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					             Rome - The Powerpoint Version

Overview - We will create group MS Powerpoint presentations on different aspects of
Roman history from famous people, battles, to every day life.

   Objective: - To integrate technology into unit on Roman history.

   Start Date: - October 26, 2004

   Due Date: - November 3, 2004

Suggested Timeframe: - You will be creating a Powerpoint slide show on different
facets of Ancient Roman culture.

Your group will research your chosen topic in the library on October 26 - 28, and then
work in the Internet lab, October 29 and November 1 & 2. We will finish begin
presentations on November 3.

The cultural groups are:

          a. The Formation of the Early Church (after Jesus)
          b. The Roman Army
          c. Roman Government (the Republican era)
          d. Julius Caesar
          e. Augustus Caesar
          f. Roman Family (Everyday Life in Roman Times)
          g. "Fall" of the Roman Empire
          h. Contributions of Ancient Rome

Class Organization:
All groups will have three members except group “a” which will
have four.
                    Powerpoint Project Grading Description:
    Grade of 90 – 100:

       10 – 15 slides
       10 or more Citations (Books, Internet sites, one encyclopedia)
       8 graphics (pictures)
       Credible and pertinent information.

    Grade of 80 – 89:

       7 - 9 slides
       7 - 9 Citations Books, Internet sites, one encyclopedia)
       8 Graphics (pictures)
       Credible and pertinent information

    Grade of 75 – 79:

       4 - 6 slides
       4 – 6 Citations (Books, Internet sites, one encyclopedia)
       5 Graphics (pictures)
       Credible and pertinent information


   There can be no more than two sound effects in your slide show; therefore, choose
carefully. You may use any slide transition you want. You must include illustrations that
relate to the topic of your slide. (ex. No cute teddy bears when discussing the Roman
army.) Your finished product must be saved (on a daily basis) to the Student network
drive at: "Student on „Server08\Vol\Shared\Cyc004'(T:) (no quotes) in the folder titled


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