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                                            First Generation

1. Robert EADES. [1] Born circa 1730 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Robert died in Bedford County, Virginia
in August 1804; he was 74.

about 1754 when Robert was 24, he married Mary.

They had one child:
       2         i.      Thomas (1764-1838)

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                                           Second Generation
                                  Family of Robert EADES (1) & Mary

2. Thomas EADS/EADES. Born on December 25, 1764 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Thomas died in
Bourbon County, Kentucky on December 14, 1838; he was 73. Buried in Old Millersburg Cemetery, Nicholas
County, Kentucky.

On August 11, 1787 when Thomas was 22, he married Priscilla WEST, daughter of John WEST Jr. (~1735-1791) &
Rachel PERRY (~1738-1819), in Botetourt County, Virginia. Born on May 28, 1769 in Virginia. Priscilla died in
Nicholas County, Kentucky on June 21, 1815; she was 46. Buried in Old Millersburg Cemetery, Nicholas County,

They had the following children:
                   i.     Horatio. Born about 1788 in Virginia.
                          Horatio married Margaret MASTERSON. Born about 1790.
                  ii.     Rachel P. Born about 1792.
                          Rachel P. married Granville RUTHERFORD. Born about 1790.
                iii.      Granville O. Born about 1794.
                          Granville O. married Lucinda TIPPINGTON. Born about 1795.
                 iv.      Mary. Born about 1796.
                          Mary married William HOLLEY. Born about 1795.
                  v.      Preston H. Born about 1798.
                          Preston H. married Hulda. Born about 1800.
       3         vi.      Asa Bell (~1795-1865)
                vii.      Thomas L. Born in 1800.
                          On January 27, 1826 when Thomas L. was 26, he married Elizabeth WEST. Born about
               viii.      Matilda F. Born about 1802.
                          Matilda F. married PARCEL. Born about 1800.
                 ix.      Martha. Born about 1804.
                  x.      John R. Born about 1806.
                          John R. married Sarah Ann WEST. Born about 1810.
                 xi.      William Henry. Born on October 25, 1809. William Henry died in Schuyler County,
                          Missouri on July 3, 1872; he was 62.
                          William Henry first married Julia Ann TRABUE. Born about 1810.
                          William Henry second married Lavina TRABUE. Born about 1815.

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                                           Third Generation
                          Family of Thomas EADS/EADES (2) & Priscilla WEST

3. Asa Bell EADES. Born about 1795 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Asa Bell died in Bourbon County, Kentucky
on March 18, 1865; he was 70.

On July 11, 1824 when Asa Bell was 29, he married Cynthia WEST, daughter of Simeon WEST (1763-1835) &
Elizabeth HOPKINS, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on May 27, 1795. Cynthia died in Bourbon County,
Kentucky on September 14, 1867; she was 72.

They had one child:
       4         i.     Lucy Campbell (1827-1906)

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                                          Fourth Generation
                             Family of Asa Bell EADES (3) & Cynthia WEST

4. Lucy Campbell EADES. Born in 1827 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Lucy Campbell died in Paris,
Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1906; she was 79.

On May 17, 1844 when Lucy Campbell was 17, she married Benjamin KNAPP. Born in 1818 in Fredonia, New
York. Benjamin died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1895; he was 77.

They had one child:
       5         i.     Mary Elizabeth (~1860-1932)

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                                            Fifth Generation
                         Family of Lucy Campbell EADES (4) & Benjamin KNAPP

5. Mary Elizabeth KNAPP. Born about 1860 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth died in Paris,
Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1932; she was 72.

On December 9, 1886 when Mary Elizabeth was 26, she married William MYALL, son of Edward MYALL &
Rachel LAWRENCE. Born about 1855 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William died in Paris, Bourbon County,
Kentucky about 1943; he was 88.

They had one child:
       6         i.     Edith Louise (1890-1984)

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                                             Sixth Generation
                         Family of Mary Elizabeth KNAPP (5) & William MYALL

6. Edith Louise MYALL. Born on July 1, 1890 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Edith Louise died in Hot
Springs, Arkansas on November 23, 1984; she was 94.

about 1913 when Edith Louise was 22, she married Woodford DANIEL. Born about 1887 in Bourbon County,
Kentucky. Woodford died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1916; he was 29.

They had one child:
                 i.     Elizabeth Myall. Born on June 30, 1915 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth
                        Myall died in Hot Springs, Arkansas on January 14, 1995; she was 79.
                        Staffordshire Bowl Presented to Duncan Tavern

                        A Staffordshire bowl which may have been a piece of Duncan Tavem's early 19th century
                        chinaware has been presented to the Tavern after many years in Midwestern and
                        Southwestern states.

                        The white bowl, decorated in blue with floral themes on its outside and inside surfaces
                        and also with a garden scene suggesting a Southeast Asian influence, is described by
                        Barry Greenlaw as being a Gothic Revival design made in England, circa 1835. Greenlaw
                        is the former director of Bayou Bend, a 28-room home containing the Houston (Texas)
                        Museum of Fine Arts' collection of American decorative arts.

                        The bowl was donated in memory of Edith Louise Myall (Daniel) Keller and her
                        daughter, Elizabeth ("Ibby") Myall Daniel Bryant, both former residents of Paris, and also
                        her son-in-law, Vaughn M. Bryant.

                        Edith Keller was a descendant of Asa Bell Eades and Cynthia West Eades.

                        Cynthia Eades was a niece of Thomas West, who in 1788 established Paris' first tavern; a
                        plaque marks the site at 330 Main Street. Asa Eades' father was Thomas Eades, whose log
                        building on High Street was the site of Paris' second tavern; here also was the town's first
                        post office, opened in 1794.

                        Construction of Major Joseph Duncan's three-story stone tavern began in 1788. How a
                        piece of his tavern's china passed into the hands of his competitors is unclear. A member
                        of the West or Eades families may have purchased the bowl when Duncan Tavern
                        furnishings were sold in the late 19'h century.

                        Placed in a box marked "Grandpa West's bowl," it was handed down with family folklore
                        about its original home being Duncan Tavern. At one time, the base of the bowl cracked;
                        someone repaired it with glue reinforced by stout twine, which is still in place.

                        Mrs. Keller's mother was Mary Elizabeth Knapp Myall of Paris, Asa Bell Eades'
                        granddaughter and a first cousin of Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Jasper, a longtime employee of
                        the Peoples Deposit Bank. Her father was William Myall of Bourbon County, whose
                        travel book, The Scenic West, was published in 1929.

                        Mrs. Keller inherited the bowl while living in Chicago, and years later expressed her
                        desire to send it to the Tavern. She took the bowl along when she moved to the Bryants'
                        home in Houston, Texas.

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Through Miss Jasper, the Bryants met Alfred Shire, a native of Paris, and his wife Nora in
Houston in 1969. The two families remained in close contact after the Bryants and Mrs.
Keller moved to Hot Springs, Ark., where Mrs. Keller died in 1984. Her daughter planned
to fulfill her mother's desire "to return the bowl to Paris," but had not done so when she
died in 1995.

Mr. Bryant gave the bowl to the Shires in 1996, nine months before his death. Aware of
Mrs. Keller's wishes, they sent photos to Mrs. Clay Roseberry, regent of the Jemima
Johnson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and offered to donate it to
the Tavern. The Tavern board accepted, and the bowl was presented to the chairman,
Mrs. Dorothea Douglas of Cynthiana, on May 11.

On October 6, 1956 when Elizabeth Myall was 41, she married Vaughn M. BRYANT.
Born on February 28, 1916 in Austin, Texas. Vaughn M. died in Pearcy, Arkansas on
October 20, 1996; he was 80.

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1. “Eads Family Genealogy Records” prepared by Rex R. Finley, October 27, 1973. Copied from EADES family
drawer, John Fox, Jr., Library, Paris, Kentucky, June 2000, by Robert E. Francis.

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                                    Register Report

    Mary                                spouse of 1
    Elizabeth Myall (1915 - 1995)       child of 6
    Woodford (~1887 - 1916)             spouse of 6
    Asa Bell (~1795 - 1865)             3
    Granville O. (~1794 - )             child of 2
    Horatio (~1788 - )                  child of 2
    John R. (~1806 - )                  child of 2
    Lucy Campbell (1827 - 1906)         4
    Martha (~1804 - )                   child of 2
    Mary (~1796 - )                     child of 2
    Matilda F. (~1802 - )               child of 2
    Preston H. (~1798 - )               child of 2
    Rachel P. (~1792 - )                child of 2
    Robert (ca1730 - 1804)              1
    Thomas L. (1800 - )                 child of 2
    William Henry (1809 - 1872)         child of 2
    Thomas (1764 - 1838)                2
    Benjamin (1818 - 1895)              spouse of 4
    Mary Elizabeth (~1860 - 1932)       5
    Edith Louise (1890 - 1984)          6
    William (~1855 - ~1943)             spouse of 5
    Cynthia (1795 - 1867)               spouse of 3
    Priscilla (1769 - 1815)             spouse of 2

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