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					                                        Forrest Gump
                      Match the columns with the main characters in the movie

Forrest Gump            the woman who gave Forrest lots of advice throughout his whole life
Jenny                   Forrest’s love interest who Forrest always tried to keep in touch with
Lt Dan                  the main character in the movie who has an amazing life despite his questionable intelligence
Bubba                   Forrrest’s best friend in Vietnam who dies by a river in Vietnam
Forrest’s momma         Forrest’s officer in Vietnam whose life was saved by Forrest

             Circle the names of all the famous people who Forrest meets in this movie

Elvis Presley                    President Kennedy                         President Johnson
Bear Bryant                      Black Panther Party members               Abbey Hoffman
President Bush                   first black students at University of Alabama
Governor George Wallace          President Nixon                           John Lennon
Johnny Carson                    Rambo                                     Joan Baez

                                    Place the following events in order

__8__   Forrest invests in Apple computers           ___1__ Forrest gets a scholarship to college
__11_   Forrest gets married to Jenny                ___5__ Forrest travels to China to play ping pong
__9__   Forrest runs across the USA                  ___10_ Forrest meets Forrest JR.
__7__   Forrest survives a massive hurricane         ___2__ Forrest signs up for the Vietnam war
_4___   Forrest meets Jenny in Washington            ___3__ Forrest gets shot
__6__   Forrest parties on New Year’s Eve            ___12_ Forrest takes his son to school

                                    Awesome Quotes ( who says them )

___jenny___ “You can sit here if you want”
___forrest__ “Momma says if God wanted us all to be alike – we would all have braces on our legs”
___jenny -__ “Dear God, turn me into a bird – so I can fly, fly fly away from here.”
___forrest__ “Momma always said Life is like a box of chocolates”
___forrest__ “I gotta pee”
___bubba__     “I know everything there is to know about the shrimping business.”
___jenny__     “If you are ever in trouble over there, promise me something, just run, run away.”
___lt dan__    “Get down, shut up.”
___forrest_    “Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.”
___forrest_    “I gotta find Bubba.”
___bubba_      “Forrest, I wanna go home.”
___lt dan__    “I had a destiny, I was supposed to die in the field with honor and you cheated me.”
___jenny’s boyfriend__ “Who is the baby killer?”
___nixon__     “Therefore, I shall resign the presidency of this office.”
___forrest_    “After that, shrimping was easy.”
___forrest_    “I’m kinda tired….I think I’m gonna go home now.”
___forrest_    “He’s got a daddy named Forrest too.?”
___jenny__     “I have some kind or virus….would you marry me, Forrest?”
___forrest jr_ “Of course, and you are Dorothy Harris and I am Forrest Gump.”
1) Choose 1 of your favourite quotes and explain what it means to you. ( 50 words each )

2) Choose another 1 of your favourite quotes and explain what it means to you. ( 50 words )

3) Choose another 1 of your favourite quotes and explain what it means to you. ( 50 words )

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