Welcome To Balikpapan City by BertigaSatuTujuan


									Welcome To Balikpapan City
The city of Balikpapan is located approximately between 1’ – 1,5’ S and
116,5’ – 117’ E. Consisting of 5 (Five) districts, Balikpapan city is
bordered with Samarinda City, Kutai Kartanegara Region, Makasar Strait,
and Penajam Paser Region. The area occupied approximately 503.306 Km2.
Although the Indigenous is the native tribes but the life of
heterogeneity has been the city lifestyle.

It is not an excessive to call Balikpapan city as “the Oil City”. Beside
the existence of several oil refineries, the anniversary of the city,
10th February, has been taken from the date of the first oil drilling in
Balikpapan “The Mathilda” oil drill.
Located in Borneo Island, one of the islands which known to the world for
its tropical forest, has made Balikpapan formed as an oil city which has
strong concern to the environment. This character expressed in the
development rules of Balikpapan which only allowed 48% of its area to be
developed. The other 52% of the area is purposed for: Green area,
Conservation, Preservation, and Protected forest.
The Wain River Protected Forest (HLSW) is a primary forest located in the
North-West of the city center. Beside its purpose as a one of research
center for Borneo’s tropical plants and animals, the forest also has been
one of main tourist attraction for special interest tourist. Another main
tourist attraction are: the “Manggar Segara Sari Beach”, “The Margomulyo
Mangrove” and “the Environmental of Education and Recreation Center” –
Sun Bear “Enclosure”. The Sun-Bear Enclosure has been designed especially
to imitate the real habitat.
Balikpapan city can be access relatively easy. The International Airport
of Sepinggan is “the bridge” which connected Balikpapan city directly
with major cities within Indonesia and abroad.

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