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									                         Summer Reading Program and Requirements
                                 Spain Park High School
                                        11th Grade

       Note: ALL STUDENTS will take a quiz on summer reading texts on the first day of
       school. Other assessments (projects, essays, etc.) will follow over the first few
       weeks of school. Attached to this sheet are writing assignments for English 11 and
       AP English 11. They are due the first day of school.

The Program: At Spain Park High School, the number one goal of our administrators, faculty
members, and students is academic achievement. Consequently, we are always striving to find ways to
enable our students to succeed academically. Research demonstrates that no skill is more foundational
to academic achievement—regardless of subject matter—than reading comprehension. Successful
local programs like the Alabama Reading Initiative have demonstrated that our students need to read
thoughtfully, widely, and frequently in order to sharpen their reading skills and become better
processors of text. The key to reading, then, is to have students reading—continuously. Research also
shows that gains made during the academic year are often lost over the summer when students may
choose not to read. In an effort to prevent any regression in students’ reading skills and equip them
academically, the English faculty of Spain Park High School has developed a summer reading program
that we believe will benefit all of our students and ensure a great beginning to the academic year.

English 11 Requirement:

           the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom
This post-modern novel investigates the influences that one life can have on others. This is a
story of the journey to discover the self, with an interesting twist: a man discovers the value of his
life only after he dies.

AP English 11 Requirements:
      the five people you meet in heaven , Mitch Albom
     Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Distressed by his father’s death and his mother’s over-hasty remarriage, Hamlet, Prince of
Denmark, is faced by a specter from beyond the grave bearing a grim message of murder and
revenge. The young Prince is driven to the edge of madness by his struggle to understand the
situation he finds himself in and to do his duty. Many others, including Hamlet’s beloved, the
innocent Ophelia, are swept up in his tragedy. Shakespeare’s most famous and one of the great
stories in the literature of the world.

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