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					           Author                                   Title
Alexander, Alma            Changer of days
Alexander, Alma            Gift of the Unmage
Alexander, Alma            The Hidden Queen
Altman, Steven-Elliot      Deprivers
Anderson, Kevin J, 1962-   A forest of stars
Anderson, Kevin J, 1962-   Hidden empire
Anderson, Poul, 1926-      Genesis
Anzetti, Toni              Riders of leviathan
Armstrong, Kelley          Bitten
Armstrong, Kelley          Broken
Armstrong, Kelley          Dime store magic
Armstrong, Kelley          Haunted
Armstrong, Kelley          Industrial magic
Armstrong, Kelley          Stolen
Asher, Neal L, 1961-       Gridlinked
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia     Falcondance
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia     Hawksong
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia     Snakecharm
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia     Wolfcry
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia     Wyvernhail
Baldacci, David            Saving Faith
Banks, L A                 Minion : a vampire huntress legend
Barr, Nevada               Ill wind
Baxter, Stephen            Exultant
Bear, Greg, 1951-          Darwin's radio
Berg, Carol                Daughter of the Ancients
Berg, Carol                Guardians of the keep
Berg, Carol                Son of Avonar
Berg, Carol                The soul weaver
Berry, Steve, 1955-        The Amber Room
Bird, Isobel               Merry meet
Bird, Isobel               Second sight
Bird, Isobel               So mote it be
Bird, Isobel               What the cards said
Black, Holly               Ironside : a modern faery's tale
Block, Francesca Lia       Violet & Claire
Bondoux, Anne-Laure        The second life of Linus Hoppe
Bova, Ben, 1932-           Death dream
Bova, Ben, 1932-           Jupiter
Bova, Ben, 1932-           Moonrise
Bova, Ben, 1932-           Peacekeepers
Bova, Ben, 1932-            Venus
Boyd, Donna                 The passion : a novel
Brockmann, Suzanne          Bodyguard
Brockmann, Suzanne          Breaking point : a novel
Brockmann, Suzanne          Flashpoint
Brockmann, Suzanne          Hot target : a novel
Brown, Dan                  Angels & Demons
Brown, Dan                  Deception Point
Brown, Dan                  Digital Fortress
Brown, Sandra, 1948-        Chill factor
Brown, Sandra, 1948-        Envy
Brown, Sandra, 1948-        Honor bound
Brown, Sandra, 1948-        The alibi
Burnham, Niki               Royally jacked
Caine, Rachel               Heat stroke
Caine, Rachel               Ill wind
Canavan, Trudi              Last of the wilds
Canavan, Trudi              Priestess of the white
Canavan, Trudi              The high lord
Canavan, Trudi              The magician's guild
Canavan, Trudi              The novice
Card, Orson Scott           Earthfall
Card, Orson Scott           Enchantment
Card, Orson Scott           Red prophet
Card, Orson Scott           The call of Earth
Card, Orson Scott           The memory of earth
Card, Orson Scott           The ships of Earth
Carey, Jacqueline, 1964-    The sundering : Banewreaker ; Godslayer
Case, John                  The eighth day : a novel
Cast, P C                   Divine by choice
Cast, P C                   Divine by mistake
Cherryh, C J                At the edge of space
Cherryh, C J                Cloud's Rider
Chopin, Kate, 1851-1904     The awakening
Clarke, Arthur C (Arthur Charles), 1917- end
Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917- endezvous with Rama
Clemens, James              Wit'ch gate
Clemens, James              Wit'ch star
Clemens, James              Wit'ch storm
Clemens, James              Wit'ch war
Coburn, Ann                 Glint
Coe, David B                Eagle-sage
Coe, David B                Rules of ascension
Coe, David B                 Seeds of betrayal
Coe, David B                 The outlanders
Connelly, Michael, 1956-     Chasing the dime
Connelly, Michael, 1956-     The closers : a novel
Connelly, Michael, 1956-     Void moon
Connolly, John, 1968-        The black angel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   All that remains
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Cruel & unusual : a novel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Isle of dogs
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Point of origin
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Postmortem
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Predator
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Southern cross
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   The last precinct
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Trace
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels   Unnatural exposure

Crutcher, Chris               Whale Talk
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia        The battle of Evernight
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia        The ill-made mute
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia        The lady of the sorrows
Deaver, Jeffery               The blue nowhere
Deaver, Jeffery               The stone monkey : a Lincoln Rhyme novel
Deaver, Jeffery               The vanished man : a Lincoln Rhyme novel
Deitz, Tom                    Fireshaper's doom : a tale of vengeance
Deitz, Tom                    Windmaster's bane
Delaney, Joseph, 1945-        Revenge of the witch
Dickinson, Peter, 1927-       The ropemaker
Duane, Diane                  Deep wizardry
DuPrau, Jeanne                City of Ember, The
DuPrau, Jeanne                People of Sparks, The
DuPrau, Jeanne                Prophet of Yonwood, The
Eisler, Barry                 Hard rain
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise        Enchantress from the stars
Farmer, Nancy                 The Ear, the Eye and the Arm : a novel
Farmer, Nancy, 1941-          The house of the scorpion
Farrell, S L (Stephen Leigh), Holder of lightning
Farrell, S L (Stephen Leigh), Mage of clouds
Fisher, Catherine, 1957-      Snow-walker
Fisher, Jude                  Sorcery rising
Fisher, Jude                  The rose of the world
Fisher, Jude                  Wild magic
Fletcher, Susan, 1951-        Dragon's milk
Folsom, Allan               Day After Tomorrow, The
French, Nicci               Red Room, The
Funke, Cornelia Caroline    Inkheart
Funke, Cornelia Caroline    Inkspell
Futcher, Jane               Crush
Futcher, Jane               Crush

Gaarder, Jostein, 1952-     Sopie's World: a novel about the history of philosophy
Gabriel, Marius             Seventh Moon, The
Gaiman, Neil                Coraline
Garner, Alan, 1934-         The owl service
Gear, W Michael             Athena Factor, The
Gerritsen, Tess             Apprentice, The
Gerritsen, Tess             Bloodstream
Gerritsen, Tess             Gravity
Gerritsen, Tess             Sinner, The
Gerritsen, Tess             Vanish
Golden, Arthur              Memoirs of a Geisha
Goonan, Kathleen Ann        Crescent city rhapsody
Graham, Mitchell            Ancient Legacy, The
Graham, Mitchell            Emerald Cavern, The
Graham, Mitchell            Fith Ring, The
Green, Sharon, 1942-        Betrayals
Green, Sharon, 1942-        Challenges
Green, Sharon, 1942-        Competitions
Green, Sharon, 1942-        Convergence
Grossman, Lev               Codex
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Among the Barons
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Among the betrayed
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Among the brave
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Among the free
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Among the impostors
Haddix, Margaret Peterson   Running out of time
Haig, Brian                 Secret sanction : a novel
Hamilton, Peter F           Judas unchained
Hamilton, Peter F           Pandora's star
Hancock, Karen              Arena
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-        Stravaganza : city of flowers
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-        Stravaganza : city of masks
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-        Stravaganza : city of stars
Hooper, Kay                 Always a thief
Hooper, Kay                 Chill of fear
Hooper, Kay                 Hiding in the shadows
Hooper, Kay                Hunting fear
Hooper, Kay                Once a thief
Hooper, Kay                Sense of evil
Hooper, Kay                Sleeping with fear
Hooper, Kay                Stealing shadows
Hooper, Kay                Touching evil
Hooper, Kay                Whisper of evil
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-   Ark angel
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-   Eagle Strike
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-   Point Blank
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-   Scorpia
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-   Skeleton Key : an Alex Rider adventure
Howe, James, 1946-         The misfits
Huff, Tanya                Blood books. Volume 1
Huff, Tanya                Blood books. Volume 2
Iles, Greg                 Spandau Phoenix
James, Brian               Tomorrow maybe
Jance, Judith A            Day of the Dead
Johansen, Iris             Countdown
Johansen, Iris             Fatal tide
Johansen, Iris             Firestorm
Johnson, Oliver            The forging of the shadows
Johnson, Oliver            The last star at dawn
Johnson, Oliver            The nations of the night
Jones, Diana Wynne         A sudden wild magic
Jones, Diana Wynne         A tale of Time City
Jones, Diana Wynne         Archer's goon
Jones, Diana Wynne         Cart and cwidder
Jones, Diana Wynne         Castle in the air
Jones, Diana Wynne         Chronicles of Chrestomanci : volume 1
Jones, Diana Wynne         Chronicles of Chrestomanci : volume II
Jones, Diana Wynne         Drowned ammet
Jones, Diana Wynne         Fire and hemlock
Jones, Diana Wynne         The crown of Dalemark
Jones, Diana Wynne         The Homeward Bounders
Jones, Diana Wynne         The magicians of Caprona
Jones, Diana Wynne         The spellcoats
Jones, Diana Wynne         Year of the griffin
Jones, Susanna, 1967-      The earthquake bird
Kenyon, Kay                The braided world
Kesey, Ken                 One flew over the cuckoo's nest
King, Stephen, 1947-       Carrie
King, Stephen, 1947-       Christine
King, Stephen, 1947-       Cujo
King, Stephen, 1947-       Different seasons
King, Stephen, 1947-       Firestarter
King, Stephen, 1947-       It
King, Stephen, 1947-       Misery
King, Stephen, 1947-       The dead zone
King, Stephen, 1947-       The stand
King, Stephen, 1947-       The talisman
King, Stephen, 1947-       Thinner
Klause, Annette Curtis     Alien secrets
Knox, Elizabeth            Dreamhunter : book one of the dreamhunter duet
Knox, Elizabeth            Dreamquake
Koontz                     Dragon Tears

Koontz, Dean R (Dean Ray), Dean Koontz's Frankenstein. book one, Prodigal son
Koontz, Dean R (Dean Ray), Dean Koontz's Frankenstein. Book two, City of night
Koontz, Dean R (Dean Ray), Strangers
Koontz, Dean R (Dean Ray), Watchers
Kurtz, Katherine           Camber the heretic
Kurtz, Katherine           Deryni checkmate
Kurtz, Katherine           Deryni rising
Kurtz, Katherine           High Deryni
Kurtz, Katherine           Saint Camber
Kurtz, Katherine           The harrowing of Gwynedd
Kurtz, Katherine           The quest for Saint Camber
Lasky, Kathryn             The capture
Lasky, Kathryn             The journey
Le Guin, Ursula K, 1929-   A wizard of Earthsea
Lee, Tanith                Wolf queen
Lee, Tanith                Wolf Star
Lee, Tanith                Wolf wing
LeGuin, Ursula             The Wind's Twelve Quarters
L'Engle, Madeleine         A swiftly tilting planet
L'Engle, Madeleine         A Wind in the Door
L'Engle, Madeleine         A wrinkle in time.
Lisle, Holly               Courage of falcons
Lisle, Holly               Diplomacy of wolves
Lisle, Holly               The wreck of Heaven
Lisle, Holly               Vengeance of dragons
Lisle, Holly               Vincalis the agitator
Long, Jeff                 Year zero : a novel
Lovejoy, William H         Back\slash
                           Wicked : the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the
Maguire, Gregory           West
McCaffrey, Anne            Dragondrums
McCaffrey, Anne            Dragonflight
McCaffrey, Anne            Dragonquest
McCaffrey, Anne            Dragonsinger
McCaffrey, Anne            The renegades of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne            The white dragon
McKinley, Robin            Spindle's end
McKinley, Robin            Sunshine
Meltzer, Brad              Dead even
Meltzer, Brad              The zero game
Metzger, Robert A          Picoverse
Mitchell, Nancy, 1952-     Global warning
Mofina, Rick               If angels fall
Morris, Gerald, 1963-      Parsifal's page
Morrison, Toni             The bluest eye
Namioka, Lensey            Ties that bind, ties that break : a novel
Nicholls, Stan             The covenant rising
Nix, Garth                 Abhorsen
Nix, Garth                 Drowned Wednesday
Nix, Garth                 Grim Tuesday
Nix, Garth                 Lady Friday
Nix, Garth                 Lirael, daughter of the Clayr
Nix, Garth                 Mister Monday
Nix, Garth                 Sabriel
Norton, Andre              The gates to witch world
O'Brien, Robert C          Z for Zachariah
O'Dell, Scott, 1898-1989   Island of the Blue Dolphins.
Olshan, Joseph             Nightswimmer : a novel
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Acts of malice : a novel
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Breach of promise
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Motion to suppress
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Unfit to practice
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Unlucky in law
O'Shaughnessy, Perri       Writ of execution
Ouellette, Pierre, 1945-   The DEUS machine : a novel
Paolini, Christopher       Eldest
Paolini, Christopher       Eragon
Parker, T Jefferson        The blue hour
Parker, T Jefferson        Where serpents lie
Passman, Donald S          The visionary
                          Maximum Ride : saving the world and other extreme
Patterson, James, 1947-   sports
Patterson, James, 1947-   Maximum Ride : the angel experiment
Patterson, James, 1947-   School's out-- forever
Peters, Julie Ann         Keeping You a Secret
Picoult, Jodi, 1966-      Nineteen minutes : a novel
Pierce, Tamora            Alanna, the first adventure
Pierce, Tamora            Cold fire
Pierce, Tamora            Emperor Mage
Pierce, Tamora            First test
Pierce, Tamora            In the hand of the goddess
Pierce, Tamora            Lady knight
Pierce, Tamora            Lioness rampant
Pierce, Tamora            Page
Pierce, Tamora            Shatterglass
Pierce, Tamora            Squire
Pierce, Tamora            The realms of the gods
Pierce, Tamora            The woman who rides like a man
Pierce, Tamora            Trickster's choice
Pierce, Tamora            Trickster's queen
Pierce, Tamora            Wild magic
Pierce, Tamora            Wolf-speaker
Price, Susan              A Sterkarm kiss
Price, Susan              The Sterkarm handshake
Pullman, Philip           The amber spyglass
Pullman, Philip           The subtle knife
Pullman, Philip, 1946-    The golden compass
Raffel, Keith, 1951-      Dot dead : a Silicon Valley mystery
Rand, Ayn                 Anthem
Rand, Ayn                 The fountainhead
Reilly, Matthew           Area 7
Reilly, Matthew           Contest
Reilly, Matthew           Scarecrow
Reilly, Matthew           Temple
Reilly, Matthew J         Ice station
Robinson, Kim Stanley     Blue Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley     Green Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley     Red Mars
Rollins, James, 1961-     Black order : a Sigma Force novel
Rowe, Stephanie           Date me baby, one more time
Rowe, Stephanie           He loves me, he loves me hot
Rowe, Stephanie           Must love dragons
Rowen, Michelle           Bitten & smitten
Rowland, Laura Joh             The dragon king's palace
Rowling, J K                   Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
Rowling, J K                   Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
Rowling, J K                   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Ruby, Laura                    The Wall and the Wing
Sargent, Pamela                Earthseed
Saul, John                     Brain child
Scoppettone, Sandra            My sweet untraceable you
Scottoline, Lisa               Dead ringer
Scottoline, Lisa               Devil's corner
Scottoline, Lisa               Final appeal
Scottoline, Lisa               Killer smile
Scottoline, Lisa               The vendetta defense
Seymour, Gerald                The unknown soldier
Shusterman, Neal               Everlost
Shusterman, Neal               The Shadow Club rising
Siegel, Jan                    Prospero's children
Singleton, Linda Joy           Last dance
Singleton, Linda Joy           Sword play
Singleton, Linda Joy           Witch ball
Slaughter, Karin, 1971-        Kisscut
Sleator, William               Interstellar pig
Smith, Roland, 1951-           Jack's run
Solitaire, Jenna               Keeper of the flames
Solitaire, Jenna               Keeper of the waters
Solitaire, Jenna               Keeper of the winds
Starling, Boris                Vodka
Stephenson, Neal               Snow crash
Stephenson, Neal               Zodiac : the eco-thriller
Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-   Blue is for nightmares
Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-   Red is for remembrance
Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-   Silver is for secrets
Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-   White is for magic
Stroud, Jonathan               Ptolemy's gate
Stroud, Jonathan               The golem's eye
Sullivan, Tricia, 1968-        Lethe
Tarr, Judith                   Avaryan rising
Tiernan, Cate                  Blood witch
Tiernan, Cate                  Book of shadows
Tiernan, Cate                  The coven
Tolan, Stephanie S             Flight of the raven
Tolan, Stephanie S             Welcome to the Ark
Townsend, Sue                  The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3
Turow, Scott              Personal injuries
Turow, Scott              Pleading guilty
Vande Velde, Vivian       Heir apparent
Vande Velde, Vivian       The book of Mordred
Vizzini, Ned, 1981-       Be more chill
Weisberg, Joseph          10th grade : a novel
Westerfeld, Scott         Blue noon
Westerfeld, Scott         Extras
Westerfeld, Scott         Peeps : a novel
Westerfeld, Scott         Pretties
Westerfeld, Scott         So yesterday
Westerfeld, Scott         Specials
Westerfeld, Scott         The last days : a novel
Westerfeld, Scott         The secret hour
Westerfeld, Scott         Touching darkness
Westerfeld, Scott         Uglies
Westerfield, Scott        Blue Noon (Midnighters)
Westerfield, Scott        Extras
Westerfield, Scott        Last Days, The
Westerfield, Scott        Peeps
Westerfield, Scott        Pretties
Westerfield, Scott        Secret Hour, The (Midnighters)
Westerfield, Scott        Specials
Westerfield, Scott        Touching Darkness (Midnighters)
Westerfield, Scott        Uglies
Whitcomb, Christopher     Black : a novel
Whittemore, Jo, 1977-     Curse of Arastold
Whittemore, Jo, 1977-     Escape from Arylon
Wilkinson, Carole         Dragon keeper.
William, Kate             Aftershock
Williams, Mark London     Ancient fire
Williams, Mark London     Dragon sword
Williams, Susan, 1946-    Wind rider
Williams, Tad             City of golden shadow
Williams, Tad             Mountain of black glass
Williams, Tad             River of blue fire
Williams, Tad             Sea of Silver Light
Williams, Tad             The war of the flowers
Willis, Connie            Passage
Woodworth, Stephen, 1967- In golden blood
Woodworth, Stephen, 1967- Through violet eyes
Wrede, Patricia C, 1953-  Calling on dragons
Wrede, Patricia C, 1953-  Dealing with dragons
Wrede, Patricia C, 1953-   Searching for dragons
Wrede, Patricia C, 1953-   Talking to dragons
Yep, Laurence              Dragon's gate
Yep, Laurence              Dragonwings
Yolen, Jane                A sending of dragons
Yolen, Jane                Dragon's blood
                           The books of Great Alta : Sister Light, Sister Dark &
Yolen, Jane                White Jenna
Zahn, Timothy              Conquerors' heritage
Zahn, Timothy              Conquerors' legacy
Zoya                       Zoya's Story
                                    Genr Genr Genr
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256   Ash

    Author                Title        Pgs                    Review or Booktalk                        Type            BY   Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3

                                           Kieran and his soldiers ride the horses hard - trying to
                                           catch up with the men who abducted their queen:
                                           Anghora. Anghora, drugged, dragged, and placed in a
                                           cell, will never rule again - not if her brother Sif has
                                           anything to say about - not after he stole the country
                                           from her - not after he wrested the throne from the
                                           grasp of a little girl who held it.
                                           Kieran knows he MUST catch the group that has
                                           abducted his Queen - he doesn't know that they have
                                           drugged her so she can't use her Sight. In fact, the
                                           drug rattles her brain so much she almost doesn't
                                           care, but Kieran does - faithful to the core - and to the
                                           true Queen of the land.
                                           Fate, destiny, drugs and tyrant brothers - all come
Alexander, Alma   Changer of days      325 together in a land soon to meet the Changer of Days. booktalk Ash

                                             In Thea's world, people who can't do magic are almost
                                             less-than-nothing. They get pulled out of real schools
                                             and sent to the one school where those unfortunate to
                                             have little or no ability with magic are taught other
                                             Thea is a double-seventh - a child of two parents who
                                             were each seventh children. Her magic should be
                                             unstoppable. Thea should be unstoppable. But the
                                             only thing stopping is her schooling - because she just
                                             cannot do magic.
                                             A lot was expected of her, heck, she expected a lot of
                                             herself. It didn't happen that way though, so along with
                                             self-doubt and self-recrimination, she had to figure out
                                             what to do with her life - since it wasn't going at all the
                                             way she (or anyone else) planned. The plus side?
                                             Well, after realizing everyone's hopes were dashed to
                                             smithereens and you were going to amount to nothing
                                             at all, it seemed almost easier for things to get better,
Alexander, Alma   Gift of the Unmage         having fallen so far.                                       booktalk Ash
                                           Thea has let everyone down - all of her life. As the
                                           ―Double-Seventh‖ (seventh child of parents who were
                                           both seventh children), she was supposed to have
                                           tons of magic. Instead, she has none. It‘s gotten so
                                           bad she might even be forced to go to the Wandless
                                           Academy - what Thea considers ―The Last Ditch
                                           Thea knows it‘s All Magic or No Magic - if she fails,
                                           she will totally fail. If she can‘t be a bonfire, she
                                           shouldn‘t even be a flicker. This is the pressure she‘s
                                           under as a double-seventh.
                                           It all amounts to nothing - and everything her parents
                                           have tried - from sending her to chanting school, to
                                           her Aunts and Uncles for summer trying different
                                           approaches to awaken her magic - has failed.
                                           And that‘s what Thea is: miserable. She sits in the car
                                           as her father drives her to a mysterious destination -
                                           knowing he‘s making a last ditch effort to save his
                                           daughter, his reputation. Trying to get her to do magic
Alexander, Alma   Gift of the Unmage       so she won‘t let him down - again.                       booktalk Ash
                                           Anghara is left alone: everyone she knows and loved
                                           is dead or doomed. She's fleeing from the country her
                                           evil brother continues to rule - her country. Her land.
                                           Her people. Constantly tortured by the rule of the evil
                                           She does what she has to do - survive - by leaving her
                                           country and everything she holds dear far behind. Her
                                           travels take her to a country where she can learn, live,
                                           use her Sight and begin to take the power back -
                                           power rightfully hers and destiny-called - and if she
                                           can, return to take the land that is rightfully hers,
                                           stolen by evil.
                                           Alexander is a master at weaving epic sagas into
                                           tense, suspenseful and gripping action/adventure
                                           sagas with characters who come to life right before
Alexander, Alma   The Hidden Queen     378 your eyes.                                               review   Ash
                                              Read 1st few paragraphs:
                                              I was born with water on the brain.
                                              Okay, so that's not exactly true. I was actually born
                                              with too much cerebral spinal fluid inside my skull. But
                                              cerebral spinal fluid is just the doctors' fancy way of
                                              saying brian grease. And brain grease works inside
                                              the lobes like car grease works inside an engine. It
                                              keeps thing running smooth and fast. But weirdo me, I
                                              was born with too much grease inside my skull, and it
                                              got all thick and muddy and disgusting, and it only
                                              mucked up the works. My thinking and breathing and
                                              living engine slowed down and flooded.
                                              My brain was drowning in grease.
                                              But that makes the whole thing sound weirdo and
                                              funny, like my brain was a giant french fry, so it seems
                                              more serious and poetic and accurate accurate to say,
                                              "I was born with water on the brain."
                                              Okay, so m aybe that's not a very serious way to say
                                              it, either. Maybe the whole thing IS weird and funny.
                                              But jeez, did everone think it was funny when the
                                              doctors cut open my little skull and sucked out all that
                                              extra water with some tiny vacuum? I was only six
                                              months old.
                                              Junior (Arnold) is almost a freshman - and he deals
                                              with his life by drawing cartoons. His life on the
                  Absolutely True Diary       reservation is hard - poverty = empty refrigerator +
Alexie, Sherman   of a Part-Time Indian   230 empty stomach, but he keeps his hopes up. He lets us booktalk Ash

                                              A fantastic, comic look at life on a reservation, and the
                                              coming of age of one slightly damaged (excess
                                              cerebral spinal fluid), soon-to-be-freshman. Sherman
                                              Alexie has captured the flavor or two worlds well in this
                                              "Absolutely True" first person narrative of a boy who
                                              decides to attend school at the nearest white town,
                                              instead of the schools on the reservation. Often comic,
                                              heartwrenchingly believable, you immediately like, and
                                              come to love, Junior (aka Arnold) as he makes his
                                              way through his freshman year of high school. This
                                              book makes me want to pick up everything else Alexie
                  Absolutely True Diary       has written and see if it can live up to what he's done
Alexie, Sherman   of a Part-Time Indian   230 here.                                                     review   Ash
                                  He draws a pack of wolves - a long figure fleeing
                                  them. His teacher says "draw flowers" and he does.
                                  But she wanted a daisy with a smile.
                                  His mother used to bring his art to work, but not
                                  anymore. His parents keep hoping he'll outgrow this
                                  "artiste" phase, but he knows he won't.
                                  In 10th grade, he goes to Whitman - auditions by
                                  showing the minimum number of paintings, paintings
                                  no one else has seen because he no longer shares
                                  them. They can be dangerous - deadly dangerous.
                                  Will he find them at Whitman? The people he knows
                                  must be out there somewhere - the people who won't
                                  cringe when they see his work?
                                  Charles wonders: (read from page 96)
                                  Why couldn't I have someone to share this moment
Alphin, Elaine                    with? Someone who understands the tormented trees
Marie            Simon Says   255 fighting ceaseless winds in a canvas world?              booktalk Ash
                                  Alphin captures the angst of loneliness in this teen
                                  drama. Picture the Chocolate War meets The
                                  Fountainhead. Charles is accepted a prestiguous
                                  boarding school that focuses on art. He's been an
                                  artist forever, but has realized that people do NOT like
                                  what he really paints, so he's made sure to paint
                                  enough of the "other stuff" to keep them quiet. He
                                  never shows anyone his work. Never. He applies to
                                  the school because he's read a book - by a teen no
                                  less - that captures exactly what he feels. He's sure
                                  the author, Graeme Brandt, will understand and
                                  provide him with the secret of how to survive in a
                                  world that hates the creations you love to paint. But
                                  once at school, he finds Graeme is not at all what he
                                  expected, and he still can't bring himself to share his
                                  work with anyone. At once defiant in his dare to disturb
                                  the universe, and proud in his unique artistic
Alphin, Elaine                    temperment, Charles is a character teens can readily
Marie            Simon Says   255 relate to.                                               review   Ash
                                  Robert Luxley is special - and deadly. He's turned a
                                  freak genetic oddity into a well-paying career. If he
                                  touches you? You're it. You're dead. You're paralyzed
                                  for 15 minutes and there is NOTHING you can do
                                  about it. Nothing you can do when he takes a syringe
                                  with an air bubble and shoots it into your arm, into
                                  your blood, creating an embolism - that kills. He thinks
                                  he's all that. He thinks he's IT. He thinks he can rule -
                                  until he meets Cassandra - and realizes....he's not the
                                  only one. Not the only Depriver. Not the only one who
                                  can touch another human and cause them to pass out
                                  - not even.
                                  So this girl knocks on his door, and they're talking and
                                  quite clearly NOT touching each other and he realizes:
                                  she knows. She knows what he can do, heck she
                                  even came up with the cool name - Deprivers. So
                                  what does he do when he finally meets someone like
                                  him, realizing he's not so alone in the world? Well,
Altman, Steven-                   first, he slips some drugs into her water making her
Elliot            Deprivers   359 pass out....I wonder what he'll do when she wakes up? booktalk Ash
                                          Anderson continues his fantistic Saga of Seven Suns
                                          where an alien life-form, the hydrogues, are bent on
                                          revenge and retaliation against humanity for its
                                          genocidal bombing of a gas giant in the first book.
                                          Humanity turns to its technology for saving - and
                                          places its cybernetic army at the front of the battle.
                                          What humanity doesn't know is that the robots have
                                          exterminated their own makers and now rule
                                          themselves. Added to this confrontation and threat of
                                          extinction is te very real every-day issue of fuel - the
                                          fuel needed to traverse the stars, to provide food and
                                          necessities for new colonies unable to support
                                          themselves as of yet, is rare and becoming rarer as
                                          the hydrogues ensure shipping lanes are stopped or
                                          slowed. Add to this the odd actions of the Roamers,
                                          the threats directly against the Green Priests - and
                                          suddenly it looks like there might not be any hope for
                                          humanity at all! Andersen continues to excel as he
                                          pushes the boundaries of space, exploration,
Anderson, Kevin                           humanity and science fiction in this second book of
J, 1962-          A forest of stars       the Saga of Seven Suns.                                    review    Ash

                                          Humanity has found an ally in Ildirans, but it still might
                                          not be enough to fight the hydrogues - who are bent
                                          on the genocide of the human race after a scientific
                                          experiment destroyed one of their planets and all of
                                          the hydrogues on it. To make matters even worse, the
                                          Chairman of the Terran Hansa has a new weapon -
                                          and plans to us this untested device no matter what
                                          the cost (did he learn nothing from the event that
                                          precipated this interspecies galactic war?).
                                          Politics, war, allies, and hope blend in this final book of
Anderson, Kevin                           the Saga of Seven Suns - leaving you stunned with its
J, 1962-          Horizon Storms      640 conclusion.                                                 review   Ash
                                      A vibrant, epic look at a future where telepathic priests
                                      serve as a telecommunications link for worlds
                                      separated by vast reaches of space. The Terran
                                      Hansa (political body) and Roamers (peaceful
                                      renegades - the gypsies of the space frontier) and the
                                      Green Priests - the communicators. Science leaps
                                      forward and a new energy source is found when
                                      scientists run a test - but the transformation of the gas
                                      giant planet into a new sun gives them much more
                                      than they bargained for. An alien race lives within the
                                      gas giants, and the destruction from the test has
                                      wiped out all of the beings that lived within it. The race
                                      declares war - and is more advanced, and far more
                                      powerful - than the human race.
                                      Anderson weaves a tapestry full of color, characters
                                      and the burning questions of humanity: where should
                                      science and research draw the line? Is it right to try
                                      something because you can? And what happens if the
                                      repurcusions of you/a society's actions are more than
                                      anyone can bear?
                                      Anderson epitomizes the sci-fi great writers of our time
                                      by creating believable worlds and societies and
Anderson, Kevin                       plausible scenarios that take us further and make us
J, 1962-          Hidden empire   654 question exactly what it means to be part of               review   Ash
                             A lot of things change during that summer between
                             middle and high school. But more things change for
                             Melinda than for anyone else, all because of the party:
                             everyone was there - doing it up in style before the
                             freshman year started - partying with the high school
                             kids and feeling like they fit in. Until the end, of course,
                             when Melinda calls the cops - and everyone at the
                             party is busted, and everyone at the party - or who
                             heard about the party - hates Melinda, even Melinda.
                             She can‘t speak about it. She won‘t speak about it.
                             She doesn‘t even remember it - or tries not to. She
                             makes it through the first two weeks of school without
                             a nuclear meltdown but it‘s not easy. She finds ways
                             to survive: a janitor‘s closet, abandoned and dusty, a
                             stack of late passes, an art class with a teacher who
                             looks like a grasshopper but doesn‘t care if she
                             doesn‘t talk - he wants her to speak in pictures
                             anyway, draw her soul in a tree or something like that.
                             Melinda thinks she can make it - even with her ex-best
                             friend mouthing ―I hate you,‖ even with the lump of
                             mashed potatoes someone threw at her during the
                             first lunch on the first day of school, even with
                             everyone knowing what she did that summer - but not
Anderson, Laurie             why.
Halse            Speak       Then she sees IT in the hallway at school. IT is             booktalk Ash

                             Follow Melinda through her first year in high school - a
                             tough enough experience made even tougher by the
                             fact that *everyone* hates her! No, really. The
                             summer before freshman year starts - she's at a party -
                             and calls the cops. Nobody understands why, even
                             Melinda, and they are all angry at her for it. As she
                             progresses through her year, with an Art Teacher who
                             forces her to draw trees, her lips peel from lack of talk
                             and constant rubbing. Melinda must come to grips
Anderson, Laurie             with her freshman year - but will she be able to? A
Halse            Speak   197 powerful book about talk and art.                         review    Ash
                               (bottom of page 9) Dad liked to pretend I was a
                               dangerous criminal because of the Foul Deed. But it
                               was just a stupid prank. I mean, all pranks are stupid,
                               but that's kind of the point, isn't it?
                               The last time anybody had noticed me (in a good way)
                               was in the third grade when I won the home-run
                               contest during Field Day. Ater that, my reputation
                               struck out ever time: I was the shortest guy in middle
                               school and too chicken to hit back. I had "victim"
                               tattooed on my forehead.
                               If you're wondering what the Fould deed was, let me
                               tell you (flip page to top of page 10 - read 1st
                               paragraph and 1st sentence of 2nd paragraph)
                               At three o'clock in the morning on Monday, May first, I
                               used five cans of spray paint to decorate George
                               Washington High with words that procalimed the
                               superioirity of the junior class and a couple crude
                               remarks about the manhood of Principal Hughes. I
                               misspelled "phenomenal" and "testicle." I also forgot
                               one of the cans, the red one. And I was so flustered,
                               trying to finish before the sun came up, that I didn't
                               notice my wallet was missing until the police arrived
Anderson, Laurie               on our front porch.
Halse            Twisted   250 Meet Tyler, former dweeb but now dangerous criminal, booktalk Ash

                               Anderson has done it again. A different main
                               character from Speak, a different type of crisis, but
                               consistent, well-done character development and a
                               story that moves itself forward with good dialog and
                               teen drama! Tyler is a troubled teen and often in
                               trouble. For every crime he has done, he's also "done
                               the time" (especially for the Foul Deed). He's sold his
                               car to pay for damages and is finishing up his
                               community service with the janitors at the school as
                               the summer draws to a close. All he really wants to do
                               is finish high school and just get on with - or away
                               from - his life, his parents, his family.
                               Anderson again engages readers, connecting them
Anderson, Laurie               with her characters and their daily struggles of staying
Halse            Twisted   250 alive, or finding out how to live as a teen.             review   Ash
Anderson, Poul,
1926-             Genesis                                                                                       Ash

                                            This book provides an excellent way for young adults
                                            to access a longer and more difficult poem – a poem
                                            that details the growth of a woman of color, from
                                            before birth, to old age and wisdom. There is more art
                                            than lines of words, each picture creating a visual for
Angelou, Maya                               the reader, portraying aspects of the poem. This book
and Feelings,     Now Sheba Sings the       is a wonderful way to introduce students to a poet of
Tom (artist)      Song                      renown, and a poem worth reading.                       review      Ash

                                            It's a battlefield; it's war. It's robots in the field being
                                            operated by a guy in virtual reality gear, sending the
                                            robot up steep ravines to spy out the enemy's rocket
                                            launchers, to find and destroy the equipment that is
                                            about to bring down the remaining spy satellite.
                                            Gordon is good. His roobt has found a number of
                                            bases and destroyed all but one of the enemy's
                                            launchers. He steers his robot like an old friend, hides
                                            it in barns or under leaves when he needs to take a
                                            Right now, Gordon is in chair, and his CRAV (robot) is
                                            ambling through a field of dead bodies. A dog barks;
                                            he turns the robot and sees a neon blue light, so
                                            subtle he almost misses it. It's the only thing moving
                                            on the field. The dog has already run away. "Arm
                                            missiles" he screams but a voice outside his helmet
                                            shouts: "dont' fire!"
                                            They pull him out of the CRAV, too abruptly. "Print
                                            that." says his commander. Gordon's too dazed to
                                            understand what is happening, but know the eerie
                                            blue glow is about to change the battlefield. He just
Anthony, Patricia Cold allies           298 doesn't know if that's good or bad.                          booktalk Ash
                                             I read through 17 of the Xanth series over a short
                                             period of time, years ago, and remember this as my
                                             favorite! In re-reading it, I picked up right where I left
                                             off - in love with Piers Anthony's style of writing! The
                                             puns, plot twists and cohesiveness are exhilerating.
                                             Let's just say that the Isle is a 'place' where a Prince
                                             can't say: I love you! (or pick the 'right' girl to marry).
                                             In between this underlying dilemma, this 13th of the
                                             series adds goblins, a Centaur, and magical Elf girl
                                             (Jenny) and a love triangle that doesn't really exist,
Anthony, Piers,                              well, kind of! Light, airy, feel good sci-fi that's
and Jacob, Piers Isle of View            352 definitely enjoyed by word-play buffs, too!                   review   Ash
Anzetti, Toni    Riders of leviathan                                                                                Ash
                                             I avoided this book for a long time because I thought it
                                             was yet another book about vampires! It wasn't. I
                                             was happily surprised to find it was about witchcraft,
                                             alternate worlds/realities, and four high school
                                             students trying to live in two worlds at once: the real
                                             one where Senna (a witch?) has magically transported
                                             them to another realm and the other realm - a world
                                             where vikings are attacking Aztecs - and the four
                                             friends are stuck in the middle of the battle! Three
                                             boys and a girl try to survive the jungles of a land
                                             reminiscent of South America, fight a large blue
                                             Aztecian God, and survive in a band of Vikings.
                                             Follow them as they weave in and out of both worlds -
                  Everworld: Land of         hoping to find a way to end the nightmare of
Applegate, K A    Loss                       Everworld.                                               review        Ash
                                             Have you ever wondered what it would be like in a
                                             world without adults? This book takes a look at the
                                             earth, five years after an apocalyptic event. Follow
                                             Teacher, Mommy, Hunter and the other children who
                                             survived as they struggle for food, shelter, and their
                  Keepers of the Flame       search for adults who survived. If they find them, will
Armstrong, J      (Fire-Us #1)           304 that be good? Or bad?                                    review        Ash
                                               This third book is a wonderful example of a great
                                               ending to a great trilogy. The mystery of the original
                                               apocalypse is solved, the children able to understand
                                               what happened that caused all of their parents to die,
                                               and a number of the group find resolution to baffling
                                               memories they've had. As a whole, this trilogy
                                               provides the classic elements of a great books for
                                               young adults: it has mystery, adventure, young adults
                                               battling for survival and winning, and no parents
                                               (except the occassional evil ones). What's even
                                               better is that it looks at relationships, the notion of
                                               'what makes a family' and the rights and
                                               responsibilities of group members to the group as a
Armstrong, J      Kiln, The (Fire-Us #3)   256 whole. A fun and interesting read.                      review         Ash

                                               The survivors of the apocalypse have found a group of
                                               grownups - but find there's more to them than meets
                                               the eye. Now it's not a story about settling in and
                                               creating the family all the children have dreamed of
                                               (vague memories of pre-plague life), but a story of
                                               getting free and running for their lives. The language
                                               is still tough - you realize now that the Fire-Us was
                                               really a Virus that wiped out humanity, and there are
                                               many other examples of 'modified' words as the older
                                               children try to teach the younger children. What's
                                               great is that the mis-spoken words are often wonderful
                                               plays on the original - with a bit of a twist reflective of a
                                               child's interpretation. A great example is anger-man -
                                               who becomes anchor-man - and is always speaking
                                               as if he were conducting a newscast. He is still very
                  Kindling, The (Fire-Us       angry, too, though. Find out what trouble they get into
Armstrong, J      #2)                      304 next.                                                         review   Ash

Armstrong, Kelley Bitten                                                                                              Ash

Armstrong, Kelley Broken                                                                                              Ash

Armstrong, Kelley Dime store magic                                                                                    Ash

Armstrong, Kelley Haunted                                                                                             Ash
Armstrong, Kelley Industrial magic                                                                           Ash
                                           Jaime's psyched to be in L.A., one of three final actors
                                           on a new reality TV show where spiritualist contact the
                                           dead. Of course, the other two are really good fakes.
                                           What they don't have any idea about is the fact that
                                           Jaime is the real thing. She's not just a spiritualist
                                           either; she's been working on her necromancy, too.
                                           Before life can get too comfortable, what with the
                                           producer demanding more and more, her fellow actors
                                           distant and bitter, thinking she's purposefully showing
                                           them up to be idiots, and the dead guy hanging from
                                           the chandelier where they eat, Jaime starts getting
                                           poked and slapped in the garden.
                                           Of course it's a big deal! First, ghosts are not allowed
                                           to cross the plane, period. So, these ghosts (and there
                                           are more than one) shouldn't be able to smack her
                                           and leave a welt. Second, Jaime can tell these are
                                           children, little children, but that's about it. With the
                                           show hanging in the balance, the actors all uptight,
                                           and the ghosts getting a bit out of hand, Jaime has all
                                           she can do to hold it together, even with the help of
                                           her friends Paige, Eve, Jeremy and the others we all
Armstrong, Kelley No Humans Involved   505 know from the Armstrong's other books.                   booktalk Ash
                                           Armstrong does it again with another fantastic series
                                           start in No Humans Involved. We get to see some of
                                           our favorite characters from the Haunted, Bitten,
                                           Stolen series, but the main character in this set is
                                           Jaime Vegas, spiritualist and practicing necromancer.
                                           She appears in L.A. ready to be one of three on a new
                                           reality TV series - her biggest and final step to a
                                           lifetime dream of her own TV program. Things start
                                           falling out of place quickly however, what with the
                                           dead man hanging from the chandelier over their
                                           breakfast nook, and the pokes and proddings from
                                           ghosts in the garden who should NOT be able to do
                                           Armstrong continues to blend reality, fantasy and the
                                           not-so-recalcitrant dead in a wonderful series of
Armstrong, Kelley No Humans Involved   505 suspenseful, libidinous intrigue.                        review   Ash
Armstrong, Kelley Stolen                                                                                    Ash

                                         Graphic novel - A great lyrical tale about horrible
                                         things happening all of the time! This teenage mom is
                                         really on her own, raising Stacie and getting help from
                                         her friend and room-mate: Debbie. At seventeen, she
                                         doesn‘t know what she wants to do, only that she‘s
                   Amazing True Story    constantly told: you made your bed, you lie in it!
                   of a Teenage Single   Spend some time with her as she spends time making
Arnoldi, Katherine Mom, The              dreams and struggles to realize them.                   review     Ash
Asher, Neal L,
1961-              Gridlinked                                                                               Ash
Amelia             Falcondance                                                                              Ash
Amelia             Hawksong                                                                                 Ash
Amelia             Snakecharm                                                                               Ash
Amelia             Wolfcry                                                                                  Ash
Amelia             Wyvernhail                                                                               Ash

                                         Asta's son becomes orphaned in the first chapter, and
                                         turns to the local priest for help. In the 1300's and the
                                         reign of King Edward, this was natural. What isn't
                                         natural is the local Lord's (Furnival) man claiming
                                         Asta's son as a "wolf-head." Anyone could kill him for
                                         a lot of money! Asta runs for his freedom - finding the
                                         idea of freedom fascinating in a land of serfs and extra
                                         taxes. On the run, he finds a dancing, juggling friend,
                                         and his real name: Crispin. The question is: will he
                                         ever run to freedom? Or must he first run back to the
                                         reign that holds him captive. Join Crispin as he finds
                                         out who he is, who he can trust, and where he must
Avi Crispin       Cross of Lead, The     go.                                                       review   Ash
Baldacci, David   Saving Faith                                                                              Ash
                                           What I love most about Baldacci's writing is done best
                                           in Total Control. He creates believable characters and
                                           situations and twists them just a little - enough to be
                                           scary and exciting. What's best is the fact that what
                                           puts you on the edge of your seat is typically
                                           something mundane, something you've done a
                                           number of times and not thought twice about.
                                           Stepped out of a store onto a sidewalk and almost
                                           bumped into someone lately? Saved an email to your
                                           desktop? It's a simple as that: you're hooked into a
                                           web of intrigue and suspense that is believable and
Baldacci, David   Total Control        694 captivating - wait'll you find out who-done-it.         review   Ash
                  Minion : a vampire
Banks, L A        huntress legend                                                                           Ash
Barr, Nevada      Ill wind                                                                                  Ash
Baxter, Stephen Exultant                                                                                    Ash
Bear, Greg, 1951- Darwin's radio                                                                            Ash
                                   You know how there's tons of stories about "girl gets
                                   pregnant, has baby, ruins life, but loves the kid
                                   anyway?" Well, this is not one of those. This is more
                                   like a girl gets pregnant, wigs out, leaves town and her
                                   kid kind of book. See, the book is about Max , the
                                   baby, and Max's father, Sam. Sam's a senior in high
                                   school, living with his dad, and trying to prove to
                                   everyone, espeically himself, that he can be a dad.
                                   And go to school. And take care of his son.
                                   At least the school has a built-in day care, where he
                                   can drop Max off while he takes his classes. But it's
                                   still tough. He tells you what it's really like: "Max didn‘t
                                   fall asleep again until 11:00. The list above my desk
                                   reads: Get Max to sleep by 9:00. Right under 'drink out
                                   of a cup' and 'nap schedule.' I'm so tired I don't even
                                   remember what nap schedule meant."
                                   Max wakes up at 5:30 every morning, so Sam doesn't
                                   need an alarm clock anymore. No. What he needs is
                                   more sleep - he was up until 1:00 trying to write his
                                   English paper, but only got a paragraph written.
                                   He's behind on homework, behind on sleep, behind on
                                   everything. And it gets worse - because you see, Sam
Bechard,                           is trying to do the right thing. He's trying to prove to
Margaret   Hanging on to Max       everyone he can be a good father, take care of his           booktalk Ash

                                   This first person narrative by Sam, a high school
                                   student, tells of his junior year raising Max, his baby,
                                   with the help of his Dad, the school's Day Care
                                   Center, and his Aunt. Brittany, Max's mom, has
                                   moved to Boise - to start over. The tone of this book
                                   is great - hitting on both the struggles and rewards of
                                   being a teenage Dad. The ending was fantastic - and
                                   well done. The book provides insight, and closure, for
Bechard,                           both the reader and Sam - a character I came to like
Margaret   Hanging On To Max   205 and respect as the story unfolded.                       review     Ash
                                       Max and his three friends - the Grey Griffins - often
                                       end up at Iver's Shoppe of Antiquities to play Round
                                       Table. It's an elite game, and only a few were made.
                                       As RPGs go (role-playing games) it's pretty fun. And
                                       pretty predictable. There are goblins and monsters
                                       and bad guys. There are secrets and mysteries and
                                       lots of other fun stuff - and Max, Ernie, Harley, and
                                       Natalia enjoy the game immensely. At least, until it
                                       starts getting far too real - and the monsters and other
                                       evil characters start appearing for real in their small
                                       town of Avalon. There's wind and rain and Slayers
                                       who are very tough to beat, even with the right cards
                                       and roll of the die, but in real life? It's almost
Benz, Derek and Revenge of the         impossible! If the Grey Griffins can't find a ay, though,
Lewis, J.S.     Shadow King, The   369 it won't just be the end of Avalon - but the whole world. booktalk Ash
                Daughter of the
Berg, Carol     Ancients                                                                                 Ash
                Guardians of the
Berg, Carol     keep                                                                                     Ash
Berg, Carol     Son of Avonar                                                                            Ash
Berg, Carol     The soul weaver                                                                          Ash
Berry, Steve,
1955-           The Amber Room                                                                           Ash
Bird, Isobel    Merry meet                                                                               Ash
Bird, Isobel    Second sight                                                                             Ash
                                     Charmed meets the craft on a very friendly level!
                                     Sophomore Kate hangs out with her friends at school
                                     and dreams of a day when Scott, the hottest football
                                     player, notices her. Jessica, Terri, and Sherrie tease
                                     her about it a lot. It‘s Monday and her history project
                                     topic is due - and she has no idea what she‘s going to
                                     do it. Her teacher helps out by providing topics - and
                                     Kate is stuck with witchcraft persecutions.
                                     This begins Kate‘s journey into the study of witchcraft.
                                     After picking her books up at the library, she finds she
                                     grabbed one about casting spells - and decides to try
                                     it. But nothing goes as plans…even though the spell
                                     works! Kate is suddenly overwhelmed, possibly losing
                                     her friends, but maybe gaining new ones as she tries
                                     to fix the disaster she created.
Bird, Isobel   So mote it be                                                                    review   Ash
Bird, Isobel   What the cards said                                                                       Ash
               Ironside : a modern
Black, Holly   faery's tale                                                                              Ash
                                      Meet Kay:
                                      She takes a drag off another cigarette and tosses the
                                      butt into her mother's beer bottle on the bar. Her mom
                                      was still up on stage breaking down the band's
                                      equipment. Kaye figured if her mom swallowed the
                                      butt when she finished her beer, she'd be pretty drunk.
                                      Kay drank her milk, and when her mother took a swig
                                      of beer, spitting it out, Kaye couldn't help laughing.
                                      Meet Kaye:
                                      Still in Philadelphia, where her imaginary friends from
                                      six years ago never show up, where her real friend,
                                      now, takes her to a party in an abandoned warehouse.
                                      Kaye finds a carousel, broken and hidden behind tons
                                      of junk, and sets one of the horses upright on its three
                                      remaining legs. She stands on it, pretending to ride,
                                      and soon she can feel it, the horse breathing steam,
                                      the wind in her hair...
                                      "Kaye?" she hears a whisper from the door and
                                      returns to the planet. "I saw...you just...what did you
                                      Meet Kaye, meeting a faerie:
                                      He was bleeding to death, an arrow sticking out of his
                                      chest. She helped him tug the arrow free and ran, with
                                      a leaf, to the water's edge, commanding a impossible
               Tithe : a modern       creature to come save this guy's life. "Roiben of the
Black, Holly   faerie tale        331 Unseelie Court needs your help." Little did Kaye know booktalk Ash
                                          Val's boyfriend is late. He's supposed to be picking her
                                          up to go to a game at the garden, but he's late. She
                                          leaves a message on his phone. "I'm going to catch
                                          the train - we'll meet up at the garden."
                                          Her mom tells her she should just wait, but Val
                                          doesn't. Halfway to the train station, Val realizes the
                                          tickets for the game are back at the house. She goes
                                          back and finds her mother - and her boyfriend, on the
                                          couch. Making out. Ew.
                                          Val runs away to New York, where there are no
                                          backstabbing moms, no cheating boyfriends. It's a
                                          different life, squatting in the subway station.
                                          Things are happening in this city - eerie things that
                                          smell of death. When Vale is talked into finding one of
                 Valiant : a modern       the eerie things, she's terrified. When she does find it -
Black, Holly     faerie tale          313 well, that's when things start to get really weird.        booktalk Ash
Block, Francesca
Lia              Violet & Claire                                                                             Ash
                                           Can you change your destiny? Can you trick a
                                           computer that determines the fate of everyone on the
                                           planet? Everyone...
                                            Instead of studying for his end-of-year exams, Linus
                                           worries about questions like this. At fourteen, he is
                                           supposed to be studying for The Exam. At fourteen,
                                           everyone is tested by The Great Processor and placed
                                           in realm one, two or three depending on their scores.
                                            Linus lives in realm 1, the best realm to live in. He's
                                           made a virtual friend in realm 2: Yosh. Yosh had a
                                           brain lesion when he was young. The doctors said
                                           he‘d be mentally retarded if he recovered. Linus thinks
                                           if Yosh were in Realm 1, with a supporting family and
                                           all the best of everything, he‘d do as well as Linus
                                           does - that Yosh could pass the test if he‘d had all the
                                           breaks Linus did growing up in Realm 1. So Linus
                                           does what any good friend would do - he plans an
                                           illegal visit to realm 2. No one goes between realms,
                                           but Linus and his best friend Chem find ways around
                                           all of the blocks.
                                           Meeting Yosh in person is a surprise, he's different
                                           from the friend online, he gets jittery really easy and
                                           Linus finds himself having to calm Yosh down. A Lot.
                                           But that's what friends are for - and as their friendship
                                           grows, so does Linus' desire to trade places with Yosh
Bondoux, Anne-     Destiny of Linus        - and live in realm 2, while giving his friend a chance
Laure              Hoppe, The              at the luxuries and good medical care of realm 1.         booktalk Ash
Bondoux, Anne-     The second life of
Laure              Linus Hoppe                                                                               Ash
Bova, Ben, 1932-   Death dream                                                                               Ash
Bova, Ben, 1932-   Jupiter                                                                                   Ash
Bova, Ben, 1932-   Moonrise                                                                                  Ash
Bova, Ben, 1932-   Peacekeepers                                                                              Ash
Bova, Ben, 1932-   Venus                                                                                     Ash

Boyd, Donna        The passion : a novel                                                                     Ash
                                     Jack Grammar would never try to fondle your butt
                                     during a slow dance,
                                     Jack Grammar is a gentleman, owns his own tux,
                                     And has superb taste in corsages.
                                     Jack Grammar is looking for a prom date. Could it be
                                     E-mail MyNewPromDate@yahoo.com

                                     Jack learns about this post at work, and sends an
                                     email right away:

                                     Dear MyNewPromDate@yahoo.com
                                     It is with deep gratitude that I thank you, benevolent
                                     and anonymous benefactor, for the intelligent and
                                     human personal ad, which I‘m sure will prove to be a
                                     pivotal event in the narrative of my maturation.
                                     Your humble servant, Jack Grammar
                                     P.S. I will poke your eyes out with a coat hangar.

                                     Natalie, Percy, and Jack have been friends forever,
                                     and while it's true that Natalie and Percy are always
                                     making fun of Jack's love life - or lack thereof, Jack
                                     can't believe they did this to him. It's bad enough he
                                     doesn't have a date for the prom, a week from now,
                                     without being humiliated. But now, he has an even
                                     bigger problem. Too many people responded to the
                                     ad, and even with Natalie and Percy narrowing the list
Bradley, Alex   24 girls in 7 days   down, Jack finds out he has to date 24 girls in 7 days booktalk Ash
                                            This is the first of these books that I've read, number
                                            25 in a seemingly never-ending series, and I'm
                                            amazed that anyone can be captivated enough by kitty-
                                            drivel and a faslely Utopian town 400 miles north of
                                            anywhere to read a second book! That said, the
                                            dialog was okay, the cats, while seemingly playing a
                                            role important to the story, were not well enough
                                            defined to make cat-owners happy, and the main
                                            character, Quill, enjoyed the benevolent benefactor
                                            role far too much to be a saint: more like a nice, but
                                            non-the-less, power-broker of local art and stores.
                                            The base-line of this story is a mystery - which is
                                            never actually discussed - but shows up a bit mid-way
                                            (someone's birds are missing!) and ends in death,
                                            and, finally, the resolution of the barely seen mystery.
                  Cat Who Brought           The characters are flat, the dialog okay, and the plot in
Braun, L J        down the House, The       need of a lot more thought.                               review   Ash

                                            Book one of the Faerie War Chronicles introduces you
                                            to Henry - a young teenager who works odd jobs for
                                            an old man named Fogarty. On that fateful day, Henry
                                            gets up to his parents fighting. A cold, icy silence
                                            surrounds the usually peaceful breakfast, and as
                                            Henry's dad is driving him to school, he asks: are you
                                            having an affair with Anais? (Anais is his dad's
                                            secretary, young and pretty). His dad finally responds:
                                            no. I'm not, but your mother is.
                                            As if this isn't enough to shake up his world, he gets to
                                            Mr. Fogarty's house after school and is cleaning out
                                            the shed when the cat catches a butterfly. But it's not a
                                            butterfly, it's a faerie - with wings and everything.
                                            Henry quickly finds himself crossing worlds, meeting
                                            Princes, and becoming involved in an ages old Faerie
                                            war between Faeries of the Light and Faeries of the
                                            This is a fun, quirky romp through a fantasy, mixed
Brennan, Herbie   Faerie Wars           368 with science fiction, mixed with a bit of humor!          review   Ash
                                            Henry continues to worry about his life at home (his
                                            mom and dad have agreed to separate and his sister
                                            continues to be cruel and tell all of his secrets), and
                                            his life in the Faerie world gets more and more
                                            dangerous in book two of the Faerie War Chronicles.
                                            Pyrgus (the Prince) and his sister Blue must find out
                                            what Lord Hairstreak (the unofficial leader of the
                                            Faeries of the Night) is up to. All they know so far is it
                                            involves the Royal Household - and not in a good way.
                                            Instead, in a someone-will-die-kind-of-way. Portals
                                            crossing worlds, demons from Hael, and a battle
Brennan, Herbie   Purple Emperor, The   431 between good and evil has never been so much fun! booktalk Ash

                                            Henry's losing it. No, really. He thinks he's losing his
                                            mind. It must be the stress, he decides. His dad living
                                            with some young girlfriend who's not much older than
                                            he is. His mom having an affair with his dad's
                                            secretary. Um, a girl. Yeah. So - his mom's a lesbian,
                                            his dad's moved out and a divorce is on the way.
                                            He talks to his friend Charlie about it - she's the only
                                            one he talks to about it. It's too horrible to talk about.
                                            She's not sure who will get custody of Henry and his
                                            sister, either, though. She is worried about him, if that
                                            But it doesn't. He's pretty much convinced himself that
                                            everything he remembers - the "other world" and
                                            faeries and emperors - was a dream. A great, fantastic
                                            dream that his crazy mind made up to avoid the stress
                                            of his real life. You know - the one where his mom's a
                                            lesbian and his dad's shacking up with some young
                                            chick? Yeah. That life.
                                            Henry's walking home from Charlie's, he just missed
                                            the last bus and his mom wouldn't pick him up, when a
                                            passing car comes behind him. But it's not a passing
                                            car - it's a UFO!
Brennan, Herbie   Ruler of the Realm    423 Oh great,                                                  booktalk Ash
                                           The photos and images captured in this book are
                                           astounding. Intuit and Navajo voices join Galway
                                           Kinnell as they talk about North America. Each major
                                           continent is covered in these pages. The poems
                                           range as much as the topics covered: frees verse,
                                           rhymed, metered verse. An oil on canvas, done by
                                           Max Beckmann in 1949 (―The Beginning‖) is a perfect
                                           adornment for Rainer Maria Rilke‘s poem: Childhood
                                           Dreams. In the section covering the Asian continent,
                                           the Epic of Gilgamesh rests next to one stanza (taken
                                           from the 1000 line Rubaiyat). Students will enjoy the
                 Voices: Poetry and        colorful photos and art on each page, enjoy the
                 Art From Around the       shortness of the poems, and maybe even gain a
Brenner, Barbara World                     sense of other cultures!                              review     Ash

                                           Mercy's vampire friend Stefan needs her help to
                                           deliver a message to a new vampire in town. He
                                           knows there's something different about this one, but
                                           not the truth...yet. What he doesn't know could harm
                                           Mercy, or even kill her. She's afraid of vampires, sure,
                                           like everyone - that's common sense. What she and
                                           Stefan don't know though is that this new vampire is
                                           alos being ridden by demon - and no one goes up
Briggs, Patricia   Blood Bound         292 against those...and survives.                            booktalk Ash
                                     Book Two of the Mercedes Thompson novels
                                     introduces Mercy to the vampire world - more than she
                                     would ever want to be. Her vampire friend Stefan
                                     needs her help to deliver a message to a new vampire
                                     in town. He knows there's something different about
                                     this one, but not the truth...yet. What he doesn't know
                                     could harm Mercy, or even kill her. She's afraid of
                                     vampires, sure, like everyone - that's common sense.
                                     What she and Stefan don't know though is that this
                                     new vampire is also being ridden by demon - and no
                                     one goes up against demons and survives.
                                     Briggs continues to captivate her audience with this
                                     strong female character and fantastical situations that
                                     are readily believable through great detail and even
                                     better dialog. The humor is contagious without being
                                     cheesy, the suspense captivating, and the people,
                                     animals, vampires and faeries all very warm and fuzzy
Briggs, Patricia   Blood Bound   292 - if they're meant to be.                               review   Ash

                                     Mercy has survived a run-in with the local werewolves,
                                     the local vampires, and even a demon - but just
                                     barely. She's still recovering from those wounds when
                                     Zee - the fae who sold her the auto shop where she
                                     fixes Volkswagons, asks for her help. It seems
                                     something is amiss in the fae reservation - and Zee
                                     thinks Mercy will be able to sniff it out.
                                     Mercy sniffs out more than she should though - and
                                     suddenly, the fae Grey Council not only knows she's
                                     alive, but that she has some immunity from magic and
                                     can turn coyote at will. The scariest part? A group of
                                     mystical magical and mostly very dangerous fae
                                     knowing who you are and not liking you is NOT the
Briggs, Patricia   Iron Kissed   287 worst or scariest part...                              booktalk Ash
                                     Briggs continues to ramp up reader interest in the
                                     paranormal with her Mercedes Thompson novels. By
                                     book three, Mercy has survived a run-in with the local
                                     werewolves, the local vampires, and even a demon -
                                     but just barely. She's still recovering from those
                                     wounds when Zee - the fae who sold her the auto
                                     shop where she fixes Volkswagons, asks for her help.
                                     It seems something is amiss in the fae reservation -
                                     and Zee thinks Mercy will be able to sniff it out. Mercy
                                     sniffs out more than she should though - and
                                     suddenly, the fae Grey Council not only knows she's
                                     alive, but that she has some immunity from magic and
                                     can turn coyote at will. The scariest part? A group of
                                     mystical magical and mostly very dangerous fae
                                     knowing who you are and not liking you is NOT the
                                     worst or scariest part...
                                     This series engages the reader, finally gives us a
                                     female protagonist who's more than a bit realistic, and
                                     provides just the right blend of suspense, intrigue,
                                     drama, libido, and mechanics. Yes. Mechanics. Mercy
Briggs, Patricia   Iron Kissed   287 does fix cars, after all.                                review   Ash
                                     Mercedes (who fixes VW's at the auto-repair shop she
                                     owns) finds a stanger on the step and offers him a job.
                                     She figures he's a new werewolf, maybe doesn't even
                                     know what he is. He has that new-made smell. And
                                     Mercy can smell…smell the gremlin who sold the shop
                                     to her and the werewolves who live next door
                                     (especially the Alpha Adam). She can't smell Stefan,
                                     local vampire who's left his van in her shop to get
                                     fixed. He just appears sometimes.
                                     Like the lone human/werewolf who showed up on her
                                     steps - alone. Most wolves run in a pack. ALL new
                                     wolves needed a pack to help them get through the
                                     change, learn to adapt to the differences in their
                                     bodies when the full moon hit. No new wolf could
                                     control itself during the full-moon. It took an Alpha to
                                     ensure the safety of the new wolf - and of the people
                                     around it. Mercy wasn't an Alpha, heck, she wasn't
                                     even a werewolf...what she was was something else
Briggs, Patricia   Moon Called   288 entirely.                                                booktalk Ash

                                     Briggs has hit the perfect tone of strong, competent
                                     female with a female side. Mercy, the main character
                                     in the series, is owner of the local auto shop and
                                     mechanic for (mostly) Volkswagon cars. She also tries
                                     to fix (or save) people. Especially ones who show up
                                     on her doorstep smelling of newly changed werewolf
                                     and looking guant and hungry.
                                     Mercedes Thompson leads a quiet life, surrounded by
                                     werewolves, vampires and fae - like the gremlin who
                                     sold her the shop. All that changes when the lone wolf
                                     shows up - and suddenly, Mercy is fighting more than
                                     just a new wolf - she might have to take on the local
                                     werewolves, the vampires, and let's not forget the fae -
Briggs, Patricia   Moon Called   288 the gremlin who sold her the shop.                       review   Ash
                                        I grew up in New Hampshire. It's pretty. There are still
                                        places where you can walk for three days without
                                        seeing another living soul. The woods, the mountains,
                                        lakes, streams, are everywhere. And in the winter? It's
                                        cold. I mean COLD. In February you can walk outside
                                        and feel your nose hairs freeze together!
                                        This is the time of year, and the place, where a Navy
                                        Seal team decides to train, practicing against a private
                                        security company (mostly made up of ex-Navy Seals).
                                        It's cold. It's snowing. Another blizzard is on the radar
                                        and the snow is already falling faster.
                                        Tracy, the new receptionist at Troubleshooter's Inc.,
                                        plays the hostage in this game of practice. But
                                        something goes wrong. Tracy disappears and the
                                        Seals and Troubleshooters team up with the FBI to
                                        find her. The FBI is already in the area, searching for a
                                        serial killer. When they find the body of a woman
                                        wearing Tracy's jacket, the know the worst has
                                        happened. Tracy is now a real hostage, in the hands
                                        of a dangerous killer.
                                        But it does get worse, the blizzard sets a recod and
Brockman,                               time is against them. The teams must fight the cold,
Suzanne      Into the Storm         374 and time, or Tracy is lost.                               booktalk Ash
Suzanne      Bodyguard                                                                                    Ash
Brockmann,   Breaking point : a
Suzanne      novel                                                                                        Ash
Suzanne      Flashpoint                                                                                   Ash
Suzanne      Hot target : a novel                                                                         Ash
                                 Okay - his name is Martyn. Martyn Pig.
                                 Martyn with a Y, Pig with an I and one G.
                                 Martyn Pig.
                                 It doesn't bother him anymore. He's used to it! But
                                 there was a time when nothing else seemed to matter.
                                 His name made his life unbearable. Martyn Pig. Why?
                                 Why did he have to put up with that?
                                 It doesn't matter anymore. It used to make his life
                                 unbearable, the sniggers, the snorts, the never-ending
                                 pig jokes, day in, day out, over and over again.
                                 Martyn had to worry about everything. Every time he
                                 had to tell someone his name, he'd start to feel ill.
                                 Physically ill. Sweaty hands, the shakes, bellyache. He
                                 lived for years with the constant dread of having to
                                 announce himself.
                                 Martyn blames his Dad. After all, it was his Dad's
                                 name first. His Dad doesn't have much to say about it,
                                 in fact, his Dad hardly says anything at all anymore -
                                 he's too drunk to talk most of the time.
                                 Here's what Martyn has to say about his Dad:
                                  Did I hate him? He was a drunken slob and he treated
                                 me like dirt. What do you think? Of course I hated him.
                                 You would have hated him, too if you‘d ever met him.
                                 God knows why Mom ever married him. Probably for
                                 the same reason that Alex went out with Dean. Some
Brooks, Kevin   Martyn Pig   230 kind of mental short circuit somewhere. Yeah I hated booktalk Ash

                                 Aeriel and Eoduin pick flowers for the wedding in the
                                 village. The only place to find them is high on the
                                 hillside, where Aeriel believes the icari fly to find prey.
                                 Eoduin doesn't believe Aeriel, or the crazy bedtime
                                 tales the old ladies in the village tell, but it is Eoduin
                                 that the icarus takes, flying in and carrying her off.
                                 Aeriel swears she will avenge her mistress, her friend,
                                 and sets off on a great adventure, seeking her destiny.
                                 She finds the icarus, his past twelve wives, and
                                 gargoyles that try to eat her. Can she manage her
                                 revenge on the icarus when all she wants is to be near
                                 him, drawn to him and the gaze that lures her in and
                                 puts in her thrall? Or will she too, become wraith, like
Brooks, Meredith Ann Angel
                  Dark       238 his past wives?                                             booktalk Ash
                                         Brooks manages to create an intriguing new look at
                                         vampyres and myths with Dark Angel, the first in a
                                         trilogy. This is no mean feat in today's overabundance
                                         of new vampire lore. In a world where icari are feared
                                         as bedtime tales and slaves are sold at market, Aeriel
                                         finds her place as servant to her mistress Eoduin.
                                         Together, they pick wedding flowers on the high
                                         slopes outside of the village, and it is here the tale
                                         really begins - when an icari flies in to carry off Eoduin.
                                         Aeriel, friend to her mistress, fears her dead - and
                                         seeks revenge on the famed icarus.Her quest is
                                         replete with adventure, friendship and foes, and a
                                         dawning sense of self. A fantastic foray into fable
Brooks, Meredith Ann Angel
                  Dark               238 meets fiction.                                              review   Ash
Brown, Dan        Angels & Demons                                                                             Ash

                                         Robert Langdon is a symbologist - studying symbols
                                         and their interpretations throughout history. After an
                                         old man is murdered at the Louvre, Robert (who
                                         happens to be in Paris) is asked to look at the crime
                                         scene. Hus begins a twisted tale of secret societies,
                                         ancient secrets and a quest for an ancient artifact.
                                         The twisting and turning plot keeps you enthralled and
                                         guessing until the very end - and a suprising
                                         conclusion. It's a bit scary how easily believable all of
                                         the intrigue is in this book - you might wonder if there
Brown, Dan       DaVinci Code, The   454 ARE things like this going on all around you!             review     Ash
Brown, Dan       Deception Point                                                                              Ash
Brown, Dan       Digital Fortress                                                                             Ash
Brown, Sandra,
1948-            Chill factor                                                                                 Ash
Brown, Sandra,
1948-            Envy                                                                                         Ash
Brown, Sandra,
1948-            Honor bound                                                                                  Ash
Brown, Sandra,
1948-            The alibi                                                                                    Ash
                                             You‘ve heard of Batman, right? Drops from out of
                                             nowhere and saves the day? Beats up on skels and
                                             leaves them hanging unconscious from a street sign?
                                             Big damn hero, that guy.
                                              Detective Marcus Driver works in the Major Crimes
                                             Unit of the Gotham City Police Department, and he‘d
                                             less-than-respectfully disagree. See, who do you
                                             think has to clean up after the Dark Knight does his
                                             dramatic swooping and beating up? Who do you think
                                             has to pay attention when they‘re cutting down the
                                             criminal from the street sign and he is whining about
                                             his rights?
                                              Batman doesn‘t seem to get that there is this little tiny
                                             thing called procedure and these other little things
                                             called laws, and while he seems to bend and break
                                             them as he sees fit, he isn‘t the one who has to put the
                                             bad guys away – if they don‘t walk on technicality.
                                             Batman is a walking technicality.
                                              Which is why they can‘t turn on that Bat signal
                                             themselves. If GCPD even touches the thing they are
                                             stating that they endorse his methods and work in
                                             cooperation with him – instant admission that the
                                             system doesn‘t work, and an automatic get-out-of-jail-
                                             free card.
                                              If Driver had his way he would toss the signal right off
                                             the roof. He believes that it is demoralizing, and that
                                             the GCPD doesn‘t need Batman. But he also knows
Brubaker, Ed, et   Gotham Central (Vol.      deep down that this is Gotham, and in Gotham it isn‘t
al                 1): In the Line of Duty   NYPD Blue, where all of the skels are regular people: booktalk kelly sundin
                                       M'chel was good - she'd even gotten a spoiled brat out
                                       of a highly guarded room. Unfortunately, the mother's
                                       payment hadn't cleared, so now M'chel sat starring at
                                       a croissant in a busy café, waiting for her next job. The
                                       courier job's a no show - but Baldur, another ex-
                                       soldier - sits down, buys her breakfast, and offers her
                                       a job: as partner for Star Risk Ltd. Together, they
                                       recruit a few other oddball misfits, and soon their
                                       company's complete.
                                       Now, all they need is a job.
                                       What they get might be more than they can handle,
                                       though: to spring a dangerous prisoner from a
                                       maximum security cell. Why should they take on such
                                       an insane mission with all the odds stacked against
                                       them? Money, fame, glory....but mostly the money.
Bunch, Chris      Star risk, Ltd       Yup. Definitely the money.                                booktalk Ash
                                       Val Volson owns half of London. Of course, it's not
                                       necessarily a London anyone would want anymore,
                                       but half of it's his. The other half belongs to Conor -
                                       another dangerous warlord in this future of half-
                                       humans surrounding an abandoned city with little
                                       remaining technology. There is poverty, starvation,
                                       and of course, gang wars.
                                       Siggy and Signy, twins, follow their father Val around
                                       the city and find ways in and out of buildings. What Val
                                       doesn't know is that they also rob the rich, finding
                                       excitement in the thrill of the hunt. It's not like they
                                       need to steal, Val is the richest man in London (or
                                       maybe Conor is), but Siggy and Signy enjoy it, or did,
                                       until it became too routine.
                                       The routine is about to change, though, as Val
                                       announces that his dream of a United London, united
                                       against the half-humans that totally encircle their city,
                                       is about to happen. He is giving his daughter, Signy, to
                                       Conor, as a gesture of peace, a movement toward
                                       uniting two warring gangs into one harmonious group
                                       that can take on the half-humans and fight their way to
                                       other cities, where technology might still be working.
                                       Signy is horrified that her father has arranged this
                                       marriage, but knows she must go along with it. Siggy
Burgess, Melvin   Bloodtide        416 can't believe his sister is agreeing to this - but he     booktalk Ash
Burnham, Niki   Royally jacked                                                                                 Ash

                                           Think Matthew Reilly (espionage/adventure author)
                                           meets Holly Black (real-world meets Fae author) to get
                                           a sense of the Dresden Files. Harry Dresden, wizard
                                           in Chicago (and listed in the Yellow Pages) continues
                                           to 'do-good' and get wrapped up in mysterious
                                           incidents that typically involve demons, the Summer or
                                           Winter Court of the Fae or other icky things that bode
                                           evil for mankind. Harry, unstoppable as Clint
                                           Eastwood in any Dirty Harry flick, pushes the edge
                                           with his smart mouth, and comes out kicking in most
                                           situations. But this latest one, involving phobophages
                Proven Guilty: A           (evil beings that feed on fear) and the family of one of
                Novel of the Dresden       his best friends (who he's been avoiding lately, but
Butcher, Jim    Files                  489 that's another story), might just be too much for him.   review     Ash

                                           Chicago's a tough town, needs tough police, and
                                           maybe even a wizard thrown in to make sure the dark
                                           doesn't take over. Harry Dresden is the man with a
                                           plan - or at least enough attitude and magic - to make
                                           sure that spooky things don't take over the city, or at
                                           least any of his friends. It doesn't help that Harry has
                                           the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head (let's
                                           just say earlier in his past, he was a bit of a rebel) and
                                           any magical mis-steps he makes could bring the wrath
                                           of the White Council down on his head.
                                           But Harry will be forced to use magic, and maybe
                                           even deadly force, to find and counter the black magic
                                           that's started up in Chicago. If the White Council
                                           doesn't get him, if the Sword of Damocles doesn't get
                                           him, then he only has to worry about a wizard or dark
                                           being who can do much stronger magic than he can.
                                           Butcher creates a credible city and realistic
                Storm Front: Book          supernatural world in this first of the Dresden File
                One of the Dresden         series. An excellent blending where CSI meets
Butcher, Jim    Files                  322 wizards with wands.                                        review   Ash
                                          Harry's at it again, or rather, the White Council, the
                                          Summer and Winter Queens of the Fae and the
                                          Vampiric Red Council are at it again - and Harry's just
                                          caught in the cross-fire. It all begins innocently enough
                                          - with the accidental death of a seemingly human
                                          artist. Of course, he wasn't human - he was the
                                          Summer Knight, and it wasn't accidental - it was
                                          murder. And Harry? He's just been asked by the
                                          Winter Queen to 'look into it.'
                                          What starts as a simple investigation quickly escalates
                                          to something much more, well, dangerous - especially
                                          to Harry. But he knows the stakes, and is willing to
                                          take them. The White Council is against him, the
               Summer Knight: a           Faeiries, as always, have their own agenda, and
               novel of the Dresden       Harry? He's just looking to stay alive while saving any
Butcher, Jim   Files                  322 damsels in distress.                                      review   Ash
                                          In Book 9 of the Desden File novels, Butcher again
                                          takes us on a wild ride with Harry Dresden, the only
                                          Wizard listed in the Yellow Pages in New York city. In
                                          between saving damsels in distress and angering the
                                          ruling White Council of Wizards, Harry tries to solve
                                          crimes of the 'supernatural' type and make enough
                                          money to pay rent. This time, it's personal - someone
                                          out there is murdering Chicago's magic practitioners,
                                          the ones who don't have enough power to defend
                                          Things get even more confusing when all clues point
                                          to Thomas - Harry's brother. Harry knows it can't be
                                          Thomas, but as a good investigator, he can't ignore
                                          the clues, either. That doesn't mean he won't try, in his
Butcher, Jim   White Night            455 typical                                                   review   Ash
                                   In book 3 of the Weather Warden series, Joanne
                                   heasd south - to Vegas. There's something bad there -
                                   strong and bad - maybe even the strongest Djinn ever.
                                   And he's got a teenager with him - Kevin. Kevin who
                                   did not have the nicest family life growing up (here's
                                   another one who's not on speaking terms with
                                   normal!); Kevin who does not take orders well, Kevin
                                   who would love the power to play out sick and twisted
                                   fantasies. Well, Jo figures she can handle it, she's
                                   been killed already, reborn, come back to 'real life'
                                   from being a Djinn and thinks she's pretty much ready
                                   for anything these two can throw at her. Well, at least
                                   she thought so - until she realized, in Vegas? there's a
                                   whole new set of rules - and if Jo doesn't learn them
                                   fast enough, she might not live long enough to play
Caine, Rachel   Chill Factor   338 the game.                                                review    Ash

                                   Another fantastic segment of the Weather Warden
                                   series. Jo and Cherise are hurtling northward,
                                   escaping Florida, and attempting to hook up with the
                                   remaining Wardens in New York. The weather itself is
                                   in the way and trying to stop any headway they make.
                                   As if that wasn't enough, some of the Djinn are also
                                   trying to stop them - permanently - while others of the
                                   Djinn continue to keep a watchful and helpful eye on
                                   In addition, Jo's day-old daughter, Ismara, is sitting in
                                   the backseat with teen-sullen looks and arguments for
                                   anything her mom asks her to do.
                                   As if this wasn't enough on the plate - the Mother is
                                   starting to awake. And she's pretty pissed off. Okay,
                                   really pissed off. As in, shake it off like a wet dog and
                                   let someone else sort it out or pick up the pieces (or
                                   bury the dead). It's not nice to fool with Mother Earth -
                                   and humans have been fooling with her a long, long
                                   time. The question is - how will Mother feel about
                                   THAT when she wakes up? Another fun book, (book
Caine, Rachel   Firestorm      294 5) in the Weather Warden series.                          review   Ash
                                  In book 2 of the Weather Warden series, Joanne
                                  Baldwin figures life can't get much worse. I mean,
                                  she's been killed. She gets reborn as a Djinn, with
                                  tons of power, and can't even figure out how to drive.
                                  She takes a breath, and realize she doesn't even need
                                  to breathe. Her friend Dave keeps telling her to focus
                                  and she plans on how she'll always look great once
                                  she's got this whole power/Djinn thing figured out.
                                  She and Dave are driving - toward danger of course,
                                  and she realizes she doesn't need sleep anymore,
                                  and the car doesn't need gas. When she decides to
                                  go to her own funeral, Dave tries to talk her out of it,
                                  claiming it's too dangerous. As if that would stop her -
                                  everything she's done since she was born has been
                                  too dangerous - and look where it got her? Outright
                                  Dead as a Doornail but now with power she is only
                                  beginning to fathom. What could possibly go wrong at
                                  a funeral? Um. Right. A funeral for a Warden, with a
                                  bunch of wardens in attendance, with their own Djinn
                                  hanging out and about. On second thought - what
Caine, Rachel   Heat stroke   352 couldn't go wrong?                                         Ash
                               Joanne Baldwin, Weather Warden, has never been on
                               a first name basis with "Normal." Actually, they've
                               never even been on speaking terms…so it was a little
                               optimistic of her to think that getting to Connecticut
                               would make everything okay, bring everything back to
                               normal. She should have known better.
                               Only 30 hours earlier, she'd been in Florida, where
                               she'd broken a cardinal rule - not only of the Wardens
                               (who possessed powers and Djinn to control the
                               natural forces of the earth and avoid catastrophes),
                               but of the police. She killed someone. Worse, she
                               killed a Warden. Even worse, the reason she killed
                               him, the Demon Mark that was spreading its
                               corruption through her body - had jumped ship...into
                               Caine begins a fun, fantastic voyage through a world
                               where the elements have gone haywire, and Joanne
                               Baldwin, Weather Warden (well, maybe not for long...)
                               is hell bent on setting things right. What's even better,
                               is that she'll damn well look good while she's doing it -
                               and drive a fast car. A nice fast car. With shoes that
                               sometimes match the paint job (well, okay, she's not
                               that much of a fashion queen, but close!). This first
Caine, Rachel   Ill wind   352 book of a series gets the reader engaged with the           Ash
                                         Jo continues in her Weather Warden adventures - but
                                         these latest are pushing her limits more than ever.
                                         When she wakes up freezing, cold, naked in the
                                         woods with absolutely no memory of who she is or
                                         why she's there - she knows she's in for a bit of
                                         trouble. Of course, trouble never looked so good as
                                         she meets David (her Djinn lover) and Lewis (her
                                         always friend, once lover, and Warden extraordinaire).
                                         She knows she has history between these two, she's
                                         just not sure what it is. She's not sure she's going to
                                         have time to find out either, as she gets swept away in
                                         events way beyond her control - but more frightening
                                         still - way beyond the control of the all-powerful Djinn.
                                         It's hard to tell who's friend or foe when you have no
                                         idea how you knew the person - and even if Jo had
                                         known them before, they could always be demon-
                                         marked and possessed and no longer friend but bitter,
                                         viscious enemy. Book six of the Weather Warden
                                         series continues to keep the reader riveted with the
Caine, Rachel    Thin Air            309 saga of the Wardens and Jo in particular.                 review   Ash
                                         In book 4 of the Weather Warden series, Joanne is
                                         back in the midst of chaos and literally - thunder
                                         lightning and killer winds. Her sister has moved in with
                                         her expensive habits and no husband any longer to
                                         support them. Not only that - but she hooks up with a
                                         real hottie fast....Joanne is still fighting off the
                                         exhaustion from letting her own boyfriend out of the
                                         bottle - he's draining her faster and faster everytime
                                         he's around...literally sucking the life force from her -
                                         and if he keeps it up - or she keeps needing to set him
                                         free from the bottle to save her butt - she won't have
                                         enough life force left save him, her love, or the
                                         Wardens, or pretty much all of the humans on the
                                         Another wild ride through a hurricane of activity - with
                                         Joanne riding shotgun in the passenger seat of a fast
                                         car and wondering what shoes would best serve their
                                         purpose as she continues to kick butt and take no
Caine, Rachel    Windfall            342 prisoners....if she can.                                           Ash
Canavan, Trudi   Last of the wilds                                                                          Ash
Canavan, Trudi    Priestess of the white                                                                           Ash
Canavan, Trudi    The high lord                                                                                    Ash
Canavan, Trudi    The magician's guild                                                                             Ash
Canavan, Trudi    The novice                                                                                       Ash

Card, Orson Scott Earthfall                                                                                        Ash

Card, Orson Scott Enchantment                                                                                      Ash

                                               Ender Wiggins - scrawny - computer geek - is called
                                               upon to save the world as one of the new breed of
                                               military fighters. The training is endless - and virtual -
                                               revolving around a video-game series that sets up the
                                               players in lose-lose positions against an irrascible
                                               enemy who WILL come and conquer the earth. All is
                                               at stake, but Ender and his friends continue to find
                                               ways to outflank and outmaneuver their video game
Card, Orson Scott Ender's Game             384 enemies. There's hope for the planet.                      review   Ash

Card, Orson Scott Red prophet                                                                                      Ash
                                               Ender tries to redeem himself in this second, and not
                                               as good, book in the Ender's Game set. After almost
                                               wiping out an entire species, he's got a lot of guilt.
                                               Can he overcome it? We're not sure - but it might be
                                               better for all around if you read the sparknotes and
                                               just moved on to the third (and much better!) book of
Card, Orson Scott Speaker for the Dead     382 this series.                                              review    Ash

Card, Orson Scott The call of Earth                                                                                Ash

Card, Orson Scott The memory of earth                                                                              Ash

Card, Orson Scott The ships of Earth                                                                               Ash
                                          Back to better writing and a fast-moving plot! Ender is
                                          still on a planet, attempting to save everyone and
                                          everything and get over his guilt (from the first book!)
                                          of wiping out most of a species! On this planet,
                                          Lusitania, there is one remaining Hive Queen, some
                                          killer and very mutative viruses (virii?) and a computer
                                          to laugh with! (or at). This is Card again at his best -
Card, Orson Scott Xenocide                and this book worth reading                              review    Ash
                  The sundering :
Carey,            Banewreaker ;
Jacqueline, 1964- Godslayer                                                                                   Ash
                                          It sucks being the one born at the wrong time. Or the
                                          right time, I guess depending on your point of view. Six
                                          hundred years ago, Merlin the Wizard made a
                                          prophecy: The 21st queen of Wilde Island will do three
                                          things. She shall redeem the name Pendragon. End
                                          war with the wave of her hand. And restore the glory of
                                          Wilde Island.
                                          Instead of feeling like a savior to her people, Rosalind,
                                          princess, feels trapped in a life that can't possibly be
                                          hers. First, she wears gloves. All the time. She must.
                                          Her mother also does, so that everyone thinks it's just
                                          a royal thing...since the Queen's doing it, it's okay.
                                          But it's not okay. Rosie knows that under that glove is
                                          the curse of her existence - the third finger not a finger
                                          at all but a claw, a dragon's claw.
                                          How the heck is she supposed to fulfill a prophecy if
                                          she can't even take off her gloves? How is she
                                          supposed to save an entire island if she can't ever
                                          have a friend her own age? Her mother thinks she'll
                                          tell a friend her terrible secret - the curse of the
                                          dragon's claw. But it's lonely, and it's hard. 21st
                                          nothing, Rosie thinks, but obeys until she can't stand it
Carey, Janet Lee Dragon's Keep        302 any longer. Then what? What will become of her, of         booktalk Ash
                 The eighth day : a
Case, John       novel                                                                                       Ash
Cast, P C        Divine by choice                                                                            Ash
Cast, P C        Divine by mistake                                                                           Ash
                            Zoey has made a few friends after her first year at
                            House of Night (where new kids at the school are
                            called third formers, then fourth, fifth and sixth). She's
                            also made some pretty powerful enemies, like
                            Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the leader of the Dark
                            Daughters until Zoey brought some of her bullying and
                            evil machinations to light and de-throned her in front of
                            the whole school. Until then, Aphrodite had been one
                            of Neferet's special students and in line to become a
                            High Priestess. All of that was over now.
                            Neferet chose Zoey as her fledgling, to mentor her
                            during her time at House of Night. Zoey could talk to
                            her mentor about anything, anything but the vision of
                            the dead girl she sees at the end of the wall, anything
                            but some of the emotions going through her - like the
                            one that comes up whenever she smells blood, or
                            about Erik, Aphrodite‘s ex-boyfriend, or so he claims.
                            Zoey, not yet vampire, no longer human, and marked
                            for special things, is a bit overwhelmed. And to top it
                            all off? The Dark Daughters, the group of bullies under
                            Aphrodite that Zoey had taken down? They needed a
Cast, P.C.   Betrayed   310 new leader and Zoey was it. Great...Zoey thinks, now I booktalk Ash
                            Zoey continues to adjust to life not only as a vampire,
                            but as a specially marked and chosen vampire. The
                            Goddess Nyx has filled in her Mark - the tattoo-like
                            coloring of the skin of the forehead, indicating
                            vampirism. Zoey has spoken to the Goddess and
                            realized she is Marked not only as a vampire, but also
                            as a special envoy of Nyx. In the first novel, she
                            confronts Aprhodite and takes over the role of leader
                            of the Dark Daughters, hoping to turn it from a bullyish
                            clique to a club the House of Night school can be
                            proud of.
                            But the Goddess warned Zoey - there's more than
                            meets the eye. The Goddess tells Zoey to believe in
                            herself but to remember: darkness does not always
                            equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.
                            P.C. Cast continues to excel in her portrayal of the
                            teen scene, vampirism as it would be in a finishing
                            school in Kansas, and the battles fought over good
                            and evil on a daily basis. This second of the House of
                            Night novels continues to captivate the reader with its
                            likeable (or not so) characters and the tensions it
                            creates in a world where vampires and humans live
Cast, P.C.   Betrayed   310 together.                                                 review   Ash
                      Having your birthday too close to Christmas sucks.
                      Zoey knows - her birthday is the 24th and forever,
                      she's had to deal with birthmas presents that mush
                      her birthday and christmas together. At the House of
                      Night, she loves her friends but is so not looking
                      forward to going to meet them. First, her BEST friend
                      is gone (not dead, just undead in a kind of sick way as
                      opposed to the healthy vampire way). Second, her
                      boyfriends (both of them!) are probably thinking she's
                      been a weepy mushy mess this past month. And third,
                      she opened the card from her mother, hoping finally
                      that her old mother of three years ago would be back,
                      but no - it's still the woman married to the evil step-
                      loser sending a christmas card with religious
                      overtones. Great.

                      After she opens all the smarmy presents from her
                      friends (nice, but snowmen and christmas trees??
                      Puhlease...), she opens one from Heath and he
                      includes a card letting her know he got her something
                      NOT christmas related because she hates that so
                      much. Her friends are appalled. Zoey is mortified. And
                      the year only goes downhill from there...
Cast, P.C.   Chosen                                                             booktalk Ash
                          Zoey's not feeling so good, but she goes to school
                          anyway. She's coughing every once in a while, and not
                          so happy that Heath, her almost ex-boyfriend, is still
                          acting like a drunken fool. Her day's about to get even
                          weirder, though, when a Tracker from the House of
                          Night comes up to her at her locker and Marks her.
                          The Mark means she has been chosen to be a
                          vampire and must immediately move into the House of
                          Night, with the others who've been chosen over the
                          years. Great, she thinks, how am I going to break this
                          to my mom and the step-loser of a husband she
                          married three years ago. Her mom is never on her
                          side anymore, never. It goes about as she figured it
                          would when she tells them, and as her mom and the
                          step-loser begin calling all of their church members to
                          come try and pray the mark away (as if that could
                          happen!), she sneaks out of her bedroom window,
                          starts her car, and drives over to her Grandma's
                          She doesn't find her Grandmother, who's probably out
                          in the flower fields finding herbs and flowers to
                          continue her Cherokee traditions and rituals, but she
                          finds herself talking to the Goddess Nyx. Nyx has
                          marked her, not only as a vampire, but as a special
Cast, P.C.   Marked   306 one, one that will be Nyx's eyes and ears in a world    booktalk Ash
                          P.C. Cast storms the young adult novel scene with her
                          first in the House of Night series. Picture "finishing
                          school for vampires in Kansas." Yes, Kansas. The
                          main character, Zoey, embodies the angst of a typical
                          teen without being kitsch. She's struggling with a mom
                          devoted to her new husband (the step-loser) of the
                          last three years, and has forgotten that Zoey exists,
                          unless, of course, Zoey does something wrong. Then,
                          of course, her mom and the step-loser, and the church
                          of which he's an Elder, are right there. Like now, when
                          Zoey comes home and attempts to get her mom on
                          her side about the Mark. Being marked by a Tracker of
                          the House of Night is tough enough, and Zoey hopes
                          to get her mom on her side to keep it a secret from the
                          step-loser. But no such luck. As a matter of fact, the
                          minute the step-loser finds out she's "cursed" and
                          marked as a Vampire that must go to the House of
                          Night, he calls all the church members to the house to
                          begin praying. Zoey slips out the window of her
                          bedroom and begins her new life, as a vampire. As a
                          lost, lonely, and family-abandoned teen. In a new
Cast, P.C.   Marked   306 P.C. Cast captures the world of the teen wonderfully in review   Ash
                                              This first of the House of Night novels depicts a Tulsa
                                              Oklahoma like you've never seen before. Side by side,
                                              humans and vampires co-exist. Cast has suspended
                                              disbelief well in this coming-of-age story about Zoey, a
                                              teen recenly Marked. Once marked by a Tracker, you
                                              go immediately to vampire finishing school - also
                                              known as the House of the Night. Zoey's uber-
                                              religious family, her step-loser (she'll never call him
                                              Dad) is one of the big wigs of the Faithful, demands
                                              she stay in her room while they call all the church
                                              members for a prayer circle. Zoey escapes, gets to the
                                              House of Night, and finds that settling in is not as easy
                                              as she'd hoped. She still stands out as a freak.
                                              Cast has captured the essence of the outcast, the
                                              importance of friends (and yes, family, even if you
                                              don't like them all very much) and begins to explore
                                              the idea that not all that is dark is evil, and not all that
Cast, P.C.          Marked                306 is light is good. A great start to an excellent series.      review   Ash
Castellucci, Cecil,
1969-               Boy proof                 She wears a white smock, no make-up                                   Ash

                                              Charlie writes letters to an anonymous person, and
                                              while at first, it appears he might just be writing in a
                                              journal, we find, mid-way through, that he does go to
                                              mail them! Of course, we're still not sure if there's
                                              actually anybody there on the receiving end. His
                                              English teacher assigns books to read, on the side,
                                              and Charlie must write essays on them. Every book
                                              Charlie has just finished becomes his favorite book -
                                              which he reads twice. This book is a quiet, somber
                                              look through the eyes of a wallflower. He takes
                                              everything in and contemplates others'
                                              happiness/sadness before his own. We follow Charlie
Chbosky,           Perks of Being a           through his Freshman year and the summer after it.
Stephen            Wallflower, The        213 Find out if Charlie is ready to be sophomore.            review       Ash
Cherryh, C J       At the edge of space                                                                             Ash
Cherryh, C J       Cloud's Rider                                                                                    Ash
                                             This tribute to the adolescence of rock ‗n roll is replete
                                             with pictures of the era. The lyrics (poems) are
                                             categorized: growing pains, school, teen beat, and are
                                             easily read by teens – even if they‘re not fans of
                                             ‗moldy oldies!‘ From Shop Around, to Splish Splash,
                                             from Who Do You Love to Get a Job, teens will enjoy
                 Hardening Rock: An          these songs. While the book itself is a bit dated, it
                 Organic Anthology of        would be easy to entice just one music-loving teen to
                 the Adolescence of          its contents, who would recommend it to a friend, and
Chipman, Bruce L Rock ‗N Roll                then another friend…and another.                           review   Ash
Chopin, Kate,
1851-1904        The awakening                                                                                   Ash

                                             Great Visual Cover! Christian does an excellent job of
                                             combining fact, interesting anecdotes, and graphics to
                                             present a reachable discussion of earthquake and
                                             volcanic activity on our planet. Every few pages, there
                                             are experiments (including baking a cookie sheet of
                                             mud to see how tectonic plates form!). This is an easy
                                             to read book, and very appealing to YA – due to its
                 Shake, Rattle & Roll:       short synopsis format: no one discussion lasts more
                 The World‘s Most            than a page; there are many breaks, graphics, and
                 Amazing                     boxed paragraph ‗mini-descriptions‘ of words or
Christian,       Earthquakes,                phrases (lava plain, trapped magma). It also provides
Spencer and      volcanoes and other         interesting facts: the Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions in
Felix, Antonia   forces                  111 the World.                                              review      Ash
                                     The clubs in New York rock - literally. Punks in pink
                                     hair and leather, techno pulsing so loud the walls and
                                     floor move to the beat of the dancers crammed into
                                     the large space. It's here that Clary gets her first
                                     glimpse of something no other mundanes can see:
                                     demons. Of course, it looks like a blond kid, until three
                                     others pull a knife and stab him to death. Clary, a bit
                                     freaked out - gets her friend to call the bouncer, but
                                     when they get there, they see nothing. Not the body,
                                     not the group with the knives, none of it.
                                     When Clary gets home, she finds she still fighting with
                                     her mother, and escapes the next night to a poetry
                                     reading with her best friend Simon. It's there that one
                                     of the murderers from last night finds her, and there
                                     that her crazy journey begins, a journey of portals and
                                     witches, demons and shadows, and, of course, the
                                     shadowhunters - sworn to keep demons off the planet.
                                     Unfortunately, they can't keep the demons from
                                     abducting Clary's mom - and Clary must find secrets
                                     that have been hidden her whole life in her quest to
Clare, Alexandra City of Bones   482 get her mother back.                                      booktalk Ash

                                     It's dark. Pandemonium. Music pulsing and thumping
                                     and a gazillion people in leather and flourescent hair
                                     gyrate on the dance floor. Clary loves it, but her best
                                     friend Simon - not so happy about it. He puts up with it
                                     because he's her friend though. Pandemonium - the
                                     hot all-ages club in New York - is always dark and
                                     pulsing with life - at least, until Clary follows a cute
                                     blond kid to a back corner, where she watches him get
                                     stabbed to death. When the bouncer comes over, he
                                     sees nothing - thinks Clary is crazy - and even Clary is
                                     starting to believe it. Because the people she sees
                                     around the body, holding knifes that glow, don't exist
                                     for anyone else at Pandemonium. But they see her -
Clare, Alexandra City of Bones   482 and that, well, that could be a bit of a problem.        booktalk Ash
                                          Reminiscent of Federici's Sign of the Crescent and
                                          Rowlings Potter series, this book also realistically
                                          portrays a hidden world of "other-folk" that cannot be
                                          seen by mundanes. Clary, human, finds she can see
                                          the Shadowhunters, but has no idea what they are, at
                                          least, until she is forced to find out about them when
                                          her own life is put in peril by the demons they hunt in
                                          this world. Witches, portals, demons, and
                                          shadowhunters weave through the tale of Clary's life,
                                          and destiny - and perhaps - the destiny of an entire
Clare, Alexandra City of Bones        482 world.                                                     review   Ash
                                          New York. A city seething with good and evil, beggars
                                          and wealthy, old and young, demonic and mundane.
                                          Demonic? Yes, demons. In this New York there's a
                                          real underbelly, one made believable in the City of
                                          Bones. Alexandra Clare blends reality and fantasy
                                          beautifully in the well-written first book of her Immortal
                                          Instruments series. There's a girl, and a boy, a normal
                                          mother, other girls and boys, and were demons
                                          already mentioned? Yes, multi-dimensional spawn
                                          from other worlds cause no end of issues for the
                                          Shadowhunters in New York. Shadowhunters that
                                          suddenly Clary can see. What else will she be forced
                                          to see as she comes of age in this all-too-weird New
Clare, Alexandra    City of Bones     482 York?                                                      review   Ash
Clarke, Arthur C
(Arthur Charles),
1917-               Childhood's end                                                                           Ash
Clarke, Arthur      Rendezvous with
Charles, 1917-      Rama                                                                                      Ash
                                    Elena never asked to be born special, but she was.
                                    Prophecy is prophecy after all - and doesn't it have to
                                    be fulfilled? There's no escape, right? Well, perhaps,
                                    here, three hundred years after three mages tried to
                                    save some goodness in the world, Elena might find
                                    her own way. Then again...
                                    "The author is a liar." This is the first thing you read
                                    when you open this book. It's supposed to be from a
                                    scroll 500 years old, but no one really knows. It's
                                    supposed to be banned, all copies burned, and when
                                    that didn't stop it from being read and re-copied, it was
                                    tossed to a University. I mean, if anyone can make
                                    something boring, school can, right? So, there the
                                    scrolls have stayed, being yawned at by senior
                                    students studying them....
                                    ...and there Elena waits, in the scrolls, to tell her story -
                                    the real story - of how she left the orchard and village
                                    life to escape evil. But remember: the author is a liar.
                                    SHORT VERSION:
                                    mmmmm - magic, witches, burning, blood, it's all
                                    there! The girl escapes evil clutches, an entire planet
                                    is saved by three mages, but possibly doomed in the
Clemens, James   Wit'ch fire    428 process, and the evil dudes are still very much in            booktalk Ash
Clemens, James   Wit'ch gate                                                                               Ash
Clemens, James   Wit'ch star                                                                               Ash
Clemens, James   Wit'ch storm                                                                              Ash
Clemens, James   Wit'ch war                                                                                Ash
                                                 From better known poets and their work (Gwendolyn
                                                 Brooks – We Real Cool) to those less commonly
                                                 spoken of but equally important (Phyllis Wheatley –
                                                 Liberty and Peace), this book paints a picture of
                                                 America – a history often repressed. Students will
                                                 enjoy the nature of the poems: masked, unfree,
                                                 oppressed, and in them, find many connections to
                                                 being a young adult in America: finding and making an
                                                 identity too long ignored, finding strength and
                                                 conviction, finding self. Hughe‘s ‗Harlem‘ asks ―What
Clinton, Catherine   I, Too, Sing America:       happens to a dream deferred?‖ and is answered well,
and Alcorn,          Three Centuries of          later in the book, by Maya Angelou‘s ―Still I Rise.‖ All
Stephen              African American            of these poems and pastel illustrations that
(illustrator)        Poetry                      complement them make this a beautiful work.                   review   Ash
                                                 Matt has been guilty for nine years, and felt every
                                                 minute of it. The guy was a bully, it was after a night of
                                                 drinking at a frat house, and it was NOT on purpose. It
                                                 happened. He was sorry and guilty and would never,
                                                 every live it down. He's also got the ex-con on his
                                                 record now because of it. But he's managed to get his
                                                 life together. His wife Olivia is expecting their first child
                                                 and things seem to be going well...until he gets a call
                                                 from Olivia's cell phone and nothing could be worse
Coben, Harlan        Innocent, The           503 than this.
                                    Ellie and her little brother Danny are close - close
                                    enough to get into trouble a lot as kids. They create a
                                    fantasy world where Argent - a girl who is the exact
                                    opposite of Ellie (outgoing, brave, adventurous) Once
                                    they even tattooed a spiral mark on their ankles! But
                                    now Ellie‘s older, has a boyfriend, and on Danny‘s
                                    11th birthday, Danny disappears.
                                    Suddenly, Ellie‘s family is torn apart, the police are
                                    living in their house, and Danny is still nowhere to be
                                    found. Instead, he‘s hiding in Argent‘s world - where
                                    Argent is embarking on a dangerous quest - and Ellie
                                    must embark on one in her world, too - or Danny could
                                    be lost forever.
                                    Coburn combines two very different world extremely
                                    well in this tale of adventure and the love a family has
                                    for its son.
Coburn, Ann    Glint                                                                           review   Ash
                                    Epic fantasy at its best! Coe captures a world and its
                                    history in this fast-moving, magical adventure. Ride
                                    with Jaryd as he travels the world of Tobyn-Ser,
                                    coming to terms with his powers and the plight of the
                                    land under the oppression of mages destroying crops
                                    and laying waste to villages.
                                    Jaryd's ready to start training the moment he leaves
                                    his family, but the trail is a difficult one and one thing
                                    after another gets in the way. Coe keeps us wrapped
                                    in the story of the present, the history of the past and
                                    the prophecy of the future as the Children of Amarid
                                    fight to save the land and their way. Jaryd just wants
Coe, David B   Children of Amarid   to survive another day.                                    review   Ash
Coe, David B   Eagle-sage                                                                               Ash
Coe, David B   Rules of ascension                                                                       Ash
Coe, David B   Seeds of betrayal                                                                        Ash
Coe, David B   The outlanders                                                                           Ash
                                         This book is written in both English and Spanish, so
                                         you can read it in either language – or use it to help
                                         you learn one of the languages.
                                         Princess Smartypants does not want to be married.
                                         She loves living in her castle with her pets. Her
                                         mother, the Queen, however, said she has to stop
                                         playing with her animals and find a husband. Princess
                                         Smartypants hates the idea – so she decies to create
                                         a bunch of tasks for her suitors to do, and if any of
                                         them can succeed – why, then she‘ll marry him!
                                         Princess Smartypants was no fool, and she created
                                         hard and horrible tasks for the princes to do, stuff like
                                         stopping the slugs from eating the garden, and
                                         chopping some wood from a forest of very angry
                                         Will any of her suitors be able to complete the tasks?
                 Princess SmartyPants    How many of them will even survive? Find out in
                 – La Princessa          Princess Smartypants – La Princessa Sabihonda, by
Cole, Babette    Sabihonda               Babette Cole                                              booktalk Ash

                                         Tom Wayman's "Did I Miss Anything?" speaks directly
                                         to the heart of the adolescent experience in school -
                                         as seen by a teacher. The book starts off with a poem
                                         by Collins himself: "Introduction to Poetry." Poets and
                                         teachers will both gain a laugh (or cry!) from reading
                                         this piece. About half of the poems in this book are
                                         great for young adults, addressing a lot of learning,
                                         school-type stuff in unpredictable ways. Other poems
                                         in the book (for example, "In Praise of Bic Pens")
                                         might require some teaching, or remain unclear to the
                                         novice reader. While this book is great for teachers of
                                         poetry, who could choose which poems to use with
                                         their students, it might be tough for a new poetry
                                         reader to enjoy. Don't let this deter you, though! I plan
                                         to hand it out with the adage - you'll love half of them -
                 Poetry 180: A Turning   you just have to figure out which half of them you love
Collins, Billy   Back to Poetry          and only read those!                                       review   Ash
Michael, 1956-   Chasing the dime                                                                            Ash
Michael, 1956-    The closers : a novel                                                                           Ash
Michael, 1956-    Void moon                                                                                       Ash
Connolly, John,
1968-             The black angel                                                                                 Ash
                                              I must say the back cover gave me a totally wrong
                                              impression about this book. Set during World War I,
                                              we find the narrator - Francis - attempting to adjust not
                                              only to post-combat life in a small town, but to the
                                              memories that drove him to enlist when he was only
                                              sixteen (he faked his age to join). The other
                                              characters in the book are a bit shallow (his 'girlfriend'
                                              and the dance teacher) but enough sense is given of
                                              them to allow you an understanding of Francis'
                                              motivation. Overall, a good read. (I wonder if this is
                                              more a guy book - and perhaps that's why I'm wishy-
Cormier, Robert   Heroes                  144 washy about it!).                                          review   Ash
                                              I realized, by page 92, that I was totally and completely
                                              hooked on this book! At first, I wasn't sure. The
                                              language was a bit stilted and a number of terms
                                              seemed intentionally made up to make the reader
                                              struggle. That said - I couldn't put it down and finished
                                              it in two days. Rossamund, typically a girl's name, is a
                                              foundling. He is raised at Madam Opera's Estimable
                                              Maritime Society for Foundling Boys and Girls. During
                                              his time there, he is teased mercilessly about his
                                              name, being called Rosey or Missy or any manner of
                                              girlie things. His big day is coming, though, because
                                              the various employment agencies of the empire are
                                              picking the children of age to bring them to
                                              work.Rossamund doesn't get picked though, not until
                                              three weeks after everyone else - and then he's
                                              picked to be a lamplighter. A lamplighter! How boring.
                                              But go he must, and as he begins his travels to High
                                              Vesting, he is immediately beset by danger, disloyalty,
                                              and monsters. The adventures begin.
                  Foundling - Book One        A great tale, a bit slow to start, and I really didn't do
                  of the Monster Blood        much more than skim the over-100-pages of the
Cornish, D. M.    Tattoo                  434 glossary at the end.                                       review   Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              All that remains      Ash
Cornwell, Patricia   Cruel & unusual : a
Daniels              novel                 Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Isle of dogs          Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Point of origin       Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Postmortem            Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Predator              Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Southern cross        Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              The last precinct     Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Trace                 Ash
Cornwell, Patricia
Daniels              Unnatural exposure    Ash
                               You know how you can walk past something every day
                               and not really see it? And maybe, months later, or a
                               year later, you notice it. It surprises you. You wonder:
                               was that always there? Why didn‘t I see it before?
                                Ashley‘s been by Annie‘s Deli hundreds of times; she
                               gets food there for her sick mom, but she never
                               noticed, never really saw, the beautiful expanse of wall
                               above it. Plain. Unmarked. Untagged. Suddenly
                               Ashley knows: this wall is mine.
                                Her friend Vikki tries to talk her out of it. It‘s too high,
                               too dangerous; there‘s no way Ashley should do it.
                               She‘d fall; she‘d die. Ashley isn‘t listening, though,
                               she‘s eyeing the gutter for safety bolts, judging their
                               strength. She‘s wondering how many colors she
                               should use to tag the wall with her mark: Cindy. She‘s
                               planning on fixing macaroni with cheese she just
                               bought at the deli, then helping her mom into bed and
                               sneaking out at 3:00 a.m. to tag it - her wall. Sure it‘s
                               risky, it‘s a higher climb than she‘s ever done. But she
                               knows, just knows, she can do it. And if she doesn‘t
                               fall, if she doesn‘t get caught, it will be the best tag
Cross, Gillian    Tightrope    ever. If…                                                     booktalk Ash
Crutcher, Chris   Whale Talk                                                                 booktalk Ash

                               The Tao Jones rules! I love his voice, and his
                               narration as he spends his final year in High School
                               creating a swimming team, just to earn Blue Letter
                               Jackets from the Athletics Department, is a scream!
                               Savior of the down-trodden, trying to find a non-angry
                               identity as a non-white in a town thirty miles from the
                               Aryan nation fort, T.J. takes on all that is corrupt about
                               school athletics. The characters that make up the
                               swim team, their coach and the assistant coach
                               (homeless while paying for his son's college) are well-
                               described through witty dialog and anecdotes. A great
                               read for any student establishing identity and willing to
Crutcher, Chris   Whale Talk   go against the grain.                                      review    Ash
                                          Kate and her best and really only friend Hannah are
                                          sitting in chemistry when the thunder and lighting
                                          starts- in the class room. Kate is sure it‘s the new kid
                                          the only one sitting on a stool, oblivious to the broken
                                          glass flying, the noise and the wind.
                                          	Hannah asks- is it you? She‘s the only one who knows
                                          Kate has a bit of the power. No Kate screams above
                                          the wind, watching Jarrod, sensing his emotions. It‘s
                                          scary. The kind of power he‘s using. What‘s even
                                          scarier is he has no idea he‘s using it.
                                          	 beaker explodes, a piece of glass cuts Jarrod‘s arm,
                                          and his trance ends. With it the storm also ends.
                                          	Kate offers to take him to the nurse‘s office; but
                                          instead leads him up the hill to her grandmothers-
                                          who‘s a healer and uses the old magic.
                                          Jarrod thinks she‘s not but plays along. Neither of
                                          them knows how dangerous Jarrod‘s power is, why he
Curly, Marianne   Old Magic               has it. Or how much he is going to need it- and soon. booktalk Ash
                                          Bud is 10 years old and leaves the orphanage for a
                                          new foster home. The new home lasts lest than a
                                          night, and then Bud-Not-Buddy is on the lam. This
                                          begins the story of Bud's search for 'home' and takes
                                          him from Hooverville's to train tracks, from strangers
                                          carrying boxes of blood at 2:30 a.m. to upscale
                                          restaurants in someone's living room. As Bud travels,
                                          holding tightly to his suitcase, filled with memories of
                                          his Mom, he realizes 'home' is inside him - and a
                                          whole lot more. I highly recommend reading the
Curtis, C P       Bud, Not Buddy      236 Afterword.                                               review Ash
Dart-Thornton,    The battle of
Cecilia           Evernight                                                                              Ash
Cecilia           The ill-made mute                                                                      Ash
Dart-Thornton,    The lady of the
Cecilia           sorrows                                                                                Ash
Deaver, Jeffery   The blue nowhere                                                                       Ash
                  The stone monkey : a
Deaver, Jeffery   Lincoln Rhyme novel                                                                         Ash

                  The vanished man : a
Deaver, Jeffery   Lincoln Rhyme novel                                                                         Ash
                  Fireshaper's doom : a
Deitz, Tom        tale of vengeance                                                                           Ash
Deitz, Tom        Windmaster's bane                                                                           Ash
                                              Miriam, adopted daughter of King Fahd's family, met
                                              with her father, her real father, and he told her: she will
                                              be given in marriage to Omar bin Khalid. Sultana, her
                                              best friend, freaks out.
                                              "He's a beast! You can't marry him. Once, he kicked
                                              my niece in the head. She was only three years old,
                                              and had taken a toy away from one of the boys. She
                                              was in the hospital for a week."
                                              Miriam and Sultana had watched their other best
                                              friend, Sita, get married not too long ago. Shortly after
                                              Sita's wedding, she was publicly killed for refusing to
                                              let her husband, 50 years older than her, touch her.
                                              Miriam, scared for her life, princess to the house of
                                              Saud, plots an escape with Sultana, an escape that
                                              will mean both their deaths if she's caught.
                                              In America, a surfer genius, tries to decide what he
                                              really wants to do with his life. He knows Berkeley isn't
                                              it. The waves are calling, the government would love
                                              to have him, and he just knows: he needs to find a
                                              place in the world for himself.
                                              This is a story of two worlds: Miriam's world of fear,
                                              betrayal and death, and Seth's world of unknowns. In
Dekker, Ted      Blink                    389 the blink of an eye, things in each of their worlds can booktalk Ash
Delaney, Joseph,
1945-            Revenge of the witch                                                                         Ash
                                      You've got to want it more than the other guy. Nick
                                      knows "wanting it" means playing every second of
                                      your game as if it's the biggest moment of your life. It's
                                      in you - or it isn't. He knew it wasn't in his older brother
                                      Scott, even the their father kept hoping it would be. He
                                      just wasn't sure if he had it or not - he knew he needed
                                      to find out.
                                      He didn't even have to go to the town court anymore
                                      to play - his dad had ripped up his mother's rose
                                      garden and laid a basketball court in the backyard.
                                      Polite, icy silence followed that move. Now Nick didn't
                                      have to worry about Trent coming onto the court to
                                      spoil the play with his violent fouls and nasty moods.
                                      Trent, his brother Nick, and their mom moved in
                                      across the street a while ago - and since then the
                                      neighborhood's gone down the street: loud parties,
                                      cops. His dad told him to stay away from the
                                      Scott's playing his trumpet again - the only thing he
                                      really cares about, and Nick's tossing balls through the
                                      hoop in the backyard. Their dad is wishing Scott would
                                      step up to the plate and score, win and build himself
Deuker, Carl      Night Hoops     250 into the basketball champion he never became. Nick booktalk Ash
Dickinson, Peter,
1927-             The ropemaker                                                                  Ash
                               How many of you have ever been to a beach? Or
                               Lake Elizabeth? Have you ever gone on a really sunny
                               day? Did you get a sunburn?
                               Well, I‘m sure you already know it was caused by rays
                               from the sun, and you probably even did the smart
                               thing and wore sunscreen or suntan lotion. But did
                               you know there‘s sunscreen for the whole planet? It
                               doesn‘t come in a tube, and it‘s not white goop – as a
                               matter of fact: it‘s invisible! Just like the air we breathe
                               is invisible. It‘s called Ozone – and it‘s a gas, just like
                               air is a gas, but it‘s high up than the air – way above
                               the earth, in a layer all around the planet. It keeps the
                               harmful rays of the sun from getting through to the
                               planet – which is good, because you know how badly
                               sunburns hurt – imagine if the whole planet got one!
                               Now, not all of this invisible sunscreen is up high
                               above the earth – there‘s ozone ON the earth too –
                               but it‘s the bad ozone. It can hurt plants and animals,
                               and even float up into the air – and above it – to make
                               holes in the good ozone. Those holes let some of the
Donald, Rhonda                 harmful rays of the sun through – and damage the
Lucas            Ozone Layer   planet. If enough holes are made, our planet will be in booktalk Ash
                                          ―Kneel Pledge Slime!‖ Pledge Master Rick shouted at
                                           ―Take off my boot Pledge Slime!‖
                                           Jericho shivered as the rain came down harder and
                                          made him sink deeper into the mud.
                                           ―A Warrior of Distinction is not afraid to lower himself
                                          for his brother. A Warrior of Distinction does not show
                                          fear. Are you afraid Pledge Slime?‖
                                           ―No Sir!‖ Jericho replied. ―I am not afraid!‖
                                           Jericho pulled the boot off with difficulty. The stench
                                          of Rick‘s feet was enough to make him choke.
                                           ―Now take off the sock.‖
                                           Jericho did as he was told.
                                           ―Your really want to be a Warrior of Distinction?‖ Rick
                                           Jericho though of the prestige of having one of those
                                          black silk jackets, or one of the cool leather ones the
                                          warriors wore when looking tight. He thought of Arielle
                                          and how much chicks dug the jackets. He tried not to
                                          think of the cold and the rain and the mud and the
                                          stink of Rick‘s feet.
                                           ―Are you willing to do anything to be a Warrior of
                                           ―Yes, Sir! Yes Master Senior Sharp sir!‖
                                           ―Then suck my big toe.‖
                                           Jericho looked around desperately. He had no idea
                                          what the other 14 pledges were being forced to do.
                                           ―If you want to be a Warrior of Distinction you must
Draper, Sharon M Battle of Jericho, The   suck my big toe. Now!‖                                    booktalk Ash
                                      Andy just won the basketball game. His best friend,
                                      Robert, played fine and scored so many points the
                                      scouts are drooling. Life is good. It‘s dark out and
                                      Andy's three friends head to his car, ready to rock
                                      through the night on the sweet high of success. Of
                                      course, there‘s also the high in the trunk: four six-
                                      packs getting chill.
                                       Later on, BJ and Tyrone are in the back seat laughing
                                      as Andy weaves through traffic. Rob‘s got his long
                                      legs up on the dash, sipping his beer and hanging out.
                                      It‘s dark out; Andy scrambles for the brakes as a
                                      highway retaining wall appears in front of him.
                                      Crash. Glass.
                                       Andy's thrown from the car but goes back to help BJ
                                      and Tyrone get out of the back. Then everyone tries
                                      to help Robert.
                                       BJ explains to the cops: (read from the book - page
                                       All of us was screamin‘ by that time, ‗cause we could
                                      see his feet stickin‘ through the windshield. His legs
                                      was cut and bleedin‘ really bad. All we could see was
                                      these brand new Nikes stickin‘ out the window, with
                                      the rest of Rob screamin‘ and hollerin‘, stuck
                                      inside…then…we hear this heavy thick sound, like an
Draper, Sharon M Tears of a Tiger     explosion in a closed room, and Andy and BJ is         booktalk Ash
Duane, Diane     Deep wizardry                                                                        Ash

                                      This book provides an excellent glimpse into the life of
                                      an Iranian immigrant family. The tone is funny, ironic,
                                      and everyday. Dumas makes the difficulties of
                                      growing up Iranian in America touching, heartwarming
                                      and uplifting. Even when recounting some of the
                Funny in Farsi. A     more trying moments, Dumas manages to keep her
                Memoir of Growing     sense of humor and humanity. This book is an
Dumas, Firoozeh Iranian in America    excellent read for young adults and adults alike!        review   Ash
DuPrau, Jeanne City of Ember, The                                                                       Ash
                People of Sparks,
DuPrau, Jeanne The                                                                                      Ash
                Prophet of Yonwood,
DuPrau, Jeanne The                                                                                      Ash
Eisler, Barry   Hard rain                                                                               Ash
                                            Angie's a typical student trying to get through school -
                                            but it's tough. Not because she's fat, but that's part of
                                            it, and not because her best friend Shelby is a lesbian,
                                            so that Angie, by default, is called "Lezzy Lard," but
                                            that's part of it too. It's not even because her mom,
                                            wearing too much makeup at home and dressing up
                                            every day now that Rudy is her new boyfriend,
                                            continues to make way too much food, all saurkraut
                                            and polish sausages and other nice fatty foods that
                                            Angie really would rather try to avoid. It's not even
                                            because Rudy, the boyfriend with the skeezy
                                            mustache, tells her to eat everything on her plate and
                                            then drops the bombshell: he and her mom are getting
                                            married and he'll be moving in this weekend. It's not
                                            any one of those things, but all of them make life
                                            tough for Angie.
                                            It doesn't help that when Angie decides to skip lunch
                                            and hides behind the school near a stairwell, the most
                                            pretty, popular girl is there, anorexically
                                            complementing Angie on her decision to skip school.
                                            It doesn't help that in the mornings, in the school
                                            bathroom, as Angie puts on the makeup her mother
                                            won't let her wear, another girl is there - one who has
                                            taunted Angie forever - and who finally decides to
                                            show Angie a lesson - using her boyfriend, a knife,
                 Manstealing for Fat        and a decision to show Angie what dick is really like.
Embree, Michelle Girls                  264 Nope. None of these things are the one thing that         booktalk Ash   gsa
Engdahl, Sylvia  Enchantress from the
Louise           stars                                                                                        Ash
                                        Charlie and Jack have been friends forever - and Jack
                                        is used to playing "second fiddle." He's usually okay
                                        with it too, but sometimes it makes him uncomfortable.
                                        Like today. Like now - when Charlie is talking him into
                                        going to the restaurant to meet his dad. Charlie's dad,
                                        who walked out on Charlie and his mom for another
                                        woman and Charlie hasn't seem him since. It's so not
                                        comfortable. When Charlie storms out of the
                                        restaurant, Jack is right behind him. As they walk
                                        through the park, a guy bumps Charlie and Charlie
                                        explodes. The guy comes back, looks Charlie up and
                                        down, and decides he'll do.
                                        Suddenly, Charlie and Jack are brought to a haven
                                        where an ancient brotherhood protects the world from
                                        an evil that can destroy the universe. The brotherhood
                                        only has a few remaining members, and their promise
                                        to keep The Scourge - a demon of unlimited power -
                                        contained is waning. It's up to Charlie (as the maybe-
                                        new member) to keep him contained. So, Jack's along
                                        for the ride again, Charlie's kicking butt (literally) in this
                                        new brotherhood, and Esme (did I mention the girl?
                                        the cute, martial-arts afficianado?) is kicking Charlie's
Enthoven, Sam   Black Tattoo, The   503 butt because she's had years longer to practice. With booktalk Ash
                                        Neal Stephenson meets Anthony Horowitz in a
                                        fantastically bizarre look at friendship, commitment,
                                        responsibilities, and, of course, demons and the
                                        nature of Hell. Charlie and Jack are best friends and
                                        live in New York where, unbeknownst to them, an
                                        ancient brotherhood protects mankind from the
                                        Scourge: an ancient evil imprisoned by the
                                        Brotherhood. While walking through the park one day,
                                        an extremely irate Charlie (his Dad's leaving his mom
                                        for another woman) and a resigned Jack run across
                                        Nick, who promptly encourages them to join the
                                        dwindling ranks of the Brotherhood.
                                        Of course, Nick neglects to mention that the ranks are
                                        dwindling because the Scourge has nearly escaped its
                                        imprisonment. He also neglects to mention there's a
                                        beautiful girl, who trains in martial arts and defends
                                        mankind. Esme, Charlie, and Jack are suddenly
                                        immersed in containing the Scourge, or attempting to,
Enthoven, Sam   Black Tattoo, The   503 and know that if they fail, the world will end.        review   Ash
                                         Tom believes he should stick up for his friends. Of
                                         course, right now he doesn't have any. He's just
                                         moved off of the reservation and is making a new life
                                         with his mom in a new town; still close to the
                                         reservation though, and his roots. Not that he thinks
                                         that highly of the place - the guys tooling around in
                                         their beat up old American cars, getting drunk and
                                         getting in fights. His team though, that was slick.
                                         Soccer was fun - and he was good at it. Good enough
                                         for the coach at the new school to want him on the
                                         team. But Tom, Tom didn't think that was a good idea.
                                         See - the Warriors might not be a bad name for a
                                         team, but the mascot and the Indian drawing left little
                                         room for error: it was a snub against the Indians. So
                                         Tom did what he believed in - he said no, not unless
                                         the team changed its name.
                                          The coach pushed his buttons, made him mad. Tom
                                         refused to play on the team - instead he ended up
                                         playing soccer in a field with some nerds who built
                                         rockets and watched them blow to bits. He followed
                                         his friends to their hangout: a hobby store run by a
                                         Russian immigrant, with a pretty grand-daughter and a
                                         grandson who was rarely seen. Tom began spending
                                         more time there, watching the shopkeeper's daughter
                                         and staying away from Coach Dempsey - who kept
Esckilsen, Erik   Offsides               egging him on.                                           booktalk Ash
                                         This is one tough bounty hunter! And she's sexy, too!
                                         You know it because Ranger, the 'side-job' manager
                                         Stephanie Plum hooks up with because everyone is
                                         showing up for their court dates (no one to hunt
                                         down!) gives her a black porsche! Of course,
                                         Stephanie has trouble holding onto things, or rather, is
                                         good at blowing them up, and while she hunts for a
                                         missing Uncle Fred (wait until you hear about the
                                         pictures he had hiding!) she goes through cars, boys
                                         and ideas - trying to unravel a quickly thickening and
Evanovich, Janet High Five               mysterious plot.                                         review   Ash

                  The Ear, the Eye and
Farmer, Nancy     the Arm : a novel                                                                       Ash
Farmer, Nancy,       The house of the
1941-                scorpion                                                                                      Ash
Farrell, S L
(Stephen Leigh),
1951-                Holder of lightning                                                                           Ash
Farrell, S L
(Stephen Leigh),
1951-                Mage of clouds                                                                                 Ash
                                                 Taryn‘s dreaming asleep in her foster family‘s home.
                                                 She dances in the light of the crescent moons. The
                                                 ever trusting and loyal lion walks by her side she
                                                 wraps her fingers in his thick golden mane. Then… a
                                                 cruel voice Ta‘Reen-come! Its time!Come Ta‘reenSo
                                                 this is a dream? Taryn wonders sitting up groggily.
                                                 She absently runs her fingers crescent moon
                                                 birthmark on her arm. Ta‘reen – outside Now!Taryn
                                                 shivers at the evil, the power the compelling command
                                                 of the voice and walks through the hall. Eryck and cole
                                                 walk the streets of Tucson from a world far far away.
                                                 As new worlders they've been sent back to stop the
                                                 civil sorcerer from stealing childeren from the ao
                                                 A portal appears down the street, humoning, and a
                                                 Zumerian worrior steps through. Eyrck and cole watch
                                                 the girl try to run, but the worrior cathches her easily.
                                                 Let me go Taryn screams wrenching her arm free.
                                                 Eyrc walks up behind the worrior beheading him with
                                                 one stroke of his runed sword. A tingle shoots up his
                                                 arms he grabs the girls arms, wild and feel of energy.
                                                 He uses old world magic to get her to forget this ever
Federici, Debbie     Sign of the Crescent    302 happened, but doesn't realize she will daydream           booktalk Ash
Fisher, Catherine,
1957-                Snow-walker                                                                                   Ash
Fisher, Jude         Sorcery rising                                                                                Ash
Fisher, Jude         The rose of the world                                                                         Ash
Fisher, Jude         Wild magic                                                                                    Ash
                                           I think I misread the title when I ordered this last year -
                                           I thought it said Poems for TEEN voices! This book is
                                           all about BUGS. Short, lyric, beautifully illustrated, this
                                           book of poems is meant to be read aloud: sometimes
                                           with two voices speaking as one - giving power to the
                                           same lines, sometimes alternating with a flavorful beat
                                           - and other times with two voices speaking
                                           dischordantly. Each poem gives a sense of the insect
                                           it depicts, from water striders and bootlice to fireflies
                                           ("Light is the ink we use, Night is our parchment" p
                                           11). While the book itself appears geared to a much
                 Joyful Noise: Poems       younger audience, I think teens could have fun
Fleischman, Paul for Two Voices         44 reading this aloud.                                         review   Ash
Fletcher, Susan,
1951-            Dragon's milk                                                                                  Ash
                 Day After Tomorrow,
Folsom, Allan    The                                                                                            Ash

                                           Written five years before Angels & Demons by Dan
                                           Brown, this book is similar in many ways - it's well
                                           written, contains a believable yet unbelievably twisted
                                           plot, and holds true to itself throughout (the characters
                                           are always believable and while circumstances might
                                           push the edge of believability, the skill with which
                                           Folsom presents each scene makes us accept the
                                           action). Harry is an LA lawyer who receives a call
                                           from his borther - a priest at the Vatican - after years
                                           of being out of touch. A few hours after the call, a bus
                                           explodes and Danny, his brother, is said to be on it
                                           and presumed dead. He flies to Rome to collect
                                           Danny's body and i sucked into intrigue of amazing
                                           proportions: corrupt policemen, corrupt clergy, and
                                           international assassins. Whe he begins to uncover is
                                           a plot so widespread, so damning, he recognizes its
                                           truth only after he is forced to go on the run - accused
                                           of crimes he didn't commit. He races against time to
                 Day of Confession,        solve the puzzle, save himself, and possibly bring
Folsom, Allan    The                   576 about the fall of the Vatican.                            review     Ash
                                         Years ago, an 8mm film was taken at a birthday party -
                                         the birthday party of Paul - who was murdered when
                                         retrieving a soccer ball from the edge of the field. The
                                         film includes a picture of the killer's face. Kitner,
                                         watching the film, demands the film and knife used to
                                         kill his son be hidden until his own death, and at that
                                         point be provided to the police. After this engaging
                                         and auspicious prologue, we follow Raymond: an
                                         assassin with an agenda that crosses countries and
                                         railroad lines. Raymond is working to kill a group of
                                         people - and it takes us a while to figure out who and
                                         why - but as we are pulled into this trail of secrets, lies
                                         and intrigue, we realize it is but the tip of the iceberg.
                                         The truth behind an old, unsolved murder has stirred
                                         up a current game of international espionage, and the
                                         players must play it. Folsom knows how to write, and
                                         he engages the reader from page 1, right through to
Folsom, Allan   The Exile            619 his very stunning conclusion!                               review   Ash

                                         This book is packed with hard-hitting poetry -
                                         unbelievably mature. The voices, pain, longing, and
                                         fear of these young men shout out clearly - sometimes
                                         too clearly! I was expecting more angst ridden pages
                You Hear Me? Poems       of cliched phrases and was wonderfully surprised.
                and Writings by          The book, the short poems, grabbed me and gave me
Franco, Betsy   Teenage Boys         107 a look at the view of teenage boys: haunting.         review         Ash
                            This is America:

                            (read page 93 - middle)
                            I‘m scared poopless. I‘m afraid to sleep because of
                            the dreams, and I‘m afraid to be awake because all
                            these flashes keep squeezing through and I can‘t stuff
                            them back the way I used to. I‘m afraid of never being
                            able to get back up there to Everest, and I‘m afraid
                            that if I get back up there, I‘ll never come down, and
                            I‘m afraid of Dr. B. because he sees me and he knows
                            things and when they see you and know things they
                            mess everything up, and I‘m afraid I‘ll be stuck in this
                            place forever, and I‘m afraid I won‘t and I‘m the
                            biggest sorriest-ass pussy there ever was, and I‘m just
                            plain old effing afraid.

                            This is America. He's 16 ??? and he‘s seen some
                            stuff and done some stuff and he‘s pretty damn sure
                            he‘s a bad person because of it. But it doesn‘t matter.

                            He plays cards with Dr. B -

                            (read page 91 middle)
                            Now sometimes when we‘re playing, and I‘m about to
                            start floating with those flashes sliding through, I want
                            to tell him some. Then I get scared. Then I get mad
                            because I don‘t know what all I‘m so scared of. Then I
                            get more mad because he already knows I‘m scared.
                            Then I feel like a pussy and I hate my sorry-ass self.
                            Then I still want to tell him.
Frank, ER   America   242                                                               booktalk Ash
                                Leo, Jane, Daisy and Max. Daisy and Max have been
                                bffs forever. They show up to take the SAT prep class,
                                even though everyone just hates the SATs, the
                                pressure, everything the stupid test stands for. But, as
                                Juniors who hope to go to a college of their choice,
                                they HAVE to take the test. And do well. But the prep
                                class has started and the teacher is nowhere to be
                                found. After a while, he runs into the class and says
                                "can't find the tests, be right back." That's when it's
                                over....four of them end up walking out on this big
                                waste of time, and decide to start their own study
                                sessions for the SATs. Daisy, Max, Leo and Jane. Not
                                your typical group.So they study and get to know each
                                other and almost become, like, friends. Then the test.
                                Then the scores. And then, someone tells the
                                counselor she took the test for a student. And while
                                everyone hates the SATs and everything the stupid
                                test stands for, now they hate The Cheater more. But
Fredericks,                     who was it? Who would fold under the pressure during
Mariah        Crunch Time   317 Crunch Time?                                             booktalk Ash
                                      What do you do when your BFF - best friend forever -
                                      gets weird on you? I mean, starting 9th grade is hard
                                      enough without suddenly having your friend wig out
                                      and start talking smack, right?
                                      Jess and Sari talk every day. They spent the summer
                                      after 8th grade watching bad movies and taking the
                                      cross-town bus back and forth to each others‘ houses.
                                      On the bus, Jess notices the guy across the aisle
                                      staring at them - well, really at Sari. It‘s been
                                      happening a lot this summer. All of a sudden, men
                                      who could be in college or even married have been
                                      checking Sari out. Mostly this was funny, but one time,
                                      a guy ran after them and asked Sari to marry him. It
                                      kind of freaked Sari out, Jess could tell.
                                      Well, Sari is starting to creep Jess out now. She‘s
                                      changed since school started - she‘s obsessed with
                                      this guy - and the guy already has a girlfriend. This
                                      new Sari is not friendly, this new Sari asks Jess to go
                                      to parties when she and Jess used to hate parties.
                                      This new Sari begs Jess to ―stay by her side‖ at the
                                      party and ―not leave her alone‖ - and then takes off
                                      and abandons Jess five minutes into the party.
Fredericks,     True Meaning of       But friends are friends, right? They‘re supposed to
Mariah          Cleavage, The     208 watch out for each other, right? What happens when booktalk Ash
French, Nicci   Red Room, The                                                                     Ash
                               She's had a crush on Link 4-ever. James (her brother)
                               and his best friend think it's cute - and even put up
                               with her hanging out with them all the time. Link even
                               says someday she'll break his heart because she
                               won't want him anymore. She knows better - she'll
                               always want him. Even when it becomes clear from
                               statements her friends make and her looking back on
                               hanging out with them - that James and Link are a
                               She'd never considered this - is James, her older
                               brother - gay? She is determined to find out - and gets
                               books about gayness and starts learning everything
                               there is about it - except, of course, whether or not her
                               brother is. She'd have to talk to him for that - like -
                               really talk. Her family is more infamous for how it
                               avoids real conversations. She wonders so much,
Freyman-Weyr,                  though, she's determined to ask him - she just isn't
Garret          My Heartbeat   sure what will                                            review   Ash   gsa

                               Teachers are mean. Let's face it: we all know that
                               teachers are sadists who like to inflict pain and
                               suffering on students - in the form of homework,
                               detentions, snide remarks in class, all that good stuff.
                               Well, in this future, teachers are even meaner than the
                               ones you have now. There is NO talking in school - at
                               all. Even in the hallway. You do NOT speak unless
                               you're spoken to, you MUST do well on exams, and
                               the entire city and government are focused on one
                               thing, and one thing only: education. There are two
                               levels of government, too: The Educators and the
                               Enforcers. Education never ends here, and the
                               teachers? Take your worst nightmare, and multiply it
                               times ten.
                               There's hope though. A renegade outfit - the Truancy.
                               They are underground, they WERE students, and they
                               are getting more and more bold, taking on Enforcers
                               (some have died!) and sparking hope in students
                               everywhere. But with an entire city focused and built
                               on the idea of education, punishment, obedience at
Fukui, Isamu    Truancy        any price, will they be enough?                          booktalk Ash
                                              Kudos to new author Isamu Fukui for capturing so well
                                              the spirit of the mean teacher. This alternate/future
                                              world where the city's government is totally education-
                                              focused (the two branches are comprised of the
                                              Educators and the Enforcers) is believable enough
                                              with the wonderful descriptions and superb character
                                              definitions. How can anyone not hate the Educators as
                                              they plot the course of the city (obedience,
                                              submission), and handle the onslaught of a new wave
                                              of horror: the Truancy. What began as a small uprising
                                              is turning into more, much more, and it's not clear if
                                              the iron-fist of the Enforcers will educate the truants
                                              enough. An excellent romp thorugh a future all too
                                              believable - at least for anyone who's ever had a
Fukui, Isamu      Truancy                     mean teacher!                                           review    Ash
Funke, Cornelia
Caroline          Inkheart                                                                                      Ash
Funke, Cornelia
Caroline          Inkspell                                                                                      Ash

                                              While Futcher's story of a young girl finding her
                                              sexuality and friendship at school is on most GLBTQ
                                              lists, I found it extremely disappointing. Few teens in
                                              an urban setting are able to relate to the characters in
                                              the exclusive boarding school. While Jinx is a
                                              believable character with her questions and
                                              insecurities, the other main character, Lexie, is wholly
                                              unappealing and unbelieveable. This book was a
Futcher, Jane     Crush                   248 letdown on all levels.                                   review   Ash   gsa
Futcher, Jane     Crush                                                                                         Ash
Futcher, Jane     Crush                                                                                         Ash
                  Sopie's World: a
Gaarder, Jostein, novel about the
1952-             history of philosophy                                                                         Ash
Gabriel, Marius   Seventh Moon, The                                                                             Ash
                               Shadow has been looking forward to getting out of jail
                               for almost three years. He's only a few days away and
                               is determined that nothing will mess this up. He will
                               get out and see his wife, the only reason he's
                               managed to survive these three years in jail. Of
                               course, she's also part of the reason he's IN jail.
                               "Just a few more days" he thinks to himself as he
                               wakes up that morning.
                               The warden calls him down - and Shadow is terrified
                               he'll be told he has to serve another year or
                               something. But no - the warden says he can go home,
                               today, right now. Check out and go see his wife. But
                               the warden also tells him his wife is dead, killed in car
                               accident the day before. On the plane ride home,
                               Shadow meets Mr. Wednesday - who offers him a job
                               as a bodyguard.
                               Shadow figures he's got nowhere else to be so why
                               This is how Shadow becomes involved in an all out
                               war of the gods: the old gods, like Odin, who came
                               across with the people who settled here from different
                               countries. The new gods: the cell-phones, the
                               shopping malls, the techno-geeks, who think they're
                               It's an all out war, and Shadow, as lost and dark as his
                               name, is the last defense of the All-Father as they
Gaiman, Neil   American Gods   travel across America, gathering the gods for war.        booktalk Ash
Gaiman, Neil   Coraline                                                                           Ash
                             Queen Elizabeth of England is dying. The Inquisitor -
                             the highest ranking person in the Spanish Inquisition -
                             continues to torture, burn, and kill any who show signs
                             of witchcraft. But don‘t ask him how he knows a witch
                             is a witch…in league with the devil…he‘ll probably kill
                             you just for asking! Then he‘ll tell you the two people
                             who work for him aren‘t ―witches‖ even though they
                             use magic to sniff out other witches - because they
                             work for him, they have the grace of God.
                              It‘s 1602, and in this alternate history, things are
                             stirring - not just the politics of countries and kings and
                             queens - but mutants.
                              At Charles Xavier‘s Select College for the Sons of
                             Gentlefolk, (show page with picture of school sign)
                             there are four students who do not fit in with the rest of
                             humanity; there‘s a blind bard who travels singing for
                             his supper; Otto Von Doom plots the overthrow of the
                             crown with the death of England‘s Queen - at the
                             hands of his mechanical miracles and chemicals; an
                             old man leaves Jerusalem in an inconspicuous cart,
                             carrying a treasure that may save the world - if it
                             makes it into the right hands.
                              Marvel at the wonders of this world four hundred
Gaiman, Neil   Marvel 1602   years ago, where fate, destiny or a simple accident of booktalk Ash
                                          Liza can't remember a lot of last year - most of it
                                          actually - and most of the time that's okay. She's busy
                                          now - she got into MIT and has homework to do and
                                          really should be working on it - writing a paper on
                                          Franklin Lloyd Wright. But she also knows she needs
                                          to send a letter to Annie. She met Annie last year at
                                          the Met (museum of art). Annie was singing, mournful
                                          and sad, when Liza walked through the colonial wing
                                          on her way to the Temple of Dendur. She was
                                          studying the architecture of the temple as a homework
                                          assignment for her senior year in high school - one
                                          she had to work hard at finishing because she spent
                                          so much time with Annie that day, in the museum.
                                          She spent a lot of time with Annie after that, too, a lot.
                                          Liza was startled at the feelings she had for Annie,
                                          feelings she'd never had before. Annie became her
                                          best friend, and Liza, mostly, was scared.
                                          Now Liza is attending college, trying to concentrate on
                                          homework, but knowing she won't. Instead, she's
                                          drafting another letter to Annie, another one she
                                          knows she will never send. She always wanted to be
                                          an architect. She never wanted to meet a girl like
                                          Annie, but now, it's all she can think about. And she
                                          knows she does NOT want to think about it - all of the
                                          horrible stuff that happened last year because she
                                          allowed herself to enjoy those feelings she shared with
Garden, Nancy    Annie on My Mind     263 Annie, because she made a friend like she had never booktalk Ash        gsa
Garner, Alan,
1934-            The owl service                                                                            Ash
                                          A current day LA fairy/cinderella tale with a main
                                          character who runs away to sleep with a gay dwarf in
                                          the woods, before continuing on to find her place in
                                          the Hollywood scene. Rampant sexuality (implied and
                                          explicit!) but humorous, touching, and so unrealistic as
                                          to be fairy-tale like in its reading. There is no
                                          confusion about whether or not this 'could' happen to
                                          you - it won't! The character's strength, values,
                                          outlook and willingness to reveal herself to the reader
Garnett, Gale Zoe Visible Amazement   285 are to positives of this book.                           review   Ash   gsa
                                        This is not YA fiction! And not especially well-written.
                                        While the story is good, and I like how the book moves
                                        between a present-day archeological dig and
                                        centuries old tribe seeking the Kava of the First
                                        People, the characters are not well drawn enough
                                        early on, and it takes a lot of work to remember who
                                        was who when you are returned to a different time
                                        frame. A nice trick was the timing: the find of an
                                        archeological piece tended to fit nicely with the piece
                                        of the story from the past that laid it there. A serial
                                        killer, long dead, a tribe torn apart with fear, and a
Gear, Kathleen                          present day battle against customs, laws, and
O'Neal and Gear,                        regulations should make this book fantastic - it was
Michael W          Visitant, The        just okay.                                               review   Ash
Gear, W Michael    Athena Factor, The                                                                     Ash
Gerritsen, Tess    Apprentice, The                                                                        Ash
Gerritsen, Tess    Bloodstream                                                                            Ash
Gerritsen, Tess    Gravity                                                                                Ash
Gerritsen, Tess    Sinner, The                                                                            Ash
Gerritsen, Tess    Vanish                                                                                 Ash
                                        This graphic novel is well drawn, and accessible to
                                        students of many reading levels. In it, Jonas, a Jew
                                        whose father is in prison, meets with his friends in the
                                        park clandestinely - to read forbidden books. His part
                                        time job with Pinkel - a bookstore owner - takes a turn
                                        for the worse when he's asked to spy on the
                                        shopmaster. He and Pinkel write the weekly reports
                                        that must be turned in, and interestingly enough, not
                                        much worth reporting ever happens! Then something
                                        does happen - Jonas meets Tatiana - and instantly
                   Rebellion (Jew in    falls in love. Follow Jonas through his struggle with
                   Communist Prague     the occupation of Prague and the love of forbidden
Giardino           Vol 3)               knowledge.                                               review   Ash
                                           Matt‘s invisible. Not in the ―I‘m right here but you can‘t
                                           see me‖ kind of invisible, but close. He‘s one of those
                                           senior high school guys who makes it through all four
                                           years of school and people only vaguely remember his
                                           face. Nothing that he did. Nothing that he said. Matt
                                           likes invisibility, but he finds it hard to keep his once
                                           Skye starts playing up to him.

                                           Skye is bad…bad in all the ways Matt would never
                                           dream of being. But when she teased the tip of her
                                           tongue out from between her ―come-kiss-me-lips,‖ he
                                           was lost.

                                           She shows up at school wearing black tights and a
                                           skirt made of duct tape. The bottom is cut into fringe
                                           high on her fabulous thighs. The waistband is a man‘s
                                           tie. White lace top over a black lace bra. She‘s a neon
                                           sign screaming SEX.

                                           Matt didn‘t mind licking the hollow of her throat in the
                                           park late last night after he snuck out of the house, but
                                           talking to her looking like that in the bright light of the
                                           school was out of the question.

                                           Matt‘s torn between his lust and alarm bells in his
                                           head screaming ―she‘s dangerous!‖ It‘s like Playing in
Giles, Gail      Playing in Traffic        Traffic…by Gail Giles.                                 booktalk Ash

                                           I really enjoyed this book - and it's not one I would
                                           have typically read! I don‘t like reading 'drama' or 'true
                                           to life' type stuff, mostly because we live enough of it
                                           every day! I did, however, enjoy hearing about
                                           Chiyo's life growing up - in a fishing village, and later,
                                           as an apprentice Geisha in Gion. While this book is
                                           fiction, a lot of it is based on the lives of Geisha in
                                           Japan, and the lyrical, earthy voice of the narrator
                                           (Chiyo, now Sayuri) is captivating. The struggles and
                                           hardships of growing up, the glimpse into a culture so
Golden, Arthur   Memoirs of a Geisha   434 foreign to my own, is fantastic.                           review   Ash
Golden, Arthur   Memoirs of a Geisha                                                                           Ash
                                            At first she hears the word whispered

                                            and then it‘s written on a locker

                                            and then, on the bathroom wall

                                            in the girls rooms, in the boys room

                                            Forget the fact it isn‘t even true,
                                            forget the fact that names aren‘t supposed to hurt you.
                                            Forget the fact that every time Jujube hears or sees it
                                            she feels more and more dirty.

Goobie, Beth       Sticks and Stones     77 How do you fight a rumor?                                 booktalk Ash
Goonan,            Crescent city
Kathleen Ann       rhapsody                                                                                   Ash
Graham, Mitchell   Ancient Legacy, The                                                                        Ash
Graham, Mitchell   Emerald Cavern, The                                                                        Ash
Graham, Mitchell   Fith Ring, The                                                                             Ash
Green, Sharon,
1942-              Betrayals                                                                                  Ash
Green, Sharon,
1942-              Challenges                                                                                 Ash
Green, Sharon,
1942-              Competitions                                                                               Ash
Green, Sharon,
1942-              Convergence                                                                                Ash
                                              In the first book of Green's Blending series, we meet
                                              the characters who will embody the five magical
                                              elements: earth, air, water, fire and spirit. Every year,
                                              the society has a challenge and blendings come from
                                              all over the world to beat the Five currently on the
                                              throne. The problem with this group is that they are all
                                              new to their powers, to travel, to everything!
                                              They have to leave their homes, learn their power,
                                              AND learn to work together. It's amazing they succeed
                                              at anything. But they must, and quickly, because
                                              there's a lot more going on - and a lot more at stake -
                                              than the challenge for the Five.
                                              Green is fantastic at dialog, character, and plot. She
                                              engages the reader in her believable world and traps
                                              him/her on the edge of the seat - waiting to see what
Green, Sharon,                                befalls the characters as they wind through an
1942-            Prophecy                     intriguing but followable plot. Fantasy at its best.             Ash

                                            The readers on this audio book were fantastic! There
                                            were both male and female voices for the characters.
                                            My favorite quote from the story is from Hazel D'ark
                                            (one of 2 main characters) about her best friend on
                                            Mistworld: Ruby Journey. "She's a sadistic, amoral
                                            psychopath and those are her better qualities." The
                                            story itself reminded me a bit of star wars: great
                                            settings, cool characters, and an evil empress
                                            oppressing an entire galaxy. The way Green builds
                                            his characters is great - Hazel and Owen Deathstalker
                                            are 'real' to the reader. We have also met side
                 DeathStalker Episode       characters who, I'm sure, will play larger parts in other
                 2: Friends Enemies &       episodes - for example: Valentine, pretty fluffy drug-
Green, Simon R   Allies               audio fed aristo who is much more than meets the eye.           review   Ash
                             Cody finally gave up trying at fourteen and ran away
                             from his mother, from New York. Now he's in Texas,
                             working his way across the country, lying about his
                             age, and about to walk on to a Tiger Ranch, looking
                             for a job.
                             Cody's smart. If he could have gotten all A's in school.
                             His mother would have loved that - she would have
                             bragged to all her phony friends. But every time Cody
                             brought his report card home with C's and D' s, she
                             was in actual pain. Of course, so was Cody (page 23).
                             He got punished for his bad grades, physically. It was
                             worth it.
                             He learns the ropes on the Tiger Ranch and falls
                             asleep quickly that night - worn out. He dreams of a
                             man with a microphone - pointing to two doors: behind
                             one waits a beautiful lady with a check for a million
                             dollars! Behind the other? a hungry tiger. Choose,
                             Cody, take a chance. Are you scared?
                             Cody answers mechanically with the phrase he's said
                             since he left New York: "I'm not scared of anything."
                             Cody points to the door on the left - and there - a
                             beautiful lady. His mother. But there was no check for
                             a million dollars and Cody watched her fingernails turn
                             into long, sharp claws - she sprang at Cody and began
                             ripping at his flesh.
Greenburg, Dan   Claws   194 But that was the dream. Cody's still not scared of       booktalk Ash
                                  Epic? You know Epic. It's one of those things you
                                  have to read that goes on forever and ever and there
                                  are battles and monsters and wait. That's a different
                                  epic. What Irene hopes is that her summer will be
                                  EPIC. But it's not. It's boring. She's been fired (by her
                                  own mother!) from the beauty parlor and gets stuck
                                  babysitting two small creatures. She's bored to tears.
                                  She doodles in her sketchbook, drawing pictures of
                                  the hairdos of famous people in stories.
                                   She takes the kids swimming at the local pond.
                                   That's when she meets Starla - gorgeous, life-guard
                                  Starla. She tries to draw her hair, she introduces
                                  herself, but Starla is aloof, and really shouldn't be. I
                                  mean, Irene checks out her blog and finds not only
                                  can't Starla spell, but she writes really, really, really
                                  bad poetry. About "D." Some mysterious boyfriend
                                  she's broken up with. Starla pretends to be devastated
                                  because it's all about being a drama queen, and it's all
                                  about her. Of course it is.
                                   But Irene is stuck in a rut, having a very not-so-epic
                                  summer, until she meets the mysterious "D." And finds
                 My Almost Epic   out - he's nothing like she pictured. Not like someone
Griffin, Adele   Summer           she thought would go out with gorgeous starlet Starla. booktalk Ash
                                        Maybe that‘s how changes are made. Maybe the
                                        moment right before you‘re ready to move on is
                                        always when it‘s hardest to let go.
                                         Jane‘s the big sister - the one who always created the
                                        make-believe games she and Lily played growing
                                        up…like when they were at Augusta and granpa‘s
                                        house. Augusta was the ultimate grandma - no matter
                                        what Jane did - Augusta never looked angry - fierce
                                        sometimes, shocked, but never angry.
                                         Even when Jane smashed Augusta‘s crystal vase into
                                        a thousand needles all over the front hall - even when
                                        Jane let Piccolo - her grandparent‘s parakeet, out of
                                        his cage and watched him fly away into the woods -
                                        never to return.
                                         Jane loved going to Augusta and granpa‘s house -
                                        she‘d named their place Orchard Way and got Lily to
                                        play along with her in imaginary games. Jane would
                                        put coins in a Ziploc bag and bury them - then Lily
                                        would spend the day with a map and a shovel, digging
                                        for the buried treasure.
                                         But Jane never grew up and Lily, the younger sister,
                                        had to be the grown up one. She stopped playing
                                        Jane‘s games, started seeing Caleb, and Jane was
                                        left behind, left out, alone.
Griffin, Adelle    Where I want to be    Jane‘s dead - and Lily can‘t get over the guilt, can‘t booktalk Ash
Grossman, Lev      Codex                                                                                 Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson           Among the Barons                                                                     Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson           Among the betrayed                                                                   Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson           Among the brave                                                                      Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson           Among the free                                                                       Ash
                                           No one had ever told him exactly what would happen if
                                           anyone saw him. Death? Death was what happened
                                           to the runt pigs who got stepped on by their stronger
                                           brothers and sisters. Death was a fly that stopped
                                           buzzing when the swatter hit it. He had a hard time
                                           thinking about himself in connection with the smashed
                                           fly or the dead pig, going stiff in the sun.
                                           There was a law against Luke. Not just him, but
                                           everyone like him. And death, well, death was the
                                           Luke, with two older brothers, broke the law. Families
                                           were allowed two children each and no more. Luke
                                           had to "not exist" to the outside world. At dinner, the
                                           family was always ready to hide his plate and push his
                                           chair back into a corner if anyone stopped by. Luke
                                           was never allowed to go outside anymore, not since
                                           construction of a new development had begun. New
                                           homes, more families, families with two children. Legal
                                           families. Luke watched the cars leave and come home
                                           as the housing development filled up. But then, then
                                           he saw the curtains move, on a home where he knew
                                           the mom, dad, and two kids had left. Could it be? Was
Haddix, Margaret                           there another hidden child like him? And how could he
Peterson         Among the hidden      153 find out without risking death?                         booktalk Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson         Among the impostors                                                                       Ash
Haddix, Margaret
Peterson         Running out of time                                                                       Ash
                                       My name is Christopher.
                                        This is not a funny book. I cannot tell jokes because I
                                       do not understand them. I relax by groaning and doing
                                       math problems in my head. In fact, I am taking my A-
                                       level mathematic exams and I am only 15 years old. I
                                       eat red but not yellow or brown foods. I scream when I
                                       am touched.
                                        If I see 4 yellow cars in a row I know it is a Black Day
                                       which means: I don‘t speak to anyone, I sit on my own
                                       reading books, I don‘t eat lunch, and I ―Take No
                                       Risks‖. Once, I didn‘t talk to anyone for 5 weeks.
                                        Sherlock Holmes is my hero, and just like him I have
                                       a mystery to solve. I discovered Wellington‘s body
                                       yesterday—he was killed with a garden fork.
                                       Wellington was my neighbor‘s dog and now I must find
                                       the killer. Why would you kill a dog? Because you
                                       hated the dog? Because you were mad? Because you
                                       wanted to upset the neighbor? I don‘t know anyone
                                       who hated Wellington so it was probably a stranger
                                       and I don‘t know any mad people so it was probably a
                                       stranger. But, most murders are committed by
                                       someone who is known to the victim. In fact, you are
                                       most likely to be murdered by a member of your own
                                       family on Christmas day. This is a fact. Wellington was
                                       therefore most likely to have been killed by someone
                                       known to him.
               Curious Incident of       When I told father I am investigating the death of
               the Dog in the Night-   Wellington he got very upset and told me to stop. He
Haddon, Mark   time, The               said to me: ―OK, Christopher. I am going to say this for booktalk e smith
               Secret sanction : a
Haig, Brian    novel                                                                                    Ash
                                      Chet Gecko‘s a smart mouth - and smart - but he
                                      doesn‘t know how to avoid Herman - the Gila monster.
                                      The Big Bad Wolf could‘ve learned something from
                                      Herman - his breath was stinky enough to melt a brick
                                      Herman corners Chet between classes. Chet‘s life
                                      flashes before him - it wasn‘t pretty, but darnit, it was
                                      his life. He wanted to live to graduate.
                                      ―Gecko - I got problem,‖ Herman said.
                                      ―You know, I‘ve been meaning to mention that - you
                                      know, with a little mouthwash…‖
                                      ―Not funny,‖ Herman rumbled, ―Problem big.‖
                                      ―What‘s on your mind? And I use that term loosely,‖
                                      ―Team in trouble. Coach blame me.‖
                                      Their school took sports seriously - a monster on the
                                      front line is hard to find, so there must really be trouble
                                      if Herman - the best monster on the field - was in
                                      danger of losing his place on the team.
                                      ―So why tell me?‖ Gecko asked.
                                      ―Players go bye-bye. Not my fault. Gecko can find
                                      Herman puffed himself up and almost doubled in size
                                      while he smacked his fist into his hand - showing
                                      Gecko what would happen if he didn‘t help.
                                      ―Herman will pay - one chocolate cake for every player
                                      you find.‖
                                      Gecko gets excited - ―should‘ve been the first thing
Hale, Bruce       This Gum For Hire   you said - tell the nice detective all about it.‖           booktalk Ash

Hamilton, Peter F Judas unchained                                                                        Ash

Hamilton, Peter F Pandora's star                                                                         Ash
Hancock, Karen Arena                                                                                     Ash
                                        Sara is on a field trip to the White House in
                                        Washington D.C. when she stops before a picture of
                                        George Washington and he steps out of the picture to
                                        talk with her! (add an ―eek!‖ or emphasis for prop). He
                                        introduces her to Mr. Adams, the first president to live
                                        in the house in 1800. Mr. Adams and his wife had a
                                        son who was born in the White House, and later their
                                        son, John Quincy, became the 6th president of the
                                        United States and lived in the White House, too.
                                        Sara knows a little about the presidents. Before her
                                        class could go on the field trip, they had to do
                                        research. They looked up facts about the white house,
                                        like how they started building it in 1792, and how it
                                        burned in 1814, and how it got too old in 1949 and had
                                        to be rebuilt. It took a lot of rebuilding, too, because it‘s
                                        huge! It has 132 rooms, and is three floors high (there
                                        are two basements below, too).
                                        Sara‘s research never prepared her for the ghosts,
                                        In the Yellow Oval Room, Sara meets Harry Truman
                                        and asks if there are any secret hiding places or
                                        tunnels in the White House. Harry just wants to
                                        complain about metal detectors and x-ray machines,
                  Ghosts of the White   and how horrible it is that anyone might want to sneak
Harness, Cheryl   House                 a bomb into the White House these days.                       booktalk Ash
                                        Hi. My name's Russell and I'm a sophomore in high
                                        school. Well, I'm not actually IN high school right now,
                                        I'm home surfing the net like I usually do. Trying to find
                                        someone to talk to. I don't mind being alone, but I hate
                                        that I'm lonely. I just found a chat room for gay teens -
                                        and there's a room for my hometown! My town had
                                        never been on the list - not until tonight. Excited, I
                                        open the chat room and see one other person. We
                                        start chatting and I find out he's a sophomore at my
                                        high school - we decide to meet. At midnight. At the
                                        gazebo in the playfield at school.
                                        It's a little scary thinking your teenagers are out
                                        meeting people at midnight, strangers they don't know
                                        in dark, lonely places. Do you want to know what's
                                        more scary? Being gay in a school or town that does
                                        not accept or support differences.
                                        It's not all bad for Russell, though. The spirit is willing
                                        and innovation rules - even in Russell's circle of
                                        friends. After he meets (and survives meeting!) the
                                        stranger (who becomes a friend), they decide to form
                                        a club. Not a GSA Club - even though that would
                                        ensure no one bothered them, but something
Hartinger, Brent   Geography Club   226 else...something that no one would ever want to join: booktalk Ash   gsa
                                        Russell feels like the only gay teen at his high school.
                                        After meeting a gay teen in a chat room, he agrees to
                                        meet in person and share identities. It's none other
                                        than ___ - Jock extra-ordinaire and the last person
                                        Russell thought might be gay! He tells his best friend
                                        Min about it - and she tells him she's bisexual! It's a
                                        great start to a book that just gets better. In order to
                                        meet without raising suspicion - the group of teens
                                        sets up a Geography Club - figuring no one would
                                        want to join. After a couple of meetings, however,
                                        there's a new face at the door - and she wants to talk
                                        about maps and cartography and all things
                                        geographic! Find out how the club deals with her, and
                                        the issues they have being gay or bisexual teens in a
                                        typically bigotted school-setting. You'll love the
                                        characters. Russell's voice is right on target, and
                                        many teens will relate to this story of hiding your true
                                        self - and what happens when you decide you want to
Hartinger, Brent   Geography Club   226 share it. The good, the bad...the real.                  review   Ash   gsa
                                          (read from mid-page 3 to top of page 2):
                                          "Move it, faggot" Nate Klane said as he ambled by me
                                          in the hallway.
                                          See? This was exactly the kind of thing I'm talking
                                          about. I'd put up with this crap ever since we'd gone
                                          public with our Gay-Straight-Bisexual Alliance, and
                                          fankly, I was getting pretty tired of it. Yeah, yeah,
                                          sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can
                                          never hurt me. First of all, anyone who thinks that
                                          words can't hurt you have obviously never taken
                                          sophomore P.E. And second, did it ever occur to
                                          whoever wrote that stupid adage that hurtful words
                                          might be a pretty good indication that sticks and
                                          stones are on the way? It's not like it's an either-or-
                                          thing, I mean, has there every been a case of sticks
                                          and stones that didn't also involve at least some
                                          words? All I can say is that the writer of that adage
                                          sounds pretty damn blase about getting his bones
                                          It was four weeks from summer, and Russell is pretty
                                          psyched to get out of school.
                                          (read last 2 paragraphs of page 11)
                                          In spite of her teasing me, I was pretty happy. I was
                   The Order of the       going to be spending the summer in a place called
Hartinger, Brent   Poison Oak         240 Camp Serenity with my two best friends. I was certain booktalk Ash   gsa
                                          Bo gets angry sometimes. Just angry. But in this
                                          America, a couple of hundred years in the future,
                                          that's not allowed. So Bo takes his pill every morning,
                                          calms down, and goes to school, where he loves to
                                          run (but with a helmet and knee pads in case he falls)
                                          and whedre he's trying to build an AI (artificial
                                          intelligence) for his class project.
                                          It's very safe at school: rounded walls so no one walks
                                          into a corner, students walking (never running). It's
                                          actually a very safe country: people wear helmets
                                          when going for a walk. There are a lot of rules to keep
                                          it safe - and if you break one, well, there are also a lot
                                          of prisons. Bo knows this. His dad is in one (road
                                          rage) and so is his brother (just plain rage). Bo is
                                          worried it's in his genes, but he takes his pill, behaves
                                          himself, and runs track.
                                          That is, until he see Karlohs, the new kid, talking to
                                          Maddy, his girlfriend. Then it just gets, well, unsafe (at
                                          least for Karlohs) and Bo's attempt to keep his anger
Hautman, Pete,                            in control only makes it worse - a lot worse. Suddenly,
1952-             Rash                    everyone at the school is breaking out in a rash (very booktalk Ash

                                          Grok! Ah, Valentine. The 1960's were the perfect
                                          setting for your words of wisdom: love, accept, be
                                          free, be nest-brothers. Jubal Hurshaw - an author in
                                          your book and the one who 'takes you under his
                                          protective wing' could easily be seen in today's world
                                          as the head of the Playboy empire. If only the
                                          Martian's that raised you - then returned you to your
                                          parent's home planet - had thought to warn you what
                                          happens to Messiah's - no matter how nice the
                                          message - you might have stayed on Mars. What you
                                          showed us, though, is timeless: love is good (and
                                          should be free!), we're all in this together (in many
                                          more ways than I care to explain!) and some people
                                          are nice, while others should just succumb to the will
                  Stranger in a Strange   of those who are! Instead of saying now: it's all good!
Heinlen, Robert   Land                    We'll say in memory: Grok!                              review   Ash
                                     Billie Joe is a poet - a 'singer-of-words' who, after the
                                     damage, stood her in good stead as she tells the story
                                     of growing up in the dustbowl, during years of
                                     hardship, tragic loss, and hope. Hope is what she
                                     speaks of best, on a daily basis, while the dust swirls
                                     and her world battles to remain ungritty. Even in the
                                     most difficult moments, there's a spark of hope: hope
                                     that she'll get extra points on the test because they're
                                     testing in a dust storm, hopes she and her Dad can
                                     adopt an abandoned baby with the dimes her ma had
                                     been saving for her college: Texas A&M. A
                                     heartwearming, wonderful read about a type of life
Hesse, Karen   Out of the Dust   227 more difficult than most can imagine nowadays.            review      Ash

                                     This 5 act poetic play, set in 1924 Vermont, is a
                                     troubling tale of the Ku Klux Klan and a small town's
                                     reaction to their presence. It's about friendships,
                                     people's worth (regardless of race or religion) and the
                                     importance of having a purpose. Sara finds comfort in
                                     six year old Eshter's talks with flowers and animals;
                                     Leonora finds friendship with Mr. Fields, a skinny old
                                     balding almost blind white guy. The pictures of the
                                     characters (show before the first act) helped a lot as I
                                     began to read the lines. All lines were spoken in the
                                     first person - a little story was told - or piece of one. it
                                     was an interesting style and took a bit to get used to,
                                     but I loved the tone it provided, and the insight into the
                                     characters via their different descriptions of the same
                                     events. Don't miss the interview in the back with the
                                     author, where she discusses reading an article about
                                     the Klan in Vermont in 1924 while skimming through
                                     an airline magazine on a flight! What a way to get
Hesse, Karen   Witness               ideas!                                                       review   Ash
                                        (note - move/circle each time "step on a crack, break
                                        your mother's back")

                                        You've probably heard the children's rhyme - "step on
                                        a crack, break your mother's back." Maybe you've
                                        even said it out loud! The first time Tara hears it
                                        (she's 10) - she thinks it's cute. But then, it won't go
                                        away. It plays in her head, over and over and over
                                        While brushing her teeth
                                          step on a crack, break your mother's back

                                        While watching TV
                                           step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        While doing homework
                                           step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        While walking to school
                                           step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        It gets so bad that even though she doesn't believe it
                                        will happen, she must try not to do it. And then it gets
                                        worse. She needs (not wants, needs) to count the
                                        number of cracks on the way to school. The many
                                        opportunities for her mother's back to be broken.
                                              step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        She walks to school alone now
                                             step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        Her friends won't even talk to her
                                           step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        Her parents argue over whether she's gone nuts
                                           step on a crack, break your mother's back
                                        And Tara? Tara thinks the tyrants in her head are
Hesser, Terry                           getting worse. It's not even just the cracks and the
Spencer         Kissing Doorknobs   149 counting anymore - it's praying every time she hears a booktalk Ash
                            Stephanie wants it. She wants it so bad she has
                            dedicated her life to it - really. She spends every day
                            working it, sweating and exhausted when she's done,
                            all of her muscles screaming at the stress. She knows
                            she got the lead this time - the upcoming recital has
                            been anticpated for weeks and the lists are finally up.
                            What wasn't anticipated was Anna. Anna of the frail,
                            cute, foreign look who waltzed in three weeks ago and
                            now appears on the list as the lead role for the recital.
                            Anna, white white Anna, has the part Stephanie
                            should have had. Would have had, if Anna hadn't
                            joined the ballet school a few weeks ago.
                            Stephanie's parents support her ballet classes -
                            making sure she gets to them every day. They also
                            support her going to college and "growing out of" this
                            pipe dream to be a black ballerina. Her dad leaves
                            college catalogs on her desk, hoping she'll apply to
                            something besides those "dance schools." He's afraid
                            she won't make it. And now, with Anna's name topping
                            the list, Stephanie wonders how she's going to tell her
                            parents she didn't get the lead.
                            Ballet is her life. It's all she ever wanted. But as she
                            practices on the bar, stretching and reaching with her
                            legs, she questions whether or not she will make it.
                            That's when the lady walks in - graceful, old, dressed
Hewitt, Lori   Dancer   214 in beauty. Her son is beautiful too, but with an          booktalk Ash
                                            Bond's back at Eton; the second half of school is
                                            starting, and it's dark out. He's sneaking out of his
                                            room, crawling out of the school by lifting tiles in the
                                            bathroom and then racing across rooftops to join a
                                            secret society: the Danger Society. After his
                                            adventures the first half, this seems like a piece of
                                            The other boys, who've also made it out of their dorms
                                            and across rooftops, begin the meeting even though
                                            one guy's late. He's always late. But just as the
                                            meeting starts, he climbs over - out of breath - and
                                            gasps: "they're coming - run!"
                                            He barely makes it back in time to avoid being caught
                                            out of bed.
                  Blood Fever: A            This is just the beginning of the adventures James has
                  James Bond                in this second book of the Bond series There's a bully,
Higson, Charlie   Adventure             347 some bad guys, and, of course, a girl.                   booktalk Ash

                                            Bond. James Bond. You know the man. You know the
                                            stories: action, adventure, girls and fast cars. And old.
                                            Way old. I mean, the guy has some gray hair creeping
                                            in. Well, it wasn't always that way.
                                            In Windsor, England, there's a school called Eaton. It's
                                            kind of a stuck-up place, and James, who had been
                                            home-schooled for a while by his Aunt after his
                                            parents died, finds himself in a whole new world. It's a
                                            world of classes, cold, and bullies. To keep the
                                            pressure off and not freak out, James runs. A lot. He's
                                            a good runner and can go long distances. He'll need
                                            speed, too - to keep out of the way of the bullies, try to
                                            find a place to fit in, and try to not get killed when he
                                            suddenly finds himself in the middle of a problem
                                            bigger than Windsor has seen before. Of course,
                  Silverfin - A James       there's also a castle, evil people, dead people, and
Higson, Charlie   Bond Adventure        335 really strange, creepy things that go bump in the night. booktalk Ash
                                              Ponyboy grows up in the shadow of his big brothers
                                              (two) after his parents die. His brothers are members
                                              of the Greasers, who are always at odds with their
                                              rival gang, the Socs. Ponyboy wonders about the grey
                                              areas of life and society as he finds out real people
                                              (like himself and the other Greasers) make up the rival
                                              gang. As he battles with his coming of age, the gangs
                                              battle each other - leaving little room for black and
                                              white. Why do Socs hate Greasers? He sees the
                                              rivals as people and wonders about the injustice of a
                                              society that could pit one group against another:
Hinton, S E       Outsiders, The              sometimes to the death.                                 review     Ash

                                              This book is a great resource for librarians and/or
                                              teachers working with Young Adults and Literature.
                                              The series itself boasts three volumes, with this
                                              supplement bringing it even more up to date. Each of
                                              the authors highlighted here from Applegate to
                                              Woodson, are presented in the same format: a brief
                                              publishing history, a quote from the authors or a
                                              character in one of their books, and some background
                                              on their family and early life. The rest of the pages
                                              devoted to the author tend to cover a specific, well-
                                              known or award-winning book, and contain a selected
                  Writers for Young           Bibliography of the author‘s works – and works about
Hipple, Ted       Adults: Supplement I,       the author. All of this information is contained in a few
(editor)          Cumulative Index            short pages – well-written and easily read.               review   Ash

                                              Short teen comix, touching real-life teen issues, with
                                              notes from the authors before each comic, explaining
                                              what got them into comix, why they're still into them, or
                                              anything else the author wanted to share. Love,
                                              angst, grandparents' deaths, stereotypes, incest,
                                              abuse, guilt over masturbation (as told by a bunny
                  Mind Riot: Coming of        boy!), homophobia and more! These comix are fun,
Hirsch, Karen D   Age in Comix            123 funny, tantalizing and a bit frightening!                 review   Ash
Hoffman, Mary,    Stravaganza : city of
1945-             flowers                                                                                        Ash
Hoffman, Mary,    Stravaganza : city of
1945-             masks                                                                                          Ash
Hoffman, Mary,    Stravaganza : city of
1945-             stars                                                                                       Ash

                                              Holder and Viguie continue the fanastic Wicked series
                                              with their third book: Legacy. As the book begins,
                                              Holly's coven is on the run, and Holly's visions of
                                              Isabeau continue to plague her. The house of
                                              Devereaux still wants her and all of the Cahors
                                              witches dead, and the Mother Coven continues to take
                                              a hands-off approach to helping out against the
                                              Supreme Coven. Michael Devereaux continues to plot
                                              his revenge on the Cahors (Cathers) and scheme to
                                              take over the Supreme Coven in London. Holly's
                                              caught up in the midst of a 600 year battle of wills,
                                              fighting as each generation has, and wondering if she
                                              can withstand the pressures of the present day, the
Holder, Nancy &                               pressures of leading her coven, and the contstant
Viguie, Debbie    Legacy (Wicked2)        315 visions, to survive.                                   review   Ash
                                              Book four in the Wicked series (Spellbound) finds
                                              Nicole kidnapped (again!) Holly incapacitated. Sir
                                              William, leader of the Supreme Coven, has decided to
                                              rid the world of the Cahors legacy once and for all,
                                              and creates twelve golems, four each for Holly, Nicole
                                              and Amanda. They are focused and deadly and little in
                                              the world can stop them once they're unleashed. In
                                              addition to fighting for their lives and sanity, the
                                              Cahors witches must now battle not only House
Holder, Nancy &                               Devereaux, but the Supreme Coven too! It may prove
Viguie, Debbie    Spellbound (Wicked 2)   340 too much.                                              review   Ash
                            It's exactly a year after the rafting accident that took
                            her parents' lives. Holly knows it was no accident, and
                            that she, a witch from a long line of witches, is in
                            extreme danger from a family of warlocks that has had
                            a blood feud with her family for over 600 years. Holly
                            has learned and grown in her witchcraft, living with her
                            Aunt in Seattle and her two cousins, who help
                            practice. She hadn't learned enough, though to save
                            the person she loved from the Black Fire, to save her
                            cousin Nicole from the horror and fear. Now, Holly's
                            coven is reduced to just a few people, Nicole is on the
                            run and hasn't been heard from, and the Deveraux are
                            starting to fight back - again. This time, Michael
                            Devereaux has sworn to kill the Cahors witches once
                            and for all - ending 600 years of hatred and revenge.
                            Will Holly be strong enough to stop him? She's only
                            had a year to learn her craft, half of her coven is gone,
                            and the people she's fighting? The Devereaux?
                            They've stayed on top of their game, every generation,
Holder, Nancy               since birth. They call the dark magic, a strong and
and Viguie,                 brutal magic, and have no problem with live sacrifices
Debbie          Curse   291 to enhance their powers. How can she win?                 booktalk Ash
                                            Oh, great, a storm. On top of everything else.
                                            These are Holly's thoughts as she white-water rafts
                                            down the Colorado River with her fighting parents, her
                                            best friend Tina (another only child) and the guide. It
                                            gets worse.
                                            The raft is capsized, Holly can't unbuckle the belt that
                                            ties her into the raft and the water is freezing,
                                            drowning her, as the raft sinks.
                                            I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. This is all Holly can think
                                            as the grey mist descends and she becomes numb,
                                            empty. She closes her eyes.
                                            That's when she sees it. An exquisite shade of blue. It
                                            shimmers like a movie on a moving screen. The blue
                                            glow becomes a figure, a person, a woman who is
                                            beautiful and speaks: Run, flee, escape! Don't pack
                                            your belongings. You must go, go now, if she is to live.
                                            A scene from the past plays in Holly's head, and she
                                            struggles to wake up. There's a circle of people, a
                                            wood, fire, a knife, blood. A sacrifice.
                                            No, Holly whispers. The rustling of fabric...or leaves.
                                            Holly is lying on the bank of the river, and hears a
Holder, Nancy                               shout: There's a survivor!
and Viguie,                                 This begins Holly's awareness of her magic, her past,
Debbie          Witch                   361 her future without her best friend or parents. No one     booktalk Ash
Hooper, Kay     Always a thief                                                                                 Ash
Hooper, Kay     Chill of fear                                                                                  Ash

Hooper, Kay     Hiding in the shadows                                                                         Ash
Hooper, Kay     Hunting fear                                                                                  Ash
Hooper, Kay     Once a thief                                                                                  Ash
Hooper, Kay     Sense of evil                                                                                 Ash
Hooper, Kay     Sleeping with fear                                                                            Ash
Hooper, Kay     Stealing shadows                                                                              Ash
Hooper, Kay     Touching evil                                                                                 Ash
Hooper, Kay     Whisper of evil                                                                               Ash
                                            Not only are his parents a long-time-dead, but now his
                                            Uncle is too. Alex, 16, is just a little overwhelmed. The
                                            car accident that took his uncle was as fake as his
                                            uncle‘s job…at the bank.
                                             Crawley - the bank manager - calls Alex into a
                                            meeting. Alex has just seen his uncle‘s car - and the
                                            bullet holes in it left no doubt in Alex‘s mind it wasn‘t a
                                            mere car accident that took his only remaining family
                                            away from him.
                                             Crawley comes clean with Alex - his uncle was NOT
                                            an international banker, he was an international spy in
                                            the Special Operations Division of M-16. It's like the
                                            British version of the CIA.
                                             As if finding out his uncle was a James-Bond wanna-
                                            be wasn't bad enough, now M-16 wanted Alex to
                                            complete the case his Uncle had been working on.
                                             Dangerous? Heck Yeah. But Alex loved his Uncle,
                                            and the idea of getting the people who killed him
                                            sounded good to Alex. Besides, the M-16 people
                                            weren‘t really giving him much choice.
                                             So, Alex finds himself between a rock and stone wall -
                                            M-16 won't take no for an answer, and the guys who
                                            killed his Uncle obviously mean business. He has to
Horowitz,                                   do it, but can he survive it?
Anthony          Stormbreaker           234 (James Bond meets Spy High)                                 booktalk Ash
Anthony, 1955-   Ark angel                                                                                      Ash
Anthony, 1955-   Eagle Strike                                                                                   Ash
Anthony, 1955-   Point Blank                                                                                    Ash
Anthony, 1955-   Scorpia                                                                                        Ash
Horowitz,        Skeleton Key : an
Anthony, 1955-   Alex Rider adventure                                                                           Ash
                                  It's been ten years since Milla's six-week old baby
                                  Justin was ripped from her arms in Mexico. Everyone
                                  thinks she should have given up the search years ago,
                                  but Milla continues on her quest to find the men who
                                  stole her baby - and find out what happened to him.
                                  Was he dead? Alive? There is not much hope for
                                  babies stolen and smuggled over the border to be
                                  adopted; many of them died, locked in trunks that bore
                                  the brutal sun of Mexico's summer. Milla doesn't
                                  believe this happened to her baby though - she
                                  believes Justin is alive, and she has dedicated the
                                  years since his kidnapping to finding lost children. Her
                                  entire focus, her only purpose, has been to find her
                                  son. Now, after years of searching and finding other
                                  people's lost ones, she has a clue, an anonymous tip:
                                  Diaz will be there. Diaz, she thinks, is the man who
                                  stole her baby. He has only one eye now, thanks to
                                  her, and she follows the clues to him as doggedly as
                                  she has pursued quest these last ten years. But Diaz
                                  is not the one-eyed man, he's something far more
Howard, Linda   Cry No More   392 dangerous.                                               booktalk Ash
                                      Sarah's not just any butler, she's the Judge's butler.
                                      She's been with him ever since his kids got worried
                                      about death threats and hired her for protection and to
                                      manage his life and lifestyle. She loves the Judge -
                                      and taking care of his house and overseeing his life
                                      and ensuring his protection is all part of a daily job for
                                      her. Her training in protection and martial arts are also
                                      part of the job. It's a good thing she's had them, too
                                      when she wakes up to a silent room; a room where
                                      the electricity is off and the ceiling fan has stopped
                                      spinning. She goes to the Judge's house - across the
                                      yard, and steps inside. She hears them before she
                                      sees them - and realizes these two men are not here
                                      to kill the Judge - they're just burglars. She lays in wait
                                      for them, and as they struggle to get a large TV out of
                                      the den, she trips one. The TV lands on him and he
                                      screams. The other burglar, thinking his associate
                                      simply tripped, comes through to help his friend. Sarah
                                      clocks him on the head and down he goes:
                                      unconscious. The 911 operator is a bit amused, but
                                      remains professional:
                                      (reading from page 13) "I'm going to repeat what you
                                      said to make sure I have it straight. One man was
                                      unconscious, but now he's coming around, and you
                                      have him tied up with phone cord."
                                      "That's correct."
                                      "he other man is pinned by a fifty-five-inch television,
Howard, Linda   Dying to Please   392 and may have broken legs."                                  booktalk Ash
Howe, James,
1946-           The misfits                                                                               Ash
                                          (Read From Page 51) Mom, Dad, I have Something
                                          to tell you. (switch to narrator voice): You‘ve given it a
                                          lot of thought, and you‘re ready to come out. So how
                                          do you do it, especially to (gulp) your parents? The
                                          possible ways to come out are as diverse as the
                                          people who decie to come out. There isn‘t one perfect
                                          method for coming out, but some ways are more
                                          positive than others:
                                          § Be prepared (flip page, just read BOLD headings)
                                          § Be patient
                                          § Pick a good time
                                          § Hope for the best but prepare for the worst
                                          § Practice

                                          (Read From Page 55) Middle quote:
                                          Been There. Scott, 19.
                                          My father‘s response was simple. He stood up, gave
                                          me a hug, and said ―You remember I said I would
                                          always love you, right?‖ I said, ―Yes.‖ And he said ―I
                                          meant it.‖

                                          (Read From Page 61) Middle quote:
                                          Been There. Robert, 15.
                                          In ninth grade, my second day at public school, I was
                                          walking dow the hall and a young male said the word
                                          that wounds every gay teenager – fag. From there on
                                          things snowballed. Daily, more and more people
                                          would use those hate words: fag, homo, queer, sissy.
                                          Eventually things moved from words to also violence
                                          and pranks. I even had death threats.
                GLBTQ: The Survival
                Guide for Queer and       (Read From Page 178) Bottom quote:
Huegel, Kelly   Questioning Teens     224 Been There. Alycia. 19. Transgender Teen.                    booktalk Ash   gsa
                Blood books. Volume
Huff, Tanya     1                                                                                              Ash
                Blood books. Volume
Huff, Tanya     2                                                                                              Ash
                                           Huff's duology (Child of the Grove and The Last
                                           Wizard), together in one volume, bring the reader to a
                                           land of wizards-gone-bad. The land is recuperating,
                                           and the people beginning to piece their lieves back
                                           together. When the gods and goddesses, created of
                                           the Mother, stopped the evil wizards with the Wizard's
                                           Doom, little magic was left. Or so they thought. It
                                           appears, many decades (even centuries) later, that
                                           one wizard survived. An evil (as all wizards were back
                                           in the day) wizard who gains power as time passes -
                                           and there is no one left to stop him. No one. Until the
                                           Lady of the Grove, a dramadryad of myth (or so most
                                           people believe) gets invovled. In a land recuperating
                                           from the damage wreaked by evil wizards, in a time
                                           when myths of goddesses living in trees and begetting
                                           children with mortals are not believed, come
                                           characters who may save - or destroy - the world and
                                           the Elder races and mortals that live in it. Huff's
                                           characters are true to their natures and surprise the
                                           reader with their choices throughout this fun,
                                           fantastical romp in a world of goddesses, dwarves,
Huff, Tanya      Wizard of the Grove   576 centaurs, and, of course, Lord Death.                   review     Ash

                                           This book was first published in 1932, the only book of
                                           verse Hughes wrote for young readers. In this new
                                           edition, seven additional works have been added.
                                           Hughes covers everything from holding tight to your
                                           dreams (Dreamers) to loss of innocence (After Many
                                           Springs) to death (Irish Wake) and the hard steps of
Hughes,                                    life (Mother to Son). The illustrations (etchings)
Langston, and                              complement the flavor of his words. Mostly rhyming,
Pinkney, Brian   DreamKeeper &             his words set imagination on fire, kindle the spirit, and
(Illustrator)    Other Poems, The          warm the hearts of those who read them.                   review   Ash
Iles, Greg       Spandau Phoenix                                                                              Ash
                                        This book is easy to follow and easy to read. It is
                                        broken down into chapters that address family, job,
                                        school, bodies, weapons, rights and punishments. It
                                        is also well-indexed. Under the "What are my rights?"
                                        section you can find out if you must wear a motorcycle
                                        helmet and the laws that apply - in 2 chapters or less!
                                        This reference is also indexed under motorcycles -
                                        making the book easy to read through - or easy to find
                                        a specific item. Interested in divorcing your parents?
                                        You can in Florida! (Right after you find out who really
                                        the right to 'discipline' you!) Good information, great
                                        resources (including many social service numbers and
                  What Are My Rights?   the Child Abuse Hotline) and is written with a quick
                  95 Questions and      and to the point style that teens will like. The
Jacobs, Thomas    Answers About Teens   downside? The book is already seven years old and a
A                 and the Law           number of items are out of date.                         review   Ash
James, Brian      Tomorrow maybe                                                                          Ash
Jance, Judith A   Day of the Dead                                                                         Ash
Johansen, Iris    Countdown                                                                               Ash
Johansen, Iris    Fatal tide                                                                              Ash
Johansen, Iris    Firestorm                                                                               Ash
                                          Nell has always been shy and stood off to the sides
                                          during parties. Her mother made it very clear, all the
                                          time, what an ugly child she was, and Nell, a bit
                                          overweight and uncomfortable in social settings,
                                          believed every word of it. Being married to Richard
                                          required her to attend far too many social events, but
                                          she'd gotten used to them - and even helped out other
                                          people like herself who were uncomfortable at the
                                          gatherings. Richard was moving up in his company,
                                          and the parties were getting more lavish with more
                                          and more big names in attendance. Nell just wanted
                                          this latest party to be over, so she could bring a tray of
                                          food to her daughter and enjoy a picnic with the love
                                          of her life.
                                          All that ends abruptly when she's attacked by a man
                                          with a knife, thrown off a balcony to land at the bottom
                                          of cliff. She slowly recovers, only to find out her child
                                          and husband are dead, and she's supposed to be, too.
                                          The people helping her out give her a new face, a
                                          beautiful face, but inside, she just feels splintered and
                                          broken, and angry. Very very angry. She will get the
Johansen, Iris   Ugly Duckling, The   408 monster who cut her up and killed her only child. No       booktalk Ash
                                               It‘s not easy being raped. Not very nice either. It‘s not
                                               one of the moments you look back on with a clear
                                               mind and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your middle. No,
                                               you try not to look back on it all, but when you must
                                               (and it seems like you must every day, every hour)
                                               there‘s a cold ball of terror, fear, guilt and shame stuck
                                               somewhere smack dab in the middle of who you are -
                                               sometimes for a very, very, very long time.
                                               Did I ask for it? Did I fight enough? Could I have done
                                               something differently?
                                               If only I‘d left the (party, concert, friend‘s house) five
                                               minutes sooner or later than I did. Good grief, did my
                                               body really respond to that while my mind cowered in
                                               a corner trying to hide?
                                               Was it my fault? Was I a target?
                                               This is the story of Grady – and how as if dealing with
                                               a rape wasn‘t tough enough, he now had to survive
                                               classes at a new High School. He was supposed to be
                                               a senior, but was repeating his junior year because he
                                               missed so much school after IT happened.
                                               ―Try to eat your lunch today, Grady,‖ his mom
                                               reminded him as she dropped him off.
                                               He made it to homeroom – saw an empty seat in the
                                               back and flew through groups of kids to get to it. He
                                               plowed over a small black kid and threw himself down.
                                               ―You (bleep!)!‖ the black kid yelled, ―so much for
Johnson,                                       improved race relations honkey-butt!‖
Kathleen Jeffrie   Target                  175 Great, Grady shook his head; his first day and he was booktalk Ash   gsa
                   The forging of the
Johnson, Oliver    shadows                                                                                   Ash
Johnson, Oliver    The last star at dawn                                                                     Ash
                   The nations of the
Johnson, Oliver    night                                                                                     Ash
                                   Fragments. Tiny pieces of something that make no
                                   One, two, three, four.
                                   If you break something, like a mirror, into pieces, and
                                   litter it around on the ground, sometimes you can't
                                   even tell what it is.
                                   Two, four, six, eight.
                                   Sometimes you can't ever tell what it is, what it was,
                                   what it could be if only you could piece all of the
                                   fragments back together again.
                                   Three, six, nine, twelve.
                                   And if you could? Find all the fragments and take glue
                                   and clean slate and glue them all together in a picture -
                                   a whole, coherent picture....
                                   Four, eight, twelve, sixteen...
                                   Would it be pretty? This picture? This picture made
                                   from broken, smashed pieces that lay jumbled about
                                   forever, or at least for as long as Chase has been
                                   counting in his head to stay calm?
                                   Chase the Teenager, the Survivor.
                                   Superboy - boy of steel.
Johnston, Jeffry                   Bloody Crucifix.
W.                 Fragments   204             Fragments.                                    booktalk Ash
                                           Belle has been with Dylan for a couple of years, now.
                                           As seniors, they've already had "the talk" about
                                           college next year, seeing other people, and Belle
                                           figures that's what bothering Dylan tonight, as they
                                           walk near her house in Eastbrook Maine. It's a small
                                           town, and as much as Belle notices her neighbors
                                           doing their habitual things (the lady down the street
                                           peeks out from behind her curtain to watch her and
                                           Dylan take a stroll, her neighbor Eddie's house is
                                           black and she hopes he's not watching porn on a
                                           Saturday night instead of going out, maybe to the
                                           movies, whatever), her neighbors also notice her.
                                           That's the way it is in a small town. Everyone knows
                                           everyone and everything about them.
                                           Dylan stops her - makes her look at him - she can tell
                                           he's being very serious and subdued, not his usual
                                           "Belle," he says, "I'll never love another woman."
                                           Sheesh, Belle thinks, here we go again.
                                           "Dylan, we already talked about this - of course you'll
                                           love another woman someday, I mean, maybe we'll
                                           still be together after college...."
                                           "No." Dylan's answer was flat. "You don't get it. I'll
                                           never love another woman because I'm gay, Belle."
                                           The world stops. One century passes. Two. My mouth
                Tips on Having a Gay       drops open, my legs bring me backwards, one step,
Jones, Carrie   (ex) Boyfriend         278 another, and into the breakdown lane beside the road. booktalk Ash
                                           Carrie captures small town life well in this young adult
                                           novel that addresses difficult issues in the modern
                                           world. Handling the characters with consideration,
                                           Carrie portrays each of them with fine and fascinating
                                           detail, especially the main characters: Belle and
                                           Dylan. These two have been "a couple" for a while
                                           now, but in the opening lines of the book, Dylan tells
                                           Belle he'll never "love another woman" because he's
                                           gay. Belle is devastated. She begins making lists,
                                           insisting she won't become a Mallory (someone who
                                           self-pities after the requisite week of grieving from a
                                           break-up) but finds it difficult to adjust to life without a
                                           boyfriend, and life as the girl in town who "went out
                                           with that gay guy." A funny, touching novel about
                Tips on Having a Gay       finding self while living with the pressure from those
Jones, Carrie   (ex) Boyfriend         278 around you. Well done.                                       review   Ash
                                       For twenty-five years, Theatana has been exiled on a
                                       very remote island - with no hope of escape. Her
                                       captors are vigilant. Every thirty days, a supply ship
                                       comes and Thateana is locked in her quarters so she
                                       can't try any of her black magic.
                                       She walks her island prison freely, and is well treated.
                                       She is, after all, royalty, even though her use of the
                                       occult is forbidden because of the foul taint the high
                                       priestess found in her.
                                       Twenty five years is a long time to be exiled on a
                                       prison island, but all that changes when a ship pulls
                                       up, twenty days early and filled with large burly men,
                                       the likes of which no one on the island has ever seen.
                                       Ilarion - Theatana's nephew - commans the fleet of
                                       ships sent to the island, a day or two late to save the
                                       guards (all dead) or find Theatana - now long gone.
                                       The throne is rightfully hers - and she immediately
                                       begins plotting a merciless assault on her homeland -
                                       her own blood and kin. It's up to Ilarion to stop her -
                                       but her ability to wield the Craft, and to call on the
                                       darkest aspects of it - thwart him at every turn.
                                       It's really all about Power - but can either of them
                                       handle the devastating power about to be revealed?
Jones, Dennis,   The mask and the      Devastating enough to destroy not only one side or
1945-            sorceress             the other - but the whole world?                         booktalk Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne            A sudden wild magic                                                                    Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne            A tale of Time City                                                                    Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne            Archer's goon                                                                          Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne            Cart and cwidder                                                                       Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne            Castle in the air                                                                      Ash
                 Chronicles of
Jones, Diana     Chrestomanci :
Wynne            volume 1                                                                               Ash
                 Chronicles of
Jones, Diana     Chrestomanci :
Wynne            volume II                                                                              Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne             Drowned ammet         Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne             Fire and hemlock      Ash
Jones, Diana      The crown of
Wynne             Dalemark              Ash
Jones, Diana      The Homeward
Wynne             Bounders              Ash
Jones, Diana      The magicians of
Wynne             Caprona               Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne             The spellcoats        Ash
Jones, Diana
Wynne             Year of the griffin   Ash
Jones, Susanna,
1967-             The earthquake bird   Ash
                                        The new teacher was young, inexperienced. She
                                        thought she could get through to the kids - bless her -
                                        and make a difference to the dumbells in my Year 10
                                        class. She is frighteningly cheerful, smiling at
                                        everyone all of the time and generally spooking us out.
                                        She over-prepares her lessons. You can tell she
                                        spends hours putting them together and finding
                                        materials she thinks are interesting. In short? She's a
                                        disaster waiting to happen.
                                        She asks Jaryd to put the ball down. She asks Jaryd
                                        to get his feet off the desk. The infinite patience in her
                                        voice makes you want to poke her eye out with a stick.
                                        Amazingly, Jaryd does what she asks, but she pushes
                                        it, just a little further.
                                        "Now get your books out and put that football away,
                                        Jaryd Kiffing."
                                        We watched the ball arc slowly over the desks. I knew,
                                        I swear to God, that his aim was perfect. It might not
                                        have been so bad, just being smacked on the back of
                                        the head, but she was writing on the blackboard and
                                        the force shoved her head forward so that she head-
                                        butted the board.
                                        One minute Miss Leanyer was the small, quiet, timid
                                        teacher, the next, she was a raving lunatic. She
                  Crimes and            leaped over desks to get to the back of the room and
                  Punishments of Miss   fell on Kiffo like an avenging harpy. Face twisted into a
Jonsberg, Barry   Payne, The            mad grimace, she was banging his head on the wall          booktalk Ash
                                       Jude wants to be a man, destined for greater things
                                       than watchign the four plagues (his little sisters) and
                                       the swine his family raises to survive. He sets off to
                                       buy a new bow - he's saved for years - and returns to
                                       his village that night, tired from the ten mile walk to
                                       His village is gone. Fire and ash still burn and drift
                                       where once there were homes and people Everyone is
                                       dead. Everyone. His family, the kids who made fun of
                                       his big size and clumsy ways.
                                       A stirring of air - the noise of wings - and Jude cowers
                                       in the forest, hoping the dragon - a creature
                                       supposedly extinct fifty years ago - will leave the
                                       So begins Jude's tale - a boy become a man, a
                  The hunting of the   dragon on the wing - and did I mention a girl? Jing
Jordan, Sherryl   last dragon          Wei - a tiny girl locked in a tiny cage, with tiny feet. booktalk Ash
                                          My name Avala - I'm about to turn 16.
                                          I was the first child born to a hunted people, in the
                                          winter of their flight.
                                          My people are called the Shinali, and by the time I was
                                          born, there were only a few of us left. Always, we were
                                          Things were not between my father's people and my
                                          mother's. The Navorans (my dad's side) had hunted
                                          my people for years, and still did. We hid, camped in
                                          valleys hidden by snow, moving often to avoid being
                                          found and wiped out.
                                          That day, that fateful day, I was gathering herbs to
                                          help my mother (our healer) and learn as her
                                          apprentice. I had gathered almost half of the eysela
                                          flowers and went back to the river to drink.
                                          There was a feeling of danger, even though the
                                          horizon looked clear. Quickly I gathered my things,
                                          and heard the sound of hooves. The only place to hid
                                          was in the river. I tucked my bag of flowers behind
                                          boulders and dove in, hiding, shivering, diving under
                                          to hold my breath when I heard men dismount. It was
                                          a group of Navoran guards.
                                          One saw me. But instead of yelling to his friends, he
                                          smiled - a smile of a friend - and went back without
Jordan, Sherryl   Time of the Eagle   464 telling where I was.                                    booktalk Ash
                                            Lucy IS Cinderella. She lives with her wicked
                                            stepmother and two evil stepsisters: princess one and
                                            princess two. She lives in the basement with no
                                            furniture because her stepmother needs to look
                                            around and find "just the right thing." It's been months
                                            since Lucy moved in and the wanna-be-interior-
                                            designer-wicked-stepmother just hasn't found the
                                            perfect headboard for Lucy's stuck-in-the-basement
                                            Lucy daydreams through class - making lists to
                                            determine if she really IS like Cinderella or just feels
                                            that way.
                                                            (hold up prop with these two columns
                                            Cinderella                                 Me
                                            Dead mother                                Dead mother
                                            Wicked stepmother                          Wicked
                                            Evil stepsisters (2)                       Evil stepsisters
                                            Friendless                                 Friendless
                                            Once she's established the columns, she sees it's true
                                            - except for the friendless thing - Lucy wonders
                                            whether the small talking animals can be considered
                                            friends - it's not like Cinderella can ask the bluejay to
                                            meet her at starbucks for a latte or anything. Still,
                                            she's not sure - so she crosses out friendless and
                                            draws a woodchuck...
                                            She adds "Father dead" to the cinderella list and then
                                            "Father alive" on her list, but isn't quite sure if it's true.
                  If I Have a Wicked        I mean, she knows her father is alive and in breathing,
                  Stepmother, Where's       but he's always working in the city while Lucy is stuck
Kantor, Melissa   My Prince             283 with the evil stepmom.                                         booktalk Ash
                                       It all begins with a seemingly random stabbing of Baby
                                       Boy Lee in the alley behind a blues bar where he is
                                       playing that night. Baby Boy was just about to get his
                                       'big break' and make it into the big-time. Alex
                                       Delaware's skills as a psychologist and police
                                       consultant are put to the test as he, Milo and Detective
                                       Petra track what at first appear to be unrelated
                                       murders. The perversion and psychosis run deep and
Kellerman,                             Kellerman takes us once again into the twisted trails of
Jonathon       Cold Heart, A       413 murder in Hollywood.                                     review   Ash
Kenyon, Kay    The braided world                                                                         Ash

                                       It's a world where a litre of your blood would sell for
                                       1.84 million dollars. Yes. 1.84 million. See, you don't
                                       have P2, and in the future, 80% of the people do. Oh,
                                       you might live ten to twenty years with P2, but the end
                                       would still be devastating and painful, and so not
                                       pretty. If you're wealthy, you can put the end off even
                                       longer, by buying some very expensive "clean" blood.
                                       For Dallas, it's not about him, but his daughter. He
                                       mades a good salary, designing security systems so
                                       no one can get through, but not a good enough salary
                                       to buy his daughter the amount of blood she needs to
                                       survive P2.
                                       The plus side? He designed the security for the First
                                       National Blood Bank. The downside? His employers
                                       know this - and are most certainly watching him.
                                       It's an impregnable bank - but he needs what's in
Kerr, Philip   Second Angel, The   432 those vaults - he has to try.                           booktalk Ash
               One flew over the
Kesey, Ken     cuckoo's nest                                                                             Ash
                                     Justin‘s been doing it for years, But its only lately that
                                     his dad made a campaign out of it.- to get him to stop.
                                     And really the only reason is because of the dental
                                     bills. It seems that the thumb sucking has pushed his
                                     teeth forward, and the dentist, a bit of a wacko,
                                     hypnotizes him to get him to stop. Justin has to admit
                                     its better than the awful tasting stuff his dad was
                                     putting on his thumb.
                                     	 hypnosis works… Justin tries to find the comfort,
                                     the solace, he once found by sucking his thumb, but
                                     it‘s elusive. His thumb no longer grants him that piece
                                     of mind.
                                     His obsession finds its way into all the other aspects
                                     of his life though and as he manages all the terrors
                                     and joys of growing up, it doesn‘t fade, not when he
                                     talks a girl into taking off her shirt, not when he plans
                 Thumbsucker : a     an evil revenge on the dentist who made him lose his
Kien, Walter     novel               happy place.                                               booktalk Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Carrie                                                                                 Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Christine                                                                              Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Cujo                                                                                   Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Different seasons                                                                      Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Firestarter                                                                            Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            It                                                                                     Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Misery                                                                                 Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            The dead zone                                                                          Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            The stand                                                                              Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            The talisman                                                                           Ash
King, Stephen,
1947-            Thinner                                                                                Ash
                                 This was one of my favorite books in high school! I
                                 loved Jack - a kid like any other who just got moved to
                                 the end of the world (New Hampshire - where I lived
                                 growing up!) with his mom - who's dying. He meets
                                 an old guy at a video game place on Hampton Beach,
                                 and Speedy Parker becomes a friend. Speedy helps
                                 Jack understand his daydreams are not daydreams -
                                 but a door to another world called the Territories. In
                                 this other world, a Queen is dying - just like his mom in
                                 this one. Thus begins a magical Quest to save his
                                 mom and the Queen. There are deadlines, and
                                 adventures, friends and enemies, and through it all,
                                 one young boy named Jack - who must succeed in his
King, Stephn and                 quest to cross the country on foot and save his dying
Straub, Peter    Talisman, The   mom.                                                      review   Ash
                                    Emma knows she's meant for better things than
                                    getting coffee for her marketing bosses. She dreams
                                    of "making it" but isn't quite sure how she'll do that.
                                    She tried photography, but that wasn't it. Now she
                                    knows, just knows, that she'll make it in marketing.
                                    And then she gets her big chance: the boss can't
                                    make a meeting, so Emma gets to fly to another
                                    company and close a "done-deal."
                                    But what Emma doesn't know is that she's terrified of
                                    flying. She doesn't know the company she‘s flying to is
                                    going to back out of the "done-deal" and she doesn't
                                    know she's going to spill an entire can of her
                                    company's benchmark product (soda) all over the guy
                                    she‘s trying to close the deal with.
                                    Afterwards, she knows the cocktails in the lounge
                                    before the plane ride back feel good. So does whining
                                    to one of the stewardesses who happens to be there
                                    with her.
                                    When her flight is called, she's a little tipsy, and the
                                    stewardess lets her sit in first class. She sits next to a
                                    man and starts to chat about her horrible day. And
                                    that's when it starts. The bumping, the warning lights,
                                    the passengers screaming.
                                    Oh my God, Emma thinks, I'm going to die.
                                    So she tells this stranger, the one sitting next to her
                                    (probably wishing he was somewhere else) all of her
                                    secrets. ALL of them. How she hates thong underwear
                                    and thinks her boyfriend's too cute - he looks like a
                                    ken doll. How she pours orange juice in a plant at
                   Can You Keep a   work whenever the plant's owner ticks her off. There's
Kinsella, Sophie   Secret?          a whole list, and she screams them all as the plane        booktalk Ash
                                       Hey, I'm Jack, a senior in high school, doing all the
                                       senior kind of things, into, well, what seniors are into I
                                       guess: girls, sports, sentence fragments (um, my
                                       English teacher says I like them too much). I love
                                       sports, and would totally be the best, except my folks
                                       have told me not to. Kind of a trip, eh? Don't excel,
                                       don't get first place. But this last game? I had to, I
                                       gave it a little more and there it was - a win. Cameras
                                       popping in my face. My name on the news. My
                                       girlfriend all over it. It was great. Until I got home and
                                       my folks were all freaked out. So my mom says:
                                       goodbye, and my dad tosses me in the car to go for a
                                       Then it really gets weird. He says he loves me but he's
                                       not my dad. And suddenly, my life's not real anymore.
                                       None of it. I mean, my parents aren't my parents. It's
                                       almost midnight and my steady slow-driving father is
                                       careening down backroads at top speed, scaring the
                                       crap outta me. Then THEY attack, and suddenly I'm
                                       on the run, my dad's dead, and creatures I never knew
                                       existed want me dead. Hunh. It was easier being in
Klass, David   Firestorm               school...                                                  booktalk Ash
                                       While this book gets rave reviews and is always
                                       checked out - it was definitely NOT my thing. The tone
                                       of the narrator is a bit over-angsty for me, and the
                                       continued attitude ridden "you don't know me" was
                                       overdone. There are few books I don't finish, finding
                                       something worthy of continued sufferance through bad
                                       writing styles, but this was one I had no stomach to
                                       finish. Instead of finding a plot, characters, movement
                                       or action of any type, I found a self-indulgent, almost
                                       pre-pubescent stereotype of the attitude-ridden teen,
                                       without any redeeming qualities or characteristics. In
                                       fact, the character was lacking in any defining
                                       character-traits (other than the overplayed: you don't
                                       know me) at all.
                                       While I could say: don't bother reading this - I find
                                       instead a need to say: read it and make up your own
                                       mind! With so many checkouts and decent reviews
               You don't know me : a   from other sources, there may be something in this
Klass, David   novel                   book for anyone other than me.                             review   Ash
                                           Vivian‘s got a pack-whether she wants them or not. As
                                           loupgarou - werewolf- pack id the most important. But
                                           what she wants is a friend – not like the five – the boys
                                           she grew up with who are dangerous & mean, now, a
                                           real friend, Someone who could understand how torn
                                           she is- between instinct and fear& the need to belong
                                           to something normal.
                                           Its hard enough to be a junior in school w/out coming
                                           home to a bloody, scratched mother.
                                           You‘ve been fighting again mom!
                                           Yeah, esme said, but you should see the other bitch.
                                           Bitch- a female dog or wolf or werewolf.
                                           Vivian despairs of ever fitting in with the violent urges
                                           of her pack, and has no idea hoe to make human
Klaus, Annette                             friends. Will she ever find her place? Somewhere
Curtis           Blood and Chocolate   264 between blood and chocolate.                                 booktalk Ash
                                           It‘s just a kiss - but oh, what a kiss! A little pressure, a
                                           little more, the breath gets shorter, faster, the kiss a
                                           little harder. Then a prick, a fang, a drop of blood, and
                                           you‘re lost. A vampire‘s kiss has that effect. It‘s like
                                           really really hot sex, but then you never wake up (or
                                           go to sleep, I guess, either).
                                           I read a lot of vampire books way back in the day (yes,
                                           long long ago I was in high school too) and I got kind
                                           of burnt out on them. I mean, there‘s only so many
                                           ways to suck face then die, right? Well, I figured I‘d
                                           give Silver Kiss a try because one, it had silver in the
                                           title and I have to admit it‘s one of my favorite colors
                                           (go raiders?)!, and two, well, it seemed short enough
                                           that if it wasn‘t any good, I wouldn‘t waste a lot of time
                                           reading it!
                                           I‘m glad I tried it - it‘s not ‗another old vampire‘ story.
                                           It‘s really a story about Zoe. Her mom‘s dying and
                                           she‘s alone a lot and angry and hurt. Her best friend
                                           Lorraine is moving away to Oregon (might as well be
                                           Venus) in just a couple of weeks, and Zoe is lost.
                                           Simon finds her, and follows her home - but can‘t
Klaus, Annette                             come in unless he‘s invited. Will she let him in? Will
Curtis           Silver Kiss, The          she let anyone be close to her ever again? And what‘s booktalk Ash
Klause, Annette
Curtis            Alien secrets                                                                         Ash
                                       Laura and her cousin Rose grew up together - best
                                       friends. Rose‘s Dad - Uncle Chorley to Laura, mostly
                                       raised them. Laura‘s father Tziga, like Chorley‘s wife,
                                       her Aunt Grace, were Dreamhunters - and not often
                                       Tziga was the finder of the Place and the founder of
                                       Dreamhunting. The Place is a land that few people
                                       can get to - but if they do - and they sleep - they
                                       gather dreams that can be brought back out to the
                                       world and shared with others. Anyone can Try to
                                       cross the border and go into the place, but not until
                                       they‘re fifteen. Two places hold ceremonies, and
                                       Rangers line up to help those few who ―disappear‖
                                       from the world and go to the Place for the first time.
                                       Laura and Rose are excited about Trying; Rose is
                                       confident and Laura, always following in Rose‘s
                                       footsteps. Even though Laura and Rose are quite
                                       spoiled, and their famous Dreamhunter parents bring
                                       in more than enough money with the Dreams they sell,
                                       they still want to Try.
                                       As Laura and Rose wrap up their summer and get
                  Dreamhunter : book   ready to see if they, too are Dreamhunters, strange
                  one of the           things happen to Tziga. Will Laura and Rose succeed
Knox, Elizabeth   dreamhunter duet     at their Try and cross into the Place? And what is      booktalk Ash
Knox, Elizabeth   Dreamquake                                                                            Ash
                                  Elliot, Teresa and Larry have been BFFs…and swear
                                  to remain so after they graduate in a few months. The
                                  plan is: graduate, leave for California immediately, rent
                                  a cool spot and only let new friends into the group if all
                                  three agree, unanimously. Otherwise, asta la vista,
                                  baby, to the new, wanna-be-friend.
                                  It sounds good, and ANYONE in school will tell you
                                  that graduation day your senior year is something you
                                  look forward to for a long, long, time, but sometimes,
                                  the way you look forward to it changes.
                                  Like with Elliot, who's mom asks him to help take the
                                  bedding off the line before he goes to meet Larry and
                                  Teresa. She makes comic shadow figures behind the
                                  drying sheets, and Larry is rolling on the ground,
                                  literally rotfl-mao, as he calls out the figures she is
                                  making from Fright Night or Night of the Living Dead.
                                  She grabs the sheet down - and Larry folds and she
                                  tugs, he steps right and she left - it's like the dance of
                                  the folding sheets and they do it perfectly - maybe
                                  even for the last time.
                                  Thank you - his mom says - and it hits Larry - she
                                  realizes - I'll be gone soon. And that's when he
Koertge, Ron   Boy Girl Boy   180 realizes it too, and it's a bit more bittersweet now when                  gsa

                                  Hot hip and happening - this thespian production at a
                                  high school pits Kit (as Reed) against Lindsey (as
                                  Lola). While they hardly know each other in the daily,
                                  "real" high school life, they talk a lot on stage. The play
                                  is all dialogue and as the two leads, they have a lot to
                                  say. So much that the town might not like - as it tries to
                                  ban the play. A lot that Lindsey and Kit might not like
                                  as they learn about each other and why they came to
                                  be in this play: Lindsey, fulfilling her dream of acting
                                  and getting one more play in before she finishes high
                                  school; Kit, hiding out from real life and all the
                                  pressures it holds - especially while he figures out how
                                  - or if - he'll come out to anyone else after coming out
Koja, Kathe    Talk               to his best friend Carma.                                   review   Ash   gsa
Koontz         Dragon Tears                                                                            Ash
                                           While a bit cheesy, these lyrical, rhyming poems with
                                           great illustrations are very accessible for new readers
                                           of poetry! A great way to get teens to try poetry –
                                           they‘ll appreciate his Holiday Data Glitch, where all of
                                           the celebrations are messed up because the Holiday
                                           Management Elves failed and the new computer didn‘t
                  Every Day‘s a            help! From George Washington‘s Birthday to Sakura
                  Holiday: Amusing         Matsuki (Cherry Blossom Festival) to Holiday‘s on
Koontz, Dean and Rhymes for Happy          Other Planets and Kwanzaa, Koontz makes fun of
Parks, Phil (ill) Times                    himself and stereotypes throughout the book.             review   Ash
                  Dean Koontz's
Koontz, Dean R Frankenstein. book
(Dean Ray), 1945- one, Prodigal son                                                                          Ash
                  Dean Koontz's
Koontz, Dean R Frankenstein. Book
(Dean Ray), 1945- two, City of night                                                                         Ash

Koontz, Dean R
(Dean Ray), 1945- Strangers                                                                                  Ash

Koontz, Dean R
(Dean Ray), 1945- Watchers                                                                                  Ash
                                           Mystery, intrigue, dark secrets and even darker pasts
                                           combine with a spark of romance in All Night Long.
                                           Irene has spent 17 years reliving the horrific
                                           experience of finding her parents bodies in the kitchen
                                           of their house one night. The police ruled it a murder
                                           suicide - but Irene has never accepted that. She also
                                           never, never sleeps without all of the lights in her
                                           house on now. That fateful night, when she was 17,
                                           she was out with Pamela, her best friend of three
                                           months. Since that night, she had never seen Pamela.
                                           But suddenly, there's an e-mail from Pamela, using
                                           the secret code they had established so many years
                                           Irene knows she must return to the small town of her
                                           childhood, to the town where her parents dead bodies
Krentz, Jayne                              still invade her waking mind, to confront a past that
Ann              All Night Long        321 isn't done with her yet.                                booktalk Ash
                                             Sami leaves everything behind: her angry father, her
                                             brother and his pregnant wife (Sami's best friend
                                             Cecilia), and the small town that's not even on the
                                             map. She's destined for great things, she knows it, as
                                             she steps off the bus in New York City with her
                                             suitcase and portfolio of clothing designs. Yeah, it's
                                             scary. Yeah, it's hard to do, but she's so excited about
                                             becoming a real designer, there's no stopping her!
                                             Well, then again, after the first day of pounding the
                                             pavement and realizing none of the design houses are
                                             where they're supposed to be, of getting turned down
                                             each and every time, she's a little disheartened. She
                                             doesn't give up, even when people are not what they
Krulik, Nancy      Ripped at the Seams   326 seem, and others might be a bit more than they seem! booktalk Ash
                                             A wonderful story about the perils of "country girl in big
                                             city." Sami moves from Elk Grove Minnesote (not
                                             even on the map!) to New York city, leaving her
                                             brother and his pregnant wife behind. She also leaves
                                             behind a very angry father. She's determined to make
                                             it big as a designer in the Big City, but realizes it might
                                             take a lot more than she has. This cute novel explores
                                             friendship, family, goals and the struggle for survival
                                             as we watch Sami take on New York city. A great
Krulik, Nancy      Ripped at the Seams   326 read.                                                       review Ash
                                             Graphic novel - This is a great depiction of Gregor
                                             Samsa in his metamorphic state. Kuper captures
                                             Kafka‘s intent exceptionally well in this graphic novel
                                             adaptation of the classic story. The dance of
                                             characters, etched in white on a mostly black
                                             background, is fluid and graceful. Grete and her
                                             parents adjust as best they can to Gregor‘s new form,
                                             but alas, it‘s a difficult task. Gregor struggles with his
                                             new form as much as his family struggles with him –
                                             all parties succumbing eventually to a tired defeat…or
Kuper, Peter       Metamorphosis, The        not?                                                        review Ash
Kurtz, Katherine   Camber the heretic                                                                           Ash
Kurtz, Katherine   Deryni checkmate                                                                             Ash
Kurtz, Katherine   Deryni rising                                                                                Ash
Kurtz, Katherine   High Deryni                                                                                  Ash
Kurtz, Katherine   Saint Camber                                                                                 Ash
                   The harrowing of
Kurtz, Katherine   Gwynedd                                                                             Ash
                   The quest for Saint
Kurtz, Katherine   Camber                                                                               Ash
                                         Sarafina Cansino always said ―expect the best but
                                         prepare for the worst.‖ Reason Cansino, her
                                         daughter, was good at the first part, crap at the
                                          Sarafina had been on the run since she was twelve,
                                         escaping the evil clutches of her witch-mother:
                                         Esmerelda. Once, when Reason was little, they‘d
                                         been caught and dragged back to the witch‘s lair, but
                                         managed to escape. Since then, they‘d spent their
                                         lives moving from town to town, village to village -
                                         avoiding cities and Reason‘s grandmother‘s clutches.
                                         There were a lot of small spots to hide in Australia,
                                         and Sarafina and Reason were doing fine on their own
                                         - until Sarafina went crazy.
                                          That‘s how Reason ended up in a taxi-cab with the
                                         evil Esmerelda, on the way to the house where the
                                         witch killed cats and maybe babies to make her magic.
                                         That‘s how her mom ended up in a loony bin in the
                                         middle of Sydney…now all Reason has to do is figure
                                         out how to escape the house, rescue her mother from
                                         the hospital, and get back to the outback. But she
                                         never was good at preparing for the worst…and things
Larbalestier,                            are looking a whole lot worse.
Justine            Magic or Madness      Is it Magic? Or Madness? By Justine Larbalestier      booktalk Ash
                                            (From page 1) Everybody has at least one ugly secret,
                                            and mine us as ugly as they come.
                                            I square-dance.
                                            With my mother.
                                            I'm not talking once-a-year square dancing, I'm talking
                                            serious square dancing, every week, there the women
                                            wear fluffy checkered shirts that stick out a yard on
                                            either side and the men wear matching cowboy shirts
                                            and everyone wears a big plastic name tag shaped
                                            like a music note.
                                            Meet Steve, sophomore extraordinaire who is
                                            absolutely positively NOT gay. He comes home from
                                            school and uneasily lays down on his bed. He stares
                                            at the Superman-in-flight poster tacked to the ceiling
                                            above his bed. He pictures Mr. Bowman, the sub for
                                            Health that day, in tights. But there's no reason for
                                            Steve to be worried, It's not like he's gay. There is
                                            nothing gay about him. Except, maybe, for those
                                            Beneath his bed, in a shoe box wrapped in rubber
                                            bands, locked in a suitcase covered with an old
                                            blanket, were two magazines: The Men's Undergear
                                            Catalog and International Male. When Steve's 80 year
                                            old neighbor asked him to get her mail while she was
LaRochelle,   Absolutely, Positively,       gone, he figured the post-man had made a mistake
David         NOT…                      219 delivering these two catalogs. What was an eighty-      booktalk Ash      gsa

                                            Larochelle has captured a sophomore's quest to
                                            understand his sexuality in this funny, quirky tale.
                                            There is no pain, no death, no sexual diseases, and
                                            the book keeps the reader chuckling, or laughing out
                                            loud, right until the end. Steve is sure he is absolutely,
                                            positively, NOT gay, and as he repeats this mantra to
                                            himself, he notes that even though he has (insert
                                            unending list of items that might indicate his gayness)
                                            a copy of International Male under his bed, he is not
                                            gay. This first novel captures the dilemma of sexuality
                                            in youth, the joy of friends, and the angst of getting
                                            licensed to drive. An inspiring look at teens
LaRochelle,   Absolutely, Positively,       questioning sexuality without any of the trauma
David         NOT…                      219 typically associated with books of this nature.            review   Ash   gsa
Lasky, Kathryn    The capture                                                                                   Ash
Lasky, Kathryn    The journey                                                                                   Ash

                                             Lawrence's character and the magick of legend come
                                             alive in this first of her Merrywell Trilogy: The Ragbone
                                             Man. We meet Rian, owner of a New Age bookshop
                                             and her brother Kevin (who runs their newly started
                                             second store in another location). After a ratty man
                                             leaves a book behind in her store, Rian begins having
                                             troubles, and in seeking out the mysteries surrounding
                                             them, finds herself in danger.
                                             New age crystals, ancient legends, folklore and
                                             friends abound in this fun, sometimes campy story of
                                             coming to grips with who and what you are. The story
                                             is good, and the dialog appropriate, but a few times
Lawrence,                                    the reader finds him/herself told a bit too much of the
Charlotte         Ragbone Man, The       336 story, instead of being shown it.                         review   Ash
Le Guin, Ursula
K, 1929-          A wizard of Earthsea                                                                          Ash
Lee, Tanith       Wolf queen                                                                                    Ash
Lee, Tanith       Wolf Star                                                                                     Ash
                           Hi - I'm Claidi, and I'm not really sure how old I am
                           because 1) I'm an orphan and 2) I'm not royalty so it
                           doesn't really matter. I mean, nothing matters as much
                           as royalty; that's what I get to wait on - one of the
                           royalty. So, let me start at the beginning.

                           (Read from page 1)
                           Yes. I stole this book.
                           I don't know why. It looked…nice I suppose, and
                           nothing has been nice for years.
                           It was in her stationary chest, out of which she
                           sometimes makes us - mostly me - get her a piece of
                           silk paper or thick parchment. Then she doodles a few
                           stupid lines of awful poetry. Or a foul painting. And
                           then we all have to applaud. "Oh, how clever Lady
                           Jade Leaf. What bright-shining genius." Because
                           she's royalty. And we are not. Oh no. We couldn't ever
                           do anything wonderful like that.
                           Frankly, I think I could spit in more interesting
                           patterns. And as for the poetry, well, here's the latest
                           I drift like a petal all upon the air and the roses bow
                           Drift like a petal…she's more like a hippopotamus in
                           the river. I don't mean she's fat, Lady Iris is fat - but
                           she's also graceful and glamorous. Jade Leaf is slim,
                           but the way that she moves…
                           If the roses bowed, they did it because they fainted
                           with fright, screaming "don't let that great thing bash
                           into me!"
                           (Having said this, I feel I should add that hippopotami
                           are graceful, too, underwater. Besides, a
Lee, Tanith   Wolf Tower   hippopotamus has never picked up its ornamental           booktalk Ash
Lee, Tanith   Wolf wing                                                                       Ash
                                            What would it be like to live in total anarchy? Find out -
                                            then leave! Follow Shevak as he finds a way off of the
                                            moon to the planet below (where an alleged
                                            democratic government allows the people to flourish).
                                            Shevak asks good questions and has a great eye for
                                            detail: of the people, their interactions, and their
                                            societal functions. What is left unanswered, by the
                                            end, is whether or not true anarchy can exist for any
                                            extended time - or whether, by societies' very natures -
                                            it becomes mechanical and entrenched. This book is
                                            made for philosophers, and those who enjoy reading
                                            about alternate societies. LeGuin, famous for "The
                                            Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" and the
                                            conundrum of the deontological vs. ontological (would
                                            you sacrifice the one for the good of the many? Does
                                            the end justify the means?). Any who want to more
                                            clearly understand and (hopefully) ask questions
                                            about the society and structure in which they live, will
LeGuin, Ursula   Dispossessed, The          do well to read this book.                                 review   Ash
                 The Wind's Twelve
LeGuin, Ursula   Quarters                                                                                       Ash
                                            I read the first four of this series when it came out -
                                            and enjoyed them as adventure/apocalpytic novels.
                                            The nice thing about them for teens is there really is
                                            NO sex, swearing, etc. These are Christian Fiction
                                            books that are wonderful stories. As an ex-Catholic, I
                                            was familiar with many of the things going on in the
                                            book, and their relations to the Christian dogma.
                                            Whether that was the skill of the author or my
                                            memories of church attendance, I'm not 100% sure -
                                            but I do know that the students reading these have
                                            enjoyed them too (and they've had varied religious
                                            backgrounds!). It's clean, good fun and a look at how
                                            easily it could be true: the way the end of the world
LeHaye, Tim      Left Behind (series)       plays out in the books!                                 review      Ash
Madeleine        A swiftly tilting planet                                                                       Ash
Madeleine        A Wind in the Door                                                                             Ash
Madeleine         A wrinkle in time.                                                                          Ash

                                            Meg is a teenager who is just plain 'plain' (or so she
                                            believes). She lives in a family with famous scientist
                                            parents, an amazing little brother Charles (genius!)
                                            and two very normal, twin brothers. This book begins
                                            with fewments (dragon droppings!) in the vegetable
                                            garden, moves to an evil school Principal (or is he just
                                            lonely?) and ends up with the crisis - not only of
                                            Charles' well-being (his mitochondria are sick!) but the
                                            well-being of the whole human race! I read this book
                                            every five or six years, and always enjoy it - becoming
                                            more and more amazed at how well it's written - and
                                            also how much of the 'far-out' sounding stuff (science
L'Engle, Madeline Wind in the Door, A   211 or math) is REAL! (We DO have mitochondria in us!). review        Ash

                                            Meg's dad is missing, her mom seems upset, there's
                                            world crisis right around the corner, and now Meg &
                                            her brother are whisked to another world! Could it get
                                            any worse? Megatron (as her dad fondly calls her)
                                            just wishes she had social skills, and that her brother,
                                            Charles Wallace, would talk when others were around
                                            so they wouldn't think he was dumb. In between trying
                                            to figure out what's going on with her missing dad,
                                            Meg is also trying to figure out how she feels about
                                            Calvin - who's popular at school, nice, and with her on
                                            this wild adventure! If you haven't had a chance to
                                            tesseract yourself (fold time in a wrinkle to travel to
L'Engle, Madeline Wrinkle in Time, A    211 other dimensions!), then join Meg as she does!           review   Ash
                                      People are starting to place bets.

                                      My name‘s Paul, I‘m a sophomore, and I‘m totally
                                      freaking out.

                                      Ever since I was a little kid I‘ve been doing this thing
                                      called Going Elsewhere. You could think of it as some
                                      Zen thing, but it isn‘t a blank out. When I‘m
                                      Elsewhere, I picture things and then I take them apart.
                                      Unravel them, and let them slip away. But today,
                                      because of Noah, I can‘t get Elsewhere. Every time I
                                      try, his face slips into view and I feel the letter that‘s
                                      been burning me through my pocket.

                                      [pull letter from pocket, unfold, and show to audience].
                                      ―I can‘t believe you kissed him.‖

                                      So now I‘ve got a serious problem, but it‘s not what
                                      you might think. Being gay‘s not an issue for me like it
                                      is for my friend Tony, who lives one town over. In my
                                      town it‘s…whatever…if you‘re gay. At my high school
                                      the cheerleaders drive Harleys, the homecoming
                                      queen, Infinite Darlene, is also the star quarterback,
                                      and the GSA is mostly a club where the gay kids teach
                                      the straight kids how not to look like zombies on the
                                      dance floor.

                                      My problem is that my ex, Kyle, is freaking me out by
                                      suddenly being nice to me, and needing me, and I let
                                      all of that and so much else that I don‘t understand
                                      lead me to make a huge mistake.

Levithan, David   Boy Meets Boy   185 Now the whole school is placing bets with Rip, the           booktalk Sundin, K   gsa
                                        Paul's in high school. Like most high schoolers, he
                                        has homework. Like most - he often lies about it. But
                                        he lies for good reasons: to help a friend, Tony,
                                        escape strict parents. He lies that Joni is his girlfriend
                                        and quotes quickly memorized scripture so Tony can
                                        go out.
                                        A few times, he lies to himself: about how he feels
                                        about his ex, about how he feels about a new boy.
                                        Mostly, however, he doesn't lie - not about being gay -
                                        he was the first openly out gay president of the third
                                        grade. He doesn't lie to the new boy about kissing his
                                        ex, even though he wants to (and boy, does that get
                                        him in a lot of trouble!). But it's not all trouble, and not
                                        all calm, just a boy, liking boys, and his friends, and
                                        the town they live in.
Levithan, David   Boy Meets Boy   185                                                           review   Ash   gsa
                                      You're Indecent! The Decents would shout, and the
                                      rest of us would be on the defensive:
                                      We're not Indecent.
                                      It started after 9/11, after the other wars, the war to
                                      end all wars, after the depression where gas was over
                                      ten dollars a gallon. It started with fear and more fear
                                      and hate for any not-white, not-in-power people and it
                                      grew. It grew with the religious right now calling
                                      themselves "Decent" until, at last, we took the power
                                      of hate and fear away. Until recently, when we
                                      stopped saying "I'm not indecent" in response, but
                                      rather "I am DECENT." We took back our power when
                                      we took back the definition of the word. When we
                                      refused to give in to the fear and the hate.
                                      We're taking back the country now. With this election.
                                      My name's Duncan, and my boyfriend and I, happily
                                      together for this last year, have just finished
                                      celebrating the election of the first Gay Jewish
                                      president of the United States. But the party is too
                                      short-lived. The Governor of Kansas has called a
                                      recount and the hate and fear-mongers are back in
                                      the mix trying to overturn an election. Forget that Stein
                                      got double the number of votes - with the electoral
                                      college it doesn't matter. Forget that the world itself
Levithan, David   Wide Awake      221 declared the hate had to end, the helping begin.          booktalk Ash   gsa
                                               From Maya Angelous to Sappho, from Yolando Ulloa
                                               (Cuba) to Suniti Namjoshi (India), this book contains
                                               powerful writings by women and about women, both
                                               within the home, within the cultures, within the world.
                                               This book has its roots in the theatre, and in Sojourner
                                               Truth's famous speech of 1852. A love letter to
                   Ain't I a Woman!            Samson from Delila (by Carole Gregory) epitomizes
                   Classic Poetry by           the tone of this book: strong, daring, and finding
                   Women from Around           humor where one can. Poetry readers will love it,
Linthwaite, Illona the World                   young adult women will enjoy it!                         review    Ash
Lisle, Holly       Courage of falcons                                                                             Ash
Lisle, Holly       Diplomacy of wolves                                                                            Ash
Lisle, Holly       The wreck of Heaven                                                                            Ash
                   Vengeance of
Lisle, Holly       dragons                                                                                        Ash
Lisle, Holly       Vincalis the agitator                                                                          Ash
Long, Jeff         Year zero : a novel                                                                            Ash
Lovejoy, William
H                  Back\slash                                                                                     Ash

                                               Kate's on a mission: find out what happened to her
                                               brother. As a world-class gem-cutter, she was
                                               commissioned to create seven rare, priceless
                                               sapphires - cutting them with precision - making them
                                               the only set of their kind in existence.
                                               Sam, the FBI agent trying to track a ring of jewel
                                               thieves, follows her, thinking her actions at the jewel
                                               shows warrant more attention. He even thinks she
                                               may be involved with the gang who switched
                                               expensive stones for fakes.
                                               Together, they might be able to figure out what
                                               happened to Kate's brother and who or what is behind
                                               the gang of jewel thieves, but it might be too little too
                                               late, and the stakes have just become deadly.
                                               Lowell engages the reader in a page-turning suspense
                                               thriller through the underworld of rare jems. Another
Lowell, Elizabeth Color of Death, The      425 fantastic read.                                           review   Ash
                                             I am so excited I found another mystery/intrigue
                                             author! I mean, I love Kellerman (both of them I
                                             guess) and Dan Brown, and Alan Folsom, and the
                                             whole Sherlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock, and Agatha
                                             Christie set, but I'm always looking for new fun authors
                                             to read - and she's it! I thoroughly enjoyed this
                                             present-day intrigue based on a 1,000 year old Celtic
                                             rune (ruin? or scarf?). The descriptions of the
                                             Illuminated Manuscripts are fantastic, and the hot,
                                             steamy, are they ever going to get together questions
                                             about the two main characters keep you going! If you
                                             liked Dan Brown's stuff - try this! (and add a little
Lowell, Elizabeth Moving Target          453 Harlequin).                                              review       Ash
                                             Annemarie and her best friend Ellen are ten year olds
                                             who race each other to school - but are no longer
                                             carefree children. German soldiers yell "Halte" and
                                             stop all of the games. Annemarie is confronted with
                                             many unhappy aspects of war, and yet finds courage
                                             and hope as she, her family and friends, resist the
Lowry, Lois       Number the Stars       132 German occupation Denmark.                               review       Ash

                                             Virginia is fat. She lives by her 'fat-code-of-conduct'
                                             and survives a mother who is obsessed with her
                                             daughter's 'failure' to fit the family mold of lean, lovely
                                             children. She explores sex, friendship, and more as
                                             she travels through her high school years, and finds a
                                             way to deal with her notion of 'self' - a self that doesn't
                                             fit the perfect model. While I found the situation to be
                                             lest than realistic (the family's too rich, the brother gets
                 Earth, My Butt, and         into an 'awkward mess' in a surrealistic way) I loved
                 Other Big Round             the way Viriginia relates her stories in this first person
Mackler, Carolyn Things, The             256 narrative. I also enjoyed the ending!                        review   Ash
                 Wicked : the life and
                 times of the Wicked
Maguire, Gregory Witch of the West                                                                                 Ash
                                        Hi. I‘m Don and I‘m 19 now, but I‘ll never forget August
                                        21, 1988 and my friend‘s 12th birthday party. His dad
                                        took us all to Yankee Stadium, and there was a kid I‘d
                                        never met who came along with us. I was attracted to
                                        him. This made me confused, and disgusted with
                                        myself because I got turned on by another guy.
                                        At 16, I seriously began to question my sexuality and
                                        told my best friend I thought I was gay. He was
                                        accepting and nothing changed. Later, I told another
                                        friend and she started telling her friends. Suddenly, I
                                        had to make decisions: should I come out to all of my
                                        friends? Or let them hear about it from other people? I
                                        decided to tell them myself. They were almost all okay
                                        with it, or said they were. And they all stopped calling
                                        after a while. I was alone.
                                        Junior and senior year were hell. The only thing that
                                        got me through it was my dad. I came out to him when
                                        I was 16. Now, I‘ve got to tell you a little bit about my
                                        Dad - he‘s not the kind of guy you could come out to. I
                                        mean, he‘d been making anti-gay comments since I
                Shared Heart:           was a kid. He was a 230 pound gym teacher in the
                Portraits and Stories   Bronx. I was terrified.
                Celebrating Lesbian,    To my surprise, he told me I am who I am and gave
                Gay and BiSexual        me to the courage to be proud of myself. He‘s quiet
Mastoon, Adam   Young People, The       acceptance of me is what got me through those final booktalk Ash   gsa
                                           Before even opening this book, I knew it would be
                                           beautiful. Set up like a Coffee Table Book, each
                                           person's tale of finding and dealing with their sexuality
                                           in everday life is replete with a photograph - high
                                           quality and capturing the 'essence' of the person - and
                                           a hand-written note. Growing up, Mastoon (the
                                           photographer) felt 'alienated and alone' as his 'sexual
                                           orientation became a secret sorrow, rather than a
                                           celebration of love.' He developed this book so others
                                           who were struggling as he had would find external
                                           reflections that verified and affirmed their inner
                                           feeligns. Each picture is a tale - directed toward the
                                           reader - of the struggle, or success, of coming out or
                Shared Heart:              simply living as a lesbian, gay or bisexual teen. All of
                Portraits and Stories      the people portrayed in this book were 17 to 22 years
                Celebrating Lesbian,       old at the time of its publication. This is a beautiful
                Gay and BiSexual           book - with wonderful stories - and hope for students
Mastoon, Adam   Young People, The       81 struggling with their own sexual identities.              review   Ash   gsa
                                   ―My parents suck ass. Banning me from the phone
                                   and restricting my computer privileges are the most
                                   tyrannical parental gestures I can think of. Don‘t they
                                   realize that Hope‘s the only one who keeps me sane?
                                   . . . I don‘t see how things could get any worse.‖
                                   But they do. Jessica's best friend is gone, moved
                                   away, and now Jessica is stuck living with friends who
                                   don't "get her" and parents who don't understand her.
                                   Running is a partial salvation, she loves it. Unless, of
                                   course, her dad follows her on his bike giving what he
                                   thinks is good coaching advice. She pretends to
                                   stumble so he'll hit her and feel bad and then she
                                   won't have to run with him and his stupid bike
                                   anymore. It doesn't work.
                                   Nothing works. Nothing can help her get her friend
                                   back, nothing can make the boy-crazy, shopping-crazy
                                   girls at school be anything more than fluffy and
                                   obnoxious, and nothing can make sense of the bad
                                   boy who's started talking to her, who always smells
                                   like pot and looks a little out of it, who hands her a cup
                                   in the nurses office and asks her to pee in it for him.
                                   Nothing makes sense, and now, now the police know
                                   that someone, some girl, peed in a cup for a known
                                   Good grief, Jessica thinks, can my life get any more
McCafferty,                        screwed up?
Megan           Sloppy Firsts      Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty                          booktalk Ash
McCaffrey, Anne Dragondrums                                                                            Ash
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonflight                                                                           Ash
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonquest                                                                            Ash
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsinger                                                                           Ash
                The renegades of
McCaffrey, Anne Pern                                                                                  Ash
McCaffrey, Anne The white dragon                                                                      Ash
                                             Jaxom and Ruth (his dragon) are too young to join the
                                             men, and too old to play children's games. Ruth's
                                             disadvantage (she was the runt and is still small - and
                                             the only white dragon!) is soon forgotten as she gains
                                             fame talking with the fire-lizards. Jaxom grows up and
                                             becomes respected as he moves through a series of
                                             adventures. While DragonFlight is the first of the
                                             series (and also fantastic!), I found it okay to read out
McCaffrey, Anne White Dragon, The            of turn. The books stand alone well.                      review   Ash
                                             Did you know Velcro was fashioned after a plant (the
                                             Cocklebur) and that it takes a 2-inch square piece of it
                                             to hold a 175-pound person on the wall? Did you know
                                             our planet is seamed like a baseball bat with a 37,000
                                             mile volcanic trench under the ocean? Did you know
                                             there are over 13,000 kinds of knots? Find out this
                  Blue Genes an              and more as you read, magazine style (short, sweet,
                  Polyester Pants: 365       to the point!) about the latest and greatest! It includes
                  More Surprising            topics like: math, animals, astronomy, our planet.
                  Scientific Facts,          The layout is friendly, each section short, and the
McGrayne,         Breakthroughs and          bizarre bits of knowledge fascinating! A very
Sharon Bertsch    Discoveries            194 accessible book.                                          review   Ash
McKinley, Robin   Spindle's end                                                                                 Ash
McKinley, Robin   Sunshine                                                                                      Ash
Meltzer, Brad     Dead even                                                                                     Ash
Meltzer, Brad     The zero game                                                                                 Ash
Metzger, Robert
A                 Picoverse                                                                                     Ash
                                         After the party at the cabin, Josh is praying more, not
                                         eating, puking a LOT. He still helps his mom turn
                                         Angela, his little sister, who's accident a few months
                                         ago left her unable to move, and according to the
                                         doctors, with very little brain function. He‘s also trying
                                         to avoid Victor, who‘s in his face big time.
                                         After the party, Michael gets kicked out of his house by
                                         his father and takes off, but not too far away, because
                                         he still hopes he can rescue his younger brother from
                                         their father. The father that told them their mother
                                         walked out on them a long, long time ago. The father
                                         that lies. The father that hunts. The father that makes
                                         sure that everything in his world is just the way he
                                         wants it to be.
                                         After the party, Victor is still is a thug. But he's added
                                         Joshua to the list of people to torment. And it's not
                                         your run-of-the-mill torment, either - it's very direct,
                                         very focused, and Joshua gets the hint: you talk, you
                                         die. So Joshua keeps puking and Victor keeps
                                         sending him dead snakes as warnings, to make sure
                                         Joshua doesn‘t forget.
                                         After the party, Andy is still pretty much the same.
                                         He‘s still the center of attention, telling tall tales, jokes,
                                         staying in the spotlight. It was his dad's cabin where
                                         the party happened, and he made sure it was just the
Miller, Mary Beth On the Head of a Pin   way he left it - well, except of course, for the gun. And booktalk Ash
Mitchell, Nancy,
1952-             Global warning                                                                           Ash
Mofina, Rick      If angels fall                                                                           Ash
                                  It‘s not fair how most of the male ducks get the cool
                                  feathers and females ducks get the boring ones, but
                                  that‘s the way it is in the duck world. (show pg 23).
                                  The male mallard has great colorful feathers and a
                                  shiny green head, while the female mallard is just one
                                  color. Even if the male and female duck have feathers
                                  of the same color, you can still tell them apart,
                                  because the duck (the girl) has straight tail feathers
                                  and the drake (the boy) has curled feathers at the end
                                  of his tail.
                                  It‘s not all about ducks and feathers, even though the
                                  book tells you a lot about them (like where they lay
                                  their eggs and how they fly, and even how they go on
                                  dates – mating rituals!), it also tells you a little bit
                                  about some of the other 8,500 species of birds, like
                                  the avocet.
                                  The avocet (if possible, blow up the picture of the
                                  avocet or have another picture of one to show) is a
                                  water fowl and these birds are known for their long
                                  noses – their beaks. They are long, very, very long,
                                  and curved at the end so they can sweep through the
                Ducks and Other   water and trap small animals – for lunch!
Morgan, Sally   Birds             And what do ducks eat for lunch? Or do they prefer       booktalk Ash
                            He's fifteen when the police walk in the door. He's
                            watching TV. More police come. A policeman is even
                            leaning on the doorjamb, watching him. Jude gives his
                            story, and the cops don't buy it. His dad bought it
                            though - big time. His dad, lying on the kitchen floor
                            with a hole in his head and blood everywhere,
                            definitely bought it.
                            The coroner's thinking: drug hit? Jude doesn't need to
                            think it, he knows it. But he's not going to talk about it,
                            So Jude gets taken to the station because, well, the
                            cops think he did it (even though he didn't), and in
                            walks a lady - the D.A. Now, Jude has no idea whey
                            the District Attorney would be interested in his drug-
                            dealing, child-abusing dad, but there's much more to it
                            than that. You see, the cops found the paperwork in
                            his dad's room - the marriage certificate, the birth
                            certificate, the fact that the DA is really Jude's mother.
                            Suddenly, Jude goes from a drug-dealing, bloody-
                            floored kitchen where his dad just bought it, to a nice
                            house in the suburbs and a private school. It's a tough
                            change, and even tougher one when his "reputation"
Morgenroth, Kate Jude   277 as a boy-from-the-hood makes the wanna-be-preppy booktalk Ash
                                        Lydia, Cass and Emily have been bffs since they were
                                        little. Now they're sophomores (year 10s).
                                        Lydia writing in her journal in class: Mr. Botherit is
                                        waving his hands like he wants to speak. Let's see
                                        what he has to say. Mr. Botherit is an idiot.
                                        It's English class and the famous Ashbury Brookfield
                                        penpal project is about to kick off. Maybe.
                                        Posters go up around the school: Protest in Mr.
                                        Botherit's English class:
                                        Do you value your life? Then say NO in class today. If
                                        you are asked why, remember:
                                        -the reason Judo is compulsory here at Ashbury is so
                                        we can defend ourselves against Brookfield students
                                        -you can't get into Brookfield without a criminal record
                                        -Brookfield students don't know how to read or write.
                   The year of secret   What happens when your teacher gives you
Moriarty, Jaclyn   assignments          assignments that put your life in danger?                booktalk Ash
Morris, Gerald,
1963-              Parsifal's page                                                                       Ash
Morrison, Toni     The bluest eye                                                                        Ash
                                He's sitting in science when it happens. Samantha
                                makes yet another crack about his mother being fat
                                and James totally loses it. He figures he'll scare her -
                                and he picks her up and swings her around and
                                pushes her against the wall. Then he notices the blood
                                - dripping down her face. A nail on the wall sliced her
                                cheek open and well, he was doing a lot more than
                                scaring her, eh? The teacher freaks out, James freaks
                                out, Samantha, blood flying everywhere is crying and
                                screaming against the wall. He does the only thing he
                                can, pushes the teacher over and flies out the door.
                                He knows he's in for it now. It's not the first time his
                                anger has gotten the better of him and he knows this
                                time - it probably means he'll be expelled. So he takes
                                the long way home, to his fat mother.
                                Eventually he gets there, and the loser father of his
                                sister is sitting on the couch, tying one on with his
                                mom. His mom's too plastered to pick up his kid sister
                                from school - so asks James to do it. They make sure
                                they don't come home until Ron is gone.
Muchamore,                      His week goes downhill from there - and eventually,
Robert       Recruit, The   338 after a horrible, crazy week, he wakes up in a bed, in a booktalk Ash
                          Leonard: I have bought a gaw-juss weapon. It lies
                          beneath my bed like a secret lover, quiet, powerful,
                          waiting to work my magic.

                          If I say the words ―Columbine‖ it probably brings some
                          images to mind: long, dark coats, teens who were
                          maybe known as the ―quiet ones.‖ Blood. Death.
                          Bullets. Guns.

                          Statement of fact: 17 year-old white male found dead
                          in the aftermath of a shooting incident at Madison High
                          School in Harrison County.
                          Conclusion: Death by self-inflicted wound.

                          Shooter let‘s us meet, through interviews and police
                          reports, real people, everyday people, teens, Friends.

                          Madison High School Incident Report. Interview with
                          Cameron Porter. Submitted by Dr. Richard Ewings,
                          Senior County Psychologist.

                          Dr. Ewing: You want to tell me about he depression
                          and how the medication helped - or didn‘t?
Myers, Walter
Dean            Shooter   Cameron: It all started with the church…                  booktalk Ash
                                            Little sisters can definitely be a pain in the butt. Rachel
                                            knows this. But mostly, her little sister, Miri, is not so
                                            bad. They get along pretty well, even, until Miri finds
                                            out she‘s inherited her mother‘s witch gene - and
                                            Rachel‘s left holding the ―I‘ve got a zit and can‘t cast a
                                            spell for anything‖ gene.
                                            Rachel hopes Miri will help her out with a popularity
                                            spell - or even a "please know I'm alive spell" for the
                                            cool boys at school, but her Mom's pretty clear: no
                                            spells. None. Not until Miri has practiced and learned.
                                            How long will that take? Longer than it takes to ride
                                            the train to their Dad's place on the weekend and put
                                            up with the soon-to-be new wife who is cruel, unless
                                            she's talking to her own daughter. Longer than Rachel
                                            can wait, with dances coming up, a wedding to avoid
                                            (her Dad's). Longer than Rachel knows she can wait.
                                            But can she convince Miri of this? Miri, who always
Mylnowski, Sarah Bras and broomsticks       does the right thing?                                       booktalk Ash

                                            Lissa, a junior in high school, is having a tough year.
                                            Over the summer, her best friend Kate was drunk -
                                            and they kissed! Back in school, they don't talk - at all,
                                            and Lissa is missing having a friend to talk to when
                                            she needs one most! She's confused, and hurt, and
                                            worried. Many things keep getting in her way of really
                                            thinking about her problems, though: her Saturday job
                                            driving Entrees on Trays, the new girl they hired there
                                            (Ariel) and how she wants to be Lissa's friend, and her
                                            little sister Beth who's starting to grow up. I really like
                                            the way this was written - and the fact that the ending
                                            is not all 'hollywood wrapped up.' A great book about
                                            friendship, self, and how hard it is sometimes to figure
Myracle, Lauren   Kissing Kate          198 things out.                                                 review   Ash   gsa
                                           Dark dayngling and dead on- Janes school is one
                                           weird place- but really aside from the cats all over the
                                           place and the haunted/ghost, and people died kind of
                                           stories it was actualy pretty normal for a high school.
                                           Jane was pretty normal for a freshman she had a
                                           couple of friends more homework and boring classes
                                           than should be possible.. and she wanted to be….
                                           One of them. Them ( rhymes with witches ). Kiesha,
                                           Bitsy and Mary Bryan (one senior one junior and one
                                           sophomore) were uber cool. And they needed a
                                           freshman. Jane was sure it wouldn‘t be her.
                                           Alicia her best friend, was trying out for
                                           cheerleading, and Jane figured she‘d just cheer Alicia
                                           on. That is until Bitsy stopped her at her table at lunch
                                           and suggested Jane went to a party Friday night.
                                           Could it really be true? Was she really going to
                                           audition to be one of them? One of the uber cool 4?
Myracle, Lauren Rhymes with Witches    209 One of the (rhymes with witches)?                         booktalk Ash
                Ties that bind, ties
Namioka, Lensey that break : a novel                                                                         Ash
                                           We all know books are geeky- and that I'm a geek,
                                           and that well, geeks are... safe, normal, (pause) you
                                           know: geeky. Harry Blake is a geek, too, but I think he
                                           got a bit of the Indiana Jones gene. See, Harry deals
                                           in books, antique books. His idea of a vacation would
                                           be traveling to some exotic location only to lock
                                           himself in the cellar of an old home and look at dusty
                                           maps. Harry doesn't even have to travel far for his
                                           latest adventure to start. Sir Toby is pretty local, and
                                           he's called Harry about a book he just got from
                                           Jamaica...it's not actually a book, though, it's a journal.
                                           And, it's written in code. And Harry, geek that he is, is
                                           good with codes - so agrees to translate the journal.
                                           After just a few pages, Harry realizes it's written by a
                                           cabin boy on Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition 400
                                           years ago. But then, Sir Toby is murdered, and
                                           someone realizes Harry has the journal - and they
                                           want it bad. What secret could be so important it's
                                           worth a million dollars or death? Harry needs to find
                                           the secret in the journal before Sir Toby's killers find
Napier, Bill     Splintered Icon           him.                                                        booktalk Ash
Nicholls, Stan   The covenant rising                                                                            Ash
Nicholson,                                 PinPin is only two when she sits on the Examiner's
William          Windsinger, The       486 knee                                                        booktalk Ash
                                              Nicholson does a great job blending fantasy and
                                              dystopia in his Wind on Fire trilogy. This first book sets
                                              the scene and is reminiscent of a book that is a cross
                                              between Bradbury's dystopias and the fantasy quests
                                              of books like Lord of the Rings. The dystopia is similar
                                              to a number of books recently (Destiny of Linus Hope)
                                              where a society is ordered and ranked based on ability
                                              (once a year) to do well on tests. Not everyone is
                                              happy with this, and one entire family (the Hath's)
                                              seem at odds with the structure of the town. The older
                                              twins in the Hath family, Bowman and Kestrel, cause
                                              so much dischord in rebelling against the tests, that
                                              they are hunted and the family is put in danger. This
                                              begins the journey of the twins - to places no one in
                                              Amaranth knows about, to follow maps no one
Nicholson,                                    believes exist, and to try to save a society that isn't
William         Windsinger, The           486 what it should be - unhappy.                               review   Ash
Nix, Garth      Abhorsen                                                                                          Ash

Nix, Garth      Drowned Wednesday                                                                                 Ash
Nix, Garth      Grim Tuesday                                                                                      Ash
Nix, Garth      Lady Friday                                                                                       Ash
                Lirael, daughter of the
Nix, Garth      Clayr                                                                                             Ash
Nix, Garth      Mister Monday                                                                                     Ash
Nix, Garth      Sabriel                                                                                           Ash
                The gates to witch
Norton, Andre   world                                                                                             Ash
                                   Nye has succeeded. In her intro, she states "this is
                                   what I want a book of poems and paints to be - a
                                   surprising spring waking us from our sleep. A feast of
                                   little dishes. An unexpected walk along the rim of a
                                   majestic city. Ahlan Wa Sahlan - You are all
                                   Welcome!" The is an underpinning of sadness to
                                   these poems - giving voice to a land and culture not
                                   often heard from. there is a beauty in the pages - the
                                   words and art flow together like the river stolen from a
                                   house, where minnows once provided the beads for a
                                   rosary made by a father. There is hope, too, in these
             Place between our     pages that talk of growth, penned by Deema Shehabi
             footsteps: Poems &    Korsheed (p27) after Pablo Neruda's "Walking
Nye, Naomi   Paintings from the    Around." The book is a feast of vision and a look into
Shihab       Middle East, The      visions of self and homeland.                            review   Ash

                                   Each poem within these pages provides the author,
                                   country and translator. Sometimes, it's a surprise to
                                   reach the end of a poem and realize it was not written
                                   in your backyard, or even on your continent. The
                                   poems resonate with humanity, and feelings that cross
                                   cultures. This is the best part of the book. Broken
                                   down into universal themes of words and dreams,
                                   family and human mysteries, the poems capture a
             This Same Sky: a      sense of people across borders. The pages
             Collection of Poems   themselves may not be appealing to young adults
Nye, Naomi   from Around the       (poor paper quality for such beautiful words), but the
Shihab       World                 thoughts and vision of the poets within will be.       review     Ash
                                              Big mouth really is a big mouth, often mortified at what
                                              he says – after the fact. Ugly girl is, well, Ursula…a big
                                              boned, fantastic athlete, who gave up swimming when
                                              her curves outgrew those of her team members –
                                              taking her thunder thighs to the basketball team
                                              instead. Of course, she suffers from moods ranging
                                              from fiery red to inky black, and her purpose is to fend
                                              off these moods.
                                              At the start of the story, Big Mouth and Ugly Girl don‘t
                                              even really know each other – although they go to the
                                              same school. It all starts off in fifth period study hall,
                                              when Big Mouth is escorted out of the room by two
                                              men in suits – men who look like they mean business.
                                              Their business is to get to the truth of what came out
                                              of Big Mouth‘s mouth at lunch. Big Mouth swears it
                                              was all blown out of proportion – of course he wouldn‘t
                                              blow up the school, of course he wouldn‘t massacre
                                              students and teachers alike. After an exhaustive
                                              amount of grilling by the two men in suits, however, he
                                              is actually considering changing his mind. Thankfully,
                                              he doesn‘t say so aloud.
Oates, Joyce                                  But things go even more out of control; as he suffers
Carol             Big Mouth & Ugly Girl       through the nightmare accusations, he finds the only booktalk Ash

O'Brien, Robert C Z for Zachariah                                                                               Ash
O'Dell, Scott,    Island of the Blue
1898-1989         Dolphins.                                                                                     Ash

                                              Each chapter begins with a well-known poet's verse
                                              and continues with the writings of young adults on a
                                              myriad of subjects: black pride and unity, home and
                                              homelessness, falling in love, and dreams of a
                                              brighter future. Jason Dion Beasley - 15 years old - is
                                              wishing to someday shed this dreadful skin, wishing
                  Quiet Storm: Voices         for people to see what is really within (p 44). My
                  of Young Black Poets.       inspiration - a poem dedicated to Gwendolyn Brooks,
                  Jump at the Sun:            gave me a view of a world I don't know. This set of
                  Hyperion Paperbacks         poems is a soft-etched view into a world of pain and
Okutoro, Lydia    for Children. New           joy - pride and fear - that I do not know...but I better
Omolola           York, NY. 2002          102 understand because I've read it.                         review   Ash
                  Nightswimmer : a
Olshan, Joseph    novel                    Matt Cruse was in the crow's nest when it happened.              Ash
                                           He lifted the speaking tube to his mouth and called the
                                           "Go ahead Mr. Cruse."
                                           "Hot air balloon at one o'clock, maybe a half a mile off,
                                           one hundred feet up."
                                           No one ever saw balloons this far out in the pacificus.
                                           Matt kept an eye on the hot air balloon searching for
                                           the pilot - but to no avail.
                                           Matt had served on the Aurora for a while now, and
                                           was slowly working his way up. The Aurora was a
                                           dirigible - the main method of transportation to ferry
                                           people and cargo across the large oceans, and Matt
                                           (like his dad before him) was working his way up to
                                           the position of sailmaker. While Matt hoped to make
                                           sailmaker soon - and eventually - captain, right now he
                                           only thought of the end of his shift and the balloon -
                                           the Endurance - slowly sinking into the sea.
                                           When Matt's shift ended, he went to the docking bay,
                                           where men older and more experienced than he were
                                           trying to figure out a way to save the injured balloon
                                           without damaging the Aurora's sail while they did. The
                                           Captain asked for volunteers for a dangerous jump
                                           across six feet of open air - to rescue the balloon. The
                                           Captain noticed that he, Matt, was the only one who
                                           didn't look scared at the prospect, so in just a few
                                           moments, Matt found himself leaping from the end of
                                           the Aurora's divet to land in the Endurance's basket.
                                           When he landed, he found an old man, crumpled on
                                           the floor.
                                           It must have been destiny or fate that found Matt a
                                           year later, in almost the same spot, when an
Oppell, Kenneth   Airborne             255 ornithopter (a lot like a cross between a bicycle and a booktalk Ash
O'Shaughnessy,    Acts of malice : a
Perri             novel                                                                                    Ash
Perri             Breach of promise                                                                        Ash
Perri             Motion to suppress                                                                       Ash
Perri                Unfit to practice                                                                        Ash
Perri                Unlucky in law                                                                           Ash
Perri                Writ of execution                                                                        Ash
                                              Espionage, intrigue and a bit of cyberspace! This
                                              book is believable, even though it‘s fantastic! You
                                              would think you were hanging out on the west coast of
                                              the United States, but everything‘s a bit different –
                                              thanks in part to a government conspiracy, an
                                              extremely intelligent computer program and network
                                              lines crossing global boundaries. And that is just the
Ouellette, Pierre    Deus Machine, The        beginning.                                             review   Ash
Ouellette, Pierre,   The DEUS machine :
1945-                a novel                                                                                  Ash
Christopher          Eldest                                                                                   Ash

                                              What a great tale!! And the author was just 16 years
                                              old when he wrote this. Tolkein meets McAffrey in this
                                              wonderful tale of a boy dragon-rider (the last of his
                                              kind - and thought to be extinct!) who faces hardship,
                                              makes friends and enemies, and grows in strength
                                              and character as he travels the land. His parents are
                                              killed at the hands of the enemy (Ra'Zac) and he must
                                              find his way. In doing so, he becomes more than he
                                              was - and may need to become more still - an entire
Paolini,                                      world might be depending on him! I can't wait for the
Christopher          Eragon               544 2nd book (the Eldest).                                 review   Ash
Christopher          Eragon                                                                                   Ash
                                               Tree-ear, a Korean orphan who lives under a bridge
                                               with Crane-mane, a one-legged homeless man in
                                               Ch'ulp'o, watches a master potter from behind bushes.
                                               After the hundredth time, he breaks a piece of pottery
                                               and offers his services in payment. Thus begins a
                                               friendship that grows as Tree-ear comes of age. Tree-
                                               ear shows strength and courage as he works hard for
                                               Master Potter Min. When a Royal Emissary from
                                               China comes to Ch'ulp'o to commission potters for the
                                               Palace, a road of adventure opens up before Tree-
Park, L S         Single Shard, A          148 ear.                                                   booktalk Ash
Parker, T
Jefferson         The blue hour                                                                                 Ash
Parker, T
Jefferson         Where serpents lie                                                                            Ash
Passman, Donald
S                 The visionary                                                                                 Ash
                  Maximum Ride :
Patterson,        saving the world and
James, 1947-      other extreme sports                                                                          Ash
Patterson,        Maximum Ride : the
James, 1947-      angel experiment                                                                              Ash
James, 1947-      School's out-- forever                                                                        Ash
                                               Mark sets out on a one week trek across the desert to
                                               do what he loves: hike, survive and spend time in
                                               nature. His plans change when he's swallowed by a
                                               blue light, with no supplies, and thrust into an alien
                                               world. Battling firebugs and howling things, he meets
                                               the people of the planet as he tries to find a way back
                                               to the blue light so he can go home. His survival is
                                               now dependent on his knowledge of nature, but
                                               there's nothing natural about this world. There's also
                                               nothing natural about the leader of the largest tribe
                                               trying to hunt him down - if Mark can survive nature,
                                               he'll then have to survive whatever this guy has in
Paulsen, Gary     Transall Saga, The       248 store for him.                                          review   Ash
                                               What scares me about this book is 1) that it
                                               happened, and 2) that it is the second worst recorded
                                               case of child abuse in this country. If that's true, what
                                               the heck was the first worst? The thing that amazes
                                               me about this book is the person who wrote it. Not
                                               only did he survive all of these horrible, horrible things
                                               that you almost can't believe, but he lived to tell about
                                               it. I mean, he can write, and he shares his horrible
                                               experiences with you - and he's still a nice person.
                                               He's human. I don't know if I would still be human after
                                               suffering all of the stuff he tells you about in his book.
                                               Oh, and did I mention: it's all true. This is his
Pelzer, Dave      Child Called It, A           autobiography.                                             booktalk Ash

Peters, Julie Ann Keeping You a Secret   256                                                                     Ash
                                             Regan (Re) has always been the responsible one,
                                             even though Liam is a year older. When she's a junior,
                                             the secret world she's resented for a long, long time is
                                             about to unravel. Liam's world. Liam is almost 18,
                                             almost ready to show the world Luna. Luna is a secret.
                                             Luna only comes out at night. Luna has been around
                                             Re knows the secret, knows Luna, and thinks: why
                                             don't her parents know? How come she (Re) has to be
                                             the strong one, the normal one, the G-girl? The only
                                             one who knows?
                                             Re flashes back to scenes from her and Liam's
                                             childhood - clear scenes that should have painted a
                                             clear picture for her mom, her dad, the friend Allie who
                                             has always had the hots for Liam.
                                             At 9, at a birthday party, Liam blows out candles,
                                             opens presents, then throws a fit because the barbie
                                             doll and bra were not in among the presents...as
                                             small, small children, playing a pool on a hot day, Re
                                             and her friend take their bathing suits off and Liam
                                             follows suit. When Liam sees that he is different, he
                                             starts screaming: Take it off, take it off! Liam goes
                                             inside, tries to cut it off, and is taken to the emergency
Peters, Julie Ann Luna: a novel          248 room.                                                      booktalk Ash     gsa
                                         Regan (Re) has always been the responsible one,
                                         even though Liam is a year older. When she's a junior,
                                         the secret world she's resented for a long, long time is
                                         about to unravel. Liam's world. Liam is almost 18,
                                         almost ready to show the world Luna. Luna only
                                         comes out at night - when Liam becomes the self she
                                         was born to be, even though genetics played a dirty
                                         trick and made Liam a boy on the outside. Luna knows
                                         - she will always be a girl. Always has been.
                                         Peters again captures a world of emotion, feeling,
                                         confusion, and angst in a normal town, a normal
                                         school. Drawing a picture of Liam/Luna through the
                                         eyes of the young sister (Re), we see signs at key
                                         events remembered by Re: how a Mom and Dad react
                                         to the signs, themselves, the family as a whole, how a
                                         friend handles a crush she's had forever. We watch
                                         Re recount these scenes, totally embroiled in their
                                         emotive content, wrapped up in the way Peters
                                         portrays her heart-rending characters with such grace.
                                         A beautiful, illuminating story of growth, family, gender,
Peters, Julie Ann Luna: a novel      248 and questions.                                             review   Ash   gsa

                                         Spaz is a Banger. It's the only way to survive in the
                                         Urb of the future - with a Latchboss whose word is
                                         rule, and you never know the rules until you break one
                                         - far too late. Spaz used to be part of a family unit,
                                         too, but was sent off. He's not named Spaz for
                                         nothing, either, he spazzes out, big time. When he
                                         starts telling us this story - set far in the future (or
                                         maybe not) after an global earth-shaking experience -
                                         he's getting ready to bustdown an old gummy (guy has
                                         grey hair and everything!). Little does he know, this
                                         bustdown won't go down the way he expects. Join
                                         Spaz as he travels a hellish future road filled with
Philbrick,        Last Book in the       adventure, girls, old guys, and lots of scary things we
Rodman            Universe, The      223 hope never to see on this planet.                        booktalk Ash
                                            A twelve year old Eva Pickova relates fear of the
                                            ghetto and typhoid fever in a concentration camp;
                                            Maria Wine, Swedish, depicts the fear women have of
                                            themselves; Hira Bansode‘s poem Woman, translated
                                            from the Marathi, speaks of relationships with men (or
                                            of rivers and the sea). This book encompasses many
                                            cultures and view, and provides an excellent sample
                                            of women‘s voices over time. With only a few visual
                                            clues (occasional photographs), it might be more
                                            difficult to ‗sell‘ to young adults, but the depth and
                It‘s a Woman‘s World:       breadth of the poems themselves, laid out clearly on
                A Century of                stark pages, will entice young readers into gaining a
                Women‘s Voices in           clearer sense of women: their roles, and hope, and
Philip, Neil    Poetry                      fears.                                                      review   Ash
                                            Anna asks her parents how babies are made - and
                                            sure, she gets the 'same old story' I'm sure all of you
                                            have heard if you've taken 9th grade health. She also
                                            gets the real story - she wasn't just an accident of
                                            nature where sperm and egg combine to create a
                                            child, she was designed. Her brother and sister were
                                            born the "regular" way - but her sister was born with a
                                            rare and viscious form of Leukemia. The doctors didn't
                                            give her long to live.
                                            This, then, is why her parents designed Anna - to be a
                                            daughter, but also to be a lifeline for her sister Kate: to
                                            provide blood and transfusions so Kate could live.
                                            Anna wonders what would have happened if Kate had
                                            been born healthy. She'd probably be a spirit floating
                                            around still waiting to enter a body. She's sure she
                                            wouldn't be part of this family.
                                            But she loves her family - and her sister Kate. She
                                            doesn't love the hospital visits, the blood transfusions,
                                            the painful bone marrow transplants. But she's glad
                                            her sister is still alive.
                                            Anna is 13 now, and Kate's kidneys are failing. Anna
                                            wants to keep both of her kidneys - she thinks. So she
                                            goes to a lawyer, a lawyer who once sued God (or at
Picoult, Jodi   My Sister‘s Keeper      423 least a church-run orphanage) to get medical                booktalk Ash
                                             I grew up in New Hampshire. Its largest city could fit
                                             inside of Fremont! Its small towns are, well, small. But
                                             you can find small towns even in big cities. Like here,
                                             in Fremont, how many of you went to the same junior
                                             high or middle school? Or the same elementary
                                             school? You KNOW the people around you, you grew
                                             up with them or heard of them or recognize them. You
                                             think you know them: from the sandbox or the swing-
                                             set or the playground. From when you were seven, or
                                             ten, or last year, even. But change is constant, and
                                             your best friend from elementary school could be your
                                             worst enemy, now. And maybe you used to get along
                                             with your parents, but now, you don't talk to them,
                                             about anything, but especially not about how you really
                                             feel, not for real, not about who YOU really are...now.
                                             And if you can't, don't even want to, talk to anyone,
                                             you just want to stop - stop the world - what do you
                                             do? Peter knew. He stopped his world. With a
                                             backpack, four guns, ten dead. (from the jacket): In 19
                                             minutes you can mow the front lawn, color your hair,
                                             watch a third of a hockey game. In 19 minutes you can
Picoult, Jodi    Nineteen Minutes        455 bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist. In 19    booktalk Ash
Picoult, Jodi,   Nineteen minutes : a
1966-            novel                                                                                         Ash
                 Alanna, the first
Pierce, Tamora   adventure                                                                                     Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Cold fire                                                                                     Ash

                                             The characters (female) take power (magic) and gain
                                             power through teaching (I loved that part!). The
                                             responsibility that comes with being a mage includes
                                             teaching any you find with power - if you can't find a
                                             teacher for them. Kaja - the main character in the first
                                             of this series, stumbles upon twins! She grows with
                 Cold Fire (The Circle       the responsibility, and constantly battles frustration -
Pierce, Tamora   Opens)                      the teacher's motto! :)                                  review   Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Emperor Mage                                                                                  Ash
Pierce, Tamora   First test                                                                                    Ash
                 In the hand of the
Pierce, Tamora   goddess                                                                                       Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Lady knight                                                                                   Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Lioness rampant                                                                         Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Page                                                                                    Ash
                                       Magic, espionage, intrigue and murder make this
                                       magical mystery a great read for teens. Trisana (the
                                       teacher-mage) and Kethlun (her student) find powers
                                       in their talents they didn't know they had as they track
                                       down a murderer. While Pierce remains faithful to her
                                       magic and fantasy, the added element of mystery
                                       brings this book to the top of my list for books she's
Pierce, Tamora   Shatterglass          written.                                                 review   Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Shatterglass                                                                            Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Squire                                                                                  Ash
                 The realms of the
Pierce, Tamora   gods                                                                                    Ash
                 The woman who rides
Pierce, Tamora   like a man                                                                              Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Trickster's choice                                                                      Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Trickster's queen                                                                       Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Wild magic                                                                              Ash
Pierce, Tamora   Wolf-speaker                                                                            Ash

                                       I had forgotten how accessible the themes in this book
                                       still are! It's all about virginity (and the duplicity of men
                                       who don't have to have it) finding one's niche in the
                                       world (or retreating from it totally!) and partying until
                                       you puke in New York! Ah, what started as a one-
                                       month fashion magazine job turns into a treacherous
                                       path of goals and finding happiness with one's self in
                                       the niche society creates. The language is dark, the
                                       mood often bleak, but the statements about self, sex
Plath, Sylvia    Bell Jar, The         and satisfaction appeal to all people finding their way. review   Ash
                                     Ella Diablo Agujero – She-Devil of the Hole. It‘s a
                                     legend in West Hook, but not to Evan, who hears her
                                     One time, his brother Emmett got creeped out by the
                                     way he put his fingers in his ears and shouted that he
                                     heard The She shrieking, that he beat Evan so hard
                                     he bruised. Evan‘s mom, captain of a ship and
                                     scornful of sailor superstitions, told him he should be
                                     glad Emmett had beaten him, because if she‘d got her
                                     hands on him…
                                     Evan had buried this next memory deeply. Very
                                     deeply, but it came back. Almost eight years later, it
                                     was like it was happening all over again. He
                                     remembers the night clearly:
                                     I was playing with my army and navy guys on the floor.
                                     Mom called Emmett on the ship-to-shore radio.
                                     ―Where are they?‖ I asked.
                                     ―About 80 miles southeast.‖
                                     I return to my game, where the navy always wins. But
                                     tonight, I talked to my navy guys. ―Go to sleep.‖ I never
                                     talk to them like that. It feels weird. The curtain is
                                     blowing from the open window, like a storm will start.
                                     And all of a sudden, I hear her. I try to put my fingers
                                     to my ears, but my arms are too heavy. I know the She
                                     and this time it sounds different. It‘s definitely her. But
                                     she‘s shut up in a box or a tomb. The sound is buried.
                                     She‘s…behind me.
                                     I spin. It‘s darker back there but I have to go there,
                                     and the closer I get to Dad‘s office, the louder She
Plum-Ucci, Carol The She         354 ―Coast Guard, this is the vessel Goliath. We are            booktalk Ash

                                     This is a great children's book about the civil war,
                                     friendship, battles, and the hate that rampaged a
                                     nation. A young man finds himself wounded on a
                                     field; laying there for two days, wondering what's to
                                     become of him, when he'll die. That's when he hears
                                     a voice - a real voice - and meets Pink. Pink carries,
                                     drags, and supports Say as he brings him to the
                                     burned down, run-down place where his mom is
Polacco, Patricia Pink and Say    42 keeping hidden. A great story about horrible things.     review     Ash
                                   Kip has always known he has a voice in his head, and
                                   finally realized others don't hear their own voice. He
                                   calls his voice Gwen and she has always been with
                                   him, ever since he can remember. As he grows up on
                                   Paradise, an interstellar colony, in a small research
                                   village where the scientists focus on studying the
                                   starswarm and staying away from the centaur-like
                                   creatures and other dangerous local wildlife, Kip is
                                   often left to his own devices.
                                   As the colony settles and more of the researchers and
                                   families move out, Kip finally gets a chance to be
                                   friends with someone his own age. Together, they
                                   explore their world and avoid danger...at least, until
                                   the danger comes to them.
                                   Pournelle does an excellent job of capturing a world
                                   and a boy coming of age in a dangerous position.
                                   There's action, friendship, family and intrigue in this
Pournelle, Jerry   Starswarm   352 novel of Paradise.                                      review   Ash
                                         Stan and Ginny used to hang out together all the time.
                                         Best friends. Best friends forever even. But lately,
                                         since Stan gave up Tennis and Ginny has gone on to
                                         be the new up-and-coming tennis star, they haven't
                                         stayed in touch. Much.
                                          Stan's gotten a few postcards from her, and that's
                                         how his night starts, digging out the postcards from
                                         Ginny to take over to her folks house. They've invited
                                         him for dinner - they still like him and all - and asked
                                         him to bring along the postcards.
                                          They're worried - about Ginny. Ginny - the rising star -
                                         who hasn't won a match lately. Who seems
                                         depressed. Who won't talk to anyone about anything.
                                          They're hoping Stan's postcards have some hidden
                                         information, something that will tell them why suddenly
                                         they're 'she-can-do-no-wrong' daughter has fallen
                                         over the net and has a back-hand that can't stick.
                                          Stan's pretty uncomfortable during all of this, he
                                         knows Ginny will talk when she's ready, but he's
                                         worried about her too. That's why he says yes when
                                         her folks and Ginny's coach ask him to spend his
                                         summer with her - she'll be coming back in a week. It
                                         means he'll have to quit coaching at the Community
                                         Center, but he's okay with that. The little rugrats can
                                         find another coach.
Powell, Randy   Whistling Toilets, The    Ginny arrives, but it's not like Stan thought. First,    booktalk Ash
                                            Have you seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Even
                                            they could take a lesson from Patrick! Even if you‘re
                                            not a gay man seeking an uncomplicated life, you‘ll
                                            love this book! Price‘s hysterical guide details the
                                            drama queens in our lives - I‘m sure you‘ll recognize
                                            quite a few of your friends in the stereotypes he
                                            provides. The book takes you on a ride - from Drama
                                            is an Elective and the Common Delusions of a Drama
                                            Queen to I Hate My Job is Not a Healthy Mantra.
                                            The book covers more than people - it talks about jobs
                                            and Credit (How You Get Screwed), along with tips:
                                            One Way to Cut Spending (prop: cut fake credit card
                                            with scissors), and How to Have the Right Attitude.
                                            The best part, though, are the constant tips and tricks
                                            Price sprinkles throughout the book - on how to let the
                                            Drama go - like when he tells you how to Beat Stress:
                                            § Remember to breathe
                                            § To regain a sense of control when feeling swamped,
                                            start a checklist and immediately cross ―write a
                                            checklist‖ off of your to do items. You will feel like
                                            you‘ve already accomplished something
                                            § Manage your time
                                            § Most importantly - recognize what you have control
                                            over and what you don‘t - and then let it go.
                                            § Put all of this into action before maniacally chanting
                   Drama Queen: A Gay       ―find the happy place‖ and you‘re likely to actually get
                   Man‘s Guide to an        there!
Price, Patrick     Uncomplicated Life   215 Everyone CAN get there - if they read Drama Queen booktalk Ash   gsa
Price, Susan       A Sterkarm kiss                                                                     Ash
                   The Sterkarm
Price, Susan       handshake                                                                          Ash
Pullman, Philip    The amber spyglass                                                                 Ash
Pullman, Philip    The subtle knife                                                                   Ash
Pullman, Philip,
1946-              The golden compass                                                                 Ash
                                             Will begins this story by following a cat - into another
                                             world! In this world, children rule - and adults can't be
                                             found anywhere! You'd think this would make life
                                             easy - but it doesn't! Of course, there's plenty of
                                             adventure, and friendship, but hardship too. Lyra and
                                             will must overcome great odds, sacrifice a lot of
                                             themselves, and try to understand why everything and
                                             everybody seems ready for war! Pullman writes
                   Amber Spyglass, The       fantastically - you always know the characters well,
                   (The Golden               and can (eventually and just in time!) figure out the
Pullman, Phillip   Compass Trilogy)      352 twists and turns of his adventures.                          review   Ash
                                             Karl is at the local tavern where everyone in town
                                             goes to find company, relax, and eat and drink after a
                                             long day of work. He is dreading the big day tomorrow.
                                             He‘s not ready. He‘ll never be ready. He hasn‘t been
                                             able to make a new piece for the town clock. For
                                             hundreds of years, apprentices like Karl have been
                                             making a new piece for the town clock, and here he is,
                                             drinking his beer, and about to show everyone what a
                                             failure he is. Karl is a pessimist at heart, and his failure
                                             will just prove him right: that everything does go
                                             Fritz, the storyteller, tries to cheer Karl up. Fritz is a
                                             very optimistic man, but can't get Karl to look on the
                                             bright side. He tries for a bit though, until the others in
                                             the tavern call for him to tell his new story.
                                             Fritz begins his story - but he's a bit nervous. You see,
                                             he's written the beginning of a fine…no a great…story,
                                             but he doesn't know the ending yet. But Fritz is an
                                             optimist, so he knows the ending will come, at just the
                                             right time and in just the right place: like clockwork.
                                             He starts his story - and it IS a good one - there's a
Pullman, Phillip   Clockwork                 prince and a boy and a hunt, and horses wild with            booktalk Ash
                                              Girls skipping school and getting into almost more
                                              trouble than they can get out of! It doesn't get much
                                              better than this. Lyra is often up to no-good, but ends
                                              up finding out how hard life can be as she becomes
                                              embroiled in assassinations, Dust, and enemies.
                                              Luckily, there are friends - often found where least
                                              likely to be found! This is a mystical ride that holds
                   His Dark Materials         together well throughout the entire series. After
                   (The Golden                finishing these three books - I tried other Pullman
Pullman, Phillip   Compass Trilogy)       416 series, but definitely think this is his best.          review   Ash
                                              Lyra continues to be my favorite character! She is a
                                              bit independent and adventurous - but that's good!
                                              She and will are now ready to fight the good battle:
                                              against all of the adults who are trying to kill them!
                                              Luckily, Lyra and Will have the Compass and the
                                              Knife - but will that be enough? Or will they have to
                   Subtle Knife, The          stay in one world - hopefully one where catastrophe
                   (The Golden                won't continue to befall them. Find out if they
Pullman, Phillip   Compass Trilogy)       465 survive...and how the world fares.                      review   Ash
Raffel, Keith,     Dot dead : a Silicon
1951-              Valley mystery                                                                              Ash
Rand, Ayn          Anthem                                                                                      Ash
Rand, Ayn          The fountainhead                                                                            Ash
                             Nancy, 16, must leave London after the death of her
                             father. She sails to Jamaica and a plantation he
                             owned there because her brothers (both older)
                             demand it. Her once wealthy family is now limited to a
                             ship and some land, due to her brother's gambling,
                             drinking and lack of business sense. After a storm
                             wiped out the family fleet, and her father passes away,
                             Nancy must find a new life in Jamaica, where she is
                             disgusted by local practices (the old and decrepid
                             lying on the sides of the road, dying). She is even
                             more unhappy when her brothers demand she marry
                             a wealthy local land owner: the Brazilian. The only
                             comfort she finds is in her 'slave' Minerva and
                             Minerva's mother. Minerva quickly becomes her
                             friend and together, they plot their escape from a
                             horrible life on the island - to become pirates of the
                             high seas! A great depiction of the confines of women
                             in the 1800's, and a wonderful, rollicking adventure as
                             Nancy and Minerva share friendship and adventure as
Rees, Celia   Pirates!   340 pirates. The might even find true love!                 review   Ash
                                   Cody flunked out of just about every school in town.
                                   He even failed homeroom this last time. Straight F's in
                                   all his classes. There aren't that many choices left for
                                   Cody - in fact - there are only two. One of them is just
                                   out of the question. Our Lady of Perpetual Homework
                                   would not appreciate Cody's talent for homework
                                   avoidance. The other school, Vlad Dracul, is just
                                   weird. But there Cody is, sitting with his father in the
                                   principal's office of Vlad Dracul, talking with a seven-
                                   foot tall, pale principal (Mr. Horvath) and his pet wolf.
                                   Mr. Horvath asks Cody if he can swim - and Cody tells
                                   him: I got my red cross beginner's badge before we
                                   Mr. Horvath says: "Ah, the Red Cross, we are very
                                   supportive of that organization - blood drives."
                                   Cody shivers at the look on his face.
                                   Horvath goes on about the importance of extra
                                   curricular activities and asks Cody if he'd be willing to
                                   try out for the Water Polo team. Cody figures he'll
                                   flunk tryouts since he's never even played Water Polo,
                                   so he agrees.
                                   And just like that - Cody's in. In school. At Vlad Dracul.
                                   Suddenly he's surrounded by pale, very pale, quiet
                                   students who study a lot and have fangs. And then
                                   Cody finds out there are no tryouts for Water Polo -
Rees, Douglas   Vampire High   226 he's just automatically on the team. The rest of the       booktalk Ash
                                                Dr. Temperance Brennan sees dead people. Lots of
                                                them. All the time. They talk to her in ways you
                                                wouldn't believe.
                                                She's a forensic anthropologist, teaching in the U.S.
                                                and Canada, and is often called to major events like
                                                airplane crashes where bits and pieces of people
                                                need to be identified from the wreckage.
                                                She's in North Carolina, heading home, when she gets
                                                a call and is asked to go to the site of the crash -
                                                which just happened. Over 80 people were on the plan
                                                that went down, and as Tempe sifts through the
                                                wreckage to tag body parts for the makeshift morgue
                                                set up, she keeps trying to reach her daughter, who
                                                often took this flight to visit a college friend.
                                                Tempe finally reaches her daughter after a few days,
                                                but the grueling work of national teams of forensic
                                                experts and bomb experts and all kinds of acronym
                                                experts (FBI, TSA...) sifting through body parts and
                                                trying to identify all of the passengers, she's still wrung
                                                out. She's even more wrung out when she finds a
                                                bone - a foot - that's a lot older than anything on the
                                                plane's manifest.
                                                Things get more intriguing (and scary) when Tempe is
Reichs, Kathy       Fatal Voyage            432 accused of mishandling evidence and taken off the           booktalk Ash
Reilly, Matthew     Area 7                                                                                           Ash
Reilly, Matthew     Contest                                                                                          Ash
Reilly, Matthew     Scarecrow                                                                                        Ash
Reilly, Matthew     Temple                                                                                           Ash
Reilly, Matthew J   Ice station                                                                                      Ash
Robinson, Kim
Stanley             Blue Mars                                                                                       Ash
Robinson, Kim
Stanley             Green Mars                                                                                      Ash
Robinson, Kim
Stanley             Red Mars                                                                                        Ash
Rollins, James,     Black order : a Sigma
1961-               Force novel                                                                                     Ash
                                           Luke Harding is the youngest FI ever. In this future
                                           world, where every investigator has a Mobile Aid to
                                           law and crime, Luke has already made a good record
                                           for himself. MALC helps him out, but really, it's Luke's
                                           instinct and daring that has gotten him this far.
                                           Jade is his best friend and a woman he knows can
                                           never be his partner - the authorities pick who is best
                                           for partners and never do they mix fields. Jade is an
                                           artist and Luke is an investigator. It would be unheard
                                           of. But the authorities are handing him a case now of
                                           that very thing. A couple appeared to have bribed the
                                           committee and joined together. Luke has to take the
                                           case, but is it a trap? Do the authorities know his true
                                           feelings for Jade?
                                           He's sure he's never said anything in front of MALC,
                                           who is programmed never to lie and a puppet of the
                                           authorities. All of these issues take a back seat when
                                           an old schoolmate asks for his help. A prisoner is
                                           about to die, his sentence from a murder two years
                                           ago. The prisoner has no idea if he did it or not, but
                                           Luke's best friend from school is convinced his friend
                                           is innocent. Now, Luke is on two cases, one
                                           authorized (and possibly a trap) and one not
Rose, Malcolm   Traces: Double check   215 authorized at all.                                       booktalk Ash
                                           Daisy, a neurotic, anorexic girl who flees from her
                                           newly acquired wicked stepmother to live in England
                                           with cousins, never accepts her true name (Elizabeth),
                                           but that's okay - because she really is more like a
                                           Daisy anyway! She comes to find a new home
                                           amongst her strange cousins (Edmond and his sense
                                           of knowing what you're thinking, Piper and her ability
                                           to whistle conversations with animals and all sorts of
                                           living things, and the other two brothers). As soon as
                                           she has settled in some, a war breaks out. It's not
                                           really a The End of the World type war, and it seems,
                                           for a while, that the kids are not really affected by it
                                           (except of course, by their missing mother - Daisy's
                                           Aunt - who was away 'working' when it began). The
                                           older brother plays spy and meets at the local pub with
                                           other spies to get the latest on The War. Daisy, Piper,
                                           Edmond and the rest are greatly affected when the
                                           army comes to seize the house and buildings for their
                                           use. Follow their struggles - to understand friendship,
                                           loss, the importance strength in the face of adversity -
                                           and how they struggle to make it through impossible
Rosoff, Meg     How I Live Now         194 circumstances. While a lot of this book asks the         review   Ash
                Date me baby, one
Rowe, Stephanie more time                                                                                    Ash
                He loves me, he
Rowe, Stephanie loves me hot                                                                                 Ash
Rowe, Stephanie Must love dragons                                                                            Ash
Rowen, Michelle Bitten & smitten                                                                             Ash
Rowland, Laura The dragon king's
Joh             palace                                                                                       Ash
                Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J K    deathly hallows                                                                              Ash
                Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J K    half-blood prince                                                                            Ash
                Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J K    Order of the Phoenix                                                                         Ash
                                        Another mystery confronts Harry on his return to his
                                        second year at Hogwarts. The walls are speaking to
                                        him - and dire warnings that the Chamber of Secrets
                                        has been opened don't keep him and his friends from
                                        trying to find out what the Chamber holds - or even
                                        where it is! Draco - arch-enemy and lead antagonist
                                        from the Slitherin House - doesn't help matters any,
              Chamber of Secrets,       but his friends - and Hagrid of course - stick by him
Rowling, JK   The                   352 during the adventures.                                review       Ash

                                        Harry has put up with another summer at the
                                        Dursley's, and there's only two weeks to go until he
                                        returns to Hogwarts! One night, his scare flares with
                                        pain - soon forgotten in the excitement of the World
                                        Cup Quidditch match and school on the horizon. The
                                        Quidditch match is hilarious and a bit on the dark-side,
                                        as voluptous Veela, cheering for the Bulgerians, are
                                        rudely gestured at by the Leprachauns (cheering for
                                        the Irish). It's another action packed, fun-filled set of
                                        predicaments for our favorite hero - but this time:
                                        someone's out for blood (You-Know-Who). Harry's
                                        blood! To make matters even worse (or perhaps
                                        better?) Harry is chosen to take part in a TriWizard
Rowling, JK   Goblet of Fire, The   734 Tournament - and they play for keeps!                     review   Ash

                                        Who really knows the truth? Not Harry, as he
                                        struggles to find his place in the wizarding world of
                                        Hogwarts School. Not only that, he doesn't know who
                                        to believe (except, perhaps, for his best friends
                                        Hermione and Ron). Sirius Black, an infamous
                                        prisoner held captive by Dementors who suck
                                        thoughts (especially good ones!) from your mind, has
                                        escaped. Everyone is on edge, but no one more than
                                        Harry when he finds out more of the truth: Sirius
                                        Black could be a friend! There's lots more going on all
                                        around, as there always is: magic, foul play, great
              Prisoner of               adventures. Join Harry as he tries to find out who
Rowling, JK   Azkhaban, The         435 really is a friend - and what that means for his future! review    Ash
                                          A magical mystical place where the downtrodden rise
                                          with power and perception to cure the ills of the world -
                                          or at least raise a little dust around the Dursley's
                                          home! Harry is young, and different. Not only has he
                                          been ill-treated by his Aunt, Uncle and nasty cousin
                                          (who adopted him after his parents died - only
                                          because he was left on their doorstep!), but he's never
                                          been told what he really was: a magician. In this first
                                          book, we see Harry begin to find out who he is, what
                                          his parents were like, and how magical it is to live in
                                          London, where track 9 3/4 will take you to Hogwarts -
                                          the place where magic is common and professors can
Rowling, JK   Sorceror's Stone, The       be decidedly eerie.                                       review   Ash
              The Wall and the
Ruby, Laura   Wing                                                                                            Ash
                                          Gurl is crouched behind Luigi's dumpster, waiting for
                                          the busboy to drop the trash with forgotten leftovers.
                                          She's escaped the Hope House for the Homeless &
                                          Hopeless for the night, proud to be out on her own in
                                          the city. The dark is nice - mostly because there are
                                          only a few wings flying around, not thousands like
                                          during the day, when al the people who can fly do.
                                          "their just airheads"---- gurl, a lead foot who can't fly.
                                          Shes pulling four boxes out of the trash, filled with
                                          pasta & lasagna + salad when she hears a meow.
                                          Kitty? Gurl asks, never having seen one of these rare
                                          animals before. The cat rubs up against her, purrs,
                                          and Gurl shares her food. She can't leave it, but she
                                          has to figure out a way to sneek it back to the
                                          orphanage so Mrs Terwillger wont see it. In another
                                          part of the cory, Sweetcheeks Grabourski and Johnny
                                          O have just found the professor - whos hidden for
                                          years. The professors a bit confused + frantic , one of
                                          his many cats have gone missing, Probably to find the
                                          wall, the girl born every 100 years who can become
              Wall and the Wing,          invisible. And of course, this is just who Sweetcheeks
Ruby, Laura   The                     327 and Johnny want to find. The professor is sure he          booktalk Ash
                                     Hi – I‘m Brent and I‘m 14 years old, and I wonder why
                                     all of the ways I‘ve tried to kill myself haven‘t worked. I
                                     mean, I‘ve tried hanging. I used to tie a noose in my
                                     closet, and I‘d go in there, slip it over my head, and let
                                     my weight go. But every time I started to lose
                                     consciousness, I‘d just stand up.
                                     I tried to take pills. I took 20 Advil but they just made
                                     me sleepy. And all the times I tried to cut my wrists, I
                                     could never cut deep enough. That‘s the thing –
                                     you‘re body tries to keep you alive no matter what you
                                     do. I‘ve got to think of a way to kill myself that I can‘t
                                     turn back from…

                                     I take off all my clothes and put on the pair of boxers
                                     my mom bought for me at the mall last weekend. I
                                     bring my bathrobe into the shower and pour gasoline
                                     all over it. It‘s wet and heavy when I put it on but
                                     there‘s something comforting about the smell. I can
                                     hear my brother Craig shooting hoops outside.
                                     (speed up pace for next two paragraphs) I strike the
                                     match, but it doesn‘t light. Try again. I bring it closer to
                                     my wrist and then it goes up, all over me, eating
                                     through me everywhere. I can‘t breathe. I‘m screaming
                                     ―Craig! Craig!‖ I fall down. I‘m going to die, I‘m finally
                                     going to find out what death is like.
                                     But it hurts too much. I stand up and walk out of the
                                     bathroom. Craig is there and Rusty our dog. Their
                                     faces…they look…Craig runs downstairs, is dialing
                                     911, and he hands me the phone and runs off –
                                     probably to find mom or dad somewhere. The woman
                                     on the phone tells me the fire truck and ambulance
Runyan, Brent   Burn Journals, The   are on the way. She asks ―are you still on fire?‖ I tell     booktalk Ash
                                     An amazing story of an eighth grader who, in the first
                                     twenty pages, soaks his favorite black bathrobe in
                                     kerosene, steps into the shower, and lights himself on
                                     fire. The book is a journey of recovery, both from
                                     severe burns, and from depression. What astounded
                                     me most about this biography was the excellent way
                                     the author captured the voice of an eighth grader:
                                     from worries about his ‗religion‘ (the Ace of Spades) to
                                     concerns about his penis. The voice, almost
                                     nonchalant and not terribly sad, left me wondering:
                                     what was the reason for suicide? Brent, as he
Runyon, Brent   Burn Journals, The   struggles toward recovery, is often unsure himself.      review   Ash
                                     Esperanza loved her papa, loved the land they owned
                                     and farmed, and most of the time, loved being the only
                                     It‘s 1930 in Mexico, and the Revolution has been over
                                     for ten years, but there are still some people who don‘t
                                     like landowners who own large farms. Esperanza
                                     waits with her mama for their papa to come back,
                                     worried about bandits in the hills.
                                     ―Don‘t worry Esperanza,‖ her mama says ―Papa is
                                     sympathetic and has given land to many of his
                                     workers. The people know that.‖
                                     ―But mama,‖ Esperanza asks her, ―Do the bandits
                                     Esperanza had always loved her life – as the ranch
                                     owner‘s daughter, she was wealthy – and got new
                                     dresses for every special party – and one was coming
                                     up – her birthday!
                                     But her birthday party was cancelled, after the right
                                     hand man of the farm brought her father‘s body back
                                     in a wagon. The mayor and banker in the town take
                                     over the land, because her Papa couldn‘t leave the
                                     farm to her mother – women couldn‘t own land in
                                     Mexico back in 1930. The mayor makes an offer to her
Ryan, Pam                            mama: marry – and stay. Or lose everything.
Munoz           Esperanza Rising     Mama does the only thing she can – she takes             booktalk Ash
                                   One of YALSA's "Best Books for 2004." A young girl
                                   finds herself through loss & struggle. Spoiled rotten
                                   13 year old mexican girl looses father to bandits.
                                   Uncle tries to horn in on farm - succeeds. Mom &
                                   daughter flee thanks to help of servants who their Pa
                                   treated kindly. In the US, Esperanza finds herself
                                   having to learn a new language, a new way of life, and
                                   how to sweep. Set in the 1930's - it deals with
Ryan, Pam                          immigrant populations, the repatriation act (and illegal
Munoz           Esperanza Rising   deportations) and the depression.                            review Ash
                                   It all started with a sneaker - it wasn't even Stanley's
                                   sneaker and he didn't do anything bad, but that's the
                                   way it was. The judge said: you can go to jail, or go to
                                   Camp Greenlake. Well, Stanley's family was poor, and
                                   he'd never been to camp, and jail didn't sound so fun -
                                   so there Stanley Yelnats was: the only person on a
                                   bus to Camp Greenlake.
                                   But the Camp wasn't green, and there was no lake,
                                   and all the thoughts Stanley had of making friends and
                                   swimming in the lake leaked away. And all because of
                                   a sneaker; or maybe, maybe it went further back then
                                   that - back to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-
                                   Yup - that's where it all really started - back with the
                                   first Stanley Yelnats, a girl, and a fortune. See, the first
                                   Stanley Yelnats was bringing his fortune across the
                                   country, moving from New York to California back in
                                   the day - but Kissing Kate Barlow robbed Stanley
                                   Yelnats (not the Stanley this story is about, but the
                                   other one - the no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-
                                   That's when the luck started to change for the
Sachar, Louis   Holes              Yelnats's - well, there's more to it than that - there's a booktalk Ash
                                              What a wonderful tale of fate, destiny and karma. It
                                              was reminiscent of gypsy curse tales, but set in
                                              present day. Stanley finds himself blaming his no-
                                              good-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather (as his
                                              father and his father's have done) for his ill-luck. He is
                                              sentenced to Camp Green Lake for 16 months for
                                              stealing a pair of sneakers. He did not steal them, and
                                              there is no lake. While there, he becomes a part of
                                              the group and gains a sense of belonging he never
                                              gained in high school. Of course, there are problems
                                              (and poisonous yellow lizards!) and somehow the past
                                              keeps creeping in: the original curse (that yes, did
                                              start with a pig) and Kissing Kate Barlow both play a
                                              large part in this wonderfully woven tale about
Sachar, Louis      Holes                  240 integrity, honor, racism and being true to oneself.        review    Ash

                                              What fantastic dialog! Perfect for teens - especially
                                              teens 'outside the norm.' This book is not only for
                                              teens questionning their sexual identity (or already
                                              having found it, finding it different from the standard
                                              heterosexual roles of today's mainstream society), but
                                              for any teen asking tough questions about: how much
                                              is my friendship worth? Giving up the rest of my life?
                                              The next four years? Next year? How much is my
                                              'reality' worth? If I tell everyone what I really think and
                                              am, will I be ready to face and pay the consequence??
                                              These are just some of the questions adroitly handled
                                              by Sanchez as the three main characters make their
                                              way through high school. Find out if Nelson stays with
                                              his boyfriend (HIV positive) and whether or not Jason
                                              is willing to risk an athletic scholarship to come out as
                                              gay to his team. Great dialog, hip scenes, and good
Sanchez, Alex      Rainbow High           247 questions and dilemmas.                                     review   Ash   gsa
Sargent, Pamela    Earthseed                                                                                       Ash
Saul, John         Brain child                                                                                     Ash
Scoppettone,       My sweet untraceable
Sandra             you                                                                                             Ash
Scottoline, Lisa   Dead ringer                                                                                     Ash
Scottoline, Lisa   Devil's corner                                                                                  Ash
Scottoline, Lisa   Final appeal                                                                                    Ash
Scottoline, Lisa   Killer smile                                                                                     Ash
                                             She's hot. She's smart. She knows how to play to win.
                                             Morrone plays poker and courtrooms with the same
                                             straight face - ready to bluff or be called. It gets a little
                   Running From the          close to home this time when her client (a judge, her
Scottoline, Lisa   Law                   426 boyfriend's father) is in the hot seat.                       review   Ash

Scottoline, Lisa The vendetta defense                                                                               Ash
Seymour, Gerald The unknown soldier                                                                                 Ash

                                             This matter of fact tale of the life of a gangster -
                                             banging since he was eleven, is haunting in its
                                             simplicity and tone. Kody (who became known as
                                             Monster and is now Sanyika) retells, from his prison
                                             cell, what it was really like to be Crip. He tracks the
                                             escalation of gang warfare in South Central LA from a
                                             front seat perspective. He explores how the sets
                                             (subgroupings of gangs) have grown and how what
                                             was once a war of Crips and Bloods has become an
                                             all out guerilla war of one Crip cell against another. In
                                             and out of jail, always going back to his mother, his
                                             bike, his 'out of the gang' girlfriend Tamu, and, of
                                             course, his gang (the Eight Trays), Sanyika reflects on
                                             the 130 year old experiment of multiculturalism in the
                                             US - and believes it is a failed experiment. He doesn't
                   Monster: An               point fingers; he takes responsiblity for his actions; he
Shakur, Sanyika    Autobiography of an       rages against the factors over which we have no
(aka Kody Scott)   LA Gang Member        383 control. A gripping account of the life of a gangster.    review       Ash
                                           Okay, now I have to get a Tupac CD! If Nikki
                                           Giovanni‘s forward (Tupac CU in Heaven) wasn‘t
                                           enough to sell me on this, I was totally hooked by
                                           page 19 ―only 4 the Righteous.‖ The lyrical beat of the
                                           poems, the side-by-side seemingly incompatible blend
                                           of literate words, poor spelling and ―chat-room‖
                                           symbols for language, works well. On the left of every
                                           page in this book, you have Tupac‘s writing – journal-
                                           style; on the right, his words (poems) are typed out for
                                           you. As I read his poems, I can hear the beat, the
                                           strength, the gut-twisting realism of it all: a world I‘ve
                                           only witnessed from the edge. I have to hear him,
                  The Rose that Grew       now, because I am, indeed, one of those curious to
Shakur, Tupac     from Concrete            whom he dedicated: In the Event of My Demise.              review  Ash
                                           Hi - my name's Jade. I'm in high school and like to
                                           dress in black. My dad doesn't appreciate this and tells
                                           me to wear some colors. Hello? I added a way cool
                                           blue streak to my all black hair last week. It's color. As
                                           if I'd want to dress like all the Barbie clones in hell-
                                           That's where I am - Haloway High School in the
                                           middle of nowhere - in the middle of Mr Patron's
                                           painful trig class.
                                           "Are you paying attention Ms. Leigh or are you praying
                                           you never come in contact with a wooden stake?"
                                           I've pretty much had it with Patron and his snide
                                           "If you must know, I'm thinking of less painful ways to
                                           kill myself than sitting in your class, Kevin."
                                           Sometimes I can't help myself. Okay, a lot of times.
                                           After it was all over, I was sitting in the principal's
                                           office (again) waiting for my punishment. I guess
                                           Mercedes had done something (gasp!) too because
                                           she ended up being punished. Mercedes, beautiful,
                                           wealthy, utterly popular Mercedes. I hate, hate, hate
                                           her! We only have one thing in common - we only
                                           have one parent. No wait - she hates me as much as
                                           I hate her.
                                           And now? Hammy, or Ms Hamilton (our principal) is
Showalter, Gina   Oh My Goth           246 saying our punishment is a field trip together - to learn booktalk Ash
Shusterman, Neal Everlost                                                                                 Ash

                                       Tory & Winston, Dillon & Deanna, Michael & Lourdes
                                       are six outcasts from all over the country. At the
                                       beginning of Shusterman's novel, they pair up,
                                       meeting each other and finding out that they are not
                                       alone with their freakish natures and abilities (or
                                       difficulties). Once paired, they realize or sense they
                                       are not alone in this, and their mission becomes one
                                       of finding the remaining pairs. Shusterman captures
                                       the angst of youth along with the seeds of humanity
                                       and the questions of the universe in this dark gothic
                                       tale of shards gone awry. An excellent page-turner
Shusterman, Neal Scorpion Shards   240 with characters fully-developed and entrancing.          review    Ash

                                       Tory & Winston, Dillon & Deanna, Michael & Lourdes -
                                       these are the people you meet in this story. Each one
                                       is a freak. In pairs, they are freakish couples. They are
                                       scary, different, strange, and filled with energy capable
                                       of destroying if they can't get a handle on it. It's hard
                                       enough getting a handle a life when you're a normal
                                       kid, imagine what it's like when you weigh a thousand
                                       pounds, or your face is really, literally covered in zit-
                                       like sores that make people hurt just to look at you.
                                       They were alone, each of them, until they paired up.
                                       Once that happened, it was better. It might be better,
                                       even, if they can find the other pairs of freaks, get all
                                       six together in one place - but then again, it may just
Shusterman, Neal Scorpion Shards   240 be the end if they do that!                               review   Ash
                                       You know what happened in the first book, right away,
                                       the fire, the near drowning, the disbanding of the
                                       club and the cessation of the crazy, often,dangerous,
                                       seriously mean and evil pranks of a group of students
                                       played on the town.
                                       It's safe though. Even though all the members still go
                                       to the same school they're no longer a club. That
                                       doesn't mean they've been forgiven, though or even
                                       forgotten. No.
                                       So when the new kid comes to town, smart, athletic,
                                       and charming, he causes a stir. But what causes even
                                       more of a commotion are the pranks someone is
                                       playing on him.pranks are not exactly like what the
                                       shadow club use to do. It doesn't help that, Jared, the
                                       old leader of the shadow club didn-t hit it off so well
                                       with the uber-popular new guy and everyone thinks its
                                       he who's doing all the pranks.
                                       And while Jared knows its not him, no one believes
                                       him. He'll never run from his past, not in this town, this
                                       school. He might even have to become the bad boy
                                       everyone thinks he is to find out who really is doing the
                 Shadow Club Rising,   pranks. And even worse he may even have to bring
Shusterman, Neal the                   the shadow club out of its death rise it up to find out    booktalk Ash
                 The Shadow Club
Shusterman, Neal rising                                                                                   Ash
                                       A capricious mermaid starts a centuries old problem,
                                       and Fern and Will (brother and sister) must solve it –
                                       or else! There‘s a key, a heath (English countryside
                                       talk) and the mystery of Atlantis, all rolled into one
                                       great tale of excitement and adventure. A must read
                                       for any who like mystery, adventure, and a touch of
Siegel, Jan      Prospero‘s Children   the fantastic.                                           review    Ash
Siegel, Jan      Prospero's children                                                                      Ash
                                            A snowball runs away, a mouse climbs in your hair,
                                            the people zoo is open, and there‘s more, much more,
                                            in here! Yet another of Silverstein‘s wonderful
                                            collections: tales and drawings that engage young
                                            readers in poetry. He continues to delight, enchant,
                                            excite, and unite all students in stories of the
                                            fantastical, and sometimes down-right mundane!
Silverstein, Shel   Falling Up              Listen to the voice.                                 review           Ash

                                            Tips on how to break a dish, and yes, oh then, you‘ll
                                            get your wish, ―go dry them‖ they will never ask, and
                                            you‘ll escape the onerous task. Thus begins another
                                            frolicking ride through the short and accessible verse
                                            of Shel Silverstein – his first poem details what you
                                            should do if assigned the task of drying dishes! While
                                            the stories may be geared to a younger audience, they
Silverstein, Shel   Light in the Attic, A   are easy and fun to read by teens.                     review         Ash

                                            Lyrical stories of all crazy things, sometimes the pages
                                            just seem to sing! From Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me
                                            too (flying around in a large, feathered shoe) to the
                                            Glurpy Slurpy Skakagrall (three thousand pounds and
                                            nine feet tall!), you'll love the voice of Shel Silverstein:
                                            he's happy, he's sad, he's nice and he's mean! This
                                            book of poems appeals to teens - open it up and you'll
                    Where the Sidewalk      see what I mean! Fantasy stories or scary new tales,
Silverstein, Shel   Ends                    from fishes and bandaids to snowmen and whales!              review   Ash
                                             Not again, she thought. She hadn't had any visions
                                             since she started at Sheridan High, and she sure
                                             didn't need them now. She was finally in a place
                                             where no one knew her past, her problems, and being
                                             the editor of the school paper meant she was part of
                                             the "in-crowd."
                                             She tried to fight off the dizziness but couldn't. Then
                                             she saw her - a stunning girl with raven black hair.
                                             She lifted her hand the to sky and a dragonfly, tiny and
                                             purple, took wing. She smiled watching it, but then her
                                             face took on a look of horror as the tiny winged
                                             creature came back, turning into a fanged monster
                                             that sank its sharp teeth into her smooth skin. Blood
                                             spurted, swelling like a tide, and the girl went under
                                             waves of crimson blood.
                                             No! Sabine tried to scream, coming out of her trance.
                                             Not again.
                                             She'd had visions before, and it wasn't a good thing.
                                             Because she hadn't listened to them, bad things had
                                             happened. Now? She didn't know what to do - but she
                                             knew one thing. Some girl, a girl she didn't recognize,
Singleton, Linda                             was in very serious danger, and if Sabine couldn't find
Joy                Don't die dragonfly   269 her and convince her of it, she might well die.          booktalk Ash
                                             This first book in The Seer series captivates readers
                                             with its realistic dialog, gripping plot, and believable
                                             characters. Add a touch of magic, or second-sight,
                                             and teens are hooked.
                                             Singleton has created a world that is very much like
                                             our own, in fact, may be our own, with a slight twist of
                                             the other-worldly.
                                             Sabine has had visions before, but not since she
                                             started at a new school, where no one knows her past.
                                             The visions, however, are not leaving her alone. This
                                             new vision is brighter, more bloody, than any others,
                                             and Sabine knows if she can't find the girl of the
                                             vision, the dragonfly that the girl releases, that turns
Singleton, Linda                             into a monster and kills her with a viscious bite, might
Joy                Don't die dragonfly   269 well turn into reality.                                  review   Ash
Singleton, Linda
Joy                Last dance                                                                                 Ash
Singleton, Linda
Joy                 Sword play                                                                                Ash
Singleton, Linda
Joy                 Witch ball                                                                                Ash
Slaughter, Karin,
1971-               Kisscut                                                                                   Ash
Sleator, William    Interstellar pig                                                                          Ash
                                           Have you ever felt like you were living a lie? Like, right
                                           before breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend you
                                           pretend you still like them? Well, Zach‘s lie is a bit
                                           bigger than that.

                                           First, his name is Jack, not Zach. But he‘ll never be
                                           able to use ―Jack‖ again. Never.

                                           Second, some guys broke into his house and duct-
                                           taped his mother, his sister and Jack on the couch.
                                           Then they held a phone up to his mom - and told her
                                           the only thing she could say to Jack‘s father on the
                                           other end: they will kill us if you talk. When the police
                                           found them, they were happy. When the DEA found
                                           them a little later, they were shocked. Jack had no
                                           idea what was happening or had happened with his
                                           Dad to so completely mess up the family.

                                           But that‘s the way it was. Jack and his family (except
                                           for his Dad who's still in jail talking to the DEA) fly to
                                           parts unknown, start new lives with new names, and
                                           live a lie. Jack meets other kids at school but has to
                                           watch what he says: he's Zach now, and anything he
                                           says might put his family in jeopardy - just like his dad
                                           did. He must avoid this, but it's not easy to blend in
Smith, Roland       Zach's Lie         211 when you're worried that anything you say will blow        booktalk Ash
Smith, Roland,
1951-               Jack's run                                                                                Ash
                                            Tyler has no problem getting on the compound. The
                                            idiot guards mistake his southern drawl for someone
                                            stupid like themselves. Not that he hadn't figured out
                                            105 ways to take them out by the time they finally
                                            brought him to their leader….two of the ways even left
                                            them alive! Father Cook, leader of the New Dawn,
                                            was gearing up for a terrorist attack against the
                                            government - the New Dawn hated government.
                                            Good thing I'm the wonder oby, Tyler thought, then let
                                            his anger take over and killed everyone in the room.
                                            Good thing I'm in control, Tom thinks, as he wakes up
                                            from another brutal dream - a dream that's really a
                                            memory of Tyler's. He's still at Pandora, where
                                            Tremain, the good guy in the governmnet conspiracy
                                            that messed up his life, is running tests on him.
                                            Kavanaugh, the bad government guy who actually
                                            made him what he is now, is no where to be found.
                                            And Madison? Sweet, innocent bystander who met
                                            and fell for Tom as much as Tom fell for her? She's
                                            there too, wrapping up a debriefing and cover story for
                                            the fire that took out her aunt and uncle's house.
                                            She's heading home to her parents and Tom will miss
                 Sleeper Agenda: Part       her. Tyler could care less. If only Tom and Tyler could
                 II in the Sleeper          come to some sort of agreement before they literally
Sniegoski, Tom   Conspiracy             308 kill eachother.                                         booktalk
                                              Tom is sick. Sick of being "fragile." Sick of being
                                              scared. Sick of taking medicine, being home-
                                              schooled, following the same routine every day to
                                              keep the sickness at bay.
                                              So he skips his meds - for a fewwk. His mom freaks,
                                              his doctor freaks, hid dad, who never, ever raises his
                                              voices, gives him a monotone lecture on his disease:
                                              He's afraid to fall asleep. Sometimes, he's afraid to
                                              stay awake. The "daymares" are worse than the fear
                                              he'll never wake up again if he falls asleep.
                                              Sometimes much worse.
                                              What Tom doesn't know is that his life, so far, has
                                              been a picnic compared to what's about to happen.
                                              His disease is a cover - and when he realizes this - he
                                              also realizes: he's not who he thinks he is. In fact,
                   Sleeper Code: Part I       he's not sure who he is anymore, but the memories?
                   in the Sleeper             The ones coming back every day as daymares filled
Sniegoski, Tom     Conspiracy             278 with violence and blood? The memories are killer....    booktalk Ash

                                              If you like action, intrigue, espionage, and the
                                              obligatory girl, look no further! Sniegoski's Sleeperd
                                              Code finds Tom, a home-schooled, narcopleptic teen
                                              who's sick of his sickness, sick of his meds, and sick
                                              of his life. The only issue is, he has no clue what his
                                              real life is all about, or even who he is. This first book
                                              in the Sleeper series introduces us to a main
                                              character with some killer identity issues. Even more
                   Sleeper Code: Part I       than your typical teen identity crisis. The pacing is
                   in the Sleeper             good, the action, drama, and bit of intrigue leave the
Sniegoski, Tom     Conspiracy             278 reader engaged and looking forward to part II.               review   Ash
Solitaire, Jenna   Keeper of the flames                                                                             Ash
Solitaire, Jenna   Keeper of the waters                                                                             Ash
Solitaire, Jenna   Keeper of the winds                                                                              Ash
                                    This book contains matter-of-fact conversations about
                                    the penis, the hymen, and the traditional roles of
                                    virginity. It presents the ins and outs, ups and downs
                                    of sexuality from a physiological and emotional
                                    standpoint, asserting that most teens lose their
                                    virginity due to peer pressure. Good graphics, large,
                                    easy-to-read print make this short book accessible to
                                    teens. The narratives of sexual compromise (in teen
                                    voice, 1st person story form) are realistically worded
                                    but seem a bit stilted and formulaic. Good facts
Sommers,                            interspersed throughout the book (20% of sexually
Michael A and  Everything You       active teenage girls get pregnant – 1,000,000 a year!).
Sommers, Annie Needed to Know       The tone of the authors leans toward abstinence, but
Leah           About Virginity   56 other choices are explored.                             review    Ash

                                    It happened so suddenly. One day everything was
                                    fine. The next day my sister went crazy. There was no
                                    warning, no time to prepare. My sister was gone,
                                    leaving a strange angry person in her body.
                                    Sunday is visiting day. My parents usually chat with
                                    Sister before they go down the hall for their therapy
                                    session. The Sister and I talk. Sometimes I have too
                                    much homework and stay home. Sometimes I just say
                                    I have too much homework.
                                    I want my sister back again, not crazy, not psycho. I
                                    want my parents back again, not fighting, not worrying
                                    if I'm going crazy, not wondering if my friends would
                                    laugh at me if they knew.
                                    In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg cures her little brother by
                                    telling him she loves him. Why won't that work for me?
                                    What's it like when your big sister goes crazy? Let
                                    Cookie tell you what it was like for her.
                                    Stop Pretending by Sonya Sones

Sones, Sonya   Stop Pretending      Original Talk by Dr. J.R. Bodart                         booktalk jr bodart
                                   Steven has a little brother, a set of drums, a practice
                                   pad, and a family that somehow seems to talk in
                                   capital letters a lot of the time. Oh, and did I mention
                                   the crush on Renee? She's the Hottest Girl on the
                                   Planet, and lives down the street. Steve got into the all-
                                   city Jazz school - no mean feat considering they only
                                   have two drummers - so he knows he can play pretty
                                   well. He also knows that having a brother is
                                   horrible...just horrible. Here's what he writes for an
                                   assignment about "the most annoying thing in the
                                   world." (excerpted from page 4):
                                   Having any brother would be horrible, I suppose, but
                                   having my particular brother, Jeffrey, is an unrelenting
                                   nightmare. It's not because he's eight years younger,
                                   but that's a part of it. I mean, how would you like to be
                                   the King of the Planet for eight glorious years, and
                                   then suddenly get demoted to Vice-King? It's not
                                   because he's cuter than I am, although that's part of it
                                   too. I have mouse-brown hair, glasses, and braces
                                   that look like i tried to swallow a train wreck. He has
                                   those perfect little-kid chiclet-white teeth, 20-20 vision
                                   and little blond ringlets like the ones you see on
Sonnenblick,   Drums Girls &       angels in art class. It's not even because he hates me,
Jordan         Dangerous Pie   273 he doesn't. The problem is: he idolizes me. He follows booktalk Ash
                                               This is a story of Alex Gregory, his jazz guitar, his best
                                               friend Laurie, an angry judge, and a feisty old man
                                               dying of emphysema, and how the combination
                                               changes all of them.

                                               It sounded like a good plan when I thought of it, even
                                               brilliant. I‘d drink one more pint of Dad‘s vodka, swipe
                                               my mother‘s car keys and drive over to my dad‘s
                                               house and tell him what I thought of his getting it on
                                               with my third grade teacher and breaking up with my
                                               mom. But I was more smashed than I thought I was,
                                               and I ended up in the middle of Mrs. Wilson‘s lawn,
                                               with the lawn gnome I‘d just decapitated. Mom wasn‘t
                                               happy to have her first date since Dad moved out
                                               interrupted to bail me out, the cops who arrested me
                                               weren‘t happy about the fact that I threw up all over
                                               them, and my best friend Laurie wasn‘t happy with me
                                               because I hadn‘t called so she could talk me out of
                                               doing such a dumb thing. But what really reeked was
                                               the fact that the judge absolutely hated drunk drivers,
                                               especially when they weren‘t willing to admit they‘d
                                               done something wrong—and I wasn‘t. I mean I hadn‘t
                                               hurt anyone—it was just a lawn gnome, for crying out
                                               loud! But she sentenced me to a hundred hours of
Sonnenblick,       Notes From the              community service, anyway, and told me I had to pay
Jordan             Midnight Driver         256 to have the lawn gnome replaced and the car fixed. I booktalk jr bodart
                                               This book is allegedly the male version of "Go Ask
                                               Alice" (a book I loved!). I'm not so fond of this one.
                                               It's a teen angst meets evenagelicalism meets new-
                                               age spirituality (or at least Jonathon Livingston
                                               Seagull). I believed (hoped) the preachy tone of the
                                               counselor would change, but it doesn't! That said -
                                               the story line is good. Samuel, a teen in trouble,
                                               seeks suicide as refuse from the murky black
                                               nothingness that overwhelms him. With he help of a
                   Almost Lost: The            counselor and the support of his Mom, sisters and
                   True Story of an            grandmother, (and the cutesy tricks the counselor
                   Anonymous                   suggests) he overcomes his negative feelings and
                   Teenagers Life on the       begins his road to reovery by uncovering traumatic
Sparks, Beatrice   Streets                 256 events in his past.                                      review Ash
                                            This book is geared toward younger readers, but
                                            makes the science and geography of the planet
                                            interesting and fascinating for readers of any age!
                                            The book blends tidbits, facts, interesting visuals, and
                                            clearly designed examples of what it is explaining
                                            about the natural forces on our planet. Each aspect of
                                            an item is devoted to one or two pages, with boxed
                                            inserts of intersting facts or anecdotes, and pictures or
                 Shake, Rattle, and         drawings that reflect what is written about. I found it
                 Roll : The World's         interesting to read, and quick! I gained an
                 Most Amazing               understanding of volcanic action, and also what really
Spencer,         Volcanoes,                 happens during an earthquake. I recommend this for
Christian, and   Earthquakes, and           young adults - especially struggling readers - who will
Felix, Antonia   Other Forces           128 find it accessible.                                       review   Ash

                                            Shabanu is only eleven when we meet her, a camel-
                                            herder's daughter growing up in the Pakistani desert.
                                            Her old sister, Phulan, will be married soon, and
                                            Shabanu must come to terms with her love of the joys
                                            childhood allows her, and her duty as a woman in the
                                            Muslim and Hindu traditions. Shabanu "speaks true"
                                            throughout the book, in a voice that reaches and
                                            creates understanding. We watch her grow, struggle,
                                            experience loss and grief, and love and joy. A
                                            beautiful book - and a wonderful look at coming-of-age
Staples, Suzanne Shabanu: Daughter of       in another culture. Parts of the book are difficult to
Fisher           the Wind               240 take (from an American culture point-of-view).         review      Ash
Starling, Boris  Vodka                                                                                         Ash
                                             This is a story, a patchwork parable, sewn with a
                                             twisted and knotted blood-red thread.

                                             In 1994, Rwanda spent 100 days trapped in a hell,
                                             soaked in the blood of its own people, at the hands of
                                             its own people. One boy, left as broken and shattered
                                             as his country, bears witness.

                                             Stuttering and deranged, Deogratias crawls in his
                                             tattered clothing, desperate to find banana beer so he
                                             can forget. So he can forget the blood, and the
                                             screaming, and the dogs, and the torn-open bellies
                                             that eat the stars. So he can forget that he was a
                                             boy…only a boy…given a machete. But now he is a
                                             dog, and the boys throw rocks at him and laugh.

                                             An estimated 800,000 people died in Rwanda when
                                             members of the majority Hutu ethnic group began a
                                             government-sanctioned massacre of the minority Tutsi
                                             ethnic group.

                                             ―You‘re Hutu, Deogratias!‖ they shouted, banging on
                                             the door. ―Come with us, we have cockroaches to
                                             kill!‖ Deogratias pulled Benina from the sheets, from
                                             their lovemaking, and told her to hide under the bed.
                                             Her government ID says Tutsi; she is not safe. She
                                             was just a girl…but dogs have eaten her up, and her
                                             sister, and her mother. All the Tutsi. The radio said
                                             kill the Tutsi.

                                             Armed primarily with machetes, neighbor cut down
Stassen, Jean-    Deogratias: A Tale of      neighbor, as decades of colonial manipulation and
Philippe          Rwanda                  79 inter-ethnic discrimination and resentment exploded,     booktalk k sundin

Stephenson, Neal Snow crash                                                                                    Ash
                 Zodiac : the eco-
Stephenson, Neal thriller                                                                                      Ash
Stolarz, Laurie
Faria, 1972-     Blue is for nightmares                                                                        Ash
Stolarz, Laurie  Red is for
Faria, 1972-     remembrance                                                                                   Ash
Stolarz, Laurie
Faria, 1972-     Silver is for secrets                                                                            Ash
Stolarz, Laurie
Faria, 1972-     White is for magic                                                                               Ash
Stroud, Jonathan Ptolemy's gate                                                                                   Ash

                                              Stroud's Amulet of Samarkand takes you on a dark
                                              journey, where wizards apprentice to one master for
                                              years, and the calling of spirits determines how strong
                                              of a wizard you are. It's also the tale of one apprentice,
                                              Nathaniel, whose master is a minor magician who is,
                                              at best, ambivelent. More often, he's downright
                                              unfriendly. When Nathaniel begins teaching himself
                                              magic to get revenge on Lovelace, a wizard who badly
                                              humiliated him, he is unaware fo the dangers involved
                                              in calling spirits stronger than he can control.
                  The Amulet of               A wonderful, if dark, romp through a world full of
Stroud, Jonathan Samarkand                462 magic and djinni.                                          review   Ash
Stroud, Jonathan The golem's eye                                                                                  Ash
Sullivan, Tricia,
1968-             Lethe                                                                                           Ash

                                              "Do you carrot all for me?" an anonymous poem early
                                              in the book, set the delightful tone: food and love, and
                                              continues later with animal crackers by Chris Morley.
Sword, Elizabeth                              Many great poets are represented in this often
Hauge and                                     ludicrous, alphabetical by author, poetry anthology.
McCarthy,                                     These poems are geared specifically toward children.
Victoria Flournoy,                            While it may not be a book young adults read through
and Pohr and       Child's Anthology of       (311 pages!), it is a wondeful addition to the shelf for
Tom (ill)          Poetry, A                  thumbing through and enjoying.                           review     Ash
Tarr, Judith       Avaryan rising                                                                                 Ash
                                          Taylor has crafted a fantastical blend of superstitions,
                                          magic, and religion in this somewhat distant past.
                                          Good and evil take root in a small town on a cliff and
                                          near the sea. The vicar of the town, Demurral,
                                          ensures justice is swift and his people and followers
                                          adhere to his wishes. The people of the town lay low
                                          as often as they can and smuggle when they can't.
                                          Baytown is where Thomas and Kate have grown up,
                                          living with superstitions, drunken fathers, and fear. A
                                          ship crashes onto the shores, forced there by an evil
                                          hand, and a stranger walks into Tomas and Kate's life,
                                          bringing with him disdain for the supersititions of the
                                          Baytown residents. He seeks something that was
                                          stolen from him, from his people, and find friendship in
                                          Tomas and Kate's trusting way. More than trust is
                                          needed, however, for the stranger's quest to be
                                          successful...and if it's not successful.... Well. No one
                                          will have to worry much, right? The world, as they
Taylor, G.P.     Shadowmancer         275 know it, will end.                                       review   Ash
                                          Stars and cloueds speckle the pages along with black
                                          and white drawings by D.P. Lathrop. Teasdale's poetry
                                          is very accessible for new poetry readers. These
                                          verses tend to be short, eloquent, and very visual.
                                          The impact of the words will resound with teenagers.
                                          Her book ends on a grandiose note, with Autumn
                 Stars To_night:          Dusk - a four line poem that speaks of confidence,
                 Verses New and Old       strength, power, and belief in oneself - perfect for
Teasdale, Sara   for Boys and Girls       young adults.                                            review   Ash
                             ―What happened in Texas?‖ DeMouy, the senior
                             guidance counselor at San Diego‘s Wakefield High
                             asked me in one of my frequent disciplinary
                             excursions. ―Steve, according to your transcripts, you
                             had a 4.0 GPA through your first five semesters of
                             high school. Near-perfect attendance. Then, the last
                             semester of your junior year, it just falls apart. You
                             even failed English III. Do you mind telling me how
                             someone who makes a 760 verbal on his SAT fails
                              I didn‘t answer him—I couldn‘t. There‘s no way I could
                             explain what happened in Texas that would make any
                             sense. It was like I was a different person now.
                              Then DeMouy reminded me that I was still short one
                             credit in English. ―Maybe we could work something out
                             that would allow you to graduate on time. I want you to
                             write a paper—one hundred pages. That‘s one
                             hundred typewritten pages. You do have a choice.
                             Summer school would probably be easier. But you get
                             to choose the topic. It can be fiction or nonfiction, an
                             action adventure, a tale of teen angst and neglected
                             cries for help. Though I would suggest you choose a
                             topic you know something about. You‘ll turn pages in
                             to me, five to ten at a time.‖
                              I would do anything, even spend a weekend bonding
                             with my famous astronaut father, listening to him
                             berate me about my pierced ears, my car, my eating
                             and sleeping habits, basically everything about me, to
                             bypass summer school, so I‘ve agreed. And since I
Thomas, Rob   Rats Saw God   have a hundred pages to do it in, I‘ve decided to        booktalk frenkel
                                            Thompson begins an intriguing look at a not-so-
                                            distant, not-so-impossible future where two step-
                                            brothers leave Ireland to search for the oldest
                                            brother's mom. The journey provides plenty of
                                            opportunity for adventure, excitement and character
                                            growth, and along with picking up friends (homeless
                                            waifs and talking dogs),, learning more about each
                                            other (how long can Danny hold his breath?), and
                                            helping each other out, this group of travellers winds
                                            its way through a landscape in the middle of crisis - an
                                            oil crisis. All public transportation eventually ceases,
                                            no more post office, armed guards roam the larger
                                            towns, and the brothers continue to focus on their
                 Fourth World: The          goal: find Danny's mother. Of course, they have no
Thompson, Kate   Missing Link Trilogy   330 idea what will happen when they do.                        review   Ash
                                            Okay, it took me a while to figure out that Christie was
                                            a guy - it's an Ireland thing, I guess! It sure made a
                                            whole lot more sense thinking of him as a brother! I
                                            was thoroughly enjoying the book anyway, but about
                                            halfway through, I was again startled by a description
                                            or an action, and thought to myself: is Christie a guy?
                                            or girl? It was then I read the jacket, where it mentions
                                            Christie is a brother - and all was well :)
                                            So Christie's brother Danny is a little, well, odd. Okay,
                                            maybe a lot. Sometimes he freaks out and then it's
                                            really tough but mostly, he just marches to a different
                                            drummer. The drummer is telling Danny it's time to go -
                                            find his mother. See, Danny's Dad and Christie's mom
                                            got married - so they're kind of half-brothers, or step-
                                            brothers or something, but they get along well enough.
                                            Well enough to creep out of the house in the middle of
                                            the night and start walking down the road. Christie
                                            figures he'll talk Danny out of the idea once they hit
                                            the bus stop, but well, suddenly, Danny and Christie
                                            are on a bus, to get to a ferry, to take a boat, to get to
                 Fourth World: The          Scotland, to find Danny's mom. It's a wild, wild ride.
Thompson, Kate   Missing Link Trilogy   330 Did I mention the talking dog?                             review   Ash
                                         A few years ago, planes flew into the World Trade
                                         Center Buildings in New York. Some say it was the
                                         first terrorist attack on American Soil, others think it
                                         was the second. I'm sure that matters to them. What
                                         mattered on September 11, 2001, was different to
                                         everyone. Everyone made their own peace or own war
                                         with it and from it. Many died. Many were injured.
                                         Many felt loss.
                                         I wasn‘t a librarian then, I worked in Oakland, and I
                                         didn't know what to feel. I watched the TV news
                                         showing it over and over, I even got on some of the
                                         news websites before they crashed from the number
                                         of people logging on. But here, on the West Coast, not
                                         knowing anyone in New York, I didn't know. What to
                                         feel. What it felt like. Whether I needed to have a
                                         response. It was just too big, too much, and too far
                                         from me.
                                         For Stuyvesant High School - it was not far away. It
                                         was ground zero. Those students were right there and
               With Their Eyes:          HAD to have a response, felt things, tried to deal with
               Sept. 11th The View       things - that I could never imagine. This book? This is
               From a High School        how they did that. They went out - talked to each other
Thoms, Annie   at Ground Zero            - talked to everyone - all different spots and places    booktalk Ash

                                         An amazing look at the real-life effects and aftermath
                                         of September 11th‘s fall of the World Trade Towers,
                                         from a High School Community four blocks from
                                         ground zero. The monologues flow well, and stand
                                         alone well, too. Written in a verse-like style and
                                         including all of the colloquialisms of real people talking
                                         (like, um, ah), the prose-like style adds to the play.
                                         Not only does this book give a great, non-media-hype
                                         picture of what it was really like to be a part of that
Thoms, Annie                             American history, it seems to have given hope and
(ed)           With Their Eyes       223 healing to those who created and took part in it.          review   Ash
                            If you liked Angels & Demons, anything by Alan
                            Folsom, and the Bourne series by Ludlum, you'll love
                            Blowback by Brad Thor. High quality espionage meets
                            compelling characters in a story that is far too
                            believable for comfort. Scot Horvath plays the
                            intelligence game well, and as a the presidents
                            personal "go-to" guy for any problems that need to be
                            dealt with clandestinely, he's learned how to play the
                            game and stay out of site. He doesn't stay out of the
                            line of the camera on this latest mission, though -
                            where a notorious and exceptionally dangerous
                            terrorist is finally taken down - by him - on the edge of
                            a market. This man is deadly, dangerous, and has
                            escaped Scot's grasp by inches too many times over
                            the last year. Scot could have easily killed him a
                            hundred times over, but the government wants him
                            alive, and preferably, not too badly harmed. So Scot
                            finally gets a chance to take him down, and wouldn't
                            you know it? Al-Jezeera is on the spot. At least it's just
                            the back of his head - but there's no question he's
                            delivering a beating...to the wrong guy. The fruit-stall
                            vendor must have swapped places and Scot is left
Thor, Brad   Blowback   575 with his career in shambles, his head on TV and the        review   Ash
                                      Nick and Cal have been on the run forever, or at least
                                      it seems like it. They've spent the last two years in
                                      New York, working odd jobs under fake identities,
                                      ready to flee at any moment. Nick stays in shape
                                      practicing with all his weapons; Cal would rather sleep
                                      in and pull the trigger on a gun - it's easier and he gets
                                      his rest. Of course, Nick still takes him off guard and
                                      tries to keep him in shape.
                                      The monster in Central Park takes them BOTH off
                                      guard, but they knew it would happen sooner or later.
                                      Ever since Cal's real father kidnapped him through
                                      some kind of hole in the sky - ever since they realized
                                      what Cal's heritage really meant, they'd been on the
                                      run, in fear, and with good reason.
                                      There were monsters in Nick's and Cal's world - the
                                      scary part was, they were also in the real world - just
                                      not seen. It was clear from the few times Nick and Cal
                                      came across them that they weren't very nice either,
                                      as a matter of fact, they'd rather be destroying and
                                      bloodletting and killing and maiming, than having any
                                      kind of dialog with the humans. Of course, Nick and
                                      Cal were forced to rip body parts off of the monsters
Thurman, Rob    Nightlife         339 that didn't even really exist in this plane. Ah, life was  booktalk Ash
                                      Nick and Cal - brothers - live in a city filled with
                                      Grendels and other monsters: New York. They've
                                      been on the run (forever, it seems) and continue to
                                      live life on the edge fear that they will have to run
                                      again. It's not that they hope to settle down, they know
                                      better than that - but to rest for a bit longer would be
                                      Thurman pits mankind against monsters in this
                                      intriguing look at what makes humans really human,
                                      and monsters, monsters. He captures the characters
                                      perfectly, and his rendition of three billy goats gruff
                                      hanging under a bridge in New York is to die for -
                                      literally. Don't cross the troll.
                                      A fantastical glimpse into another world that is awake -
Thurman, Rob    Nightlife         339 and far too close - next to our own.                       review   Ash
Tiernan, Cate   Blood witch                                                                               Ash
Tiernan, Cate   Book of shadows                                                                           Ash
Tiernan, Cate   The coven                                                                                 Ash
Tolan, Stephanie
S                Flight of the raven                                                                             Ash
Tolan, Stephanie
S                Welcome to the Ark                                                                              Ash

                                               Chapter 6, "Poetry 101" emphasizes awareness of the
                                               world around you and reporting on it (spin on your
                                               head until you get dizzy. Report your observations). A
                                               list of Tools from Alliteration to Stanzas, and Poetic
                                               Forms, from Acrostic to Tanka, is provided - with hints
                                               on how to approach all of them! My favorite part of
                                               this series of poems is Chapter 5, where we're finally
                                               over the love rants, the player-bitterness, the hurt
                                               (although I think chapter 1 through 4 will appeal to
                                               teens!). The first poem of chapter 5, My Youth, by
                                               Amber Nicole Lupin, contains the line: there were lazy
                                               days filled with Cadillac sin; another poem by Aja
                                               Watson is entitled Suburban Suicide. Short, clear,
                                               and enticing for young adults, these poems can be
                                               read quickly or at length. The major drawback of this
                                               book is its poor binding - after only two people had
Tom, Karen and                                 checked it out, a number of pages had come unbound
Kiki; Frost, Matt   Angst! Teen Verses         and it is now sitting on a desk waiting for a calm
(illustrator)       from the Edge          133 moment to be fixed!                                     review    Ash
                    The secret diary of
                    Adrian Mole, aged 13
Townsend, Sue       3                                                                                            Ash
                                               Picture DaVinci Code meets Silicon Valley - with a few
                                               additional twists reminiscent of Allan Folsom.
                                               Monkeewrench grabs the imagination from page 1
                                               and does not let go. While the reader might feel the
                                               foreshadowing is overhanded, and thinks he/she can
                                               anticipate an outcome, it rarely happens the way
                                               expected. The surprising twists, the believable dialog,
                                               and (most scary) the believable characters and
                                               events, put the reader in the hot seat. A great thriller
Tracy, P.J.         Monkeewrench           404 that keeps going - right until the bitter end.           review   Ash
                                        Meet Shawn McDonald. He‘s fourteen years old. On
                                        the plus side, he gets to do things like hang out in the
                                        room when his sister has a sleep-over with a bunch of
                                        girlfriends and drool over watching them in their
                                        pajamas. On the down-side, he really does drool over
                                        them. Literally. And the only reason he gets parked in
                                        the living room when the sleepover happens is that,
                                        well, that‘s where he gets parked a lot. In his
                                        wheelchair. So he can feel like he‘s part of the family.
                                        So the upside is that he has a mother, a father, a
                                        brother and a sister. A family that loves him even
                                        though he is the way he is. I mean - who would want
                                        to love a vegetable that can‘t talk, move, or give any
                                        sign of understanding? I mean, how are they
                                        supposed to know that Shawn, really, is a genius?
                                        That he has a eidetic memory and can remember
                                        every moment of his life, sound picture and all, just by
                                        thinking about it? The downside to having a family is
                                        that most murders are committed by people you know -
                                        and Shawn? He knows. Here‘s what‘s going on his
                                        head right now:
                                        Hi, I‘m Shawn McDaniel. I‘m 14 years old. I think my
                                        father is planning to kill me.
Trueman, Terry   Stuck in neutral   114 Stuck in Neutral by Terry Truman                         booktalk Ash
                                               Hi – my name‘s Paul (don‘t ever call me Pauly) and
                                               I‘m the studliest jock on campus. It‘s my senior year
                                               and everything would be right in the world if my dad
                                               wasn‘t a piece of butt-fluff and my brother wasn‘t a
                                               I‘ve also got a temper. It‘s so bad, it makes me sick
                                               sometimes. Last summer, these two bullies were
                                               picking on my brother Shawn, and I almost burned
                                               them alive. Really. I poured gasoline all over them and
                                               tried to set the on fire. Only, my little sister, Cindy,
                                               stopped me. Hey, they were picking on little, messed
                                               up, in a wheelchair, idiot Shawn. They were flicking a
                                               bic lighter under his chin and laughing at him!
                                               But there‘s something else that happened that day, so
                                               bad I don‘t even talk about it. I don‘t even remember it
                                               because I don‘t want to…but, never mind. Maybe
                                               that‘s why I‘m so pissed off all the time, though. I
                                               mean, some people might call it anger management
                                               issues, but I‘ve never had to talk to the school shrink
                                               about it.
                                               Like I said, I‘m a studly jock – quarterback for football,
                                               third base for baseball and point guard and captain for
                                               basketball. I‘m the best. It‘s probably because I work
                                               out until I‘m so tired I can barely walk. It‘s probably
Truman, Terry    Cruise Control                because I vent all of my anger into the basketball and booktalk Ash
Turow, Scott     Personal injuries                                                                               Ash
Turow, Scott     Pleading guilty                                                                                 Ash
                                               Packed with great, hands-on science experiments! I
                                               would recommend it to anyone who likes to play with
                                               sound (how to make your own gramaphone and
                                               record or how to make a simple telephone
                                               transmitter), a naturalist (how to make your own
                                               weathervane and filter water), and a visual artist
                                               (making a smoke-box to study light rays or learning
Unesco, United   United Nations                how to make colored lights using soap film and a
Nations          Educational, Scientific       feather). The good stuff begins after chapter 3;
Educational,     and Cultural                  everything before that really is intended for a teacher.
Scientific and   Organization. 700             While this book wasn't 'my' thing - I believe it will
Cultural         Science Experiments           appeal to others who enjoy playing around with
Organization     for Everyone              224 science!                                                   review Ash
                                            Jules fights with his brain. Well, he's always talking to
                                            his brain, probably too much, but sometimes, yeah,
                                            the duke it out. Like now - while he's standing outside
                                            Gen's door, his dad downstairs with her parents
                                            getting ready for a barbeque dinner. After two years,
                                            he came to dinner again like old times, before he
                                            moved away with his mom. Now it was Dad's turn to
                                            have him for a bit, and well, Gen was not the girl he
                                            remembered...not the friend he remembered. She
                                            made him, well, a bit crazy. So there he is, hand
                                            poised to knock, and he thinks:
                                            I can't. He pulls his hand back. (reading from page 11
                                            Chicken, his brain said. Chickenchickenchicken...
                                            Thanks for your support brain, said Jules to his brain.
                                            As soon as they invent brain transplants I'm becoming
                                            a donor.
                                            Oooooh, I'm scared! said his brain.
                                            and suddenly, Jules is in. In Gen's bedroom - and
                                            she's acting friendly and like the old days and
                                            everything's going to be fine, he knows it is, but he still
                                            has to ask her out...it's kind of a dare...and he really
                                            really wants to anyway. So he fights with his brain for a
                                            while longer and talks with Gen, then finally - FINALLY
                                            - pops the question and asks her to go to the movies
                                            and BLAM. or rather, fizz. Definitely fizz...as in fizzled
                 Jumpman: Rule #1:          out - because Gen? Gen hadn't even heard him. She
Valenti, James   Don't Touch Anything   266 was staring at the guy in the middle of the room - a
                                        Have you ever seen or heard a ghost? Do you know
                                        someone who has? Well, Ted knows someone who
                                        has - and he didn't even go to a haunted house, and
                                        there was no storm, and no one ever died in the house
                                        where his family has lived forever, but still - his little
                                        sister saw a ghost.
                                        Vicki sees Marella - and no one else can, but Vicki
                                        considers Marella to be her friend. Ted, and his older
                                        brother Zach think Vicki's gone bonkers and is making
                                        up an imaginary friend, just to get out of trouble.
                                        At breakfast, right before school, Zach is trying to stab
                                        the invisible Marella with his fork, and Vicki screams at
                                        him to stop it. She reaches over and knocks Zach's
                                        orange juice over his science homework. Of course,
                                        Vicki says she was trying to keep Marella from
                                        knocking the glass over. Even Vicki‘s mom doesn‘t
                                        believe that one.
                                        Marella swears it true, but it‘s time for school.
                                        Zach turns in his soggy science homework, and Ted
                                        keeps working on his social studies paper – but his
                  There's a Dead        heart isn‘t in it. He‘s wondering instead: What should I
                  Person Following My   do when There's a Dead Person Following My Sister
Van Velde, Vivian Sister Around         Around? By Vivian Van Velde.                               booktalk Ash
Vande Velde,
Vivian            Heir apparent                                                                            Ash
Vande Velde,
Vivian            The book of Mordred                                                                      Ash
                                              She's hot. She's blonde. She's a DJ on a late night
                                              radio show. She's also a werewolf, but mostly, that
                                              doesn't get in the way (well, except for full-moon
                                              nights). One night on her show - she opens up the
                                              phone lines to take calls about the supernatural - and
                                              the calls don't stop. Neither does this new show she's
                                              created - not after her bosses see the ratings on the
                                              show that night.
                                              Of course, the Alpha of her pack is not so happy with
                                              her - and wants her to stop the show - but it's the only
                                              thing she's really got going right now - and she's not
                                              willing to give it up. That means standing up to an
                                              Alpha - and while Kitty knows she can't win, she can't
                                              back down, either. The Midnight Hour must continue.
                 Kitty and the Midnight       And yes, I said Kitty. Kitty the werewolf. It's so not
Vaughn, Carrie   Hour                     259 funny to her!                                            booktalk Ash

                                              Vaughn gives us a new take on the old werewolf
                                              stories with Kitty, a tall blonde DJ who just happens to
                                              be a werewolf. With believable characters and a great
                                              scenario, she sets a wonderfully playful tone in her
                                              first book of the Kitty series: Kitty and the Midnight
                                              Hour. We're introduced to Kitty the late night DJ who
                                              gets a little sick of the music, so starts taking calls
                                              about things that go bump in the night. The first night
                                              she does it the ratings go up, and so the show
                                              In between the DJ gig, Kitty gets all furry on midnights,
                                              running with her pack in the woods. Vaughn allows us
                                              to run with Kitty, the trials and tribulations of a pack
                 Kitty and the Midnight       coming clear with her dialog and descriptions. A great
Vaughn, Carrie   Hour                     259 read and fun look at the supernatural in everyday life. review      Ash
                                              This bok of classic and new poets resounds with
                                              deceit, lies and what it means to be true. From
                                              William Blake's "A Poison Tree" to the "Clay Jug" by
                                              Kabir, students will enjoy this short compilation of
                                              poetry about truth…and lies. The book itself will be
                                              appealing to young adults because of its size: small
Vecchione,       Truth & Lies:                enough to fit in a pack and carry easily, but they'll also
Patrice          Anthology of Poems           love the weight of its words.                              review   Ash
                                           It's hard to live up to a latino's family image of you -
                                           especially when it's wrong. Tommy knows all about
                                           this. His best friend knows he's gay, Tommy knows
                                           he's gay, but still, it's hard to admit that to anyone else
                                           in a community where being gay is hated, feared,
                                           against not only your family but God - the God your
                                           family has worshipped and prayed to forever.
                                           A young boy at school is teased, and Tommy, while he
                                           doesn't start any of the teasing, doesn't stop it either.
                                           There comes a point, though, where enough is
                                           Tommy finds out where that point is - and must face
                                           the consequences. Tommy stands alone, but we get
                                           to see, through the eyes of the author, how everyone
                                           else in this story stands around him. We see the
                                           viewpoint of everyone involved in Tommy's life - the
                                           life of a teen and its influence on and impact by the
                                           family, the counselors, the students, the friends,
Velasquez, Gloria Tommy Stands Alone   135 enemies and generations of tradition.                       review   Ash   gsa

                                           Wow! Teen Angst and nobody dies, no one has sex,
                                           and no swears are allowed (at the prom, one student
                                           uses the eff word a lot, but it's only the eff word (Ned
                                           lets you know his publishers won't allow him to use the
                                           actual word!). I love this author's voice - and even
                                           better - I enjoy his essays on growing up, playing
                                           Magic all night at a local nerd-spot in New York city,
                                           and the side-comments (literally - the comments are
                                           on the side of the page: the author adds points NOW
                                           to show what he was thinking THEN - when he wrote
                                           the essays). This 'quasi-autobiography' provides a
                                           great picture of the fun, confusion and struggle of
                                           growing up: without the typical YA baggage (ie: they
Vizzini, Ned    Teen Angst? Naah…      227 all live). A good read - and clean fun!                  review      Ash
                                              Ned's family took cheap vacations - airplanes cost too
                                              much; cool resorts? way too many people. For
                                              vacations, Ned's family piled into a van and headed to
                                              bizarre and out of the way locations sem-close to New
                                              York. Like Binghamton NY for example - birthplace of
                                              the twilight zone creator Rod Serling. Yes, Ned had
                                              actually been to a Serling Museum.
                                              On one of these jaunts, his family ended up at
                                              Allentown, Pennsylvania. They were supposed to go
                                              to the Poconos but at the last minute, his dad decided
                                              they needed some real culture, so they headed for
                                              "the Largest County Fair in Eastern PA."
                                              This is how, for $5, Ned came to see the World's
                                              Largest Demolition Derby. His Dad pointed out the
                                              sign once they were on the fairgrounds, and asked
                                              Ned if he wanted to go.
                                              Destruction can really cheer up a thirteen year old. He
                                              wasn't sure what a demolition derby was, but it
                                              sounded violent and it would give him a chance to
                                              stop walking around with his family.
                                              Ned found out how a demolition derby really worked:
                                              some redneck with a car so screwed up that no one
                                              will buy it decides to have fun and compete for prize
                   Teen angst? naaah--        money. He pays about fifty bucks; his vehicle gets a
                   : a quasi-                 paint job, and its engine is "modified" so it'll run for a
Vizzini, Ned       autobiography          232 few more hours. On derby day, he drives to a stadium booktalk Ash

Vizzini, Ned, 1981-Be more chill                                                                           Ash
Joseph             10th grade : a novel                                                                    Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Blue noon                                                                                Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Extras                                                                                   Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Peeps : a novel                                                                          Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Pretties                                                                                 Ash

Westerfeld, Scott So yesterday                                                                             Ash
Westerfeld, Scott Specials                                                                                   Ash
                  The last days : a
Westerfeld, Scott novel                                                                                      Ash

Westerfeld, Scott The secret hour                                                                            Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Touching darkness                                                                          Ash

Westerfeld, Scott Uglies                                                                                     Ash
                   Blue Noon
Westerfield, Scott (Midnighters)                                                                             Ash

Westerfield, Scott Extras                                                                                    Ash

Westerfield, Scott Last Days, The                                                                            Ash

Westerfield, Scott Peeps                                                                                     Ash

Westerfield, Scott Pretties                                                                                  Ash
                   Secret Hour, The
Westerfield, Scott (Midnighters)                                                                             Ash

                                           Do you think of yourself as a trendsetter? An
                                           innovator? Or perhaps a follower? Join Hunter as he
                                           is paid to review sneaker advertisements, and lead the
                                           trendsetters and their media in focus groups. When
                                           he meets Jen, tier-of-shoelaces-extraordinaire, things
                                           really shake up. He makes the mistake of bringing an
                                           Innovator to a Trendsetter review - and she asks the
                                           wrong question. In response, Mandy (Hunter's boss)
                                           asks him to bring Jen to a special meeting - and then
                                           disappears...only her cell phone is at the meeting spot.
                                           Hunter and Jen embark on a journey of intrigue and
                                           strangeness, but the book keeps a focus on the media-
                                           blitzed, ad-aware sellers of products. A fun read, and
Westerfield, Scott So Yesterday        225 a great voice.                                           review   Ash

Westerfield, Scott Specials                                                                                  Ash
                   Touching Darkness
Westerfield, Scott (Midnighters)                                                                             Ash
Westerfield, Scott Uglies                                                                                   Ash

Christopher, 1959- Black : a novel                                                                          Ash
Whittemore, Jo,
1977-              Curse of Arastold                                                                        Ash
Whittemore, Jo,
1977-              Escape from Arylon                                                                       Ash

Wilkinson, Carole Dragon keeper.                                                                            Ash
                                        Willard begins this book with a story of herself, at
                                        seven, with the measles. It explains her love of Blake
                                        and the book resounds with hints of Songs of
                                        Innocence and Songs of Experience. The meter and
                                        rhyme adeptly match many of Blake‘s pieces.
                                        Students would especially enjoy the banter of the
                   Visit to William     wildlife and beautiful illustrations that adorn the pages.
Willard, Nancy     Blake‘s Inn: Poems   The book itself is wonderful in its own right –
and Provenson,     for Innocent and     hardback, table-sized, colorful – it‘s a wonderful
Alice and Martin   Experienced          addition to a library and a great companion to the
(illustrators)     Travelers, A         study of any of Blake‘s works.                             review   Ash
William, Kate      Aftershock                                                                               Ash
Williams, Mark
London             Ancient fire                                                                             Ash
Williams, Mark
London             Dragon sword                                                                             Ash
                                          You might have seen Stanley Tookie Williams on the
                                          news last year. You might have heard how he died –
                                          at the end of a long, long time in prison, on Death
                                          Row, waiting for his execution. You might have heard
                                          how many people wanted to ―stay the execution‖ to
                                          stop it from happening and let him live – because he‘d
                                          turned his life around. He felt very badly about what he
                                          did and the harm he caused, but that was not enough
                                          to stay the execution. Last year, Stanley Tookie
                                          Williams was put to death for the crimes he
                                          And what crimes did he commit? Well, he tells you
                                          about it in this book – how, as a kid, he‘d gather his
                                          friends together and in large groups, they‘d walk the
                                          neighborhood feeling powerful, unafraid.
                                          He tells you about his homeboys, and how east and
                                          west Los Angeles groups got together in a gang
                                          Tookie named the Crips. This gang still exists, but
                                          Tookie isn‘t with them anymore – and hadn‘t been for
                                          a long time. He‘d been doing time in San Quentin
                                          prison – where he wrote this book – a book about
Williams, Stanley Gangs and the Abuse     Gangs and the Abuse of Power – Stanley Tookie
Tookie            of Power                Williams.                                                booktalk Ash
Williams, Susan,
1946-             Wind rider                                                                               Ash

Williams, Tad    City of golden shadow                                                                     Ash
                 Mountain of black
Williams, Tad    glass                                                                                     Ash
Williams, Tad    River of blue fire                                                                        Ash
Williams, Tad    Sea of Silver Light                                                                       Ash

Williams, Tad    The war of the flowers                                                                    Ash
                                            Fables (Vol. 1): Legends in Exile – Bill Willingham &
                                            Lan Medina

                                             A woman is missing, there‘s blood everywhere, and
                                            the Big Bad Wolf is on the case. How can a storybook
                                            villain be the good cop in a murder mystery?
                                            Welcome to Fabletown.
                                            Hidden right in the center of New York City is a
                                            community of exiles from a thousand fable kingdoms
                                            who were driven from their homelands by a dark force
                                            they‘ve named The Adversary, a man with an army
                                            who toppled each kingdom one by one, and named
                                            himself Emperor over all.
                                            Those that did not die or become subjugated escaped
                                            to this world, and have been living among those they
                                            call Mundys, or non-Fable people for 400 years.
                                            Those who could not pass as Mundys live on the Farm
                                            in upstate New York: the Three Little Pigs and
                                            Goldilocks‘s Bears, as well as any giants, Thumb-
                                            sized people, dragons, fairies or Gingerbread
                                            Men…but the Farm is another story – there‘s an
                                            investigation going on.
                                             Rose Red is missing, and Fabletown‘s sheriff, Bigby
                                            Wolf, has compiled a list of suspects that keeps
                                            growing [count off on fingers]:
                                            • Jack (of beanstalk fame), who is always looking to
                                            turn a profit, no matter who or what he hurts in the
                                            process – just ask the giants he killed to get those
                                            golden eggs.
                                            • Bluebeard. He was seen dating Rose Red, and took
                                            her to last year‘s Remembrance Day ball. You know
                   Fables: Legends in       the fate of the women unfortunate enough to get
Willingham, Bill   Exile                118 involved with him...let‘s just say it wasn‘t his charm booktalk kelly sundin
Willis, Connie     Passage                                                                                  Ash
                                            Leo's going nuts. His mother's screaming upstairs and
                                            yelling at him and he's hiding in the dark, on a couch,
                                            in the basement storage area of his apartment
                                            "Leo, come here this minute you worthless turd!" His
                                            mother screams out as Leo cowers on the couch. He
                                            knows she's just getting started, that it will get worse
                                            as the night progresses because of the date. It's the
                                            anniversary of his sister's pointless, brutal murder by
                                            her boyfriend. A boyfriend Leo didn't really like, but he
                                            backed up his sister when she asked to stay out late
                                            with the guy, because at 13, Leo thought he was
                                            setting her up as an example, and when he was her
                                            age, he'd be able to stay out late with his girlfriend. But
                                            that was before the police called, and showed his
                                            mother pictures of his sister with the stab wounds, and
                                            asked about the boyfriend and what he looked like and
                                            how he acted.
                                            "Leo Damn you to hell, where are you?" His mom's
                                            screaming still and Leo knows he has to get out, leave
                                            this house or go insane as he watches his mother,
                                            who drinks too much now and just isn't sane anymore,
                                            since his sister's body was found, a year ago. He
                                            knows if he doesn't leave he might fall asleep, and the
                                            dreams, the dark dark frightening dreams, will catch
Wittlinger,         Long Night of Leo       him. But if he stays awake, he has to fight off the
Ellen               and Bree, The       128 buzzing noise in his head, the noise that threatens to booktalk Ash

                                            On the fourth anniversary of his sister's brutal slaying
                                            at the hands of her boyfriend, Leo flees from his crazy
                                            drunk mother and rambles around New Jersey, finding
                                            a young woman who looks like she should have been
                                            stabbed instead of Michelle, Leo's sister. Bree,
                                            fighting the despair of a boyfriend who doesn't value
                                            or respect her, parents who demand she remain close-
                                            to-home during her upcoming college years, and
                                            coming to terms with the fact that she is NOT happy
                                            with her life, decides to find a bar in a rough side of
                                            town. The story follows the characters as during a
                    Long Night of Leo       long night - which begins when Leo kidnaps Bree -
Wittlinger, Ellen   and Bree, The       111 intent on killing her to silence his sister's voice.     review   Ash
                                    Sandpiper can trace all of her problems back to 8th
                                    grade - when her best friends, Melissa and Allie,
                                    figured out a way to get guys to like them. Melissa was
                                    the first one to figure out the foolproof method. Allie
                                    and Sandpiper were disgusted at first, but after a few
                                    weeks, figured they‘d give it a try. It worked, like a
                                    charm. Who knew? Obviously, the way to an 8th
                                    grade boy‘s heart was through the zipper of his jeans.
                                    It probably wasn‘t the only way, but it was the only way
                                    they knew.
                                     It‘s high school now, and even though Melissa and
                                    Allie have had the same boyfriends for a long time,
                                    Sandpiper is still going through them like Kleenex
                                    during cold season. And as is an ex-boyfriend showing
                                    up in the park and yelling ―slut‖ at you at the top of his
                                    voice wasn‘t enough for a bad day, Sandpiper's Mom
                                    is stressing out and giving her a hard time at home.
                                     And then there‘s Walker - or the Walker - a kid who
                                    you can always find walking around town, but nobody
                                    knows who he is or has ever talked with him - they just
                                    see him walking - walking everywhere - in a leather
                                    jacket with sleeves a few inches too short. What‘s his
                                    story? What secrets does he keep? And is there
                                    anyway they can possibly be worse than Sandpiper‘s?
Wittlinger, Ellen   Sandpiper                                                                    booktalk Ash

                                    An inventive way of telling a story: each chapter
                                    breaks down into three or four voices - the voices of
                                    6th graders in a small town, where the 6th grade girls'
                                    softball team wants to win the cup back from the
                                    Ridge. The setting of this book is shortly after World
                                    War II, and the girls, in addition to talking about life in
                                    a small town, and the weight of expectations, softball,
                                    and friendships, befriend again a young girl who was
                                    sent off for years to the Japanese camps in America.
                                    There's also a dad who refused to fight in the war, and
                                    many dads who did. The tone of these vignettes if
Wolff, Virginia                     wonderful, and the sense of the time, the confusion
Euwer               Bat 6       230 about loyalty and love, is classic and timeless.            review   Ash
                                       Have you ever been embarassed by your parents? I
                                       don't mean - "aw, gee, don't do that" but a full-on, high
                                       scale, "I want to die and fall off the face of the earth"
                                       embarassed? Well, Cal is not embarassed by her
                                       mother, even though she's sitting in the back of a
                                       police car because of her. She and her mom were at
                                       the library when her mom had "one of her episodes."
                                       Now, Cal knew it would pass, the episodes always did,
                                       but the people at the library called the police. Now
                                       Cal's mom is on her way in one car, and Cal's locked
                                       in the back of the other car - going a different way. Cal
                                       had never been in a police car, let alone the back of
                                       one, and she figured most people would be having a
                                       conniption by now. But not Cal. Cal Lavendar never
                                       had conniptions. She didn't put up any fuss at all. Cal
                                       was worried the police officer might turn on the siren,
                                       though. That worried her. Strangers would look at the
                                       car and wonder if a killer, raper, murderer/arsonist
                                       were sitting in the back seat.
                                       If Cal were writing a story of her life, she'd add a part
                                       that says: Cal lavendar hates it when nosy strangers
                                       think it's perfectly okay to stare at people in situations
                                       they know nothing about. Thankfully, the siren didn't
                                       happen - she was perfectly anonymous in the back of
                                       the police car. She was glad no one was looking at her
Wolfson, Jill   What I Call Life   270 there, thinking she was a cold-blooded                     booktalk Ash
                                              In Poison's world, on the bog marsh where life is
                                              harsh and kids do not leave the house until they learn
                                              of the all the dangers inherent in their landscape,
                                              everyone chooses his or her own name when they
                                              come of age. Poison had a stepmom by that point,
                                              and her stepmom was far too happy to point out, far
                                              too often, that Poison was "poison" to this family. So,
                                              for spite, Poison chose that name for herself in front of
                                              the village. It broke tradition.
                                              Poison again broke tradition when something
                                              happened to her sister, chasing down the evil Phaerie
                                              who abducts her young sister and leaves a heavier,
                                              nastier version in her sister's place. Of course, Poison
                                              cannot catch the Phaerie, but finds a way to start a
                                              quest - to get her sister back. Now she must survive
                                              not only leaving her village (no one does that!) but all
                  Haunting of Alaizabel       the murderous creatures and intrigues that exist in the
Wooding, Chris    Cray, The               273 world beyond the marshes.                                 review   Ash
Stephen, 1967-    In golden blood                                                                                Ash
Stephen, 1967-    Through violet eyes                                                                            Ash
Wrede, Patricia
C, 1953-          Calling on dragons                                                                             Ash
Wrede, Patricia
C, 1953-          Dealing with dragons                                                                           Ash
Wrede, Patricia   Searching for
C, 1953-          dragons                                                                                        Ash
Wrede, Patricia
C, 1953-          Talking to dragons                                                                             Ash
                                           Alfred has a big head. Well, all of him is pretty big, but
                                           his head is HUGE! He's a teen, and likes to lay around
                                           on the couch and listen to music. His Uncle wants him
                                           to try out for football, though. Not so good, what with
                                           his clumsiness and lack of motivation, but he does it
                                           and makes second string. He usually does what his
                                           Uncle asks, I mean, he is living with him and his uncle
                                           is his only living relative (well, his dad might be alive,
                                           but he has no idea who his dad is, and since his mom
                                           died, there's really no one left to ask). So when his
                                           uncle tells him they have a way to not be poor
                                           anymore, Alfred agrees - even though he tries to talk
                                           his uncle out of it. And when the guy shows up with
                                           half a million in cash, half of the amount for the
                                           dastardly deed they have to do, Alfred knows there's
                                           no point in fighting anymore and agrees to help his
                                           uncle out. It starts getting really scary when they're in
                                           the building, at night, attempting to steal the item, and
                                           guys with swords and brown robes are trying to kill
                Extraordinary              them. And this? It's just the beginning....there are
                Adventures of Alfred       more swordfights, and guns, and ferraris, and
Yancey, Rick    Kropp, The             339 helicopters, and suddenly Alfred, big, clumsy, huge-       booktalk Ash

                                           What a wonderful ride! Alfred is a typical teen,
                                           preferring to sit on the couch and listen to music.
                                           What's not typical is the size of his head; in fact, he is
                                           a pretty big kid and rather clumsy for his age. He is
                                           sure he is not stupid, because his mother had his IQ
                                           tested and told him he isn't. But his mom is gone, he
                                           never knew his dad, and now he lives with his Uncle
                                           and tries to stay out of trouble. Trouble seems to find
                                           him, though, and suddenly, people are dying, he's off
                                           having wild adventures that, frankly, scare the snot out
                                           of him, and the fate of the world might be resting in his
                                           hands. Fast cars, cute girls, and a clumsy teen-age
                                           boy might be enough for any adventure, but add
                Extraordinary              swords, guns, helicopters and secret spy agencies
                Adventures of Alfred       and you have a top-notch thrilling tale fit for any reader
Yancey, Rick    Kropp, The             339 of adventure.                                              review   Ash
Yep, Laurence   Dragon's gate                                                                                  Ash
Yep, Laurence   Dragonwings                                                                                    Ash
Yolen, Jane     A sending of dragons                                                                      Ash
Yolen, Jane     Dragon's blood                                                                            Ash
                The books of Great
                Alta : Sister Light,
                Sister Dark & White
Yolen, Jane     Jenna                                                                                     Ash
                                       On the 26th day of June, in 1284, came a colorful
                                       piper to Hamelin. Hamelin had rats: many many rats,
                                       and the town elders hired the piper to lead the rats
                                       away. He did, but the town council did not pay...so the
                                       piper led all of their children away.

                                       Come away o human child!
                                       To the water and the wild
                                       With a fairy hand in hand
                                       For the world‘s more full weeping
                                       Than you can understand

                                       Callie lives in the Valley with her strict, wish-they-
                                       were-hippy parents and her little brother Nick. The hot
                                       band Brass Rat is doing a show the night before
                                       Halloween and everyone‘s excited. Except Callie -
                                       who only gets to go if she takes her brother with her
                                       when she goes backstage to interview the band.
                                       Gringras, the lead singer, tells a story about how the
                                       band got its name. All of the other high school
                                       reporters are jotting notes furiously, but Callie isn‘t
                                       sold. Later she overhears him fighting with the concert
                                       hall owner about payment…and Callie starts to get
                                       	What‘s up with this band and the weird rat story?
                                       Callie wonders how she is going to write an article
                                       about what she‘s thinking of the band without
                                       sounding insane…I mean - everyone knows the Pied
Yolen, Jane &                          Piper is a fairy tale, right? And that in today‘s world, no
Stemple, Adam   Pay the Piper          one could walk off with all of the children of the          booktalk Ash
                                           In this second book of three, Pheylan has been
                                           rescued by his brother Aric and the Commonwealth
                                           continues to dealw with a deadly and dangerous
                                           agressor: the Zhirrzh. The races are more clearly
                                           developed, and even more of the Zhirrzh become
                                           likeable characters as the war continues between the
                                           Zhirrzh and the Commonwealth. Enter the Mrachianis
                                           - and decide for yourself whether they are as helpless
                                           as they seem - or whether they are indeed
Zahn, Timothy   Conqueror's Heritage   368 manipulating both species to their own benefit.        review      Ash
Zahn, Timothy   Conquerors' heritage                                                                          Ash
                                           In this third book of three, the war between the
                                           Humans and other alien races that make up the
                                           Commonwealth, and the Zhirrzh, continues. Zahn has
                                           created a believable scenario - and the reader
                                           watches the struggle unfold between the species,
                                           knowing things of which both sides are unaware. Will
                                           the Zhirzzh and Humans be able to outwit the
                                           manipulative Mrachiani? Or will war continue, based
                                           on a lie and a misunderstanding? Find out as Zahn
                                           wraps up his Conqueror's Trilogy in this wonderful
Zahn, Timothy   Conqueror's Legacy     496 conclusion to a well-told tale.                      review        Ash
Zahn, Timothy   Conquerors' legacy                                                                            Ash
                                           In this first book of three, we meet Aric & Melinda -
                                           who set out to rescue their brother illegally. The
                                           invasion of the Commonwealth by a new and highly
                                           advanced alien species (with a willingness to kill all in
                                           their path), has put NorCoord on high alert. When the
                                           government refuses to acknowledge their brother may
                                           be alive, and may have been the sole survivor of 6
                                           warships patrolling the edge of the sector, the family
                                           takes matters into its own hands. There's more going
                                           on though: their father finds himself searching for old
                                           legends on an alien world, a world whose aliens were
                                           noted for their passivity and low intelligence. He
                                           begins to find this might not be the case - and still
                                           finds no records of the old legend that might help him
Zahn, Timothy   Conqueror's Pride      416 find his son.                                             review   Ash
                                   Okay, so first let's just say that any book that blows up
                                   a cruise ship full of children in the first six pages is
                                   okay be me! (Just Kidding!). It's six months later, and
                                   everyone in the U.S. is freaked out by the fact that
                                   their brightest children - on a special gifted & talented
                                   cruise - are gone. No one (or should I say too many
                                   people?) has claimed responsibility.
                                   It's snowing in Iowa and the postman is crossing a
                                   quiet streeet, continuing on his route. He glances over
                                   the hills behind the house, his gaze drifts out of focus,
                                   and he pauses.
                                   He pauses so long, a mother who's looking out her
                                   window notices him standing very still in the middle of
                                   the street. When she goes out to help him, there's a
                                   fine layer of snow covering him. His eyes are open,
                                   but he seems frozen.
                                   He's the first case of many: the Pinnocchio Syndrome.
                                   As the presidential campaign heats up, and the
                                   candidate calling for all out retaliation and retribution
                                   over the dead children starts pulling ahead, more and
                                   more people are being struck down with the Pinocchio
                   The Pinocchio   Syndrome. The tension in the country rises to a fever
Zeman, David       syndrome        pitch. Will Colin Goss gain the presidency based on       booktalk Ash

                                   Oh.My.God. Think Valley Girls at Sweetwater High
                                   with less consciousness, more vidictiveness and
                                   enough money to do anything they want - in New
                                   York! No really - the book could be likened to a Soap
                                   Opera for the 90's. While I actually started liking a
                                   couple of characters (Serena at least goes out and
                                   meets other people!), this is NOT my type of book!
                                   That said: the author was wonderful! To keep the two-
                                   dimensional flat-ness of characters throughout a novel
                                   and still carry through with great dialog and mediocre
                                   action is a feat. The use of the 'unknown' Gossip Girl
                                   who spouts: You know you love me (and so do a
                                   couple of the characters - so you never know who it is
                                   but intimate it's one or another character throughout
                                   reading the book) is audacious and works with the
Ziegesar, Cecily                   niggling stories, crazy drinking sprees (continual) and
Von                Gossip Girl     clique-i-ness of high school.                           review    Ash
                                      An excellent selection of poetry, SLAM definitions by
                                      youth, and relevant quotes from famous poets and
                                      musicians. The book is laid out in a lively manner,
                                      with quotes sneaking down the sides of the page,
                                      pictures interspersed in a balanced fashion, and,
                                      every four to seven pages, yet another attempt to
                                      explain what the SLAM is all about - or how to start
                                      writing your own poems. This book is very accessible
                                      for poets and young adults alike. From Robert Frost
                                      to Tori Amos, from Shakespeare to Garbage (a band),
Ziegesar, Cecily                      the snippets of poems, plays and lyrics add greatly to
Von                Slam!          155 this collection of poetry by SLAM participants.        review   Ash
Zoya               Zoya's Story

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