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					Page 10 ]                                                          The undermentioned Houses are situate within the Boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of        City or                Municipal Ward of          Parliamentary Borough  Town     Village or Hamlet of      Local Board or                Ecclesiatical
Hanbury                             Municipal                                              of                  of                                [Improvement                  District of
                                    Borough of                                                                                                   Commissioners District ] of
No. of      ROAD, STREET        HOUSES           NAME and Surname of      RELATION         CON-        AGE     AGE      Rank, Profession or      WHERE BORN                    Whether
Schedule    &c and No. or                        each Person              to head of       DITION      Of      of       OCCUPATION                                             1.Deaf and Dumb
                                In-  Unin
            NAME of HOUSE                                                 Family                       Males   Female                                                          2.Blind
                                hab -hab                                                                       s                                                               3.Imbecile or Idiot
                                ited ited                                                                                                                                      4.Lunatic
45          Shoulder of         I                George Phillips          Head             Married     29               Publican and Farmer 14   Staffordshire Hanbury
                                                 Louisa Phillips          Wife             Married             20                                Ditto Uttoxeter
                                                 Hannah Eliza             Daughter                             1                                 Dito Hanbury
                                                 George Morecroft         Servant          Unmarried   15               General Servant          Derbyshire Foston
                                                 Lydia Boffey             Servant          Unmarried           17       Ditto                    Staffordshire Staveley
                                                 Clara Presbury           Visitor          Unmarried           47                                Ditto Uttoxeter
46                              I                Ann Bedwell              Head             Widow               41                                Ditto Hanbury
                                                 Sarah S Bedwell          Daughter                             6        Scholar                  Ditto ditto
                                                 George Bedwell           Son                          3                                         Ditto ditto
                                                 Walter Bedwell           Brother in Law   Unmarried   28               Agricultural Labourer    Suffolk Clay Hills
47                              I                James Shakespear         Head             Married     29               Game Keeper              Berkshire Winsor
                                                 Ann Shakespear           Wife             Married             27                                Worcestershire Hagley
                                                 James Shakespear         Son                          5                Scholar                  Staffordshire Wolverhampton
                                                 Anney Shakespear         Daughter                             4        Ditto                    Staffordshire Drayton
                                                 John Shakespear          Son                          1                                         Ditto ditto
48                              I                Joseph Upton             Head             Married     88               Waterloo Pensioner       Ditto Hanbury
                                                 Catharine Upton          Wife             Married             75                                Derbyshire Hatton
49          Moate Farm          I                George Clamp             Head             Married     54               Farmer 171 Acres         Staffordshire Dunstall
                                                                                                                        employing 1 Man 1 Boy
                                                 Lucy Clamp               Wife             Married             59                                Ditto ditto
                                                 John Clamp               Son              Unmarried   29               Farmer’s Son             Ditto ditto
                                                 Rosa Clamp               Daughter         Unmarried           29       Ditto Daughter           Ditto Tutbury
                                                 Mary Clamp               Daughter         Unmarried           19       Ditto ditto              Ditto ditto
                                                 George Clamp             Son              Unmarried   17               Ditto Son                Ditto ditto
                                                 George Twigg             Servant          Unmarried   46               Farm Servant Indoor      Ditto Uttoxeter
                                                 George Scott             Visitor          Unmarried   22               Gardener                 Scotland Hunstan
Total of Houses..   5   Total of Males and Females…   13   12

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