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Cochin University Assistant Grade II 2005.pmd


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									                  COCHIN UNIVERSITY ASSISTANT GRADE II - 2005

1.    The language based reformation of states in India was done in:
      (a) 1966               (b) 1958            (c) 1956            (d) 1952
2.    The lightest element is:
      (a) Hydrogen           (b) Oxygen          (c) Nitrogen        (d) Helium
3.    Alzheimer’s disease is a condition where by:
      (a) Brain degenerates before the onset of old age
      (b) Legs become weak as one becomes old
      (c) Hand and body start shivering
      (d) One gets headache frequently
4.    Who announces the credit policy of India?
      (a) Prime Minister                         (b) Finance Minister
      (c) Governor of RBI
      (d) Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission
5.    Sarkaria Commission is related to:
      (a) Centre – State relations               (b) Inter-state relations
      (c) Foreign country relations              (d) SAARC country relations
6.    A country whose currency is not the Euro is:
      (a) Germany            (b) Switzerland     (c) France          (d) Italy
7.    In the Constitution of India, Fundmental Rights are mentioned in:
      (a) Part - 1           (b) Part - II       (c) Part - III      (d) Part - IV
8.    The designer of India’s National Flag is:
      (a) Rajagopalachari                        (b) Pingali Venkaiah
      (c) Bakim Chandra Chatterjee               (d) Marathakam Chandrasekhar
9.    What does Mycology study?
      (a) Minerals           (b) Sound           (c) Insects         (d) Fungus
10.   The brightest star in the night sky is:
      (a) Sirius             (b) Capella         (c) Ross 128        (d) Sun
11.   The Governor - General of India, who was impeached by the British Parliament was:
      (a) Curzon             (b) Dalhousie       (c) Atlee           (d) Hastings
12.   The embryologist who created ‘Dolly’ the first clone of a sheep:
      (a) Curtis Young                           (b) Ian Wilmut
      (c) Martine Nijs                           (d) Ronadall Prather
13.   Hiuen Tsang came to India during the period of:
      (a) Asoka              (b) Kanishka        (c) Harsha          (d) Samudragupta
14.   A fuse wire should have
      (a) High melting point, low resistance     (b) Low melting point, low resistance
      (c) Low melting point, high resistance     (d) High melting point, high resistance
15.   Which one of the following is transferred from one place to another by waves?
      (a) Velocity           (b) Mass            (c) Wavelength (d) Energy
16.   Which one of the following gas may cause acid rain in an industrial area?
      (a) CO2                (b) CO              (c) SO2             (d) CH4
17.   Asian Development Bank has its headquarters at:
      (a) Tokyo              (b) Manila          (c) Kyoto           (d) Jakarta
18.   The Chairperson of the National Commission for Women is:
      (a) Girija Vyas                            (b) Ambika Soni
      (c) Poornima Advani                        (d) M. Kamalam
19.   The present National Security Adviser to Government of India is:
      (a) Hormis Tharakan                        (b) J.N. Dixit
     (c) C.N. R. Rao                             (d) M.K. Narayanan
20. Sania Mirza won Hyderabad Women’s Tennis tournament by defeating:
     (a) Serena Williams                         (b) Alyona Bondarenko
     (c) Maria Kirilenko                         (d) Maria Sharapova
21. The word ‘‘Tsunami’’ stands for:
     (a) Killer wave                             (b) Giant water wave
     (c) Harbour wave                            (d) Sea surface wave
22. Present President of PLO is :
     (a) Yasser Arafat                           (b) Hosni Mubarak
     (c) Mustafa Barghouti                       (d) Mahmoud Abbas
23. Bharat Ratna was conferred on M.S. Subbulekshmi in the year:
     (a) 2004                (b) 1999            (c) 1998           (d) 2000
24. The current interest rate of EPF is:
     (a) 9.5%                (b) 8.5%            (c) 10%            (d) 6.5%
25. The winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award for the year 2003 is:
     (a) Adoor Gopalakrishnan                    (b) Anupam Kher
     (c) Mrinal Sen                              (d) Shyam Benegal
26. The 2004 Oscar Award for best actor was won by:
     (a) Leonardo de Caprio                      (b) Jamie Foxx
     (c) Cint Eastwood                           (d) Morgan Freeman
27. Lines joining places of the same earthquake intensity are known as:
     (a) Isohytes            (b) Isohels         (c) Isoseimal lines(d) Isohalines
28. The exclusive educational satellite recently launched by India is:
     (a) EDUVISION           (b) EDUCARE         (c) INSAT 1C       (d) EDUSAT
29. The two‘Global Hubs for Technological Innovations’ with highest (equal) scores in the entire Asia, referred to by
     the Human Development Report, 2001 were :
     (a) Tokyo and Taipei                        (b) Bangalore and Tokyo
     (c) Bangalore and Taipei                    (d) Tokyo and Kyoto
30. The obejctive of recent estalishment of Market Stabilization Fund (MSF) by the RBI is to:
     (a) Control the price level
     (b) Neutralize the impact of Forex inflows on the monetary base
     (c) Stabilize the stock market prices       (d) Reduce the trade imbalance
31. UNCTAD stands for:
     (a) United Nations conference on Tariffs and Duties
     (b) United Nations Centre for Total Aid and Development
     (c) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
     (d) United Nations Centre for Tsunami Aid and Development
32. The first state to abolish stamp papers with effect from 01 - 04- 2003 was:
     (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Tamil Nadu           (c) Karnataka      (d) Kerala
33. The supersonic cruise missile emerged out of the Indo-Russian joint venture is:
     (a) SARAS               (b) AKASH           (c) BRAHMOS (d) PRITHVI
Directions for questions 34 - 36; Find the best meaning for the underlined word from the choice given:
34. My sister speaks impeccable French.
     (a) that which can be initiated             (b) harsh to the ear
     (c) perfect, with no faults                 (d) without a pause
35. I get the feeling that he thought I was being flippant.
     (a) slippery            (b) not confident (c) serious          (d) not serious
36. His speech got truncated when the crowd became unruly.
     (a) became unclear                          (b) became confused
     (c) got shorter                             (d) got louder
Directions for questions 37 - 39, Select the most appropriate synonym from choices given:
37. rehabilitate
      (a) rewrite              (b) restore           (c) recall          (d) recharge
38. vouch
      (a) promise                                    (b) guarantee
      (c) wallet                                      (d) give evidence in a court of law
39. buoyant
      (a) child like           (b) brisk             (c) sturdy          (d) light-hearted
Directions for questions 40-42: Select the most appropriate antonym from the choices givens:
40. alleviate
      (a) elevate              (b) sharpen           (c) aggravate       (d) promote
41. extrinsic
      (a) eccentric            (b) uncultivated      (c) terrifying      (d) internal
42. amalgamate
      (a) blend                (b) segregate         (c) combine         (d) organize
Directions for questions 43 - 46: Read the passage and pick up the corect answer for each questions that follows:
      There was in Queen Elizabeith I a certain hardness and coarseness of fiber necessary to her enormous task in life.
      As a private person she wuold scarcely have been lovable perhaps not even very admirable. But, lonely as she was
      on the throne, she used all the arts to make herself adored by her Court and her people. Without ceasing to be a
      woman and while loving life in all its fullness, she made everything subservient to purposes of state. Her learning
      endeared her to the universities; her courage to the soldiers and sailors. Her conquetry became a means of keeping
      her courtiers each in his place and extracting from each one the lust ounce of pesonal devotion in the public
      service. Leicester’s neck might be tickled by royal hand, but his rival Cecil would be trusted in matters of high
      policy.And Cecil too would serve her better because he feared that she would marry the worthless and intriguing
      Leicester. Though sometimes posing as a patron of the Puritan party, Leicester had promised King Philip of Spain
      that the Roman Catholic Church would be restored in England if Philip would secure his marriage with Elizabeth.
      Elizabeth’s love of hunting, dancing, masque pageantry, and display was used to strengthen the popularity, which
      was her ultimate strength.Her public appearances and progresses through the country which she thoroughly
      enjoyed were no dull and formal functions but theatrical events staged by a great player whose heart was in the
      piece, interchanges of soul between a benevolent sovereign and her loving people.
43. The passage states that Elizabeth secured the devotion of her courtiers by means of her.
      (a) conquetry           (b) courage          (c) impartiality    (d) beauty
44. According to the passage, King Philip’s primary interest in England was:
      (a) an intrigue directed against Cecil
      (b) an alliance fo Puritan and Catholic factions
      (c) the re-establishment of Catholicism in England
      (d) the promotion of Leicester’s suit for the hand of Elizabeth
45. It can be inferred that Elizabeth was all of the following except:
      (a) energetic           (b) conniving        (c) aloof          (d) popular
46. The author compares Elizabeth to a:
      (a) university professor                     (b) devoted courtier
      (c) graceful dancer                          (d) great actor
Directions for questions 47 - 49 : You will now find a starter sentence followed by four sentences P,Q, R and S. Select the
best combination from the choices given to indicate the right sequence of sentence according to you:
47. A new level of maturity is evident in Kerala, especially among the new generation of Gulf employees.
      P. Others spend money on trendy cars and good music or TV systems.
      Q. Philip, 31, also employed in the Gulf, now takes his family to a good resort to have fun.
      R. Thomas 29, who earns Rs. 70,000 a month in Dubai is building a functional house as he has realized that to show
         off serves no purpose at all.
      S. While the migrants brought back their riches to build palatial houses as a symbol of their prosperity, the next
         generation is more pragmatic.
         The proper sequence would be:
      (a)QRPS                 (b) QRSP             (c) SRQP           (d) PSQR
48. The Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) triggered off extensive debate.
      P. Casual labourers are likely to be the principal claimants and potential beneficiaries of the EGS.
      Q. A universal EGS sounds appealing but in reality its scope and impact are likely to be limited.
      R. The coverage and of EGS should be decided keeping this in view.
      S. Farmers and other self - employed persons as well as those with regular employment are unlikely to be willing
          to do unskilled manual work at the wage rates offered.
      The proper sequence would be:
      (a) QPSR                     (b) PQRS            (c) PSQR             (d) QPRS
49. The Subordinate Committee has undertaken the examination of the Design Rules.
      P. The committee has decided to invite written memoranda of these rules.
      Q. Those interested in the matter may send their views/suggestions on the subject within a month of publicaton
          of this advertisement.
      R. The Design Rules, 2004, primarily aim at regulating the processing of application of the registration of designs
      S. The rules have been published in the Gazettee on 5th May 2004.
      The proper sequence would be:
      (a) RPQS                     (b) PRSQ            (c) SRPQ             (d) SQRP
Directions for the questions 50 - 54: Select the best fit from the choice given which best explains the phrase:
50. She slipped the letter ––– the letter box through the slit at the top.
      (a) in                       (b) on              (c) into             (d) onto
51. He turned ––––– the job because it involved a lot of travelling.
      (a) away                     (b) down            (c) off              (d) out
52. It is obvious that he does not know what to talk–––––.
      (a) of                       (b) along           (c) about            (d) in
53. She always manages to cut –––– the complex theory and get at the facts.
      (a) through                  (b) into            (c) down             (d) away
54. We were forced to sit –––––– boring speeches for two hours.
      (a) along                    (b) on              (c) through          (d) among
Directions for questions 55 - 58: Select the most correct sentence from the choices given:
55. (a) My sister is three years old than me. (b) My sister is three years older to me.
      (c) My sister is three years older than me.
      (d) My sister is three years oldest than me.
56. (a) The shopkeeper didn’t mention the price.
      (b) The shopkeeper didn’t mention of the price.
      (c) The shopkeeper didn’t mention about the price.
      (d) The shopkeeper didn’t mention on the price.
57. (a) She is disappeared from the house.
      (b) She was disappeared from the house.
      (c) She disappeared from the house.
      (d) She had been disappeared from the house.
58. (a) There has been a change about the attitude of the people.
      (b) There has been a change in the attitude of the people.
      (c) There has been a change on the attitude of the people.
      (d) There has been a change over the attitude of the people.
59. Select the lettered pair that expresses the relationship that is most similar to that of the capitalized pair:
      INK : PAPER : : .......................
      (a) Pen : Painting                               (b) Paint : Painting
      (c) Chalk : Blackboard                           (d) Carbon Paper : Ballpoint Pen
60. Select the lettered pair that expresses the relationship that is most similar to that of the capitalized pair:
      CLAY : POTTERY : : GOLD : ................
      (a) Woman                    (b) Goldsmith       (c) Ornaments        (d) Metal
61. Find out the correct letter pair from the alternatives given below to have the same relationship among the group of
      letters on the left hand side.
      AD : BE : : CF : .............
      (a) DE                       (b) BC              (c) DG               (d) FG
62. Find out the right letter for the question mark in TQNKH?
      (a) 1                        (b) J               (c) S                (d) E
63.   The number 6, 11, 18, 27, 38, x, 66 follows a set pattern. What is ‘x’?
      (a) 58                    (b) 57              (c) 51                (d) 59
64.   Three of the following are alike and one different. Find the odd man out.
      (a) Explain               (b) Instruct        (c) Teach             (d) Train
65.   If ‘HJSM’ stands for GIRL, what does ‘RNES’ stand for?
      (a) BOYS                  (b) COWS            (c) TOYS              (d) SOFT
66.   Raman started from a point P towards south and travelled 5km, then he turned right and travelled 2 km, then he
      turned right and travelled 5km; then he turned left and travelled 5km. How far was he from the point P?
      (a) 7 km                  (b) 17 km           (c) 15 km             (d) 5 km
67.   (i) Radha is younger to Sunitha, but elder than Rita (ii) Rita is elder than Gita (iii) Shyam is elder to Rita, but younger
      to Radha. Who is the youngest of all?
      (a) Rita                  (b) Shyam           (c) Sunitha           (d) Gita
68.   If the width of a rectangle is increased by 25% while the length remains constant, what percentage of the original
      area is the resulting area?
      (a) 25%                   (b) 15%             (c) 125%              (d) 225%
69.   If (x – y)2 = 12 and xy = 1, then x2 + y2 = ?
      (a) 14                    (b) 13              (c) 12                (d) 1
70.   A business firm reduces the number of hours its employees work from 40 hours per week to 36 hours per week while
      continuing to pay the same salary. If an employee earned x rupees per hour before the reduction in hours, how
      much does he earn per hour under the new system?
      (a) 1/10                  (b) x/9             (c) 9x / 10           (d) 10 x/9
71.   A person travels a certain distance at a speed of 40km/hour and returns to the starting point through the same
      route at a speed of 60km/hour. His average speed for both he trips combined is:
      (a) 50 km/hr              (b) 48 km/hr        (c) 52 km/hr          (d) 55 km/hr
72.   In a certain competitive examination there is one mark awarded to each correct answer and 0.25 mark taken away
      from each wrong answer. If a candidate answers all the 200 questions and scores a net score of zero, how many
      questions did he answer correctly?
      (a) 0                     (b) 40              (c) 60                (d) 30
73.   A student was asked to divide a number by 3 and then add 6 to the quotient. By mistake, he first added 6 and then
      divided it by 3 and got the answer as 5. The correct answer is:
      (a) 6                     (b) 7               (c) 8                 (d) 9
74.   In a certain town 40% of the people have television, 25% have scooters and 10% have both television and
      scooters. What percentage of the people in the town has neither television nor scooters?
      (a) 30                    (b) 35              (c) 40                (d) 45
75.   There are 20 students in a class with an average height of 105 cm. Then 5 students with an average height of 120
      cm join the class. The average height of the students in the class now is:
      (a) 112.5cm               (b) 115 cm          (c) 107.5cm           (d) 108 cm
76.   A train starts with certain number of passengers. At the first station, one-third of the passengers get down and 96
      (new) passenger get into the train. At the next station, one-half of the passengers now is 240, what was the number
      of passengers in the beginning?
      (a) 540                   (b) 600             (c) 444               (d) 430
77.   If X and Y are different integers, both divisible by 5, then which of the following is not necessarily true?
      (a) X - Y is divisible by 5                   (b) XY is divisible by 25
      (c) X + Y is divisible by 5                   (d) X + Y is divisible by 10
78.   If (1+1/m) = (m +1)/m, then what does ‘m’ equal?
      (a) +2 only                                   (b) +2 or – 2 only
      (c) +2 or -1 only                             (d) m is any number except 0
79.   The rate percent at which a sum will double itself in 8 years is:
      (a) 6.25                  (b) 10              (c) 12.5              (d) 8.5
80.   If a sum of money at simple interest double itself in 6 years, it will become four times in:
      (a) 14 years              (b) 12 years        (c) 18 years          (d) 16 years
81.   When a discount of 10% is given on goods being sold at a profit of 20%, the number of units sold doubles. The ratio of the
      previous profit to the present profit is:
      (a) 5 : 2                 (b) 2 : 5           (c) 4 : 5             (d) 5 : 4
82.   When ‘n’ is divided by 4, the remainder is 3. What is the remainder when ‘2n’ is divided by 4?
      (a) 1                     (b) 2               (c) 3                 (d) 6
83.   WORM stands for:
      (a) Write On Reusable Media                   (b) Write on Random Media
      (c) Write Once Read Many                      (d) None of the above
84.  Which one of the following is a sequential access device?
     (a) Magnetic tape       (b) Floppy disc      (c) Hard disc      (d) Compact disc
85. Which one of the following is the most important program in the computer?
     (a) Word processor                           (b) Spread sheet
     (c) Operating system                         (d) Internet browser
86. In an URL http:// www.intel.com the term ‘http’ refers to:
     (a) a protocol                               (b) a web page
     (c) a web site                               (d) a top level domain
87. Which one of the following is NOT a procedure orientied language?
     (a) Algol               (b) C                (c) Cobol          (d) SQL
88. The errors pointed out by a language compiler is :
     (a) Semantic error      (b) Syntax error     (c) Design error (d) Coding error
89. Boolean variables are sometimes referred to as:
     (a) variable                                 (b) real variables
     (c) logical variables                        (d) none of the above
90. A program that adds three numbers together and determines the average is a :
     (a) syntax                                   (b) sequence
     (c) semantics                                (d) none of the above
91. Wordstar provides us reading a block text into:
     (a) a document                               (b) a program
     (c) file                                     (d) none of the above
92. A command file is actually a:
     (a) data base                                (b) computer memory
     (c) computer program                         (d) micro substitution
93. In Pascal, in exponential notation, the number is written as a value, which is multiplied by 10 to:
     (a) any power                                (b) the appropriate power
     (c) 10th power                               (d) the exponent
94. In characteristic, a negative sign (-) indicates that the decimal point should be shifted a certain number of places:
     (a) to the right        (b) to the zero      (c) to the left    (d) to the bottom
95. SQL is a relational language which has also been implemented in several:
     (a) DBMSs                                    (b) ECA
     (c) QUEL                                     (d) none of the above
96. Which of the following is an operating system?
     (a) DOS                 (b) UNIX             (c) LINUX          (d) All of the above
97. Which of the following is an internet browser?
     (a) lynx                                     (b) netscape navigator
     (c) alta vista                               (d) turbo gopher
98. Which of the following is not a search engine?
     (a) lycos               (b) alta vista       (c) lynx           (d) excite
99. Which of the following is not a web index?
     (a) Yahoo!              (b) Magellan         (c) Apollo         (d) Lycos
100. Given the following algorithm:
     Step 1 : N = 1
     Step 2 : Write N
     Step 3 : Replace N by N + 2
     Step 4 : If N < 50 go to Step 2
     This algorithm is for generating an:
     (a) even integer < 50                        (b) odd integer > 50
     (c) even integer > 50                        (d) odd integer < 50

1.   (c)   2. (a)    3. (a)       4. (c)     5. (a)    6. (b)
7.   (c)   8. (b)    9. (d)       10. (a)    11. (d)   12. (b)
13. (c)    14. (b)   15. (d)      16. (c)    17. (b)   18. (a)
19. (d)    20. (b)   21. (c)      22. (d)    23. (c)   24. (a)
25. (c)    26. (b)   27. (c)      28. (d)    29. (c)   30. (b)
31. (c)    32. (c)   33. (c)      34. (c)    35. (d)   36. (c)
37. (b)    38. (d)   39. (d)      40. (c)    41. (d)   42. (b)
43. (a)    44. (c)   45. (c)      46. (d)    47. (c)   48. (a)
49. (c)    50. (c)   51. (b)      52. (c)    53. (a)   54. (c)
55. (c)    56. (a)   57. (c)      58. (b)    59. (c)   60. (c)
61. (a)    62. (d)   63. (c)      64. (a)    65. (d)   66. (a)
67. (d)    68. (c)   69. (a)      70. (d)    71. (b)   72. (b)
73   (d)   74. (d)   75. (d)      76. (a)    77. (d)   78. (d)
79. (c)    80. (c)   81. (d)      82. (b)    83. (c)   84. (a)
85. (c)    86. (a)   87. (d)      88. (b)    89. (c)   90. (d)
91. (a)    92. (c)   93. (b)      94. (c)    95. (a)   96. (d)
97. (b)    98. (c)   99. (b)      100. (d)

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