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        Greg Bryce (acoustic guitar/stompbox/loop station/vocals) and Caroline Trengove
  (violin/viola,flute, percussion and vocals) form two thirds of the popular folk/pop trio Jigzag
        which has won fans and accolades on festival concert stages around Australia and
                                Cananda,Denmark,Finland and UK.

   In this duo incarnation Greg and Caroline deftly weave popular covers by artists such as the
     Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson,Ben Harper,Crowded
                          House,Van Morrison,U2,UB40,The Doors etc.
  with blazing instrumentals such as Dick Dale's Misirlou (Pulp Fiction), wild Irish fiddle tunes
 and Stevie Ray Vaughn's Rude Mood. Greg's rock influences and Carolines furious gypsy/Irish
  fiddling combine on these type of tracks to be showstoppers which sometimes earn standing
   ovations. This duo is extremely versatile having started as a covers act doing pub dance and
  singalongs, to a popular wedding and function act, and also in their original music format of
     Jigzag (with Liz Frencham on double-bass/vocals) having to entertain seated audiences at
 festivals of up to 3000 people which helped to earn them the awards for Best Live Act at 2006
   National Folk/Roots Awards, most popular folk/roots album for Jigzag Live 2006 and' Best
 Band' award at the Golden Fiddle Awards at Tamworth Festival 2009. The variety extends to a
    huge repetoire of easy listening material by artists such as Gillian Welch, Norah Jones,Pete
 Murray,Leonardo's Bride, James Taylor etc,which makes them suitable for restaurants and laid
                                       back venues as well.

     They seamlessly blend elements of pop,blues,rock,folk,acoustic,jazz,gypsy swing and
 world/celtic music to create a fresh experience for audiences that also allows for lots of “songs
that people know”(Khe Sanh, Brown Eyed Girl, you name it) They can also blend songs which
 require female and male lead vocals with beautiful 2 part harmony. This along with anecdotes
from the road , and an ability to draw an audience in and entertain them, gives this duo an edge.

    Greg has written songs for 4 Jigzag albums, He has also had his songs performed by the
 Screaming Jets on 4 of their albums and 6 albums of original songs by his popular Newcastle
blues/rock band DV8. He brings a soulful lead guitar skill and open-tuned slide work to further
                                       enhance the duo.

 Caroline brings her gypsy,world and celtic fiddling into the mix along with flute and a beautiful
voice. As well as performing and recording with Jigzag she is in festival act High Fidelity and in
                                  demand as a session player.

                                         Media Reviews
 "Greg Bryce is the great guitarist and singer songwriter from one of Australia's most popular
  acoustic festival bands, Jigzag. They're wonderfully eclectic,virtuosic,energetic and thought
provoking all at the same time. Greg's an example of a true team player and surely a role model
         for guitarists wanting to contribute intelligent parts and "play for the song". "
                           Nick Charles,Rhythms Magazine Feb. 2008

                    REVIEW of JIGZAG'S AWARD WINNING CD 2006

                                        [Jigzag Live!]

                        Live performance is Jigzag‟s lifeblood so it‟s nigh
                     tantamount to stating the bleeding obvious to say that
                    the new album shows off their best qualities. Recorded
                     before a studio audience in Melbourne and at festivals
                      in Victoria and Queensland, Live! stands as eloquent
                       testimony to the Sydney trio‟s stage artistry. Having
                       had the onerous task of following them at a festival
                       in Denmark last year, this reviewer/muso can speak
                                first-hand of their ability to entertain!
                          As a unit Jigzag are as tight as a jigsaw, though
                        there‟s always space for spontaneity. It's a perfect
                       blend of instrumental skills and voices. Greg Bryce
                          (guitar), Elisabeth Frencham (upright bass) and
                         Caroline Trengove (violin/viola) fit together like
                    interlocking pieces. They read each other‟s moves like
                         reef fish. All innovative players and singers, lead
                     and harmony, they also have a flair for writing catchy
                    yet thought-provoking songs. Their folky pop contains
                        bright splashes of jazz, blues, classical and Celtic.
                    At the core of Live! is Bryce‟s anthemic 30 Seconds of
                     Happiness‟, with a veritable busker‟s songbook as the
                      meat in the sandwich (there¹s quotes from just about
                    everything, from My Sharona to Smoke on the Water).
                          The spectacular gypsy romp Misirlou, featuring
                            Trengove‟s soaring violin, is another proven
                  show-stopper. Frencham shines on Man of Wood, her love
                                 song to Sebastian(her upright bass).
                      Jigzag change rhythms and feels with an ease that is
                       the hallmark of top flight musicianship. Deft use of
                      dynamics and spine-tingling harmony is the icing on
                                      this particularly tasty cake.

                                         Tony Hillier
                                      „Rhythms Magazine‟

                           The Newcastle Herald's Scott Bevan said:

 "If there was one defining moment that shaped today's Newcastle music sound, that point was

 In a town where if you didn't play covers, you didn't get a gig, DV8's Greg Bryce went against
the grain and he and the band carved an 'enormous' following for his original Newcastle brand of

Defining the 'Newcastle sound' and pioneering the way, Bryce wrote songs about life, self-doubt,
                                       love and surfing.

 For seven years Greg Bryce was the key to DV8, playing the roles of founding member, singer,
guitarist and song-writer. Bryce was also the key to DV8's popularity in Newcastle . He not only
wrote catchy songs that incorporated a variety of styles, he understood exactly what the average
pub-goer was looking for in a act that was low on pretence but big on energetic guitar-
                                           based rock."

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