love,tears and kisses                                  June Valli
Mama used to say                                       Junior
Sweet Illusion                                         Junior Campbell
Desert song (from film)                                K Grayson, Gordon Macrae
Chestnut tree                                          K. George 6 + scouts
Riff song (from Desert song film)                      K.Grayson ,Gordon Macrae
Who's gonna bring me laughter                          K.Manifold, H.Green
My heart will go on (Titanic film song)                K.Winslett,Di Caprio
Don't wanna say goodnight                              Kandidate
I don't wanna lose you                                 Kandidate
Carry on wayward son                                   Kansas
People of the South wind                               Kansas
Kiss of fire                                           Karen Greer
Hot shot                                               Karen Young
Nobody's child                                         Karen Young
Still                                                  Karl Denver
I can't hold on                                        Karla Bonoff
Wuthering Heights                                      Kate Bush
More than in love                                      Kate Robbins
We will make love                                      Kathie Kay
Carolina moon                                          Kathleen Lafla
Tammy                                                  Kathy Kay
Dance on                                               Kathy Kirby
Secret love                                            Kathy Kirby
Where in the world                                     Kathy Kirby
                             19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
You're the one                               Kathy Kirby
Am I that easy to blame                      Kathy Lloyd
Little things mean a lot                     Kathy Lloyd
Love shine a light (1997 eurovision)         Katrina
Sun Street                                   Katrina & the waves
Walking on sunshine                          Katrina & the waves
Half a world away by Leighton                Kay Cavendish
Always in my heart (film title song)         Kay Francis + others
Comes a-long a-love                          Kay Starr
Rock and Roll waltz                          Kay Starr
The Breeze                                   Kay Starr
Come to me                                   Kaye Sisters
Dark Moon                                    Kaye Sisters
Deeply devoted                               Kaye Sisters
First row balcony                            Kaye sisters
If only tomorrow                             Kaye sisters
I'm your boogie man                          KC & Sunshine Band
Only crying                                  Keith Marshall
Captain Beaky                                Keith Mitchell
I want to go somewhere                       Keith Stegall
Feels like I'm in love                       Kelly Marie
Hot love                                     Kelly Marie
Loving just for fun                          Kelly Marie
Crying over you                              Ken Boothe
And you were there                           Ken Dodd
Azzurro (Blue skies)                         Ken Dodd
Because of you (Il tuo sorriso)              Ken Dodd
Come to me                                   Ken Dodd
Dream that I love you                        Ken Dodd
Eight by ten                                 Ken Dodd
Hold my hand                                 Ken Dodd
It's love                                    Ken Dodd
Let me cry on your shoulder                  Ken Dodd
Now that you're gone                         Ken Dodd
Once in every lifetime                       Ken Dodd
Promises by Tom Carpenter                    Ken Dodd
Same mistakes                                Ken Dodd
Say                                          Ken Dodd
Tears                                        Ken dodd
The river                                    Ken Dodd
Think of me (wherever you are)               Ken Dodd
When love comes round again                  Ken Dodd
With you beside me                           Ken Dodd
Come on-a my house                           Ken MacKintosh
Ferry Boat Inn                               Ken Mackintosh
Number one Honeymoon lane                    Ken Mackintosh
Feet up!                                     Ken Platt
                                       BYGONE TUNES
Pretty little black eyed Susie                        Ken Platt
She's gone away                                       Ken Shaw
Baby I love you.O.K.                                  Kenny
Fancy pants                                           Kenny
Give it to me now                                     Kenny
Heart of stone                                        Kenny
Hotlips                                               Kenny
Julie Anne                                            Kenny
Nice to have you home                                 Kenny
Smile,smile,smile                                     Kenny Ball
So do I                                               Kenny Ball
This is it                                            Kenny Loggins
Coward of the county                                  Kenny Rogers
Lucille                                               Kenny Rogers
Something's burning                                   Kenny Rogers&1st Ed.
Fabulous babe(You're)                                 Kenny Williams
Mister Taptoe                                         Kevin & Michael John
The Donkey song(Come on,you lazy donkey)              Kevin & Michael John
Head over heels in love                               Kevin Keegan
Chug-a-lug (drink it down song                        Keynotes
I'm a wonderful thing, baby                           Kid Creole
Stool pigeon                                          Kid Creole & Cocoanu
Hi Fidelity                                           Kids from Fame
Starmaker                                             Kids from Fame TV scene cover
Amoureuse                                             Kiki Dee
Does it make you remember                             Kim Carnes
Voyeur                                                Kim Carnes
Marianne                                              King Bros.
Doll House                                            King Brothers
Hand me down my walkin' cane                          King Brothers
In the middle of an island                            King Brothers
Mais oui!                                             King Brothers
Mister Sandman                                        King Brothers
Party time                                            King Brothers
Wake up, little Susie                                 King Brothers
White sport coat                                      King Brothers
Gentlemen! The King!!                                 King George V
So long ago (Remember Bthelehem)                      King's singers
World in Union                                        Kiri Te Kanawa
For me                                                Kirk Stevens
Joanna                                                Kool & the gang
Jones vs. Jones                                       Kool & the gang
Take it to the top                                    Kool & the gang
Help me make it through the night                     Kris Kristofferson
Little does she know                                  Kursaal Flyers
Rock your baby                                        KWS
Rock Bottom (Song for Europe 1977)                    L de Paul,Mike Moran
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
White horse                                          Laid Back
No one but you (from film Flame & the flesh)         Lana Turner,+ man
Wheel of the wagon is broken                         Lance Fairfax
Einstein a go-go                                     Landscape
Peek-a-boo moon                                      Lane Sisters
Green Island                                         Langleys
Pam poo dey                                          Larry Adler
In the valley of the moon                            Larry Brennan
As long as the river flows on                        Larry Day
Houston (means I'm one day closer to you             Larry Gatlin & Bros
Almost called her Baby by mistake                    Larry Gatlin +
Ballad of the good luck charm                        Larry Hagman
Mister Custer                                        Larry Verne
Someone to love me                                   Laura Lee
Kentucky blues                                       Lauren Copley
O Superman                                           Laurie Anderson
He's got the whole in his hands                      Laurie London
Dream Mother                                         Layton & Johnstone
Same as we used toi do                               Layton & Johnstone
How do I live                                        LeAnne Rimes
Good morning                                         Leapy Lee
Here comes the rain                                  Leapy Lee
Little Arrows                                        Leapy Lee
You're my everything                                 Lee Garrett
You've got a good love coming                        Lee Greenwood
Can't I                                              Lee Lawrence
Chapel of the roses                                  Lee Lawrence
Crying in the chapel                                 Lee Lawrence
Faith can move mountains                             Lee Lawrence
Heart and soul                                       Lee Lawrence
High upon a mountain                                 Lee Lawrence
I believe                                            Lee Lawrence
I only saw him once                                  Lee Lawrence
If I ever love again                                 Lee Lawrence
Little mustard seed                                  Lee Lawrence
Luna Rossa (Blushing moon)                           Lee Lawrence
More than a millionaire                              Lee Lawrence
Rose I bring you                                     Lee Lawrence
Tobermory Bay                                        Lee Lawrence
Tonight beloved                                      Lee Lawrence
Days of wine & roses (from film)                     Lee Remick,J.Lemmon
Is it you                                            Lee Ritenoor
Friends and neighbours (also Janet Brown             Lee,Butterworth,
Feel the need                                        Leif Garrett
We agree perfectly                                   Len Bermon
Stars shine in your eyes                             Len Marten
My first love,my last love for always                Len Young
                                               BYGONE TUNES
Tree in the meadow                                       Len Young
Love made a fool of me                                   Lena Martell
Reasons why                                              Lena Martell
Ma he's making eyes at me                                Lena Zavaroni
Smile (by Chaplin)                                       Lena Zavaroni
Lucky number                                             Lene Lovich
Say when                                                 Lene Lovich
For love of you                                          Leo Fould
Love was a song                                          Leo Fuld
More than I can say                                      Leo Sayer
One man band                                             Leo Sayer
Raining in my heart                                      Leo Sayer
Thunder in my heart                                      Leo Sayer
When I need you                                          Leo Sayer
You make me feel like dancing                            Leo Sayer
Let us be sweethearts over again                         Leon Cortez+art deco
Don't push it don't force it                             Leon Haywood
In the middle of a kiss                                  Les Allen
Rehearsing a lullaby                                     Les Allen
Save a little sunshine                                   Les Allen
They say                                                 Les Allen
Things I do for love                                     Les Allen
December                                                 Les Baker
Boola                                                    Les Brown
Sweet Marie                                              Les Compagnons etc
Bless your heart (by C.Chester&Chacksfi                  Les Howard
Day of Jubilo                                            Les Howard
Oh my love-oh my heart                                   Les Howard
Only fascination                                         Les Howard
My friend                                                Les Howard
Man of action                                            Les Reed
Vaya Con Dios                                            Les.Paul & Mary Ford
April in Portugal                                        Leslie Howard
Don't let the stars get in your eyes                     Leslie Howard
Here's to my lady                                        Leslie Howard
Kiss for ev'ry candle                                    Leslie Howard
Walkin' my baby back home                                Leslie Howard
My friend (singer a.k.a.Hutch)                           Leslie Hutchinson
Ain't it grand to be blooming well dead                  Leslie Sarony
Don't you ever cry                                       Less Allen
All my love                                              Lester Ferguson
Domino                                                   Lester Ferguson
Love games                                               Level 42
Something about you                                      Level 42
Blacksmith blues                                         Lew Stone
On the night of June the third                           Lew Stone
Smoke gets in your eyes                                  Lew Stone
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Mouldy old dough                                 Lieutenant Pigeon
London Town                                      Light of the world
Sunset in Vienna (film title song)               Lilli Palmer
I can't forget                                   Lillian Burgiss
Sexy girl                                        Lillo Thomas
Dreamboat                                        Limmie & family Cook
Saxophone Jones                                  Limmie & family Cook
Walkin' miracle                                  Limmie & family Cook
You can do magic                                 Limmie & family Cook
Beautiful eyes                                   Lind Joyce
Fuzzy Wuzzy                                      Lind Joyce
Six lessons from Madame la Zonga                 Lind Joyce
Sold my rock & roll (gave 4 funky soul)          Linda & Funky boys
Rose of tomorrow                                 Linda Dale
Rock a doodle doo                                Linda Lewis
I've told ev'ry little star                      Linda Scott
8                                                Lindisfarne
Run for it                                       Lindisfarne
I'd love to fall asleep & wake up in you         Line Renaud
If I love                                        Line Renaud
Keep reaching out for love                       Liner
Intuition                                        Linx
You're lying                                     Linx
Give us a kiss for Christmas                     Lionel Bart
Hey! Ba-ba-re-bop                                Lionel Hampton
Dancing on the ceiling                           Lionel Richie
Say you Say me                                   Lionel Richie
Stuck on you                                     Lionel Richie
Don't panic                                      Liquid gold
Night the wine and the roses                     Liquid gold
Substitute                                       Liquid gold
I wonder if I take you home                      Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Allentown jail                                   Lita Roza
Botch-a-me                                       Lita Roza
Ebb Tide                                         Lita Roza
Half as much                                     Lita Roza
Hey! Jealous lover                               Lita Roza
Jimmy unknown                                    Lita Roza
Mama doll song                                   Lita Roza
My heart belongs to only you                     Lita Roza
Seven lonely days                                Lita Roza
Take care of yourself                            Lita Roza
Too young to go steady                           Lita Roza
Settin' the woods on fire                        Lita roza,D. Lotis
Early Autumn                                     Lita Roza,Ted Heath
Night Owls                                       Little river band
Every man must have a dream                      Liverpool Express
                                           BYGONE TUNES
So the story goes                                    Living in a box
I believe in music                                   Liza Minnelli
Cabaret from film                                    Liza Minnelli
Don't you rock me Daddy-o                            Lonnie Donegan
Have a drink on me                                   Lonnie Donegan
My old man's a dustman                               Lonnie Donegan
Tom Dooley                                           Lonnie Donegan
From seven till ten                                  Loretta Lynn&CTwitty
Just keep it up (& see what happens)                 Lorie Mann
House with love in it                                Lorrae Desmond
Kansas City Special                                  Lorrae Desmond
Mommy's little angel                                 Lorrae Desmond
I'm gonna make you mine                              Lou Christie
Vera's veranda                                       Lou Monte
Ev'rywhere                                           Lou Preagar
Aloma                                                Lou Preager
Down by the old Zuyder Zee                           Lou Preager
I heard you cried last night                         Lou Preager
Red moon over Havana                                 Lou Preager
Street in old Seville                                Lou Preager
When China boy meets China girl                      Lou Preager
Where's my love                                      Lou Preager
Hello Dolly                                          Louis Armstrong
Sunshine of Love                                     Louis Armstrong
Strike up the band                                   Louis Levy
Lay love on you                                      Louisa Fernandez
How does it feel?                                    Louisa Jane White
Runaway heart                                        Louise Mandrell
Too hot to sleep                                     Louise Mandrell
It may be winter outside                             Love unlimited
Hot girls in love                                    Loverboy
Holding on                                           Ltd.
Boat that I row                                      Lulu
Boom bang-a-bang                                     Lulu (Eurovision )
Never on Sunday                                      Lyn Cornell
Getting a drag                                       Lyndsey de Paul
I never pro,ised you a rose garden                   Lynn Anderson
What I learned from loving you                       Lynn Anderson
If everybody loved the same as you                   Lynn Paul
All night                                            Lynsey de Paul
No honestly                                          Lynsey de Paul
Sugar me                                             Lynsey de Paul
Won't somebody dance with me                         Lynsey de Paul
Big hurt Cover has Joan Small,                       M Evans,T Fisher
Sexy                                                 MFSB
Be my love (from film)                               M. Lanza/K Grayson
Oh,so wunderbar                                      M.Desmond,M.Vaughan
                           19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Starry Eyed                                     M.Holliday,D Power
Song of Capri (from film Dangerous Age)         M.Loy,R.Livesey
Don't do it baby                                Mac & Katie Kissoon
I'm just dreaming                               Mac & Katie Kissoon
Sugar Candy Kisses                              Mac & Katie Kissoon
Two of us                                       Mac & Katie Kissoon
Baby don't get hooked on me                     Mac Davies
Wanting you (from New moon)                     Macdonald & Eddy
Angel                                           Madonna
Happy everything                                Maggie Moon
Grey day                                        Magnus
We'll keep a welcome                            Mai Jones
Honey Lips                                      Malco;lm MIOtchell
Let's walk that-a-way                           Malcolm Mitchell Tri
Mambo Jambo                                     Malcolm Mitchell Tri
Love is all                                     Malcolm Roberts
May I have the next dream with you              Malcolm Roberts
Stand beside me                                 Malcolm Roberts
When there's no you                             Malcolm Roberts
Chapel of the roses                             Malcolm Vaughan
What is my destiny                              Malcolm Vaughan
Dedicated to the one I love                     Mama's and Papa's
Safe in my garden                               Mama's and Papa's
Fox on the run                                  Manfred Mann
Pretty Flamingo                                 Manfred Mann
Sha la la                                       Manfred Mann
Quinn the eskimo (Mighty Quinn)                 ManfredMann
Chanson d'Amour                                 Manhattan Transfer
Don't let go                                    Manhattan Transfer
On a little street in Singapore                 Manhatton Transfer
Twilight Zone/Twilight tone (UK pub.)           Manhatton Transfer
Walk in love                                    Manhatton Transfer
Dr Who                                          Mankind
Green Cockatoo                                  Mantovani
It's you that I love                            Mantovani
One kiss in a million                           Mantovani
Vienna in Springtime                            Mantovani
It was love                                     Mantovani,B Johnson
Heartbreak Hill                                 Maple Leaf Four
Elena                                           Marc Tanner
Is it too late                                  Marcia Owen
On Coronation day (she's a grand queen)         Marcia Owen (1953)
I'll come to you                                Margaret Eaves
Will you go with me                             Margaret Eaves
My heart is dancing with you                    Margaret Naylor
I love a mystery                                Margaret Whiting
Baby it's true                                  Mari Wilson
                                          BYGONE TUNES
This little bird                                        Marianne Faithfull
If I didn't miss you                                    Marie Benson
Oh! Wahta a day                                         Marie Benson
Paper roses                                             Marie Osmond
Lavender                                                Marillion
Cry and be free                                         Marilyn
You don't have to be a star                             Marilyn McCoo,B.Davi
Arrivederci,Roma                                        Mario Lanza
Because                                                 Mario Lanza
Serenade from Student Princ film                        Mario Lanza
Golden days by Romberg                                  Mario Lanza + 2
Loveliest night of the year                             Mario Lanza,A. Blyth
Because you're mine(from film)                          Mario Lanza,D.Morrow
Blue again                                              Marion Harris
One morning in May by Hoagy Carmichael                  Marion Harris
It's you that I love                                    Marion Ryan
Love me forever                                         Marion Ryan
World goes round and round                              Marion Ryan
El Bimbo                                                Marion,Susan Maughan
Game of broken hearts                                   Marjorie Daw
Diamond in the dust                                     Mark Gray
If all the magic is gone                                Mark Gray
Left side of the bed                                    Mark Gray
Smooth sailing (rock in the road)                       Mark Gray
Wounded Hearts                                          Mark Gray
Be anything (but be mine)                               Mark Pasquin
Jealous heart                                           Mark Pasquin
Love me my love                                         Mark Pasquin
Boy you're kissin'                                      Mark Wynter
It's almost tomorrow                                    Mark Wynter
Only you                                                Mark Wynter
Venus in blue jeans                                     Mark Wynter
Butterfly (by the Gibbs)                                Marmalade
Falling apart at the seams                              Marmalade
Radanger                                                Marmalade
Last of the singing cowboys                             Marshall Tucker band
Dancing in the city                                     Marshall,Hain
Always there                                            Marti Webb
Take that look off your face                            Marti Webb
Cigarettes and coffee blues                             Marty Robbins
Angry                                                   Marty Wilde
Marvin Rainwater                                        Marvin Rainwater
Whole lotta woman                                       Marvin Rainwater
Alone                                                   Marx Bros.K. Carlisl
You walk by                                             Mary & Percy Honri
Goodbye                                                 Mary Hopkin
Knock,knock who's there (Eurovision)                    Mary Hopkin
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Those were the days                              Mary Hopkin
Torn between 2 lovers                            Mary MacGregor
Kiss the boys Good-bye                           Mary Martin
Angel of the morning any way that you wa         Mary Mason
My friend the moon                               Mary Naykor
My Christmas wish                                Mary Naylor
Like a butterfly                                 Mat&Katie Kissoon
Babes in the wood                                Matchbox
Yeh,yeh                                          Matt Bianco
And you smiled (Vocal Eye level)                 Matt Monro
Fools rush in                                    Matt Monro
For Mama                                         Matt Monro
My kind of girl                                  Matt Monro
Yesterday (by Beatles)                           Matt Monro
I love the little things(Europe song)            Matt Monro (1964)
Beyond the hill                                  Matt Monros
I'm happy when I'm singing                       Maudie Edwards
On the 5.45                                      Maudie Edwards
Like I do                                        Maureen Evans
The Continental                                  Maureen McGovern
Little story                                     Maurice Farkoa
Wedding of Lili Marlene                          Maurice Keary
Darling (I'm longing to greet you)               Maurice Winnick
Girl in the Alice blue gown                      Maurice Winnick
I'm building a sailboat of dreams                Maurice Winnick
I'm my own grandpa                               Maurice Winnick
It isn't a dream                                 Maurice Winnick
Lights are low on Main Street                    Maurice Winnick
Me and the old folks at home                     Maurice Winnick
This year's roses                                Maurice Winnick
Adieu,Monsier le professeur                      Max Bygraves
Big head                                         Max Bygraves
C-R-A-Z-y music                                  Max Bygraves
Cricket song                                     Max Bygraves
Fings ain't wot they used to be                  Max Bygraves
Gotta have rain                                  Max Bygraves
I'll take the legs from some old table           Max Bygraves
Jones boy                                        Max Bygraves
Meet me on the corner                            Max Bygraves
Napoli,Napoli                                    Max Bygraves
Paradise Street                                  Max Bygraves
Sing after me                                    Max Bygraves
Sing along with me                               Max Bygraves
Strollin'                                        Max Bygraves
Third little turning                             Max Bygraves
Tomorrow                                         Max Bygraves
When the thrill has gone                         Max Bygraves
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Who made the morning                                  Max Bygraves
You need hands                                        Max Bygraves
My happiness                                          Max Bygraves
Nothin' to do                                         Max Bygraves
Tulips from Amsterdam                                 Max Bygraves
Friends and neighbours                                Max Bygraves
Baby come home                                        Max Miller
Come hither with your zither                          Max Miller
Meet me by the river                                  Max Miller
Sam's song                                            Max Wall
Play me some music for crying                         Maxine Daniels
Love hit me                                           Maxine Nightingale
Ain't no stoppin' us now                              McFadden & Whitehead
Be anything (but be mine)                             McGuire sisters
Be good to me                                         McGuire Sisters
Free as the wind                                      McQueen,Hoffmaan
You never know what you got                           Me and you
Pictures in the sky                                   Medecine Head
All of you                                            Mel Torme
Mountain Greenery                                     Mel Torme
Brand new key                                         Melanie
Northern Star                                         Melanie C
This is it                                            Melba Moore
Fools                                                 Melfis
Nice girls                                            Melissa Manchester
You should hear how she talks about you               Melissa Manchester
Overkill                                              Men at work
Knick knack song                                      Merry Macs
I think of you                                        Mersey Beats
To love somebody                                      Michael Bolton
Cinderella Sweetheart                                 Michael Flome
Georgia's gotta moon                                  Michael Flome
Gold mine in the sky                                  Michael Flome
I live for you my love                                Michael Flome
Joseph! Joseph!                                       Michael Flome
When Mother Nature sings her lullaby                  Michael Flome
I saw Esau                                            Michael Holliday
Four Walls                                            Michael Holliday
Ben                                                   Michael Jackson
One day in your life                                  Michael Jackson
She's out of my life                                  Michael Jackson
Tonight we ride                                       Michael Martin Murph
Rio                                                   Michael Nesmith
Automatic man                                         Michael Sembella
Let there be peace on earth                           Michael Ward
Weekend                                               Mick Jackson
Fool to cry                                           Mick Jagger
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Rosa Marie                                       Micky Andrews
Sacremento                                       Middle of the road
Soley soley                                      Middle of the road
No regrets                                       Midge Ure
That certain smile                               Midge Ure
Silent running                                   Mike + the mechanics
If I could only make you care                    Mike Berry
Sunshine of your smile                           Mike Berry
Sweet gingerbread man                            Mike Curb Congregati
When love has passed yopu by                     Mike Curtis
Rochdale cowboy                                  Mike Harding
Guilty                                           Mike Oldfield
Marry me                                         Mike Preston
Togetherness                                     Mike Preston
Love is a gamble                                 Mike Shawn
Have I stayed away too long?                     Miki & Griff
Tears break out on me                            Miki & Griff
If it wasn't for the reason that I love          Miki Antony
For old time's sake                              Millican & Nesbitt
Vaya Con Dios(Hughie Green also on cover         Milligan & Nesbitt
Wake the town and tell the people                Mindy Carson
What'll I do by I. Berlin                        Mis Farrow,R.Redford
Long ago                                         Miss Dorothy Ward
Mademoiselle                                     Miss Dorothy Ward
I don't wanna go home                            Miss Ella Shields
You're all the better for that                   Miss Ella Shields
So is your old lady                              Miss Elsie Carlisle
Let's all be a happy family                      Miss Florrie Forbe
I'm alone because I love you                     Miss Florrie Forde
Ma look at Charlie                               Miss Florrie Forde
Oh! Maggie, what have you been up to?            Miss Florrie Forde
Remember me (by Miller & Seymour)                Miss Florrie Forde
Passion flowers                                  Miss Jose Collins
Waltz song (from The Last waltz (Straus)         Miss Jose Collins
What;s to become of me                           Miss Lillian Burgiss
Play those old time meoldies                     Miss Lottie Lennox
Watching-waiting longing                         Miss Mimi Crawford
Moments                                          Miss Mona Grey
When it's sunset on the Nile                     Miss Nita Croft
Lantern time of love                             Miss Violet Essex
What have I done                                 Miss Yvette Darnac
Bonnie blue gal                                  Mitch Miller
Yellow rose of Texas                             Mitch Miller
Birds & the bees (from film)                     Mitzi Gaynor +
Never (Film song)                                Mitzi Gaynor + man
Cherry pink & apple blossom white                Modern Romance
Everybody Salsa                                  Modern Romance
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Brother Louie                                           Modern Talking
Loch Maree                                              Moira Anderson
Somewhere in the shadow of my dreams                    Moira Anderson
Perpendicular street                                    Monica Rose
Ever so lonely                                          Monsoon
Mia Canzone d'amore (My song of love)                   Monte Ray
Down the old Spanish trail                              Monte Rey
Love song of Renaldo                                    Monte Rey
Stars will remember (so will I)                         Monte Rey
When you're in love                                     Monte Rey
Yes I'll be there                                       Monte Rey
False hearted lover                                     Monty Norman
No chance                                               Moon Martin
Rolene                                                  Moon Martin
Everytime I take the time                               Moon Williams
Bring me sunshine                                       Morecambe & Wise
River,sing me a song                                    Morgan Davis
Feelings                                                Morris Alpert
I can't give you anything but love                      Morton Downey
I see a star                                            Mouth & McNeal
Feel like calling home                                  Mr Big
Romeo (by Dicken)                                       Mr Big
Broken wings                                            Mr Mister
Is it love                                              Mr Mister
How did I get home last night?                          Mrs Jacj Hylton
Sweet dreams sweetheart                                 Mrs Jack Hylton
Lonely this Christmas                                   Mud
Moonshine Sally                                         Mud
Tiger feet                                              Mud
In the summertime                                       Mungo Jerry
Lady Rose                                               Mungo Rose
Never mind                                              Murray & Mooney
Why did you make me love you                            Murray Pilcer
Seventy six trombones                                   Music man film art
Pass the Duchie                                         Musical youth
Pretty girl is like a melody (I.Berlin)                 Myrna Loy
Just can't give you up                                  Mystic Merlin
My hero                                                 N.Eddy,Rise Stevens
I don't want nobody else (to dance with                 N.M.Walden
I shoulda loved you (UK publication)                    N.M.Walden
I shoulda loved you (us publication)                    N.M.Walden
Boy meets girl                                          N.Wisdom,R. Murray
Echo told me a lie                                      Nadia Dore
My colouring book                                       Nana Mouskouri
Only love                                               Nana Mouskouri
Put your hand in the hand                               Nana Mouskouri
Try to remember                                         Nana Mouskouri
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Turn on the sun                              Nana Mouskouri
How does that grab you darlin'               Nancy Sinatra
Sugar town                                   Nancy Sinatra
Blossom fell                                 Nat King Cole
Brazilian love song                          Nat King Cole
Let there be love                            Nat King Cole
Looking back                                 Nat King Cole
Somewhere along the way                      Nat king Cole
St. Louis blues                              Nat King Cole
Unbelievable                                 Nat King Cole
When I fall in love                          Nat King Cole
Unforgettable                                Nat King Cole
Any time at all                              Nat Temple
Bewitched, bothered & bewildered             Nat Temple
Lillewtte                                    Nat Temple
Little girl                                  Nat Temple
When you're in love                          Nat Temple
Miss you like crazy                          Natalie Cole
When I grow too old to dream (film )         Navarro,Eevlyn Laye
Neighbours theme                             Neighbours '85 TV ca
Beautiful noise                              Neil Diamond
Mother of mine                               Neil Reid
That's what I want to be                     Neil Reid
Going nowhere                                Neil Sedaka
Happy birthday sweet sixteen                 Neil Sedaka
King of Clowns                               Neil Sedaka
Laughter in the rain                         Neil Sedaka
That's when the music takes me               Neil Sedaka
If you should sail                           Neilsen Pearson
Last night                                   Nesbitt Brothers
Mademoiselle                                 Neta Underwood
Get a little sand between your toes          New Edition
Mr Telephone man                             New Edition
Sunshine Saturday                            New Edition
Sanctuary                                    New Musik
This world of water                          New Musik
What have they done to my song,Ma            New Seeker/Melanie
Anthem                                       New Seekers
Beg,steal or borrow                          New Seekers
Circle                                       New Seekers
I get a little sentimental over you          New Seekers
I wanna go back                              New Seekers
I'd like to teach the world to sing          New Seekers
Never ending song of love                    New Seekers
You won't find another fool like me          New Seekers
Finchley Central                             New Vaudeville band
Green street green                           New Vaudeville band
                                       BYGONE TUNES
Kara Kara                                               New World
Roof top singing                                        New World
Sister Jane                                             New World
Tom Tom Turnaround                                      New World
Heartbeat                                               Nick Berry
Walk in the park                                        Nick Straker Band
Little grain of sand                                    Nico Fidenco
Little Peace                                            Nicole
Let me go,Love                                          Nicolette Larson
Lotta love                                              Nicolette Larson
Hot summer nights                                       Night
Everybody's talkin'                                     Nilsson
Without you                                             Nilsson
Countin' colours in a rainbow                           Nina & Frederik
Little donkey                                           Nina & Frederik
Little shepherd boy                                     Nina & Frederik
Long hard road (Sharecropper's dream)                   Nitty gritty dirt ba
Give me the Kingston by-pass                            Noel Coward
London Pride                                            Noel Coward
Spirit,body and soul                                    Nolan Sisters
Georgina Bailey                                         Noosha Fox
Why should I say that I'm sorry                         Nora Delany
When baby plays the rumba                               Nora Williams
Smilin' Through.(Film title song)                       Norma Shearer
Arm in arm (just you and me)                            Norman Newman
Happiness tree                                          Norman Vaughan
Beware (from film)                                      Norman Wisdom
Autumn Concerto(by Bargoni.Vocal version                Norrie Paramore
Is it a dream                                           Nouveaux
I can't wait                                            Nu Shooz
You're the one that I want                              O. Newton John & John Travolta
Together                                                O.C.Smith
Summer nights from Grease                               O.Newton John& John Travolta
American made                                           Oak ridge boys
Love song                                               Oak ridge boys
I feel like a feather in the breeze (Fil                Oakie,F Langford
Roll with it                                            Oasis
Going back to my roots                                  Odyssey
If you're lookin' for a way out                         Odyssey
Magic Touch                                             Odyssey
Native New Yorker                                       Odyssey
Use it up and wear it out                               Odyssey
Yummy,yummy,yummy                                       Ohio express
Brandy                                                  O'Jays
Get down Saturday night                                 Oliver Cheatham
I honestly love you                                     Olivia Newton John
Banks of the Ohio                                       Olivia Newton-John
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Banks of the Ohio (Pub. in Australia)            Olivia Newton-John
Dancin' round and round                          Olivia Newton-John
Something better to do                           Olivia Newton-John
Take me home country roads                       Olivia Newton-John
Say,Has anybody seen my sweet gypsy rose         Orlando & Dawn
Walk hand in hand                                Ormonde Douglas
I couldn't say no                                Orrell with Carter
My heaven in the pines                           Oscar Rabin
This is no laughing matter                       Oscar Rabin
Dance the body music                             Osibisa
Sunshine Day                                     Osibisa
Somewhere at the end of the rainbow              Ossie Morris
D.I.S.C.O.                                       Ottawan
Hands up (Give me your heart)                    Ottawan
You just might see me cry                        Our Kid
If winter comes                                  Owen Nares
It's never too late (to fall in love)            Owen Walters
Take you tonight                                 Ozark
Hold me                                          P J Proby
Sing,little birdie                               P.Carr,T.Johnson
Sins of a family                                 P.F.Sloan
Who's taking you home tonight                    P.Robbins,F.Leighton
Love will find a way                             Pablo Cruise
Lovin' you ain't easy                            Pagliaro
Thank you (By Head)                              Pale Fountains
Norman Bates.(Landscape)                         Pam Stephenson,+
Billy-don't be a hero                            Paper Lace
Black-eyed boys                                  Paper Lace
Light up the fire                                Parchment
Breaking up is hard to do                        Partridge family
Heartbreaker                                     Pat Benatar
Don't forbid me                                  Pat Boone
For a penny                                      Pat Boone
It's too soon to know (ms.)                      Pat Boone
Johnny Will                                      Pat Boone
Love letters in the sand                         Pat Boone
Meditation                                       Pat Boone
Quando,quando quando                             Pat Boone
Rich in love                                     Pat Boone
Sugar moon                                       Pat Boone
Wonderful time up there                          Pat Boone
April love                                       Pat Boone (film)
Kiss of fire                                     Pat Hyde
Breathless                                       Pat Taylor
Gonna get along without ya now                   Patience & Prudence
Bubbling hot                                     Pato Banton
Melba waltz                                      Patrice Munsel
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Forget me nots                                           Patrice Rushen
All (TV television comp. winner '1957                    Patricia bredin
Rosanna                                                  Patricia Roc
Born to be alive                                         Patrick Hernandez
Got a feeling                                            Patrick Jubet
I love America                                           Patrick Juvet
It's better to cry today                                 Patsy Anne Noble
Coward of the county                                     Patsy Cline
From New York to L.A.                                    Patsy Gallant
How important can it be                                  Patti Lewis
Speak for yourself John                                  Patti Lewis
Cross over the bridge                                    Patti Page
Left right out of your heart                             Patti Page
Danger! Heartbreak ahead                                 Pattie Lewis
Pin striped pants (& cut away coat)                      Paul Adam
Diana                                                    Paul Anka
I love you baby                                          Paul Anka
Let the bells keep ringing                               Paul Anka
Love (makes the world go round)                          Paul Anka
To bed early                                             Paul Carpenter
Your baby ain't your baby any more                       Paul da Vinci
Midnight Rider                                           Paul Davidson
Darlin'                                                  Paul Davies
Hello,this is Joannie(Tel. answering son                 Paul Evans
Don't waste my time                                      Paul Hardcastle
Half a world away by Scott & Payne                       Paul Johnson
Thinkin' ain't for me                                    Paul Jones
Go on home                                               Paul Korda
All my trials                                            Paul McCartney
Grandma's party                                          Paul Nicholas
Heaven on the 7th floor                                  Paul Nicholas
Night the floor fell in                                  Paul Rich
Bridge over troubled water                               Paul Simon
Take me to the Mardi Gras                                Paul Simons
Wedding song                                             Paul Stookey
Come back and stay                                       Paul Young
Every thing must change                                  Paul Young
Opposites attract                                        Paula Abdul
Do you believe in dreams                                 Paula Green
Let's wait until tomorrw                                 Paula Green
Tonight, I celebrate my love                             Peabo Bryson,R Flack
Heaven above me                                          Peabo Bryson,R.Flack
Shake your groove thing                                  Peaches and Herb
All the bees are buzzing 'round my honey                 Pearl Carr
Got any dough Ma?                                        Pearl Carr
Longing for you                                          Pearl Carr
Please Mr Sun                                            Pearl Carr
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Poppa Piccolino                                  Pearl Carr
Sweet Elizabeth                                  Pearl Carr,T Johnson
I'd give you the world                           Pearl Carr,T.Johnson
Girl friend                                      Pebbles
It's all been done before                        PeeWee Hunt,Fordyce
Down the old Spanish trail                       Peggy Brooks
Moon at sea                                      Peggy Cochrane
Manana                                           Peggy Lee
Mr Wonderful                                     Peggy Lee,Yana et al
I'd love to fall asleep (& wake up in y          Penny Nicholls
My lucky number                                  Penny Nicholls
Two humble people                                Penny Nicholls
The Skip                                         Peppi
Heartache                                        Pepsi & Shirlie
Susannah!                                        Percy Sunderland
And I love you so                                Perry Como
Catch a falling star                             Perry Como
Chi-baba chi-baba(my bambino go to sleep         Perry Como
Dance only with me                               Perry Como
Delaware                                         Perry Como
Don't you forget it                              Perry Como
For the good times                               Perry Como
Gone is my love                                  Perry Como
Hot Diggity                                      Perry Como
I can almost read your mind                      Perry Como
I love you & don't you forget it                 Perry Como
It's impossible                                  Perry Como
Let's go to church (next Sunday morn             Perry Como
Love makes the world go round (Yeah Yeah         Perry Como
Magic moments                                    Perry Como
Mandolines in the moonlight                      Perry Como
Moon-talk                                        Perry Como
My heart isn't in it                             Perry Como
My lady loves to dance                           Perry Como
My one and only heart                            Perry Como
Red roses for a blue lady                        Perry Como
To know you is to love you                       Perry Como
Tomboy                                           Perry Como
Way we were                                      Perry Como
She came as a stranger                           Perry Ford
Mariandl                                         Pet Clark,Jim Young
Pretend                                          Pet Clark,Julie Dawn
World without love                               Peter & Gordon
Everything old is new again                      Peter Allen
I go to Rio                                      Peter Allen
If I were you                                    Peter and Gordon
Lipsmackin' rockin' 'n' rollin'                  Peter Blake
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Crickets                                              Peter Cowap
Oh,my wonderful tell me you're mine                   Peter Dimuantes
Show me the way                                       Peter Frampton
Five flight walk up                                   Peter Goodhand-Tait
You Are                                               Peter Goodhand-Tait
Farewell Hawaii                                       Peter Hodgkinson
Windsor waltz                                         Peter Madren
Puff the magic dragon                                 Peter Paul and Mary
Frozen orange juice                                   Peter Sarsted
Love me love my dog                                   Peter Shelley
Hold on to love                                       Peter Skellern
Love is the sweetest thing                            Peter Skellern
It looks like rain in Cherry blossom lan              Peter Yorke
Blowin' in the wind                                   Peter,Paul & Mary
leaving on a jet plane                                Peter,Paul & Mary
Oh Rosanna                                            Peter. Goofhand-Tait
Closer                                                Peters & Lee
By your side                                          Peters and Lee
Don't stay away too long                              Peters and Lee
Hey Mr Music Mna                                      Peters and Lee
Love (Loving time)                                    Peters and Lee
Rainbow                                               Peters and Lee
Welcome home                                          Peters and Lee
Alone (why must I be alone                            Petula Clark
Baby lover (65 Special film)                          Petula Clark
Down town                                             Petula Clark
Eternally                                             Petula Clark
Far away places                                       Petula Clark
Flirtation waltz                                      Petula Clark
Little shoemaker                                      Petula Clark
Majorca                                               Petula Clark
May kway oh May (Rose Rose I love you)                Petula Clark
Music!Music!Music! (Put another nickel i              Petula Clark
My friend the sea                                     Petula Clark
Pendulum song                                         Petula Clark
Romeo (by Stolz)                                      Petula Clark
Sailor                                                Petula Clark
Somebody                                              Petula Clark
Thank you (By Schneider)                              Petula Clark
Welcome home                                          Petula Clark
With all my heart                                     Petula Clark
With your love                                        Petula Clark
Other man's grass                                     Petula Clark
Silver dollar                                         Petula Clark (Young
If leaving me is easy                                 Phil Collins
Dancing tight                                         Phil Fearon
Wait until tonight                                    Phil Fearon
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Do the high life                                 Phil Fernando
I'm in love with someone                         Phil Green
I'm so right tonight                             Phil Harris
Giving it back                                   Phil Hurtt
All my life (from film)                          Phil Regan
Every night (by Paul McCartney '70)              Phoebe Snow
Games                                            Phoebe Snow
Emily Small (the huge world therof)              Picadilly Line
Baby I won't let you down                        Pickettywitch
Sad old kinda' movie                             Pickettywitch
That same old feeling                            Pigettywitch
Call me round and do me good                     Pilot
January                                          Pilot
Doin' what comes Natura'lly                      Pink art (Annie get your gun by Berlin
Anything you can do                              Pink art (Annie get your gun film)
Give and take                                    Pioneers
Baby come back                                   Player
Dat                                              Pluto
Baby come & get me                               Pointer Sisters
I need you                                       Pointer Sisters
Up in a puff of smoke                            Polly Brown
For love                                         Pousette-Dart band
After the goldrush                               Prelude
Private life                                     Pretenders
Follow me                                        Price & Fame
Love enough for 2                                Prima Donna
Mississippi                                      Pussycat
Smile (by Theunissen)                            Pussycat
Lone ranger                                      Quantum Jump
Take me to heart                                 Quarterflash
Razzamatazz                                      Quincy Jones
We do it                                         R & J Stone
P Shepherd & P Lowe. Wisdom of a fool            R Carroll,A Klooger.
Haven't got a worry (Stars are singing )         R Clooney+film star
I believe I can fly                              R Kelly
Bali Ha'i (U.S. film publication)                R.Brazzi,M Gaynor
Back together again                              R.Flack,D.Hathaway
Unchained melody                                 R.Green,J Flynn
Somethin' stupid                                 R.Williams,N.Kidman
Boy oh boy                                       Racey
Lay your love on me                              Racey
Some girls                                       Racey
b-a-b-y                                          Rachel Sweet
Tonight I'm alright                              Rada Michael Waldon
I'll dance at your wedding                       Radcliffe & Ray
Last mile home                                   Radcliffe & Ray
When you're in love                              Radcliffe & Ray
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Bell bottom blues                                       Radio Revellers
French Can-can polka                                    Radio Revellers
Suvla bay                                               Radio Revellers
Rosaline                                                Radio Revllers
Do it, do it again                                      Raffaella Carra
Odyssey                                                 Rain
England                                                 Ralph McTell
Streets of London                                       Ralph McTell
Look for the sunrise                                    Ralph Reader
Tide will turn again                                    Ralph Reader
I'm looking for a sweetheart                            Ralph Wilson
I've got a real daddy now                               Ramon Newton
April is here                                           Ramon Remedios
Promises                                                Ramon St Cliar
Jogging along behind the old grey mare                  Randolph Sutton
You might need somebody                                 Randy Crawford
Hearts on fire                                          Randy Meisner
Suzi                                                    Randy Vanwarmer
Do it to the music                                      Raw Silk
If you go away                                          Ray Barrett
Are you sincere                                         Ray Burns
Condemned for life (with a r. & r life)                 Ray Burns
Little nightingale                                      Ray Burns
Mobile                                                  Ray Burns
The Voice                                               Ray burns
I can't stop loving you                                 Ray Charles
Kiss me again                                           Ray Ellington
In old Lisbon                                           Ray Martin
Stolen love                                             Ray Miller
Bad Boy                                                 Ray Parker Jnr
I still can't get over loving you                       Ray Parker Jnr
Jamie                                                   Ray Parker Jnr
Let me go                                               Ray Parker Jnr
Bridget                                                 Ray Stevens
Everything is beautiful                                 Ray Stevens
L'Amour                                                 Ray Stevens
Misty                                                   Ray Stevens
Turn radio on                                           Ray Stevens
Turn the radio on                                       Ray Stevens
You can't change that                                   Raydio
Broadway Rhythm                                         Rbt, Taylor,Eleanor Powell
I'd've baked a cake                                     Rd.Attenborough art
Boogie down (get funky now)                             Real thing
Can you feel the force (UK publication)                 Real thing
Can you feel the force (US publication)                 Real thing
You'll never know what you're missing                   Real thing
The show                                                Rebrcca Storm
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
China                                           Red Rockers
Teddy Bear                                      Red Sovine
I'm a happy happy Christian                     Redd Harper
My Testimony song                               Redd Harper
Rally round the cross                           Redd Harper
Down by the old village pump                    Reg Bolton
Confidential Lullaby                            Reg Dixon
Confidentially                                  Reg Dixon
Why can't I                                     Reg Dixon
Goodbye to summer                               Reg Pursglove
Whispering waltz                                Reg. Dixon at organ
7 teen                                          Regents
Halls of ivy                                    Reggie Goff
I'll make up for everything                     Reggie Goff
Little foolish pride                            Reggie Goff
One! two! three! A-lairah                       Reggie Goff
It's Sunday down in Caroline                    Reilly&Billy Comfort
Northern Lights                                 Renaissance
Don't let him go                                Reo Speedwagon
Keep on loving you (UK published)               Reo Speedwagon
Keep on loving you (US published)               Reo Speedwagon
Variety tonight                                 Reo Speedwagon
Heartbreak Kid                                  Restless Heart
Til I loved you                                 Restless Heart
(Sending out an) S.O.S.                         Retta Young
Ferry Boat Inn                                  Ribton & Richards
Metro Polka                                     Ribton & Richards
Shawl of Galway grey                            Ribton & Richards
Magic eyes                                      Richard
Good morning,Mr Echo                            Richard Attenborough
I'm in love again                               Richard Attenborough
Oh happy day                                    Richard Attenborough
Shanghai(Why did I tell you I was going         Richard Attenborough
Take to the mountains                           Richard Barnes
Right here waiting                              Richard Mark
It takes two to tango                           Richard Myhill
My heart and I                                  Richard Tauber
American generation                             Richie Family
Does he ever mention my name                    Rick & Janice Carnes
Hold me in your arms                            Rick Astley
Never gonna give you up                         Rick Astley
Whenever you need somebody                      Rick Astley
Big Time                                        Rick James
Dance wit' me                                   Rick James
For you                                         Rick Nelson
I've done everything for you                    Rick Springfield
What would the children think                   Rick Springfield
                                          BYGONE TUNES
Young Blood                                             Rickie Lee Jones
You've got a lover                                      Ricky Scaggs
You're sixteen                                          Ringo Starr
We're all alone                                         Rita Coolidge
Words (by Gibbs)                                        Rita Coolidge
Long ago (& far away)- film song                        Rita Hayworth
On the banks of the Wabash                              Rita Hayworth Victor Mature
Fire down below (film title song)                       Rita Hayworth (Film
Oh the pity of it all (film song)                       Rita Hayworth,V Matu
Once upon a Winter time                                 Rita Williams
Lonely town                                             Robb Storme
Keep your eye on the sparrow(Baretta' TV                Robert Blake
All (TV television comp. winner '1957                   Robert Earl
April serenade                                          Robert Earl
Believe in me                                           Robert Earl
Shalom                                                  Robert Earl
Better get ready for love                               Robert Knight
Down in the glen                                        Robert Wilson
Gordon for me                                           Robert Wilson
Isle of Arran                                           Robert Wilson
Jeanie with the light brown hair                        Robert Wilson
Northern Lights                                         Robert Wilson
Oh! dear! She's wonderful,beautiful                     Robert Wilson
When the whole world was dancing                        Robert Young
Killing me softly with his song                         Roberta Flack
Zodiacs                                                 Roberta Kelly
Granada                                                 Roberto Cardinali
Italian serenade                                        Roberto Cardinali
'A'-you're adorable (Alphabet song)                     Roberto Inglez
Jet                                                     Roberto Inglez
Moon at sea (at the organ)                              Robinson Cleaver
My magic man                                            Rochelle
Dirty Water                                             Rock & Hyde
Remember (by Vangarde)                                  Rock Candy
Do ya think I'm sexy                                    Rod Stewart
Farewell                                                Rod Stewart
Passion                                                 Rod Stewart
Sailing                                                 Rod Stewart
Do anything you wanna do                                Rods
Free me                                                 Roger Daltry
Engine Engine number nine                               Roger Miller
England swings                                          Roger Miller
King of the road                                        Roger Miller
Little green apples                                     Roger Miller
Get used to it                                          Roger Voudouris
Durham Town                                             Roger Whittaker
I don't believe in if any more                          Roger Whittaker
                              19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
New world in the morning                        Roger Whittaker
Summer days                                     Roger Whittaker
Tie me kangaroo down sport                      Rolf Harris
Two little boys                                 Rolf Harris
Big bell & little bell                          Ron Rowlands
If you hadn't asked me to dance                 Ronald Chesney
Rose of the mountains                           Ronalde
Whistling bobby                                 Ronalde
Windmill song                                   Ronalde
Game of love                                    Ronnie Aldrich
There's a pawnshop on the corner                Ronnie Aldrich
If only tomorrow                                Ronnie Carrol
Around the world                                Ronnie Carroll
Chain gang                                      Ronnie Carroll
Last love                                       Ronnie Carroll
Roses are red                                   Ronnie Carroll
Say wonderful things                            Ronnie Carroll
Tears & Roses                                   Ronnie Carroll
To be loved                                     Ronnie Carroll
Who are we                                      Ronnie Carroll
Let's start all over again                      Ronnie Dove
Armen's theme                                   Ronnie Harris
Aurora                                          Ronnie Harris
H.A.P.P.Y Radio                                 Ronnie Harris
Hello Mrs Jones (is Mary there)                 Ronnie Harris
I still believe                                 Ronnie Harris
I wonder                                        Ronnie Harris
I've changed my mind a 1000 times               Ronnie Harris
Have you ever been lonely?                      Ronnie Hilton
Stars shine in your eyes                        Ronnie Hilton
Two different worlds                            Ronnie Hilton
Veni-vidi-vici                                  Ronnie Hilton
Windmill in old Amsterdam                       Ronnie Hilton
Wonder of you                                   Ronnie Hilton
I dream of women like you                       Ronnie McDowell
Evelyn                                          Ronnie Pleydell
Autumn Evensong                                 Ronnie Ronald
There's a little old church on the hill         Ronnie Ronalde
When the one you love loves you                 Ronnie Ronalde
How about you?                                  Rooney,Judy Garland
Let him go-let him tarry (film song)            Rosamund John+ stars
I'll always love you (You know that ..)         Rose Brennan
Sincerely                                       Rose Brennan
Tall dark stranger                              Rose Brennan
My heart is full of sunshine                    Rose Perfect
Do your dance (part 1)                          Rose Royce
Is it love you're after                         Rose Royce
                                          BYGONE TUNES
Ooh Boy                                               Rose Royse
Botch-a-me                                            Rosemary Clooney
Go on by                                              Rosemary Clooney
Learnin' the blues                                    Rosemary Clooney
Louderboomer bird                                     Rosemary Clooney
Love among the young                                  Rosemary Clooney
Mangos                                                Rosemary Clooney
This ole house                                        Rosemary Clooney
Where will the dimple be                              Rosemary Clooney
Wo-man                                                Rosemary Clooney
In apple blossom time                                 Rosemary June
These are the riches                                  Rosemary Squires
Five minutes more (from film Piccadilly Hayride)      Ross sisters,Sid Field
Place within my heart                                 Rossano Brazzi
Don't misunderstand me                                Rossington Collins b
Shot gun wedding                                      Roy C
Crazy little horn                                     Roy Castle
Little white Berry                                    Roy Castle
Carelessly                                            Roy Fox
It's my mother's birthday today                       Roy Fox
Just an echo in the valley                            Roy Fox
Love in the moonlight                                 Roy Fox
My mother's garden                                    Roy Fox
Over a glass of champagne                             Roy Fox
Two shadows                                           Roy Fox
Ashes of roses                                        Roy Lester
Can anyone explain                                    Roy Lester
Me and my imagination                                 Roy Lester
There's a harvest moon tonight                        Roy Lester
Who could love you like me                            Roy Lester
If you love me(I won't care)Hymne a l'am              Roza, R Brennan
Are you ready to fly                                  Rozalla
Evermore                                              Ruby Murray
Happy days & lonely nights                            Ruby Murray
Heartbeat                                             Ruby Murray
I'll come when you call                               Ruby Murray
If anyone finds this,I love you                       Ruby Murray
Make him Jealous (Oh please)                          Ruby Murray
Pianissimo                                            Ruby Murray
Softly,softly                                         Ruby Murray
Come to me                                            Ruby Winters
Leggo Skanga                                          Rudie Edwards
What do we care                                       Rudy Lewis
My heart belongs to the girl who belongs              Rudy Vallee
Stein song (fill the stein 4 auld lang s              Rudy Vallee
Old New England moon                                  Rudy Vallee (US.Pub.
Ain't nobody                                          Rufus,Chaka Khan
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Answering machine                                Rupert Holmes
Him                                              Rupert Holmes
I don't need you                                 Rupert Holmes
Ire Feelings                                     Rupie Edwards
Atmosphere                                       Russ Abbot
Beggars of Rome                                  Russ Conway
Till                                             Russ Conway
Time to celebrate                                Russ Conway
Toy Balloons                                     Russ Conway
We will make love                                Russ Hamilton
We will make love                                Russ Hamilton
Longing for you                                  Russ Morgan
Cinco Robles                                     Russell Arms
Looking back to see                              Rusty Draper
I give you my heart                              S Churchill,V Oliver
Sweet baby                                       S Clark & G Duke
Only sixteen                                     S Cooke,A Saxon,Doug
Need you                                         S.Browne,M.Naylor
Windmills of your mind                           S.McQueen,Dunaway
Passing strangers                                S.Vaughan,B.Eckstine
My oh my                                         Sad Cafe
Strange little girl                              Sad Cafe
Girls.girls.girls                                Sailor
Glass of champagne                               Sailor
Cuttin' in                                       Sal Mineo
Mirrors                                          Sally Oldfield
Da-dim da-dim                                    Sam Browne
End of a wonderful day                           Sam Browne
I don't see me                                   Sam Browne
Lovely is the evening                            Sam Browne
On top of old smoky                              Sam Browne
Shoemakers serenade                              Sam Browne
Sunset at sea                                    Sam Browne
Wedding samba                                    Sam Browne
When you were sweet sixteen                      Sam Browne
With these hands                                 Sam Browne
I taut I taw a puddy-tat                         Sam Costa
I'm changing my hat for a bowler                 Sam Costa
Jezebel                                          Sam Costa
Just the way you are                             Sam Costa
Sam's song                                       Sam Costa
Trouble with love -is love                       Sam Costa
Number one (That's my darling,darling Ca         Sam Costs
Sugar don't bite                                 Sam Harris
Do ya do ya (wanna please me)                    Samantha Fox
No regrets                                       Samantha Jones
Emotion                                          Samantha Sang
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Help me make it through the night                      Sammi Smith
Blues for Mr Charlie                                   Sammy Davis
Song and dance man (name)                              Sammy Davis
Smile (by Chaplin)                                     Sammy Davis Jnr.
Your love is driving me crazy                          Sammy Hagar
Two sides of love                                      Sammy Hagar (US)
In the mission of St. Augustine                        Sammy Kaye
Puppet on a string ('67 Eurovision)                    Sandie Shaw
You've not changed at all                              Sandie Shaw
Long live love                                         Sandie Shaw
Girl don't come                                        Sandie Shaw
Garden in Granada                                      Sandy Macpherson
When it's lamp lightin; time in the vall               Sandy Powell
She's not there                                        Santana
Phantom of the opera                                   Sarah Brightmen
Oo-la-la too soon                                      Sarah Dash
Sinner man                                             Sarah Dash
Broken hearted melody                                  Sarah Vaughan
Wait'll it's mmoonlight                                Savoy Orleans
Liverpool Lou                                          Scaffold
Gladiators                                             Scenes from TV programme
Rock you like a hurricane                              Scorpians
Easy!Easy (1974 Scotland football squad)               Scotland footballers
San Francisco(be sure to wear some flowe               Scott McKenzie
From Russia with love                                  Sean Connery (film)
Let your heart dance                                   Secret Affair
Carnival is over                                       Seekers
Georgy girl                                            Seekers
Morningtown ride                                       Seekers
On the other side-66(U.S.A. printing                   Seekers
Walk with me.                                          Seekers
We shall not be moved.                                 Seekers
We're moving on.                                       Seekers
When will the good apples fall.                        Seekers
World of our own                                       Seekers
Missing words                                          Selecter
The Whisper                                            Selector
Chance in time                                         Severine
They all came marching home                            Sgt.W Scuffham
Third man                                              Shadows trio
Loop di love                                           Shag
Night birds                                            Shakatak
Breaking up my heart                                   Shakin' Stevens
Cry just a little bit                                  Shakin' Stevens
It's raining                                           Shakin' Stevens
Letter to you                                          Shakin' Stevens
Oh Julie                                               Shakin' Stevens
                             19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Teardrops                                        Shakin' Stevens
The green door                                   Shakin' Stevens
Turning away                                     Shakin' Stevens
I owe you one                                    Shalamar
Make that move                                   Shalamar
Take that to the bank                            Shalamar
Believe in me                                    Shani Wallis
Something in the air                             Shani Wallis
Ten little kisses                                Shani Wallis
I specialize in love                             Sharon Brown
Eat more fruit                                   Shaun Glenville
Machinery                                        Sheena Easton
Sugar Walls                                      Sheena Easton
Take my time                                     Sheena Easton
It's temptation                                  Sheer Elegance
Life is too short girl                           Sheer elegance
Milky way                                        Sheer Elegance
Spacer                                           Sheila B Devotion
Angel on my shoulder                             Shelby Flint
If I had my way                                  Sherbet
Birth of the blues (from fiim)                   Sheree North + 3 men
Willie Can                                       Shirley Abicair
Fair Dinkum dinky di I do                        Shirley Abicare
As I love you (more & more & more)               Shirley Bassey
For all we know                                  Shirley Bassey
I (who have nothing)                             Shirley Bassey
Never,never,never (Grande,grande,grande)         Shirley Bassey
No regrets                                       Shirley Bassey
Something (by George Harrison)                   Shirley Bassey
What now my love                                 Shirley Bassey
When you smile                                   Shirley Bassey
Sometimes                                        Shirley Bassey
Solilioquy (from Carousel film)                  Shirley Jones,G MacRae,dancers
Goodnight,my love (from film)                    Shirley Temple
On the good ship lollipop                        Shirley Temple
You've got what I need                           Shooting star
Dancin' party                                    Showaddywaddy
I wonder why                                     Showaddywaddy
Little bit of soap                               Showaddywaddy
Three steps to heaven                            Showaddywaddy
When                                             Showaddywaddy
You got what it takes                            Showaddywaddy
Under the moon of love                           Showaddywaddy
Bamboo                                           Sid Dea
Grand Central station                            Sid Phillips
I hear the bluebells ring                        Sid Phillips
Love Missile F1-11                               Sigue Sigue Sputnik
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Save me                                             Silver Convention
Sound of silence                                    Simon & Garfunkel
Baby come back to me                                Simon de Lacey
Summer of my life                                   Simon May
Scarborough/Canticle                                Simon/Garfunkel
Let there be love                                   Simple Minds
Sanctify yourself                                   Simple Minds
C'est magnifique                                    Sinatra,MacLaine,+
Bewitched, bothered & bewildered (film)             Sinatra,Novak,Haywor
Right back where we started from                    Sinitta
All American girls                                  Sister Sledge
Got to love someboby                                Sister Sledge
End of the world                                    Skeeter Davis
Into the valley                                     Skids
My oh my                                            Slade
Forever and ever                                    Slik
Requiem                                             Slik
Happy anniversary                                   Slim Whitman
If you think you know how to know me                Smokey
Being with you                                      Smokey Robinson
Something's been making me blue                     Smokie
Wild wild angels                                    Smokie
Driver's seat                                       Sniff 'n the tears
Torch                                               Soft Cell
Bless your heart (by Keith)                         Solomon Kin
Six times a week & twice on Sunday                  Song pedlars
Whiffenpoof song (Baa baa baa)                      Song Pedlars
Pride of the Nancy Lee                              Sonny {layer
Broken hearted clown                                Sonny Farrar
Young love                                          Sonny James
Goodness gracious me                                Sophia Loren,Sellers
Get a life                                          Soul 11 Soul
Honey Chile                                         Southern Sisters
I'm so anxious                                      Southside Johnny +
Take it on the run                                  Speedwagon
2 become 1                                          Spice girls
I got you                                           Split Enz
Cafe Amore                                          Spyro Gyra
Morning dance                                       Spyro Gyro
Slap & Tickle                                       Squeeze
Jump to the beat                                    Stacy Lattisaw
Let me be your angel                                Stacy Lattisaw
All's well Mademoiselle                             Stan Atkins
Don't say that nobody loves you                     Stan Atkins
Two faced clock                                     Stan Bernard Trio
Lulu had a baby                                     Stan Stennett
It all comes back to me now                         Stanley Black
                          19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
What you waitin' for                             Stargard
365 kisses                                       Stargazers
Close the door                                   Stargazers
Hot Diggity                                      Stargazers
I see the moon                                   Stargazers
I want to be near you(you're the one x 3         Stargazers
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith                    Stargazers
Kissin' bug boogie                               Stargazers
Lonely dreams,lonely lips,lonely heart           Stargazers
Rub-a-dub-dub                                    Stargazers
Steamboat river ball (at the..)                  Stargazers
Cuanto le Gusta We gptta get goin'               Stars from film
Just one of those things (film)                  Stars of Can-Can
Rio nights                                       Stasny cover
Rock n roll/ Hold you back                       Status Quo
Slippery Rock 70's                               Staveley Makepeace
Star                                             Stealer's wheel
Haitian divorce                                  Steeley Dan
Born with a smile on my face                     Steph. de Sykes/Rain
We'll find our day                               Stephanie de Sykes
Never knew love like this before                 Stephanie Mills
Sit yourself down                                Stephens Stills
Last thing on my mind                            Steps
One for sorrow                                   Steps
What is a husband                                Steve Allen
Suddenly I'm in love                             Steve Arlen
Dancin' in the key of life                       Steve Arrington
Good luck,good health,god bless you              Steve Conway
I never loved anyone                             Steve Conway
I want to be the only one                        Steve Conway
I'm spending the evening with friends of         Steve Conway
Sentimental me                                   Steve Conway
Take me in your arms                             Steve Conway
Pum-pa-lum (The bad donkey)                      Steve Lawrence
I will come home                                 Steve Lester
Crying roses                                     Steve Martin
The Weekend                                      Steve Wariner
What I didn't do                                 Steve Wariner
Valerie                                          Steve Winwood
While you see a chance                           Steve Winwood
Another star                                     Stevie Wonder
I ain't gonna stand for it                       Stevie Wonder
I just called to say I love you                  Stevie Wonder
Lately                                           Stevie Wonder
Overjoyed                                        Stevie Wonder
Sir Duke                                         Stevie Wonder
You are the sunshine of my life                  Stevie Wonder
                                           BYGONE TUNES
We can work it out                                        Stevie Wonder
Say it again                                              Stewart Jermaine
Since yesterday                                           Strawberry Switchbla
Toast                                                     Street band
Greatest mistake of my life                               Street Singer.Tracey
For my love (Onedin Line)                                 Stuart Gillies
Now that summer's gone                                    Stuart Gillies
I'm in the mood for love                                  Stuart James
Song that I sing                                          Stutz Bear cats
The Lodgers                                               Style Council
Funky weekend                                             Stylistics
Starting together                                         Su Pollard
All I wanna do K                                          Su Shifrin
Where will you be (Crossroads theme)                      Sue Nicholls
Good thing going                                          Sugar Minott
Rapper's delight                                          Sugarhill gang
Warm and tender romance                                   Sunny
Logical Song                                              Supertramp
The Scratch                                               Surface Noise
Hurt so good (it hurts so good)                           Susan Cadogan
Bobby's girl                                              Susan Maughan
I love my baby my baby loves me                           Suzi Miller
Kiss me again                                             Suzi Miller
Rear me                                                   Suzi Quatro
If you can't give me love                                 Suzi Quatro
Soul train                                                Swans way
It's nice to be in love again                             Swarbriggs +2
Honey honey                                               Sweet dreams
Purely by co-incidence                                    Sweet sensation
Sad sweet dreamer                                         Sweet sensation
Hippy hippy shake                                         Swinging blue jeans
Blue ribbon gal                                           Syd Dean
Christmas roses                                           Syd Dean
Echo said 'No'                                            Syd Dean
Four winds & the seven seas                               Syd Dean
I'll hold you in my heart                                 Syd Dean
Old beer bottle                                           Syd Dean
Quicksilver                                               Syd Dean
Rollin' stone                                             Syd Dean
Goodnight little girl of my dreams                        Syd Kyte
Angels never leave heaven                                 Syd Lipton
Little church around the corner                           Syd Lipton
Meet me down in sunset valley                             Syd Seymour
Never break a promise                                     Syd Seymour
Sailing home with the tide                                Sydney Kyte
Sweetheart song                                           Sydney Kyte
Chiminey smoke                                            Sydney Lipton
                                19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Loretta                                       Sydney Lipton
Why is it                                     Sydney Lipton
In the valley of yesterday                    Sydney Phasey
I (who have nothing)                          Sylvester
Hasta La Vista                                Sylvia
Pillow talk                                   Sylvia
Blue Star (Medic theme)                       Sylvia Campbell
I'll wait for you                             Sylvia Cecil
Loveliest night of the year                   Sylvia Robin,Don Sco
Waiting for the kiss that you forgot          Sylvia Welling
I'm so all alone                              Sylvie St Clair
Your kiss is sweet                            Syreeta Wright
Do you love me like you say                   T T D'arby
Please don't say 'No' (Film song)             T.Dorsey,Williams +
There's a good time coming                    T.Lorne,B. OO'Deal
Big trouble                                   T.N.T.
Who's in the strawberry patch /Sally          T.Orlando & Dawn
Ninety nine ways                              Tab Hunter
When the moon comes over the mountain         Talbot O'Farrell
Once in a lifetime                            Talking heads
Let me try again                              Tammy Jones
Stand by your man                             Tammy Wynette
Big Mamou                                     Tanner Sisters
Broken heart                                  Tanner Sisters
Butterflies (by Merrill)                      Tanner Sisters
Cherry stones                                 Tanner sisters
Creep (The)                                   Tanner Sisters
I laughed but my heart was crying             Tanner Sisters
Jambalaya                                     Tanner Sisters
Jealous heart                                 Tanner Sisters
Rikki tikki toon                              Tanner sisters
Penelope Jane                                 Tanner sisters + car
Boogie oogie oogie                            Taste of Honey
I'll try someting new                         Taste of Honey
Don't take away the music                     Tavares
Ghost of love                                 Tavares
Mighty power of love                          Tavares
One step away                                 Tavares
Whodunit                                      Tavares
At midnight                                   T-connection
Dinge Dong (1975 Eurovision)                  Teach In
Go to sleep,go to sleep,go to sleep           Ted Heath
Goodnight,sweetheart,goodnight                Ted Heath
Shish-kebab                                   Ted Heath
Take a letter Miss Smith                      Ted Heath
That's a-why                                  Ted Heath
This must be the place                        Ted Heath
                                        BYGONE TUNES
Meet Ted Ray (by Ted Ray)                             Ted Ray
Please believe me                                     Teddy Brown
Don't wake me up                                      Teddy Foster
Forget me not                                         Teddy Foster
I'll never make the same mistake again                Teddy Foster
Then I'll be there                                    Teddy Foster
Christopher Columbus (world ain't big en              Teddy Johnson
One moment more                                       Teddy Johnson
Penny a kiss-a penny a hug                            Teddy Johnson
Somewhere,Somehow,Someday                             Teddy Johnson
I wonder                                              Teddy Johnson
Whole town's laughing at me                           Teddy Pendergrass
Behind the groove                                     Teena Marie
I need your lovin'                                    Teena Marie
Charleston                                            Temperance seven
His hands                                             Tennessee Ernie
Shot gun boogie                                       Tennessee Ernie
Sixteen tons                                          Tennessee Ernie Ford
Water-melon song                                      Tennessee Ernie Ford
Swords of a thousand men                              Tenpole Tudor
Choo'n gum                                            Teresa Brewer
Lula rock-a-hula                                      Teresa Brewer
Sweet old fashioned girl                              Teresa Brewer
Today will be yesterday tomorrow                      Terry Burton
Bubbling over                                         Terry Cantor
If you go away                                        Terry Jacks
Seasons in the sun                                    Terry Jacks
Here comes the bride                                  Terry Wilson
Partners                                              Terry Young
C'est si bon                                          Terry(Irish minstrel
Christmas in Killarney                                Terry(Irish minstrel
Did you ever see a dream walking                      Tessie O'Shea
Dearie                                                Tessie O'Shea, Nat J
Best of all                                           Tessie O'Shea..Cotto
Gary Gilmore's eyes                                   The Adverts
Are you sure                                          The Allisons
Tell me when                                          The Applejacks
Susanna                                               The Art Company
Walk with faith in your heart                         The Bachelors
Marta ( rambling rose of the wildwood)                The Bachelors
Joy                                                   The Band A.K.A.
Stand down Margaret                                   The Beat
Too nice to talk to                                   The Beat
Don't forget to remember                              The Bee Gees
Spirits (having flown)                                The Bee Gees
The Clapping song                                     The Belle Stars
Selina                                                The Bell-tones
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Like Clockwork                                   The Boomtown Rats
Sing me                                          The Brothers
The three bells                                  The Browns
Plastic age                                      The Buggles
All I can do                                     The Cars
Drive                                            The Cars
Let's go                                         The Cars
Magic                                            The Cars
Why can't I have you                             The cars
You might think                                  The Cars
Rock on Brother                                  The Chequers
Have you seen her?                               The Chi-lites
You're leaving                                   The Columbia Bros.
Just to be close to you                          The Commodores
Oh No                                            The Commodores
Three times a lady                               The Commodores
Why you wanna try me                             The Commodores
Do,do,do,do,do,do,do it again                    The Coronets
Magic Touch                                      The Coronets
Enchanted sea                                    The Countrymen
We can fly                                       The Cowsills
Little by little                                 The Crew-cuts
Soul Shadows                                     The Crusaders
Street Life                                      The Crusaders
Tracy                                            The Cuff-links
Rain                                             The Cult
Please,don't ever leave me-66(U.S.A.prin         The Cyrkle
Let it all blow                                  The Dazz band
Time                                             The Dealians
La La means I love you                           The Delfonics
Wake up Susan                                    The Detroit spinners
Dancing in the sun                               The Diables
You're more than a no. in my little red          The dirfters
Body Language                                    The Dooleys
Chosen few                                       The Dooleys
Honey I'm lost                                   The Dooleys
Love of my life                                  The Dooleys
Love Patrol                                      The Dooleys
Rose has to die                                  The Dooleys
Think I'm gonna fall in love with you            The Dooleys
Wanted                                           The Dooleys
Please please please                             The Dream Academy
Kissin' in the back row of the movies            The Drifters
Save the last dance for me                       The Drifters
There goes my first love                         The Drifters
Mystery girl                                     The Dukes
Baby come back                                   The Equals
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Viva,Bobby Joe                                           The Equals
You're my weakness                                       The Faith Band
Pardon my asking                                         The Farrells
Love's lines, angles & rhymes                            The Fifth Dimension
Float on                                                 The Floaters
Freedom come, freedom go                                 The Fortunes
Storm in a teacup                                        The Fortunes
This golden ring                                         The Fortunes
Baby,now that I've found you                             The Foundations
Who needs you                                            The four lads
Big man                                                  The four Preps
Don't make promises (you can't keep)                     The G.Band
Humpin'                                                  The Gap Band
Funky Gibbon                                             The goodies
Wam Bam                                                  The Handley Family
Someone,someday                                          The Hawkeyes
Michael                                                  The Highwaymen
Air that I breathe                                       The Hollies
He ain't heavy-he's my brother                           The Hollies
Snoopy v ersus the red Baron                             The Hotshots
I'll always love my Mamma                                The Intruders
Crush on you                                             The Jets
Mama he's crazy                                          The Judds
My baby's gone                                           The Kendalls
Walk right in                                            The Kestrels
Hoop-dee-doo polka                                       The Keynotes
My Sharona                                               The Knack
Donkey song                                              The Kordites
The Donkey song(Come on,you lazy donkey)                 The Kordites
If I had you                                             The Korgis
Feeding time                                             The Look
I am the beat                                            The Look
Daydream                                                 The Lovin' spoonful
Just don't want to be lonely                             The main ingredient
Hurt                                                     The Manhattons
It's you                                                 The Manhattons
Kiss and say goodbye                                     The Manhattons
You need wheels                                          The Merton Parkas
Near you                                                 The Migils
Groovy kind of love                                      The Mindbenders
Love machine                                             The Miracles
Drowning in Berlin                                       The Mobiles
Everything's al'right                                    The Mojo's
Dolly my love                                            The Moments
Jack in the box                                          The moments
Airport                                                  The Motors
Forget about you                                         The Motors
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Fraggle Rock theme song                The Muppets
Don't make waves                       The Nolan Sisters
Attention to me                        The Nolans
Chemistry                              The Nolans
Don't love me too hard                 The Nolans
Darlin' darlin' baby                   The O'Jays
I'm still gonna need you               The Osmonds
Let me in                              The Osmonds
The proud one                          The Osmonds
Something here in my heart             The Paper Dolls
Doctor lLOve                           The pearls
Guilty                                 The Pearls
You came,you saw you conquered         The Pearls
Do it any way you wanna                The People's choice
Pepper Box                             The Peppers
Danger games                           The Pinkees
Let your yeah be yeah                  The Pioneers
You don't know like I know             The Pioneers
Tom Hark                               The Pirantes
Enchanted                              The Platters
Harbour lights                         The Platters
My Prayer                              The Platters
Brass in pocket                        The Pretenders
Rhythm of the jungle                   The Quick
Whenever you want my love              The real thing
Baby I know                            The Rubettes
Come on over                           The Rubettes
Foe dee o dee                          The Rubettes
I can do it                            The Rubettes
Tonight                                The Rubettes
Under one roof                         The Rubettes
You're the reason why                  The Rubettes
Do you remember                        The Scaffold
Gin Gan Goolie                         The Scaffold
Lily the pink                          the Scaffold
Thank U very much                      The Scaffold
Lighting tree                          The Settlers
Rise and fall of Flingel Bunt          The Shadows
Let me be the one                      The Shadows&P.Curtis
The Trouble                            The Silvers
Circus games                           The Skids
Iona                                   The Skids
Ain't that a shame                     The Southlanders
Rat race                               The Specials
Hava Nagila                            The Spotnicks
Come on home                           The Springfields
Where will the dimple be?              The Starfazers
                                 BYGONE TUNES
$7,000 and you                                           The Stylistics
Can't help falling in love                               The Stylistics
Let's put it all together                                The Stylistics
Na Na is the saddest word                                The Stylistics
Rockin' roll baby                                        The Stylistics
Sing baby sing                                           The Stylistics
Sixteen Bars                                             The Stylistics
You make me feel brand you                               The Stylistics
The Happening                                            The Supremes
Give her your love                                       The Swarbrigg Bros
Breaking up (Best part of..)                             The Symbols
Hey girl,don't bother me                                 The Tams
Dunya                                                    The Tarriers
Disco Inferno                                            The Tramps
Silence is golden                                        The tremeloes
Prime Time                                               The Tubes
Ms. Grace                                                The Tynes
Back of my hand (UK publication.)                        The Vags
Back of my hand (US publication)                         The Vags
Till                                                     The Vogues
It's a love thing                                        The Whispers
Pins and needles                                         The Whites
Combine Harvester                                        The Wurzels
Morning glory                                            The Wurzels
Cool meditation                                          Third world
Dancin' on the floor                                     Third world
Maybe (Life & times of Grizzly Adams)                    Thom Pace
I'm saving Saturday night for you                        Thos. Kinsman
Get your love back                                       Three Degrees
Giving up-giving in                                      Three Degrees
The Runner                                               Three Degrees
Woman in love                                            Three Degrees
When will I see you again                                Three Degrees
I'll remember you my darling                             Three in harmony
I saw him standing there                                 Tiffany
Radio romance                                            Tiffany
Why can't we live together                               Timmy Thomas
Cross your heart                                         Tina
Dance little lady dance                                  Tina Charles
Dr Love                                                  Tina Charles
I love to love                                           Tina Charles
I'll go where your music takes me                        Tina Charles
Love Bug                                                 Tina Charles
Makin' all the right moves                               Tina Charles
Rendezvous                                               Tina Charles
I'm happy to be on this mountain                         Tir Na Nog
Sultana                                                  Titanic
                               19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Take the sun                            Tito Gobbi
This Monday morning feeling             Tito Simon
My angel baby                           Toby Beau
Morning please don't come               Tom & Dusty Springfield
Funkin' for Jamaica(N.Y.)               Tom Browne
Ain't no love                           Tom Jones
Daughter of Darkness                    Tom Jones
Delilah                                 Tom Jones
Detroit City                            Tom Jones
Golden Days (by Dunning)                Tom Jones
Green green grass of home               Tom Jones
I (who have nothing)                    Tom Jones
It's not unusual                        Tom Jones
Love me tonight                         Tom Jones
Minute of your time (ms.)               Tom Jones
Say you'll stay until tomorrow          Tom Jones
She's a lady                            Tom Jones
With these hands                        Tom Jones
Without love (name)                     Tom Jones
Young new Mexican Puppeteer             Tom Jones
I'll never fall in love again           Tom Jones
The Waiting                             Tom Petty
Woman in love (It's not me)             Tom Petty
I ain't certain                         Tommy Handley
Let's all sing like one o'clock         Tommy Handley
Let's have a sing song                  Tommy Handley
Hop Scotch polka                        Tommy Kinsman
It's never too late to mend             Tommy KInsman
Give yourself a pat on the back         Tommy Lorne
Folk singer                             Tommy Roe
Let me be loved                         Tommy Sands,Mantovan
Give Give Give                          Tommy Steele
Handful of songs                        Tommy Steele
Happy go lucky blues                    Tommy Steele
Only man on the island                  Tommy Steele
Flash,bang,wallop!!                     Tommy Steele
All over the place                      Tommy Trinder
Angels say no                           Tommy Tutone
I'll walk with God                      Toni Dalli
Firefly                                 Tony Bennett
Good life                               Tony Bennett
Very thought of you                     Tony Bennett
Any old time                            Tony Brent
Butterfly (by September)                Tony Brent
Cindy,oh Cindy                          Tony Brent
Girl of my dreams                       Tony Brent
Honey Darlin'                           Tony Brent
                                  BYGONE TUNES
I don't know what to do with my time                   Tony Brent
I surrender dear                                       Tony Brent
Make it soon                                           Tony Brent
Avenues and Alleyways                                  Tony Christie
Don't go down to Reno                                  Tony Christie
Drive safely darlin'                                   Tony Christie
Happy birthday baby                                    Tony Christie
I did what I did for Maria                             Tony Christie
Las Vegas                                              Tony Christie
I can prove it                                         Tony Etoria
Do you love old Santa Claus?                           Tony Fayne,D.Evans
Forgive and forget                                     Tony Martin
Forgive and forget                                     Tony Martin
Johnannesburg                                          Tony Martin
Relax                                                  Tony Martin
Somewhere along the way                                Tony Mercer
Holdin' om                                             Tony Rollo & band
Globetrotter                                           Tornadoes
Georgy Porgy                                           Toto
Holyanna                                               Toto
Ninety nine                                            Toto
Waiting for your love                                  Toto
Give it some E motion                                  Tracie
House that Jack built                                  Tracie
Hopelessly devotd to you (From Grease )                Travolta,Newton-John
Roulette                                               Trevor Stanford
If I had a hammer (ms.)                                Trini Lopez
Hold on                                                Triumph
Tell me when                                           Troy & Infernos
Crystal ball (Guy Darrell also on cover                Twice as much
Here's a jolly good song                               Two Leslies
Lady will power                                        Union Gap
Padre (Sarah Vaughan also on cover)                    V.Carr,T.Arden,
Goodbye my love (Il silenzio)                          V.Lee & M. Campbell
Delaney's donkey                                       Val Doonican
If I knew then                                         Val Doonican
If the whole world stopped lovin'                      Val Doonican
Special years                                          Val Doonican
What would I be?                                       Val Doonican
Time alone will tell                                   Val Merral;
Night the floor fell in                                Val Merrall
When the boys talk about the girls                     Valerie Carr
Birningham rag                                         Valerie Masters
Secret of happiness                                    Valerie Masters
Some people                                            Valerie Mountain
Meet me tonight in dreamland                           Valerie Shane
Third man piano solo                                   Valli,Joseph Cotton
                             19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
Sweet Talk                                       Van Doren
Change with the times                            Van McCoy
The Hustle                                       Van McCoy
The shuffle                                      Van McCoy
Modern day Delilah                               Van Stephenson
Thousand Miles                                   Vanessa Carlton
Blue Star (Medic theme                           Vanessa Lee
Early in the morning                             Vanity Fare
I live for the sun                               Vanity Fare
Hitchin' a ride                                  Vanity Fare
Garden of Eden                                   Vaughan,Attwell,Jame
Beware my heart (from film)                      Vaughn Monroe
Tomorrow, tomorrow                               Vaughn Monroe
After a while                                    Vera Lynn
All the world sings a lullaby                    Vera Lynn
And so do I                                      Vera Lynn
Auf wiederseh'n sweetheart                       Vera Lynn
Be like the kettle and sing (from film)          Vera Lynn
Close to you                                     Vera Lynn
Dance me loose                                   Vera Lynn
Darling                                          Vera Lynn
Don't ever pass me by                            Vera Lynn
Ev'ry hour,ev'ry day of my life                  Vera Lynn
First lullaby                                    Vera Lynn
Forget me not                                    Vera Lynn
From tomorrow                                    Vera Lynn
How did he look?                                 Vera Lynn
How green was my valley                          Vera Lynn
How soon (will I be seeing you)                  Vera Lynn
I dream of you                                   Vera Lynn
I love to sing                                   Vera Lynn
I want a picture of you smiling                  Vera Lynn
I'll be true to you                              Vera Lynn
I'm sending my blessings                         Vera Lynn
Little white cloud that cried                    Vera Lynn
Mistletoe kiss                                   Vera Lynn
My friend                                        Vera Lynn
My love,my life,my happiness                     Vera Lynn
My sweetest memory                               Vera Lynn
No other love (by Mihaly)                        Vera Lynn
Padam padam (how it echoes the beat of m         Vera Lynn
Queen of everyone's heart (QE2 1952)             Vera Lynn
Waiting for you                                  Vera Lynn
Walk hand in hand                                Vera Lynn
Window (A)                                       Vera Lynn
Yours                                            Vera Lynn
We've got something to sing about now            Vernon Adcock
                                           BYGONE TUNES
Just a dream of you dear                              Versatile three
Sunny Persia                                          Versatile three
Why did you make me care                              Versatile three
Are you coming out tonight,Mary                       Vi Terry,J.Riscoe
If we could be a-l-o-n-e                              Vic Damone
Marsh mallow world                                    Vic Damone
Tzena Tzena Tzena                                     Vic Damone
Why worry                                             Vic Wise
Any time at all                                       Victor Silvester
I wonder where my baby is tonight                     Victor Silvester
It must be him                                        Vikki Carr
Can't stop the music                                  Village People
Day at the seaside                                    Vince Hill
Edelweiss                                             Vince Hill
Importance of your love                               Vince Hill
In my thoughts of you                                 Vince Hill
Little bit of blue (Schubert's serenade)              Vince Hill
Look around and you'll find me there                  Vince Hill
Bravo por la musica                                   Vince Hill + 'kids'
Full Time job                                         Violet Pretty
Don't you rock me Daddy-o                             Vipers skittle group
Damned don't cry                                      Visage
Anything that you want                                Voces Amigas
From East to West                                     Voyage
Let's fly away                                        Voyage
Count every star                                      Wally Peterson
Little boy fishin'                                    Wally Peterson
Good morning,Mr Echo                                  Wally Rockett
Catch a falling star                                  Wally Stott
Watching for s blue bird                              Walter Williams
Don't let go                                          Wang Chung
Galaxy                                                War
Low Rider                                             War
Me and baby brother                                   War
Love matters                                          Waterfall
Under my thumb                                        Wayne Gibson
Maria                                                 West side story film art
Love is all around                                    Wet Wet Wet
Wake me before you go-go                              Wham
Saturday night                                        Whigfield
And so we go on                                       Whit Cunliffe
When you are a king                                   White Plains
How will I know                                       Whitney Houston
I'm every woman                                       Whitney Houston
One moment in time                                    Whitney Houston
Where do broken hearts go                             Whitney Houston
I will always love you                                Whitney Houston
                            19 Churchside, New Longton, Preston, Lancs. PR4 4LU
I want somebody                                  Wilfred Pickles
Rose, Rose I love you (May Kway oh May K         Wilfred Thomas
Every time they play Annie Laurie                Will Fyffe
Do you recall                                    Will Hurst
Melancholy                                       Will Hurst
Sucu Sucu                                        William Franklin
Theme of Tony Brown                              Willie Hutch
Mull of Kintyre                                  Wings
Goodnight tonight by Paul McCartney              Wings (5 members)
Black mask waltz                                 Winifred Atwell
Game of chance                                   Winifred Atwell
Poor people of Paris                             Winifred Atwell
Calcutta                                         Winifred Atwell +
My love                                          Wonder & Iglesias
If I had words                                   Y Kelley,Fitzgerald
Daughter Daughter                                Yale Brothers
I'd give you the world                           Yana
I'll give you the world                          Yana
Don't stop the music                             Yarbrough & Peoples
Just one more night                              Yellow dog
Wait until midnight                              Yellow dog
Girl like you                                    Young Rascals
Richmond hill                                    Yvette Darnac
Sleepy river                                     Yvette Darnac
Hello stranger                                   Yvonne Elliman
I can't get you oughta my mind                   Yvonne Elliman
Love me                                          Yvonne Elliman
Prime Mover                                      Zodiac Mindwarp
There's going to be a boat coming home           Zoe Gail

                                           BYGONE TUNES

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