Cell Analogy Assignment - DOC by cuiliqing


									                                 Cells Analogy Mural Project

This project is an opportunity for you to show your understanding of cells. There are two
components: a mural created by your group and a report written by each student.

The Group Task:

    1. Create an analogy between a cell with all its parts and organelles, and something in real-
       life. Analogies to choose from include: a sports team, a city, a house, a factory, or a

    2. Make sure that each cell part/organelle has a match in your analogy, meaning that they
       have similar roles/jobs.

    3. Create a mural that explains/demonstrates how your analogy is like a cell. This product
           a. Display how each part of your analogy is like its match in a cell.
           b. Use the entire piece of paper.
           c. Use a variety of media (magazines, drawings, newspaper, construction paper,
               limited text, photos).
           d. Have a background that is cohesive.
           e. Use your creativity!

    4.   Structures to include
             Cell membrane
             Nucleus
             RER
             SER
             Ribosomes
             Mitochondria
             Lysosomes
             Golgi apparatus
             Cytoskeleton
             Plastids or Vacuole

Individual Tasks:
    1. Be responsible for a portion of the organelles on the mural.
    2. Write a report describing the parts of the mural and why they are like organelles in a

   1. You can use the textbook, or any other book that describes cell parts and their
   2. You can use Internet resources to find information about cell parts and their functions. I
       have some posted on the class website.
   3. You can use your class notes (although they will not be enough alone).
                        Beginning              Developing            Accomplished               Exemplary

                    (6 points for each)     (7 Points for each)    (8 Points for each)      (10 points for each)

                                                                       One of the          Includes all organelles
                       Three of the            Two of the
    Mural                                                             organelles is           and appropriate
                  organelles is missing or organelles is missing
                                                                      missing or the             functions.
                      the function is       or the function is
   (Content)                                                           function is
                        incorrect.              incorrect.

                  - Work is completed
                                          - Work is completed      - Work is completed
                  on time.                                                                - Work is completed on
                                          on time.                 on time.
    Mural         - More than one mural                                                   time.
                                          -More than one           -One mural
                  requirement is not                                                      -All mural requirements
                                          mural requirement is     requirement is not
(Work Habits)     present.                                                                are present.
                                          not present.             present.
                  -Work was not shared                                                    -Work was shared
                                          -Work was shared         -Work was shared
                  equally                                                                 equally .
                                          equally.                 equally.
                  <OR>Group                                                               -Group interactions
                                          -Group interactions      -Group interactions
                  interactions were not                                                   were positive.
                                          were positive.           were positive.
Individual Work                           - One cell analogy is    -One cell analogy is
                  - More than one cell
                                          incorrect.               incorrect.             -Cell analogies show
                  analogy is incorrect.
   (Content)                              -Construction            -Construction          knowledge of function.
                  -Construction follows
                                          follows standard         follows standard       -Construction follows
                  standard form.
                                          form.                    form.                  standard form.
                  -Spelling & mechanics
                                          -Spelling &              -Spelling &            -Spelling & mechanics in
                  in report are error-
                                          mechanics in report      mechanics in report    report are error-free.
                                          are error-free.          are error-free.

          Wed. through Friday (11/4-11/6) will be in-class days to work on the mural.
          Completed murals must be brought to class on Wednesday, November 11.
          Individual reports are due Friday, November 13.

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