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          Entrepreneurship initiative focused on the role of faith based initiatives in emerging economies.
            More family friendly policies/environment such as: parental leave and child care on-campus.
                                           Day long seminar on class issues.
Awareness of students personal needs and how we might meet these needs. i.e. students that are short on funds
                                  Program to help undecided students find a major.
                           Do more faculty training to recognize other "Englishes" as valid.
                         More ecumenical dialogue and collaboration in University ministry.
             Recognizing that all of us are stretched sometimes too far - promoting well balanced load.
                                          Funding for cross-cultural research.
A faculty club where faculty can gather and meet each other, and where faculty can host a student or students for
                                             How big is your God; Inclusion!
                        Increased integration of theological education with entire curriculum.
                                 Peace and Justice center - PJ studies concentration.
    Providing enough financial aid so students don't have to work full-time while also trying to carry a full-load.
     Expand Florence Program and make it an intercultural exchange program with Italian students coming to
                                    Finding Peace in complex/abstract reasoning.
  Making constituents aware of cultural sensitivities of different groups, so that conversations/discussions do not
              Let the community know that there is a Tribal college that uses our campus for classes.
  SPEAKER SERIES addressing the range of diversities that exist on campus and which we want to nurture and
   Entrepreneurship initiative focused on linking GLBT students at Faith-based institutions in a social network.
                                             ESL tutorial for writing courses.
                               Ethnic cuisine night with buffets from different countries.
      Reflection papers for seniors on what they want to do with their lives and professional knowledge/skills.
 Since lower income students may not be able to experience GU like other students because they have to work,
 etc. we should read first our idea and criteria for what constitutes a GU experience and how we assess students
  experiences. When we choose students for awards and committees, the unique circumstances of the working
                    Encouragement and support for other faculty to participate in SEEL program.
                                               Mentoring/job shadowing.
During GLBT "days" have students take a vow that they will not use derogatory language such as "that's so GAY,
                                    dude" to describe negative events or opinions.
  Public "dialogue"-style talks between Jesuits and lay people about how their religions commitments affect their
    More round table discussions/informal conversations between faculty and students around what's at stake
                             theologically in contemporary issues - politics, environment.
Reconvene council for partnership in Mission (CPM). This is a grass-roots faculty, staff organization that engages
        the GU community in orientation and development in Ignatian Jesuit Catholic humanistic tradition.
Move to provide all students with standardized equipment and books to negate effects of differing socio-economic
 More interdisciplinary teaching; let us share our riches and knowledge (and learning from others) in front of our
                                   Interdisciplinary dialogue in diversity/curriculum.
       To enhance diversity, hiring diverse faculty, would increase presence on campus. So…offer domestic
 A tracking service during spring "move out" days to take surplus furniture, etc. to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
     Give students survey of what could be done differently at Gonzaga to encourage celebration of diversity.
      Opportunity to learn about other ethnic subcultures ( I would suggest Hispanic and Asian as priorities).
                 Health and Wellness program for students similar to what is done for staff/faculty.
The university could build an international service model that the whole university could wrap around. E.g. provide
                            services/supplies to a village - and we all work in it to function.
                 Social entrepreneurship conference for content GU area for-profit entrepreneurs.
 Give out free T-shirts (multiple colors- single color per shirt) that says "Gay? OK by me!" so that GLBT students
                      can actually see that many people on campus accept them as they are.
                                       Formal affiliation with local Indian Tribes.
 Have incoming freshmen be put in small groups that read a novel by person of color or GLBT person and meet
  What I feel, behave, and think affects how I act. How I act affects what I feel, believe, and think. Change how I
      Annual Diversity Recognition Award - award to the people who do the great works for the minority group.
                                    Collaborative events with other campuses in town.
  More attention/direction to cultural values of materialism and how they have affected all of us - what it must be
  like for students from poor backgrounds to watch their peers shop at Nordstrom on weekends while they work.
   Sibling loss groups could be started in conjunction with University Ministries perhaps using faculty facilitators.
                                    Integrate ourselves in our students "comfort zone."
                       Semester "Breakfast with Bud" for individual faculty (selected by Dorothy)
   We NEED themed freshman seminars that integrate critical thinking, composition, and justice/cura personalis
                                              Day long seminar on sexuality.
                       Collaboration between Unity House, Studies Abroad, ISP, ELC, (others!).
          Begin an international network/clearinghouse of Jesuit University faculty and student exchanges.
        Collaboration between Women's Studies and local nuns on learning and community service projects.
        Reverse engineering course curriculum, e.g. outputs - components build on successive coursework.
                                                  Diversity hiring support.
                           Eliminating sexually explicit and objectifying events like the Grind.
                           CTA sponsored workshops/discussions on how to teach inclusion.
                                        Speaker availability to larger communities.
New faculty orientation in spiritual exercises, Ignatian education, practical ways to make our education distinctive
 Increased attention to explaining/clarifying how attention to social justice is specifically grounded in the Catholic
 Invite minority role models to be speakers on their experiences at different venues throughout the year. If this is
as important to our students as the survey suggests, this will be very popular and serve us a method to recognize
                                   More Ignatian chats at cafes and university events.
 Reflect on group to unite with ROTC and their increased demands. In the junior year, when nursing students are
asked to show in much increased commitments to learning and to set up a foundation for future professional and
            Financial Literacy Program in Partnership with the American Society of Women Accountants.
                                               Reunion of SEEL participants.
                                        A comprehensive academic honesty policy.
                             Recruit more international students from developing countries.
           Provide opportunities for heterosexual students to learn and interact with the GLBT community.
                                       Faith based summer camp for K-12 students.
                                       Social gathering - having adjunct instructors.
                      Have workshops/forums with homeless people for Spokane at Gonzaga U.
            Sponsor faculty visits into under-developed economies, such as American Indian Reservation.
                                 Tenure: mission-driven activities "count" toward tenure.
Begin to establish scholarships related to professional fields that are lower in pay at graduation but high in service
     Weekly faculty and student or faculty/faculty "examen" exercise. Where did we find God at GU this week?
                       Health insurance extension of contraception for female faculty and staff.
       Collaboration (research and educational), e.g. student and faculty exchange, guest lectures with foreign
                     Invitation for "open house" events extended to general Spokane community.
                     Nurse Practitioner students could offer physical exams to student or faculty.
      Increase the professional development funds available for faculty. We are below 1996 levels in School of
                               Limit class sizes (allow personal interaction and projects).
                 A group seminar/reading on Jesuits and working it into core curriculum discussion.
Pair up students at Gonzaga from disparate socio-economic/racial backgrounds to meet 1 time per week to share
Acknowledgement in faculty handbook criteria for re-appointment, etc. that faculty leadership to improve Campus
                   Climate is considered an important factor in evaluation of faculty performance.
  Special events/forums in Residence Halls/Dorms in which GLBT/people of different ethnicities speak or are on
 Exercising greater care to distinguish "service" from "justice." Helping students to engage in the corporal works
  of mercy is now the same as helping them to develop an analysis of how social inequalities are critical and can
                      Information about general congregation and implications for the university.
                Environmental stewardship committee/consciousness; improve "green" GU practices.
 Student Life Salon - this used to exist and was an opportunity for faculty and student life to connect and discuss
                           important issues affecting students and the campus community.
Finding the "faith that does justice" via circles of students innovating into venture capital entrepreneurship. This is
                       In ethics emphasis on service component by taking care of the elderly.
  Scholarships for GLBT students who lose funding from their parents when they "come out" and are disowned.
    Cross-religion educational speakers' series - bringing Catholics together in conversation with other religious
                          practices on campus - faculty, students and community members.
                             Establishment and running of a Dorothy Day Northern House.
Creative encounter in Ignatian meaning. Opportunities to express cura personalis through the arts - products and
                                examples include poetry, drama, music, and visual arts.
                                      A substantial foreign language requirement.
                                            Better mentorship of new faculty.
   International Film Festival - compare/contrast how different cultures deal with cultural conflict/communication.
                               Women's Studies - a director, a major, a minor, respect…
Faculty Brown Bags - monthly? To focus on how we can integrate Jesuit philosophy/principles in our teaching and
                               Integrate into students culture by going to the community.
                                       SEEL for students. Should fit in their day.
                                       Different language movies with sub-titles.
      Film series on various issues related to GLBT/Ethnic and Economic diversity. Films followed by a panel
              CTA workshop on facilitating discussions that don't alienate GLBTQ or AHANA students.
           Create committee that will focus on hiring staff/faculty from diverse ethnic/GLBT backgrounds.
                              Faculty mentor student researchers without receiving credit.
                                   Organize an conference literature and difference.
     Mentoring between graduate and undergraduate students - teaching assistantships perhaps - to increase
               presence of graduate students on campus and affirm their status and accomplishment.
                                          Team teaching Jesuit/Lay professors.
    Walk the walk environmentally - if we want to be "green", we must terminate the Sodexho contract. They will
 ONLY line up to the letter of the contract - we need a food provider who is spiritually and ideologically committed
         Set established goals to increase the presence of faculty-of-color (under-represented group only).
Use 2nd year graduate students in counseling who have been tough in diversity issues and group counseling - to
                            run support group/activities for various groups across campus.
                                            Day Lay synopsis on race issues.
                      Native American speakers series in place of Columbus Day celebration.
  "Mock Trial Summer Camp" for high schools - and the funding for release time (equal to summer class pay for
                what they normally teach) to recruit potential. Mock trailers and showcase Gonzaga.
                                                Center for Peace Studies.
                                    Service learning oriented study abroad program.
                              Advising student clubs - providing a new venue. E.g. sailing.
                        Spiritual experiences be available to each member of the department.
                            Development of a Native American studies major at Gonzaga.
                                  Speakers program focused on wellness for students.
 Reach-out program - female professors series of visits to female dorms/halls - series of talks on various topics
 Collaborate with Whitworth to build a community of scholars who can incorporate spirituality into the classroom.
     Support programs that already exist on campus like the Clinic we run in Department of Special Education.
                                               Continuing diversity training.
                                                 Better salaries for staff.
 Fix the existing infrastructure in clinics and classrooms that are in Department of Education. (Fix the audio and
                               video systems in School of Education Pre-School Clinic).
    Providing advanced classes for graduate students and faculty/staff in computer applications to insure that all
                                  educational uses of this technology is being utilized.
                                                Peace and Justice Center.
                                    Daycare on-site for children and elderly parents.
                                  GU Habitat for Humanity House (during Spring Break).
                        Workshops to inform, inspire… more Ignatian colleagues opportunities.
                                                     VAGINA Monologues.
     Form lunch or dinner groups that meet to discuss issues related to race/ethnicity/GLBT/socio-economic
                   More connection with local disadvantaged neighborhoods - Logan, West Central.
  Promote safety by having locking classrooms (to avoid school shooting situations like the one that occurred at
  Discernment in design: a melding of Jesuit philosophy in the choice of alternative designs in Civil Engineering
                                 Food excess on campus given to Union Gospel Mission.
   Course buy down for young faculty researchers in sciences who represent underrepresented groups - must
   March/April 2009 presentations on poverty/photo exhibit on poverty. Calling voices from all perspectives on
"The Color of Fear" - type circles on conversation in the form of Lee Mun Wah's original (1994) film, but including
         More visible effort to improve relationship between University and Logan neighborhood residents.
                Have search committees for new faculty/president read materials related to diversity.
   Many faculty are heavily involved with service in the community; however, it seems that little or no weight is
                                   attached to this service for tenure/promotion/awards.
                 A senior or junior seminar to help students discern their future career and vocation.
                                           Convocation at start of academic year.
                     Infusion of real life social justice leadership opportunity for capstone courses.
                                     Contraceptives provided at student health center.
 Find ways to make the campus more kid-friendly (like on-site childcare for faculty, staff, and students). Not just
               Encourage more visitation to ELC classes as fulfillment of foreign culture requirement.
 More wellness events: walking on campus, lunchtime walks, planned centennial trail walks. Easy to fit exercise
                                  into our day and meet other faculty/staff at same time.
                                  Making GLBT issues more visible - raising awareness.
            We should have more tenure - track faculty members. So we do not have to hire every year.
      A comprehensive reassessment of the Knights and Seatons as "service" organizations and their actual
                                  contribution to campus climate, especially for students.
   More effort to link campus social justice work with activities of Spokane community organizations involved in
 Develop summer programs designed to bring prospective undergrads into campus to discern issues of faith and
   We need a program studying waste at/by the university. If should examine things not only from a ecological
                 Recruit more diverse faculty (paying attention for opportunities to recruit and retain).
       Mechanical design of rehabilitative devices for recovery and physical therapy after debilitative injuries.
 Spiritual Clinic to give students several ideas/means to express faith and use historic traditions as starting point.
 A Global Women's Leadership Forum similar to the one that Santa Clara University initiated about 3 years ago.
                Provide intercultural preparation and debriefing for students and faculty going abroad.
                              Increased development of faculty for teaching service learning.
 Open the SEEL program to occur on other days/times so more people can participate - even do "mini" SEELs -
  so that students can exercise in this manner for shorter term (I did it and found great impact even in the first 3
       Diversity awareness interactions among students exposing ways we express bigotry, fear, prejudice.
                     Institute a social entrepreneurship minor with mandatory service requirement.
Social class is an extremely important issue on campus. We need to create some trips of Center that educate the
campus on social class issues, provide resources for understanding social class on campus. Research could be
                           A vocation discernment group would help students find their calling.
                             Nursing students participating in wellness initiatives on campus.
                             Hispanics in the United States - encourage community outreach.
   Seek greater celebration of the multi-ethnic or multi-racial individual, or those non-ethnically aligned adopted
  students; breaking down the traditional categorization constructs such as white heterosexual male and GLBT.
Equal funding across disciplines/colleges at the University; building plan accentuates the (usually) unspoken lack
                                                   International film festival.
 Find more ways to recognize the International Student population as statistically significant on the GU campus.
                                                Family/parent support group.
                      HHMI grant - reaching out to diverse students to broaden access to science.
 Equal opportunity for all sciences - not just biology, chemistry, and engineering for funding for research, for lab
                                    and classroom space. (e.g. Psyc, Exsc, Physics).
    Program (could be academic, but initially community focused) on developing leadership for those NOT in
authority positions. Similar to the Highlander school (civil rights training in 40's - 80's) it is concerned with issues
                               Mandatory unpaid internships with non-profit institutions.
                                     Women group to meet support students/faculty.
       More institutional support for GLBT students and faculty. For example, benefits for domestic partners.
Living library - checking out people who are willing to share their life experiences that may be not normal lives for
                                    Workshops discussing religion in the 21st century.
 An ongoing film series that engages climate related issues, but also that helps reveal the problems of privilege.
                                     Quality of program excels in a compressed time.
  Get away from the idea of diversity as primarily people of color - celebrate differences in all its manifestations.
         Create opportunities for faculty to be matched with individual students who feel need for support.
                                                       Green campus.
           Clarification of how a broadly Catholic worldview shapes educational/academic environment.
              Documentary Film Series on discrimination and e.g. AHANA, disabilities, GLBT, religion.
                                          Social Justice Concentration or minor.
  Visible and dedicated collaboration between lay persons and Jesuits to improve the campus climate for GLBT
 people. Send a strong and constant signal that affirmation of GLBT people is not incompatible with our Catholic
             Opportunity to speak with different constituents about personal experiences - I am Asian.
Comprehensive advising and career advising that takes better account of student needs/wishes rather than their
   Have counseling center host series of workshops/forums on how to listen effectively to people from different
Develop a systematic way to continually inform, support, and communicate what is Jesuit education and support
                                Mind Body Spirit Center! Staff for Faculty and Students!
                                         Place for faculty to meet and informally.
                                    Providing educational opportunity to remote area.
            Alternative Spring break for business students (e.g. visiting fair trade coffee plantation, etc.).
               Reduce attachment at Department level to "turf" and focus on what's best for Gonzaga.
   Paying attention to social justice issues. i.e. staff who are many times underpaid and now facing "merit" pay
             Local literacy project sponsored by a coalition of English department faculty and students.
    Entrepreneurship mentoring program between GU alumni and entprepreurs. Students from non-traditional
      Increased collaboration between RELI and PHIL (and other disciplines) in exploring links between their
                                                Center for Human Ecology.
                Graduate student Christian group would address the spiritual needs of grad students.
  Community discernment process for strategic planning - much of our planning is top down and seems mostly
  Make students aware of the results of this survey. There are many ways to do this: an article in the Gonzaga
                       Bulletin, flyers akin to the flyers for the alcohol consumption survey, etc.
                                              International Living Community.
                       Teach the great eagles (?) at lay and collaboration in the Jesuit mission.
Have small groups study issue of diversity (ethnic) in New Testament texts and the implications of these texts for
                          Teach the theology of Islam for better multi-cultural understanding.
                                 Increase understanding of diverse student populations.
          Create an international teaching/resource center to be shared by Modern Languages and ELC.
                                  Send inexpensive books of poetry to troops overseas.
                                               Jesuit-Lay mentoring program.
                                             Civic Engagement Concentration.
                      More time (and money) for one-on-one research (to publish) with students.
       A Gonzaga campus PRIDE WEEK supporting GLBT students, staff and faculty, with different events.
                       Amnesty International chapter at GU to exist and might be re-introduced.
 An on-site daycare run by education department for students and disadvantaged families in the neighborhood.
  Maybe this is already going on, but it would be good to include some kind of diversity awareness in freshman
                                  orientation and follow up with residence hall activities.
      As sick child care program for students (with ill children) and faculty/staff. Jesuits could be a part of this.
     A think-tank for social scientists - involving faculty and students coming up with cutting edge research and
For Master's students applied projects - a requirement to graduate. They could do a service learning project for a
   Electronic global sharing of the factors central to the Ignatian education among the Jesuit intellectual learning
Active, real, sustained commitment to bringing more AHANA students, including first generation college students,
                                      to GU and supporting them while they are here.
                  Local/regional recruitment among students in lower socio-economic backgrounds.
Computer science students and computer engineering students creating networked electronic pillbox for 1/2 way
                                                        Better salaries.
                       Install watering systems with soil sensors to conserve water on campus.
      Action learning entrepreneurship initiative with Micro-lands in third-world country with local connections?
                             Change next year's theme from "Money" to "Sexual Minorities."
Establish a "Panel of Americans," a group of 4 to 6 students each representing a different area of diversity - i.e. 1
        Catholic, 1 black, 1 gay, 1 Jew, 1 Protestant, etc. making presentations followed by Q & A to campus
          organizations - total group is 30 to 40 students but each presentation is done by 4 to 6 panelists.
                                          Separate 499 class for Women's Studies.
Acknowledgement of other spiritual belief systems, such as Buddhism, Agnosticism, Judaism, in our classrooms
     and official University materials. Sponsorship of celebrations in non-Catholic, non-Christian belief system.
                                            Blessing of hands of nursing students.
      January interdepartmental intersessions focusing on intellectual discernment lived as Mystics in Action.
     A seminar/retreat for faculty to support discernment for professional development integration with service.
All faculty should be collaborated regularly for the things they do - a newsletter that celebrates our great goodness
                               in promoting our mission every day - way beyond publication.
   Extend insurance and other faculty benefits to GLBT partners of faculty and staff, including tuition waivers for
Invite an annual speaker of Jesuit Higher Education - structure curriculum/co-curriculum around this event. Learn
 The MAGIS program, an Honors core proposal that has been submitted for consideration by myself and several
 colleagues - a class linking core instruction, Catholic education tradition, and distinctive academic achievement.
 Teach philosophical theory emphasizing how all people are made in the image of God and deserve respect and
 A campus wide (students, faculty, and staff) effort to determine how we do - and maybe how we should - define
   Work with Zambians (Jesuit and Lay) to help get 1st Jesuit university in Africa! Keen interest to work with GU
                                    faculty and staff to help get university off the ground.
Better integration of GLBT Studies in curricula across the University; recognition of GLBT studies as an academic
Talks by Jesuits (faculty and staff) on how their religious mission as Jesuits shapes their way of looking at the GU
                                     Bring Maya Angelou to campus to talk about race.
                                   Teaching the traditional thought of the life of Ignatius.
                                More interdisciplinary and interdepartmental team teaching.
                     Development of a 'Free' public counseling clinic (Marriage and Family, etc.).
  Childcare centers on campus for children of students, faculty, and staff - allowing parents to be mare 'present'
                        here and fostering the family emphasis. Let's have doggy daycare too.
                                            Seeing the image of God in all people.
          Transform student wellness center to student health center . Use of significant school resources.
                             Once a month - faculty "attitude" day for spiritual enhancement.
Encourage more discussion of the seven factors both inside and outside of the classroom. Encourage students to
                      critically reflect about the seven factors and be open to other ideas/beliefs.
                                               University Social Justice Center.
                                           Weekend retreat and sexual orientation.
               Screen potential applicants to Gonzaga and weed out those with explicit racism/sexism.
                                               "Take an advisee to lunch day."
                                                       Center for Aging.
                       Emphasize the development of cultural courses among the student body.
 Better role mentoring of self care by faculty for students. Balancing the vigor of life with those things that nourish
                                            Weekend retreat on socio-economics.
 Summit meetings between various schools - Business, A&S, etc. to talk about socio-economic stratification at
  Faculty and staff exchange programs with some of the 3,700 other global Jesuit schools. The goal being to
                       further our understanding of Jesuit education, the world, and poverty.
                               CFL's to replace incandescent to compact fluorescent.
                  (More) opportunities for service learning experiences in developing countries.
    Opportunity to visit different places (who have diversity) in order to understand and appreciate diversity.
                             Create a center for coordination of international initiatives.
              Engage students in events (outside of classes) related to promotion of social justice.
             More partnerships with universities in other countries - focus on Africa and S. America.
      Promote relationships (sustained advising, mentoring) by ensuring reasonable faculty:student ratio.
              Celebrate "La Semine ae la francophonie" (week to celebrate French language use).
Teach-in led by student groups - especially AHANA and GLBTQ groups - where students educate faculty about
                                         Better promotion of SEEL program.
 Retreats that bring faculty and students together to discuss issues of discrimination and educate each other on
                                  Communication possibilities in other languages.
                                    Recruiting from Native American populations.
                                        Growing of University Social Justice.
"Running Mate" program - pair an incoming freshman with junior or senior the first week of school to act as their
                  Faculty and/or staff retreats at a monastery - national or international location.

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