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					                                                                                                                              Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter
                                                                                                                                          2242 W. Holcombe Blvd.
                                                                                                                          .                     Houston, TX 77030
                                                                                                                            713-314-1313             800-272-3900
                                                                                                                                                713-314-1316 FAX

                                                                   Adult Day Centers
                              Every effort has been made to offer a complete listing of adult day centers. The following are facilities that have
                          expressed interest in being on this list by returning the Alzheimer’s Association questionnaires. The Alzheimer’s Assoc.
                            does not endorse any adult day centers listed. Inclusion or exclusion is not an indication of approval or disapproval.

                                 For questions relating to state survey results, etc. please call the Texas Department of
                                 Human Services - Long Term Care Regulatory Customer Service at 1-800-252-8016
Facility                        Area or                   Dementia       Cost and/or                Security                Transportation      Days & Hrs. of
                                Region                    Specific       Payment Source             System                                      Operation
Caring People Ltd. Co.          Fort Bend County             No          Medicaid and               Alarms on doors.              Yes           M-F
914 Frost Street                                                         private pay                                     25 mile radius         7 am - 5 pm
Rosenberg, TX 77471                                                                                                      No additional
Karen Friend:owner                                                                                                       charge
Phone: 281-344-9911
Fax: 281-232-9001
No email
The Daybreak at the Heritage                                  No         $40.00/per day                                           Yes           7-30am-5pm
1221 Graham Drive                                                        $180. For full week                                 10 mile radius     10am-4pm
Tomball Tx 77375                                                         $30.00/$130.00 half week                                               M-F
Galveston County Adult Day Care                               No         Medicaid                   Alarms on doors.             Yes        M-F
2120 Texas Ave.                                                          VA Benefits                                       Galveston County 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Texas City, TX 77590           Galveston County                          $30/up Private pay                                   No charge
Gladys Douglass                                                          Range of rates
Phone: 409-945-4414
Fax: 409-945-3141
No email
Garden Oaks Adult Activity Center                            No          $30-$35/day                Observation by             Yes          M-F
905 W. 34 th Street                                       1st Stage      Medicaid                   staff.               15 mile radius     7 am - 5:30 pm
Houston, TX 77018              Northwest                 Alzheimer's     America Group              Doesn't lock doors      Metro Lift
Karen Vance                    Harris County                                                        Alarms on doors    Pay for tickets/pass
Phone: 713-868-1515
Fax: 713-868-3022
No email
Libbie’s Place                 Galveston County          Early stage     $50/day, $30/ ½ day        Observation by               Yes            M-F
2803 53rd St                                              Dementia       $100 enrollment fee        staff.                  Only Galveston
Galveston, TX 77551                                         70%          2 Days/Wk $360                                    $2 each direction
Alice Williams                                                           3 Days/Wk $480
Phone: 409-741-2538                                                      4 Days/Wk $640
Fax: 409-744-0508                                                        5 Days/Wk $750

  Adult Day Care Center                                                                                                                                              updates1/08
Facility                    Area or           Dementia        Cost and/or            Security              Transportation      Days & Hrs. of
                            Region             Specific       Payment Source         System                                    Operation
The Lighthouse of Houston   Inside 610 Loop       No          3-4 hrs. - $13.13      Clients super-              Yes         M-F
MCC I                       Harris County     Early stage     6+ hrs - $26.26        vised at all times   Harris County only 7am - 4pm
3602 W. Dallas                                Alzheimer's     (maximum)              Doors locked
Houston, TX 77019                                Only         Medicaid               from outside.
Chelena Zander                                                and privatepay
Phone: 713-284-8494                                           $30/day and
Fax: 713-284-8468                                           VA Benefits
The Lighthouse of Houston   Southwest             No          3-4 hrs. - $13.13      Clients super-              Yes           M-F
MCC II                      Harris County     19yrs & up      6+ hrs - $26.26        vised at all times      SW Houston        7:30 am – 4:00 pm
8640 Wednesbury                               w/ disability                          Doors locked             area only.
Houston, TX 77074                                             Medicaid               from outside.
Diana Gatlin (temporary)                                      $30/day                                      Van runs 2 times
Phone: 713-995-1243                                                                                         daily for pickup
Fax: 713-995-4581                                                                                            and returns                                 VA Benefits
Oakes at` Bissonnet         Southwest             No          $40/day - no care;     Gated                         Yes         M-F
12038 Bissonnet             Harris County                     $45/day w/care-cash    community            within 5 mile radius 7 am - 4 pm
Houston, TX 77099                                             pay
Rodney Rolands
Phone: 281-561-9444
Fax: 281-561-7233
No email                                                      Medicaid
Odyssey TLC Adult Day       Northwest             No          $40-70/day, Full and   Alarms on doors              No           M-F
Care Center                 Harris County                     part-time special      Wanderguard;
18303 Strack Dr.                                              contract rates         Safetygurads                              6:30 am - 6 pm; Sat
Spring, TX 77379                                              Medicaid               covering door                             9 am - 5 pm
Lisa Smith                                                                           knobs & locks.
Phone: 281-370-2200
Pine Tree Day Program       Southwest             Yes         $35-$45                Doors locked                Yes           M-F
5128 Pine                   Harris County                     Medicaid               at all times                              7:30am - 5:30pm
Pasadena, TX 77503                                            VA Benefits

  Adult Day Care Center                                                                                                                              updates1/08
Facility                      Area or               Dementia     Cost and/or              Security              Transportation      Days & Hrs. of
                              Region                Specific     Payment Source           System                                    Operation
Senior Day Productions        Woodlands/Conroe         No        private pay                                          Yes           Monday- Friday

P.o. Box 7473                                         Mixed     Medicaid                                       Inside service area 9am-5pm
                                                  dementia and
                                                   frail elders
The Woodlands,TX 77387        Montgomery /North    Social Day
                              Harris                   care
832- 795-2822/832-457-6042
membership services
The Seniors Place             Southwest                 Yes      $60/day                  Alarm sysem          Yes; within 5 mile M-F
2714 Joanel Street            Harris County       Early/Moderate Faith based              Locked doors          radius of center 7:30am –6pm
Houston, TX 77027                                     Stages     Non-profit               Professional Staff
Tracey Brown                                                     State licensed                                   $5 one way
Phone: 713-552-0420                                              scholarships available                          $10 round trip
Fax: 713-552-0165
Sheltering Arms Day           Inside 610 Loop          Yes       $57/day                  Key pad doors -            Yes            M-F
Center - Central              Harris County                      $42/ 5.5 hours           front exit &          Uses Metro lift &
3838 Aberdeen                                                    $25-$40/day with         back gate.              Red Cross         7 am - 6 pm
Houston, TX 77025                                                    scholarships         Extra gates in
Joan Arnold                                                      $95 enrollment fee.      parking lot.
Phone: 713-667-2840
Fax: 713-558-6322                                   VA Contract
Terrace Pines Apartments      Brazos County            No        Medicaid                 Alarms on                  Yes            M-F
819 Krenek Tap Road                                              Accepts housing          doors.                 Has a van for      7:45 am - 5:45 pm
College Station, Tx 77840                         Independent    vouchers
Carol Linda                                           Living

Transitions Adult Day         Fort Bend County         No        $60/day                  Alarms on doors            Yes            M-F
Center - Central                                                 $47/half day             Not locked down        15 min. radius
2200 FM 1092 Ste A&B                                             accepts medicaid                                                   8 am - 6 pm
Missouri City, TX 77459
Troy Carter
Phone: 281-499-9892
Fax: 281-499-9110
No email
Vitality Health Services      Southeast               No        $30/day                  Monitored by                 Yes           M-F
9715 Telephone Rd. Ste. 102   Harris County       Mental health Medicaid                 staff.                                     7:00 am - 5 pm
Houston, TX 77075                                               Star plus
Miss Williams                                                   Free meals and activities
Phone: 713-987-9111
Fax: 713-987-9112
No email

  Adult Day Care Center                                                                                                                                 updates1/08

Facility                     Area or              Dementia      Cost and/or           Security                Transportation     Days & Hrs. of
                             Region               Specific      Payment Source        System                                     Operation
Colonial Oaks Westchase      Southwest                Yes       $65/day               Single                     No              Sun.-Sat.
11395 Richmond Ave           Harris County       Memory care    no activities         entrance/exit                              7:00am-7:0pm
Houston, TX 77082                                 All stages    community trips       Cameras; secure periphery.
Cindy Frey                                                      2 meals/day           Alarm system
Phone: 281-759-2900
Fax: 281-759-2999
Colonial Oaks Braeswood      Inside Loop 610         Yes        $75/day               Single                        no           M-F
7800 N. Stadium Drive        Harris County                      No additional costs   entrance/exit:                             Flexible hours
Houston, Texas 77030                                                                  Cameras & Alarms;                          No minimums
Brennan Kraut                                                                         Locked down
Phone: 713-799-8200
Fax: (713)-799-2343                                                              Secured periphery
Colonial Oaks Pasadena       Southeast               yes        $28.95-$38.95         Locked down             Tues. and Thurs.   Sun.-Sat.
4004 Vista                   Harris County                      depending on room     Alheimer unit.             to appts.       24 hours
Pasadena, TX 77504
Linda Christopher
Phone: 713-941-4663
Fax: 713-941-4666
Colonial Oaks First Colony   Sugarland/Houston      No, but
13825 Lexington Blvd.                            has dementia
Sugar Land, Tx 77478                                  unit
Phone: (281)-277-0900
Heartland Health Care        Southwest           No dementia $65/day                  Avalon secured                yes          Everday
Center                       Harris County         patients  Private pay              doors;                                     6 am -6 pm
2939 Woodland Park
Houston, TX 77082                                                                     Wanderguard on
Nancy Shirley                                                                         skilled nursing floor
Phone: 281-870-9100
Fax: 281-558-7700
No email

  Adult Day Care Center                                                                                                                           updates1/08
Oasis Lifestyle            Fort Bend County       No         $20/day - assisted       Key pad alarms;           No           M-F
11919 W. Airport Blvd.                          40-50%       $34/day - personal       secured patio                          Flexible hours
Stafford, TX 77477                                                                    walk in area.
Denise Hussey                                                                         Locked down
Phone: 281-240-1707                                          $35/day - memory activities
Fax: (281)-970-6455                                          Social programs
Pine Tree Cottage          Southeast              Yes        $50/day                 Key pad alarms;            No           M-F
2514 Pansy                 Harris County                     Private pay             secured gates          Doctor visits    8 am - 5 pm
Pasadena, Tx. 77503                                                                  and fences.
Trish Finck                                                                          Locked doors
Phone: 281-812-4099                                                                  & alarms
Fax: 281-487-5818
No email
Rosemont Assisted Living   Northeast               Yes       $23.95-$32.95/day       Keypad entry to         No-for alz      Sun.-Sat.
6450 Kings Parkway         Harris County       All stages                            secure areas;                           7a.m.-7p.m.
Kingwood, TX 77346                                                                   alarms on all exit
Glen Bradford
Phone: 281-812-4099
Fax: 281-812-4097
No email                                                                             doors.
Silverado Senior Living    Northeast               Yes       $80 - $100/day          Key pad alarms;            Yes          Daycare - 8 hours
22955 Eastex Fwy           Harris County       All stages    depending on need       locked secured       $1.75/mi. charge   out of 24 hours/day
Kingwood, TX 77339                              respite      Private pay             areas                                   Respite - everyday/24
Debbie Floyd                                                 Long-term insurance
Phone: 281-312-2526
Fax: 281-312-1040
No email
Sugar Land Oaks by         Fort Bend County        No        $80/day                 Wanderguard;               Yes          Sun.-Sat.
Marriott                                      Early/middle   Private pay             enclosed                Activities      Everyday
151 Commerce Green Boulevard                    stages       ^                       courtyard             D. appt. T/Th.    8 am - 5 pm
Sugar Land, TX 77478                                         would not say:          Door locked coded        No cost
Brenda Langford                                              above are the old                             or as needed
Phone: 281-491-6257                                          numbers
Fax: 281-242-1833
No email
Summerville @ Friendswood Friendswood             Yes        $23.95-$50.95           Secured                    Yes
1310 S. Friendswood Drive  Clear Lake                        $29.95-$45.95-alz       entrance and         to local medical
Friendswood, TX 77546                                                                exit.                     appts.
Betty Martin
Phone: 281-648-5454
No email

Summerville of Cy-Fair*    Northwest              Yes        $33.75-$44.75/day       Door alarms;         Yes: to and from   Everyday
11500 Fallbrook Dr.        Harris County                                             enclosed              doctors in area   7am - 7pm
Houston, Tx. 77065                                                                   wandering path
Betty Lee                                                                            & courtyard.
Phone: 281-970-6688
Fax: (281)-970-6455

  Adult Day Care Center                                                                                                                              updates1/08

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