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									                                                       Community Collaboration/Community Benefit
"In The Pink" Mammography Screening                    Projects                                        Gundersen Lutheran               Barb             Janett       Kristen          Marcou

"You've Gotta Have Heart"                              Public Relations Projects <$5,000               Vernon Memorial Healthcare       Julie            Steiner      Barb             Ames

2008 Historical Calendar                               External Publications--One-time publication     Shawano Medical Center           Carol M.         Ryczek       Weidert Group

A Life Transformed                                     Video Production (non-commercial) <12 minutes   St. Mary's Hospital              Vicky            Padway       Steve            Sparks

After. Before. Between. - Mammography                  Integrated Marketing Campaign                   Fort HealthCare                  James            Shulkin      Carrie           Chisholm

Agnesian Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Services           Total Advertising Campaign > $30,000            Agnesian HealthCare              Molly            Haack        Shelly           Haberman
                                                                                                       Saint Joseph's Hospital -        Saint Joseph's                Gear Works
Always Reaching Higher (History Book)                  External Publications--One-time publication     Marshfield                       Hospital                      Design

Caring For Lives - Web Campaign                        Electronic Media                                Fort HealthCare                  James            Shulkin      Carrie           Chisholm

Caring For Lives -TV Series                            Television Advertising-Series                   Fort HealthCare                  James            Shulkin      Carrie           Chisholm

Caring For Lives Campaign                              Total Advertising Campaign > $30,000            Fort HealthCare                  James            Shulkin      Carrie           Chisholm

Chick Flick 4 Friends                                  Direct Mail < $2,500                            Aspirus                          Sherri           Brager       Sartori Agency

Connecting to our Communities                          External Publications--Series >$7,500           Agnesian HealthCare              Shelly           Haberman

Doctor Delivers Four Sets of Twins                     Media Relations--Proactive                      Gundersen Lutheran Health System Chris            Stauffer     Janelle          Roghair

Don't Let the Flu Get You                              Employee Communications Projects < $1,500       Mercy Health System              Amy              Carey        Robin            Ballard
Each Day, Healthier Together 2007 Community                                                                                                                           Geiger Bevolo
Benefits and Foundation Report                         External Publications--One-time publication     Hudson Hospital                  Karen            Hansen       Inc.

Expansion Open House Invitation and Envelope           Direct Mail > $2,500                            St. Mary's Hospital              Lorraine         Bollig       Steve            Sparks

Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For                 Writing                                         Aspirus                          Andy             Napgezek     Randy            Schade

Knee Replacement Webcast                               Electronic Media                                St. Mary's Hospital              Steve            Sparks       Gail             Lobdell

Med Flight Tributes                                    Media Relations - Reactive                      UW Health                        Corissa          Runde

Mercy Health System's Quest For Quality Pays Off       Media Relations - Proactive                     Mercy Health System              Trish            Skram        Barb             Borther Redesign                                   Web Site Design and Development                 Meriter Health Services          Anne             Bogen

Meriter's Community E-mail Newsletters                 E-marketing                                     Meriter Health Services          Anne             Bogen        Steve            Gasser

New Mover Program                                      Direct Mail > $2,500                            Agnesian HealthCare              Shelly           Haberman     Molly            Haack
                                                                                                       Children's Hospital and Health   5
Northern Illinois Consumer Direct Mail                 Direct Mail > $2,500                            System                           M
                                                                                                                                        3 elody          Kris         Erin             Hareng

Paula's Purse Logo                                     Logo/Corporate Identity                         Gundersen Lutheran               Barb             Janett       Erin             Walters

Recruitment Brochures                                  Direct Mail > $2,500                            Memorial Health Center           Catherine        Doucette

Sacred Heart Hospital Website Project                  Web Site Design and Development                 Sacred Heart Hospital            Shannon          Portell

Skin Cancer Screening                                  Print Advertising--Single Ad <$500              U W Health                       Jane             Miller       Corissa          Runde

St. Mary's Expansion TV Campaign                       Television Advertising--Series                  St. Mary's Hospital              Steve            Sparks       Gail             Lobdell
St. Mary's Story: Act II - Raising the Curtin on out
Future                                                 Media Relations--Proactive                      St. Mary's Hospital              Steve            Van Dinter   Steve            Sparks
Stateline Heartcheck Print Campaign           Print Advertising--Series                     Beloit Memorial Hospital         Connie      Jones     Amy              Schemenauer
                                              Community Collaboration/Community Benefit
Stork's Nest Project                          Projects                                      St. Mary's Hospital              Stephanie   Johnson   Steve            Sparks
Thinking Beyond: 2008 Beloit Memorial Hops.
Report to the Community                       External Publications--One-time publication   Beloit Memorial Hospital         Sarah       Starmer   Amy              Schemenauer

Thrive - Empowering Your Best Health          External Publications--Series >$7,500         Hudson Hospital                  Karen       Hansen    Stacy            Lenzen
                                              Community Collaboration/Community Benefit
Trane Health Fair                             Projects                                      Gundersen Lutheran Health System Scott       Sklenar   Shannon          Wilber

Transplant Program Referring MD Mailer        External Publications--One-time publication   U W Health                       Kathy       Schultz   Scott            Weiss

                                                                                                                                                   U W Health
U W Health Greater Good TV Series             Television Advertising--Series                U W Health                       Jane        Miller    Marketing Team

Voices of Gundersen Lutheran                  Writing                                       Gundersen Lutheran Health System Marna       Holley    Janet            Yearous

                                              Community Collaboration/Community Benefit
Women's Expo 2007                             Projects                                      Gundersen Lutheran               Barb        Janett    Erin             Walters
Gayle             Jago         Dave             Saegrove                                       Excellence



Steve             Van Dinter   Katy             Sai                                              Merit
Nate              Andrews      Angela           Maslowski                        NOISE         Excellence   Choice

STIR, LLC                                                                                        Merit


Nate              Andrews      Brad             Bertz                            NOISE           Merit

Nate              Andrews      John             Sprecher                         NOISE           Merit
Nate              Andrews      John             Sprecher    Angela   Maslowski   NOISE         Excellence    Choice   Mehlberg



Brian             Gilberts     Marna            Holley                                         Excellence
Mercy Marketing
Team                                                                                           Excellence
                                                                                 Geiger                      Judges
                                                                                 Bevolo Inc.   Excellence    Choice
                               St. Mary's
                               Expansion Open
Janet             Adams        Committee                                                         Merit


Steve             Van Dinter                                                                     Merit

Toya              Webb                                                                         Excellence    Choice



Sue               Hartl                                                                          Merit

Terri             Durik                                                                          Merit

Mary              Sacia        Debbie           Kroner                                           Merit




Vicky             Padway                                                                       Excellence

Gail              Lodbell      Janet            Adams                                          Excellence
Angi                 Krueger                                Creative, Inc       Merit

Kelly                Cheramy   Gail            Lobdell                        Excellence
                                                            Core                             Judges
Angi                 Krueger                                Creative, Inc     Excellence     Choice
Christopher          Cook      Beth            Schroepfer   Bevolo Inc.         Merit
                               Business Health
Marketing Services             Services                                         Merit



Janelle              Roghair   Erin            Walters                      Excellence/191

Evonna               Burr                                                     Merit/180

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