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Family and Consumer Sciences Syllabus


									                                 Family and Consumer Sciences Syllabus
  "Our mission is to prepare individuals to be competent, confident and caring in managing their personal,
                                           family and career lives."

        Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences, this course is designed to help you learn useful information that you
can apply to your everyday life. Through participation in the Family and Consumer Sciences course you will use
problem solving skills, cooperate in group activities, understand important life skills, build healthy relationships, practice
proper etiquette skills, resolve conflicts, and synergize. Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum is designed to
encourage hands on learning and real life simulations. It is imperative that all students follow the basic rules and
procedures of appropriate behavior in order to be successful. This is a positive learning atmosphere where all students
will be nurtured in a caring, respectful, comfortable and safe environment.

       The goal in Family and Consumer Sciences is for each student to develop socially, mentally, physically,
emotionally, and intellectually. You will learn how to become personally independent individuals who will positively
contribute to our global society.

Daily Supplies:
            2 Pocket Folder (3 Prong-Optional) - You can store your folder in the designated bin in your classroom.
            Pen (blue or black ink) or Pencil- Bring in everyday to class.

Classroom Rules:
   1. Arrive to class on time.
   2. Be prepared daily with folder and pen/pencil.
   3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
   4. Ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason.
   5. Please raise your hand when you have to ask a question or add a comment.
   6. Always respect the teacher, substitutes, and other students.

  1. 1st time- Warning
  2. 2nd time- Stay after class to talk with the teacher
  3. 3rd time- Parent phone call and points deducted off your average.
  4. Severe- Immediately sent to principal’s office. (Consist of violation of safety procedures, fighting,
     vandalism, or insubordination.)

      In order to receive an A average you must follow the classroom rules, participate daily in class, meet all
academic obligations, and complete class work on time.
Classroom Participation: 50%
Class work/Homework: 25%
Projects/Evaluations: 25%

Sign below if you have read and understand the discipline plan and grading system. By signing this course
outline you are agreeing to follow the rules and obligations expected of you in this class.

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