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									Terry Chatkupt
b. 1977, Excelsior Springs, MO, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Education                                                       Narrative Film + Video Festival, curated by
2004                                                            Jason Tannen
MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA             University Art Gallery, California State University,
2003                                                            Chico
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture,                     Thermostat: Video and the Pacific Northwest,
Skowhegan, ME                                                   curated by Michael Darling,
2002                                                            Ketcham Forum Gallery, Seattle Art Museum,
BFA, CalArts, Valencia, CA                                      Seattle, WA
1999                                                            Cut the Cord! From Up Here Everything Makes
BS, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY                      Sense!, curated by Erick Michaud
                                                                Okay Mountain, Austin, TX
Solo Exhibitions                                                Homegrown Shorts: New Videos By Portland
2010                                                            Artists,
Video review, Jerome Zodo Contemporary,                         (Screening: Trail Memories, 2007)
Milan, Italy                                                    PDX Film Festival, Hollywood Theatre, Portland,
2004                                                            OR (May 3, 2008)
Untitled Film (Intro/Ending) and Nothing Crimes,                Self Projections, curated by Gary Wiseman,
D301, CalArts, Valencia, CA                                     Milepost 5, Portland, OR
2003                                                            Surreal Systems, curated by Mack McFarland
Sights and Gatherings, New Chinatown                            and Stephen Slappe,
Barbershop, Los Angeles, CA                                     PDX Fest Video Installation Exhibition @
2002                                                            galleryHomeland,
Home Grown Folks, A402, CalArts                                 Portland, OR
Solo Exhibition, A402, CalArts                                  2007
2000                                                            Thermostat: Video and the Pacific Northwest,
Amazing Thailand, GV/AS, Brooklyn, NY                           curated by Michael Darling,
                                                                Art Video Lounge, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami
Selected Group Exhibitions & Screenings                         Beach, FL
2010                                                            Supernatural, curated by Arnold J. Kemp,
(ex)communicate, Jerome Zodo Contemporary,                      PICA TBA Festival 2007,
Milan, Italy                                                    Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR
2009                                                            Retinal Reverb, curated by Stephen Slappe
Land lies in the water; it is shadowed green,                   and Mack McFarland
(Screening: Trail Memories, 2007)                               PDX Film Festival, AudioCinema, Portland, OR
organized by Ryan Inouye                                        Come Together, (Screening: Untitled
500 Molino Street, #114, Los Angeles, CA                        (Conversation),
90013 USA (March 28, 2009)                                      2007)
Documentary Fortnight 2009: New Documentaries                   organized by Ali Subotnick and Harrell
Shot on Super 8mm,                                              Fletcher
(Screening: Trail Memories, 2007)                               LA><ART, Los Angeles, CA (January 20, 2007)
organized by Sally Berger and Sara Rashkin.                     2006
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY                          Contemporary Film Series: Spark Video Program,
(February 12 & 19, 2009)                                        (Screening: First Snow, 2006)
2008                                                            Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY (October
7, 2006)                                               sponsored by Center for Arts Eagle
Spark Video, (Screening: First Snow, 2006)             Rock
Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse NY              curated by Outpost For Contemporary
(October 7, 2006)                                      Art
2005                                                   Rockin’ Kid Shop, Los Angeles, CA
Happenstance, curated by Lauri Firstenberg,            The Idea of Home, Smith Memorial Student
Harris Lieberman, NY, NY                               Union,
Everything I’d Ever Discovered, curated by             Portland State University, Portland, OR
Daniel Fuller, Cirrus Gallery,                         2007
Los Angeles, CA and Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA       Open Engagement: Art After Aesthetic Distance,
All Over the Place, One Night Gallery, Miami           University of Regina, SK, Canada
Beach, FL                                              2005
2005 Voiceovers and Guest Stars, (Screening:           Lobby Works, Light Work’s Public Plasma
Home Grown Folks, 2002)                                Screen,
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los              Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Angeles, CA                                            2002
(November 11, 2005)                                    Making: WEEDS, LACMA Lab, Boone Gallery,
Say, say, say, (Screening: Untitled (Recollections),   Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles,
2004)                                                  CA.
Barnsdall Art Park Gallery Theatre, Los Angeles,
CA (October 15, 2005)                                  Bibliography
2004                                                   2006
Remembering, curated by Charles Gaines,                Pollack, Barbara. "Happenstance," Time OutNew
The Sweeney Art Gallery, UC Riverside, Riverside,      York,
CA                                                     Issue 536: January 5 – 11, 2006.
Supersonic: 1Wind Tunnel, 8 Schools, 120 Artists,      2005
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA             Cotter, Holland. "Happenstance," New York
(catalog)                                              Times, Dec. 30, 2005.
2003                                                   Moshayedi, Aram. "Remembering," NY Arts
CLOSE, curated by Jeff Cain, The Wedge at              Magazine,
the Women’s Building,                                  March/April 2005, Vol. 10, No. 3/4.
Los Angeles, CA                                        2004
Exquisite Corpse Projects From Around the              Deegan, Patrick W. "Super-California,"
(Screening: Thomas Guide, 2003) Filmforum
at the Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, CA               Awards
(December                                              2003
7, 2003)                                               Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
2002                                                   Matching School Fellowship
L.A. Freewaves: Karaoke Style Step Up to the Mic,      1999
(Screening: Moon River, 2002) selected by              Pamela Weidenman ’72 Memorial Prize for
Soo Kim,                                               Printmaking,
Vermont Music Café, Los Angeles, CA (November          Skidmore College
30, 2002)                                              Soave Faire Award, Annual Juried Student
Public Projects/Conferences                            Exhibition,
2009                                                   Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College
Intersection 2009, a multisited public art projected   Collections
Neutral Capital Collection, NYC
e-flux video rental, Electronic Flux Corporation,

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