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                                             100th NY
History of the One hundredth regiment of New York state volunteers
                                             100th PA
Campaigning with the Roundheads
                                             102nd PA
                                             104th NY
The Civil War letters of Charles Barber
                                             105th PA
History of the One hundred and fifth regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers
                                             106th NY
The 106th New York Volunteers
                                             106th PA
History of the One hundred and sixth regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers
                                             107th PA
The Civil War letters of first Lieutenant James B. Thomas
                                             108th NY
A complete military history and record of the 108th Regiment N.Y. vols.
The Civil War diary of Oliver Hazard Palmer
                                             109th NY
                                          None Found
                                              10th CT
HISTORY of CO. B. 10th C. V.
                                             10th MA
When this cruel war is over : the Civil War letters of Charles Harvey Brewster
"Ours." Annals of 10th regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, in the rebellion.
The Tenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-1864
The Civil War diary of Berea M. Willsey
                                             10th NH
                                          None Found
                                              10th NJ
The Civil War diary and letters of John Bacon Hoffman of Shiloh, New Jersey
                                          10th NY (6 cos.)

Services of the Tenth New York volunteers (National zouaves,) in the war of the rebellion
                                           10th NY Cav.
History of the Tenth regiment of cavalry New York state volunteers
                                            10th NY HA
History of the 10th regiment N.Y. heavy artillery
                                       10th U.S. (3 cos.)
                                          None Found
                                            10th USCT
                                          None Found
                                              10th VT
A history of the Tenth regiment, Vt. Vols
                                            110th OH
The Civil War letters (1862-1865) of Private Henry Kauffman
THE WEARY BOYS Colonel J. Warren Keifer & the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
                                            110th PA
                                          None Found
                                            111th NY
The redemption of the Harper's Ferry cowards: The story of the 111th and 126th New
York State volunteer regiments at Gettysburg
                                            112th NY
Do just as you think best: the Civil War letters of William Depledge
History of the One hundred and twelfth regiment, N.Y. volunteers
                                            114th PA

A woman's war record, 1861-1865, by Septima M. Collis (Mrs. Genl. Charles H.T. Collis)
Collis' Zouaves : the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War
Music on the march, 1862-'65, with the Army of the Potomac
                                            115th NY
The iron hearted regiment: being an account of the battles, marches and gallant deeds
performed by the 115th regiment N.Y. vols
                                            115th PA
                                          None Found
                                            116th PA

The story of the 116th regiment, Pennsylvania infantry: War of secession, 1862-1865
                                            117th NY
A history of the One hundred and seventeenth regiment, N.Y. volunteers,[Fourth Oneida]
from the date of its organization. August 1862, till that of its muster out
                                            118th NY
Three years with the Adirondack regiment, 118th New York volunteers infantry
                                            118th PA
Inside the Army of the Potomac : the Civil War experience of Captain Francis Adams
History of the 118th Pennsylvania Volunteers Corn exchange regiment, from their first
engagement at Antietam to Appomattox
                                            119th PA
Rough and regular : a history of Philadelphia's 119th Regiment of Pennsylvania
Volunteer Infantry, the Gray Reserves
                                             11th CT
                                          None Found
                                         11th MA (5 cos.)
A narrative of the formation and services of the Eleventh Massachusetts Volunteers,
from April 15, 1861, to July 14, 1865
                                            11th ME
The story of one regiment; the Eleventh Maine infantry volunteers in the war of the
                                           11th NH
A history of the Eleventh New Hampshire regiment
                                           11th NJ

History of the Eleventh New Jersey Volunteers, from its organization to Appomattox
                                           11th PA
The story of the regiment
                                         11th PA Cav.
History of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry
                                       11th U.S. (6 cos.)
                                        None Found
                                       11th VT (1st HA)
Letters of George E. Chamberlin, who fell in the service of his country near Charlestown,
Va., August 21st, 1864
                                           120th NY
The One hundred and twentieth regiment New York state volunteers. A narrative for the
                                           121st NY
History of the 121st New York State Infantry
To my beloved wife & boy at home : the diaries and letters of John F.L. Hartwell, 121st
New York Volunteer Infantry, 1862-65
Memorial and letters of Rev. John R. Adams, D.D: Chaplain of the fifth Maine and the
one hundred and twenty-first New York regiments during the war of ... serving from the
beginning to its close
                                           121st PA

History of the 121st regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. "An account from the ranks."
                                          122nd NY
Ruggles' regiment : the 122nd New York Volunteers in the American Civil War
"THE ONONDAGAS": A History of the 122d Regiment, New York Volunteers
                                          122nd OH
The official war record of the 122nd regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry from October 8,
1862, to June 26, 1865

The Civil War letters of the late lst Lieut. James J. Hartley, 122nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
                                           124th NY
History of the One hundred and twenty-fourth regiment, N. Y. S. V.
                                           125th NY
A short narrative and military experience of Corp. G. A'Lord, formerly a member of Co. G
... 125th Reg't N. Y. V.
A regimental history. The One hundred and twenty fifth New York state volunteers
                                           126th NY
Disaster, struggle, triumph. The adventures of 1000 "boys in blue," from August, 1862, to
June, 1865
Written in Blood: History of the 126th New York Infantry in the Civil War
The Harper's Ferry cowards: A history of the 126th New York volunteer regiment, 1862-
The redemption of the Harper's Ferry cowards: The story of the 111th and 126th New
York State volunteer regiments at Gettysburg
                                           126th OH
Concise history of the One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer
Infantry: From the date of organization to the end of the Rebellion
                                            12th MA
History of the Twelfth Massachusetts volunteers (Webster regiment)
                                            12th NH

History of the Twelfth regiment, New Hampshire volunteers in the war of the rebellion
                                            12th NJ
History of the men of Co. F, with description of the marches and battles of the 12th New
Jersey Vols.
12th New Jersey Volunteers, 1862-65
To Gettysburg and beyond : the Twelfth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, II Corps, Army of
the Potomac, 1862-1865
While my country is in danger : the life and letters of Lieutenant Colonel Richard S.
Thompson, Twelfth New Jersey Volunteers
                                           12th U.S.
Recollections of the 12th U.S. Infantry & Regular Division, 1861-1865: Paper read before
the United Service Club, November 17, 1886
                                           130th OH
A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
                                           132nd OH
A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
                                           133rd OH
History of the 133d Regiment, O.V.I. and incidents connected with its service during the
"War of the Rebellion"
                                           134th OH
A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
                                           138th OH
A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
                                           138th PA

History of the One hundred and thirty-eighth regiment, Pennsylvania volunteer infantry
                                           139th NY
                                         None Found
                                           139th PA
The crack regiment of Pittsburgh: The men and the community of the 139th
Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1860-1865
                                      13th Co. MA Hvy Arty
                                         None Found
                                            13th IN
A Civil War family : a true story
                                             13th MA
Three years in the army. The story of the Thirteenth Massachusetts Volunteers from July
16, 1861, to August 1, 1864
                                             13th NH
Thirteenth regiment of New Hampshire volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion, 1861-
                                      13th NY Hvy Arty (A&H)
                                          None Found
                                       13th NY Hvy Arty (I)
                                          None Found
                                       13th NY Hvy Arty (K)
                                          None Found
                                       13th NY Hvy Arty (L)
                                          None Found
                                        13th OH Cav. (DM)

History and roster of the Fourth and Fifth independent battalions: And Thirteenth
regiment Ohio cavalry volunteers: their battles and skirmishes, roster of the dead, etc
Recollections of 1864-5 After Forty Years
                                          13th PA Cav.
One Good Regiment: The 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War
                                            140th NY
Sons of Old Monroe: A Regimental History of Patrick O"Rorkes 140th New York
Volunteer Infantry
The military memoirs of Captain Henry Cribben of the 140th New York Volunteers
                                            140th PA
History of Company K of the 140th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers (1862-'65)
History of the One hundred and fortieth regiment Pennsylvania volunteers
History of Co. F, 140th Regiment Pa. Volunteers
                                            141st PA

History of the One hundred forty-first regiment. Pennsylvania volunteers. 1862-1865

Quill of the wild goose : civil war letters and diaries of Private Joel Molyneux, 141st. P.V.
                                            142nd NY
                                          None Found
                                            142nd OH
A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
                                            142nd PA
A sergeant's story : Civil War diary of Jacob J. Zorn, 1862-1865
                                            143rd OH
                                          None Found
                                            143rd PA
                                          None Found
                                            145th PA
I'm Surrounded by Methodists: Diary of John H.W. Stuckenberg Chaplain of the 145th
Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
                                            146th NY

Campaigns of the One hundred and forty-sixth regiment, New York state volunteers
Out of the Wilderness: The Civil War Memoir of Corporal Norton C. Shepard 146th New
York Volunteer Infantry
Charlie's Civil War: A Private's Trial by Fire in the 5th New York Volunteers, "Duryee
Zouaves" and 146th New York Infantry
                                            147th NY
The runs, rheumatism and the rebellion: William Sullivan and the American Civil War,
2nd. Lieutenant, Co. "I", 147th Infantry Regiment, New York State Volunteers, Oswego,
New York
                                            148th NY
They marched on Richmond: The story of the gallant 148th New York Volunteers
                                            148th OH
Dear Isa, Dear Johna: The Civil War correspondence of one of Ohio's hundred days'
men, First Sergeant John A. Brown, 148th Ohio National Guard : with an ... Zachry
James Lee, 64th Georgia, C.S.A
                                            148th PA
The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers : the story of Company I
The story of our regiment; a history of the 148th Pennsylvania vols.
The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers: A personal look
                                            149th PA
The 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Unit in the Civil War
...General history of Company D, 149th Pennsylvania volunteers and personal sketches
of the members
                                             14th CT

Mr. Dunn Browne's experiences in the Army : the Civil War letters of Samuel W. Fiske
14th C.V. : regimental reminiscences of the war of the rebellion
The boys from Rockville : Civil War narratives of Sgt. Benjamin Hirst, Company D, 14th
Connecticut Volunteers
History of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Vol. Infantry
The sacrifice consumed. Life of Edward Hamilton Brewer, lately a soldier in the Army of
the Potomac

The 14th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, Infantry (USAWC strategy research project)
                                       14th IN (not present)
Gallant Fourteenth : the story of an Indiana Civil War regiment
Hoosier farm boy in Lincoln's army; the Civil War letters of Pvt. John R. McClure
                                             14th NJ
The Monocacy Regiment : a commemorative history of the Fourteenth New Jersey
Infantry in the Civil War, 1862-1865
Upon the tented field: Letters from soldiers of the 14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
during the Civil War
Campaign of the Fourteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers
                                            14th NY HA
A history of the 14th regiment N.Y. heavy artillery in the Civil. war from 1863 to 1865,
compiled by Charles A. Shaw, of Co. I, principally from official record
                                             14th U.S.
The 14th U.S. Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War: John Young Letters
                                             150th PA
History of the One hundred and fiftieth regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, Second
regiment, Bucktail brigade
                                             151st NY
The forgotten regiment : history of the 151st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Give God the glory : memoirs of a Civil War soldier
Chronicles of the One hundred fifty-first regiment New York state volunteer infantry,
1862— 1865
                                             152nd NY
The veteran volunteers of Herkimer and Otsego counties in the war of the rebellion;
being a history of the 152d N.Y.V.
                                             155th NY
Letters of Sergeant George Tipping, 155th NYSV Co. I
"The Story of the 155th New York State Volunteers"
                                             155th PA
Company "K," 155th Pa. Volunteer Zouaves
Under the Maltese cross, Antietam to Appomattox, the loyal uprising in western
Pennsylvania, 1861-1865
                                             157th PA
                                          None Found
                                             15th MA
The story of the Fifteenth regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry in the civil war,
                                              15th NJ
Three rousing cheers : a history of the Fifteenth New Jersey from Flemington to
History of the Fifteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers
Brother against brother : the lost Civil War diary of Lt. Edmund Halsey
Historical Sketch of the Fifteenth Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers. First Brigade, First
Division, Sixth Corps.
                                     15th NY Engineers (5 cos.)
                                          None Found
                                            15th NY HA
                                          None Found
                                             163rd OH
                                          None Found
                                             164th NY
                                          None Found
                                            169th NY
Marcus Peck : letters of a Civil War soldier and his family
                                             16th MA
                                         None Found
                                             16th ME
Company D, 16 Maine vols. A brief history of the individual services of its members,
The Sixteenth Maine Regiment in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

The road to Richmond : the Civil War memoirs of Major Abner R. Small of the Sixteenth
Maine Volunteers : together with the diary that he kept when he was a prisoner of war
                                             16th MI
16th Michigan Infantry
                                            16th NY Lt.
                                         None Found
                                          16th PA Cav.
                                         None Found
                                            170th NY
                                         None Found
                                            179th NY
History of the 179th regiment N. Y. S. V.
                                             17th ME
The Campaigns of the Seventeenth Maine
The Rebel Yell and the Yankee Hurrah: The Civil War Journal of a Maine Volunteer
Red Diamond Regiment: The 17th Maine Infantry, 1862-1865
                                          17th PA Cav.
History of the Seventeenth regiment Pennsylvania volunteer cavalry
                                            17th U.S.
                                         None Found
                                             17th VT
                                         None Found
                                   182nd NY (69th NY NG Arty.)
                                         None Found
                                            183rd PA
                                         None Found
                                            184th PA
                                         None Found
                                            187th PA
History of the First battalion Pennsylvania six months volunteers and the 187th regiment
Pennsylvania volunteer infantry
                                            188th PA
                                         None Found
                                             18th MA

Fighting with the Eighteenth Massachusetts : the Civil War memoir of Thomas H. Mann
                                          18th PA Cav.
History of the Eighteenth regiment of cavalry, Pennsylvania volunteers (163d regiment of
the line) 1862-1865
                                         190th PA (1st VR)
                                          None Found
                                        191st PA (2nd VR)
                                          None Found
                                              19th IN
On Many a Bloody Field: Four Years in the Iron Brigade
Iron men, iron will : the nineteenth Indiana regiment of the Iron Brigade
Hoosiers' honor : the Iron Brigade's 19th Indiana Regiment
                                             19th MA
Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts regiment
The Civil War diary of Lieut. J.E. Hodgkins : 19th Massachusetts Volunteers from August
11, 1862 to June 3, 1865
History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
                                             19th ME
The history of the Nineteenth regiment of Maine volunteer infantry, 1862-1865
                                    19th NY Cav. (1st Dragoons)
                                             19th WI
                                          None Found
                                           1st Bn NY SS
                                          None Found
                                      1st Co. Andrew MA SS
                                          None Found
                                            1st CT Cav.
                                          None Found
                                          1st CT Hvy Arty
The First Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery in the War of the Rebellion
                                           1st D.C. Cav.
The campaigns of the First Maine and First District of Columbia cavalry
                                              1st DE
Four years in the war
History of the First Regiment, Delaware Volunteers, from the commencement of the
"three months' service" to the final muster-out at the close of the rebellion
                                      1st DE Cav(dm)(7 cos.)
                                          None Found
                                         1st IN Cav. (I&K)
                                          None Found
                                           1st MA Cav.
                                        1st MA Cav. (C&D)
A history of the First Regiment of Massachusetts Cavalry Volunteers
The First Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry, 1861-1865, a fresh look
                                            1st MA HA
A narrative of the service of Company D, First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, in the war
of the rebellion, 1861 to 1865
History of the First regiment of heavy artillery, Massachusetts volunteers, formerly the
Fourteenth regiment of infantry, 1861-1865
                                               1st MD

Historical record of the First Regiment Maryland Infantry: War of Rebellion, 1861-65
                                          1st MD Cav. (DM)
Cole's cavalry; or, Three years in the saddle in the Shenandoah Valley
                                             1st ME Cav.
History of the 1st Maine Cavalry, 1861-1865
                                             1st ME HA
The First Maine Heavy Artillery, 1862-1865; A History of its Part and Place in the War for
the Union
                                           1st ME Veteran
                                                1st MI
                                             1st MI Cav.
                                              1st MI SS
                                           1st MN (2 cos.)
                                         1st NH Cav. (7 cos.)
                                             1st NJ Cav.
                                          1st NJ Lt., Btty A
                                          1st NJ Lt., Btty B
                                        1st NY (Lincoln) Cav.
The First New York (Loncoln) Cavalry From April 19, 1861, to July 7, 1865
                                          1st NY Engineers
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty B
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty C
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty D
                                  1st NY Lt., Btty E (mortar battery)
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty G
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty H
                                          1st NY Lt., Btty L
                                      1st NY Mtd. Rifles (Cav.)
                                          1st OH Lt., Btty H
                                             1st PA Cav.
History of the First reg't. Pennsylvania reserve cavalry, from its organization, August,
1861, to september, 1864
                                     1st PA Lt. (E) (not present)
                                          1st PA Lt., Btty B
                                          1st PA Lt., Btty F
                                         1st RI Cav. (8 cos.)
Sabres and Spurs
                                          1st RI Lt., Btty A
The History of Battery A, First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery in the War to
Preserve the Union, 1861-1865
                                          1st RI Lt., Btty B
                                       1st RI Lt., Btty C
                                       1st RI Lt., Btty E
                                       1st RI Lt., Btty F
                                       1st RI Lt., Btty G
                                       1st RI Lt., Btty H
                                        1st U.S. Btty B
                                        1st U.S. Btty D
                                        1st U.S. Btty M
                                          1st U.S. SS
                                       1st U.S., Btty H&I
                                        1st U.S., Btty K
                                         1st US Cav.
                                       1st USC Cav. DM
                                       1st USC Cav. DM
                                           1st USCT
                                          1st VT Cav.
                                            20th IN
                                           20th MA

Harvard's Civil War: The History of the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865
                                           20th ME
Army Life
The Twentieth Maine: A volunteer regiment in the Civil War
                                            20th MI
                                           21st CT
                                           21st MA
History of the Twenty-first Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, in the War for the
Preservation of the Union, 1861-1865
                                       21st PA Cav.(DM)
                                           22nd MA
                                        22nd NY Cav.
                                          22nd USCT
                                           23rd MA
                                           23rd PA
History of the Twenty Third Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Birneys Zouaves... 1861-
                                           24th MA
The Twenty-fourth Regiment, Massachusuetts Volunteers, 1861-1866, New England
Guard Regiment
                                            24th MI
                                    24th NY Cavalry (DM)
                                           25th MA
                                            26th MI
                                           27th MA
BEARING ARMS IN THE Twenty-Seventh Massachusetts Regiment OF VOLUNTEER
                                            27th MI
                                            28th MA
                                         29th CT (AD)
Out of the Briars
                                            29th MA
                                          2nd CT HA
The County Regiment
                                        2nd DE (5 cos.)
                                         2nd MA Cav.
Field, Camp, Hospital and Prison in the Civil War, 1863-1865
                                            2nd MD
                                            2nd MI
                                            2nd NH
History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers
                                          2nd NY Cav.
                                          2nd NY HA
                                    2nd NY Mtd. Rifles (DM)
                                          2nd OH Cav.
                                          2nd PA Cav.
                                          2nd PA HA
History of the Second Pennsylvania Veteran Heavy Artillery
                                        2nd PA Prov. HA
History of the Second Pennsylvania Veteran Heavy Artillery
                                          2nd RI (det.)
The Second Rhode Island Regiment
                                          2nd U.S. SS
                                        2nd U.S., Btty A
                                       2nd U.S., Btty B&L
                                        2nd U.S., Btty D
                                        2nd U.S., Btty M
                                          2nd US Cav.
                                       2nd USC Cav. DM
                                        2nd USC Lt. (B)
                                            2nd VT
                                        2nd WI (2 cos.)
                                            31st ME
                                           32nd MA
                                           32nd ME
                                            36th MA
History of the Thirty-sixth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers. 1862-1865.
                                36th USCT (at Point Lookout, MD)
                                            36th WI
                                            37th MA

History of the Thirty-Seventh Regiment, Mass. Volunteers in the Civil War of 1861-1865
                                          37th USCT
                                            37th WI
                                 38th USCT (at Portsmouth, VA)
                                        38th WI (4 cos.)
                                             39th IL
The History of the Thirty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Veteran Infantry, (Yates
Phalanx. ) in the War of the Rebellion. 1861-1865.
                                             39th MA
The Thirty-ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865
                                             39th NY
                                             3rd DE
                                       3rd IN Cav. (6 cos.)
History of the Third Indiana Cavalry
                                             3rd MD
                                       3rd ME (not present)
                                             3rd NH
                                           3rd NJ Cav.
                                             3rd NY
                                            3rd NY (E)
                                            3rd NY (K)
                                           3rd NY (M)
                                           3rd NY Cav.
                                           3rd PA Cav.
                                       3rd PA Hvy Arty (A)
                                       3rd PA Hvy Arty (B)
                                       3rd PA Hvy Arty (G)
                                       3rd PA Hvy Arty (M)
                                          3rd RI HA (C)
                                         3rd U.S. Btty E
                                         3rd U.S., Btty C
                                             3rd VT
                                             40th MA
                                             40th NY
                                            42nd NY
                                             43rd NY
                                             44th NY
                                             45th PA

History of the Forty-fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865
                                             46th NY
                                             47th NY
                                             48th NY
The History of the Forty-eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers, in the War for the
Union, 1861-1865
                                             48th PA
The Story of the Forty-eighth
                                             49th NY
History of the Forty-ninth New York Volunteers
                                             49th PA
                                             4th DE
                                        4th MA Cav.(E-M)
                                             4th MD
                                      4th ME (not present)
                                             4th MI
                                            4th NH
                                             4th NJ
                                          4th NY Cav.
                                   4th NY Heavy Arty (3rd Bn)
Heavy Guns and Light
                                     4th NY Heavy Arty (D)
Heavy Guns and Light
                                        4th OH (4 cos.)
                                          4th PA Cav.
                                            4th U.S.
                                        4th U.S. Btty B
                                        4th U.S. Btty D
                                        4th U.S. Btty K
                                         4th U.S. Btty L
                                       4th U.S., Btty C&E
                                           4th USCT
                                             4th VT
                                        50th NY (3 cos.)
                                   50th NY Engineers (5 cos.)
                                            50th PA
                                            51st PA
History of the 51st Regiment of P. V. And V. V.
                                            52nd NY
                                            53rd PA
                                            55th PA
                                            56th MA
                                            56th PA
                                            57th MA
Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen: The Fifty-Seventh Massachusetts
Veteran Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac, 1864-1865
The Fifty-seventh Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion.
Army of the Potomac.
                                            57th NY
                                            57th PA
                                            58th MA
                                            58th PA
                                            59th MA
                                        59th NY (4 cos.)
                                       5th MA Cav. (DM)
                                            5th MD
                                             5th MI
                                          5th MI Cav.
                                            5th NH
My Brave Boys: To War With Colonel Cross and the Fighting Fifth
                                             5th NJ
                                         5th NY (Vet.)
                                         5th NY Cav.
Historic Records of the Fifth New York Cavalry
                                         5th PA Cav.
                                       5th U.S. Btty A
                                      5th U.S. Btty C&I
                                       5th U.S. Btty D
                                       5th U.S. Btty E
                                       5th U.S. Btty M
                                     5th U.S.Cav. (B,K,F)
                                          5th USCT
                                           5th VT
                                           5th WI
                                          60th OH
                                           61st NY
                                           61st PA
History Sixty-first Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865
                                          62nd NY
                                          62nd OH
                                          62nd PA
                                          63rd NY
                                          63rd PA
Under the Red Patch
                                          64th NY
                                          65th NY
                                          66th NY
                                          67th NY
                                          67th OH
                                          67th PA
                                          68th PA
                                          69th NY
                                          69th PA
                                           6th CT
The Old Sixth Regiment
                                           6th MD
                                           6th ME
Campaigning with the Sixth Maine
                                         6th MI Cav.
                                           6th NH
                                           6th NJ
                                         6th NY Cav.
                                         6th NY HA
                                        6th OH Cav.
                                         6th PA Cav.
                                          6th USCT
                                           6th VT
                                           6th WI
                                          70th NY
                                           71st NY
                                     71st PA (not present)
                                       72nd NY (3 cos.)
                                           72nd PA
                                           73rd NY
                                       74th NY (6 cos.)
                                           76th NY
                                           76th PA
                                           77th NY
Three Years in the Sixth Corps
                                           79th NY
                                            7th CT
                                            7th IN
                                            7th MD
                                            7th ME
                                            7th MI
                                         7th MI Cav.
                                            7th NH
                                            7th NJ
                                          7th NY HA
                                          7th NY Lt.
                                            7th RI
                                            7th WI
                                        7th WV (4 cos.)
                                           80th NY
The Ulster Guard (20th N. Y. State Militia) and the War of the Rebellion
                                           81st NY
Random Sketches and Wandering Thoughts, Or, What I Saw in Camp, On the March,
the Bivouac, the Battle Field and Hospital, While with the Army in Virginia, North and
South Caroline, During the Late Rebellion: With a Historical Sketch of the Second
Oswego Regiment, Eighty-first New York State V. I. , a Record of All Its Officers, and a
Roster of Its Enlisted Men, Also an Appendix
                                           81st PA
                                       82nd NY (4 cos.)
                                           82nd PA
                                           83rd PA
                                           84th PA
                                           85th PA
History of the Eighty-fifty Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865
                                           86th NY
                                           87th PA
                                           88th NY
                                           88th PA
History of the 88th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War for the Union, 1861-1865
                                           89th NY
                                            8th CT
                                            8th MD
                                            8th ME
                                            8th MI
                                             8th NJ
                                         8th NY Cav.
                                          8th NY HA
Nuggets of Experience
                                             8th OH
                                         8th PA Cav.
                                       8th PA Cav. (A)
                                           90th PA
                                           91st PA
                                           92nd NY
                                           93rd NY
                                           93rd PA
                                           94th NY
                                           95th NY
                                           95th PA
The Ninety-Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers (Goslines Pennsylvania Zouaves), in the Sixth
                                           96th NY
                                           96th PA
                                           97th NY
                                           97th PA
                                           98th NY
                                           98th PA
                                           99th PA
                                             9th ME
                                             9th NH
                                             9th NJ
                                         9th NY Cav.
                                          9th NY HA
The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery
                                     9th NY HA, 2nd Bn.
The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery
                                        CT Lt. 1st Btty
                                       MA Lt., 10th Btty
                                       MA Lt., 11th Btty
                                       MA Lt., 14th Btty
                                      MA Lt., 1st Btty (A)
                                     MA Lt., 3rd Btty (C)
                                      MA Lt., 5th Btty (E)
History of the Fifth Massachusetts Battery
                                       MA Lt., 9th Btty
                                        ME Lt, 6th Btty
                                       ME Lt., 2nd Btty
                                      ME Lt., 4th Btty (D)
                                      ME Lt., 5th Btty (E)
                                     ME Lt., 7th Btty (G)
                                       NH Lt., 1st Btty
                                        NJ Lt. 4th Btty
                                         NJ Lt. 5th Btty
                                 NJ Lt., 3rd Btty (not present)
                                        NY Lt., 11th Btty
                                        NY Lt., 12th Btty
                                        NY Lt., 15th Btty
                                        NY Lt., 19th Btty
                                         NY Lt., 1st Btty
                                        NY Lt., 27th Btty
                                        NY Lt, 33rd Btty
                                        NY Lt., 34th Btty
                                        NY Lt., 3rd Btty
                                        Oneida NY Cav.
                                     Purnell Legion (MD)
                                       U.S. Engineer Bttn.
                                         WI Lt. 4th Btty

                                         Irish Brigade,
The Irish Brigade: And Its Campaigns

                                          Iron Brigade
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