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									                                 “Origins”, A Study on Creation

               • Things we will discuss inlude -
                        3 approaches to the origin of life
                        2 types of science
                        Satans 2 pronged “scientific” attack on Christianity
                        Some specially “designed” creatures
                        Radio-isotope Dating methods
                        Symbionic life
                        Pre and Post Flood Environments
                        Life Spans of Biblical men

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                     1                            D.Klem 5/17/94
                                           Three Approaches to Creation

                       1 Literal Biblical Creation
                           God always existed and has a plan
                           God created all matter & energy and life in a literal 6 days
                           Genesis is Literal,
                           Earth is <10,000 years old

                    2 Mainstream Science
                        Matter & Energy always existed in a state of change
                        Life developed on its own (Evolution)
                        Earth is Billions of years old
                        Things happened long ago as they do today

                   3 Non-Literal (Figurative) Creation or Theistic Evolution
                       God always existed
                       God Created Energy & Matter (Big Bang)
                       God used (or allowed) the Evolution Process to develop life

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                     2                                D.Klem 5/17/94
                                     Life is Eternal and
                                     God makes the Rules

                                           Life is Temporary so
                                            man can make his own

                                        Life is Evolutionary so
                                        God wants man to make
                                        the Rules

“Origins”, A Study in Creation   3                           D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                        Two Kinds of Science

                                                  1. GENERAL OBSERVATION           2. ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                                        3. HYPOTHESIS
                                 8. IMPROVEMENT
                                                                      Medical Science

                                                  Electronics         Physics
                                                                Mechanics        Oceanography
                                                                                                         4. EXPERIMENT
                                  7. UNDERSTANDING
                                                         6. CORRELATION          5. DETAILED OBSERVATION

                           1. GENERAL OBSERVATION               2. ASSUMPTIONS

                                                                                    3. HYPOTHESIS                    ?
    8. IMPROVEMENT                                                                                                  ?
                                     Cosmology (Way out in Space)
                                     Paleontology/Geology (Way back in Time)
                                                                                        4. EXPERIMENT

                                        6. CORRELATION          5. DETAILED OBSERVATION

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                                    4                                             D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                 Satan’s Two Pronged Attack

         Uniform-i-tarian-ism - (Lyell)
         The earth changes slowly and gradually
         and has always done so at the rates we see
         it change today.

       Evolution - (Darwin)
       Complex life forms evolved from simpler life
       forms by natural selection and random
       mutation. Liiving organsims developed from
       non-living chemicals by natural processes
       and random chance.

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                        5                       D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                Number Sense - The Odds

                 Chance of Mutation in DNA Today = 1 in 107 (10,000,000)
                  2 Related Mutations = 1 in 1014
                  4 Related Mutations = 1 in 1028
                  Mutation Based Evolution of the Horse 1 in 10 3,000,000


                       - The Number of Particle interactions in 5 Billion Years
                         is only about 10170 therefore -

              The Odds are Ridiclulous Against Mutation Based Evolution

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                     6                              D.Klem 5/17/94

                     Definition: Entropy - Degree of Disorganization

                      2nd Law of Thermodynamics
                        “ in the absence of the application of energy,
                        intelligently applied, everything runs down
                        toward dis-array ”

                        - Concentrations of energy (heat) are lost
                        - Complexity Decreases
                        - Order Decreases
                        - Information is lost

                   Could the complex protien chains of life (DNA) have
                   formed by themselves from simple carbon molecules ?

                    The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says NO!
“Origins”, A Study in Creation                     7                             D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                Entopy (con’t)

              We see the effects of Entropy everyday -

              - In Your Body
                    If you don’t feed it the right stuff, it dies and looses its
                    complex organization (“returns to dust”)

              - In Your Home
                   - Without the A/C on everthing comes to the same temperature.
                   - Things left alone deteriorate (like your room!)

              We also know that energy applied indescriminately almost always
              destroys organization ( Fires, Bombs, Earthquakes, etc)

              Is the universe complex, Yes. Do energy concentrations exist, Yes.
              What is the obvious conclusion ? It all just happened? NO

                                 Creative Intelligence Exists!

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                   8                                 D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                   Complexity over Time

                    Science says “Complexity and                                            Man
                    Organization has increased over time”                      Animals
                          NOT OBSERVED



              Creation                                      The Bible says “Complexity and
                                                            Organization has decreased over time”
                                 Loss of abilities
                    Fall                                                      OBSERVED
                                                            Loss of species
                                                                                Loss of Longevity

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                                 9                                    D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                     Biblical “Pre-Flood” Earth

                                                               - Less harmful radiation reaches the surface
                       Canopy of “Waters” Above                - More Ozone above / less on the surface
                          (possibly ice)

                                              Single Land Mass

                                                  Single Sea

    - Uniform Temperate Climate - Dew not Rain (possibly within 4o C)
    - Giganticism in Plant and Animal Life
    - No Animal Food Chain - Plants are the only Food Source
    - Longevity of Man averages 900 years

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                           10                                            D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                    Post Flood Earth

                                                                  - More harmful UV radiation at the surface
                                                                  - Less Ozone above / more on the surface
                                 Canopy is gone                   - Colder Ocean / Less O2

          Land Mass is Divided

        A Tougher World - Large Temperature variations / Storms / Wind
        Longevity of Man (and probably animals) is 10% of what it was
        Extinctions of larger species
        Animal Food Chain is needed

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                         11                                           D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                               Lifespans of Early Men




                                                                        Shape of this curve is significant
   600                                                                  in science today. It is a classic
                                                                        “ transient decay “ curve.


                                 (God took him)


                Adam     Kenan       Enoch        Noah          Salah     Reu     Terah         Jacob
                  Seth    Mahaleel     Methusala    Shem          Eber      Serug    Abraham       Job
                    Enos       Jared       Lamech      Arphaxad     Peleg     Nahor       Issac      Moses

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                            12                                                 D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                 Radio-Isotope Dating - Carbon 14
                    Cosmic Ray

                                                                                 C12 C12 C12 C12
                                         C12    C14
                                                                                                        see how much
                          C12                                                    C14 C14
                                                                                                        C14 is left.
                                        C14            C14
                                 C12             C12

                                 C14                                          sample of the
                                                     C12                      dead animal


     in the past                                                  in the present                       C14      C12
          - C12 and C14 exist in the environment                   - Amount of C14 will be less due to radioactive decay
          - Animal consumes C12 and C14                            - C12 to C14 amounts are compared
          - Animal dies                                            - if we know how much C14 was present when the
          - C12 stays C12 but C14 decays to C12                      animal died, we can tell how long he has been dead

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                               13                                                   D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                The “Clock” is Faulty

                        the big       “IF”
                                 How much C14 was there when the animal died?

                        Assumptions made when the geologic column was made -

                          - C12 and C14 were at equilibrium (stable ratio that exists today)
                          - C12 and C14 were evenly mixed in the environment

                        But -

                          - C12 and C14 are not at equilibrium today ..... C14 ratio is increasing
                          - C14 rate of decay today is only 70% the rate of C14 formation .
                          - This was published in 1958 but no one re-wrote the text books!
                          - people began using circular logic

                        Today C14 is considered invalid beyond 5000 years

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                             14                                        D.Klem 5/17/94
                                                                       The “Clock” is Circular

                                                                       Rock Layers         Life Forms

                 Rocks are dated by geologists
                 based on what fossils they contain

                             BAD LOGIC

                                       Fossils are dated by paleontologists
                                       based on what rock layers they are
                                       found in

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                                    15                             D.Klem 5/17/94
                             The “Bombadier” Beetle was “Engineered”

           - 2 volitale & corrosive chemicals
           - Inhibitor protien
           - catalyst
           - Hi temp combustion chamber
           - 200+ Degree reaction

            Other Amazingly well “Engineered” life
            forms and Symbionic relationships.

            - Woodpecker
            - WomBat
            - Angler Fish
            - Yucca Moth

                                                          It doesn’t work at all until it all works !

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                       16                                            D.Klem 5/17/94
                                 Why You Can’t Mix Creation and Evolution

           • Bible teaches Death entered the world with Adams Sin
                   Evolution assumes death always existed
                   Gen 1:29 .. No animal food chain prior to the Flood (Gen 9:3)
                   1 Cor 15:21 .. Death came through man
                   Rom 8:21 .. the whole of creation (not just man!)
           • Bible says Adam “Fell” and things decayed, (not got better)
                    God Finished creation and it was Good!
                    Gen 3:14-17 ... God cursed all
                    Acts 3:21 .. God will restore the perfection
           • All Key Doctrines of the Bible are founded in Genesis
                    Mans Sin nature and the Need for Christ
                    God’s nature / God’s Plan / Concept of Atonement
                    More than 100 New Testament quotations from Genesis
           • Genesis reads like literal history
                    Real people , real places, real events

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                         17                           D.Klem 5/17/94
                       You Can’t Mix Creation and Evolution (cont’)

               • “Days” can’t be millions of years
                         Adam created on the 6th day (lived 6th and 7th)
                         “day” used in Gen 14-19 5x as related to nights, seasons and years
               • “each after it’s kind”
                         Genesis chapter 1 clearly teachs reproduction by “kind” or species
                         Evolution requires 1 kind can change into another.
               • Pre-Flood men were not “primitive simpletons”
                         Adam was created “perfect” and “named” all creatures
                         Decendants worked with musical instruments (Gen 4)
                         Longevity is not consistent with Evolution
               • Evolution and Genesis have different basic sequences
                        Trees before sea life
                        Earth before sun
                        a Sun is not needed for the “new earth” in Revelation

                Why not believe Gods Word, He was there, Darwin wasn’t.

“Origins”, A Study in Creation                           18                                    D.Klem 5/17/94

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