September 13 - Western Carolina University by pengxiang


									                                                                                    September 13, 2004

        Introducing Newcomers to Western
The Reporter will help you get to

know the newest members of the                                                  Mistie Bibbee, assistant
                                                                                director for residence
Western community. Here are names,                                              life; Residential Living;
photographs, and brief biographies of                                           M.P.A., Georgia Southern;
the people who have entered full-time                                           previously, residence
positions since September 1, 2003.                                              coordinator, University of
                                                                                North Carolina–Charlotte.
We hope we haven’t missed anyone, but            Troy Barksdale, director of
please let us know if we have.                   University Planning, Office
                                                 of the Chancellor; Ed.D.,
                                                 Louisiana State University;
                Kimberly Archer, visiting        previously associate vice      Wayne Billon, associate
                assistant professor, Music;      president for planning,        professor, Health Sciences;
                D.M.A, University of             Office of the President,        Ph.D., Clemson University;
                Texas–Austin; previously         UNC system.                    previously associate
                instructor, Bowling Green                                       professor, University of
                State University.                                               Southern Mississippi.

                                                 J. Bryant Barnett, assistant
                                                 director of operations,
                                                 Residential Living;
                                                 M.B.A., Western Carolina
                Terri Armfield, visiting          University; previously         Russell Binkley,
                instructor, Music; D.M.A.,       student mail supervisor/       assistant professor, Birth-
                University of Kentucky;          budgets assistant, Western     Kindergarten/Middle
                previously teacher               Carolina University.           Grades Education and
                assistant, University of                                        Reading Center; Ph.D.,
                Kentucky.                                                       University of Illinois;
                                                                                previously teaching
                                                 Louis J. Barozzini, HVAC       assistant, University of
                                                 mechanic, Facilities           Illinois.
                                                 Management; A.A., State
                Marjorie Koch Askins,            University of New York;        Elaine Brown, office
                visiting instructor,             previously engineer,           assistant, Fitness Center/
                English; M.A., Western           Biltmore Estate.               Intramurals; M.A.
                Carolina University;                                            Ed., Western Carolina
                previously director of                                          University; previously
                evening and weekend                                             assistant media coordinator,
                college, Southwestern                                           Jackson County Schools,
                Community College.               Ernest Betz, maintenance       Sylva.
                                                 mechanic, Facilities
                                                 Management; previously
                                                 plumber, Ernie’s Plumbing.     Patricia Brown, dean,
                Catherine Barker,
                                                                                Distance and Continuing
                resident director;
                                                                                Education; Ed.D., Temple
                Residential Living; M.A.,
                                                                                University; previously
                Asbury Theological
                                                                                senior advisor for strategic
                Seminary; previously
                                                                                initiatives, Massachusetts
                resident director, Asbury
                                                                                General Hospital Institute
                Theological Seminary.
                                                                                for Health Professions.
Ronda Bryant, director of                Kimberly Cherry, academic       Laura DeWald, assistant
enrollment support, Student              adviser, Advising Center;       professor, Environmental
Affairs; Ph.D. in late 2004,             M.S., Clemson University;       Science; Ph.D., Virginia
University of Virginia.                  previously graduate             Polytechnic Institute and
                                         assistant, Michelin Career      State University; previously
                                         Center, Clemson University.     associate dean, School of
                                                                         Forestry, Northern Arizona

Chad Burton, maintenance                 Jolene Coggins, files            Martin DeWitt, museum
mechanic III, Facilities                 manager, Registrar; A.A.S.,     director/associate professor,
Management; previously                   Southwestern Community          Art; M.F.A., Illinois State
sub-contractor, PC Builders.             College; previously assistant   University; previously director
                                         landscaping maintenance         and chief executive officer,
                                         worker, Fox Farm                Tweed Museum of Art,
                                         Maintenance.                    University of Minnesota–

Leigh Ann Busby, assistant               Teresa Crum, resident           Helen Dills, housekeeper,
director, Admissions;                    director, Residential           Residential Living.
B.S.B.A., Western Carolina               Living; M.S., Murray State
University; previously                   University; previously
paralegal, Melrose, Seago                residence director, Murray
and Lay, Sylva.                          State University.

Margaret Buttery,                        Thaddeus Cunningham,            Jennifer Englert, visiting
housekeeper, Facilities                  assistant director,             instructor, English; M.A.,
Management; previously                   Admissions; B.S.B.A,            Western Carolina University.
self-employed.                           Western Carolina University;
                                         previously substitute
                                         teacher, Newton-Conover
                                         City Schools.

Craig Capano, associate                  Kimberly Davis, office           Teresa Folger, assistant
professor, Engineering                   manager, University Center;     professor, Birth-Kindergarten/
Technology; M.C.S.M.,                    previously medical records      Middle Grades Education;
Clemson University;                      clerk, Harris Regional          Ph.D., University of Missouri–
previously engineering and               Hospital, Sylva.                Columbia; previously assistant
support service manager,                                                 professor, Westminster
C.G. Schmidt Construction.                                               College, Fulton, Missouri.

Casey Carter, program                    Mariea Dennison, visiting       George Ford, senior faculty
assistant, Office of                      instructor, Art; Ph.D.,         associate, Engineering and
Advancement and External                 University of Illinois–         Technology; M.E., University
Affairs; previously                      Champaign; previously           of South Carolina; previously
marketing manager,                       lecturer East Carolina          instructor, Spartanburg
Professional Industrial                  University.                     Technical College.
Hygiene Services, Inc.

Sheila Chapman, assistant                Andrew Denson, assistant        Janet Ford, visiting instructor,
professor, Nursing; M.S.N.,              professor, History; Ph.D.,      Marketing and Business Law;
University of Alabama–                   Indiana University.             J.D., University of South
Huntsville; previously                                                   Carolina; previously staff
assistant professor,                                                     attorney, South Carolina
University of Virginia.                                                  Centers for Equal Justice.

                               September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
Steven Forst, visiting                   S. Clint Hardin, graphic         Steven Herren, assistant
assistant professor, Nursing;            artist, Print Shop; B.S.,        director of athletics for
M.S., University of North                University of North              external relations, Athletics;
Carolina–Chapel Hill;                    Carolina–Chapel Hill;            M.S., University of Central
previously registered nurse,             previously graphic designer,     Florida; previously events
cardiac electrophysiology                Manual Woodworkers and           operations manager,
lab, Memorial Mission                    Weavers.                         University of Central Florida.

Stephen Frempong,                        Jon Harper, administrative       Eloise Hitchcock, assistant
assistant professor,                     coordinator for video editing    director of personnel and
Engineering and                          and recruiting, Athletics;       planning and associate
Technology; Ph.D.,California             B.S., Auburn University;         professor, Hunter Library;
Coast University;                        previously assistant women’s     M.S.L.S., University of
previously assistant                     basketball coach, University     Tennessee; previously
professor of electronics                 of Tennessee–Chattanooga.        collection management
& telecommunications,                                                     librarian, Middle Tennessee
Baltimore City Community                                                  State University.
                                         Kellie Harper, women’s           Faye Hodgin, assistant
Laura Gibbs, R.N., nursing               head basketball coach,           professor, Nursing; Ph.D. and
supervisor, University                   Athletics; B.S., University      J.D., Georgia State University;
Health Center; B.A.,                     of Tennessee; previously         M.S.N., R.N.; previously
Davidson College; previously             assistant women’s basketball     attorney at law in Georgia;
personal assistance                      coach, University of             nursing faculty, Haywood
coordinator/independent                  Tennessee–Chattanooga.           Community College.
living evaluator, Pathways
for the Future, Sylva.

Winford Gordon,                          Michael Harris, academic         Kelley Holzknecht, visiting
visiting assistant                       adviser for student-athletes,    assistant professor, Chemistry
professor, Psychology;                   Athletics; B.A., University of   and Physics; M.S., Indiana
Ph.D., University of                     North Carolina–Chapel Hill.      University of Pennsylvania;
North Carolina–Chapel                                                     previously with CODA
Hill; previously dean of                                                  Research Inc., Durham.
institutional advancement
and associate professor
of psychology, Tennessee
Wesleyan College.
                                         Russ Harris, outreach            Daniel Hooker, assistant
Ann Hallyburton, reference               counselor, Talent Search; M.S.   director, admissions; B.S.,
librarian/assistant professor            Radford College, Radford,        Western Carolina University;
and health sciences liaison,             Virginia; previously youth       previously sales account
Hunter Library; M.S.L.S.,                program coordinator,             executive, Charleston
University of North                      Moonshadow Learning              Lowgators–National
Carolina–Chapel Hill;                    Service, Whittier.               Basketball Development
previously Web librarian,                                                 League.
CODA Research Inc.,
                                         David Heisler, Facilities        Brian Howell, assistant
Georgia Hambrecht,                       Management, John Stork           professor, Engineering
associate professor, Human               High School, Weare, New          and Technology; Ph.D.,
Services; Ph.D., Kent State              Hampshire.                       Florida Institute of
University; previously                                                    Technology; previously
professor and department                                                  graduate researcher, Florida
chair, Indiana State                                                      Institute of Technology;
University.                                                               research engineer, Arizona

Grady Hardeman, head                     Kari Hensley, receptionist,      Beth Huber, assistant
athletic trainer, Athletics;             Registrar; previously senior     professor, English; Ph.D.,
M.Ed., The Citadel;                      teller, Wachovia Bank.           University of Missouri–
previously director of sports                                             Kansas City; previously acting
medicine and head athletic                                                director of composition,
trainer, Hampden-Sydney                                                   University of Missouri–
College.                                                                  Kansas City.

                                September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
Laura Huff, executive                      Crystal Johnson, visiting        Ronda Lawrence, office
assistant, Office of                        instructor, Communication,       assistant, Rated License
Advancement and External                   Theatre and Dance;               Assessment Program;
Affairs; B.S.B.A, Western                                                   previously sales associate,
Carolina University;                                                        REACH of Jackson County.
previously self-employed
marketing consultant.

                                                                            John LeBaron, Jay M.
Ronald Hunter, professor/                  Meagan Karvonen, assistant       Robinson Distinguished
department head, Criminal                  professor, Educational           Professor in Educational
Justice; Ph.D., Florida State              Leadership and Foundations;      Technology, Educational
University; previously                     Ph.D., University of South       Leadership and Foundations;
professor and criminology                  Carolina; lecturer, University   Ed.D., University of
program coordinator, State                 of North Carolina–Charlotte.     Massachusetts Amherst;
University of West Georgia.                                                 previously emeritus
                                                                            professor, University of
                                                                            Massachusetts Lowell.

Jacqueline Jacobs,                         Kristen Klein, office             Sarah Elizabeth Likis-
professor, Educational                     assistant, Health and Human      Werle, campus/community
Leadership and                             Performance; B.S., Florida       organizer, Counseling and
Foundations; Ph.D.,                        State University; previously     Psychological Services; M.S.,
Southern Illinois                          administrative assistant,        Western Carolina University;
University; associate                      Moore Consulting Group,          previously counselor,
professor and program                      Inc.                             Mission St. Joseph’s Partial
coordinator, University of                                                  Hospitalization Program,
South Carolina.                                                             Asheville.

Deborah Jefferies,                         Lori Koban, visiting assistant   Mary Ann Lochner, associate
information systems                        professor, Mathematics and       general counsel, Law, Equity
liaison, Registrar; B.A.,                  Computer Science.                and Auditing; J.D., Indiana
University of North                                                         University; previously senior
Carolina–Chapel Hill;                                                       staff attorney, Community
previously project                                                          Organizations Legal
manager/system analyst,                                                     Assistance Project.
Paravenn Corporation.

Emily Jellen, visiting                     Nicholas Koban, assistant        Alexander Macaulay Jr.,
instructor, Chemistry and                  professor, Mathematics and       visiting assistant professor,
Physics; M.S., Northern                    Computer Science; Ph.D.,         History; Ph.D., University of
Illinois University;                       Binghamton University;           Georgia; previously assistant
previously chemistry                       previously teaching assistant,   professor, Georgia College
instructor, Northern Illinois              Binghamton University.           and State University.

Tanisha Jenkins, director                  Lisa Marie Koralewicz,           Alvin Malesky Jr., assistant
of multicultural affairs,                  clinical social worker,          professor, Psychology; Ph.D.,
Student Affairs; M.Ed.,                    Counseling Center; M.S.W.,       University of Memphis;
Clemson University;                        Colorado State University;       previously postdoctoral
previously graduate                        previously counselor/social      fellow in forensic
assistant, Gantt Intercultural             work intern, Colorado State      psychology, University
Center.                                    University.                      of Massachusetts Medical

Avery Johnson, artist                      L’Tona Lamonte, assistant        Joe Mann, department
illustrator, Public                        women’s basketball coach,        purchasing agent,
Relations/Publications;                    Athletics; M.S., Georgia         Purchasing; B.S.B.A.,
B.F.A., Western Carolina                   Southern University;             Western Carolina University;
University.                                previously teacher, Lexington    previously teacher, Iredell-
                                           City Schools.                    Statesville Schools.

                                 September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
Jill Manners, associate                    Ron Charles Michaelis,            Eunice Pittman,
professor and coordinator                  visiting assistant professor,     housekeeper, Facilities
of clinical education for                  Biology; Ph.D., Vanderbilt        Management; previously
athletic training, Health                  University, previously            truck driver, Appalachian
Sciences; M.S., West Virginia              Molecular Geneticist,             Transportation.
University; previously,                    Greenwood Genetic Center.
program director and
assistant professor, Salisbury

Cheryl Marsh, visiting                     Katya Moorman, assistant          William Poynter,
instructor, English; M.A.                  professor, Art; M.F.A.,           visiting assistant professor,
English, Western Carolina                  Cranbrook Academy of Art;         Psychology; Ph.D., Arizona
University.                                previously assistant vice         State University; previously
                                           president of multimedia,          senior research consultant,
                                           Merrill Lynch.                    NCR Retail Systems Group.

Bessie Mathis,                             Jane Nichols, assistant           Evelyn Prince, housekeeper,
housekeeper, Facilities                    professor, Hospitality,           Facilities Management;
Management; previously                     Tourism and Interior              previously self-employed.
sewing machine operator,                   Design; M.S.D., Arizona
Ashley’s.                                  State University; previously
                                           instructor, Mesa Community

Stephanie McCormick,                       Baxter Nicholson,                 William Putman, assistant
assistant women’s basketball               plumber, Facilities               director for facilities,
coach, Athletics; B.S.,                    Management; previously            Residential Living; A.A.S.,
Catawba College; previously                self-employed plumber.            Thomas Edison State
assistant women’s basketball                                                 College; previously facilities
coach, Georgia Institute of                                                  maintenance instructor,
Technology.                                                                  Southwestern Community

William McDaniel                           Sarah Lisa Park, resident         Bill Richter, director of
II, assistant professor,                   director, Residential Living;     athletic development and
Engineering and                            M.A., University of Iowa;         Catamount Club director,
Technology; Ed.D., Clemson                 previously assistant for          Development Office; M.S.,
University; previously                     programming in Henry B.           Idaho State University;
instructor and director of                 Tippie College of Business,       previously director of athletic
alumni affairs, Isothermal                 University of Iowa.               marketing/promotions,
Community College.                                                           University of Pennsylvania.

Terri McDermot,                            Brian Peabody, assistant          Candace Roberts, assistant
director of major gifts,                   men’s basketball coach,           professor, Hospitality,
Development Office;                         Athletics; B.S. Ed., University   Tourism and Interior Design;
M.A., Emerson College                      of Arizona; previously men’s      M.S., University of North
and M.Ed., University                      basketball head coach, Pima       Carolina–Greensboro;
of Georgia; previously                     Community College.                previously assistant professor
director of development,                                                     of interior design, University
urology department, Emory                                                    of Tennessee–Martin.

Karen McKinney,                            Thomas Peters, assistant          Chandrika Rogers, assistant
visiting instructor, English;              intramural director,              professor, English; Ph.D.,
Ph.D., University of New                   Intramural Department; B.S.,      Northern Arizona University;
Mexico; previously adjunct                 University of Louisiana–          previously associate professor,
instructor, Mars Hill                      Monroe; previously                Palm Beach Community
College.                                   recreational services intern,     College, Boca Raton, Florida.
                                           Cornell University.

                                 September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
Jamey Rogers, visiting                    Anjana Sharma, visiting         Lonnie Speer, housekeeper,
instructor, English;                      instructor, Biology; Ph.D.,     Facilities Management; A.S.,
M.A., Northern Arizona                    University of Tennessee.        St. Louis Community College
University; previously                                                    –Meramac; previously police
lecturer, University of Miami                                             sergeant, shift supervisor,
in Miami, Florida.                                                        Department of Juvenile
                                                                          Justice Police Department—
                                                                          State Juvenile Justice Facility.

Alexa Royden, visiting                    Judy Smith, Housekeeper,        Barbara St. John, assistant
instructor, Political Science             Facilities Management;          professor, Nursing; DNSc,
and Public Affairs; all but               previously with QC Apparel.     Catholic University,
dissertation, University of                                               Washington, DC; previously
St. Andrews, St. Andrews,                                                 nursing faculty of Blue Ridge
UK; previously postgraduate                                               Community College.
tutor, University of St.

Karina Jean Sanden,                       Megan Smith, head softball      Donna Stevenson, stock clerk
resident director, Residential            coach, Athletics; M.S.,         II, Facilities Management;
Living; M.Ed., Slippery                   University of Tennessee;        previously guest safety officer,
Rock University; previously               previously assistant softball   Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.
houseparent, Milton                       coach, University of North
Hershey School.                           Carolina–Chapel Hill.

Rubae Sander, director                    W. Doug Smith,                  Susan Stewart, professor,
of publications, Public                   housekeeper, Facilities         Human Services; Ph.D.,
Relations/Publications;                   Management; previously          University of Florida;
previously manager of                     grocery manager, Ingles.        previously professor,
creative services, Conexant                                               University of West Florida.
Systems Inc., California.

Phillip Sanger, associate                 Patrica Smyth, associate        Wesley Stone, assistant
professor and director for                professor, Nursing; D.S.N.,     professor, Engineering and
the Center of Integrated                  University of Alabama–          Technology; Ph.D., Georgia
Technology, Engineering                   Birmingham; previously          Institute of Technology;
and Technology; Ph.D.,                    professor in graduate nurse     previously assistant professor,
University of Wisconsin;                  practitioner program,           Valparaiso University.
previously director,                      Mississippi University
Advanced Manufacturing                    for Women, Columbus,
Center, Cleveland State                   Mississippi.
                                          William Sorrells, floor          David Strahan, Distinguished
Marvin Schade, visiting                   maintenance assistant,          Professor, Birth-Kindergarten/
instructor, Health and                    Facilities Management;          Middle Grades Education;
Human Performance;                        previously carpenter.           Ed.D., University of
M.Ed., Pennsylvania State                                                 Cincinnati; previously
University; previously                                                    professor of curriculum and
health education instructor,                                              instruction, University of
Lewisburg Area School                                                     North Carolina–Greensboro.

Lisa Seagraves, visiting                  Katie Spear, assistant          Deborah Tarmann,
instructor, Chemistry and                 director, Admissions; B.A.,     administrative secretary,
Physics; M.S., West Virginia              Western Carolina University.    Office of the CIO; previously
University; previously                                                    legal assistant at local law
adjunct instructor, Asheville–                                            firm.
Buncombe Technical
Community College.

                                 September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
Jeff Tatham, analysts                     Clayton White, assistant                            Tracy Zontec, visiting
programmer, applications                  football coach, Athletics;                          instructor, Health Sciences;
development and support,                  B.S., North Carolina State                          M.S.P.H., University of
Information Technology;                   University; previously                              North Carolina–Chapel Hill;
B.S., Western Carolina                    defensive backs coach,                              previously safety manager,
University; previously,                   Sanderson High School,                              East Carolina University.
programmer/Web                            Raleigh.
developer, Gold and Silver
Reserve, Melbourne, FL.

Russell Teasley, visiting                 R. Peter Whittaker, visiting
assistant professor,                      assistant professor, Health
Management and                            Sciences; M.S., Western
International Business;                   Carolina University,
Ph.D., University of South                previously environmental
Carolina; previously                      specialist and consultant to
promotion coordinator,                    county health department,         ▲ Mario Gaetano, professor of music,
Upstate Coalition                         Division of Environmental         is a recipient of a 2004-05 Standard
for Entrepreneural                        Health.
Development.                                                                Award presented by the American
                                          Dolores Willey, visiting          Society of Composers, Authors and
B. Mark Tennant, HVAC                     assistant professor,              Publishers. The cash awards from ASCAP
mechanic, Facilities                      Marketing and Business            are designed to reward and encourage
Management; previously                    Law; J.D., University of          composers who make important
maintenance technician,                   Tennessee; previously
Whitley Products Inc.                     director/instructor, Caldwell     contributions, but whose published
                                          Community College and             music generates relatively small royalties.
                                          Technical Institute.              ▲ Christopher A. Cooper and Gibbs
                                                                            Knotts, assistant professors of political
                                                                            science and public affairs, contributed
Teresa Unseld, visiting                   Mitchell Williams,
assistant professor, Art;                 assistant professor,              an essay to Lights, Camera, Campaign!–
Ed.D., Ball State University,             Educational Leadership and        Media, Politics, and Political
Muncie, Indiana; previously               Foundations; Ed.D., North         Advertising, a new book edited by
associate professor and                   Carolina State University;        David A. Schultz of Hamline University.
interim chair, Fine Arts                  previously director of            Due out this month, the book explores
Department, Winston-Salem                 academic programs for
State University.                         UVA’s Southwest Center,           the convergence of political advertising
                                          University of Virginia.           with pop culture, describing new
                                                                            and emerging advertising trends, the
Deborah Walters, visiting                 Brett Woods, director of          effectiveness of negative advertising, and
instructor, Mathematics and               annual and special gifts,         the impact on elections results on voting.
Computer Science, M.S.,                   Office of Advancement and
Western Carolina University.              External Affairs; M.L.A.,
                                          Spring Hill College, Mobile,
                                          Alabama; previously director
                                                                             HEALTHY CATS
                                          of development, Brevard          EMPLOYEE WELLNESS
                                          College.                             PROGRAM
                                                                              Sponsored by the University Health Center
Cheryl Waters-Tormey,                     Carol Woodson, assistant        and Human Resources, the Healthy Cats
assistant professor,                      professor, Engineering          Employee Wellness Program will run for 12
Geosciences and Natural                   and Technology; Ph.D.,          weeks from Sept. 27 to Dec. 17.
Resource Management;                      University of Florida;              To sign up, employees must attend one of
Ph.D., University of                      previously assistant            two mandatory meetings on Monday, Sept. 20,
Wisconsin–Madison;                        professor, Auburn               at either noon or 5 p.m. in the multipurpose
previously instructor,                    University.                     room of A.K. Hinds University Center.
University of Wisconsin–                                                      If you are interesting in joining the Healthy
Madison.                                                                  Cats program, you should also sign up for the
                                                                          fall employee health screening to be held
Johnny Westall, educational               Amanda Zeider, assistant        Sept. 14 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Ramsey
consultant, Human Services;               director, Admissions; B.S.,     Center. Enrollment in the Healthy Cats
M.A., Western Carolina                    Western Carolina Univeristy.    Employee Wellness Program is on a first-come,
University; previously                                                    first-served basis, and space is limited. For more
principal, Mitchell County                                                information, contact Karen White at 227-2088.
                                                                            "Not pictured" new employees
                                                                             are listed on the next page.

                                September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
New Faces
                                                      James Goodwin, visiting assistant professor,           Reginald Rogers, accountant II, Controller's
                                                      Psychology; Ph.D., Florida State University;           Office, B.S.B.A., Western Carolina University;
                                                      previously faculty, Wheeling Jesuit University.        previously finance manager, Save the

Not Pictured                                          Brandon Green, electric meter reader, Facilities
                                                      Management; previously patient service tech,
                                                                                                             Children Foundation.
                                                                                                             Andrew Sapienza, computer network
                                                      Kelley’s Home Health.                                  coordinator, Engineering and Technology;
                                                      Candace Gunter, housekeeper, Facilities                B.A., Saint Leo University; previously IT
                                                      Management; previously PSP/scan coordinator,           manager, Consolidation Resource Center.
Jennifer Almond, administrative assistant,
University Center; B.S., Western Carolina             Harold’s Galaxy, Dillsboro.                            Cynthia Schnyder, visiting instructor,
University; previously administrative assistant       Kimberly Hedden, grounds worker, Facilities            Business Computer Information Systems
in financial records, Southern Hospitality             Management; B.S. Western Carolina University;          and Economics; M.S., Western Carolina
Outsourcing, formerly of the Sylva area.              previously press operator, Consolidated Plastics.      University; previously instructor, University
                                                                                                             of South Carolina–Spartanburg.
Barbara Anders, processing assistant, University      David Heislen, housekeeper, Facilities
Police; previously teller supervisor, United          Management; B.A., Windham College, B.S.,               Lori Schrodt, assistant professor, Physical
Community Bank.                                       University of Pittsburgh; previously at John Stark     Therapy; M.S., University of North Carolina–
                                                      Regional High School as a custodian.                   Chapel Hill; previously teaching assistant
Theodore Anderson, visiting assistant professor,
                                                                                                             University of North Carolina and Duke.
Chemistry and Physics; Ph.D., New York University;    Donna Hogsed, police officer, University Police;
previously instructor, Rensselaer Polytechnic         previously, criminal investigator, Cherokee Police     Adria Shipp, visiting instructor,
Institute, Troy, New York.                            Department.                                            Communication, Theatre and Dance; M.A.,
                                                                                                             Western Carolina University.
John Austin, facilities construction engineer,        Janie Kirkland, housekeeper, Facilities
Facilities Management; A.A., Fayetteville Technical   Management; previously certified nursing                William Shivers III, academic adviser,
College; previously construction observer/            assistant, Skyland Care Center.                        Advising Center; M.S., University of
administrator, McCracken and Lopey P.A.                                                                      Alabama; previously graduate assistant,
                                                      Peggy Knapp, R.N., allergy/immunization                Office of Undergraduate Admissions,
Avery Brown, grounds worker, Facilities               clinic coordinator, University Health Center;          University of Alabama.
Management; previously grounds maintenance,           B.S., Western Carolina University; previously
Wade Hampton Club.                                    recreational therapist, Independent Living             Stefanie Soroka, academic adviser, Advising
                                                      Rehabilitation Program, New Bern.                      Center; M.S., Plattsburgh State University of
Dawn Brown, consultant, IT Services; B.B.A,
                                                                                                             New York; previously assistant director of
Eastern New Mexico University; previously IT          Paul Lormand, theatre director, Fine and               alumni affairs, Plattsburgh State University
specialist, Enron Corporation, Houston, Texas.        Performing Arts Center and assistant professor,        of New York.
Mary W. Brown, housekeeping supervisor II,            Communication, Theatre and Dance; M.F.A.,
                                                      University of Memphis; previously executive            Roxane Stiles, office assistant, English; B.A.,
Residential Living; graduate of Tuscola High
                                                      director of the Sequoyah Institute, Northeastern       Montreat College School of Professional and
School, Waynesville; previously housekeeping
                                                      State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.                 Adult Students; previously legal assistant, R.
supervisor I, Residential Living.
                                                                                                             Phillip Haire, attorney.
Sandra Bumgarner, document tracking                   Jason D. Martin, grounds worker, Facilities
                                                      Management; previously service technician,             William Tatum, electrician, Facilities
coordinator, Financial Aid; previously office
                                                      Mug-A-Bug Pest Control.                                Management; previously self-employed
manager and uniform sales, All American Uniforms
and All American Awards.                              James S. Mason III, grounds worker, Facilities
                                                      Management; previously stock person, Wal-Mart.         Holli Thompson, office assistant,
Nancy Carter, housekeeper, Residential Living;
                                                                                                             Geosciences and Natural Resources
cosmetology certificate, Southwestern Community        Bethel W. McCarter, mail center supervisor,            Management; B.A., University of North
College; previously manager/stylist, Smart Style,     Residential Living; previously housekeeping            Carolina–Chapel Hill; previously office
Sylva.                                                supervisor II, Residential Living.                     assistant, Franklin Machine Company.
Ronnie Carr, enrollment officer, Financial Aid;        Margaret Messick, housekeeper, University              Chris Tuten, visiting instructor, Health and
B.B.A., Montreat College; previously regional         Center; previously housekeeper, Harrah’s Casino        Human Performance; Ph.D., University of
coordinator/consultant, Employment Security           Hotel, Cherokee.                                       South Carolina–Columbia; previously ESL
                                                      Richard Lee Moore Sr., housekeeper,                    instructor, Asheville–Buncombe Technical
Linda Darby, R.N., University Health Center;          Residential Living; graduate of Stratford High         College.
A.D.N., Northwest Alabama State Junior College;       School, Stratford, Connecticut; previously shift       John Urbanski, assistant professor,
previously case manager, Eliza Coffee Memorial        supervisor, Chick-fil-A.                                Management and International Business;
Hospital, Florence, Alabama.
                                                      Rita G. Prince, housekeeper, Facilities                Ph.D., University of South Carolina;
Phyllis Franks, housekeeper, University Center;       Management; previously produce sales associate,        previously assistant professor, Francis Marion
previously, supervisor, Aramark, University Center.   Wal-Mart.                                              University.
Elizabeth Garett, Housekeeper, Facilities             Matthew Rathbone, police officer, University            Charles White, assistant professor, English;
Management; previously cashier, Harrah's Casino.      Police; previously supervisor, Colbond Inc.,           M.A., Western Carolina University.
Robert Gecan, assistant fitness director; Fitness      Asheville/Candler.                                     Melissa Young, Web services assistant,
Center; B.S.B.A., Western Carolina University.        Elizabeth Reese, visiting instructor, English; B.A.,   Hunter Library; B.A., University of New
Brannan Givens, assistant director of operations,     Salem College.                                         Hampshire; previously information desk
University Center; B.A., University of North                                                                 coordinator, Dartmouth College.
                                                      Brenda Rice, housekeeper, University Center;
Carolina–Greensboro; previously technical crew        previously construction cleaner.
manager, UNC–G Office of Student Life.

                                                         September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
                           WESTERN ANNOUNCES
                          2004-05 THEATRE SEASON
     Western is ready to raise the curtain on its                                                        March 17-20 as a joint effort between the
2004-05 theatre season as the University Players                                                         university’s theatre arts and music programs. A
stage the Tony Award-winning drama Dancing                                                               blend of science fiction, comedy and musical,
at Lughnasa, the Greek classic Antigone with a                                                           the play tells the story of a florist who nurses a
modern twist, the off-beat musical comedy Little                                                         man-eating plant back to health, then makes a
Shop of Horrors and the Pulitzer Prize-winning                                                           deadly pact with the plant to win the woman he
mystery Proof.                                                                                           loves. With book and lyrics by Howard Ashman
     All shows will stage in Hoey Auditorium,                                                            and music by Alan Menken, the show won the
with evening performances and weekend                                                                    New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best
matinees.                                                                                                Musical in 1983. Western’s production will
     Season tickets are on sale now. Prices for                                                          feature musical direction by Bradley Martin,
season tickets are $45 for adults, $35 for senior                                                        instructor of music, and choreography by Amy
citizens and Western faculty and staff, and $20                                                          Dowling, assistant professor of dance.
for students.                                                                                                The season will close with the mystery
     Memberships also are available for the                                                              David Auburn’s Proof, directed by Claire Eye,
Patron Club, which provides additional                                                                   instructor of theatre arts. The play tells the
financial support to the University Players and     America. Directed by Stephen Michael Ayers,          story of a disputed mathematical proof found
its activities. Memberships are available at the    associate professor of theatre arts, Dancing at      among the abandoned notebooks of a brilliant
Actor ($250), Director ($500) and Producer          Lughnasa runs Sept. 29-Oct. 3.                       but unstable professor, and his daughter’s
($1,000) levels. All membership levels offer            Antigone, directed by Richard Beam, associate    search for the truth while confronting her
tickets to all productions, and much of the cost    professor of theatre arts, will be staged Nov. 10-   family’s twin legacies of madness and genius.
of membership is tax deductible.                    14. An adaptation by Lewis Galantiere of Jean        Hailed by Variety as “wonderfully funny” and
     Opening the season is Brian Friel’s Dancing    Anouilh’s work, the play was originally produced     “ambitiously constructed,” Proof will be staged
at Lughnasa, a drama told from the viewpoint        in Paris in 1942, when France was occupied by        April 20-24.
of a young boy growing up in a fatherless           Nazi Germany and was part of Hitler’s Europe.            For more information about season tickets
home with his unmarried mother and four             Based on Sophocles’ ancient Greek tragedy, the       or Patron Club memberships, contact the
spinster aunts in 1930s Ireland. Their lives are    play depicts an authoritarian regime mirrored        Department of Communication, Theatre and
interrupted by the arrival of two men – the boy’s   by the predicament of the French people of the       Dance at (828) 227-7491, or visit
long-lost father, who is off to Spain to fight      time.                                                HTTP://THEATRE.WCU.EDU
the war against Franco, and an elderly uncle            Howard Ashman’s tongue-in-cheek musical              Tickets also will be available for individual
who has “come home to die” after a lifetime in      Little Shop of Horrors comes to the stage on         productions.

 Ivory Consort to Open Lectures, Concerts and Exhibitions Series
    The Lectures, Concerts and Exhibitions
Series at Western Carolina University will
feature 10 programs for the 2004-05 season,
including performances of world music, a
comical twist on the great books, and acrobats
from the People’s Republic of China.
    The series begins Monday, Sept. 20, with a
performance by the Ivory Consort in the recital
hall of the Coulter Building. The ensemble
specializes in medieval music from the Golden
Age of Spain when various religions forged
a common musical language. The program
“Music from the land of Three Faiths” features
10th-through 13th-century songs in Hebrew,
Arabic and Galician-Portuguese.
    Canadian guitarist Don Ross will perform
Monday, Sept. 27, in the recital hall of
the Coulter Building. A two-time winner
of the U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar
Championship, Ross performs a mixture of
jazz, folk, rock and classical music, which he
describes as “heavy wood.”
                                                    Ivory Consort will perform 10th-through 13th-century songs in Hebrew, Arabic and
                                                    Galician-Portuguese in the recital hall of the Coulter Building on Monday, Sept. 20.

                                                         September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
                Saturday, September 25th                                            Western’s Mountain Heritage Center once again will
                                                                                put the focus on traditional mountain culture, providing
                                                                                demonstrations of authentic mountain skills such as
                                                                                woodcarving, basket making, blacksmithing, quilting,
                                                                                and weaving on the main festival grounds. Visitors are
                                                                                encouraged to visit the center while on Western’s campus to
                                                                                learn about Appalachian culture through its many exhibits
                                                                                and displays. Located on the ground floor of H.F. Robinson
                                                                                Administration Building, the Mountain Heritage Center
                                                                                will be open on Sept. 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                    Mountain Heritage Day attendees also will find three
                                                                                stages of traditional mountain music and dance, with lots
                                                                                of clogging and toe-tapping fiddle and banjo music. Visitors
                                                                                can join in two sessions of shape-note singing, where singers
                                                                                from across the Southeast carry on one of the region’s sacred
                                                                                    The Mountain Heritage Day arts and crafts midway will
                                                                                include about 160 vendors offering handmade items ranging
                                                                                from woodwork and pottery to paintings, clocks and quilts.
                                                                                More than 25 food booths will feature old-fashioned fare
                                                                                such as ham biscuits, cider, lemonade, barbecue, Cherokee
                                                                                fry bread, peanuts, popcorn, beans, cornbread, and the like.
                                                                                (Sorry, no soft drinks or fast food.)

    Hmmm…let’s see:
    Hay bales? Check.
    Portable toilets? Check.
    Sound system for main stage? Check.
    Members of the 30-member
committee that organize Mountain
Heritage Day, Western’s annual showcase
of traditional Appalachian culture, are
checking their to-do lists as they make
final preparations for this year’s event,
coming up on campus Saturday, Sept. 25.
    Western will be commemorating
three decades of celebrating traditional
Appalachian culture as this year’s
Mountain Heritage Day. For the few
who have never experienced the festival,
imagine a combination old-fashioned
mountain fair and showcase for authentic
Appalachian folk arts, infused with the
spirit of a big family reunion. A visit to
the festival provides a memorable mosaic
of sights, sounds and smells that keeps
many first-time visitors coming back year      Mouth-watering exhibits of award-winning jams, jellies, canned vegetables, pies and biscuits will
after year. And they do keep coming back,      be on display at the festival. Save room for the cider, barbecue and Cherokee fry bread.
as attendance at Mountain Heritage Day
regularly tops 25,000.
                                                                    The festival also offers several just-for-fun competitions, including a 5K
                                                                footrace, horseshoes, checkers matches, an antique auto show, costume
                                                                contests for women and children, a beard and moustache contest for men,
                                                                and a preserved foods contest. The festival woodcutting contest is always
                                                                a crowd favorite, with chain saw and crosscut saw masters from across the
                                                                nation competing against one another.
                                                                    Additions to this year’s festival include a morning farmers market,
                                                                offering fresh fruits, vegetables and other hand-grown delicacies to festival
                                                                attendees; and exhibitions of the traditional Cherokee game of stickball at
                                                                11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
                                                                    Faculty and staff are encouraged to take part in cake walks during the
                                                                day to assist Western’s Staff Forum in raising money for the Staff Forum
                                                                Scholarship Fund. Contact Keith Ashe at 227-2480 for more information.
                                                                    Mountain Heritage Day is held outside, rain or shine, and admission
                                                                to the festival site is free. Activities begin around 8 a.m. and wind down
                                                                around 5 p.m. Close parking is limited, but shuttles operate throughout
Bluegrass lovers will be entertained by the many groups         the day. Special parking is available to those with physical disabilities. Pets
performing at the festival, including banjo players.            are not allowed on festival grounds, but service animals are welcome.

                                                      September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
                                                                                                                                                September, 2004
Tuesday, September 14                                                   Look for regular updates on the university’s web site at
Luncheon and celebration—
Employee Appreciation Day and               Thursday, September 23                       Saturday, September 25
Welcome Back luncheon.                      Presentation—The Prince of Dark              Presentation—The Prince of Dark          BREAK BY THE LAKE
11 a.m.–2 p.m., RRAC. (227-7100)            Corners, Major Lewis Redmond,                Corners, Major Lewis Redmond,             CONFERENCE SET
                                            Outlaw, an orginal play by Gary              Outlaw, an orginal play by Gary             FOR SEPT. 24
Sunday, September 19                        Carden. 7 p.m., MHC.                         Carden. 2 p.m., MHC.
Presentation—Kay Moss, Tools and            (227-7129)                                   (227-7129)                                   University Counseling
Tales from the Open Hearth: 18th            Also a Saturday matinee.                                                              Programs and the Office for Rural
Cooking and Foodways 2:30-4:00                                                                                                    Education are teaming with the
p.m., MHC. (227-7129)                                                                    Sunday, September 26                     Jackson County School System to
                                            Friday, September 24                         Lady Catamount Soccer vs.                offer “Break by the Lake 2004,”
Monday, September 20                        Lady Catamount Soccer vs.                    East Carolina, 1 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                  a one-day conference for student
Concert—Ivory Consort,                      College of Charleston, 4 p.m.,               SSF. (227-7338)
                                            SSF. (227-7338)                                                                       services personnel from across
performing medieval music in
                                                                                                                                  Western North Carolina set for
exciting, historically informed
manner. Admission: $15 general;                                                          Monday, September 27                     Friday, Sept. 24.
$10 staff, non-Western students;            Saturday, September 25                       Concert —Don Ross, one of                    The conference, held annually
free for Western students.                  Festival--30th Annual Mountain               today’s true innovators of guitar        at Lake Junaluska during the fall
7:30 p.m., RH. (227-7206)                   Heritage Day, old-fashioned day-             composition and technique.               of the year, is designed for school
                                            long celebration of mountain life,           Ross has emerged as one of               counselors, social workers, nurses,
Tuesday, September 21                       featuring three stages of traditional        the most respected musicians             psychologists, attendance officers,
Concert—Catamount Concert                   music and dance with continuous              in Canada and one of the top             school resource officers and other
Series, Western music faculty in a          toe-tapping fiddle and banjo music           guitarists in the world. He plays        student personnel workers.
program of instrumental and vocal           and clogging, two shape-note                 an unclassifiable musical style that         In addition to presentations by
music. 8 p.m., RH. (227-7242)               singing sessions that reflect the            borrows from jazz, folk, rock and        student personnel professionals
                                            sacred traditions of the mountains,          classical music. 7:30 p.m.               from across the region and
Wednesday, September 22                     dozens of demonstrations of                  Admission: $15 general; $10 staff,       networking opportunities, the
Presentation—Appalachian                    mountain folk arts, and craft and            non-Western students; free for
                                                                                                                                  conference will feature a program
Cultural Lunchtime Series.                  food booths. 227-3193 or look at             Western students. RH. (227-7206)
                                                                                             titled “Walking Together Through
Noon-1 p.m., MHC. (227-7129)                                                                                                      Cherokee Eyes,” led by Cherokee
                                                                                                                                  storyteller and historian Freeman
                                     ★★★ Now Showing ★★★                                                                              Presentation topics will include
                                                                                                                                  legal issues, parent involvement,
       Exhibitions:                                                                                                               getting started with young
       Mountain Heritage Center                                                                                                   children, creative counseling,
       Migration of the Scotch-Irish People (permanent exhibition).                                                               self-injury in adolescents,
                                                                                                                                  student grief, positive classroom
       The Crafting of Mountain Music, through January 5, 2005.
                                                                                                                                  environment for at-risk students,
         An interpretation of the historical musical instruments common to the Southern                                           sexuality in schools, and music
         Appalachian region.                                                                                                      and self-discovery.
       All Things Iron: Practical and Decorative Ironware, through December 17, 2004.                                                 The conference begins at
         More than 200 iron items dating from the 1600s to the 1900s including implements,                                        8:15 a.m. at Lake Junaluska. For
         blacksmith and farrier tools, and lighting devices.                                                                      registration information, contact
       People of the Land: Cherokee Heritage Sites in the Cullowhee Valley, the latest reports on                                 the Office for Rural Education at
         the finding of summer archaeological digs in the Cullowhee Valley.                                                       (828) 227-7347.
       The Dulcimer: An Appalachian Folk Tradition, through June 2005.
         Traces the development of the dulcimer from its origins to today’s traditional folk
         instrument.                                                                                                               Submissions:
                                                                                                                                   Send news items and calendar notices to
                                                                                                                                   WCU Calendar, 1601 Ramsey Center,
                                                                                                                                   Western Carolina University, Cullowhee,
  Key: HA - Hoey Auditorium; HFR - H.F. Robinson Administration Building; HS/CF - Hennon Stadium/Childress Field;                  North Carolina 28723 or e-mail to
  MHC - Mountain Heritage Center; NSA - Natural Sciences Auditorium; RRAC - Ramsey Regional Activity Center; RH - Recital Hall,
  Coulter Building; BB - Belk Building; UC - A.K. Hinds University Center; UOC - University Outreach Center;                           Submit items for the university’s
  WS/BW - Whitmire Stadium/Bob Waters Field; SSF - Schrader Soccer Field.                                                          calendar on the Internet at least one
                                                                                                                                   week prior to the event.

                                                                 September 13, 2004 • The Reporter
    Mandolin master Sam Bush                rock, pop, reggae, jazz, country
and his band will top the                   and bluegrass.
musical lineup at the Mountain                  New Grass Revival
Heritage Day Spotlight Concert              disbanded in 1989, and Bush
on Friday, Sept. 24, at the                 went on to lead Emmylou
Ramsey Regional Activity                    Harris’ Grammy-winning
Center.                                     Nash Ramblers for five years.
    The concert also will                   An in-demand session player
feature Whitewater Bluegrass                for many years, Bush also
Company, featuring Western                  stays busy touring with Lyle
alumnus and Grammy Award-                   Lovett, Left Over Salmon, Linda
winning banjoist Marc Pruett,               Rondstadt, Dolly Parton and
and the Frogtown Four. Music                former New Grass Revival band
at the Ramsey Center will get               mate Bela Fleck.
under way at 7:30 p.m.                          Bush’s latest recording,
    A living legend in bluegrass            “Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride,”
and acoustic music circles, Bush            is culled from his 1990s
made his debut recording as a               performances at Colorado’s
17-year-old, after holding the              Telluride Bluegrass Festival,
title of National Junior Fiddle             where he has been the musical
                                                                                                Bluegrass entertainer Sam Bush will appear
Champion for three years. At                guiding spirit for 26 of the                        in concert at the Ramsey Center on Sept. 24.
age 19, he founded New Grass                festival’s 27 years, earning Bush                   Sponsored in part by WNCW-FM, WestCare
Revival, an ensemble that for               the title “Mayor of Telluride.”                     Health System and Mediacom, the concert is
the next 18 years broke new                     Tickets for the Sept. 24                        the introductory event for the 30th anniversary
ground in acoustic music by                 show are $10 for Western                            Mountain Heritage Day, the annual celebration of
                                                                                                Appalachian culture that will be held on the campus
using traditional bluegrass                 students and children 13 and                        Saturday, Sept. 25.To order tickets, contact the ticket
instruments to create an                    under, and $15 for all others.                      office at (828) 227-7722 or (866) WCU-FEST.
up-tempo blend of gospel,

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                                                            September 13, 2004 • The Reporter

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