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									Under Eye Dark Spots

Over the years, different eye beauty problems can develop such as eye puffiness, eye wrinkles and bags
under eyes. Aside from these though, there's also a common problem that can affect your overall
appearance: dark spots under the eyes.

Common Causes of Under Eye Dark Spots

Under eye dark spots are more common in women than in men. Here are just some of the things that
cause such problem:

Hormones – Hormones sometimes causes your oil glands to produce too much oil which clog your
pores. When certain types of bacteria settle on the clogged pores, inflammation and dark spots under
the eyes usually occur.

Acne – Also connected to hormones, acne occurs when there's overproduction of the oil glands.
Sometimes dark spots become acne. When the pores are blocked, under eye dark spots appear.

Malnutrition – Just like dark circles under eyes, dark spots can also occur if you don't drink enough
water or take the right amount of fluids every day. You must always keep yourself hydrated to avoid
such problems.

Heredity – Blame it on the genes. Heredity is one of the main factors that cause under eye dark spots. If
your family members are prone to having dark spots under eyes, don't be surprised if you encounter
such problem over the years too. Under eye dark spots are more noticeable on people with fair skin.

Lack of sleep, tension and stress can also contribute to the development of under eye dark spots. Aging,
overexposure to the sun, and allergy to different things such as mold and dust are also some of the
minor causes of dark spots.

What to Do When You Have Under Eye Dark Spots

There are various methods in treating dark spots under eyes. Here are just some of them:

    •   Find the best eye cream among the many products in the market today. You can ask a skin
        specialist to help you out in picking the right product.
    •   If you got the money, you can opt for a laser treatment which magically removes dark spots
        under the eyes.
    •   To cover up your under eye dark spots, using a good concealer that matches your skin tone is
        one of the immediate but temporary methods in treating dark spots.
    •   Want a home remedy? Combine a mix of half a teaspoon of lemon juice with glycerin and apply
        it on the affected area.

How to Prevent Dark Spots Under Eyes
Getting enough sleep is essential in keeping your eyes free from dark spots. Eating the right kinds of
food can also make a huge difference.

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