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					                                            May 2010                                           Volume 4                                          Issue 5

                                                 The Lean Gazette
                                                                             The Director’s Chair
                                                 A New Executive Director and a Management & Administrative Services
                                                        Agreement with UNF: What’s in it for JLC Members?
                                             By Bob Golitz                                             higher level training, and other opportunities for the
                                             Executive Director, JLC                                   JLC to strengthen, improve and expand the current
                                             I am excited about the opportunity to work with           services offered to its members.
                                            the JLC members and the JLC board. In assuming
                                            the executive director position, I view my role as         With my past experience leading small and large or-
                                            being both a leader in executing the daily responsi-       ganizations in indentifying strengths and opportuni-
                                            bilities of “running the business” of the consortium       ties for improvement in the areas of increasing cus-
                                            and as a servant to its members in fulfilling their        tomer satisfaction, strengthening employee loyalty,
                                            needs.                                                     increasing capacity for future profitable growth, and
                                                                                                       with the voice of the JLC members, I am confident I
                                            On May 3, 2010, the Jacksonville Lean Consortium           will be able to equip the JLC with proper leadership
                                            and UNF’s Division of Continuing Education en-             and structure to continuously improve in the direc-
                                            tered an agreement whereby UNF will provide man-           tion the membership sees best fit for the future of
                                            agement and administrative support services and            the Consortium. With that objective in mind, I plan
                                            resource assistance that will help the JLC achieve its
Inside this Issue                           vision and mission of being the forum for its mem-
                                                                                                       to, during the weeks ahead, meet with all JLC mem-
                                                                                                       bers and to seek their input on how best can we
                                            bers to become more efficient and effective through        meet current and future member needs.
      The Director’s Chair     1            networking and shared learning in process improve-
A New Executive Director and a              ments and Lean principles. Also on that date I was         I would encourage all members to attend the upcom-
Management & Administrative                 honored to become the new executive director of            ing JLC member celebration and “State of the Con-
Services Agreement with UNF:                the JLC.                                                   sortium” address on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 from
What’s in it for JLC Members?                                                                          4:30 – 6:30 PM at UNF’s University Center. This
                                            The previous relationship and partnership with             event will be an opportunity for every member to
      ASQ Learns Why                    1   UNF, in addition to their membership, has been             help us formulate our plans for the future, provide
       “Lean is Green”                      strengthened by the formation of a strategic alliance      us candid feedback and input on improvements we
 Secondhand flight: Old planes          2   that will directly benefit the consortium. For exam-       can make, celebrate the Consortium and have fun in
 revamped as Navy makes do                  ple, benefits to members will include lower operating      the process. We are hoping for 100% participation
                                            costs, expansion of accessible resources, e.g., a fully-   at this exciting event! Mark your calendar now and
 JTA Fosters Fifteen New 5S             3   automated on-line registration service and web site        watch for our email invitation which will be coming
        Facilitators                        access and support, assistance in obtaining grants,        out shortly.
                                            sales and marketing support for the recruitment
After a 5S Event where do all of 3          and/or retention of members, “front desk” cus-             I look forward to working with the members in tack-
     the Red Tag Items Go?                  tomer care walk-in, call-in and email-in member sup-       ling the challenges and issues and leveraging the op-
                                            port, conference center and training room accessibil-      portunities which lie ahead.
Seminole Area Residents Seeking 6
                                            ity at discounted prices, member discounts for
 Work Benefit from Mobile Job
       Training Program
                                                              ASQ Learns Why “Lean is Green”
   First Coast companies use            7
     Toyota's organizational                By Nicolle Beury                                        convince the audience that “Lean is Green” in that,
                                            Marketing Specialist, JLC
  strategy to boost productivity                                                                    every improvement, as a result of Lean has a posi-
                                            On March 25th, the Jacksonville Lean Consortium tive impact on the environment, and that “Lean is
                                            (JLC), was invited to speak at American Society for Green” - as any activity that improves the environ-
                                            Quality’s (ASQ) Monthly Meeting. For those of you ment ends up with $$$ of savings.
                                            unfamiliar, the ASQ is the world’s leading authority
                                            with quality, with over 10,000 individual and organiza- During the meeting the audience was also taught
                                            tional members. They help people — from everyday how to overlay “Green” on top of “Lean”. This
                                            consumers to seasoned professionals — learn more was demonstrated by the use 5S and Value Stream
                                            about quality and how to use what they learn to create Mapping tools (often referred to as VSM).
                                            better workplaces and communities worldwide.            JLC strives to continue to spread the value of Lean
                                            The objective of JLC’s involvement with ASQ was to practices to other business and organizations in
   To learn more about the ASQ visit:
                                                                                                    effort to reduce costs and eliminate waste.       1
 Secondhand flight: Old planes revamped as Navy makes do
                         Readiness Center crew works on aging fleet as new,
                                 expensive jet fighters are delayed
     To read the original article see:
By Timothy J. Gibbons, The Florida Times-Union                              micron of a planned dimension.

Walking through the F/A-18 production line at the Fleet Readiness           The workers will create one-of-a-kind products, but most of their
Center Southeast can be somewhat unnerving for Navy Cmdr. Mitch             focus is on items that they know will be needed for the Navy’s hun-
Conover: As a guy who flies the planes for a living, he doesn’t normally    dreds of jets.
spend a lot of time looking at them stripped down to component parts.       The lack of parts will first be felt out on the line, said program man-
“But when it gets to the other end, it’s impressive to see the end of the   ager June Tillett, who works with the Navy’s inventory control people
conga line,” he said last week.                                             to fill the need. When they can’t find a source, the in-house artisans go
                                                                            to work.
That’s when he gets to take the aircraft on a check flight — aircraft on
which everything from the gun up front to the fin caps in the back have     That’s a process that takes time, Tillett said, making it vital to start
been inspected and perhaps replaced.                                        early.

                                  Photographer, DON BURK/The Times-Union, captured the three photos above from FRCSE

That work, done at the facility at Jacksonville Naval Air Station, has      “Once the need manifests,” she said, “it’s too late.”
become increasingly important as the Navy faces a shortfall in the num-
                                                                            An aircraft is supposed to go through the line in about 260 days, a
ber of jet fighters it will have in service.
                                                                            number that can climb drastically if the plane is relegated to the
The original F/A-18s, known as Hornets, are mainly at or beyond their       “hospital cell” while it waits for parts.
expected life span, and even the newer Super Hornets are running into
                                                                            “You have to plan for unplanned work,” said Mike Sikes, the general
trouble with metal fatigue.
                                                                            foreman of the F/A-18 line.
Meanwhile, the F-35, the plane that’s expected to replace the older
                                                                            The items made at Jacksonville NAS don’t automatically go into the
Hornets, is getting more expensive and taking longer than planned to
                                                                            aircraft being fixed there. Instead, they’re sent up the chain, with the
come online. That has led the Navy to consider asking Boeing to start
                                                                            parts sent to where they’re needed most.
building Super Hornets again.
                                                                            Last month, for example, the facility finished creating a bootstrap
Dealing with the reality of an aging fleet — a situation recently thrown
                                                                            fitting, an aluminum brace in the aft engine bay that is in short supply.
into sharp relief by the Navy’s need to ground 104 jets to check for
cracks in their fuselage — has fallen on the shoulders of Fleet Readi-      The items require painstaking precision, machinist Rick Doucette said,
ness Center Southeast.                                                      with 160 hours of labor going into each one. Over the course of the
                                                                            work, the metal is cut down from around 200 pounds to 12½ pounds.
Now, workers there are delving deeper into the guts of the aircraft than
the manufacturers ever expected, leading artisans to ramp up produc-        That particular bootstrap is now being tested for defects while the
tion on products they must craft from scratch.                              facility plans out making 20 more sets to be distributed throughout the
“We’re looking at areas no one ever intended us to be looking at,” said
F/A-18 division director Major Nimock.                                      Meanwhile, back on the line, the workers focus on turning a pile of
                                                                            fixed, refurbished, cleaned parts into something Conover can take on
And that means finding failed parts that the original manufacturer had
                                                                            a check flight.
never planned on replacing, parts not in stock anywhere.
                                                                            “The most enjoyable thing,” said Richard Seeger, an overhaul and
“We’re going to the original plans, if there’s even plans,” Nimock said,
                                                                            repair supervisor, “is watching a whole lot of little things come to-
or reverse engineering new items from the original parts.
                                                                            gether to make an aircraft work.”
Doing such work is neither easy nor cheap, said Bruce Mobley, deputy
director for manufacturing. The Fleet Readiness Center had to spend
about $8 million on precision milling machines that can cut within a
                            JTA Fosters Fifteen New 5S Facilitators
                                                     placed on a team with participants from other
                                                     organization and are instructed to elect an op-
                                                     portunity for improvement at each of their loca-
                                                     tions. Teams are tasked to select the most im-
                                                     pacting project to complete that will produce
                                                     and add the most value upon completion.
                                                     Students then plan out their process and record
By Nicolle Beury
                                                     the necessary measurements from the current
Marketing Specialist, JLC                            process to compare the results after the conclu-
Have you ever spent time searching for items         sion of the event. After the project the teams
that have been missed placed or seemed to have       then compare the before and after measure-
grown legs and just walked away? Many of us          ments collected, the 5S audit score, and report
are guilty of this wasted time due to the lack of    the time and money saved from the reconstruc-
organization. A work area should be organized        tion of the area selected.
with the mindset anyone could pick-up right
                                                     For the first time ever, all of the events proving
where the last person left off. Is you work area
                                                     to provide the biggest impact selected by the
set in order?
                                                     students were at the same location. Unknow-
As of March 23rd the Jacksonville Transporta-        ingly and anonymously JTA’s events were voted
tion Authority (JTA) can safely say four of their    by each group. “As a result of hosting all four
work areas meet these standards due to the fif-      events at JTA we’ve seen an immediate impact
teen students who participated in the 5S Facilita-   within our people, not just in the people that
tor training offered to JLC members.                 participated in the projects but also in the peo-
The 5S Facilitator class is designed for those       ple that use the areas” reported Randy Brewer
who will be tasked with leading 5S efforts at        of JTA, “everyone working in the areas that
their facility. Students are taught how to scope,    were affected reflected more positive attitude
plan, execute and sustain a 5S initiative by at-     and understanding towards Lean.”
tending a eight hour course and by being as-         The results are impressive and the graduates are
signed a 5S group project with students from         enlightened to learn the importance of 5S, and
other member companies. Student are guided           are enthused that workplace organization could
by a mentor (volunteer) to coach them through        be so valuable and so much fun! The time spent
the 5S events and are evaluated by the results       on a 5S project is easily outweighed by the time
they produce at the report-out breakfast event.      saved moving forward.
 It is important to recognize these individuals      Please help congratulate our most recent 5S
for their achievements. The process to earn this     Facilitators for all of their hard work and dedica-
certification is achieved by hands-on experience     tion . As well as our mentors for facilitating their
and completing real 5S projects. Students are        events and sharing your experiences.

 After a 5S Event where do all of the
   Red Tag or Unused Items Go?
"Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville in con-        fans, hardware, plumbing, roofing, tools, and
junction with the HabiJax ReStore would like to      many other home improvement products. The
build a partnership with the membership of the       profits from the ReStore provide an important
Lean Consortium in Jacksonville for the pur-         source of additional funding for HabiJax which
pose of being an outlet for discontinued, unus-      helps working families in need of high-quality,
able, and discarded home improvement prod-           affordable housing in Jacksonville. The HFH of
ucts (whether new or used) in your efforts to        Jacksonville has built and renovated over 1750
become more efficient, organized and 'lean' in       homes in the past 21 years to help Jacksonville
your operations. The HabiJax ReStore is a            rid itself of poverty stricken housing. We are
38,000 sq. ft. home improvement retail outlet        interested in building awareness of our opera-
(open to the public) that sells new and used         tion so we can continue to help others here in
appliances, furniture, and a variety of building     our community. Please consider the HabiJax
supplies to include sinks, toilets, countertops,     ReStore as a place to DONATE - SHOP - and
cabinets, windows, doors, flooring, lighting,        VOLUNTEER". (           3
                                                                     5S Facilitator
            The project selection matrix was very helpful.                                                   Very good class!
                     I loved learning the process!                                       I will be working toward bringing more people on
                                                                                                          board thru example!
        I will be using the 5S principles in my house as
                                                                                          Having the students participate in the 5S training was a
                                   well as work!
                                                                                                              great experience!
                             I enjoyed working as a team!

                                                                     Lean for Office
                                                                                         I feel ready to jump into an event with all the prep done
            The class and the Facilitator were excellent!
            The Facilitators’ energy was great.
                  All went wonderfully! Thank you!.
                                                                                                              I loved everything!
                                                                                          The examples of projects were very helpful.
              The group sessions were the best part!
                                                                                                   Good information!
                            I loved meeting new people!
                         Good job! I learned a lot!                                      The Before & After pictures of a 5S location is some-
                                                                                                        thing I will use at work.

                                             Introduction to Continuous Improvement

       The simulations & hands-on experience were the                                         Great job! Thanks for the information!
                                    best parts!
                                                                                               Learning a different way of production
                     The whole course got you thinking!                                                  was very helpful!
       This was a very interesting class. I learned a lot                                 I really enjoyed the simulation/team activity.
                  to use in my every day life!

                                                                  Introduction to 5s
                                          The activity and information were most helpful!
                                                                     Very good class!
       I appreciated the opportunity to interact with professionals from other companies in Jacksonville..
                                                            I enjoyed all of the information in this class!
                    Thank you for the excellent opportunity to continue learning about the benefits of lean.
                                         I’m going to 5S the storage shed!

     Monday                       Tuesday                    Wednesday                         Thursday                         Friday

3                           4                            5                                6                                7

10                          11                           12                               13                               14
                                                                                                                           8:00AM - 10:30AM
                                 8:00AM - 4:00PM             8:00AM - 12:30PM                                              Kaizen Facilitator
                                Intro to CI @ FSCJ           Intro to 5S @ JLC                                             Report-out Bkfst
                                                                                                                                @ UNF

17                          18                           19                               20                               21
                               12:30PM - 3:30PM              1:00 PM - 4:00 PM                 2:00PM - 5:00PM
                             Lean Leaders Meeting          Lean Leaders Meeting             Lean Leaders Meeting
                              @ WhiteWave Foods                @ Medtronic                       @ Goodrich

24                          25                           26                               27                               28
                                8:00AM - 4:00PM
                               5S Facilitator Class
                                     @ JLC

                                                                                                  Member Cele e JLC on
                                                                                                          in th   ase jo
                                                                                                    is set, ple        8th
                                                                                                    T UE           30 PM.
                                                                                                      from 4:30—6:
                                                                                                                              s to
                           Training Event Descriptions                                                     ark your
                                                                                                         M            is event.
                                                                                                            attend th b Golitz,
05.11.2010 - Intro. To CI: Provides the student with the basic Lean concepts, principles                          eet Bo
and tools and includes a hands-on waste-finding exercise for the shop or office as well                  Come m tive Director
                                                                                                          new Ex               ore
as a hand-on simulation demonstrating the power of one-piece flow (vs. batch produc-                                  learn m
tion). Students will have the opportunity to discuss topics that focus on the their work                     of JLC,          ership
                                                                                                                     e partn
environment in order to demonstrate how Lean works in many different situations.                            about th         F,
                                                                                                                   with UN ur
                                                                                                                           us yo
05.12.2010 - Intro to 5S: This class is designed to teach participants how to apply the                         and give back
first 3s’s s well as the more difficult 4th and 5th S’s through standardization tools and
                                                                                                                 candid f
audits.                                                                                                              and  input!
05.25.2010 - 5S Facilitator Class: This course is designed for those who will be tasked
with leading 5S efforts in your facility. Students will be taught how to scope, plan, exe-                                  by e-m
cute and sustain a 5S initiative by working on a small group project with students from                                      le
other companies under the guidance of an experienced coach.
         Seminole Area Residents Seeking Work Benefit from
                   Mobile Job Training Program
          FL MEP’s John Bankey provided us with this exciting article to share the impact the M.O.S.T. (Mobile Outreach Skills Training).
                            If you are interested in more information about these service or would like to learn more
                                          please see the contact information at the closing of this article.

SANFORD, Fla. – After a successful session in Palm Beach County,
the Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) state-of-the-
art Mobile Outreach Skills Training (M.O.S.T.) unit is in Seminole
County hosting a job training and placement program. Eight area resi-
dents taking part in the program will have the opportunity to interview
for jobs with participating employers such as Envirobrite, an energy-
efficient manufacturing lighting company. Participants in the training
represent a diverse pool of Florida’s unemployed and underemployed
including veterans and a single mother. The training is currently tak-
                                                                                                  Interior of the MOST training bus

                                                                           job training if they’re hired. Florida MEP’s M.O.S.T. program is a win
                                                                           -win for the employers and candidates who participate.”
                                                                            The transportable M.O.S.T. unit provides services to targeted areas of
                                                                           Florida where jobs and prospective employees are located. It can be
                                                                           positioned at an employer’s facility or site convenient for trainees of-
                                                                           fering flexibility for both. The M.O.S.T. program can also be custom-
                      The Florida MEP MOST training bus                    ized to suit the needs of participating employers thereby shortening
                                                                           the length of time before a trainee can become a productive employee.
ing place on Envirobrite’s premises in Sanford.                             “In speaking with many manufacturers over the years, I would often
 “Envirobrite is pleased to be working with Florida MEP to take a          hear them say that it was difficult to find skilled employees to fulfill
forward-looking approach to our hiring. Through their M.O.S.T. pro-        their needs. We even talked to the community college at one point to
gram, we’re not simply looking for people to hire, we’re actually begin-   see if they’d consider offering a basic manufacturing skills
ning the training process while we’re still in the hiring phase,” said     course. This program fills a long overdue need,” said Tracy Turk,
Chuck Hansbrough, Sales and Marketing Manager for Envirobrite, the         Senior Director of Business Development the Metro Orlando Eco-
lighting division of Energy Planning Associates. “At Envirobrite, we       nomic Development Commission.
take immense pride in our workmanship and the quality of our prod-          Candidates for the Seminole Training were selected by Florida MEP
ucts. We have a great level of comfort that Florida MEP and the            in conjunction with Pathways to Home, a collaborative program con-
M.O.S.T. program will help us find the right team members – people         sisting of 16 non-profit organizations, and Manpower Inc., a world-
who are committed to these same standards.”                                wide company with locations throughout Florida that screen, recruit
 The Florida MEP M.O.S.T. is a pioneering traveling unit equipped          and reach out to the unemployed. Participants are required to pass a
with state-of-the-art equipment. Participants attend a concentrated,       basic education test and drug screening to qualify for the program. A
two-week training program at which they can improve upon or obtain         representative from M.O.S.T. interviews each candidate prior to selec-
new manufacturing skills. The program consists of theory, practical        tion for involvement in the program.
skills, hands-on curriculum including computer-based 3-D simulations        “With so many unemployed Floridians, the work Pathways to Home
and self-paced training modules. Following the successful completion       is doing right now in Seminole County has never been more impor-
of the program, trainees receive opportunities to interview with par-      tant,” said Debbra Groseclose, Executive Director of Pathways to
ticipating employers ready to hire qualified applicants.                   Home. “We’re proud to partner with Florida MEP and enhance our
 “Florida MEP offers options and resources for manufacturing com-          efforts to meet the needs of those who want to find work.”
panies seeking entry-level workers,” said Florida MEP Board Chair           The program is funded in part by a U.S. Department of Labor grant
Gene Lussier. “We partner with participating companies from the            of $856,000. For more information on Florida MEP or the M.O.S.T.
beginning to understand their needs and find qualified candidates for      unit, visit or
our training sessions. We can even tailor our trainings specifically to
the companies we’re working with. For the trainees, this program
offers more than skill building. It’s a bridge to employment with a
guarantee of a job interview and continued support through on-the-
            First Coast companies use Toyota's organizational
                      strategy to boost productivity
                       Known simply as Lean, the program derives from principles Toyota used to
                                        become the world’s biggest carmaker.
By David Bauerlein, The Florida Times-Union                                    'A foxhole mentality’
Quality Sign Co. of Jacksonville tripled its sales after embracing a busi-     Rizzo said he’s surprised he’s not getting more calls — and member-
ness strategy popularized by a global company that’s been in the news          ships — from Jacksonville’s businesses. Lean programs usually get
lately for massive recalls.                                                    started when companies face a crisis such as a drop in sales, the loss of
Known simply as Lean, the program derives from principles Toyota               a big customer or a change in the business climate. Even though the
used to become the world’s biggest carmaker.                                   Great Recession has rattled businesses, their focus on cost-cutting
Toyota has suffered a rough ride lately. But at Quality Sign, company          seems to have stopped them from considering Lean, Rizzo said.
president Steve Williams says Lean’s focus on eliminating waste — both         “I expected the phone to be ringing off the hook, but it’s not,” he
in materials and time — has paid off by being able to ramp up produc-          said. “They [businesses] go into a foxhole mentality with cutting all
tion and sales without needing more employees or building space.               discretionary spending.”

It wasn’t an easy transition. Williams said one worker seemed close to         Membership dues for the consortium start at $1,000 per year for busi-
getting in a fistfight with a consultant. Quality Sign tore down part of its   ness with 15 or fewer employees.
production area to reconfigure it.
Quality Sign’s turnaround time for taking a customer’s order and making
a customized sign for clients such as Gate and 7-Eleven used to be 30
days, Now, it’s nine.
“We’re a small company and we want to get big,” Williams said. “We
saw a lot of opportunities with Lean.”
Quality Sign is among the 44 businesses, nonprofits and government
entities belonging to the Jacksonville Lean Consortium. Founded in
2004, the consortium is the only one of its kind in Florida, said Joe
Rizzo, the executive director.
Recently, he’s fielded calls from as far away as California from business                        BRUCE LIPSKY/The Florida Times-Union
leaders interested in starting similar Lean consortiums.                              Quality Signs, a member of the Jacksonville Lean Consortium, has used
                                                                                          Lean principles to make business more efficient and productive
“They’re popping up everywhere,” he said.
He said the attraction of Lean is it doesn’t require buying a million dollar   The dues increase based on the size of the company, topping out at
piece of equipment. Lean is a way of thinking about how a business op-         $8,000 for 500 or more employees.
erates, breaking it down to the smallest steps. Then each step is analyzed Rizzo and an assistant staff the consortium’s office in a Southpoint
to find out the source of errors, delays and wasted material.              business park. He uses the office for training sessions, but the consor-
The solution boils down to being better organized — strip out clutter by tium also takes its show on the road with regular trips for members to
throwing unneeded stuff away, avoid overproduction, track inventory so see first-hand what fellow members are doing at their businesses.
there isn’t an excessive amount on hand, find better ways to transport     Half of the Jacksonville Lean Consortium’s members are manufactur-
products, cut down on unnecessary motion in the course of people do- ers like Quality Sign. Others are service-oriented entities such as a law
ing their jobs.                                                            firm, dental office, The Mayo Clinic, and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
For example, Quality Sign used to have a large two-story structure inside Though the lion’s share of the businesses are from Jacksonville, the
its production area where the foreman observed with a bird’s-eye view. consortium recently added King & Prince Seafood Corp. from Bruns-
The problem with that layout was that every time workers brought pa-       wick, Ga.
perwork to the production foreman, they had to take a 13-step flight of Rizzo said Lean isn’t just about reducing cost. It’s also about improv-
stairs.                                                                    ing quality, and that’s where Toyota “took its eye off the ball. Just
Quality Sign calculated how much time it took over a year for workers to from what I’ve been reading, it looks like they focused more on cost
make the walk repeatedly up and down the stairs and figured it added up and profits, rather than quality and service.”
to $37,000 in labor cost, Williams said. Quality Sign tore down the two- Toyota’s top leaders have made the same point, saying the company
story structure and put the foreman’s desk on the floor, a change that cut did not meet the high quality standards it set for itself. Rizzo said
down “walking around” time for workers and also meant more space for that’s a lesson for all companies that adopt the Toyota way.
actual production.
                                                                           “The biggest problem with Lean is sustainability,” he said. “It’s human
“Visually, it opened up the shop and cleaned up the shop,” Williams        nature to want to fall back to a more comfortable zone. Lean re-
said. “People said, 'Whoa, they’re not kidding around.’”                   quires change and change is uncomfortable.”                            7
                                                   Our Members
      Bahri Dental Group                 Fleet Readiness Center SE                  Mobro Marine                 Swisher International
        Bacardi Co-Pack                         Florida DEP                         New Heights                Taylor, Day, Currie, Boyd
     Biomet Microfixation                    Golder Associates                      Oreair Electric                    & Johnson

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida             Goodrich Corp.               Paramount Performance Marketing       UNF Continuing Ed
         Cardinal Straws                 Jacksonville Sheriffs Office                 Pilot Pen                        Unison
        CSX-Technology                              JEA                            Pratt & Whitney                     Vac-Con
      City of Jacksonville                          JTA                              PSS World                   Waste Management
         Colomer USA                         Kaman Aerospace                         Quality Sign                   Wells & Drew
      Danis Construction                   King & Prince Seafood                   Rex Corporation                White Wave Foods
              FSCJ                              Mayo Clinic                        Ronco Machine                     WorkSource
   Edgepark Medical Supply                       Medtronic                            Safariland

        Who We Are                                                                                    Vision
    The Jacksonville Lean Con-                                                  To provide educational opportunities for
   sortium is a group of compa-                                               members of the organization to effectively
    nies and government agen-
                                                   implement Lean practices and to work to-
                                                  Office: (904) 281-9026      gether to assist members in achieving world
     cies, working together to                     Fax: (904) 281-9029
       become more efficient,                                                 class results through Lean Implementations.
    more profitable, and there-
     fore, more competitive in
      the global market place,                                                     Mission
   through shared learning and
     networking in Continuous                       To collaborate to improve the performance of businesses and or-
    Improvement efforts based                        ganizations on the First Coast and to promote economic growth
         on Lean principles.                            through the implementation of Lean Thinking and tools.

  4110 Southpoint Boulevard - Ste. 222
      Jacksonville, Florida 32216

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