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					July 12, 2005
Corporate Snapshot
SRA Practices and Services Most Sought in States
  Law Enforcement
  Emergency Preparedness
  Communications and Outreach
Federal Government Projects Intersecting North Dakota’s

A leading provider of full life cycle information technology services and solutions
to the US Federal Government
Founded in 1978; a deeply embedded culture
focused on creating real value for customers
FY05 revenue run rate of $830M – 26 consecutive
years of growth and profitability
Publicly traded company (NYSE: SRX)
Over 4,500 employees; 60% have government
security clearances
SRA core values…
   Ethic of honesty and service
   Quality work and customer satisfaction
   Great people fulfilled in their work
   Service to our country and communities
Selected for the sixth consecutive year as one of
Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”

       SRA Office Locations          Metropolitan DC Locations
Newport Beach, CA             Fairfax, VA (HQ)
Sacramento, CA                                      Landover, MD
San Diego, CA                 Arlington, VA         McLean, VA
                              Alexandria, VA        Rockville, MD
Birmingham, AL                Falls Church, VA
Colorado Springs, CO                                Washington, DC
                              Herndon, VA
Ft Walton Beach, FL
Atlanta, GA
Warner Robins, GA
Baltimore, MD
Minneapolis, MN
St Louis, MO
Durham, NC
Shrewsbury, NJ
New York, NY
Dayton, OH
San Antonio, TX
Newport News, VA
Seattle, WA

                      Currently serving over 300 clients on over 700 active engagements

Department of Defense                             Department of Defense (cont’d)                           Various intelligence agencies
   Department of the Army                            Military Sealift Command                              White House
   Department of the Air Force                       Military Traffic Management Command                   Department of Homeland Security
   Department of the Navy & USMC                     National Security Space Architect                        US Coast Guard
   Air Mobility Command                              US Transportation Command                                FEMA
   Army National Guard & Reserves                    Air Force Surgeon General                                Transportation Security Administration
   Joint Chiefs of Staff                             Army Medical Command                                     Immigration and Customs Enforcement
   Office of the Secretary of Defense                Army Surgeon General                                     Customs and Border Protection
   DARPA                                             Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology                IA/IP Directorate
   Defense Information Systems Agency                Center
                                                     Office of the Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)      Homeland Security Operations Center
   Defense Logistics Agency
   Defense Manpower Data Center

Department of Health and Human Services           Department of Labor                                      National Archives and Records
   National Institutes of Health                  Department of State                                      Administration
   Food and Drug Administration                   Department of Transportation                             Office of Personnel Management
   Centers for Disease Control & Prevention                                                                Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
   Health Resources and Services Administration
                                                  Department of the Treasury
                                                  Department of Veterans Affairs                           Securities and Exchange Commission
   Administration for Children and Families
   Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services       Environmental Protection Agency                          Small Business Administration
   Office of the Secretary                        Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                    US Agency for International Development
Administrative Office of the US Courts            General Services Administration                          US International Trade Commission
Department of Agriculture                         General Accountability Office                            US Mint
Department of Commerce                            Library of Congress                                      State and Local
Department of the Interior                        National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Department of Justice

                                                                Information Technology Specialties
                               Today’s Focus Offerings:            Bioinformatics
                                      Law Enforcement              Business Process Redesign
                                   Emergency Preparedness          Contingency and Disaster
                                                                   Response Planning
                                     Communications &
                                         Outreach                  Critical Infrastructure Protection
                                                                   ERP Integration (CRM, SCM)
                                                                   eGovernment Solutions
                                                                   Electronic Content Management
Business Solutions and                Professional Services        Enterprise Portals
Offerings                                                          Enforcement and Compliance
                                          Alternative Dispute      Assurance
   Business Intelligence                  Resolution               Fraud Detection and Discovery
   Enterprise Architecture                Human Resource           Information Security and Privacy
   Enterprise Systems                     Management               Infrastructure Operations
   Management                             Emergency                Multimedia Training/Distance
   Knowledge Management                   Management Planning      Learning
   Managed Services                                                Text and Data Mining
   Wireless Integration Services                                   Web Services

Replace existing disparate mugshot systems with a unified
data input and image capture application attached to a
centralized computer network and database
Multi-Agency Unified Mugshot System (MUGS) uses client-
server technology for data storage and Computerized Arrest
and Booking (CABS) software for data entry and integration
with other County systems
Deliver complete enterprise solution for capturing data and
imagery of persons arrested or registering under Megan’s Law
within the county
Provide integration, management and support of the system
Deployment of customized CABS application County-wide;
including facial recognition technology
Develop custom applications for mainframe interface and data
   Read/write interface to existing mainframe criminal history
   system (COPRUS)
   Interface to fingerprint devices
Other services include: enterprise Architecture, records
management, and content management
Cal/Gang® is a statewide browser-based investigative,
analysis and statistical resource for recording and tracking
gang members and their activities
System is accessed by over 7,000 law enforcement officers in
58 counties
Annual user and application support for the Cal/Gang
application including support of 13 databases
Develop enhancements to the system which include:
   Simultaneous DOJ/Local Node Search
   Custom Field Interview Input Form for data entry
   Watch List (i.e. notification of user examination of data)

Provide daily application support for the users of Cal/Gang
Support including maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrade
of databases
Other support functions include: system architecture, design
engineering, application development, testing and deployment
Develop a software system to replace the legacy NITRO
Develop, implement, maintain, enhance, manage, sustain and
support the Extension Modules for the existing IGS
(Intelligence Gathering System) application and database.
Analyze and document the NYPD’s Narcotics Division’s
business needs; using results to expand the TaskForce®
RMS/CMS capabilities.
Provide required interface with existing NYPD databases to
retrieve or send relevant data
Additionally, a mapping feature is included to assist
investigators visualize spatial and temporal information
relating to narcotics related events.
Applied technologies include: ASPX, ASP, Java JDK 1.4,
Mapping, C#, Java, SQL (stored procedures, views),

Set up an evaluation service to provide the NYPD RTCC
access to the crime, terrorist, and critical threat information
available within OPNet; enable NYPD to tie into their own
proprietary data.
System will allow users to submit investigative and analytical
reports online, and use state-of-the-art analytical tools (link
and matrix analysis, etc.) to facilitate the NYPD RTCC mission.
   Internet-like mechanism provides for immediate, secure and
   effective communication of assessments, studies and other items
   of relevant interest
Perform onsite testing of the updating mechanism
Provide onsite over-the-shoulder training.
Use CTPortal with connections to NYPD data sources.
Applied Technologies: Enterprise Architecture, portals,
firewalls, routers, hubs, LAN, XML, IIS, C++, remote access,
network operations.
Tools and Products: CT Portal, OPNet™, NewsWatch

Support services to include:
   Develop Intranet Intelligence Development System including
   intelligence reports and “hot file”
   Write data cleanup scripts, repairs to data and report module
   Write report queries, enhancements
   Install upgrades and patches
   Set up testing and training environments
   Assist MISD with database maintenance
   Configuration management
Supply additional 200 user licenses for the IDS (Information
Data Sharing System).
Major Tasks include: Intelligence Intranet System, Confidential
Informant Reports and general system support, as requested
Develop an Intranet using Cold Fusion and automatic
document indexing to facilitate sharing of intelligence
Design the new intranet to access specific information stored
in the IDS that needs to be shared with the rest of NYPD.
Write SQL Scripts to clean up NYPD’s duplicate data and
create new reports, as requested
Set up a service to provide the NJ OCT access to the critical
threat information available within OPNet. System will allow
users to
   Submit investigative and analytical reports online
   Use state-of-the-art analytical tools (link and matrix analysis, etc.)
   to facilitate the mission
Internet-like mechanism shall provide for the immediate,
secure and effective communication of assessments, studies
and other items of relevant interest to the widest customer
community possible.
Onsite testing of the updating mechanism
Provide training: onsite over-the-shoulder, lecture and
discussion, overview of the analytical and reporting
Applied Technologies: Enterprise Architecture, portals,
firewalls, routers, hubs, LAN, XML, IIS, C++, remote access,
network operations.
Tools and Products: CT Portal, OPNet™

Broward County Sheriff’s Department (BSO) currently has the
TaskForce® RMS/CMS and Investigations applications

BSO needs continuing support services that include:
   Modifying Reports, creation of additional reports as time permits
   Enhancements (as approved and prioritized according to
   available time)
   Assisting with applying upgrades/patches
   Assisting with setting up training/testing environments
   Configuration management

Perform programming enhancements as necessary

Support the Java Bridge transports and transforms XML report
data from the RMS/CMS to the Investigations.

Using Federal guidelines, evaluated North Dakota’s emergency
management capabilities
   Evaluated Division of Emergency Management’s primary EOC
   Evaluated existing and potential sites across North Dakota

Assessed capabilities to operate in an emergency environment
   The physical structure
   Security measures
   Secure and non-secure communications

Developed overall recommendations and list of required
changes to bring each site into conformance with post-9/11

LA County has the largest population of any county in the US
   9.8 million people; 4081 square miles
   Over 280 independent local governments, including 88 cities, 94 school
   districts, and dozens of other special districts
Provide full spectrum of exercises
   First year focus: radiological dispersal device (RDD) scenario (24
   Second year focus: biological (aerosolized anthrax) scenario (38
   Progressive from seminar to tabletop to functional to full-scale field
Specific focus areas are
   Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Group
   Incident Command/Incident Management Teams
   Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
   Special Missions Units (e.g. Bomb/Arson, HazMat, Forensic Assessment
   Support Team (FAST))
   Public Health and the Joint Information Center (JIC)
Responsible for the planning, development, execution, after-action
reporting and improvement planning for each exercise and
demonstrating a continual process of improvement
Complies with all local, state and federal exercise requirements
including the ODP Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation
Program (HSEEP)

Develop a Unified Continuity Plan for Key Leaders:
   Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General;
   Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;
   Speaker of the House of Delegates, Acting Speaker of the House
   of Delegates, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and Senate
   Majority Leader
Key Elements of the Plan include:
   Concept of Operations
   Information sharing: assessment, warning, notification, activation
   Operations: security, transportation, communications,
Established Procedures and protocols:
   Essential functions
   Delegations of authority (administratively defined if no statutory
   Orders of succession
   Alternate facilities selection that distributes leaders but ensures
   optimal communications
   Protection and accessibility to vital records
   Institutionalization of COOP/GOG
   Testing, training, and exercise program
Assisted the District of Columbia Emergency Management Agency by
providing emergency planning and programmatic support
Implemented an emergency management training and planning
support program for DC government and partner organization
employees to enhance their skills, capabilities and understanding
Created an infrastructure for DC EMA’s planning and training
Important components of SRA’s support included:
   Conducted numerous tabletop exercises
   Developed and delivered training
   Reviewed existing planning, policy, and regulatory documents
   Conducted task force sessions to reach agreements on roles and
   responsibilities of District agencies
   Developed outreach and communication products
   Supported the Mayor’s Task Force on terrorism
   Provided programmatic and system support to assist with project
   tracking, scheduling, and interagency coordination
Created the District Response Plan, outlining the hazards, functions
and responsibilities of District agencies during an emergency
   Modeled to combine seamlessly with the Federal Response Plan for the
   multi-level government operations

Worked with Council of Government (COG) representatives,
elected officials, and their staff to develop a regional response
plan and a regional information coordination center
Developed guidance and facilitated strategic planning
Coordinated inter-jurisdictional training and exercise
Supported all aspects of a large tabletop exercise focused on
a bioterrorist incident that impacted multiple jurisdictions –
attended by more than 300 federal, state, and local officials;
responders; health professionals/hospital personnel; guests;
and the media. Support included:
   Strategic planning sessions facilitation
   Script and scenario development
   Meeting logistics and administration
   exercise materials development (e.g., controllers and players
   guides,situation and briefing reports, display materials)
   Event facilitation and moderation
   Controller sand evaluators
   Post-event hotwash facilitation; observation documentation and
   development of post-exercise lessons learned report
Strategic Communications Planning for external and
internal audiences
Campaign development and delivery
Message Development
Media Relations
Presentation and Media coaching and training
Crisis Management and Risk Communications
Speech Writing
Government Public Affairs

Radio and Television News Directors
  Strategic guidance and support for News and Terrorism:
  Communicating in a Crisis
Media in the First Response: Washington DC
DC Family Preparedness Communications
Department of Homeland Security Including:
  Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Emergency Preparedness

In June 2003, several members of the greater Washington DC
community planned and conducted the inaugural Media in the
First Response Seminar.

Its success was the driving factor behind the creation and
implementation of similar events throughout the county. That
seminar serves as the model for this effort

The Greater Washington Board of Trade has been selected to
facilitate a second running of this successful seminar

SRA served as scenario designers and advisors to the process

In June 2003, several members of the greater Washington DC
community planned and conducted the inaugural Media in the
First Response Seminar. Its success was the driving factor
behind the creation and implementation of similar events
throughout the county.
Many newsrooms still don’t have a crisis plan to follow in the
event of another terrorist attach and many communities have
emergency plans that overlook the crucial role of the media in
responding to a disaster
To address these needs RTNDF will produce ten follow-on
workshops across the nation, in association with the National
Academies and the Department of Homeland Security (Illinois,
Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Georgia,
Colorado, Massachusetts, California)
The goal is to examine communication in a time of crisis –
what works and what needs to work
The workshops include a scenario exercise, scientific
information, self-protection advice and disaster planning


           • USCG COOP                    US Coast Guard                                           Secret Service

                                                                                               Office of the General       • OGC Support

                                                                          Border &                  Information Analysis &                Emergency
      Management                  Science and Technology            Transportation Security              Infrastructure                 Preparedness &
                                                                                                           Protection                      Response
                                                                                                   • Multi-City Vulnerability
                                                                   • US-VISIT                        Assessment
• HSDN                            • UAV                                                                                             • Readiness Reporting
                                                                   • Terrorist Screening           • Threat Matrix                    System
                                                                                                   • ICD Staff Augmentation         • Guidance
                                                                                                   • Strategic Partnership          • EA OPLAN
                                                                                                     Staff Augmentation
                                                                                                                                    • COOP Training
                                                                                                   • Homeland Security Ops
                                                                                                     Ctr Staff Augmentation

 Customs & Border Protection                 Federal Law Enforcement &                 Transportation Security                  Immigration & Customs
                                                  Training Center                          Administration                           Enforcement

• El Paso Border Patrol Intel                                                                                             •   NETLEADS
  Center                                                                                                                  •   Absconder
                                          • Intelligence Staff Instructor         • TSA (Unisys)
• Border Patrol HQ Statistics &                                                                                           •   Intel FIU
  Admin Support                                                                                                           •   ICE Watch Officer
Responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the
Army National Guard wide-area network, called GuardNet (in
all 50 states and 4 US territories)
Complex Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
telecommunications network; delivers data & video to over
50,000 users in all 54 US states & territories
Operate as a completely outsourced, 24x7 support center
located in SRA facility
   Network operations Center
   Video Conferencing Center
   Computer Emergency Response Center (CERT)
Additional activities include:
   Rapid repair of all network and video equipment at all 54
   GuardNet hub locations
   DITSCAP accreditation support
   Support for the Guard’s portion of the Defense Message System
   Installation and management of firewalls and IDS
Consistently achieve >99.5% availability for GuardNet data and
video services

Single systems integrator responsible for providing broad
range of engineering services and support to the Reserve
Component IT enterprise (NGB, ARNG, ANG, and USAR)
Significant tasks include:
   Program Management
   Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS)
   Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP)
   Product Refresh/Integration
   Emerging Information Technology (EIT)
Provide support in the following general areas:
   Engineering and Integration
   Software and Database Development and Maintenance
   Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
   Customer/User Services
Supports military and civilian members in more than 4,000 RC
units and 3,800 communities, bases, posts, camps, and
stations in the US and overseas
Missions include domestic preparedness and management,
natural disaster recovery, counter-drug, civil emergencies,
border support, and support to civil authorities
FT Richardson AK                                      Wide Area Network Service
                                                            Delivery Points
                                                                                                                              Sprint Peerless IP
                                                                                       ST Paul                                                        Colchester                 Augusta
                                                                                                                       Lansing             Latham                          Concord
                                  Boise                                                                                                                                    Reading
                                                                      Rapid City
                                                 Cheyenne                          Johnston                                                                           Hartford
                                                                                                                                           Indiantown Gap
                   Carson City                                     Lincoln                                                                                         Trenton
                                                                                                                           Columbus       Fairfax
                                    Draper                                                          Springfield Indianapolis
                                                                             Topeka                                            Charleston Arlington
      Sacramento                                       Englewood
                                                                                          Jefferson City                                         Richmond
                                                                        Oklahoma City            Jefferson City
                                                      Santa Fe                                                                              Raleigh
                                                                                      Little Rock

  Tamunig Guam
                                                                                                           Jackson Montgomery
  Honolulu HI

                                                                                                                                                         ST Augustine
    Alternative NOC – 24 Meg (DS3)
                                                                        Austin                      New Orleans                                                               San Juan PR
    JFHQ - 3, 6 or 9 Meg (n x T1)
                                                                                                                                                                             Kingshill USVI
    Gateways and Willow Oaks - OC3

            GSA           ACC CAAS2*         C&DR SERVICES
            Schedules     CSSO               CMS PITS
                IT70                         CMS PSC*
                MOBIS     D/SIDDOMS III
                EAS                          DEA CONCORDE
                          DISA NextGen       EPA BATS
                UAV       Encore*            FAA RESULTS
            CIO-SP2i      IWE                FEMA BPA
            I-ASSURE II   Navy ITSS          IIASC
                          OPTARSS*           JMAS
            ITOP II
                          SPAWAR SE&I*       OEPPR
            MILLENNIA                        SISTIR
            MILLENNIA     TSA ITMS*          SUPERFUND
            LITE          AFITS BPA          TIPSS 2
                          CECOM BPA          OPM TMAP
                          DARPA SETA BPA     DOJ ITSS BPA
                          DIESCON III BPA    DOJ IV&V BPA
                          ESC ITSSC II BPA   ENERGY STAR BPA
                                             FEMA BPA
                          FAST MAX II BPA    NIH BPA
                          ITSP BPA           OEPI BPA
                          J-UCAS BPA         ORD BPA
                          PMI BPA            OTOP BPA
                          INS BPA            TEM BPA
                                             USCG BPA
                                             USCIS BPA
                                             USDA EAS BPA
                                             USFS BPA
                                             VA BPA
*Subcontractor role                                            35

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