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					Death Because of Combat
 When the wound is too deep to see
   they suffer because of trauma
 instead of from a bullet or a bomb.

         Kathie Costos
    Over one hundred names
• Different nations, mostly from the USA, all
  with one thing in common. They took their
  own lives because they are all human and
  all were willing to serve.
• PTSD is the deadliest enemy we know
  today because it kills more after war than
  are lost during war.
         It is not just the one
• It is the family they leave behind, and the
  family members they take with them. It is
  the friends they leave behind.
• It does not stop killing when the weapons
  of war are put away.
• It ends when they get treatment or they
  decide they cannot wait any longer.
 Lance Corporal David Atkinson
• Forensic tests have confirmed
  that a soldier who committed
  suicide in Glasgow murdered
  the Cambridge student, Sally
  Geeson. Lance Corporal David
  Atkinson, from East Kilbride, was
  Cambridgeshire Police's prime

• David Atkinson killed himself on
  Saturday when he jumped from
  the top floor of a hotel in
Sally’s family
Justin Bailey
  OVERDOSE Iraq war veteran Justin Bailey
  checked himself in to the West Los Angeles VA
  Medical Center just after Thanksgiving. Among
  the first wave of Marines sent into battle, the
  young rifleman had been diagnosed since his
  return with posttraumatic stress disorder and a
  groin injury.

• "We were so happy," said his stepmother, Mary
  Kaye Bailey, 41. "We were putting all of our faith
  into those doctors. "On Jan. 25, Justin Bailey got
  prescriptions filled for five medications, including
  a two-week supply of the potent painkiller
  methadone, according to his medical records. A
  day later, he was found dead of an apparent
  overdose in his room at a VA rehabilitation
  center on the hospital grounds. He was 27.
  1st Lt. Debra A. Banaszak 35
• Missouri Army National
  Guard Bloomington,
  Illinois "Died from non-
  combat related injuries at
  Camp Victory, Kuwait, on
  October 28, 2005
  Barbara Butler, mother of
  Army National Guard 1st
  Lt. Debra A. Banaszak,
  35, of Bloomington, Ill.
•   Spc. Doug Barber
•   On January 16th, after having talked quite
    normally on the phone with at least two other
    people that same day, Douglas Barber, a
    member of Iraq Veterans Against the War
    (IVAW) living in Lee County, Alabama,
    changed the answer-message on his

    "If you're looking for Doug," it said in his
    Alabama drawl, "I'm checking out of this
    world. I'll see you on the other side."

    He then called the police, collected his
    shotgun, and went out onto his porch to meet
    them. From the sketchy reports we have now,
    it seems the police wouldn't oblige him with a
    "suicide by cop" and tried to talk him down.
    When it became apparent he wasn't able to
    commit cop-suicide, 27-year-old Douglas
    Barber did an about face, rotated the shotgun
    and killed himself.
             Spc. Rusty W. Bell 21
• 3rd Infantry Division Pocahontas,
  Arkansas Died of non-combat
  related injuries in Taji, Iraq, on
  August 12, 2005 Similarly, Army
  Spec. Rusty W. Bell, 21, of
  Pocahontas, Ark., showed signs
  of combat stress after his first
  deployment to the Middle East in
  2003 as a member of the Army
  National Guard, said his mother,
  Darlene Gee. When he came
  home in April 2004, he enlisted in
  the Army and was sent back to
  Iraq in early 2005 An autopsy
  report on Bell's death concludes
  that he shot himself
  Capt. Oleksii Bondarenko 35
• Ukraine
  Capt. Oleksii Bondarenko 35 5th
  Mechanized Brigade, Ukrainian Army
  Reserve Ukraine Committed suicide by
  shooting himself in Kut, Iraq, on November
  19, 2003
    Timothy Bowman
• Timothy Bowman FORRESTON, Ill. — A
  year ago on Thanksgiving morning, in the
  corrugated metal pole barn that housed his
  family's electrical business, Timothy Bowman
  put a handgun to his head and pulled the
  trigger. He had been home from the Iraq war
  for eight months.

• The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is
  facing a wave of returning veterans such as
  Bowman who are struggling with memories
  of a war where it's hard to distinguish
  innocent civilians from enemy fighters and
  where the threat of suicide attacks and
  roadside bombs haunts the most routine
  mission. Since 2001, about 1.4 million
  Americans have served in Iraq, Afghanistan
  or other locations in the war on terror.
       Too little too late for Tim
• In November, Tim scheduled an appointment with the
  VA. His father wasn't sure what it was for - mental
  issues, or perhaps follow-up for a hand injury that Tim
  had suffered in Iraq.
• The night before Thanksgiving, Tim had a great
  conversation with his father and his sister. He seemed
  his old, jovial self. His family now believes that by then
  he already knew what he was about to do.
• The next day, Tim didn't show up for an extended-family
  Thanksgiving dinner. They called and called. Finally,
  Mike Bowman decided to see if Tim was at the family
  business. He found him on the floor, shot but still
• Tim died two hours later.
• At Tim's funeral, Kessel, his
  commanding officer, found
  that several other soldiers
  were having mental troubles,
  too - and having trouble
  getting into the VA.
• "They were told, `We can't
  get you in for six months,'"
  Kessel said. "We started
  pulling a bunch of strings and
  making lots of noise, and
  then people started listening.
• "But it was one soldier too
• McClatchy News
• Chris Adams can be reached
Tim’s friends and family left behind
        Edward W. Brabazon
• Army Spc. Edward W. Brabazon
• 9-year-old sister died while he was serving
  abroad in March 2003. When he returned from
  Afghanistan at Christmas, he spent most of his
  leave with his family, and he visited her grave.
• "He was so glad to be home," Margaret Ann
  Brabazon said of her son. "He didn't even want
  to go to Iraq, but he had no say."
• The 20-year-old from Philadelphia died March 9
  of a non-hostile gunshot wound in Baghdad. He
  was based at Fort Bragg.
         Spec. Edward W. Brabazon
• On March 9, 2004, less than three
  months into his second deployment to the
  Middle East, Spec. Edward W. Brabazon
  shot himself in the head with his rifle at a
  palace compound in Baghdad, the Army
  has concluded. He was 20.

   The Brabazons say they have trouble
   making sense of the Army's investigation
   into his death, which notes his psychiatric

  "They talked about how he had a history
  of mental problems," Margaret said. "I
  said, `No kidding. If you knew he had
  mental problems, then why was he
• From the Hartford Courant
             MICHAEL BRAMER 23

• Then a sergeant first class in special forces with the Army's 82d
  Airborne Division, Mr. Bramer suffered severe head injuries in
  October 2003, when part of an unstable structure collapsed as
  he was helping string barbed wire outside Baghdad, his sister
  said. The impact blinded him in one eye. During surgery, plates
  were placed in his head. Soon, a series of migraines, each
  more acute, disturbed his days and nights. Discharged from the
  Army in June, Mr. Bramer had been living in a Fayetteville,
  N.C., apartment. At 23, he had set aside his hopes of attending
  MIT, where he had taken summer courses during high school in
  Boston. On Jan. 17, while his roommate and a friend were
  downstairs, he turned up the surround sound on his television
  and took his life in his bedroom, his sister said. ...
• WISCONSIN GUNSHOT 3/6/2006 A private first class is
  killed by a "non-hostile" gunshot wound. One day before
  the roster of officers who made the squad came out - a
  list he would have made - Greg typed a suicide note on
  his computer and left two copies in his home in the 3400
  block of N. 92nd St. He apologized for not being strong
  enough to go on living. The final line states: "Well just
  leave it as war being one hell of a bitch no matter how
  big or small its found.― Greg died March 6, two days
  before he would have turned 27. He shot himself in the
  head with his police gun in the basement of his home
           Jeffrey F. Braun, 19
• Stafford Springs CT Pfc. Jeffrey F. Braun 19 Battery B,
  2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment,
  82nd Airborne Division Stafford, Connecticut "Died of a
  non-hostile gunshot wound in Baghdad, Iraq, on
  December 12, 2003

• The only confirmed Connecticut suicide is that of Army
  Pfc. Jeffrey Braun, 19, of Stafford, who died in
  December 2003. His father, William Braun, told The
  Courant he still did not have a full explanation of what
  happened to Jeffrey, but said, ""I've chosen not to
  pursue it or question it. It's over and done with.""
         Spc. Joshua T. Brazee 25
• Howitzer Battery, 1st Squadron, 3rd
  Armored Cavalry Regiment Sand Creek,
  Michigan "Died from non-combat related
  injuries in Qaim, Iraq, on May 23, 2005
  Army Spec. Joshua T. Brazee, 25, of
  Sand Creek, Mich., had been in Iraq for
  less than three months when the military
  says he shot himself with his rifle in May
  2005. According to his autopsy report, he
  had ""talked with other soldiers about
  death and killing, and also about the idea
  of suicide." **Among The Courant's
  findings: Army Spec. Joshua T. Brazee,
  25, of Sand Creek, Mich., had been in
  Iraq for less than three months when the
  military says he shot himself with his rifle
  in May 2005.
• Staff Sgt. Cory W. Brooks 32 Company A,
  153rd Engineer Battalion, South Dakota
  Army National Guard Philip, South Dakota
  "Died of non-combat related injuries in
  Baghdad, Iraq, on April 24, 2004Among
  them was Army Staff Sgt. Cory W. Brooks,
  32, of Philip, S.D., who shot himself in the
  head on April 24, 2004. In sworn
  statements, a major and first lieutenant
  acknowledged they had conducted
  ""counseling"" with Brooks, and a first
  sergeant ""detailed his knowledge of SSG
  Brooks' suicidal ideations.""
• 2/3/2006 CHARLES CALL 30 WEST
  VIRGINIA GUNSHOT— Letter home from
  Iraq from Army Sgt. Charles Call to his
  mother, published in the Sunday Gazette-
  Mail, Jan. 23, 2005 LEON — One year
  after Chuck Call wrote these words to his
  mother, he committed suicide. For
  example, Call didn’t qualify for most
  veterans’ health benefits because in 2003,
  the VA suspended enrollment for higher-
  income veterans whom the VA has not
  determined to have a service-related
  condition. Call, who ran heavy equipment
  for a grading company, fit that category.
           Jason Chelsea, 19 UK
• Jason Chelsea, 19, of Wigan Last month, , apparently
  committed suicide due to concerns over what awaited
  him in Iraq – where he was to serve with the King’s
  Lancaster Regiment. (from report done Sept. 2006)
  Jason Chelsea, 19, a Kings, Lancashire and Border
  Regiment infantryman, died four days after taking an
  overdose. Shortly after taking the overdose, he told his
  parents that as part of training for Iraq he had been
  warned he might have to shoot children. His funeral
  was held in Greater Manchester. A military inquest is
  to be held into his death.
     Private James Collinson
• On 23 March, Private James Collinson,
  17, from Perth, was found dead with a
  single gunshot wound while on guard duty
  at the Deepcut barracks. The Army said
  he shot himself, but his parents do not
  accept this, insisting he had been happy.
  As of November 2002 no inquest has been
                          His mother, Terry Jones,
                          now flies the flag upside
 • Jason Cooper 23        down
Monies, IA Terri Jones
   lost her son Jason
Cooper just over a year
 ago. He was an Army
  Reservist in the Iraq
War. On July 14, 2005,
    four months after
   returning home to
      Iowa, he hung
     Sgt. James Curtis Coons, 36
• On June 21, 2003, the Army evacuated Master, from
  Kuwait after he overdosed on sleeping pills. He told
  doctors he was seeing the shattered face of a dead
  soldier in the mirror. They diagnosed him with post-
  traumatic stress disorder, sent him to a hospital in
  Germany and then to their premier treatment facility,
  Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Northwest
  Washington. By July 4 he was dead, hanging from a
  bedsheet in his room at Mologne House, a hotel for
  outpatients and families on the grounds of Walter
• Washington Post
In December 2005, a military casualty board
ruled that his suicide should be considered a
                casualty of war.
    Dominic Campisi (1974-2005)

• This memorial website was created in the
  memory of our beloved son, brother, grandson,
  nephew, cousin and great friend, Dominic
  Campisi. Dom was born in Pennsylvania on
  Sunday, May 19, 1974. He weighed only 5 lbs
  5oz and he was a happy and contented child.
  Dom choose to leave us, six days after returning
  from Uzbekistan on April 17, 2005; just before
  his 31st birthday.
              Alison Croft
• In October 2002, chef Alison Croft, 22,
  hung herself from a wardrobe door at
  Dalton barracks in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
    Spc. Michael J. Crutchfield 21
• 3rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment
  Stockton, California Michael Crutchfield of Stockton,
  California killed himself north of the capital, Baghdad.
  The day of his death, he e-mailed his foster brother and
  confidant, Johnny Sotello, to relate his pain to the
  remnants of his family still living in the area. "As you
  know, there are more people waiting for me to pull this
  trigger than there are waiting on my return to the
  states," Crutchfield wrote in a portion of the message,
  quoted by the Stockton Record. "I'm done hurting. All
  my life I've been hurting... end this pain," Crutchfield
  wrote at the end of his
  two-page message.
                 CHRIS DANA 23
  several months of pushing, but finally, Chris Dana was ready.
• The 23-year-old veteran of the Iraq war, who served with the
  163rd Infantry Battalion, Montana National Guard, agreed to
  see a counselor for post-combat stress. Members of his family,
  concerned for months about his change in behavior, believed
  they were starting to get through to him. Their son and brother
  promised to seek the help they all knew he so desperately

• Then Dana canceled the appointment. He began screening his
  calls. He stopped showing up at drill with the National Guard.
  He quit his job at Target, cleaned his car and the trailer he
  shared with a friend. And then, on March 4, he shut himself into
  his bedroom, put a blanket over his head, and shot himself.
                     PFC Nicholas A. Davis
• Dates of service: Jan. 20, 2004 - July 13, 2005 US Army He died at Ft. Knox,
  KY From his Nick definitely died from the results of PTSD. He fell 1250 feet
  when his parachute failed and was only treated for a broken ankle. From what
  I can tell, he never received a CAT scan or MRI to check for further damage.
  He had flashbacks and nightmares and was punished for asking for help.

• On his final day he asked for help several times and others asked for help for
  him. Those around him were concerned for him but those in charge did
  nothing. And that evening he was dead. The records tell how his personality
  changed for the worse, he became a different person. He also began suffering
  from tremors and toward the end of his life he began having seizures. Several
  witnesses put that into their statements...that his superiors did not help him
  they "put him into a room until he calmed down". He was being discharged
  and coming home in less than 24 hours.

• He was found hung by a shoelace on the hook of a latrine stall door.
           James E. Dean
• On Christmas night, 2006, Dean drove to
  his childhood home on the farm where his
  parents still live. He took up one of his
  hunting guns and called his family; he said
  he was going to kill himself. Fourteen
  agonizing hours later, he was dead -- not
  by his own bullet but by that of a Maryland
  state trooper.
• NY GUNSHOT8/1/2005 Decouteaux died
  Saturday from a self-inflicted gunshot
  wound. He'd been airlifted from his home
  to a Temple hospital for emergency
  surgery, but died while doctors tried to
  save his life.
              Ken Dennis
• Didn't see 23. On March 21, exactly one
  year after the first Marine combat deaths
  in Iraq, the wiry 6-foot-1 soldier who had
  been a classroom cut-up, a devotee of
  heavy philosophical tomes and a proud
  patriot tattooed with the Marine Corps
  insignia hanged himself from a
  showerhead in the bathroom of his Renton
   Dijkstra Sergeant Netherlands
• Royal Dutch Army10/11/06 Non-
           hostile - suicide
Pfc. James R. Dillon Jr 2003-03-13 19 Grove City
Pennsylvania 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance
Battalion, 1st Marine Division Marines James died
 as a result of a self inflicted gun shot wound in
• Romania
  Cpl. Lili Dobre 28 280th Infantry Battalion,
  Romanian Army Romania Dobre shot
  himself in the head in a tent at Camp
  Mittica in Nasiriya, Iraq, on March 14,
  2006. He was taken to a hospital in Kuwait
  City, Kuwait, where he died on March 25,
  Pvt. Mark Stephen Dobson 41
• UK
  B (Green Howards) Company, The
  Tyne-Tees Regiment, British Territorial
  Army County Durham, England Dobson
  was found dead of a non-hostile cause
  in his quarters at Basra Air Station in
  Basra, Iraq, on March 28, 2005. (from
  below the 41-year-old from Darlington
  would kill himself in his Basra bed. His
  suicide note described the 'evil world'
  encountered in Iraq. 'Sorry to let you
  down lads,' it concluded.)
      GUNSHOT 12/3/2005
• He tried to get help. But he slipped through the
  cracks in the military’s mental-health system. He
  applied for veterans’ health benefits, but Call —
  a combat veteran with years of active and
  Reserve duty — was told he didn’t qualify.

• Veterans Affairs has mental-health counselors
  even for veterans who don’t qualify for health
  benefits, but Call never got a chance to see one.
  On Feb. 3 of this year, he shot himself.
          Leslie Frederick Jr 23
• July 26, 2005—Army Spc. Leslie Frederick Jr., 23,
  stationed at Fort Lewis, shot and killed himself at his
  South Tacoma apartment. Wounded while serving 15
  months in Iraq, Frederick had recently been among the
  first soldiers to receive the Army's new Combat Action
  Badge, which represents, says Army Chief of Staff Gen.
  Peter J. Schoomaker, "the Warrior Ethos." Frederick,
  according to relatives, suffered psychologically from the
  stress of combat. His wife also won a divorce and
  custody of their child six days before his suicide.
             Espaillat Jr, Pedro I. Senior Airman Air Force 20

• 5/15/04 weapon discharge
  Pedro I. Espaillat Jr. Columbia, Tennessee Senior Airman
  Pedro I. Espaillat Jr., who worked for the Air Force as a plane
  mechanic, wanted to be an engineer. His father said he tried
  to persuade his oldest son to go first to college, then make the
  military a career. But Espaillat enlisted in 2001 after high
  school graduation. "After he was in boot camp, I couldn't pull
  him out. He wanted to be an engineer since he was little. Now
  he never will," Pedro I. Espaillat Sr. said of his son.

• Espaillat, 20, of Columbia, Tenn., died May 15 of a self-
  inflicted gunshot wound in Kirkuk, Iraq. He was based at
  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Espaillat moved to
  Tennessee in 1993 with his mother and two brothers from the
  Dominican Republic. His father had arrived about three years
  earlier. The son graduated with honors, 38th in a class of 228
  at Spring Hill High.
          John "Gunship" Frasso
• Friends of John Frasso were coming to terms
  Tuesday a day after the Vietnam War veteran
  they called "Gunship" took his own life outside
  the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical
  Center in Plains Township. They wondered why
  Frasso, who enjoyed making children laugh and
  giving more than he received, shot himself with
  a .45-caliber handgun. A note apparently written
  by Frasso, 61, of Nescopeck, explained he was
  protesting the war in Afghanistan, Luzerne
  County Coroner Dr. Jack Consalvo said.
            Curtis Green 25
• FORT RILEY 12/6/2004 "Over my dead body
  are they going to make me go back." "I knew he
  was having dreams, nightmares," Lisset said.
  "He would wake up at night really sweaty." On
  Dec. 6, he showed up for work, his uniform
  pressed, his boots polished. He sang cadence.
  That night, he was found hanging in his
  barracks. Sgt. Curtis Greene, 331st Signal
  Company, was 25
Sgt. Curtis Greene’s family
  Cpl. John Gregory 30 Royal Logistics
Corps Catterick, North Yorkshire, England
Shot himself after shooting a fellow soldier
 at the British base at Kabul International
        Airport on August 17, 2002
          Sgt. Dave Guindon
• In August, Air Guard, 48, of Merrimack, killed
  himself a day after returning from combat in Iraq.
  The death of Tech Sgt. David Guindon, 48, from
  a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Aug. 18 ―was
  just heartbreaking,‖ said Caryl Ahern, the
  readjustment team leader at the Vet Center in
  Manchester, which offers counseling and other
  services to veterans and their families.
Sgt. Dave Guindon
         Pfc. Robert A. Guy 26
• Company I, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine
  Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine
  Expeditionary Force Willards, Maryland Died
  due to a non-hostile incident near Karma, Iraq,
  on April 21, 2005 "Any little thing they do is a
  help," said Ann Guy of Willards, Md., whose
  son, Marine Pfc. Robert A. Guy, killed himself
  in Iraq on April 21, 2005 - a month after he
  was prescribed the antidepressant Zoloft with
  no monitoring.
ANN AND JAMES GUY visit the grave in Arlington National
 Cemetery of their son, Marine Pfc. Bobby Guy, on the first
anniversary of the Marine's death, on April 21. The Guys did
 not find out until two months after his death, in a telephone
conversation Ann had with a Marine official, that Bobby had
                       committed suicide.
                        (MARK MIRKO)
                         May 16, 2006
                Kyle Hemauer 21
• Kyle Hemauer 21 Family
  questions Army ruling that
  soldier committed suicide
  Published Thursday, August
  10, 2006 12:08:28 AM Central
  Time MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The
  family of a Chilton soldier who
  died in Afghanistan last year
  said it plans to continue its
  own investigation after a new
  military report says the soldier
  committed suicide.
       Spc. Jeffrey S. Henthorn 25
• 24th Transportation Company, 541st
  Maintenance Battalion, 937th Engineer
  Group Choctaw, Oklahoma Died of non-
  combat related injuries in Balad, Iraq, on
  February 8, 2005

• What his hometown does not know is that
  Henthorn, 25, had been sent back to Iraq for
  a second tour, even though his superiors
  knew he was unstable and had threatened
  suicide at least twice, according to Army
  investigative reports and interviews. When he
  finally succeeded in killing himself on Feb. 8,
  2005, at Camp Anaconda in Balad, Iraq, an
  Army report says, the work of the M-16 rifle
  was so thorough that fragments of his skull
  pierced the barracks ceiling.
         Pfc. Melissa Hobart
• And Army Pfc.
  Melissa Hobart was
  dutifully taking the
  Celexa she was
  prescribed to ease
  the anxiety of being
  separated from her
  young daughter while
  in Baghdad.
5-YEAR-OLD Alexis McCabe in April holds flags planted at the gravesite of her
 mother. Army Pfc. Melissa Hobart, an East Haven native, who collapsed and
  died in June 2004 while on guard duty in Iraq. Hobart had been prescribed
Celexa to ease the anxiety of being separated from her young daughter while in
     Baghdad. Her cause of death, the military says, is still undetermined.
                                (MARK MIRKO)
                       May 16, 2006 Hartford Courant
• Chief Warrant Officer William Howell was
  a 15-year Army Special Forces veteran
  who had seen combat duty all over the
  world William Howell 36 10th Special
  Forces Group El Paso shot himself after
  following his wife around the yard with a
• By all accounts, Jenkins was an excellent
  Marine. He'd served two tours of duty in Iraq
  with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based
  at Camp Pendleton, Calif. And of the many
  awards that were pinned on his uniform, one
  was a Bronze Star with a combat V for valor.
• He went AWOL. On Sept. 28, with federal
  agents at his fiancée's front door in Oceanside,
  Calif., Jenkins shot himself. He died six hours
  later at the age of 23.
        GUNSHOT 6/22/2004
• Adam Kelley survived the Persian Gulf War but not the
  aftermath of his combat experience. For 13 years after the
  war, he suffered not only from physical problems but mental
  ones as well. His No. 1 enemy was post-traumatic stress
  disorder, the illness affecting thousands of veterans in
  Southern Nevada, including hundreds who have lived through
  the horrors of death and danger in Iraq and Afghanistan. His
  mother, Marsha Kelley, said he joined the Army at 21
  because he liked being outdoors and he wanted to earn
  money for college. "He liked hunting, but he didn't like killing,"
  she said in an interview last month.

• But in the end, he shot and killed himself last year while sitting
  in his truck behind a sandwich shop not far from his northwest
  Las Vegas home. His mother blames the Army and the
  Veterans Administration for not giving him the proper care
  soon enough.
       Philip Kent South Carolina
• Phillip Kent was down to 90 pounds when he returned
  to Columbia from Iraq. "It's screaming at me when he
  gets off that bus," Phillip's mother, Laura told WIS
  News. "He is not well - he's stressed, he's on edge,
  he's just a bundle of nerves. Besides that just his
  general appearance, any mother would pick up on that
  immediately." Laura says her son would not eat or
  sleep, had anxiety, and lost interest in doing all the
  things he loved growing up, like playing sports and
  making music. Laura believes Phillip was scared to
  ask for help. "If he were to admit it, i4 was a sign of
  weakness - and of course in the military you don't
  want to be weak," said Laura. So behind his back,
  Laura called a military chaplain.
• However, she says nobody followed up with her
  son. Two months later he was hospitalized. "For
  two days in the psychiatric unit - boy that was
  sure a long time for someone that - I just thought
  'what a sham.' That was so ridiculous." Six
  months later, Phillip was honorably discharged
  from the military after being arrested but not
  charged for a fight he had with his wife. Laura
  says Phillip's mental health had strained his
  marriage and at this point his life began to really
  unravel. Then he threatened suicide..."He said
  'I'm going to get a bottle of Jack [Daniel's
  Whiskey] and I got my pistol right here,'" Laura
  tearfully remembers, "and then I got the call that
  no human being wants to get ever." Phillip killed
  himself, exactly the way he said he would.
            Spc. Samuel S. Lee 19
• Company B, 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry
  Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division Anaheim,
  California "Died of non-combat related injuries
  in Ramadi, Iraq, on March 28, 2005 suicide
• In the months before Army Pfc. Samuel Lee,
  of Anaheim, Calif., killed himself in March
  2005, an investigative report says, the 19-
  year-old had talked to fellow soldiers about a
  dream in which he tried to kill his sergeant
  before taking his own life, and of kidnapping,
  raping and killing Iraqi children. Three times, a
  soldier recounted in a sworn statement, Lee
  had pointed his gun at himself and depressed
  the trigger, stopping just before a round fired.
• CA GUNSHOT12/1/2005 In December
  2005, Jeff Lehner, 40, a former Marine
  sergeant who served in Afghanistan, shot
  and killed his elderly father, then killed
  himself in Santa Barbara County. He had
  been in counseling for combat-related
  post-traumatic stress disorder.
             2/28/2005 26
• DELAWARE SSgt. Steven Michael Logan memorial
  website STATESIDE INCIDENT: 1 suicide. A 26-year
  old Marine who’d personally been reenlisted by the
  Secretary of the Navy, Gordon R. England, at the
  peak of Mount Suribachi above IwoJima the year
  before, committed suicide. At the time of his
  reenlistment, the intelligence clerk in the 3rd Materiel
  Readiness Battalion said, ―The experience was
  definitely a chance of a lifetime and a great
  feeling…Not many Marines or Sailors can say they
  were re-enlisted on top of Mount Suribachi by the
  Secretary of the Navy. Also, knowing who and what I
  was representing at such a level was a good feeling in
  itself. It was definitely an honor to be in that position.‖
   Pfc. Duane E. Longstreth 19
• Company B, 307th Engineer Battalion, 82nd
  Airborne Division Tacoma, Washington Died
  from non-combat related injuries in Baghdad,
  Iraq, on August 7, 2003 A private first class who
  had survived being accidentally shot in the chest
  by a machine gun while riding in a truck in May
  shoots himself in the head with a confiscated
  revolver after loading it with one bullet and
  reportedly joking about playing Russian roulette.
             JEFFREY LUCEY 23
  'Something happened to Jeff' Jeff
  Lucey returned from Iraq a changed
  man. Then he killed himself. By Irene
  Sege, Globe Staff March 1, 2005
  BELCHERTOWN -- Less than three
  weeks before he committed suicide,
  Jeffrey Lucey, lance corporal in the
  Marine Reserves, veteran of
  Operation Iraqi Freedom, totaled his
  parents' Nissan Altima. (From Boston
       Private Peter Mahoney UK
• On August 10, the funeral of Private Peter Mahoney, a
  soldier with the Territorial Army (TA) who served for
  six months in the war against Iraq in 2003, was held at
  St. Aidan’s church in his hometown of Carlisle,
  England. On August 3, the 45-year-old father of four
  had committed suicide by gassing himself in his family
  car. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning after
  attaching a hosepipe to the exhaust of the car parked
  in his garage at his home in Botcherby, on the
  outskirts of Carlisle. Mahoney was wearing his old TA
  uniform and had shaved his head in a regulation
  military style.
        Reisom Markose, 25
• Reisom Markose, Two days later,
  (8/9/05)Colorado Springs, a police officer
  found, dead of an intentional overdose of
  bupropion, an antidepressant. Markose
  served in Iraq with the 3rd Armored
  Cavalry Regiment and recently had
  become a U.S. citizen
          BRIAN MCKEEHAN 37
  Soldier Just Back From Iraq Hangs Himself In
  Jail Police say Brian McKeehan hanged
  himself with a bed sheet early Saturday in the
  Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail in James City,
  about 12 hours after being arrested on a
  charge of assaulting his wife at their York
  County home.
          Rev. Alan Robb McLean
• Death of Episcopal priest, Vietnam war vet, ruled suicide The
  Associated Press WENATCHEE, Wash. -- The shooting death
  of an Episcopal priest, a severely wounded Vietnam war
  veteran who had grown increasingly distressed by the war in
  Iraq, has been ruled a suicide. The finding in the case of the
  Rev. Alan Robb McLean, 62, rector of St. Luke's Episcopal
  Church and a former Pillsbury Co. international finance expert,
  was issued this week by Chelan County Coroner Dr. Gina M.
  Fino. McLean, who held previous church positions in Arkansas
  and Virginia, died in surgery several hours after being found
  wounded in his office Friday. He was believed to be the source
  of a 911 call from the office in which only heavy breathing could
  be heard shortly after the shooting, and police said at the time
  that the single chest wound appeared to be self-inflicted.
           Pvt. Dylan Meyer, 20
• Meyer’s death on April 25, but the last posting on
  Meyer’s Web page seemed to indicate he planned to
  end his life. said there is no way to
  determine whether Meyer wrote the message himself.
  Joe Walker, a spokesman for Meyer’s unit,
  Intelligence and Security Command, said the
  investigation is ongoing. a social
  networking hub with more than 72 million members
  allows users to post searchable profiles that can
  include photos. May 08, 2006 News Breaks Apparent
  suicide note found on web site A 20-year-old private
  was found dead in his barracks at Fort Gordon, Ga.,
  the day after an apparent suicide note was posted on
  his Web page
        Jeanne "Linda" Michel
• Navy medic "She came home last month to
  her husband and three kids (ages 11, 5, and
  4), delighted to be back in her suburban home
  of Clifton Park in upstate New York. Michel,
  33, would be discharged from the Navy in a
  few weeks, finishing her five years of duty.
  Two weeks after she got home, she shot and
  killed herself.
• Willy James Moore came back
  from Iraq to Pascagoula
  following his second tour with the
  Marine Corps less than a month
  after Hurricane Katrina. On Jan.
  21, the 23-year-old reservist and
  armored personnel carrier driver
  took his own life. Eddie Moore,
  Willy's father, said Willy's case
  worker for post-traumatic stress
  disorder from the VA Gulf Coast
  Veterans Health Care System in
  Biloxi called to follow up for the
  first time on the day of Willy's
          Harold J. Nealey, 59
• Identity Known of Man Who Shot Self in
  Front of VA Hospital
• Posted: Apr. 5, 2007
  Updated: Apr. 6, 2007
• Fayetteville — WRAL has learned the identity of
  a man who committed suicide in front of
  Fayetteville's VA hospital earlier this week.
  of Chadbourne, N.C., drove onto the property of
  the VA Medical Center grounds, got out of his
  pickup truck and shot himself in the chest on
             JOSHUA OMVIG 22
  12/22/2005 Rep. Boswell, a Vietnam
  veteran, last month proposed a new
  suicide-prevention program for
  veterans. The ―Joshua Omvig Veterans
  Suicide Prevention Act,‖ H.R. 5771,
  now has 77 sponsors in Congress. It
  would set up a VA program to screen
  and monitor veterans for suicide risk
  factors. Nearly one of every five
  returning Iraq veterans reported a
  mental-health problem, according to an
  Army study published in March. And
  nearly one in 10 was diagnosed with
  Post-tramatic Stress Disorder
A comment posted from his parents
when his death was posted Joshua
Omvig We lost our Josh, an Iraqi
War Vet, US Army Reserves to
PTSD just 8 weeks ago. Please help
us spread the word about this killer
disease! Statistics are now showing
that up to 50% of our Vets are
returning from Iraq with some degree
of PTSD. This is an epidemic the
Government is trying to hide under
the rug because the VA is not
equipped to handle this huge
number, nor do they have the
funding to do so!
HELP US, spread the word and send
Josh's site (with his story,
research/studies/etc) to EVERYONE
you know, post it on the main page
of your blogs, GET THE AMERICAN
PUBLIC to take notice! Here is
Josh's site.
                    Walter Padilla
• When Walter Padilla returned from the war in Iraq, his marriage
  ended, he was haunted by nightmares, he went bankrupt and
  felt most secure carrying a handgun. Last week, sitting on his
  bed, he placed his Glock to his head and pulled the trigger.
  The El Paso County Coroner's Office says no note
  accompanied the body of the 28-year-old, whom family and
  friends were calling a casualty of a war.
  "When he came back from the war, he was a totally different
  person than the one that I knew before," says Spencer Lee,
  Padilla's "best friend" for the past six years. "He was a little
  more on edge. Definitely moving in and out of depression. ...
  His life was falling apart."
• FORT SILL, OK GUNSHOT 11/5/2004Capt.
  Michael Jon Pelkey However, it would become
  tragically obvious that Michael's worries were
  not over. Michael met with the therapist on a
  Monday; the couple celebrated their third
  wedding anniversary on a Tuesday; and on
  Friday, November 5, 2004, Stefanie came
  home to find her husband laying on the bed,
  dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the
            Pfc. David L. Potter 22
• Company B, 115th Forward Support
  Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division Johnson
  City, Tennessee Died of non-combat
  related injuries in Baghdad, Iraq, on
  August 7, 2004 In another case, Pfc.
  David L. Potter was kept in the war zone
  despite a diagnosis of anxiety and
  depression, a suicide attempt and a
  psychiatrist's recommendation that he be
  separated from the Army. Potter, 22, told
  friends that he believed the
  recommendation had been overruled,
  leading to a deepening of his depression,
  a fellow soldier said. On Aug 7, 2004 -
  10 days after the psychiatrist
  recommended he be sent home - Potter
  took a gun from under another soldier's
  bed and killed himself. Hartford Courant
          Pfc. Tina M. Priest 20
• 4th Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat
  Team, 4th Infantry Division Austin, Texas
  "Died from a non-combat related injury in
  Taji, Iraq, on March 1, 2006 She was
  discovered dead in her room March 1, and
  investigators concluded that she shot herself
  in the upper chest with an M-16 rifle. Rape
  charges against the soldier she accused
  were dropped a few weeks after her death.
• Spc. David J. Ramsey 27
• 47th Combat Support Hospital, 62nd Medical Brigade Tacoma,
  Washington Medically evacuated from Iraq on August 24 and
  died from a non-combat related incident on September 7, 2006,
  in Spanaway, Washington. The incident is under investigation
  Army Spc. David J. Ramsey spent his time in Iraq helping
  soldiers wounded in combat. But he wasn’t able to get past his
  own pain. Ramsey, 27, of Spanaway, died Sept. 7, 2006, two
  weeks after shooting himself in the chest in Iraq.

• Ramsey, with the Army's 47th Combat Support Hospital, 62nd
  Medical Brigade at Fort Lewis, was evacuated from Iraq on
  Aug. 24. Ramsey joined the Army in November 2002 and
  arrived at Fort Lewis in December 2004. He was deployed to
  Iraq with the 47th Combat Support Hospital in October 2005.
  His awards include the National Defense Service Medal, Global
  War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.
          Lt. Brandon Ratliff
• was upset that he couldn’t afford to pay for
  an attorney to fight the city, according to
  an e-mail sent from Ratliff’s account to
  The Columbus Dispatch on Thursday.
  Ratliff was found dead in his home about
  three hours later, the newspaper said.
  Sherry Mercurio, spokeswoman for the
  Columbus Police Department, said Ratliff’s
  death was ruled a suicide.
              ANDRES RAYA 19
• CALIFORNIA SBC 1/1/2005 Los Angeles, Alta
  California, January 11, 2005 - (ACN) A US Marine of
  Mexican descent home for the holidays from Fallujah,
  Iraq decided to wage battle yesterday against his own
  hometown police department of Ceres, California
  rather than return to Iraq to kill innocent Iraqi civilians.
  Nineteen year old Andres Raya, a decorated for
  bravery US Marine out of Camp Pendleton, decided to
  utilize his superb marine training to take on the entire
  Ceres Police Department, Sheriff's and the California
  Highway Patrol in a stunning gun battle that was
  caught on video tape. In the end, one Ceres cop was
  killed, another critically injured and US Marine Raya
  himself laid dead in an alley with over 18 shots in his
               Saxxon Rech 20
• July 28, 2005—Marine veteran Saxxon Rech, 20,
  given an early honorable discharge from the service in
  February, killed girlfriend Renee DiLorenzo, 18.
  DiLorenzo, who'd recently enlisted in the Marines, was
  shot in the back at Rech's family home in Everson,
  Whatcom County; Rech then turned the shotgun on
  himself. A motive is unknown. Rech joined the Marine
  Corps in November 2003, and officials are so far
  uncertain why he was discharged after just 16 months,
  or whether he saw combat in Iraq, where Marines from
  his regiment have been killed in action.
Saxxon Rech,
           JESSICA RICH 24
• COLORADO CAR 1/16/2007 Jessica Rich, 24,
  who served in the Army Reserve, was killed at
  10:25 p.m. Thursday when her 1996
  Volkswagen Jetta smashed head-on into a
  2003 Chevy Suburban. Jessica had PTSD and
  was in a documentary The Last Time I Saw
         Private Chad Ritchie, 21
• Medford January 31, 2003 SALEM, OR - The Oregon
  Military Department today announced that , died of
  apparently self-inflicted wounds. Ritchie, in
  collaboration with fellow National Guard members
  Aaron Andrew St. James, 25, and Andrew Lee
  Patterson, 23, had apparently been involved in a
  recent string of violent criminal acts in the Medford
  area. All of the soldiers were assigned as members of
  the 1st Battalion, 186th Infantry, Oregon Army
  National Guard. They had recently returned from the
  battalion’s assignment in Sinai, Egypt, as
  peacekeepers along the Egyptian-Israeli border.
  Ritchie and Patterson had been sent home early from
  Sinai due to disciplinary action.
   Lt. Cmdr. Thomas L. Robinson 38
• Executive officer, guided-missile destroyer
  USS Paul Hamilton Kingston, Massachusetts
  Robinson was found dead in his stateroom of
  an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound
  while the destroyer was making a port call in
  Bahrain on October 23, 2002.
    Pfc. Jason D. Scheuerman 20
• 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry
  Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry
  Division Lynchburg, Virginia Died of
  non-combat related injuries in
  Muqdadiya, Iraq, on July 30, 2005
  Jason was pulled off missions with
  his fellow soldiers, assigned menial
  jobs around the barracks and given
  his gun back. He used the weapon
  three weeks later to become the
  1,797th U.S. military fatality of
  Operation Iraqi Freedom. Gunshot
                   Jason’s Mother
• Ann Scheuerman could breathe. But her son's problems were
  just beginning. Jason got a psychological evaluation, but
  afterward, he sent his mother another disturbing e-mail. He was
  very discouraged," said Scheuerman, of Lynchburg, Va. "He
  said, `Mom, they think that I'm making this up and that there
  was nothing wrong with me, that I needed to just be a man, be
  a soldier and quit wasting the Army's time.' He said they were
  going to court-martial him for treason, that sergeants said they
  were tired of people making up excuses to try to get out of
  combat and it wasn't fair to all the other real soldiers. "Jason
  was pulled off missions with his fellow soldiers, assigned menial
  jobs around the barracks and given his gun back.

• He used the weapon three weeks later to become the 1,797th
  U.S. military fatality of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
                       Jonathan Schulze 25
Minnesota, Hanging Told to wait, a Marine
VA care in spotlight after Iraq war veteran's
suicide By Charles M. two years of hell to
convince him, but finally Jonathan Schulze
was ready Sennott, Globe Staff February 11,
2007 STEWART, Minn. -- It took. Pfc.
Benjamin C. Schuster 21 2nd Battalion, 101st
Cavalry Regiment, New York Army National
Guard Williamsville, New York Died from a
gunshot wound in Ramadi, Iraq, on February
25, 2006 On the morning of Jan. 11,
Jonathan, an Iraq war veteran with two Purple
Hearts, neatly packed his US Marine Corps
duffel bag with his sharply creased clothes, a
framed photo of his new baby girl, and a
leather-bound Bible and headed out from the
family farm for a 75-mile drive to the Veterans
Affairs Medical Center in St. Cloud, Minn.
Four days later, on Jan. 16, he wrapped a
household extension cord around his neck,
tied it to a beam in the basement, and hanged
         JEREMY SEELEY 28
• KY POISONING 1/13/2004 The Jeremy Seeley who
  went off to war was a man his grandfather remembers as
  tender-hearted. When Specialist Seeley returned from
  Iraq, he could not bring himself to tell his mother he was
  home, or even to hear her voice, leaving two disjointed
  messages on her answering machine but no contact
  On January 13 he walked out of the 101st Airborne base
  at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, checked into a motel room,
  and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. The police
  discovered his body four days later, along with
  containers of household poison. Seeley was 28.
              his wife
  Colo. 8/1/2005 -- A Colorado soldier who just
  returned from duty in Iraq fatally shot his wife and
  then himself, according to a Fort Carson
  spokesman. Pfc. Stephen S. Sherwood, 2nd
  Brigade Combat Team, was with his wife at their
  home near Fort Collins when the shooting occurred
  Wednesday afternoon. The Larimer County SWAT
  unit was called to the home at 335 Bradley Drive
  around 3:45 p.m. after a report of shots being fired
       Pfc. Thomas C. Siekert 20
• 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade
  Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division Lovelock,
  Nevada Died of non-combat related injuries in Bayji,
  Iraq, on December 6, 2005 6 December 2005 – Pfc.
  Thomas Christian Siekert, 20, A Company, 1st
  Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade
  Combat Team, died from a self-inflicted gunshot
  wound to the head. Siekert entered the U.S. Army in
  February 2005 and arrived at Fort Campbell in June
  2005. He is survived by his mother, Margaret William
  of Pismo Beach, Calif. And his father, Curtis Siekert of
  Lovelock, Nev. His home record was Lovelock, Nev
   Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Jerome Sloss
• a member of the South
  Carolina National Guard,
  seemed fine when he was
  serving in Iraq. But when he
  came home to his job as a state
  trooper, he had trouble
  concentrating. Sloss committed
  suicide on May 27, 2004 -- five
  weeks after his return.
      Pfc. Corey L. Small 20
• 502nd Military Intelligence Company, 2nd
  Armored Cavalry Regiment East Berlin,
  Pennsylvania Died from a non-combat
  related cause in Iraq on July 2, 2003
  suicide "shot himself in the head while
  waiting to use the phone." from East Berlin
Pfc. Cory Small
Cory Small’s funeral
• WALTER REED HANGING 1/12/2004 Then there's
  the case of Spc. Alexis Soto-Ramirez, who served
  with a unit of the Puerto Rico National Guard.
  Suffering from chronic back pain that became
  excruciating during the war, Soto-Ramirez was
  diagnosed with "psychiatric symptoms" that were
  "combat-related." He was sent to Walter Reed's "Ward
  54"--the in-patient psychiatric unit--where he was
  supposed to get the best care the military had to offer.
  Instead, less than a month later, he was dead--having
  hanged himself with the sash from his bathrobe
   Pvt. Andrew Sparkman, 19
• of the 21st Military Police Company, 16th
  Military Police Brigade, rented a 9mm
  Baretta at Jim’s Gun Shop and Firing
  Range Aug. 7 2003 and shot himself in the
  head, said police department
  spokeswoman Lt. Katherine Bryant.
       Maj. Michael D. Stover 43
• Marine Wing Support Squadron-371, Marine
  Wing Support Group-37, 3rd Marine Aircraft
  Wing, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
  Mansfield, Ohio Died of a non-hostile incident in
  Anbar province, Iraq, on June 3, 2006 But faced
  with personal problems no one could see,
  problems he couldn't overcome and for which
  he refused to seek help, Stover found his own
  solution. On June 3, Stover, 43, took his own
  life, midway through his second deployment
  deep inside the war-torn Middle East country.
   Spc. Thomas R. Stroh 21
   Brittany Stroh, 17, and son
         Dylan Stroh, 2,
• strangled his wife, at their Fort Lewis
  home. He later committed suicide driving
  head-on into a semi truck in Oregon.
• IRAQ OVERDOSE 6/16/2003
  Army SPC 24 Lufkin TX
  overdose bottle of Tylenol Sgt.
  Joseph D. Suell 24
  Headquarters and Service
  Battery, 5th Battalion, 3rd Field
  Artillery Regiment Lufkin, Texas
  Died from a non-combat related
  cause on June 16, 2003, in
  Todjie, Iraq suicide
Suell’s wife
            Thomas John Sweet
• We are aware that he did note on his [pre-deployment]
  assessment that he had sought mental health care.‖
  said Army surgeon general spokeswoman Virginia
  Stephanakis. She could not say why Sweet still was
  deemed deployable, adding that one of the
  investigation’s goals is to find that out.
  In an effort to protect him, you in fact didn’t protect
  him,‖ Elizabeth Sweet said. According to Army
  investigative documents, at 6 a.m. Nov. 27, 2003, Spc.
  Sweet, with Service Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field
  Artillery Regiment, was looking for the headspace and
  timing gauge for a .50-caliber gun to prepare for guard
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Danita Gail
• Chief Warrant Officer 3 Danita Gail
  Tipton’s husband killed her inside her
  Stafford, Va., home the evening of Oct. 16,
  2003) set the house on fire as a cover-up
  and fled in his car, investigators said Feb.
  George, 52, died less than four hours after
  the killing when his car ran off a road, hit
  some trees and caught fire about 130
  miles south of Tipton’s home.
           ANDREW VELEZ 22
• AFGHANISTAN GUNSHOT Spc. Andrew Velez 22
  Corps Support Battalion, Theater Support Command
  Lubbock, Texas Committed suicide by shooting
  himself in Sharona, Afghanistan, on July 25, 2006. His
  brother, Spc. Jose A. Velez, was killed in Iraq in
  November 2004. His brother died the same month two
  years before.
  Spc. Jose A. Velez 23 Company A, 2nd Battalion, 7th
  Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division Lubbock,
  Texas Killed when his unit came under fire while
  clearing an enemy strongpoint in Falluja, Iraq, on
  November 13, 2004. His brother, Spc. Andrew Velez,
  committed suicide by shooting himself in Afghanistan
  in August 2006.
   Sgt. 1st Class Mark C. Warren 44
• Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 116th
  Armor Cavalry Regiment, 116th Brigade
  Combat Team, Oregon Army National Guard La
  Grande, Oregon Died of non-combat related
  injuries at Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq, on January 31,
  2005 suicide When Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark
  C. Warren was diagnosed with depression soon
  after his deployment to Iraq, a military doctor
  handed him a supply of the mood-altering drug
Mark C. Warren
                    ―I’m sullied no more‖

• Col. Theodore S. Westhusing 44 A U.S. Military
  Academy professor serving with the Multinational
  Security Transition Command-Iraq Dallas, Texas Died of
  non-combat related injuries in Baghdad, Iraq, on June 5,

•    I am Sullied-No More Faced with the Iraq war's
    corruption, Col. Ted Westhusing chose death before
    dishonor by Robert Bryce

• June 5, 2005—Westhusing was found dead in his trailer
  at Camp Dublin in Baghdad. At the time, he was the
  highest-ranking American soldier to die in Iraq. The
  Army’s Criminal Investigation Command report on
  Westhusing’s death explained it as a ―perforating
  gunshot wound of the head and Manner of Death was
  suicide.‖ He was 44.
  WICKS JR WILMINGTON, DE 2/1/2004 Please also
  remember those who came back after combat and
  died from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  through suicide. My son, USMC Infantry Sgt. Boyd W.
  "Chip" Wicks Jr. died that way. After combat in Iraq
  from March-June 2003, he came back to the U.S. and
  was discharged in October 2003. In February 2004 he
  committed suicide.
• ―No one seems to want to care about him or the others
  who have died from PTSD after Iraq combat. Because
  they didn't die in a war zone or in uniform, they are
  forgotten, swept aside. They don't fit in anywhere
  during the services -- no one recalls these dead
  heroes, who also gave all. It's like having a special
  needs child in your neighborhood -- it's someone
  else's problem, it's someone else's heartache.‖ Boyd
  W. Wicks Sr., Wilmington, Delaware
   Spc. Kyle Edward Williams, 21
• was found dead outside San Diego on
  Thursday and officials believe he committed
  suicide with one of the seven firearms he had
  been carrying with him. He left no note to
  explain the suicide or why he fired six shots at
  Noah P. Gamez, also 21, after spotting the man
  stealing an ice chest from his Jeep. Williams
  spent seven months in the Middle East as part
  of the 507th Maintenance Company, the same
  unit as Pfc. Jessica Lynch, Army officials said.
          Spc. Jeremy Wilson
    repaired electronics. Wilson, 23, hanged
    himself in the post barracks July 9, about a
    month after returning from Iraq. The
    Associated Press was unable to find
    members of his family.
      Lt. Col. Peter E. Winston 56
• 143rd Sustainment Command Plant City, Florida Died
  in Kaiserslatuern, Germany, on November 13, 2006,
  of a non-combat related incident while in Iraq Army
  Reserve Lt. Col. Peter Winston, 56, died Nov. 13, in
  Kaiserslautern, Germany, said Steve Alvarez,
  spokesman for the 143rd Sustainment Command in
  Orlando. Alvarez said Winston committed suicide but
  provided no further details out of respect for his family
  members, who live in Plant City. The Defense
  Department had issued a statement last week that
  Winston's death was under investigation. "He was a
  well-loved officer," Alvarez said. "Everybody is still
  shaken up by it."
    Master Sgt. William Wright
• confessed to strangling his wife a month
  after his return from Afghanistan. He later
  hanged himself while awaiting trial in jail,
  according to police.
• Add into these those not known. Add into this
  from Japan
  4 committed suicide in 2006 after Iraq.
  "A record high 94 members of the 240,000
  strong Japanese military known as the Self-
  Defense Forces killed themselves in the 12
  months before March 2005. Eighty-five
  committed suicide in the 11 months since then.
            There are more
• I could not confirm the ―under
  investigation‖ files and will not assume the
  ―non-hostile gunshot‖ deaths were all
  suicides. Some were from other guns.
  Some of the overdoses were not done on
  purpose while some were. We cannot
  assume until investigations are complete
  or the family members fill in the blanks.

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