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					                               North Coast
                               Shared Services

Educational Service Center
of Cuyahoga County

Educational Service Center
of Lorain County

Medina County Schools'
Educational Service Center

Greater Cleveland School
Superintendents' Association

Ohio Schools Council

WVIZ/PBS ideastream®

    North Coast Shared
    Services Alliance

    The Educational Service Centers (ESCs) of Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina

    Counties are excited to announce the creation of the North Coast Shared

    Services Alliance (NCSSA). This alliance was developed in an effort to provide

    expanded education-related services and enhance opportunities for districts

    in the region. The focus of this effort is to identify key services, programs

    and products unique to each ESC and make them available to school

    districts throughout the tri-county area.

    Other partners in the region that have also joined us in this collaborative

    alliance include the Greater Cleveland Schools Superintendents’ Association

    (GCSSA), the Ohio Schools Council (OSC) and WVIZ/ PBS ideastream®.

                            The intent of this brochure is three-fold. First, it was

                            created to identify the unique services, programs

                            and products available from each of the respective

                            ESCs and agencies. Second, the contact information

                            from each agency provides direct access to services.

                            Finally, this document identifies unique programs and

                            products available through this alliance that enhance

                            and support education.

Educational Service Center
of Cuyahoga County
Serving Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Summit and Trumbull Counties
We service multiple counties through ODE programs and Race-to-the-Top
5811 Canal Road Valley View, Ohio 44125 • 216-524-3000 •

                                  The Educational Service            certified Braille Services employees to support the
                                                                     transcription of Braille materials.
                                  Center of Cuyahoga County
                                  (ESC-CC) provides assistance       Brailing services of text or graphics can be produced by
                                                                     trained and experience staff members on an hourly rate
                                  to contracted school               cost basis to district to needing instructional materials in
                                  districts and agencies by          Braille format for blind or impaired students. (Pre K-12)

                                  offering a broad range of          Conference Center and Facilities Rental
                                  resources to support their         Whether your meeting or event is as small as 10 or as large
                                                                     as a conference of 400, ESC-CC has available multiple
                                  mission to serve all learners.
                                                                     conference rooms across our professional campus,
We provide “quality service” that is “valued and needed” on          centrally located less than 12 miles from downtown
a cost-efficient basis. Service areas include:                       Cleveland, in the heart of Cuyahoga County with
                                                                     convenient access to I-71, I-77, I-90, I-270 and I-480.
Local School Districts        Direct Program Services
City/County Services          Consortium and Cooperatives            Our administration building, located at 5811 Canal Road, is
Fiscal Agency                 Interagency Programs                   a two-story cedar building, featuring free, ample parking.
Contract Services             Other
                                                                     In addition to offices, the administration building offers the
Clients can expect the following from the ESC-CC:                    following amenities:
•   Professional and technical competency
                                                                     • with a 101 - The first floor boardfor 8-10,isafurnished
                                                                       Room                               room
•   Clients' philosophies, goals, values, and needs will serve
    as the operational guideline and basis for service and
                                                                              large oval table, seating               drop-down
                                                                          screen, built-in ceiling LCD projector, internet and
    problem solving                                                       wireless points.
•   Service at a cost below which they can implement the
    same program or a service not otherwise available                • room is105 - Located onrectangular tables and chairs,
                                                                       Room                    the first floor, this conference
                                                                               furnished with
•   Services performed in compliance with State Board of
    Education / Ohio Department of Education standards
                                                                          seating for 35-40, a full kitchen, a podium with an
                                                                          integrated computer desktop pre-wired to a built-in
    and requests by the Department of Education                           ceiling projector and two plasma screens and one drop-
                                                                          down screen, internet access and wireless points.
Our operational posture reflects that of a private enterprise
providing services in an open market. The prevailing
attitude is aimed at functioning “as if we can go out of
                                                                     • conference-room is equipped with rectangular tables,
                                                                       Room 210 Located on the second floor, this

business” if the services rendered are not efficient and                  seating for 50-60, a portable computer lab, a podium
effective for school districts.                                           with microphone sound system and projector hook-
                                                                          ups for presenter laptops, two built-in ceiling projectors
Services                                                                  and drop-down screens, full kitchen, internet access
                                                                          and wireless points.
Achievement Centers for Children
Expert consulting and professional development/training
                                                                     • conference- room is equipped with rectangular
                                                                       Room 220 Located on the second floor, this

for school personnel are available to districts to design                 tables, seating for 30-40, a built-in ceiling projector
educational programming for individual children, classroom                and drop-down screen, full kitchen, internet access
enhancements or new set-up for children with autism.                      and wireless points.

Brailing Services                                                    • SSTthe second floor, this- conference room is SST quarters
                                                                           Conference Room Located within the
The ESC-CC assists districts in complying with the American
                                                                          with an oval table, seating for 6-8, two work stations and
with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by providing
                                                                          wireless internet.
                   Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County    (continued)

                   The Lakeshore Northeast Ohio Computer             usage and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of
                   Association (LNOCA) Building is located           programs and services.
                   on the ESC-CC campus, 5700 West Canal
                   Road, Building A, Valley View, Ohio 44125.        Global Education Training
                   Within this building is a conference room
                   with seating and long tables for 50. This         Rapidly shifting global trends—economic, cultural,
                   conference room includes a ceiling projector      technological, and environmental—call for a generation
                   with sound system along with TV/VCR/DVD           of individuals who can engage in effective global problem
                   and wired internet equipment.                     solving and participate in local, national and global civic
                                                                     life. The ESC-CC offers professional development training
                   In 2011, The Harry E. Eastridge Professional      in global literacy for the 21st century. Workshops and
    Development Center was nominated for “Best Traditional           summer institutes provide content knowledge and skills
    Venue” through Cleveland Business Connections.                   development for creating a globally focused curriculum.
    Located at 5700 West Canal Road, Building B, Valley View,        Programs explore cultural competencies, methods for
    Ohio 44125, this is a state-of-the-art facility with over 150    developing global awareness, historical and contemporary
    free parking spaces and adjacent parking available on            world events, exploration of cultures through the lenses of
    Wall Street. This facility features:                             the arts and literature, and interdisciplinary connections.

    Conference Rooms A and B – Furnished with round tables           Grant Research, Management and Writing
    and chairs with the capacity to hold 200 participants
    comfortably. A full kitchen, IVDL availability, wireless         The ESC-CC researches and secures grant funding
    microphones, two drop-down screens and built-in ceiling          to support a wide array of initiatives that increase
    projectors, internet access, and wireless points.                collaboration between schools and other organizations
                                                                     while benefitting students, teachers and the
         Room A Seats 82 (12 rounds w/7 chairs each)
                                                                     community. In addition to grant programs managed
         Room B Seats 114 (16 rounds w/7 chairs each)                by the ESC-CC, support is also available to districts in
    Classroom C Furnished with rectangular tables and chairs         locating potential sources of funding and guiding the
                for 20 participants. This room features a            preparation of grant applications.
                kitchen station, portable computer lab,
                built-in ceiling LCD projector and                   Itinerant Teachers for the Hearing Impaired
                drop-down screen.
                                                                     Direct and indirect educational services can be provided by
                                                                     itinerant personnel to deaf and hearing impaired students
    Consortium Purchasing                                            attending their district of residence school building. Expert
    The ESC-CC offers and provides districts the opportunity to      consulting and school personnel training is provided
    participate in group consortium purchasing to maximize           regarding sign language instruction, oral communication
    discount pricing in the areas of software programs,              and assistive technology equipment and materials by
    curriculum materials and a host of other goods and materials.    itinerant teachers and an educational audiologist.

    Digital Learning Consortium                                      Networks
    The ESC-CC, in partnership with the Geauga, Lake and Lorain      In response to national, state and local needs, networks
    County ESCs and Lincoln Interactive, offers a wide variety of    have been developed to allow professionals to confront
    K-12 courses that allow districts to provide students with an    issues and concerns, solve common problems, and
    innovative, effective educational experience while utilizing     share ideas and solutions with others while providing
    state-of-the-art technology, an interactive and engaging         mutual assistance and support. Networks include:
    curriculum, and the guidance and support of highly               Cuyahoga County Superintendents Roundtable
    qualified, licensed instructors.                                 Credit Flexibility Network
                                                                     Eastside – Westside Curriculum Collaborative Network
    Fiscal Services                                                  Elementary Principal Network
    The ESC-CC provides fiscal management services for districts     Family Council Network
    and county programs that include human resources billing,
                                                                     Family and Civic Engagement (FCE) Coordinator Network
    program accounts management, fiscal agency and local,
    state and federal grants management. Through these fiscal        Flexible and Assistive Technology Network
    services, the ESC can help districts maximize personnel          Greater Cleveland Coordinators of Gifted

Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County     (continued)

Greater Cleveland School Superintendents’ Association           ongoing dialogue between superintendents and boards
(GCSSA)                                                         of education. The ESC-CC offers technical assistance and
Itinerant Special Education Preschool Network                   customized support to our educational leaders on the
Lead Mentors and Mentors' Network                               Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System.
Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)
                                                                The Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Northeast Ohio Association of School Business Officials
(NEOASBO)                                                       The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is the leading
Northeast Ohio English Language Learners (NOELL) Network        advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century
                                                                skills into education. The organization brings together
Northeast Ohio School Personnel Association (NEOSPA)            the business community, education leaders, and policy
Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) Facilitators’ Network            makers to define a powerful vision to ensure every child’s
Pupil Services Advisory Council                                 success as citizens and workers by providing tools and
Race-to-the-Top Transformation Teams (RttT)                     resources to help facilitate and drive change. The ESC-CC is
Regional Advisory Council (RAC)                                 a professional development affiliate of the Partnership for
                                                                21st Century Skills which supports the integration of 21st
Regional Technology Group Network                               century skills into all aspects of teaching and learning.

Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES)                         Payroll
In 2007, the Ohio Department of Education convened a            The ESC-CC offers transparent business-oriented support
group of educators (principals, superintendents, teachers,      to school districts and agencies that offer cost-effective
and representatives from higher education) from across the      solutions for work in the educational community. The
state to design a model principal evaluation system. The        ESC-CC provides business and accounting expertise
Ohio Principal Evaluation System was adopted by the State       through a wide-range of services including contracts,
Board in fall 2008.                                             invoicing, revenue and budgetary accounting services as
OPES is designed to ensure:                                     well as payroll and benefits such as insurances and federal
                                                                and state program accounting.
• Professional growth through ongoing dialogue between
  the principal and the evaluator
                                                                Print Shop
• Continuous improvement through fostering the growth
  of knowledge and skills over time                             The ESC-CC Print Shop is a full-service print operation that
• Incorporating new learning into practice                      produces quality materials for nonprofit organizations

• Regular reflection on practice to identify areas of
  strength and areas for continued development
                                                                at below-market prices. It provides professional printing
                                                                expertise with layout and design assistance as well as personal
                                                                attention to each printing order.
• Collection of evidence to document performance and
  inform summative ratings                                      Services
                                                                •  Two-color processing printing
In 2011, the ESC-CC was one of the six ESCs awarded a grant,
by the Ohio Department of Education, to provide and             •  Four-color processing printing
conduct regional OPES training as required by HB2, 153,         •  High-speed copying
and Race-to-the-Top.                                            •  Color copying
                                                                •  Booklet making with GBC, spiral, Pro-Click, saddle
Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System (OSES)                       stitch and perfect glue binding
As part of Ohio’s commitment to standards and                   •  Folding, collating, drilling and stapling services
accountability for all educators, the Ohio Superintendent       •  Bulk mailing
Evaluation System was created as a companion to the
Ohio Standards for Superintendents. Recognizing the             Products
importance of developing strong educational leaders, the        •  Annual reports           •   Brochures
Ohio Department of Education, in partnership with the           •  Calendars                •   Letterhead
Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA) and
                                                                •  Invitations              •   Envelopes
the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) developed
the model system of evaluation for superintendents and          •  Bound books
                                                                                            •   Carbonless Forms
school boards as a tool that can be used to promote high        •  Business cards
                                                                                            •   Handbooks
levels of leader effectiveness, professional growth and         •  Newsletters

    Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County       (continued)

    Race-to-the-Top                                                   Eleanor Gerson
                                                                      Eleanor Gerson is an alternative high and middle
    The ESC-CC was proudly selected as one of the 10 ESCs to
                                                                      school program operated by the Applewood Centers,
    formally partner with the Ohio Department of Education
                                                                      Inc. Both school facilities are located in the downtown
    (ODE) in implementing various aspects of Ohio’s Race-to-
                                                                      Cleveland area. The facilities offer an alternative
    the-Top Strategy for the Northeast Region. Through this
                                                                      educational setting for districts to serve emotionally
    partnership the ESC-CC will work with the ODE, Mahoning
                                                                      disturbed students.
    County ESC and the Northeast Ohio Regional Coordinator
    to provide project personnel, professional development            North Coast Academy
    and technical assistance to help school districts achieve         The North Coast Academy, an alternative high
    their Race-to-the-Top goals and performance measures.             school, is located at Richmond Square Mall. It
    The Northeast Ohio region not only includes Cuyahoga              provides an alternative education option for
    County, but also Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning,       eastern Cuyahoga County school districts to serve
    Medina, Portage, Summit and Trumbull.                             at-risk high school students with a computer-
                                                                      based academic program for credit recovery and
    Resident Educator Training                                        acceleration to attain a high school diploma.
    The Ohio Resident Educator program provides beginning             Parmadale Center
    teachers with four years of formal support which includes         The ESC-CC provides educational services for the
    instructional mentoring. This support is designed to foster       residents. Both multi-handicapped and emotionally
    the beginning teacher’s sense of autonomy and efficacy            disturbed middle and high school programs are
    through self-assessment, mentor observation, analysis and         located at this facility.
    use of student data and goal setting. Successful completion
    of the four-year residency is required to advance to a five-      Positive Education Program
    year professional license. The Educational Service Center of      Since 1971, PEP has helped troubled and troubling
    Cuyahoga County provides a resident educator program as           children and youth successfully learn and grow
    a service to districts and charter/community schools and the      through the Re-ED approach, blending quality
    beginning teachers employed through these organizations.          education and mental health services in partnership
    Regular program meetings and formal mentor support                with families, schools, and communities. It started as
    provide beginning teachers with the framework to enhance          a small consulting organization established to help
    teaching and learning within their classrooms supporting          schools create strategies to work with their most
    student achievement and success.                                  challenging students. Today, PEP operates many
                                                                      programs including nine Day Treatment Centers, two
    Special Education Programs                                        Early Childhood Centers, Day Care Plus, Connections,
                                                                      and PEP Assist. Through these programs, PEP serves
    For many years, the ESC-CC has met the charge of the school
                                                                      children ages birth to 22 with a wide array of challenges
    districts in Cuyahoga County and surrounding county
                                                                      including emotional disturbance, cognitive delays,
    school districts to provide special education and alternative
                                                                      autism spectrum disorder and other developmental
    education programs to serve the most educationally
                                                                      disabilities. With a staff of nearly 600 caring and
    challenging students in northeast Ohio. Our specialized
                                                                      competent professionals, PEP provides both direct
    separate school facilities, satellite classrooms and itinerant
                                                                      service and consultation/training services that impact
    teaching staff serve approximately 2,000 preschool to
                                                                      the lives of 2,500 children and their families annually.
    high school students annually. Students served by these
    programs and services include students with emotional             Rosemary Center
    disturbances, multiple disabilities, autism spectrum disorder,    The ESC-CC operates an educational program serving
    hearing and visual impairments, at-risk high school and           students with multiple disabilities at this westside
    preschoolers with disabilities.                                   Cleveland facility. There are more than 30 staff
                                                                      members providing services to severely disabled
    Achievement Centers                                               children from Cuyahoga and surrounding counties.
    In collaboration with Achievement Centers, the ESC-CC
    operates several 10 month full-day specialized classrooms         Itinerant Teachers, Rehabilitation Specialists and
    serving significantly involved preschool through grade five       Orientation Mobility Services
    aged students with autism in two separate eastside and            Itinerant teachers, rehabilitation and training services
    westside county locations.                                        are available to students who are blind or visually

Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County        (continued)

impaired who attend their resident school district. The
services are designed to assist school personnel to
provide interventions and instructional strategies to              Art and Science of Teaching Overview
improve student achievement and support students                   Build a common language of instruction with your building
with visual impairments. Direct, consultative and/or               administrators and teacher leaders. Five consultants at ESCLC
monitoring services are available. Specialists participate         are facilitators of the Marzano Art and Science of Teaching
in assessment and serve on IEP teams as requested by               Overview through Learning Sciences International. Part 1
school administration. The specialists can assess a student’s      provides background in the Theory of Instruction based on
functional vision, suggest curricular modifications and            Dr. Robert Marzano’s meta-analysis and Part 2 delves into the
provide students with direct Braille instruction and/or            Framework of Instruction including 41 key strategies. A total
reader services.                                                   of eight modules can be facilitated to meet your needs in full
                                                                   days, half days or in a study team format. This high quality
Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialists are qualified and
                                                                   professional development includes reviewing classroom
licensed specialists who understand the needs of visually
                                                                   videos to enhance the ability to use Dr. Marzano’s Observation
impaired students and are knowledgeable in navigating
                                                                   and Feedback Protocol. After building a common language,
one’s community and the use of specialized equipment.
                                                                   participants can request further professional development on
                                                                   designing clear Learning Targets.

Educational Service                                                For further information please contact the Senior Director of
                                                                   School Improvement and Professional Development.
Center of Lorain County
Serving Lorain, Erie and Huron Counties                            NORT2H Consortium Services
1885 Lake Avenue Elyria Ohio 44035                                 The Northern Ohio Research & Training Technology Hub
440-324-5777 •                             (NORT2H) is a collaborative of K-12 member school districts
                                                                   and agencies. The NORT2H consortium helps districts identify
Performance, Achievement, Legacy
                                                                   technology needs, select products and services, and utilizes
                                                                   collaborative purchasing to reduce costs. NORT2H offers
                                  The Educational Service
                                                                   award-winning professional development. Through the
                                  Center of Lorain County          innovative use of 21st century skills, a member school is able
                                  (ESCLC) is committed to          to implement instructional technologies and transcend their
                                                                   campus to improve student learning and assist students to
                                  providing high-quality           meet district and state educational assessments.
                                  services, programs
                                  and leadership to our            NORT2H Consortium Packages
                                  educational partners. As an      Package 1    Basic Membership
                                                                   Package 2    Plus Membership
                                  organization, we serve as a
                                                                   Package 3    Technology Toolbox Series
hub collaborating with public school districts, institutions of    Package 4    iPad in Education
higher learning, businesses and other support organizations        Package 5    Google Apps for Education Training & Setup
to improve the overall quality of educational opportunities        Package 6    Green Screen Studio Production
available to residents. Through our many consortiums,              Package 7    Video on Demand Subscription

we provide the means for school districts to save monies           Complete details and pricing are available at
through bulk purchasing or to cost effectively provide             nort2halliance or
educational programs tailored to specific groups and needs.

We are committed to meeting the challenges of improving            Promoting Teacher Growth through
                                                                   Teachscape Reflect
student achievement and providing opportunities for life-
                                                                   Effective teaching is a dynamic mixture of expertise in a vast
long learning and skill development. Visit us on Facebook          array of instructional strategies combined with a profound
or at                                     understanding of the individual students in the class and

    Educational Service Center of Lorain County     (continued)

    their needs at particular points in time. It is part art
    and part science. How can teachers capture the                Medina County
    interaction between instruction and learning in order
    to understand and grow in their use of strategies to
                                                                  Schools’ Educational
    enhance student achievement?                                  Service Center
    Teachscape Reflect is a revolutionary new technology          Serving Medina County
    that allows for 360-degree video capture, while providing     124 West Washington Street Medina, OH 44256
    a secure host environment to collaborate with a coach,        330-723-6393 •
    peer or administrator as they view and comment on
    lessons. Growth in pedagogical skill is documented
    through an e-portfolio as the teacher reflects using                                             The Medina County Schools’
    research-based rubrics such as Charlotte Danielson’s                                             Educational Service Center
    framework or a district-created rubric. The hardware                                             (MCSESC) provides valuable
    includes a state-of-the-art video and audio capture
    device that combines two, high-definition video                                                  educational and support
    cameras with two, high-quality microphones, in one,                                              services to the seven school
    low-profile, lightweight device. Recording is easy, and                                          districts of Medina County.
    videos are automatically compressed and uploaded
    to Teachscape's secure site. This web-based software                                             The MCSESC is committed to
    allows for anytime, anywhere use.                                                                research and offers services
                                                                                                     that are high-quality and
    For further information, please contact the Senior
    Director of School Improvement and Professional               cost-effective for each district. We are constantly evaluating
    Development.                                                  our current service level, while exploring new avenues that will
                                                                  assist our districts.

                                                                  In addition to the services offered to the districts, the MCSESC
                                                                  provides “value added” programming that includes the “Top
                                                                  Scholars” awards and dinner, the Inkspot literary magazine,
                                                                  and the annual All-County Boards of Education meeting.

                                                                  In conjunction with our member districts and the North Coast
                                                                  Regional Shared Services Alliance, we seek success for all
                                                                  students and pledge to work collaboratively to embrace the
                                                                  inevitable changes that will ensure students of our region
                                                                  receive a world-class education.

                                                                  Autism/Behavior Consulting
                                                                  The MCSESC Behavior/Autism Consulting Services will assist
                                                                  administrators, teachers, other school staff, and parents in
                                                                  creating an optimal learning environment for all students. We
                                                                  believe in looking at all aspects of the student’s educational
                                                                  setting to develop an individualized intervention plan to
                                                                  promote student learning and social success.

                                                                  This service includes but is not limited to the following:

                                                                  • Design, implement, and monitor functional behavior

Medina County Schools' Educational Service Center         (continued)

                                                                        Nursing Services
• Design, implement, and monitor behavior
  intervention plans                                                    The MCSESC provides registered nurses, licensed practical
                                                                        nurses, and state-tested nursing assistants (STNAs) on a
• Design 1:1 discrete trial training programs                           full or part-time basis to participating districts. Certified
• Provide teachermanagement strategies, curriculum
  wide behavior
                   assistance in developing class-                      staff members work collaboratively with students, parents,
                                                                        teachers, and other school and community professionals
    adaptations, and classroom design using a multi-                    to remove health barriers to learning; promote optimal
    methodology approach                                                health and wellness of the school population; and
                                                                        maintain all state immunization, vision, and hearing
• Provide on-site professional development in autism,
  behavior management, data collection, paraprofessional
                                                                        requirements along with the following:

    training, social skills, and ABA in the school environment          •   Staff in-service training on health-related topics

• Serve as an objective team member at MFE and                          •   Staff wellness programs and committees
  IEP meetings
                                                                        •   Crisis response team member
• Plan andfor families in the communityand provide
           facilitate social skills groups,
                                                                        •   School and community health fairs

                                                                        •   CPR and first aid training
Bus Driver Training
School Van Driver Training Class
                                                                        •   Acute illness and emergency care in school clinics

All school van drivers must complete four hours of training.            •   Communicable disease training
This training provides:
                                                                        •   Administer prescribed medication and special
•   An overview of the district’s policies and procedures                   procedures when required
    when using a school vehicle
                                                                        •   Referral and follow-up of medical problems
•   Viewing and discussion (in a group setting) of the
    training video                                                      •   Health education and counseling

•   Classroom instruction and the completion of the                     •   Assess the unique needs of disabled students
    workbook                                                            •   Liaison between educational and medical personnel
•   Administering the written test
                                                                        •   Pediculosis monitoring
•   Step-by-step training on how to conduct a pre-trip
    vehicle inspection
                                                                        •   Scoliosis screenings

•   Performance Evaluation that includes a driving test
                                                                        •   Share responsibility with school personnel for the
                                                                            safety and comfort of the school environment
    and pre-trip inspection with an administrator

Districts are offered programs to comply with the
                                                                        •   Safe sitter babysitting training

two hour required annual in-service dealing with law                    •   Newsletter articles
updates, emergency procedures, bullying, first aid,                     Healthy children learn better. School nurses make
CPR and CPI training.                                                   it happen.

Bus Driver Programs                                                     Substitute Training
The MCSESC coordinates monthly supervisors' meetings                    The Substitute Teacher Orientation Training Program
to discuss concerns, share information, exchange ideas,                 prepares substitute teachers with the knowledge and
information, resources and problem solving.                             skills needed to provide consistent delivery of quality
                                                                        instruction in a productive learning environment during
The MCSESC and transportation supervisors plan and
                                                                        the absence of a regular classroom teacher. The one-
organize the annual four-hour in-service for all bus
                                                                        day class is fast-paced, interactive, and taught by highly
drivers. By working as a group we combine knowledge,
                                                                        qualified trainers who model the various techniques and
pool resources and sometimes include other community
                                                                        strategies guest teachers are expected to use. Participants
organizations and members to bring the best information
                                                                        receive instruction in teaching strategies, classroom and
possible to the school bus drivers.

    Medina County Schools' Educational Service Center         (continued)

    behavior management, special education, legal issues,
    and professionalism. The Substitute Teacher Handbook,
                                                                            Greater Cleveland
    published by Utah State University’s Substitute Teaching
    Institute, is used extensively throughout the class and is
                                                                            School Superintendents'
    available for participants to purchase.                                 Association
    The registration fee includes materials, lunch, and other               Serving Northern Ohio Counties
    light refreshments. Purchase of the Substitute Teacher                  6133 Rockside Road Independence, Ohio 44131
    Handbook is optional but highly recommended.                            216-447-3100 x100 •

    The MCSESC, in conjunction with the AESOP
    substitute services company, handles all aspects of the                                                  The Greater Cleveland
    administration of substitute needs of a school district.                                                 School Superintendents’
    The MCSESC will verify and employ all substitute                                                         Association (GCSSA)
    teachers, provide required trainings and monitoring for
    substitutes (including all OSHA requirements), contract                                                  provides opportunities for
    with AESOP for on-line services, in-service the member                                                   the professional growth
    school district staff, provide payroll for all substitutes,                                              and social interaction
    and submit requested building and district level reports.
    This is a “turn-key” program for the member school                                                       of superintendents.
    district. Costs will be determined by the size of the staff                                              Superintendents from
    of the individual school district.                                      northern Ohio school districts have organized to secure
    For further information, please contact the Director of                 the benefits of working together to improve their
    Substitute services.                                                    professional effectiveness.

                                                                            GCSSA was created in 1966 as a 501(c)(3) organization. It
                                                                            is an unincorporated association, not-for-profit, organized
                                                                            under a Constitution adopted on January 11, 1996. Its
                                                                            membership consists of superintendents from school
                                                                            districts, career centers, educational service centers and
                                                                            boards of developmental disability located in various
                                                                            counties in northern Ohio. There are currently 92 regular
                                                                            members, 51 retired members, 20 associate and 10
                                                                            institutional members.

                                                                            Professional Development
                                                                            GCSSA provides a broad range of professional
                                                                            development opportunities for superintendents and their
                                                                            staff that includes a monthly meeting, featuring both
                                                                            national and local speakers who address current issues
                                                                            and topics; Quick Byte sessions; year-end luncheon; and
                                                                            special events.

                                                                            In response to national, state and local needs, networks
                                                                            have been developed to allow professionals to confront
                                                                            issues and concerns, solve common problems, and share
                                                                            ideas and solutions with others while providing mutual
                                                                            assistance and support. Time is built into each meeting,
                                                                            program and event for superintendents to discuss
                                                                            common issues with their colleagues, related professionals,
                                                                            and those serving the needs of school districts.

Ohio Schools                                                   Services
Council                                                        Computer and Electronics Recycling
Serving Allen, Ashland, Ashtabula, Clark, Columbiana,          Through Great Eastern Metals, LLC (GEM), a Cleveland, Ohio
Cuyahoga, Defiance, Erie, Geauga, Huron, Jefferson, Lake,      company, OSC members can recycle all of their computer
Licking, Logan, Lorain, Lucas, Mahoning, Marion, Medina,       and electronics equipment for free, except for televisions.
Ottawa, Portage, Richland, Sandusky, Stark, Summit,            GEM will pick up substantial loads for no charge, and small
Trumbull, Wayne, Wood Counties.                                loads for a minimal fee. GEM is a certified destruction
                                                               provider, focusing on disassembling obsolete equipment.
6133 Rockside Road, Suite 10 Independence, Ohio 44131          GEM can also provide a Certificate of Destruction of hard
216-447-3100 or 800-264-1326                 drives, upon request.

                                     The Ohio Schools          Computer Technology Program
                                     Council (OSC) is a        This program provides reduced hourly rates for computer
                                     consortium of 157         and network support services purchased in blocks of time
                                     school districts,         from BPI Information Systems.
                                     educational service
                                                               Cooperative Purchasing
                                     centers, joint
                                                               OSC seeks highly discounted bids for consumable products
                                     vocational districts      such as art, athletic, clinic, library, classroom, laboratory,
                                     and developmental         audiovisual, food, gasoline and diesel fuels, maintenance,
disabilities boards in 28 northern Ohio counties. Ohio         paper and office products.
Schools Council’s mission is to obtain top-quality products
and services at the most competitive price through
                                                               eVAS, an Electronic Vendor Audit System, is a hosted, web-
cooperative purchasing. In short, our mission is to save       based service that gives members access to a solution to
schools dollars.                                               manage and mitigate vendor payment risk through vendor
                                                               payment audits, replacement of manual processes and
                   OSC offers group-purchasing programs        automated controls.
                   in the areas of electricity, natural gas,   eVAS quickly and cost effectively generates risk ratings to
                   insurance, commodities, and a host of       alert you of potential fraudulent vendor payments and
                                                               errors. eVAS does this in a few short minutes through its
                   other types of goods and services.          proprietary, rules-based engine developed by experts in
                                                               banking and forensic accounting after extensive research of
                   Formed in 1986 under Ohio Revised           actual cases from across the country and in your backyard.
                   Code as a regional council of
                   governments by 53 school districts, OSC     Floor Equipment
                   is managed by a governing board of nine     Member districts can receive up to a 25% discount on floor
                                                               cleaning equipment.
                   superintendents from member districts.
                                                               Wet/dry vacuums, floor machines and burnishers, carpet
                                                               equipment, automatic scrubbers, sweepers and litter
                                                               vacuums under the brands of Betco, Minuteman, Pro Team,
                                                               Tomcat and Windsor are in the program.

                                                               Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
                                                               Member districts can receive highly discounted GPS systems
                                                               for tracking locations, routes, speed, equipment motion,

     Ohio Schools Council (OSC)   (continued)

     maintenance schedules, pre- and post-trip inspections,      Multi-State Cooperative Purchasing (AEPA)
     students, employees and more on buses or vehicles.
                                                                 OSC, along with nine other Educational Purchasing
                                                                 Cooperatives in Ohio who form the Ohio Council
     Hotel Discount                                              of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC), has
                                                                 joined with other states to secure national pricing on
     OSC members receive discounted room rates at
                                                                 bid items including administrative software, athletic
     the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the Hyatt Place
                                                                 surfacing, carpeting, furniture, modular buildings,
     Columbus/Worthington. Reservations are made
                                                                 printers and roofing.
     using an “OSC rate code”.

                                                                 Natural Gas
     Leadership Search Services
                                                                 The Natural Gas Program aggregates the buying power
     Finding Leaders is a local search firm operated by former
                                                                 of 149 school districts to significantly reduce the price
     school superintendents. They assist member districts by
                                                                 of this utility.
     offering local, state and national searches.

     The Finding Leaders associates, located throughout          Collection of Bad Checks (NSF Collection)
     Ohio, help recruit the best possible candidates for all
     types of leadership positions. The process is focused on    OSC members use eCollect for collection on bank checks
     great recruiting, engaging the staff and community, and     where there are non-sufficient funds. eCollect has a 95%
     strategic interviewing processes.                           redeposit rate on open accounts and offers OSC members
                                                                 a special redeposit rebate.

     Lake Erie Educational Media Consortium (LEEMC)
                                                                 Online Training
     Discounts for library and media products as well as
     more than 4,000 books are available each year to            OSC's online training program provides discounted
     preview prior purchase.                                     online safety and regulatory compliance requirement
                                                                 training through PublicSchoolWorks.
     LEEMC provides quality library media services through:
     •  Materials examination
                                                                 Outbound Calling
     •  Group purchasing opportunities
     •  In-service programs                                      OSC’s Outbound Calling Program provides rapid
     •  Forums for professional communication                    notification service for member districts at significantly
     •  Leadership in the advances for school librarianship,
        especially in educational research and technology
                                                                 reduced prices. This service can be used for both
                                                                 emergency and non-emergency messages.

     Legal Hotline                                               Power4Schools Electric Program
                                                                 The Power4Schools Electric Program was established
     The Legal Hotline Program provides superintendents
                                                                 by the Ohio Schools Council, Ohio School Boards
     and their designees the opportunity to contact attorneys
                                                                 Association, Ohio Association of Business Officials and
     who specialize in school law for a legal response within
                                                                 the Buckeye Association of School Administrators to
     24 hours not requiring extensive research and at a
                                                                 bring savings on electric costs and budget certainty
     substantially reduced cost. Membership also includes
                                                                 to Ohio public schools in the FirstEnergy territories.
     a full-day, legal update seminar.
                                                                 Since 1997, Power4Schools entities have collectively
                                                                 saved member school districts more than $20 million in
     Life Insurance                                              electricity costs.
     OSC's Life Insurance Program provides discounted            This program provides a fixed price of 5.28 cents per
     rates for basic life and AD&D insurance.                    kilowatt hour for electric generation through May 2014.

Property, Fleet and Liability Insurance
Members receive discounted rates and risk management
services available through preferred agents.
OSC provides several Risk Management services to keep
our districts informed of current topics, types of insurance
coverage and loss prevention mechanisms.

School Bus Purchasing
OSC cooperatively bids school buses with an average
savings of $2,500 per unit. Generally over 40 districts
purchase more than 100 school buses annually.

Storm Water Fee Credit Program
The Storm Water Fee Credit Program is designed to
assist in obtaining the maximum credit toward a new fee
approved by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Used Bus Auction
Public school used buses, vehicles and other equipment
are sold through an on-line auction site to the highest
nationwide bidder through an independent vendor.

Waste and Recycling
Member districts receive significantly reduced pricing
for waste and recycling removal.

Workers Compensation
This Workers Compensation Program offers members a
traditional group rating program or a group retrospective
group rating program through a preferred third party
administrator at significantly reduced prices.

     Education Department                                           Services
     of WVIZ/PBS ideastream®                                        SMART Consortium
     Serving Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Lorain, Medina, Huron,         The SMART Consortium (Science and Mathematics
     Ashtabula, Ashland, Richland, Portage, Summit, Wayne, Erie     Achievement Required for Tomorrow) is comprised of
     Counties                                                       more than 58 school districts and educational entities
     1375 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115 • 216-916-6370        in northeast Ohio. SMART’s services and resources are and                 designed to meet the organizational needs of the
                                                                    Pre K-12 community.
                                        The ideastream              SMART professional development offerings address
                                                                    both the building of content knowledge, and improving
                                        Education Department
                                                                    instructional practice. Sessions are presented by leading
                                        is a leading provider of    trainers and training organizations, as well as program-
                                                                    certified SMART professional staff. Visit the website
                                        high-quality teacher        ( to view our professional
                                                                    development offerings in mathematics, science, Rick
                                        and administrator
                                                                    Stiggins’ Assessment for Learning, data analysis, content
                                        professional development    literacy and leadership. Also, use the website to access
                                                                    a variety of resources to support teaching and learning
                                        in northeast Ohio           such as: Essential Focus Elements for Math and Science;
                                                                    Administrator Toolkits for Math and Science; released
     and across the state. WVIZ/PBS ideastream® annually            math, science and language arts assessment items from
     provides instructional technology and content training         a variety of states; information on STEM careers in Ohio,
                                                                    a Science Reference Guide for Special Educators, and
     to thousands of teachers and administrators. Provided          assistance with data/materials analysis.
     on site, via the Internet, through videoconferencing or in
                                                                    Instructional Technology
     teaching labs at the Idea Center, training can be tailored     WVIZ/PBS ideastream® is one of the eight Ohio EdTech
     to fit a school or district’s individual needs.                agencies. The Ohio Educational Technology Agencies
                                                                    serve Ohio’s K-12 schools and assist educators in
                                                                    meeting and exceeding state performance standards
     Our professional development opportunities provide             academic and technology performance standards,
                                                                    state report card requirements, and state professional
     educators with experiences to support the deepening
                                                                    development goals. Services include educational
     of pedagogical content knowledge and strengthen                technology professional development provided either
                                                                    in your district or at the ideastream state-of-the-art
     instructional delivery skills. Facilitators provide training   technology labs. Specific examples include:
                                                                          Learning for the Digital Age
     in the use of technology tools and its integration into              Beginning and Advanced iPads in the classroom
     the curriculum. Technology sessions cater to a range                 Beginning and Advanced SMART Boards
                                                                           in the classroom
     of technology abilities from the novice to the scholar,              Teaching and Learning with Google Apps
                                                                          Student Response Systems
     and address different learning and teaching styles.                  Customized software instruction
     Professional development opportunities are also
                                                                    Online Learning
     offered in science and math content. Opportunities
                                                                    WVIZ Education Department provides educators with
     can be customized to meet university requirements for          professional development opportunities in an accessible
                                                                    online format that makes learning fun, flexible and
     graduate credit.                                               collaborative. Online courses are available for graduate

credit from area universities. PBS TeacherLine is the         Instructional Content/Media Resources
premier provider for online professional development
                                                              Educational Multimedia, the design and production unit
with more than 130 graduate level courses that span the
                                                              of the Educational Department, finds, develops, and
entire curriculum: reading/language arts, mathematics,
                                                              distributes high quality media products correlated with
instructional technology, instructional strategies, and
                                                              state and national curriculum standards. These resources
science. The program helps educators acquire the skills
                                                              can help students visualize difficult concepts, travel to
they need to become - and stay - the highly qualified
                                                              distant lands, and experience diverse cultures through a
teachers needed to prepare students for a successful
                                                              vast collection of media-rich resources via the Internet,
future. Educators can also learn about delivering
                                                              DVD, videotape, or cable and broadcast television. Many
high-quality, online learning experiences for students
                                                              of the resources are free and can be explored through
through course management systems like Moodle, or
                                                              the web site. Try these offerings: Pulse of the Planet, Life
low-cost systems like Google. The ideastream Education
                                                              Depends on Water, The Return of the Cuyahoga, What’s Up
Department will customize online courses for teachers
                                                              With That, or the Physical/Life Science Investigations.
and administrators in a school district to address
specific needs.
                                                              Early Childhood
Distance Learning/Northeast Ohio Technology                   Early Childhood serves childcare centers, schools,
Association (NOTA)                                            libraries, businesses, civic groups and government
                                                              agencies to extend the value of children's educational
WVIZ/PBS ideastream® is an Educational Technology
                                                              television. Professional development is offered for
Agency that provides quality distance learning to schools
                                                              parents and early childhood professionals working
in Northeast Ohio and across the state. This service
                                                              with children ages birth to eight years. Adults are
coordinates the new IP technology in interactive distance
                                                              encouraged to become active viewers and take
learning applications to provide quality programs for
                                                              learning “beyond the screen” by combining PBS KIDS
students, as well as technical and professional development
                                                              programming with hands-on activities and children’s
opportunities for teachers. ideastream collaborates with a
                                                              books (View, Do, Read). WVIZ/PBS ideastream®, home
number of partners throughout Ohio to provide “special”
                                                              of "Sesame Street," "Clifford" and all of PBS' premier
programming for students across the state. Through the
                                                              child development programs, can bring professional
use of WVIZ distance learning technology, students can
                                                              development to your elementary school, child care
participate and interact live in programs such as: Model
                                                              center and parents! Trainers are registered with the Ohio
UN, Black History Month, Junior Achievement, Smart and
                                                              Early Childhood Professional Development Registry and
Sober, Diversity, Sounds of Ideas, Cultural Exchange, Roots
                                                              Ohio Department of Education. Training hours can count
of American Music, and Career Education Programs.
                                                              toward the training hours required by the State of Ohio.

NewsDepth is a weekly news program that helps teachers
meet state academic content standards in language arts,
social studies, science, math, the arts and more while
linking Ohio students to the world. This valuable source of
current events for thousands of Ohio third through eighth
graders airs weekly during the day and on Wednesday
evenings on most of Ohio’s Public Broadcasting stations.
Episodes can be viewed as streamed video or downloaded
as an MP4 file from the website. Each NewsDepth story
segment is available to watch as streamed video, along
with a description of that story and additional web
resources. Several of each week’s stories include lesson
plans and support materials that are correlated to Ohio’s
academic content standards. A searchable database
allows users to find stories based on key topics and words.
Each NewsDepth episode includes the current NewsQuiz
questions and previous episode’s answers.



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