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					                                                     Newman’s Notes….
                                                     Hello and welcome to this month’s
                                                     edition of Elegant. We’re so glad you
                                                     could stop by and pay us a visit!

                                                     I don’t know about you, darling, but
                                                     I’m already developing a case of spring

              Elegant                                fever. We’ll remedy that fever in this
                                                     month’s Fashion Forward with
                                                     sensational seasonal looks for gals on
                                                     the go. For some, warmer temperatures
                                                     bring desire for a more natural
                                                     elegance. Mother Nature shares her
March, 2011
                                                     secrets to help us Blast Those Beauty
                    A Newman Image Publication
                                                     Meanwhile, Barry Levine throws a fit
                                                     For the Boys, and Olivia Fine fills us in
               March Special!                        on Feng Shui for a Healthy Home.
Save 50% on Step Into Style: Online Version!         Additionally, we’ll focus on the lost art
                                                     of mystique in this month’s
With a new season comes new wardrobe                 Reflections.
habits....hopefully! It is my intention to
reach out and assist you with any style              Fashion faux pas? Stagnating style?
needs you may have. That's why I'm taking
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                                                     I hope you’re as excited about spring as
                                                     I – it truly is an Elegant season!

Simply email me pictures of your clothing
conundrums, and I’ll recommend what to
put with them in order to make them
fabulous! I’ll also suggest stores where
                                                                               With my much-
you’ll find sweet little style additions for
                                                                               better-half, who
your wardrobe! The package also includes
                                                                               celebrates a birthday
one phone style consultation, too!
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               Cost $200 (Up to 20
pictures)      Price in March - only
             Fashion Forward
                                                                    Suit paired with light
                                                                                                      Don’t store your scarves
                                                                    tee for the office
                                                                                                      just yet!

                      Spruce Up for Spring

                                       By Beth Newman

                                                                                      Cool morning
                                                                                      temperatures call for
                         Spring has sprung                                            a cool jacket…or two!

                           The grass is ris…

                         I wonder where your

                           Style sense is!

             Okay, I apologize for the bad attempt at
             poetry; I’m just so giddy about springing into a
             new season and I’m thrilled to pass these
             fashion finds on to you:

                                                                                                              Keep footwear light and
                                                                                                              bright! Don’t forget the
                                       The colors of spring                                                   pedicure for open-toe
                                       come to life in the                                                    shoes!
                                       jacket. Note scarf.

Attention to detail
with bag and shoes

Before heading out to buy an entire spring
wardrobe, take an inventory of what you                          Blast Those Beauty Blues!
already have. Most likely, you’ll really only
need to add a few key pieces:

                  Easy skirt with a bit of flair

           Big cuff or several bangles for wrists

  A few new t-shirts                     Fun, flat shoes

  Big, bold bag                        Light-weight jacket


Let the newness of spring inspire you this
                                                                  Product Watch!
 Check out What Your                                             Considering going au naturale this season? No,
 Wardrobe Says about you in                                      we don’t mean that! We’re talking about
                                                                 letting nature dictate our beauty routines.
 the latest edition of Focus on
 Women Magazine!                                                 Face taken a beating from winter’s ravages?
                                                                 Try this at-home miracle egg mask:
                                                                                             1 egg beaten, 1 tsp. olive
 rdrobe%20Says%20About%20You.php                                                             oil, 1 tbsp. whole milk, 3
                                                                                             pinches of salt, 1 tbsp.
 Pick up your copy at any Sugar Land                                                         flour
 Walgreen’s, CVS, or Starbucks!
                                                                  Mix wet ingredients until well-blended. Then stir in dry
                                                                  ingredients. The mixture needs to be wet, but thick
                                                                  enough to stay on your face. Once you’ve found a good
                                                                  consistency, spread over clean face and neck. Leave on
                             Style Watch with                     for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
                             Beth Newman

                               Now playing at

                                                                                      Try coconut oil as an all-
                             Look, feel, and live
                             your absolute best!                                      over moisturizer. Silky
                                                                                      smooth skin guaranteed!

Terrible tootsies? Don’t you dare don those
sandals until your feet are in good condition.
Discolored, cracked toenails can be cured with
stuff from your kitchen pantry:

                   Pour one cup of vinegar
                   in a basin. Soak toes
                   daily to help
                   discoloration disappear.

 For dry, cracking nails, apply almond oil to
 each nail before bed. Wear cotton gloves
 as you sleep.

Sugar makes a great exfoliant. Plain yogurt is
a great moisturizing facial cleanser.
                                                          Contact Tish Wolter


                                                                                   Beth Newman is now
                                                                                   booking summer
                                                                                   tutorials and First Style
                                                                                   Online tutorials

                          To moisurize from within,
                          eat an avocado.                                              Save the Date!

If you really want to go all-out with a natural                             Join Beth and the Fort Bend
beauty routine (combined with eating                      Teen League for Glitter and Gloss, Saturday,
naturally), Elegant recommends the book,                  April 2 at the Honor Roll School in Sugar
Eating for Beauty, by David Wolfe.                        Land! http://www.fortbendteenleague.org/content/

Healthy Home

                                                             Decorate Thoughtfully – Surround yourself
                                                             with objects that symbolize your passions.
                                                             This acknowleges and energizes what makes
                                                             you special.

                                                             Happining Hues – Whether you paint a wall or
                                                             add accents like throw pillows, blankets, or

 Feng Shui Fun!                                              vases, use color to balance the room.

                                                              Orange = Energy

                                                              Purple = Wealth

   By Olivia Fine                                             Green = Health

                                                              Red = Passion

Looking to re-engize your life? Redecorate
                                                             Situate Seating – Arrange furniture in a circle
your home! No, I’m not kidding. According to
                                                             or square shape to encourge conversation and
the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, one’s
                                                             community. Make your living room even more
home feeds her energy and affects her
                                                             inviting by placing some seats to face the
wellness. Clutter and poor placement of
furniture thwart ones attempts to improve
one’s life.                                                  Lighten Lighting – An abundance of natural
                                                             light brightens your spirits. Artificial lighting
Clear Clutter – Holding on to everything just
                                                             should be directed toward the ceiling to lift
depletes your energy. Leaving space on your
                                                             energy upward.
shelves can open you up to new ideas. If floors
are dirty, they’ll drag the room’s energy

              Feng Shui helps you create your own personal
              paradise. Make your home a heavenly haven!

For the Boys                                                      The Gospel According to Barry

                                                         Thou shalt not have droopy shoulders. The
                                                         shoulder seem of a garment should sit on the
                                                         outside edge of your shoulder.

                                                         Thou shalt not have too-long sleeves. A man’s
                                                         jacket sleeve should cover his wrist and not extend
                                                         onto his hand. The shirt sleeve should extend a
                                                         half inch past the jacket sleeve.

                                                         Thou shalt not wear baggy shirts – they’re

              Get Fit!
                                                         flattering on no one. Even if you’ve got a paunch,
                                                         you’ll look leaner in a shirt that fits.

                                                         Thou shalt not wear trousers that are too tight –
                             Barry Levine
                                                         unless you’re Tom Jones. The crotch of your pants
                             is a stylist                should sit close to your anatomical crotch. It
                             and monthly                 should not droop halfway down to your knees or
                             contributor                 suffocate your um, business.
  By Barry Levine

What you wear tells the world how you expect            Most of the time, clothes will ‘almost’ fit. You
to be treated. Please believe me when I tell            simply can’t have style when clothes ‘almost’
you that being treated as though you’re                 fit. For men, the silhouette of a strong
fabulous is much better than being treated like         shoulder with a narrow waist is ideal. Wear
a schmuck.                                              clothing that tricks the eye into seeing you as
                                                        perfectly porportioned….even if you’re not.
And if you don’t have fit, you don’t have style.
Clothes that are too tight can make you appear
bigger. Clothes that are too loose can also
make you appear bigger. Like Goldilocks, you
want to find the fit that is just right.

Designers and manufacturers want to sell
clothes – a lot of them, and in order to do that,
they need to manufacture garments that fit as
many types as possibles. Therefore it is
unreasonable for you to expect everything to
fit you perfectly off the rack. Find a reliable
tailor to nip, tuck, and make your clothes work
for you!

  Ask Cookie!
                                                          Dear Cookie,

                                                          I’m bored. I mean I’m really, totally, just
                                                          weary of everything. Any advice?

                                                          A nice vacation, dear, just might do you a
                                                          world of good. If not, make it your job to find
                                                          small joys throughout the day – admiring a
                                                          work of art, walking through the park,
                                                          enjoying a glass of wine. There is excitement
                                                          all around; you merely need to look for it.
                  She knows all and tells
                                                             Quandary? Conundrum? Perplexity?
Dear Cookie,
                                                           Cookie McDaniel-Stein, world traveler,
What’s your opinion on today’s economy?                    fashion guru, and all around devotee to
Should I be frightened?                                    tasteful living, has the answer. Contact
                                                           Cookie via newmanimage@aol.com
Absolutely not! Mass panic always insues
when we’re bombarded with bad news.

Yes, do be careful financially –this is sound
advice no matter the economic climate. Your               Dear Cookie,
attitude towards money plays a huge role in
                                                          Although I’d never admit this to my friends, I
your financial success. Respect money; don’t
                                                          actually color my own hair at home. Have you
fear it. Remember, too, that no matter what
                                                          any tricks for getting rid of color that drips
the media says, somebody somewhere is
                                                          onto the skin?
making money right now.
                                                          Cigarette ash. I’m not kidding. It works. Just
Don’t let the hype make you nervous. Do lend
                                                          dab a little on the spot with your finger (not
a hand to those who aren’t as fortunate as
                                                          the cigarette), wait for a second, and rub it off.

                                                          Dear Cookie,
Dear Cookie,
                                                          Although I’m a grown woman, my mother still
Though the temperatures are warmer, it’s not
                                                          insists that I attend church every Sunday. I’m
officially spring, according to the calendar. Is it
                                                          not inclined to do so at this point in my life.
alright to break out my white jeans?
                                                          Am I wrong?
Cautiously do so, dear. Pair them with a lovely
jewel tone cardigant and scarf – perfect for              Honey, you’ve got to sin to be saved.
early spring!

                                                        ages that what they really want is a lady –
                                                        someone who possesses that certain
                                                        something known as feminine mystique.

                                                        In a world growing more outlandish all the
                                                        time, to stand calmly apart from the din and
                                                        clatter is quite appealing. Feminine mystique
                                                        takes practice; learning a quiet confidence will
                                                        certainly take a girl much farther in life than
                                                        revealing outfits and obnoxious dialogue will.
                                                        It requires, too, study and observation of those
                                                        who have mastered that graceful position.
                                                        Feminine mystique is possible, but it takes

                                                        It behooves a woman to dress and groom
                                                        herself tastefully. It’s vital that she speak
                                                        politely, without brass. Consistency is key, too
                                                        – many women seem to fall more quickly into

     The Feminine Mystique                              bad behavior whilst traveling in packs. We
                                                        must always remain cognizant of who we are
                                                        and what message we want to convey to the
              By Beth Newman                            world.

                                                        I don’t mean to come down too harshly on my
It seems that a growing number of women are             sisters. I’m merely trying to take what I’ve
entering into bolder and bawdier territory              observed and what I’ve been told and to help
these days. At first I thought it was just me           empower women. We can be fabulous
being a bit picky about proper behavior, but a          without being flashy. We can be strong
remarkable number of friends – most of them             without being salty. We can attract all good
male, have noticed it as well.                          things through grace.

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I strongly              Designer Diane Von Furstenberg says, “I didn’t
believe that women must assert themselves.              know what I wanted to be, but I knew the sort
There is a difference, however, in asserting            of woman I wanted to become.” It’s that sort
oneself and in coming on too strongly.                  of thinking that will lead a woman to ultimate
Perhaps there’s some sort of misguided                  success in all areas of life. We must know
movement out there, leading women to think              ourselves, and make sure that we’re
that the louder and raunchier they are, the             representing ourselves as the women we
better. It’s an attempt at getting attention, but       want, and deserve, to be.
what these women don’t realize is that they’re
attracting negative attention. I’m no expert,
really, but I’m told repeatedly by men of all                Weekly articles at

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