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									Middle Creek Elementary
PTA General Meeting Minutes
July 22, 2009

Attendance: Anna Graf, Kelly Bradshaw, Teresa Caswell, Linda Chaloupecky, Ashley Peay-Bettini,
Courtney Turner, Patty Rishel, Brenda Gerkin, Polly Smith, Amy Loftus, Katie Kirkland, Steve Rhew,
Cheryl Rhew, Suzi Heffner, Elizabeth Sherman, Bridget Lentine, Beth DeBernardo, Beth Lewis, Karen
Lopez, Kim Avery, Marna Swagert, Shannon Schwartz, Tanja Sclafani, Jackie Masterson.

Meeting called to order at 8:10 p.m. by Anna Graf, PTA President.

Approval of Minutes:
 Minutes from the June meeting have been posted to the school website. Polly Smith moved to
   approve the minutes. Marna Swagert seconded the motion. A vote was taken; the minutes were

Budget Presentation:
 Anna presented the proposed budget for the 2009-2010 school year. She explained the new format
  of the presentation – revenues and expenses listed side by side for each line item and previous year
  listed next to this year’s amounts for easier comparison.
 Beth DeBernardo made a motion to approve the budget as presented by Anna. Brenda Gerkin
  seconded the motion. A vote was taken. The new budget was approved.

Report of Officers:
 President’s Report – Anna Graf
      o Teacher Training day was held July 1st; the PTA provided food and raffle items.
      o Agenda Sales – once track 4 starts, PTA will sell agendas 8:00-8:30 am in the hallway for the
          week of July 27th – July 31st. Agendas will be sold in the office (also 8:00-8:30 am) after that.
      o Welcoming Breakfast – Brenda hosted breakfast – very good turnout
      o Going paperless – PTA has its own TeacherWeb; the goal is to have PTA-related
          information, membership, forms, volunteer sign-up on the web. Polly Smith will be taking
          over responsibilities for PTA TeacherWeb maintenance.
      o Reminders: Yahoo! Group, Membership, Volunteer, Volunteer levels
               Anna reminded everyone to join the Middlecreekelementary Yahoo! Group to receive
                  Monday Morning Reminders.
               PTA membership will also be completed online, through the PTA link on the school
               School volunteers were reminded to register through the school. This must be done
                  every year.
               PTA volunteers were reminded to sign up via the PTA link from the school website.
 Principal’s Report – Kelly Bradshaw
      o Introduced Teresa Caswell as an administration intern. An introductory note was sent home
          with students.
      o Welcoming Breakfast went well.
 Teacher’s report – none
 Treasurer’s Report – see Budget presentation above
 VP of Ways and Means Report – Anna Graf
      o Selling Agendas – Need volunteers to help sell agendas 8:00-8:30 am in main hallway July
          27th – 31st.
      o Need volunteers to help collect Citipass fundraising money August 3rd-21st in the main
          hallway, 8:00-8:30 a.m.
      o Need volunteers to stuff Citipass books July 31st, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Reports of Committees:
   New Grass – Polly Smith
       o Playground to open August 10th after the new sod has time to set. The grass looks great.
       o New rock wall installed. Administration to work with classrooms to understand the rules of
           use prior to the playground re-opening.
       o Would like to invite the media to be present on the day of the playground opening.
       o Dr. Yelverton has been mowing the grass; he is not able to continue to do so over the next
           few weeks. Need a volunteer to mow the grass every 5 days. The mower may not be a rider.
           Please contact Polly Smith to volunteer.
   Membership – Polly Smith
       o Membership is $6 per person this year. The form to join is online; after that form is filled out
           and submitted, you receive an email and then an envelope, in which to place payment, in
           your child’s Tuesday folder.
   Playground – Beth Lewis
       o Beth passed around funball hoops info sheet for review for those who hadn’t seen them
           previously. She has sent a map to K-2 teachers with a request for them to specify their top
           choices of location for the hoops on the K-2 playground. A question was raised about balls –
           answer: each class will be responsible for their own balls; Anna noted that the PTA made
           balls available at teacher training.
       o We are acquiring 2 soccer goals for the 3-5 playground.
       o Next plan – to evaluate the 3-5 playground structure; the committee would like to replace the
           existing structure with something nicer; Wake County has a matching grant of $10k per year.
           This could be a long-term process, 18 months (or more)
       o After 3-5, committee will tackle k-2 playground. K-2 playground has drainage issues; Beth
           has been working with the county to try to get this fixed. Must be fixed before any vendors
           will install equipment.
   Grade Night Out – Kim Avery
       o Grade Night Out at Waverly Place Chick-fil-a honoring kindergarten on July 23rd.
       o Rest of restaurants will be established soon. Kim is working on nights at the new “green”
           McDonald’s in Cary, Sweet Tomatoes, Boston Market, and Assaggio’s.

Unfinished Business:
 Position Openings – Anna noted the following PTA openings for this school year:
       o VP ways & means
       o VP fundraising – we have 4 fundraising representatives, but we need someone to oversee all
          of them. This is an executive committee position, and there are monthly executive meetings.
       o Executive Chair of Volunteers
       o Committees: Carnival, Read-a-thon, Science Night Dinner, Track 1 Room Parent
          Coordinator, ESL contact.

New Business:
 School Improvement Plan Representatives – have had 2 parent volunteers serving on this
  committee: Kristin Anderson and Beth DeBernardo. They are both interested in serving again this
  year. Starting this year, the people filling these positions must be elected. Anna asked if anyone else
  is interested in serving; no one else expressed interest. Anna nominated Kristin and Beth and
  requested a vote. A vote was taken. Kristin and Beth were elected.

   July 23 – Chick-fil-a Grade Night Out
   July 31 – Track 4 Kindergarten Meet the Teacher
   August 3 – Welcoming Breakfast
   August 3 – Citipass Fundraiser Begins
   August 5 – General PTA meeting

Adjournment: meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

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