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Saulius sees huge potential


									                                       No. 4 2007

                              sees huge

HR Director prefers
the carrot to the stick
                             A dream came true
                          – he got his very own

DSV sends a hot-dog
stand to the US – and
a royal guest drops by

     DSV’s objective in recent years has         thorough. I recently contacted some
     been growth – and this continues to be      key people in our own organisation.
     our ambition. But there are differences     In spite of some small areas of diffi-
     in the way we will achieve this from        culty that I still wouldn’t describe as
     now on. Up to now, the company has          perfect, I felt that the time was ripe
     given a high priority to integrating        for action. “Well, it’s about time! We
     the most recently acquired company          never thought you would get there!”
     completely into our organisation.           was their reply.
     Today, we are forced to put up with a                                                 By way of conclusion, I would like
     little unrest at the same time that we      The truth is that DSV has always had      to mention the consequences of our
     are trimming the sails to make further      the basic principle that we should        most recent acquisition, i.e. the take-
     progress.                                   aspire to perfection. In the past, this   over of Frans Maas in April 2006. Ac-
                                                 meant that all existing countries         cording to the financial result we can
     As a company, DSV has reached a size        and markets had to be fully in place      glimpse on the horizon for 2007, we
     where we don’t have to make sure all        before the organisation could en-         are aiming for a level of earnings that
     the details are in place before we take     compass additional initiatives. Today     is 50 per cent higher than what we
     yet another step forward in the form        the situation is different. A growing     could achieve before we purchased
     of an acquisition. We are currently in a    society also has to build new roads       Frans Maas – and this is true even
     situation where we are strong enough        even though some of the old ones still    if everything still isn’t quite 100 per
     to generate additional growth, even if      have small potholes.                      cent perfect!
     we can point out areas of the original
     company that are not working up to          We all know what we have to look          Growth is necessary for many
     par - and new areas that haven’t quite      for. Country managers, division           reasons. But there is one motive in
     fallen into place yet.                      managers and key people throughout        particular that makes me especially
                                                 the organisation are prepared to react    pleased with our high level of ambi-
     In light of our current size, waiting for   whenever they encounter objects that      tion: we need to grow in order to
     complete calm and perfectionism in          are of commercial interest to DSV –       satisfy the expectations of the many
     our existing organisation is too high       or have the potential to become so.       young potential managers for forging
     of an ambition at present. We have          These developments were previously        a career in DSV. They are the ones we
     always been thoroughly prepared             managed from the head office in           hope to make room for in the future.
     before acquiring other companies            Denmark, but our very size makes it
     that could enhance our growth and           important for the entire organisation     Yours sincerely
     strength. Some people have suggested        to be receptive to identifying growth
     that perhaps we have been a little too      potential.                                Kurt K. Larsen

2	   moves
                   Royal visit
         to the hot-dog stand
    Hot Dog Woman and her
 devoted staff got off to the
     best start imaginable for
 their DSV-sponsored coast-
  2-coast trip across the US:
  Denmark’s Crown Princess
Mary dropped by during their
  first stop in the Big Apple.

             Growth in the US
    “We have lots of room to
 grow here,” according to the
 newly appointed manager of
 the Detroit office – the latest
    addition to the US family.
   At the heart of the world’s
   Motor City no. 1 is the only
  branch manager who is nei-
ther an American nor a Dane.

           HR aims to secure a
             sufficient number
                  of employees
 A massive effort by the rein-
  forced HR Department aims
 to attract the requisite man-
power to make DSV into one
  of the very best workplaces
in Denmark. This will happen
by instilling confidence, pride
  and courage in the employ-
 ees. Read how on pp 14–19.

                                   moves	   3
The New Zealand company                                                            Managing
1989:	Leader	Container	Line	International	Ltd	established	in	April	1989.		     Director Paul
	     The	company	focuses	on	freight	and	customs	clearance.	                  Thomson feels
1996:	The	company	is	appointed	New	Zealand	agent	for	JH	Bachmann.	           ”more globally
                                                                              oriented now”
2001:	Operations	are	expanded	to	also	include	warehousing	and	distri-	
                                                                                 than earlier
	     bution.	The	company	has	2000	m2	of	warehousing	facilities.
                                                                               when the op-
2001:	The	company	changes	its	name	to	JHB	International	Logistics.           eration was not
2005:	DFDS	Transport	acquires	JH	Bachmann.	JHB	International	Logis	 	         part of a large
	     tics	becomes	DFDS	Transport’s	representative	in	New	Zealand.                  network.
2007:	JHB	International	Logistics	is	acquired	by	DSV.

With new offices in Australia
and a new organisation in
New Zealand, DSV has
established an efficient
platform for growth
in Oceania.

4	    moves
Fully covered in Oceania
             With a staff of 17 at DSV’s new office in Auckland,
             New Zealand, together with new Australian offices in
             Brisbane and Adelaide, the Pacific region is effectively
             covered and high-performance growth is expected.

The Auckland office is in daily con-        ”Becoming part of DSV’s global net-          focused more on New Zealand and
tact with the growing organisation in       work gives our organisation an enor-         Australia. I’m part of large organisation
Australia, New Zealand’s largest trading    mous boost,” says Paul Thomson and           now, and it feels good. I’m very enthusi-
partner. Together, the region’s five        identifies some immediate advantages:        astic about it,” says Paul Thomson.
offices now constitute a strong trans-
port network in the region. Australia       • Shipping line and airline rate and         Continued use of agents
accounts for some 20 percent of New         space negotiation                            DSV Air & Sea Limited will continue
Zealand’s exports and imports.              • Global structure and support systems       working with agents in Wellington,
Other important trading partners are the    • Network to support large accounts          Christchurch, Dunedin and Napier. After
USA, Japan, China and the UK.               • Financial stability and input              becoming part of DSV, focus on inter-
“The advantages are significant for both    • Expertise available from the global        national freight will increase, though.
countries,” says Managing Director Paul     community                                    ”We’re broadening our horizons,”
Thomson, referring to the Australian sis-                                                Thomson says. The business has histori-
ter organisation, which has had offices     Business as usual                            cally centred on:
in Sydney and Melbourne since 2005          The Auckland office has been DSV’s
and now recently opened in Adelaide         de facto representative office in New        • Air/sea freight from Australia
and Brisbane.                               Zealand since 2005, so there was little      • Ad hoc import/export business glob-
”Together we can develop efficient          commotion when the seventeen employ-         ally with no particular dominant market
transport solutions thus establish-         ees received their new business cards        or route, though imports were signifi-
ing a common platform for growth in         this summer and suddenly became part         cantly more dominant than exports
Oceania,” he adds from the office down      of the DSV group.                            • Customs brokerage, including tariff
under, which is expected to generate a      ”It was all very low key, we had a beer      consultancy and import stats
turnover of well over NZD 10 million        at the office to celebrate and it was back   • Warehouse and distribution services
in 2007.                                    to business as usual the next day” says      • Long & short term storage
                                            Paul Thomson, who subsequently expe-         • Customs and MAF bonded inspection
Serviced by agents until now                rienced his two busiest months ever.         and unpacking facilities
DSV is not new to the New Zealand           ”DSV is not exactly a newcomer in our        • Line-haul and metro cartage services
market. The company has been work-          organisation, and it was basically just a
ing with agents in the area for many        matter of a name change which every-         On the outlook for employees
years, the most recent of which was         one is really happy about,” he adds.         ”There comes a time when a small,
JHB International Logistics that be-                                                     independent company finds conditions
came permanent local representatives        From owner to employee                       difficult to continue growing. The DSV
of DFDS Transport following the ac-         For the first time in seventeen years,       acquisition was a welcome opportunity
quisition of JH Bachmann in 2005. The       Paul Thomson is “just” an employee and       for us to take our business to the next
company was owned by Paul Thomson           not the owner of his own business.           level in New Zealand” says Thomson,
who decided to sell the business to         ”I’ve really enjoyed it – though the         who is also calling for people in the
DSV in August this year. From now           responsibility is the same in many           organisation to come to New Zealand
on, the company will be named DSV           respects. After being the sole owner for     for new experiences:
Air & Sea Limited, and Paul Thomson         many years, it is a great gift to suddenly   ”We are experiencing a very tight labour
continues to manage the seventeen           be surrounded by like-minded people in       market at the moment and great people
employees, nine of whom work with           the organisation with whom I can spar        are hard to find locally. We would be
operational activities, two with sales      and develop the business. I receive fan-     happy to hear from anyone within the
and marketing, four with solutions and      tastic back-up and I feel more globally      organisation who was interested in com-
two with administrative tasks.              oriented now than when the business          ing down to New Zealand” he says.

                                                                                                                     moves	          5
                                                                                         Saulius Tunkanas lives by the principle
                                                                                         that you have to work hard yourself
                                                                                         if you ask others to do so. He devotes
                                                                                         his limited leisure time to river rafting,
                                                                                         among other things. Saulius is in the
                                                                                         middle, nearest the camera.

 “We have to do
 what we do best”
                                                   In Saulius Tunkunas’ mind, there’s only one way ahead for DSV in the US:
                                                   upwards and onwards. He believes that the combination of relatively many
                                                   small offices and a global organisation is the underlying reason for the bright
      Saulius	Tunkunas,	branch	                    ”We can offer our clients a degree of personal attention they won’t get else-
                                                   where, and this is an immensely important factor,” says the recently appointed
      manager	in	Detroit,	Michi-                   branch manager at the Detroit office, the latest addition in the US expansion. So
                                                   far, the office has four employees, including a Danish trainee, working with air
      gan,	is	confident	about	                     and sea imports and exports. Saulius handles the sales function personally for
                                                   the time being.
      how	DSV	should	prevail	
      in	a	city	with	more	than	                    Top service
                                                   ”When you call DSV, you actually get to speak to real people who are ready to
                                                   give you their full attention. Others are going in the exact opposite direction and
      200	of	the	world’s	largest	                  consolidate customer service functions in call centres where service can never
                                                   be as focused. Everyone says that service is a top priority, but only few actually
      transport	companies:                         deliver,” says Tunkunas. The location in the largest city of Michigan – and the
                                                   world’s motor city no. 1 – underpins his great expectations for the future:
      ”We	have	to	offer	the	best	                  ”We’re right next to everyone and everything,” he says, dropping the names of a
                                                   few of the largest corporations in the area – and the US: General Motors Corp.,
      of	service!”                                 Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Dow Chemical, Delphi and Kellogg’s – just to
                                                   mention a few. Also, the office is only a 15-minute drive from Detroit Interna-
                                                   tional Airport, which is the world’s 19th busiest, and the 10th busiest in the US,
                                                   in terms of passenger traffic.

                                                   Tough competition
DSV	opened	its	18th	US	office	in	Detroit,	         Home to some of the largest corporations in the US, there is no doubt that
Michigan,	on	13	August.	The	office	is	headed	by	
Saulius	Tunkunas,	whose	Lithuanian	background	
makes	him	the	only	branch	manager	in	the	US	
who	is	not	of	Danish	or	US	descent.
6	    moves
                                              From Vilnius to the
                                              world’s car capital
                                              Saulius	Tunkunas	has	good	reason	to	be	proud	of	
                                              his	achievements.	“I’ve	been	on	some	good	teams,”	
                                              he	offers	as	an	explanation	of	why	he	was	chosen	to	
                                              head	DSV’s	18th	office	in	the	US.

                                              Saulius Tunkunas, 32, is the only DSV branch          just fathered a son with his Lithuanian wife.
                                              manager in the US who is not from either Den-         ”We met here in the USA. It’s actually amazing
                                              mark or the USA. Saulius comes from Vilnius,          that two people from such a small country would
                                              the capital of Lithuania, and he has always dreamt    find each other over here,” Saulius ponders.
                                              of travelling:
                                              ”To me, the US has always been the land of            Positive and hard-working
                                              opportunity. So when DSV acquired DFDS Dan            Saulius Tunkunas has now worked six years
                                              Transport Group in 2000, I was one of the first       in the USA. First at the Kansas City office and
                                              to send in an application. It would have been         then in Cincinnati.
                                              unwise not to. I had been with DSV in Vilnius for     ”I was on some good teams,” is his explanation as
                                              three and a half years and felt like experiencing     to why he was the one chosen to head the new of-
                                              something new,” Saulius says. Despite his young       fice in Detroit, the tenth largest city in the US.
                                              age, he had already completed pilot training at       His former boss from Vilnius, Kim Bartholdy, adds:
                                              the Technical University of Vilnius. But seeing       ”He is positive, happy and hard-working. We
                                              that pilot jobs don’t abound in Vilnius, he chose –   would love to get him back, but apparently that’s
Detroit is the place to be for a transport    concurrently with his job at DSV – to supplement      not in the cards any time soon,” says Kim Bartholdy,
company. And true enough, there are no        his studies with a two-year master’s programme        who is pleased with the career opportunities at DSV
less than 230 such freight forwarding         in Air Transportation. Saulius finally graduated in   on the one hand – and sorry to see his best employ-
companies within a 30-minute range of the     2000, and one year later his dream came true: he      ees leave on the other.
airport. Saulius remains convinced, how-      was bound for Kansas City.                            ”It’s an attractive option for our people, and it helps
ever, that DSV, with its stated ambition of                                                         us to attract the best minds. Also, we get even more
offering high-calibre personal service, has   Huge potential                                        skilled people back when they have been out and
a great future in store in the motor city:    Saulius Tunkunas enjoys being part of a large,        about in the organisation for a few years,” he says.
”It’s true competition is fierce over here,   growing international business which offers him
but the more than 200 transport companies     the best scope for development. And even though       Great responsibility
also prove the great potential found here.    he misses his family and the beautiful old Lithu-     Saulius Tunkunas mentions honesty and fairness as
We just need to focus on what we do best,”    anian capital at times, the possibilities in the US   the most important qualities in a manager. Not to
says Saulius Tunkunas.                        intrigue him:                                         forget setting realistic targets for the employees.
                                              ”The potential here is so incredible. There is so     ”And then it’s a question of putting in some hard
Do you know anyone?                           much room for growth,” says Saulius, who has          work yourself if you ask others to do so,” says Sau-
The Detroit office is currently follow-                                                             lius, who devotes his limited leisure time to running
ing up on lots of leads from both the UK                                                            marathons, cycling and river rafting.
and Germany – and Saulius is also eager                                                             ”I love action sports – I don’t bother to watch the
to promote the office to the rest of the                                                            telly,” says the new father and admits that it might
organisation.                                                                                       be difficult to keep up the pace on his runs in the
”One thing is what we can do with the                                                               future. Both in relation to his new status as a parent
input we get here from the US. But several                                                          – but also because the job will require most of his
hundreds of DSV offices worldwide could                                                             attention:
generate sales for us. I’m convinced it’s                                                           ”It’s a big challenge. I feel more responsible – not
possible to find someone in each country                                                            just for myself but also for others in the organisa-
that trades with Detroit,” says a hopeful                                                           tion. I’ll do my best,” says the 32-year-old branch
Saulius Tunkunas.                                                                                   manager from Detroit.

                                                                                        A lifelong dream came true
                                                                                        for Saulius Tunkunas when
                                                                                        he came to the US.                        moves	            7
 Rikke wins Technical
 Thesis of the Year award
                                  Rikke	Kim	Pedersen,	trained	at	DSV	in	Horsens,	Denmark,	
                                  has	just	won	the	award	for	this	year’s	best technical thesis.	
                                  As	she	is	currently	stationed	in	Denver,	Colorado,	she	received	
                                  the	pleasant	tidings	by	e-mail	–	and	almost	deleted	them,	
                                  because	she	thought	it	was	junk	mail.

     As a trainee at DSV Air & Sea in Denver, Rikke now has the           “General Cargo Shipments via Gateway”, in which she uses
     opportunity to get even more out of her stay in the US. As the re-   twenty closely written pages to argue for and against the merg-
     cipient of this year’s Technical Thesis Prize with a cash value of   ing of general cargo shipments in gateways in Germany. Rikke
     EUR 2007, she intends to travel around the states and see places     concludes that gateways lower costs and speed up transit times
     like LA, Miami and New York City.                                    – and also involves deliberations about setting up an additional
     “As a trainee, I have six weeks of annual leave during the eigh-     gateway in South-East Germany.
     teen months I’m over here, so I think I’ll take the opportunity      “Rikke has discussed a vast, complex issue in a convincing
     to have a look round,” says the 25-year-old shipping agent who       manner. She has kept a market-related viewpoint based on the
     just completed her two-year shipping-agent study programme at        customer’s need for delivery at the lowest cost possible. But she
     DSV in Horsens, Denmark.                                             has also included environmental considerations – something no
     “Over here in the US you don’t mince words. Things have to go        company can avoid today,” says Claus Agø Hansen, Training
     fast, you have to stay on your toes, and if you make a mistake,      Policy Secretary for the trade union HK/Privat.
     you’ll hear about it – loudly and clearly,” Rikke says, but also
     adds that her colleagues are good at praising her when she does      Great hospitality
     a good job:                                                          According to Rikke there are more hours of sunshine in Denver
     “Otherwise I wouldn’t stick around here very long!”                  than in Florida. But that’s not the only reason she answered an ad
                                                                          for a traineeship in the USA already in November last year.
     Dynamic workplace                                                    “I wanted to go before I got used to a big paycheque and while I
     Rikke had actually started at the University of Århus, where she     was still single and living in a small flat,” Rikke says. She adds
     had just received her bachelor’s degree in Nordic language and       that her three colleagues at the Denver office, led by Bjørn
     literature. But studying at university wasn’t quite what she had     Nielsen, also of Denmark, make her feel “enormously welcome”.
     expected, so when a friend recommended DSV as a dynamic              “It’s fantastic how everyone’s so hospitable over here. That’s
     place to work where something new is happening all the time,         something we could learn from back in Denmark. They take me
     she decided to apply for a traineeship at DSV in Horsens.            along when they go out on the town and even let me stay in their
     “It also gave me the opportunity to use the languages I had          home,” says Rikke, who currently lives in a two-room flat at the
     learned at the university: Norwegian and Swedish,” says Rikke,       centre of Denver. On the other hand, she has also noticed that the
     who also speaks English, German and a little French. At Hors-        US also lags behind compared to what she is used to – particu-
     ens, Rikke worked for the Norway and Germany departments             larly when it comes to banking and electronic payments. “You
     but thinks that being a shipping agent is an exacting job:           can’t buy a car without having insurance, and you can’t buy
     “You have to be made of the right stuff to be a shipping agent.      insurance without having a car,” she says. But now things have
     I’d never have lasted back when I was 18 or 19. It’s tough some-     fallen into place and Rikke has a bright career in front of her.
     times. You have to be able to cope with stressful situations and     “After the US? I don’t know yet … Asia, perhaps. And prefer-
     often take your work home with you – but it’s dynamic and full       ably a management job,” says Rikke, who also finds it hard to
     speed ahead at the same time,” the prize-winner says.                imagine herself still working for the same company for the next
                                                                          20–25 years.
     Complex problem                                                      “If I did, I’d prefer working in different functions at any rate.
     Rikke Kim Pedersen won the award of EUR 2007 for a “far-             Something new has to happen – and preferably all the time!”
     sighted, innovative” project. The title of the Rikke’s report is     she says.

8	   moves
                                                       Rikke Kim Pedersen, 25,
                                                 feels very welcome in Denver,
                                                    Colorado. “We have a lot to
                                                  learn from their hospitality,”
                                                  she says. She’s pictured here
                                                   on a trip to Rocky Mountain
The technical thesis prize	is	awarded	every	                     National Park.
year	by	an	Education	Foundation,	estab-
lished	by	Danish	trade	unions	HK/Privat,	HK/
Handel	and	the	federation	of	employers	HTS.
This	year’s	prize	was	EUR	2007.00.
Particular	emphasis	is	given	to	technical	
depth,	originality	and	creativity	in	the	tech-
nical	thesis.
At	the	same	time,	DSV	Road	A/S	was	award-
ed	the	Training	Site	of	the	Year	prize.                           moves	           9
              Safer driving
              and less CO2
                                     DSV	Road	makes	an	active	effort	to	reduce	the	
                                     company’s	environmental	impact.	The	company	
                                     aims	to	reduce	its	carbon	emissions	by	20,000	
                                     tonnes	–	or	roughly	10%.

              Cutting fuel consumption by 10% will also            and carbon emissions. The unique part of our
              reduce taxes by 10%. But most importantly the        system is that these data are compared to an
              environment is the big winner in the efforts by      optimal value later on, which is a level of fuel
              DSV Road in Sweden to reduce its carbon emis-        consumption that ought to be realistic. At the
              sions from lorries.                                  same time, it helps us to discover the cause of
              “Most of the customers we meet have the envi-        the deviation,” Forseke explains.
              ronment on their agenda. The issue of environ-
              mental impact emerges in a natural continuation      Statistics for five factors
              of our discussions and negotiations. Customers       The database statistics are highly accurate and
              are constantly tightening their requirements,        summarise the impact of the five factors on car-
              which means we have to keep improving and            bon emissions: speed, revolutions per minute,
              find smart solutions for our suppliers. DSV has      braking deceleration, motor deceleration and
              made some of the greatest strides in the industry    acceleration.
              in terms of environmental initiatives, but we        The system highlights the driver, but Forseke
              can’t ignore the fact that the transport sector is   points out that system does not aim to control
              still responsible for a large percentage of carbon   the drivers or blame them.
              emissions on the roads,” says Henrik Holm,           “I think the opposite is true, actually. There are
              Managing Director for DSV Road in Sweden.            many courses in eco-driving, which are good
              Holm estimates that 10–13% of carbon emis-           and well per se, but they put the responsibil-
              sions are superfluous. The key to reducing the       ity for environmental savings on the drivers’
              environmental impact is to lay the groundwork        shoulders alone. The drivers become respon-
              for ensuring that the transport process involves     sible for reducing emissions, so to speak. Our
              calmer, safer driving.                               programme goes a step further. We train a coach
                                                                   at each workplace who holds a brief personal
              Coaching the drivers                                 follow-up interview with the drivers every
              To achieve this, DSV Road decided to ask for         month. The interviews make it possible to find
              the assistance of Greater Than to heighten the       solutions for a methodical reduction of emis-
              environmental awareness of its suppliers. Most       sions.”
              of DSV’s Swedish hauliers are expected to            The programme includes an extended training
              install and use the system tool Greater Than         process with the coaches and a theoretical three-
              Drive. Each haulier will train some employees        hour training programme for the drivers.
              to coach the rest of the drivers to exhibit safer
              driving habits and use fewer resources.              Driving habits are symptomatic
              The system collects all the important driving        Forseke explains that many drivers already
              data and sends them to a database. Sten Forseke,     know how they should drive to minimise their
              founder of Greater Than, explains how it works:      environmental impact. Driving habits that devi-
              “After each run, it is possible to extract statis-   ate from this are a symptom that something
              tics about the run and see the fuel consumption      is wrong, but the problem rarely lies in the

10	   moves
actual method of driving. Perhaps
the driver was delayed already
at departure, had to make a ferry
or received new orders from the
“Frequently, these factors can be
changed and dealt with during the
follow-up interview.”
Forseke gives an example of a
driver who always feels pressured
along a specific route to reach
a customer who used to close
the gate at lunchtime. The coach
found a simple solution during the
interview: they asked the customer
to keep the gate open all day long,
which the customer accepted.
                                       Sten Forseke, founder of Greater
Greater Than Drive has yielded re-
                                       Than, promises fuel reductions
warding results for the companies
                                       of more than 10%, at the same
that have used the tool. Forseke
                                       time that the average speed is
states that the companies have
                                       increased. The biggest winner is
reduced their carbon emissions by
                                       the environment.
7.65% on average after only four
months and by 11% after a year.
“At the same time, our customers
have increased their productivity
by 5.8%. In other words, it doesn’t
take longer to get to your destina-
tion just because you don’t drive
as fast. Our target is to reduce the
top speed and increase the aver-
age speed at the same time,” says
Steen Forseke.

A situation with many winners
Seeing that reducing carbon
emissions also means lower fuel
consumption, and thus lower costs,
Henrik Holm is convinced that it
pays to invest in the system tool.
“We invested resources in the
project because we know we get
a return in the form of a better
environment, but our commitment
also benefits our transportation
Holm describes a situation
with many winners: DSV Road
strengthens its image and brand,
whereas customers are more satis-
fied and can improve their green
He also points out that the training
programme benefits the hauliers
in terms of higher competency and
lower fuel costs.
“But the biggest winner is the
environment,” Henrik Holm con-

                                                                          moves	   11
      Wild	about
                         After	half	a	lifetime’s	yearning,	Dutchman	Frans	Daamen	finally	
                         got	the	keys	for	his	all-American	13.6	litre	US	truck,	feeling	
                         “like	a	child	whose	greatest	wish	comes	true”.

      Frans Daamen, Project Manager of           would drive past a car dealer in one of     Kenworth W900 B built in early 1991,
      DSV Solutions Development & En-            the nearby towns. This particular morn-     with an Aerodyne 63 inch high-rise
      gineering, has tried his hand at most      ing, there was a genuine US truck on        sleeper (double bed plus a single bed
      aspects of the transport industry. But     the lot, gleaming in the morning sun.       above that, cupboards and air condi-
      then again, he was smitten at an early     Frans pulled over to talk to the dealer     tioning), a Cummins 440 HP engine
      age as an intern with Marvin Brothers      about the truck which, alas, was not        with 13.6 litres and 6 cylinders, a 16
      Inc. in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.      for sale. But now, Frans was keen on        gear Fuller Eaton and a total weight of
      “One day I accompanied a long-haul         realising his dream. He spent his nights    9.2 tonnes. The cab and sleeper are to-
      trucker on his trip from Maine to          trawling the Internet for used trucks in    tally upholstered with turquoise leather.
      Texas. Cruising on the interstates and     the US and Canada.
      highways in his GMC cabover truck, I       “Finally I found a truck which was per-     Indescribable feeling
      saw these giant US trucks for the first    fect for me. It looked very good, had a     Four months would elapse before
      time and thought: “If only I could drive   nice dark blue colour, wasn’t too old, in   the truck finally landed at Antwerp,
      across Europe in one of those!”.           good condition and last, but not least,     Belgium, and Frans could insert the
      During their two weeks on the road,        not too expensive,” Frans remembers.        sturdy key in the ignition to set the
      Frans Daamen would spend the night at                                                  giant pistons of the Cummins engine
      truck stops where he could get a closer    Mild heart attack                           in motion – and head home to his
      look at the huge trucks – something        In October 2000, after a few weeks of       garage.
      that reinforced his dream of owning        negotiations by email and phone, Frans      “It’s an indescribable feeling that
      one of the fantastic vehicles sometime.    invited the car dealer to join him on a     is difficult to explain to outsiders.
                                                 trip to Canada. They flew to Toronto,       But it is even beyond the feeling of
      Model trucks                               rented a car, drove 500 kilometres          a child who gets its most favourite
      In the years that followed, Frans Daa-     north to Sudbury and checked into a         toy,” Frans asserts. He joined the US
      men stuck to building several models       hotel. The next day, under clear blue       Heavy Duty Truck Owners Club in
      of US trucks. Never larger than 1:18,      skies, Frans and his chosen expert          2003. All full-fledged members of the
      but enough to keep his dream alive.        entered the truck dealer’s parking lot      club have their own US truck, and eve-
      Working as a lorry driver, Frans drove     – when Frans suffered “a mild heart         ry summer they attend US shows in
      a DAF 2800 on the roads of Benelux         attack”.                                    the Netherlands and other countries.
      and West Germany until returning           “There was my truck, sitting on the         Frans became chairman of the club
      to school at the age of 25 to study at     slope in the sun – and it was purple! I     in 2005 and is a certain participant at
      the Academy of Logistics Manage-           had travelled thousands of kilometres       the gatherings. He has already travelled
      ment. From 1989, life on the roads         to buy a purple truck instead of a blue     far and wide in Europe with his truck.
      was replaced by office work at various     one! After the initial shock, we took       The most recent trip went to Swe-
      Frans Maas logistics centres until one     closer look at the truck and I calmed       den and Norway – with his wife and
      morning a few years later, on his way      down. We started the final negotiations     friends – and a genuine DSV trailer
      to work in Venlo, the Netherlands,         about the purchase price and the costs      pulled by the 440 horses.
      Frans Daamen’s old passion was stirred     of shipping it to Europe. After two         “We enjoyed every minute of it and
      once again.                                days, we had a deal and my expert and       I’m sure the Swedes and Norwegians
                                                 I left for home. I was now the proud        who saw us will remember our trucks
      Searched the Internet                      owner of full-scale model of an Ameri-      and DSV’s logo for a long time,”
      Every day on his way to work, Frans        can truck,” Frans explains. It was a        predicts Frans Daamen.

12	   moves
DSV supplied the trailer when
Frans Daamen, his family and
a good friend went on holiday
in Scandinavia. It became an
experience of a lifetime.

                                    Everything’s a bit
                                                         Frans Daamen, 49
                                 bigger, and chrome
                                is in no short supply
                                                         Driver until 1984
                                       on a US truck.
                                                         Graduated from the Acad-
                                                         emy of Logistics Manage-
                                                         ment in 1989.

                                                         Logistics and Quality
                                                         Manager at Frans Maas in
                                                         Kaldenkirchen, Germany.

                                                         Unit Manager for Ware-
                                                         housing and Value Added
                                                         Activities at the Venray
                                                         logistics centre in the

                                                         Started a new logistics
                                                         centre in Venlo, the Neth-

                                                         “Crisis Manager” in the
                                                         Netherlands, Germany and

                                                         Overall logistics manager
                                                         in Germany.

                                                         Frans is currently Project
                                                         Manager at DSV Solutions
25 years would pass before
                                                         Development & Engineer-
Frans Daamen’s greatest dream
                                                         ing in Moerdijk, the Neth-
came true – owning a genuine
US truck.

                                                                 moves	       13
              DSV’s Danish employees have
              a bright future ahead. Trust,
              community, pride and courage
              are what it takes to make the
              company one of the best work-
14	   moves   places in Denmark.
                                                                       ONE	OF	THE	BEST	WORKPLACES	IN	DENMARK

“How do you describe DSV
after three glasses of wine?”

                 DSV wants to become one of the best workplaces in
                 Denmark. The way to achieve this is by “improving
                 a little every day” over the next one thousand days.
                 And it sounds like a real win-win situation.

It’s no secret that, in a time where       the workday of each employee.             “How do you describe DSV after
manpower is scarce, most companies         “We have to be better at appreciating     three glasses of wine?” Thomas asks.
are doing everything within their          and giving praise and recognition in      “We have an enormous number of
power to make themselves attractive        our dealings with each other.             great stories we could tell about
to their employees. This is the golden     It’s pointless to start out by bad-       DSV, like career opportunities across
age of Human Resources because the         mouthing each other’s children, for       our divisions and in other countries
company that most intelligently lives      instance. This gives us a poor basis      – but we haven’t been very good
up to the requirements for a stimulat-     for making progress,” Thomas says.        at telling them. Taking pride in our
ing, secure and challenging work-          To reach to the goal by 2010, four        workplace also generates energy,
place will also be the company that        things are important in Thomas’s          drive and basic satisfaction,” he says.
has the easiest time filling vacant        view:
positions and developing.                  • Trust                                   Learning your limits
But there is also an added bonus.          • A sense of community                    Finally, Thomas thinks it’s also a
Because it’s not only a question of        • Pride                                   matter of instilling courage in the
attracting and retaining qualified         • Courage                                 employees. To risk saying “stop” and
employees. If done properly, HR can        “It’s important that the employees        going against the flow. “Only dead
save a lot of money – when em-             trust their immediate superior and        fish float downstream,” Thomas says,
ployees are more satisfied and when        trust that the company can do what        apologising for the tired cliché.
enthusiasm and commitment replace          it takes to reach the goals it has set.   “Doing things differently generates
fatigue and dissatisfaction.               Trust is crucial if we ever want to be    results but takes courage. And we
                                           creative and do our best,” he says.       also need the courage to turn down
Four methods for improving                                                           jobs with a poor contribution margin.
your workday                               Good stories                              And the courage to say no to bad-
DSV’s new HR Director, Thomas              Another goal is to establish a sense of   mouthing from your colleagues or
Thorsøe, did not personally parti-         community within the departments – in     your boss,” Thomas says. His crite-
cipate in articulating the concept of      large and small groups alike. This will   rion for success is simple: “To create
“improving a little every day”, that       make each employee an indispensable       a better workplace so we’re better
aims to enable DSV to call itself one      member of the group, and it means         at retaining employees. Greater
of the very best workplaces in Den-        something if you don’t report for work    satisfaction means less sick leave –
mark – by 2010. In his view, however,      in the morning. Next, Thomas wants us     and we can also save money in the
it is also largely a matter of improving   to feel proud of our workplace.           process,” he points out.

                                                                                                               moves	          15
                                                                                    ONE	OF	THE	BEST	WORKPLACES	IN	DENMARK

      We have to tell
      DSV’s good stories
                           DSV is a company with high-calibre international career paths. This is
                           the message DSV needs to use to attract manpower in the future.

      Drastically declining numbers of                of switching from one division to another     “We need to get out and ask the supervi-
      graduates combined with excellent market        than is possible today:                       sors how they’re using their time. Usually
      trends make a dangerous cocktail. It will       “Many people feel limited by a supervisor     supervisors spend 60% of their time on
      simply be far more difficult in the future to   who they feel blocks their own dreams         those who neither have the ability nor
      recruit the number of employees we need         of becoming a manger. But the truth is,       want to do the job. They spend 25% of
      to maintain and develop the company.            we’re made up of three divisions, and we      their time on those who don’t know what
      “Many companies recruit employees               have to be more open to this. There are far   they want to do or what their job entails
      abroad and this is also an option we may        greater career opportunities in DSV than      and the rest on those who actually want
      be forced to make use of. When the labour       we realise,” Thomas says.                     to do something but lack the ability. And
      market is under pressure, power shifts                                                        then there’s the residual group who end
      from the company to the employees. They         Focus on the best employee                    up leaving. Those who both have the
      can shop around wherever they want, and         Another problem we face during favour-        ability and the desire – it’s also easy for
      the companies are busy making them-             able market trends when manpower is           them to find another job, and if they don’t
      selves attractive to the employees,” says       scarce is that the most highly qualified      get their supervisor’s attention, they leave
      Thomas Thorsøe, HR Director.                    employees leave the company – which           the company. We have to focus a lot more
                                                      Thomas quite understands. Because             energy on them,” says Thomas Thorsøe.
      Great career opportunities                      studies show that the most qualified em-
      To DSV, the solution is right in front of       ployees get the least attention from their    Shipping agent study programme
      us, according to Thomas Thorsøe. That’s         supervisor. Instead, supervisors expend all   Part of making the company “attractive”
      because DSV is a company with fantastic         their energy on those who are less capable    to potential candidates largely involves
      career opportunities – we just haven’t          or those who cannot or don’t want to          training and education. In this context,
      been good enough at making people               make the effort required. This is some-       Thomas Thorsøe airs the idea of having
      aware of it.                                    thing Thomas wants to change. In most         a special “DSV Shipping Agent Educa-
      “I’m fascinated by our many fine career         companies, the employees are classified in    tion”.
      opportunities and vexed by the fact that        four groups:                                  “Our shipping agent trainees are the
      we’re not better at telling people about it.    1) those who have the ability and want to     employees and managers of tomorrow.
      We have to get out – into venues frequen-       work for the company;                         We have to do something for them. And
      ted by young people – and spread the word       2) those who want to but lack the ability     I can easily imagine a shipping-agent
      that we are a large international company       (perhaps because they are new on the job      education comprised of a stay abroad and
      where you can forge an interesting career       or lack training);                            other experiences and possibilities that no
      and have rewarding experiences. We’re           3) those who don’t know what they want        other shipping agent in the country could
      actually just as attractive as Maersk, but      to do (or who don’t know what their job       match. These are some of the things it
      we haven’t been anywhere near as good           actually entails); and                        takes to attract the manpower we need.
      at branding our company,” Thomas says.          4) those who neither can nor want to work     And we have to get out there and spread
      He also envisions far greater possibilities     for the company.                              the word,” he concludes.

16	   moves
Catarina Hemicke (fore-
ground) and Pia Bonke
have both the desire and
the ability. They greet
people with a smile at the
reception desk in Brøndby
every day. m o v e s 	     17
                           Thomas Thorsøe,	39
                           Lives	in	Smørum,	Denmark,	with	
                           his	wife	and	three	children.
                           Qualified	watchmaker.
                           Bachelor’s	degree	in	management	
                           and	change.
                           Studying	for	an	MBA	in	manage-
                           ment	and	change.
                           Previously	the	HR	manager	for	
                           Netto	(low-price	daily	commodity	
                           Plays	golf	and	runs	two	or	three	
                           times	a	week.

                                                  Even if Thomas Thorsøe’s father,
                                                  also a watchmaker, would rather
                                                  have seen his son do what he wanted
                                                  than follow in his father’s footsteps,
                                                  Thomas was very interested in the
                                                  complicated, logical intricacies of
                                                  the beautiful clockworks and pinions
                                                  – and so he went against his father’s
                                                  But not for long. Because after com-
                                                  pleting his traineeship at Klarlund,
                                                  one of the most exclusive watchmak-
                                                  ers in Denmark, and after a brief stint
                                                  at Rolex in Switzerland, he started a
                                                  career as a manager in charge of co-
                                                  ordinating the manufacturing process
                                                  in various companies.

                                                  Looking for good qualities
                                                  Seven years ago, Thomas was head of
                                                  production in Denmark for a Scandi-
                                                  navian company. His counterparts in
                                                  the other countries were all graduate
                                                  engineers – which meant they had
                                                  many more tools at their disposal
                                                  for performing their duties than the
                                                  watchmaker from Copenhagen. But it
                                                  was Thomas’s methods that became
                                                  “best practices” in the company.
                                                  “My strength was that I focused on
                                                  what my colleagues were good at,
                                                  instead of playing ‘What’s wrong
                                                  with this picture?’,” says Thomas,
                                                  and illustrates this with an obvious
                                                  example – for a watchmaker, that is.
                                                  “If you’ve just bought a Rolex, you’ll
                                                  notice far more Rolex watches on the
                                                  wrist of whoever you’re talking to.
                                                  The point is that you see what you’re
                                                  looking for. If you look for shortcom-
                                                  ings, you’ll find shortcomings. If you
              Thomas Thorsøe, HR                  look for good qualities, then that’s
              Director, wants the                 what you’ll find,” he says.
              entire DSV organisa-
              tion to start focusing
              on strengths instead of
18	   moves   weaknesses.
                                                                       ONE	OF	THE	BEST	WORKPLACES	IN	DENMARK

Eye for Strength
                    As a qualified watchmaker, DSV’s new Danish HR Director has an eye
                    for detail. Because the tiny things can make a big difference. And
                    Thomas Thorsøe would rather use his skilled eyes to see strengths in
                    his colleagues – instead of playing “What’s wrong with this picture?”.

Room for enthusiasm                         and change. An MBA is next on the         Managers must exhibit trust
Thomas was charged with executive           horizon which, to Thomas, means new       The next phase in a career at DSV is to
responsibility for coordinating manu-       demands for the job of HR Director.       retain the employee.
facturing activities in Scandinavia but     “Whereas I once regarded HR as an         “90% of the resignations turned in at a
was shortly afterwards contacted by         isolated department in a company, I       company are due to dissatisfaction with
Netto, the low-price daily commodity        now see it in an overarching business     the immediate superior. That’s why we
chain, but he wasn’t exactly overjoyed      perspective,” he says.                    have to develop our managers, and we
at the prospect.                                                                      have to conduct management surveys
“‘It’s a great place to shop,’ I thought,   The Best Workplace in Denmark             among the employees. Dry-cleaning and
‘but a horrible place to work’!”            The fact that Netto’s HR Manager for      free-fruit schemes don’t help if you don’t
After the introductory interviews,          seven years is now working at DSV in      feel comfortable in the company. We have
Thomas had to revise his perception of      Brøndby is due to the company’s over-     to satisfy the basic needs first,” Thomas
Netto, which on the contrary turned out     all goal to be one of Denmark’s best      explains and also emphasises the wide-
to be a company with a stimulating cul-     workplaces by 2010.                       spread misunderstanding among managers
ture where business acumen and a focus      “DSV has high HR ambitions which go       exemplified by an “I know all there is to
on the bottom line had top priority.        hand in glove with my own,” Thomas        know” attitude.
“There was room for enthusiasm,”            says.                                     “On the contrary. Once you start thinking
Thomas says, and started at Netto as        His goal is to develop DSV as a work-     you don’t need to learn anything new, your
staff manager in charge of HR.              place that focuses on the following:      management days are numbered. A mana-
                                            • Education and training                  ger can only generate development for
No rubber-stamp office                      • Skills development                      his employees if he or she is undergoing a
Up to then, Thomas’s HR experience          • Talent development                      development process himself or herself,”
had been limited to the line manager’s      • Recruitment                             Thomas says, adding, “otherwise he or she
normal staff responsibility. But Thomas                                               should be afraid of being leapfrogged…”
had talent and an eye for his colleagues’   Thomas divides DSV’s “working life”
strengths, and it soon became apparent      – and thus the new HR Department’s        And a sideways jump…
that he had to risk taking the plunge to    tasks – into four phases:                 With regard to staff development,
get clout within Netto.                     • Attraction                              Thomas wants to get rid of the straitjack-
“I was afraid of becoming a rubber-         • Retention                               et approach where most people see only
stamp office for written warnings,” he      • Development                             a vertical career path in front of them.
remembers and soon decided that his         • Phase-out                               “Many people would benefit from a
department’s employees should visit at      “We have to be better at attracting new   jump to the side. Perhaps become a sales
least ten supermarkets a month to tell      employees and should do it by being       rep after having been a line manager,
about the new HR department and what        better at branding the company. We        for instance. Who says a career can only
the department was actually capable of      have to go into job portals or wherever   go in one direction?” he says pointing
doing as far as supporting recruitment,     young people spend their leisure time.    up. “I’d prefer a culture where it’s just
career planning, management courses,        We have to be much more visible. We       as respectable to test your skills in other
and talent training.                        may not have an exotic product, but       areas – and also from one division to
“We were soon buried in work, but it        Maersk doesn’t either. By contrast,       another. It would open up far more job
was fun because we were inspiring and       they’ve associated some values with the   opportunities within the group if we
developing the employees,” Thomas           company that everyone recognises - and    were to improve our ability to exploit the
says. He supplemented his work by tak-      we have to, too. One example could be     potential we actually have,” says DSV’s
ing a bachelor’s degree in management       ‘improving a little every day’.”          new HR Director.

                                                                                                                   moves	           19
      Career in spite
      of visual impairment
                          Mats	Rosén	is	blind	in	one	eye	and	his	sight	in	the	other	is	
                          greatly	impaired.	This	does	not	prevent	him	from	pursuing	
                          a	career	as	a	project	manager	for	DSV	Road	or	his	hobby	of	
                          photography	with	such	great	success	that	he	has	started	to	
                          work	as	a	professional	photographer.	

      When Mats Rosén finished upper second-        is short at the same time,” says Mats.         your senses is impaired, you develop the
      ary school, he was a little uncertain about                                                  other ones even more. It takes a long time
      which profession to choose. Although he       Reads only 3 or 4 letters at a time            for me to read a text, so I’ve trained my
      never felt restricted by his visual impair-   As project manager, Mats has participated      memory to notice things all the time that
      ment, he soon stopped thinking about          in developing new customs-clearance            others don’t. For instance, I know many
      becoming an ambulance driver.                 systems and is now involved in establish-      shortcut keys on the keyboard so I don’t
      “I had to be realistic – we all have our      ing a common freight-handling system for       have to use the mouse as much.”
      strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn’t          the entire DSV Road organisation.
      have been a very good ambulance driver        “The transport sector is very interesting.     Interested in technology
      either,” he says with a smile.                It’s challenging and there’s a constant need   Technology is one of the interesting
      Mats sent in applications to several study    for transporting goods. Much of the pro-       aspects of Mats’ job at DSV and which
      programmes and was admitted to the            cess can be simplified and streamlined.”       in recent years has also prompted him
      transport management programme in             In spite of his visual impairment, Mats        to make an even bigger commitment to
      Örebro, Sweden.                               works under the same terms as everyone         photography.
      “I liked the combination of planning,         else in his department, the only difference    “I’m also an amateur radio operator and
      economics and technology,” he says.           being that he uses a text enlargement faci-    was largely attracted to photography and
      After supplementing his studies with          lity on his computer, as he can only read      film because I discovered how stimulating
      transportation economics at the business      three or four letters at a time.               it was to master the technical aspects.”
      college in Växjö, he started working for                                                     He was also a sound technician for a
      a small haulage contractor in north-west      Memory training                                dance band for a while and photographed
      Scania Province, Southern Sweden.             Mats’ colleagues are astonished at how         them on stage. As every photography buff
      “As computers became more widespread,         well he gets on and with an optimistic         knows, taking photographs in large, dimly
      I focused more and more on IT.”               attitude to boot. Or as his immediate          lit rooms is quite difficult.
      Following a stint in Stockholm as an IT       supervisor Christer Hagsund puts it:           “That’s where my visual impairment
      manager for a transport company, he end-       “Mats is enormously competent and he          gives me certain advantages. I know how
      ed up back in Scania. The company was         never regards anything as a problem.”          different lighting and shadows work and
      bought up shortly afterwards, and soon        Mats doesn’t think that that’s so remark-      I’m probably more aware of the lighting
      his new employer was DSV Road. He has         able. His sight has always been impaired       conditions. And they’re interesting aspects
      worked for several transport companies        as he was born blind in one eye and the        of taking photographs.”
      over the past 22 years.                       sight in his other eye was impaired by         On the other hand, Mats is unable to judge
      “DSV is a fantastic company because it is     retinitis when he was seven.                   distance because he can only see with one
      so big that you have fine opportunities for   “I don’t know how a person with perfect        eye and doesn’t have stereoscopic vision.
      development, but the chain of command         vision sees things. I think that if one of     “Of course I occasionally fail to get things

20	   moves
                                   In spite of his visual
                                   impairment, Mats
                                   Rosén is an ardent
                                   photographer. He
                                   thinks that in some
                                   situations, his im-
                                   paired sight can even
                                   be an advantage when
                                   taking photographs.

                                   completely in focus, but that happens
Name:	Mats	Rosén                   to everyone. I just take more pictures to
Age:	42                            compensate.”
Home:	Billesholm,	Scania	Prov-
                                   Accepting jobs
ince,	Sweden.
                                   Mats has started to increase his pho-
Job:	Project	manager	for	DSV	
                                   tography activities in recent years. In
in	Malmö.	In	his	spare	time,	he	   addition to his job at DSV, he now has
works	as	a	freelance	photogra-     his own business and a contract with a
pher	in	his	own	business.          photo agency in Helsingborg and gets
Interests:	Technology,	photogra-   jobs from returning customers, such as
phy	and	the	Scouts	Association.    Sweden’s equestrian sport association.
                                   Last summer, he was the official photo-
                                   grapher for the Landskrona festival.
                                   “Taking pictures, getting out and meet-
                                   ing lots of new people and seeing new
                                   places is fun. I’m interested in the events
                                   themselves, too. What does it look like
                                   backstage at the Globe in Stockholm, for
                                   instance? I now know after having been
                                   on assignment there three times.”
                                   Afterwards, Mats processes the photos
                                   on a large computer screen so he can
                                   see as much of the photo as possible. He
                                   actually considers buying two screens
                                   and using them next to each other to get
                                   a bigger picture.
                                   His photos are published in equestrian
                                   magazines, tourist brochures and some-
                                   times even in newspapers.
                                   “It’s wonderful! I hope to get even more
                                   photo jobs in the future,” says Mats

                                                                 moves	          21
      Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary was one of the very
      first patrons of the hot-dog stand. The Crown Princess
      and her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, were staying
      at Manhattan’s Hilton Hotel during a promotional trip
      for Danish companies organised by Creative Nations on
      20 September.
                                                                                         Kasper Kragh (left), Head of Section for the Project
                                                                                         Division’s Pack & Ship, helps Thomas Hostrup and
                                                                                                        Fanny Posselt get the hot-dog stand
                                                                                                                         ready for shipping.

                                                   U N I T E D                                                                   S T
      From	coast2coast:
            DSV sponsors travelling
            hot-dog stand in the US
      The purpose is to raise money for
      charity – this autumn for children
      suffering from arthritis. For the past
                                                                O F
                                                the US starting in New York. A huge
                                                effort is required before each trip
                                                to raise money for the trip through
                                                                                                     A M E R
                                                                                            Fanny Hot Dog Woman
                                                                                            It was by chance that DSV became
                                                                                            aware of Fanny Hot Dog Woman,
      four years, Fanny Posselt has been        sponsorships. The hot dogs served by        as she calls herself on her website:
      travelling around Europe with her         Fanny Hot Dog Woman to her hun-             www.worldsmosttravelledhot-
      sustainable hot-dog stand and her         gry guests are free, based on the idea Thomas
      team of Hot Dog volunteers. Now it’s      that the hot-dog eaters will hopefully      Hostrup, Head of Sales and Marke-
      time for a coast-to-coast trip through    make a donation to charity.                 ting in the Project Division in

22	   moves
                                                                                            Fanny Posselt’s hot-
                                                                                            dog stand project is
                                                                                            also backed by the
                                                                                            renowned Danish chef
                                                                                            Claus Meyer who also
                                                                                            stayed at the Hilton
                                                                                            Hotel in New York.

T A T E S                               The Hot Dog Woman
                                        makes sure the container
                                        is safely locked.
                                                                             Fanny Posselt has been travel-
                                                                             ling with her hot-dog stand
                                                                             and sharing morsels of Danish
                                                                             culture for the past four years.
  The Hot Dog Woman will
    travel across the US to
   raise money for charity.

  Århus, read about the hot-dog stand
  last Christmas and about Fanny’s
  intentions to travel to the US. He
                                            connected to transportation back
                                            and forth, and the hot-dog stand was
                                            shipped to the US on 19 August.
                                                                                      nity to profile ourselves over there.”
                                                                                      Next year, Fanny is planning to take
                                                                                      the world’s most travelled hot-dog
  subsequently contacted Fanny to           “I thought this was an enormously         stand to China for the Olympic
  hear whether she was interesting in       interesting project. Having a hot-dog     Games.
  getting DSV’s support for transpor-       stand in the US is no run-of-the-mill     Chances are DSV will have its name
  tation. And so it came to be. DSV         sponsorship,” says Thomas Hostrup,        on the list of sponsors then, too!
  has taken care of all the documents       adding, “and it gives us an opportu-

                                                                                                                moves	         23
           New UK Director / Due to Jens Bjørn Andersen’s in-
           volvement in the Netherlands and Germany, Rene Falch
           Olesen has been appointed managing director for DSV
           Road Ltd in the UK. Rene has been with the company for
           24 years and his achievements include serving as a driv-
           ing force in the recent excellent results achieved by the
           British organisation.

           Certified Quality / In September, DSV Solutions in
           Sweden obtained quality and environment certifications
           in accordance with ISO 9001:200 and ISO 14000:2004.
           The certifications were prompted by the fact that most of
           DSV’s major customers are certified themselves. So the
           certifications will ease procedures as the customers no
           longer have to perform their own audits at DSV to ensure
           that DSV’s working methods live up to their quality and
           environmental specifications. Within DSV, the certifica-
           tions mean that all working methods have now been
           illuminated and documented. Following DSV Solutions’                     Fifteen employees from DSV Finland participated in
           certification, all companies in Sweden have now been                     Sulkava Rowing Race for the fourth time. 136 boats
           certified for quality and the environment in accordance                  were rowed along the beautiful 60-kilometre route.
           with current ISO standards.

           Cool Storage / DSV Bulgaria is proud to be the coun-           Finnish Discipline / DSV Finland participated for the
           try’s only 3PL supplier of temperature-controlled storage      fourth time in this year’s Sulkava Rowing Race. Sixty
           solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Last     sweaty kilometres from the beach near Hakovirta,
           summer, Vectra Ltd – a subsidiary of DSV Road – also           around the island of Partala and ending in Sulkava.
           opened a new refrigerated storage facility built according     DSV’s long boat carried four women from DSV Road,
           to EU standards for storing pharmaceutical products at         six rowers from DSV Domestic and five from Solutions.
           between 2° and 8°C. The refrigerated facility has a total      The team, who keep improving their placing every year,
           capacity of 565 m³, but is divided into three compart-         crossed the “Finnish” line as the 78th of 136 boats.
           ments that can be set at different temperatures and relative
           humidity. The list of customers for DSV Solution’s new         Wins Global Contract / DSV Air & Sea has won a
           Bulgarian cold stores include Actavis, Best Foods, Glaxo-      global contract for overseas transports for Martin
           SmithKline, Rauch and Unilever.                                Professional, covering the company’s global air and
                                                                          sea transports. The two-year contract has an estimated
           Building a Factory in Portugal / DSV Portugal has been         value of around EUR 2.7 million. Most of the freight
           instrumental in ensuring that Amcor, one of the compa-         has to be transported between the Netherlands, the US,
           ny’s most important customers, can launch production in        Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore and
           Palmela, Portugal. Amcor is one of the largest packaging       Denmark. Martin Professional’s head office is located
           companies in the world. The company used DSV Portugal          in Århus, Denmark, and specialises in professional
           for transporting equipment from the UK to Portugal as          lighting for the entertainment industry and architectural
           part of the construction of the new manufacturing facility.    lighting of buildings.

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        Photos: Dwight Cendrowski, Lee Edward Agernem-Nielsen, Mads Wedderkopp, Görgen Persson, Martin Mydtskov.
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