Raleigh Premier Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. Brad Johnson, Help Hundreds In Local Community by AndrwKar69


									Raleigh Premier Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. Brad
Johnson, Help Hundreds In Local Community

Raleigh, NC, 11-NOVEMBER-2011 - Premier Chiropractic of Raleigh, NC and
Raleigh chiropractor team members Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. Brad
Johnson are pleased to announce facilities in the area that have assisted
hundreds of area residents to live with less pain and a more holistic
quality of life.

There are five Premier Chiropractic locations in and around the Raleigh
area. Dr. McDowell practices in North Raleigh. He is a member of the
North Carolina Chiropractic and American Chiropractic Association.

In a recent interview, Dr. McDowell stated, "I grew up in a family that
supported and benefited from chiropractic care. I was drawn to my career
by the understanding that chiropractic is a field of prevention and
wellness, a natural way for the body to heal itself. I am driven to help
people feel better and enjoy their life to the fullest, without the
limitations pain places on the lifestyle."

Dr. Brad Johnson talked about his philosophy of chiropractic care when he
stated, "I enjoy all aspects of chiropractic care and how it can help
people. I treat all types of problems including, car accident injuries,
work injuries, and pains that come about from routine, daily activities.
I am very concerned about wellness and prevention of these problems and
work to eliminate or reduce, as much as possible, the factors that may
have caused the injury originally."

Learn more about the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness and
health care by visiting the web pages at http://www.premierchironc.com
today. Members of the press and others who wish further information to
answer questions raised by this specific press release may contact the
doctors at the locations provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Josh McDowell, D. C.

Company Name: Premier Chiropractic

1600 Ronald Drive #103

Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 850-1550

Dr. Bradley Johnson, D. C.

Premier Chiropractic: Dorrance Chiropractic

820 South Garnett Street

Henderson, NC 27536-4513

Telephone Number: (252) 431-1700
Email: info@premierchironc.com

Website: http://www.premierchironc.com/

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