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             Schemas and /f002Fourth Edition 59869 Cathy Nutbrown
Threads of Thinking      Young Children's Learning                                                 Praise for popular book, Cathy Nutbrown presentsable to
                                                                                                                   PART ONE: YOUNG CHILDREN is eviden
                                                                              Mar-11 In her new edition of thisthe previous edition: 'Cathy Nutbrown LEARNIN
                           /f002Second Edition 59007
Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education and Care Cathy Nutbrown                                  'A of Cathy Nutbrown's much to early childhood and thos
                                                                                                                  Assessment \ Attachment Babies' the key
                                                                              Jan-11 This new edition rich resource for those newloved book\explains Learnin
              History, Philosophy and Experience48577 Cathy Nutbrown, Peter2008 'This book aims high;Childhood Education" is an are Childhood Educatio
Early Childhood Education                                                                      '"Early      A Short History of Early to be valuable an
                                                                            Clough and Philip Selbie its aspiration and rationale extremelywelcomedand
Learning in Early Childhood                        59191 Pat Beckley                               Providing a detailed rationale approach to learning in to e
                                                                                                                  PART holistic for YOUNG CHILDREN LE
                                                                              Aug-11 Providing a detailed rationale for anONE: HOW an holistic approachthele
                            /f002Second Edition 40166 Thomas Keenan and Subhadra Evans
An Introduction to Child Development                                                         'This excellentPART provides comprehensive coverage of
                                                                                                            book ONE: INTRODUCTION, THEORIES
                                                                         2009 . 'This excellent book provides comprehensive coverage of topics in chil
              A             /f002Second Edition 55262 Tina Bruce
Early Childhood Guide for Students                                                                  students the First Edition :YOU AND it includes new rese
                                                                                                                  PART ONE: 'Because YOUR and Early
                                                                                2009 . Designed for Praise foron Early Years Foundation DegreesLEARNINGC
Reflective Practice in the Early Years                                       2009 Written       Written for anyone field of in theNatalie Canning - Introd
                                                                                                               Michael Reed and field of early years care
                                                   55465 Michael Reed and Natalie Canning for anyone working in the workingearly years education andeduc
Play and Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage Natalie Canning                              'This book is Natalie Canning carefully formulated, cohe
                                                                                                                  well-conceived, - Introduction \ PART ON
                                                                              Nov-10 Play is an underlying themeaof the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS
                                              61589 Michael            Nov-11 For all        For all in Early Years improving quality experiences for al
Implementing Quality Improvement & Change in the Early Years Reed and Natalie Canning those working those working in early years, improving quality exp
              A Guide for Students
                            /f002Second                                   2010 Covering all 'I key this is an excellent \ Key Course and and \ Readi
                                                                                                             different theoretical childhood approaches
Studying Childhood and Early Childhood Edition 58403 Kay Sambell, Mel Gibson and Sue Miller the thinkthemes,Introduction book for views Themes early ch
                             /f002Second Edition 52479 Trisha Maynard and Nigel Thomas
An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies                                                     `This multi-professional book needed for students and pra
                                                                                                              PART what is is just what is needed for st
                                                                           2009 `This multi-professional book is justONE: PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDH
              A Multidisciplinary Approach
An Introduction to Early Childhood
                             /f002Second Edition 54516 Tim Waller                                                  PART ONE: up-to-date book, education a
                                                                                                     Covering the major themesTHEORY \ Tim Waller - will b
                                                                                2009 'This is an interesting, comprehensive andof early childhood which Mode
             A Years Step Guide
                          /f002Second                                  Mar-11 This new edition of a for the First Can Do :ResearchthroughFeelings abo
Doing your EarlyStep byResearch Project Edition 59352 Guy Roberts-Holmes                                    You book guides is : excellent resource
                                                                                            Praise much-loved Edition 'Thisyouan Your your Early Y
            An Introductory Guide
Research Methods in Early Childhood                                          2009 'How I          had I book like this when I - Foreward \IPART ONE: my
                                                                                                                 had a book like this when first started re
                                                   54509 Penny Mukherji and Deborah Albonwish I'd'How a wish I'dJanet Moyles first started my career as aPA
Work-Based Research in the Early Years                                      Sep-11
                                                   61205 Sue Callan and Michael Reed                                Sue Callan, Michael Reed are Alison Murp
                                                                                                     In the early years sector, all practitioners and now expecte
                              Childhood Curriculum
Play, Learning and the Early /f002Third Edition                           Jane Attfield
                                                 58224 Elizabeth Wood and Jun-12
Leading and Managing in the Early Years Edition 60410 Carol Aubrey                                This of Leading and Managing in the Early Agenda \ Lea
                                                                                                                The Early Childhood Managing in the Earl
                                                                              May-11 This second editionSecond Edition of Leading andLeaders' Years explore
            Supporting and Leading Teams
Managing Early Years Settings                                                  Callan              very useful resource for setting leaders undertaking adva
                                                                                                                 Value-based leadership and management \
                                                   53562 Alison Robins and Sue2008 'This book is a'The book provides a valuable basis for considering leade
                                               in the Linda Miller      Nov-10 With the rapid With the experiencedMiller and Carrie Cable - The Chang
Professionalization, Leadership and Management 59313 Early Years and Carrie Cable                            change experienced by the early years wor
                                                                                              change rapid Linda by the Early Years Workforce over r
Policy Issues in the Early Years                                             Dec-11 In the       Providing have been substantial developments of the mo
                                                   62972 Linda K Miller and Denise Hevey last decade there a unique and critical insight into somein the field
                                                 Years                     Dec-10 By         By focusing inLindafigures education andeducation and c
                                                                                                              key years in early years care, this book
Theories and Approaches to Learning in the Early59312 Linda Miller and Linda Pound focusing on key figures on early Miller and Linda Pound - Taking a C
             A Guide for Students
Montessori and Early Childhood                     54510 Susan Feez                                'An engaging, Introduction \ The Montessori Story by the
                                                                                                                 clear and informative account of the The c
                                                                                2009 Early childhood education across the world has been influenced \ influen
             Challenges and Opportunities
Multi-agency Working in the Early Years            54512 Michael Gasper                          'We are living through an historic time of Getting multi-ag
                                                                                                                What is partnership working, where did it co
                                                                                2009 What does working in partnership look like in practice? change in the de
Integrated Children's Services                     60239 John M Davis                             Working together with fellow across Integration: What ch
                                                                                                                   professionals professionals across differen
                                                                              Mar-11 Working together with fellow Introduction \ Definingdifferent sectors of Ar
Forest School for All                              61431 Sara Knight                             How can you Introduction: Setting benefit for theSara Kn
                                                                                                                School ethos School ethos of by benefit
                                                                              May-11 How can you use the Forestuse the Forest for the the Sceneall your stud
Forest Schools & Outdoor Learning in the Early Years Sara Knight                                   Learning outside is classroom part of early What of ear
                                                                                                                 Contextualizing Forest essential part Make
                                                                                2009 Learning outside the classroom thean essentialis an School \years educa
             Learning from Forest Schools
Risk & Adventure in Early Years Outdoor Play       60405 Sara Knight                              Do you exciting outdoor experiences Water \ Seasonal ch
                                                                                                                Earth \ exciting Play \ for children? Are C
                                                                              Apr-11 Do you want to createwant to createHueristic outdoor experiences for yo
                           /f002Third Edition   Development
Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional 55466 Marion Dowling                                Praise of the Second Edition: 'Marion Dowling's compreh
                                                                                                                   The Years of Confidence \ Living and Lea
                                                                                2009 With the introduction forthe Early Seeds Foundation Stage, young childr
Understanding Schemas and Emotion in Early ChildhoodCath Arnold
                                             58399                                                              Early Years Practitioners and Parents Enga
                                                                                                  This book connections between young children's spontan
                                                                                2010 This book makes explicitmakes explicit connections between young chil
Wellbeing from Birth                               56096 Rosemary Roberts                        'This important book ONE: does it look likeWELLBEING
                                                                                                               PART is immaculate in form as fascinatin
                                                                                2010 What do we mean by wellbeing, and whatINTRODUCING and it takes sh
             From the Early Years
Play and Learning inResearch to Practice                                      2010 Providing high'Designed help practitioners at allBroadheadtheir Justin
                                                                                                  quality play Elizabeth Wood, Pat stages of good early
                                                   57876 Pat Broadhead, Justine Howard and Elizabeth Wood to experiences is an essential part of and profes
Young Children's Creative Thinking                                          Robson, Sue Greenfield and David J Hargreaves young children's creative th
                                                                                                The promoting of promoting
                                                   62488 Hiroko Fumoto, Sue Nov-11 The importance of importanceyoung children's creative thinking, and the
              Creativity in Early Childhood   54511
UnderstandingMeaning-Making and Children's Drawing Susan Wright                                   'This will be an importantMeaning-Makingmany years dep
                                                                                                                  Creativity: seminal text for and Represent
                                                                                2010 Do you want to understand young children's development in greater in th
             At home and
Young Children Reading at school                   60602 Rachael Levy                              Developing and supporting\ literacy priority book \priority
                                                                                                                  Introduction Structure of absolute Overvi
                                                                               Jul-11 Developing and supporting literacy is an absolute is an thefor all early ye
            Understanding Language Diversity in the Classroom
Language Development                                                  Nov-10 Language Development: Development: Understanding Language Divers
                                              61974 Sandra Levey and Susan Polirstok                  Sandra Levey - Language Development: T
                                                                                         Language Understanding Language Diversity in the Class
             Acquisition and Development
Child Language                                     37121 Matthew Saxton                           Presented thinking and research and research on how ch
                                                                                                                  Landmarks in the Landscape of Child Lang
                                                                                2010 Presented with the latest with the latest thinking on how children acquire
                           /f002Fifth Edition
Contemporary Issues in the Early Years                                        2009 Duffy           'The strategic overview of Duffy and practice in PARTchil
                                                                                                                  Bernadette policy Introduction \ early ON
                                                   54669 Gillian Pugh and Bernadette Written and edited by leading practitioners and-researchers presented in
                           /f002Second Edition 53564 Peter Baldock, Damien Fitzgerald bookJanet Kay It sets latest developments Why Is It Important? \th
Understanding Early Years Policy                                                              gem!           What Is Policy and in early years policy, T
                                                                         2009 'This and is aCovering the out in a very straightforward and comprehen
             Theory and Practice
The Early Years Foundation Stage                   55107 Ioanna Palaiologou                       'This book explores Foundation Stage (EYFS) critical awa
                                                                                                                  Years ONE: which will stimulate national fr
                                                                                2009 With the advent of the Early PARTissues POLICY, PEDAGOGY AND K
Achieving Early Years Professional Status          52301 Denise Reardon                            'In this book, Denise Reardon offers Candidate professio
                                                                                                                   to the Started: An Introduction to Early Ye
                                                                                2009 Updates to this book relatingGettingrevised CWDC early years Handboo
                                               58141 Jonathan Glazzard, Denise Chadwick, Anne Webster and Julie Percivalassessment? difficult to acce
Assessment for Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage                                  'As current student I found
                                                                                                            Jonathan Glazzard and Julie Percival - Ass
                                                                          2010 Are you strugglingawith the complexities of it particularly Demystifying t
                             /f002Second Edition 48618 Margy Whalley
Involving Parents in their Children's Learning                                                     Showing how early years practitioners can collaborate eff
                                                                                                                 Notes on the team \ Acknowledgements \
                                                                                2007 `A unique guide for students, practitioners, parents, and administratorsP
              Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education Carr and Wendy Lee
Learning Stories                                  60403 Margaret                                Margaret work seminal work on learning stories was first
                                                                           Jan-12 Margaret Carr's seminalCarr's on Learning Stories was first published by
             Learning Stories
Assessment in Early Childhood Settings             10420 Margaret Carr                               'This is an invigorating and very thought-provoking text' -
                                                                                                                     A Folk Model of Assessment - and an Alter
                                                                                2001 ` This is an invigorating and very thought-provoking text, that I would rec
Multifaceted Assessment for Early Childhood Education Robert J Wright                              Multifaceted Assessment for Early Childhood Education IS
                                                                                                                 PART ONE: BACKGROUND, CURRENT is
                                                                                2010 Multifaceted Assessment in Early Childhood is ideal for those on upper-
                            /f002Second Edition 61201 Jonathan Barnes
Cross-Curricular Learning 3-14                                                                    This of Cross-curricular learning 3-14 explores the keyex
                                                                                                                What of Cross-Curricular the 21st 3-14 p
                                                                              Mar-11 This second editionSecond Edition Should Schooling in Learning Century
Assessment and Learning /f002Second Edition 61278 John Gardner                                   Assessment and Learning places centre at the centre o
                                                                              Nov-11 Assessment and Learning places learning at thelearningof our concerns
              Evidence and /f002Third Edition
Effective Teaching         Practice                                         Nov-10 This           Praise for theIntroduction:2005 edition numberThe Britis
                                                                                                                 successful Effective Teaching - of educa
                                                   57994 Daniel Muijs and David Reynolds new edition updatesthe previous edition : 'A smallwith the latest res
                                                                    Nov-10 Contemporary'Gives Martin Margery McMahon, looks at issues,and Ma
                                                                                          Issues balanced, and Teaching Christine Forde well g
Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching 58402 Margery McMahon, Christine Forde and Margaret ain Learning credible overview of thecurrent issues
             A Guide at Student
Learning and Teachingfor M-Level Teachers                                     2010 Your Simon training or professional development the Book for? \ Who
                                                                                                  'This          book firstly \ What Is course will now proba
                                                   55976 Hazel Bryan, Chris Carpenter andteacher Hoult excellentIntroduction provides an understanding of th
             Perspective Schools
Social Science Learning inand Challenges           61252 Poonam Batra                               first book is a first of its kind that locates thelearning of s
                                                                                                                     that locates the teaching and teaching an
                                                                                2010 This book is a This of its kindPART ONE: SOCIAL SCIENCES IN SCHO
               From Theory to Practice Edition 54050 Kenneth D Moore
Effective Instructional Strategies                                                               concise and easy-to-read methods text for those teaching
                                                                                                                concise and easy-to-read methods text for
                                                                             2008 This book is a This book is a PART I. SETTING THE STAGE FOR SUC
The Ultimate Student Teaching Guide                                       Feb-11 The Ultimate Student Teaching
                                                                                               The Ultimate StudentONE: PEOPLE \ offers teachercomp
                                                                                                            PART Teaching Guide candidates a cand
                                                61958 Kisha Daniels, Gerrelyn C Patterson and Yolanda Dunston Guide offers teacherThe Open House: W
             A Student's /f002Third Edition
Teaching Children 3-11 Guide                                           Nov-11 Focusing on the
                                                                                           Focusing on the major topics underpinning professional \s
                                                                                                         PART ONE: THE LEARNING TEACHER
                                                62383 Anne D Cockburn and Graham Handscomb major topics underpinning professional studies strands
              From Birth to Eleven
Children Learning Outside the Classroom         60415 Sue Waite                                 'This book introduces the subject of learning beyond the L
                                                                                                               Sue Waite - Introduction \ beneficial in bot
                                                                           Feb-11 Learning outside the classroom is increasingly seen as THEORY FOR c
              An Introduction to Language, Literacy and Learning
Primary English Teaching                         58140 Robyn Cox                               This comprehensive Cox - Exploring Language and in th
                                                                                                              Robyn language, literacy and learning Lear
                                                                            Jan-11 This comprehensive introduction tointroduction to language, literacy and
                                                                       Nov-11 This          out book sets out principles for effective talk for learning
Teaching Through Talk in the Primary Classroom 62679 Nikki Gamble and David Reedy book setsThis principles for effective talk for learning and teaching
                          /f002Third Edition
Understanding Primary Science                                            2009 Now              Praise for the second edition: background SCIENTIFIC K
                                                                                                               PART ONE: DEVELOPING knowledge prim
                                                54668 Martin Wenham and Peter Ovensin its third edition, this text provides the `This is a useful and interes
Primary ScienceGuide to Teaching Practice                               Aug-11 What is science? What is good science education? How can - How Scie
                                                62384 Alan Peacock and Mick Dunne                         Alan Peacock and Mick Dunne science be
                                                                                             Becoming a confident and informed teacher of primary sc
            Learning Through Enquiry
Primary Humanities                                                       Dec-11 Providing a broad and balanced overview of the teaching of primary hist
                                                61783 Tony Pickford and Wendy Garner          Providing a broad and balanced overview of the teaching
Teaching Primary English                        61492 Jackie Brien                              Aware of current overview of the teaching Works \ What
                                                                                                              Introduction: developments of primary hist
                                                                           Dec-11 Providing a broad and balancedcurriculumHow This Book and drawing fr
Observing Primary Literacy                      61587 Margaret Perkins                          Observing children is aspect of learning to of learning v
                                                                           Nov-11 Observing children is a fundamentala fundamental aspect teach and ato
Professional Studies in Primary Education       62783 Hilary Cooper                             understanding of thein Primary Education History of wid
                                                                                                             PART professional aspects of teaching is
                                                                           Aug-11 Developing anProfessional Studies ONE \ Susan Shaw - provides aEdu
             A Creative
The Primary Curriculum Approach                                            Aug-11 Providing Judith Roden the Patricia of the knowledge, skills and Judith
                                                                                                 Providing     knowledge, skills and understanding neede
                                                59901 Patricia Driscoll, Andrew Lambirth and an overview ofan overview Driscoll, Andrew Lambirth & unders
             Early Years and Teaching Placement62489 Jonathan Glazzard and JaneMaking a success of your teaching placement is aplacementof achieving
Achieving Outstanding on your Primary School-based Training             Aug-11 Stokoe                     Outstanding Professional part is a Profe
                                                                                            Making a success of your teaching vitalAttributes \vital pa
Succeeding on your Primary PGCE                                             2010 and Hellen a StudyingPostgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) ca
                                                                                                Primary for a Graham Postgraduate Certificate in Educat
                                                57998 Graham Birrell, Helen TaylorStudying for Ward           Primary Birrell - So You Want to be a Prim
                                               54550                      2009 What         What would the primary curriculum look like with humanit
                                                                                                          Chris Rowley & Hilary Cooper - Cross-curr
Cross-curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning Chris Rowley and Hilary Cooper would the primary curriculum look like with humanities at its heart
             A Critical Approach
Ensuring Every Child Matters                    55205 Gianna Knowles                             In today's climate of multi-professional working, this book
                                                                                                                Introduction \ Every Child Matters and the S
                                                                             2009 In today's climate of multi-professional working, this book examines how
                          /f002Second Edition 57797 Andrew P Johnson
Making Connections in Elementary and Middle School Social Studies                             Making Connections in Elementary and FRAMEWORK S
                                                                                                            PART and Middle School Social Studies, F
                                                                             2010 Making Connections in Elementary ONE: BUILDING AMiddle School So
Teaching Secondary Music                                                 Nov-11 Designed to support teachers in developing new strategiesnew strategie
                                                62263 Jayne Price and Jonathan Savage        Designed to support teachers in developing and pedago
            A Toolbox for Engaging and Motivating Learners Kidd and Gerry Czerniawski
Teaching Teenagers                           62262 Warren             Sep-11                      For successful classroom teaching, your students need to
             Theory, Practice and Reflection
Successful Teaching 14-19                                                 2010 Are you        'Successful Teaching 14-19 offers a comprehensive your
                                                                                                            PART ONE: EDUCATIONAL through \ Wh
                                                57828 Warren Kidd and Gerry Czerniawski looking for a complete training manual, to get you POLICY intro
Issues in K-12Selections From CQ Researcher     60813 CQ Researcher                              Education is aEducation is a contemporary collection of
                                                                                                               contemporary collection of articles coverin
                                                                             2010 Issues in K-12Issues in K-12PART ONE: ISSUES IN JUSTICE, EQUITY
                         /f002Second Edition 50653                     2009 Praise for the previous
                                                                                           This essential Stephen Clarke and Paul Dickinson - Intro
                                                                                                          companion text that should accompany ev
The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher Stephen Clarke, Paul Dickinson and Jo Westbrook edition: 'This is a for aspiring secondary English
Constructing History 11-19                                                  2009 This book describes and is full of hidden treasures.teaching history acro
                                                52481 Hilary Cooper and Arthur Chapman                       Arthur Chapman - Introduction: Constructin
                                                                                              'This book exemplifies strategies for It is written by a com
               A Whole-Child/f002Second Editon 59897 Tina Bruce and Jenny SprattChildren flourish this SecondIntroducing the Essentials ofpractitioners a
                              Approach to Communication, Language and Literacy
Essentials of Literacy from 0-7                                           Mar-11                               Edition, and learning when Communicatio
                                                                                               In in their development the authors guide readers in the u
              40 Strategies for K-8 Classrooms
Literature-Based Teaching in the Content Areas 62016 Carole Cox                                 Literature-Based Teaching Areas: 40 Strategies 40 Strat
                                                                                                              Strategies for Literature-Based Teaching C
                                                                           Mar-11 Literature-Based Teaching in the Content in the Content Areas: for K-8of
             Creative Approaches to            59023 Kathy Goouch and Andrew Lambirth supportsbook supports teachers using phonicsTeaching ofrea
Teaching Early Reading and Phonics Early Literacy                      Nov-10 This book                using phonics in their teaching their teachi
                                                                                         This teachersSensible Approaches to the in of early Re
                            /f002Fourth Edition 57983 Marian R Whitehead 2010 This Fourth Edition offor the Third Edition:LANGUAGE ANDtheory and p
Language & Literacy in the Early Years 0-7                                                                  PART ONE: 'The the Early Years has bee
                                                                                           Praise Language and Literacy intext relates LEARNING
                             /f002Second Edition 47859 Nikki Gamble and Sally Yates
Exploring Children's Literature                                                                '[This] book belief that deep Developing Personal to poetr
                                                                                                              Introduction \ subject knowledge of languag
                                                                            2008 This book is based on the covers everything from picture books Knowled
             40 Strategies for Middle and Secondary Classrooms Antonacci and Catherine O'Callaghan Area Literacy addresses theaddresses the challeng
Developing Content Area Literacy               61168 Patricia A                               Developing Content Area Literacy challenges facing stud
                                                                          2010 Developing Content          PART ONE: ACADEMIC VOCABULARY: D
               A Critical Issues Approach
Multicultural Childrens Literature                                        2010 Kimberly Persiani-Becker ChildrenONE: TAKING A CRITICALprepare p
                                                                                              Multicultural PART Critical Issues Approach designe
                                                61159 Ambika Gopalakrishnan andMulticultural Children s Literature: A s Literature is designed tois ISSUES
Using Talk to Support Writing                                              2010 Using Talk to Support Writing and innovative \approach to the Learning
                                                                                               Presenting a new
                                                                                                             Classroom Poster Debra Myhill - teaching
                                                58398 Ros Fisher, Susan Jones, Shirley Larkin and Debra Myhill presents a new and innovative approach
Developing Language and Literacy 3-8 Edition    52308 Ann Browne                                 'While the book is particularly useful \ enables \ Resourc
                                                                                                               Speaking a book which student teachers
                                                                             2009 'I would thoroughly recommend this asand listeningforReadingand empo
Contemporary Readings in Literacy Education                               2010 ContemporaryContemporaryPART ONE: PLANNING AND to is designe
                                                59135 Marva Capello and Barbara Moss                     Readings in Literacy Education provide stu
                                                                                           Readings in Literacy Education is designed ORGANIZIN
Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers                                        Silva            Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers is a text that Lite
                                                                                                            Introduction: a supplemental supplementa
                                                60357 Jan Lacina and Cecilia2010 Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers is Learning from Successfulcan b
              25 Strategies for K-8 Inquiry-Based 59137 Leah M Melber and Alyce Hunter
Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies      Learning                                     Integrating and Social Studies: 25 Strategies 25 Strateg
                                                                                                            PART Arts BUILDING RESEARCH SKILL
                                                                            2009 Integrating Language ArtsLanguageONE: and Social Studies: for Inquiry-
               Guide for Foundation Children 50654 Derek Teachers
                           for Young Edition                             2008 'This book   This is fully revised version of the authors' successful a
                                                                                                           dispel some of the fears which surround th
UnderstandingAMathematics /f002ThirdStage and Lower PrimaryHaylock and Anne D Cockburn is the idealaway toUnderstanding Mathematics \ Understandin
                                               Primary Teachers'         2010 This workbookThis workbookThe Purposeattractive and engaging and en
Student Workbook for 'Mathematics Explained for55842 Derek Haylock and Ralph Manning                      provides students with an attractive Categ
                                                                                            provides students with an of This Workbook \ Themeans
                           /f002Fourth Edition 55660 Derek Haylock
Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers                                                      This new Fourth Edition of Derek Haylock's much-loved te
                                                                                                               PART ONE: MATHEMATICAL UNDERSTA
                                                                             2010 This new fourth edition of Derek Haylock's much loved textbook has bee
             Assessment,Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 year olds David Ellemor-Collinsthe great success great successbooks, this fourth book in four
Developing Number Knowledge                  60987 Robert J Wright,                             Pamela the of the
                                                                        Nov-11 Following andFollowingD Tabor earlier of the earlier books, this the
                                               olds                         Stanger, Ann book`At writtenbookPART I \for teachers for teachersand Des
                                                                                                is last a by teachers Approaching, Organizing based o
                                                                                                               is written by
Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 year 40006 Robert J Wright, Garry2006 `At last aK Stafford and James Martland teachers based on sound resea
             A Cognitive and Cultural Approach 61938 Cory A. Buxton and Eugene Featuring an Jr.
                           /f002Second Edition
Teaching Science in Elementary and Middle School                                             Featuring an increased emphasis on s changing science
                                                                                                           PART ONE: CREATING THE today s cha
                                                                          2010 F Provenzo, increased emphasis on the way today the wayCONTEXT F
            A Practical 16
Secondary Science 11 to Guide                                              2010 Are Richards Full John Twidle
                                                                                               and teaching PART to make your scienceAND DEVELOP
                                                                                                              ideas ONE: BEGINNINGS lessons come
                                                58230 Gren Ireson, Mark Crowley, Ruthyou looking forof suggestions for exciting and practical activities to e
              Early Years                        55557 Pat                  Thornton           'This book is aimed atstudents the confidence Children's
                                                                                                              PART teachers, trainee teachers and othe
Science in theBuilding Firm Foundations from Birth to Five Brunton and Linda2009 Giving early years practitioners andONE \ Supporting Young to effective
                                               59132 Anton E Lawson
Teaching Inquiry Science in Middle and Secondary Schools                                        This textbook provides an inquiry-orientedOF SCIENCE
                                                                                                               PART ONE: THE NATURE secondary sci
                                                                             2009 This textbook provides an introduction tointroduction to inquiry-oriented
                            /f002Second Edition 46604 Steve Bartlett and Diana Burton authors have provided an important resource establishedstudy'Edu
Introduction to Education Studies                                           2007 'The                         Education Studies is for student as the e
                                                                                               Introduction toWhat Is Education Studies?: The New inke
            Alternative                        54515 Kitty te Riele
Making Schools Different Approaches to Educating Young People                                  With Professor by te Riele - What can we do with studen
                                                                                                             Kitty Professor Stephen Ball. What can we
                                                                             2009 With a foreword by a forewordStephen Ball. Educational Innovation for Y
Children's Rights in Practice                                             Walker               Considering the rights of the child to all fields involving ID
                                                                                                               child ONE: CHILDREN'S central to all fiel
                                                59008 Phil Jones and Gary Apr-11 Considering the rights of the PARTis now central is now RIGHTS: KEYch
              of Schooling /f002Second Edition 61540                      2010 A comprehensive, comprehensive,ONE: examines critical topicscritical
                                                                                              This        PART accessible reader examines on sch
The Structure Readings in the Sociology of Education Richard Arum, Irenee Beattie and Karly Ford accessible reader that THEORETICAL AND HISTOR
             Connecting                         the Community
Educational Partnerships Schools, Families, and 60995 Amy Cox-Petersen                        This comprehensive text pre-service and OF EDUCATION
                                                                                                             PART ONE: THE BASICS in-service teach
                                                                             2010 This comprehensive text helps prepare helps prepare pre-service and in
             Theory and Practice
The Curriculum            /f002Sixth Edition    52875 A V Kelly                                    be of this book educational practitioners, and many othe
                                                                                                                  The an essential course text for the Curric
                                                                             2009 'This book will `I use interest toas Curriculum and the Study ofa module o
                                              59134                      Nordgren         Case Studies Case Study Matrix \ Tackling Curriculum p
                                                                                                         and Secondary Curriculum provides 21 rea
Case Studies in Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Marius Boboc and R D2009 Case Studies in Elementary in Elementary and Secondary Diversity in a
E-Learning                   Practice                                   Aug-11 and Mona is an essentialis now an essential component of education a
                                                                                             E-Learning component here \ Enter e-Learning universitie
               Concepts and /f002Second Edition 62678 Bryn Holmes, John Gardner E-LearningEl Ayoubi       (W)e are of education and most \ E-Learn
E-learning Theory and Practice                                               Apr-11 In E-learning Theory
                                                                                                   In E-Learning Theory and Practice \ out different perspect
                                                                                                                 Acknowledgements Introduction: New diff
                                                    59025 Caroline Haythornthwaite and Richard Andrews and Practice the authors setthe authors set out Lea
               An           /f002Second Edition 46525 Chris Beckett
Child Protection Introduction                                                                        Praise for the First Edition : `All drawn will be drawn to t
                                                                                                                      PART I: CHILD PROTECTION style of Dif
                                                                                 2007 Praise for the First Edition : `All readers will bereadersto the WORK \the
Key Concepts in Community Studies                   47598 Tony Blackshaw                            'A very current identity of Record Straight: community an
                                                                                                                   Setting the community studies, provides a
                                                                                 2009 This book defines the good introduction to the concept of What is Comm
Education and Cultural Citizenship                  57445 Nick Stevenson                             energetic book strikes again, this time bringing the Intro
                                                                                                                  Education and Cultural Citizenship: major d
                                                                               May-11 This dynamic, 'Nick Stevensonsystematically brings together the Aninsig
                                               5                        Oct-10 Written from aWritten from a unique Brotherton - Working with Childre
                                                                                              unique interprofessional perspective, this book is an esse
Working with Children, Young People and Families7440 Graham Brotherton, Helen Davies and Gillian McGillivrayGrahaminterprofessional perspective, this b
Youth and Crime               /f002Third Edition    52884 John Muncie                               'In Youth and Crime, Crime: Representations, Discourses
                                                                                                                  Youth John Muncie the extraordinarily diffic
                                                                                 2009 'In Youth and Crime, John Muncie accomplishes accomplishes the extra
                                              51038 David Whitebread
Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education                                             The high quality early childhood education is now univers
                                                                                                                 Introduction: Developmental Psychology an
                                                                               Nov-11 The importance of importance of high-quality early childhood education
           A Practical Guide
Working Memory and Learning for Teachers                                      2008 Dr Packiam Alloway working memory isprestigiousbecoming a success
                                                                                                  A good       What is the crucial to Joseph Lister Awar
                                                    49200 Susan E Gathercole and Tracy Tracy Alloway has been awarded working memory? \ Working memo
            Supporting Students' Learning
Improving Working Memory                                                     Nov-10 Your working memory is the Ouris the information that Diagnosing Work
                                                    60240 Tracy Packiam Alloway                                information your brain stores for a short pe
                                                                                                 Working memory Brain's Post-It-Note \ your brain stores
Psychology of Learning                           5
                              /f002Five-Volume Set 2869 David Shanks                                Learning brings together Pavlovian Conditioning in the psy
                                                                                                                  Learning the major publications and its P
                                                                                 2009 Psychology of Psychology of Volume 1:brings together the major publica
                        /f002Second Edition 52480 Chris Beckett and Hilary Taylor
Human Growth and Development                                                            'One Development, Second Edition is awriting is Makes
                                                                                                      The Birth of of Beckett's bestselling introd
                                                                        2010 Human Growth andof the great strengthsa Human Being: What that his U
Memory         Foundations and Applications         61940 Bennett Schwartz                         Covering cognitive experiments,memory with memory are
                                                                                                                 Introduction with Study of Memory The B
                                                                                 2010 Covering cognitive experiments, patients to the patientsdisorders, \the dis
Understanding Children as Consumers                 48416 David Marshall                           With critical insight, the contributors to this collectionONE
                                                                                                                   David Marshall Introduction \ PART take
                                                                                 2010 What drives children as consumers? How do- advertising campaigns and
                           /f002Five-Volume 6
SAGE Directions in Educational Psychology Set 1491 Neil J Salkind                                   Neil J Salkind has mined characterized by the study of o
                                                                                                                   SECTION 1: HUMAN extensive backlist N
                                                                                Oct-10 Educational psychology is a broad field the rich andDEVELOPMENT \ind
             Concept and Results
Social Change and Human Development                                             2010 Today's world Today's world PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Rainer K S
                                                    56040 Rainer K Silbereisen and Xinyin Chen                    is characterized by a set trends that often
                                                                                                   is characterized by a set of overarchingof overarching tre
An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and54207 Keith Coaley                                  Having of theFoundations of psychological assessment a
                                                                                                                foundations Psychological Assessment
                                                                                 2009 A good understandingmany years experience as an applied psychologis
Key Concepts in Childhood Studies                                              2008 'This         'A introductionAge \ Agency \fascinating childhood studies
                                                                                                                  to the to the Best interests Child \ Child
                                                    40273 Allison James and Adrian James is a superb superb introductionfascinating field of field\ of childhood
                                                                          Vini Lander        Most classrooms contain children of backgrounds, where
                                                                                                           Gianna Knowles and Vini Lander of backg
Diversity, Equality and Achievement in Education 60241 Gianna Knowles andFeb-11 Most classrooms contain children from a variety from a variety - What D
Understanding Cultural Diversity in the Early Years 7996 Peter Baldock                              'This book is very useful; the activities are thought-provok
                                                                                                                   cultural Your Culture? \ the usual topics o
                                                                                 2010 Taking the discussion about What Is diversity beyondMulticulturalism an
             A Guide for Inclusive Practice
Special Educational Needs                                                   Nov-11 With a Foreword fromforeword from Baroness Mary Warnock, this book
                                                    61269 Lindsay Peer and Gavin Reid                        Baroness Mary Warnock - provides a co
                                                                                                With a Baroness Mary Warnock, this bookForeword \ PA
Key Issues in Inequality and Social Justice         61204 Emma Smith                                 Inequalities can be different forms, from birth to school e
                                                                               Nov-11 Inequalities can be experienced inexperienced in different forms, from b
                                                52486                     2009 . 'This is     'This is of the PART ONE: CONTEXTUALISING SPECIA
                                                                                                              most of the most accessible read I have
Key Issues in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Alan Hodkinson and Philip Vickermanprobably oneprobably oneaccessible books I have bookslately in
              and Early Years
Special NeedsA Practitioner /f002Third Edition      58401 Kate Wall                  In 2010 ; Paper October 2012
                                                                                                     In the this Edition of this influential \ Families of Children
                                                                                                                    Legislation respected and influential textbo
                                                                         Cloth December the third edition ofThirdrespected and and Policy textbook, Kate Wall b
                           /f002Second Edition 54334 Kate Wall
Autism and Early Years Practice                                                                     'Kate has a profoundDavid - and understanding practice c
                                                                                                                   Tricia in autism and early years and aut
                                                                                 2009 This new edition of the leading bookinterestForeward \ Definitions ofputs
Autism                                          62313
               Educational and Therapeutic Approaches Efrosini Kalyva                               There are a number of different approaches available for
                                                                                                                  Introduction \ Cognitive-Behavioural Approa
                                                                               May-11 There are a number of different approaches and therapies and therapies
               Theoretical Perspectives
Intensive Interaction                               61305 Dave Hewett          Sep-11                 Intensive interaction is an approach to teaching the funda
Disability Studies Interdisciplinary Introduction   54519 Dan Goodley                                'Injects new energy into Disability a clear, engaging and c
                                                                                                                      studies represents Disability Studies \ Deb
                                                                               Nov-10 This introduction to disabilityIntroduction: GlobalStudies.. the first introd
             Teaching for Moving Beyond        62030                    Andrea Based on    Based on the conceptual framework of the educational ec
                                                                                                         PART ONE: INDIVIDUAL ecosystem, Rea
Reaching and StrategiesDiverse PopulationsStereotypes Mary Buckelew and Dec-10 Fishman the conceptual framework of the educational IDENTITY AND S
             K-12 Lessons Plans Using Universal Design for Learning
Succeeding the Inclusive Classroom            62440 Debbie Metcalf                                    Ideal for Special Education//Introduction to Exceptionaliti
                                                                                                                     Sample Lesson Plans for Individuals with In
                                                                                 2010 Ideal for Introduction toIntroduction to Special Education//Introduction to
Key Concepts in Learning Disabilities                                           2010 A helpful resource for those undertaking Advocacy \learning disabilities a
                                                                                                                  Sara Bell - studies in Andy Worth Arts:
                                                    55653 Pat Talbot, Geoff Astbury and Tom Mason 'A helpful resource for those undertaking studies in -learnin
                             /f002Four-Volume Set
Inclusion and Diversity in Education                                        Thomas            This four-volume set brings P. articles - The writings o
                                                                                                             VOLUME 1 \ together seminal articles and
                                                51040 Peter P Hick and Gary2008 This four-volume set brings together seminalAbberleyand keyConcept of
               Linguistically Teaching and Assessment Elizabeth A Grassi and HeidiDesigned for primary and secondary teachers, this text Impact of theory
Culturally and Strategies for Diverse Exceptional Students                  2010 Bulmahn Barker               Introduction : Case Study: connects text co
                                                                                                Designed for primary and secondary teachers, this Cultur
             An Introduction to Exceptionality
                           /f002Third Edition
Special Education in Contemporary Society           55099 Richard M Gargiulo                         'The real strength of ONE: FOUNDATIONS is that it does
                                                                                                                    Gargiulo's text is that it does OF SPECIAL
                                                                                 2008 'The real strength of RichardPART Richard Gargiulo's text not overwhelm
                                                                         2009 Written by authors with authors experience Dyslexia and the implicati
                                                                                            Written by   Barbara extensive experience of working w
Dyslexia-Friendly Further and Higher Education 54610 Barbara Pavey, Margaret Meehan and Alan Waugh extensive withPavey -of working with students w
              International Policy & Practice
Inclusive Education                                                             Derrick Armstrong and Ilektra inclusion ONE: mean and what impact approa
                                                                                                  What really mean and
                                                                                                                 PART really HISTORY, SOCIAL CONTEXT
                                                    54789 Ann Cheryl Armstrong,2009 What does inclusiondoesSpandagou what impact have inclusivehave in
Key Concepts in Family Studies                                             Dec-10 Rosalind Edwards
                                                                                                 'A thoughtful and sometimes challenging elaboration of so
                                                                                                                  introduce, \ Attachment and Loss \ key to
                                                    46022 Jane Ribbens McCarthy andThis book's individual entriesIntroductionexplain and contextualise Biolog
              Additional Language               54186 Students              2010 Creese        With linguistic Angela Creese increase, teachers from all
                                                                                                                your class? Would you like Leung - on te
English as an Approaches to Teaching Linguistic MinorityConstant Leung and Angela Do you have EAL students indiversity on theand Constantguidance Intro
            Promoting Positive               58226 Sue Roffey
Changing Behaviour in Schools Relationships and Wellbeing                                         Good that positive relationships with students with TEAC
                                                                                                               PART that positive AN EFFECTIVE stude
                                                                               Nov-10 Good teachers knowteachers know ONE: BEINGrelationships and schoo
                                              54609 Chris Support Staff Nov-10 By providing a'Ithorough grounding inbooktheory behind behaviourandPro
The Complete Guide to Behaviour for Teaching Assistants andLee                                                The Context Preventing assistants mana
                                                                                                think this is a useful the \for teaching Problems and w
How to Manage Behaviour in Further Education 48575 Dave Vizard                                     Includes CD-Rom. Are Some for understandingunderstan
                                                                                                                 practical ideas 14-16 Years for in Furthe
                                                                                 2007 Includes CD-Rom. 'Loads of Why 'Loads of practical ideasOlds and mana
             The Proactive /f002Third for Young People Dr Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard practical and effective approaches, thisto counselling youngap
Counselling Adolescents     Approach Edition    56098                       2009 Filled with                  PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE to
                                                                                               'Providing an excellent introduction book is an assetYOU
             A Practical Introduction Edition
Counselling Children        /f002Third                                         2007 'Delightfully 'Replete up-to-date. ONE: COUNSELLING CHILDREN \b
                                                                                                                PART It is difficult to techniques that can
                                                    51036 Dr Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard crafted andwith a wealth of suggested think of a more comp
             A for Adolescents
                           /f002Third School 62816 Susan Spiritual           2010 This updated edition of Susan Carrell's best-seller provides aDEVELOP
Group ExercisesManual for Therapists, Edition Counselors, and E Carrell Leaders                               PART of Susan Carrell's best-seller provide
                                                                                               This updated edition I: ADOLESCENCE: THE practical,
             A Supporting Children and        54814
Counselling and Person-centred ApproachYoung People Mark Prever                                      This book is the idealONE: THEORY \ Why Working supp
                                                                                                                    PART counselling and supporting children
                                                                                 2010 This book is the ideal introduction tointroduction to counselling and with
                        /f002Second Edition 39478                        Horton               The SAGE Handbook of may, onFeltham - What Are to
                                                                                                           PART ONE \ Colin first glance, appear Co
The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy Colin Feltham and Ian 2006 `This all inclusive, comprehensive bookCounselling and Psychotherapy,
Brief Counselling in Schools /f002Third Edition     62394 Dennis Lines          Oct-11
              Counselling and and Professional 62956 David
Child-Centred Theory, Practice Psychotherapy Development Smyth                 Dec-11                 This engaging new book presents a new 'child-centred' m
             A Practical Guide             54788 Mary Lifelong Learning Sector
                                                                         2009                This highly accessible booktraining in the the covers the a
                                                                                                           Becoming a comprehensively Lifelong Le
Achieving Your PTLLS Award to Successful Teaching in the Francis and Jim Gould 'Information overload abounds in teacher Professional inlifelong learning
                          /f002Second Edition 61177 Lorri Cooper and Bryan Booth Adjunct Faculty Handbook, Second Edition providesto Teach: Cons
The Adjunct Faculty Handbook                                             2010 The                      Lorri E Cooper - Second Edition range of
                                                                                          The Adjunct Faculty Handbook,Preparing a full provides
Making LearningGuide for Post-Compulsory Education Phil Race
             A Happen /f002Second Edition 58138                                                                  Setting a Scene accessible an practic
                                                                                                   This of a popular textthe popular\text provides andaccess
                                                                                 2010 This second editionSecond Edition ofprovides anSeven Factors Underpi
                                                                         Nov-10 This          been designed1for the orientation and training of specialis
                                                                                                              : OPEN AND DISTANCE LEARNING \ T
Policy and Practice in Asian Distance Education 63775 Tian Belawati and Jon Baggaley book has This book has been designed for the orientation and train
Distance Education Technologies in Asia                                 Nov-10 In Asia, DistanceAsia, Distance THEproviding major OF DISTANCE area
                                                63774 Jon Baggaley and Tian Belawati                        1: Education (DE) is providing major soluti
                                                                                              In Education (DE) is EMERGENCE solutions in the EDU
              Training 14-19                    52488 Ann Hodgson and Ken2008 . 14-19 education and training is aabout a 14-19 Phase in England \to yo
Education andCurriculum, Qualifications and Organization                  Spours                           Discussing the fast changing and conteste
                                                                                            '[T]hose concerned complex, qualifications available Und
                              /f002Second Edition 59902 Brad Jackson and Ken ParryAre
                                                                          May-11              The alternative of this looking at leadership beyond Mat
                                                                                                              Introduction: Why Studying Leadership the
A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership you looking forFirst Editionways ofpopular and acclaimed book quic
Leading and Managing Schools                                               John School leadership and management are fundamental components of sc
                                                                                                          PART ONE: THE BIG PICTURE \ Marty pr
                                                61797 Helen O'Sullivan andApr-11West-Burnham A key resource for school leaders in their personal and Lin
Leadership and Learning                                                 Mar-11 Bringing      '"Leadership for what?" ask the and Janof this important n
                                                                                                            Helen Timperley editors Robertson - Esta
                                                58231 Jan Robertson and Helen Timperley together internationally recognised scholars this book focuses
Leadership                 /f002Fifth Edition
              Theory and Practice               59110 Peter G Northouse                         coverage of authentic leadership Approach \ Skills serva
                                                                                                             coverage of Trait and servant leadership,
                                                                              2009 Now with new Now with new Introduction \authentic leadership andAppro
Introduction toConcepts and Practice            53609 Peter G Northouse                         Most textbooks useda Leader Recognizing are oriented
                                                                                                               Being for teaching oriented toward the up
                                                                              2009 Most textbooks used for teaching leadership \areleadership Your Traits \
              Theory      /f002Third Edition
Organization Change and Practice                62081 W Warner Burke                             The Third bestselling text continues to make clear how Ch
                                                                                                                 Sources for Understanding Organization ef
                                                                            Jan-11 The Third Edition of this Edition of this bestselling text continues to mak
            Constructing and Sustaining High Performing Learning Cultures Patrick SchuermannTaking a practice-based approach that is Case Study theo
Leading Schools to Success                    61980 James W Guthrie and                                   School Culture Checklist \ grounded in res
                                                                        Feb-11 Taking a practice-based approach that is grounded in research and 1: B
             A Transformational in the Classroom
10 Winning Strategies for LeadersApproach                              Renae In 10 Winning This book presents 10 Forward! \ True Grit: Transformatio
                                               64129 Bramwell Osula andDec-10 Ideboen                     Leaders in the principles A The Courage
                                                                                           Strategies for Leaning provenClassroom:for achieving suc
                           /f002Fourth Edition 55261
Theories of Educational Leadership and Management Tony Bush                                       In this established text, Tony Bush presents and Manage
                                                                                                                  Bush presents the major theories of educa
                                                                           Nov-10 In this established text Tony The Importance of Leadershipthe major the
An Introduction to Coaching                                               Oct-10 This is an excellent, no-nonsense introduction to the field real postgradu
                                                                                               'This          Coaching: The Foundations Models of Co
                                                58411 Janice Dexter, Graham Dexter and Judy Irving text is based on a course delivered to\ of coaching fo
The Complete Handbook of Coaching                                           2009 This comprehensive guide to coaching explores a full Cox, providesBac
                                                                                                Clutterbuck INTRODUCTION \ Handbook Tatiana a c
                                                53815 Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova and David 'Easy to understand and read, theElainevariety of coachin
                            /f002Second Edition 55838                     2010 Fully revised and thoroughly PART ONE: LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES A
                                                                                              'At           updated, this second edition of this classic
The Principles of Educational Leadership & ManagementTony Bush, Les Bell and David Middlewood this time, when international interest in educational lea
             Stategies     /f002Second Edition 55162 Allan                2009 Curriculum Leadership , Second
                                                                                            Curriculum Leadership , Second Edition is a one-of-a-kind
Curriculum Leadership for Development and Implementation A Glatthorn, Floyd Boschee and Bruce M Whitehead Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource writ
                           Administration     53630 Fenwick W English
Educational Leadership and /f002Four-Volume Set                                                 Educational Leadership 1 \ Administrationcontribution in
                                                                                                              Administration English - A draws on regi
                                                                              2009 Educational Leadership and VOLUME andF.makes a real Typology of Me
Theory and Practice of Leadership               17487 Roger Gill                                    organised will Introduction: The Nature and Importance of
                                                                                                                   appeal to anyone who is serious about kno
                                                                              2006 `It is very well `The book in terms of the relevant theories, research, cas
            Perspectives for a New Era Edition 57727 Gill Robinson Hickman2010 The Second Edition of Leading Organizations Organizations offersfocus
Leading Organizations     /f002Second                                                                     The Environment of New Era Organizations
                                                                                           The Second Edition of Leading offers an expanded an ex
            Concepts and Practices             46473 Community, Political, Social, and Global Change Settingsand change theories, concepts, and proces
                                                                                               Bringing together leadership and change theories, Chan
Leading Change in Multiple Contexts in Organizational, Gill Robinson Hickman2009 Bringing together leadership Conceptual Perspectives on Leadingconcep
             A Framework for Innovation
                           /f002Third Edition 60166                     2010 Creative Approaches toa framework, Approaches is a comprehensive te
                                                                                           Provides Problem Solving (CAPS) to Problem-Solving: I
Creative Approaches to Problem Solving and Change Scott G Isaksen, K Brian Dorval and Donald J Treffinger Creative language, guidelines and set of ea
Technology Leadership for School Improvement 60400 Rosemary Papa                                Technology School Improvement is a practical textbook
                                                                                                              Preface \ for School Improvement is POLI
                                                                              2010 Technology Leadership forLeadership PART ONE: LEADERSHIPa prac
             Case to Engage Families Edition 59140 Heather B Weiss, Holly Kreider, M Elena Lopez and EngageM Chatman
Preparing EducatorsStudies Using an Ecological Systems Framework                            Preparing Educators to Engage Families: Using an Family
                                                                                                         Introduction: Case Studies Case in Ecolo
                                                                        2010 Preparing Educators to Celina Families: Preparing EducatorsStudies U
              A Guide for /f002Third Edition
Creating Effective Teams Members and Leaders 59146 Susan A Wheelan                               A practical guide for building Effective Leaders, 3rd Editio
                                                                                                                Guide for Members and Organizational Su
                                                                              2009 Creating Effective Teams: A Why Groups? \and sustaining top performin
The SAGE Handbook of Leadership                                          Collinson, Keith Grint, Not only a keyPART of organizational and social student
                                                                                                 Brad Jackson and Mary Uhl-Bien
                                                                                                               point ONE: OVERVIEW PERSPECTIVES
                                                54810 Alan Bryman, David Feb-11 Leadership pervades every aspect of reference for researchers,life, and
              Challenges, Strategies and      60589 Anastasia World        2010 Education for Sustainable Development is an emerging fieldemerging fi
                                                                                              Education for Sustainable Development is anMirbagheri a
                                                                                                            Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Farid that is bein
Education for Sustainable Development Practices in a GlobalizingNikolopoulou, Taisha Abraham and Farid Mirbagheri
             A Guide to Reflection,
                            /f002Second Edition 57800 Ruth                2009 Developing Portfolios inDoyle-Nichols Guide to Reflection, Inquiry, and A
                                                                                             Adelaide Education: A Education: A Guide to Reflection
                                                                                                           PART in
Developing Portfolios in Education Inquiry, and Assessment S Johnson, J Sabrina Mims-Cox and Developing PortfoliosONE: THE RATIONALE FOR REQU
             Context,                                                    Nov-11 Drawing together current thinking and research and research by in the
Educational LeadershipStrategy and Collaboration64096 Margaret Preedy, Nigel Bennett and Christine Wise together current thinking by leading writersleading
              Writing     /f002Third Development
Reflective Practice and Professional Edition 55799 Gillie Bolton                                   'A student of this said Gap:this book readableBook the u
                                                                                                                   Mind the that How to not only book, PAR
                                                                              2010 . . In the new third editionof mine popular and highlyUse This made \him a
How to do your Case Study
             A Guide for Students and Researchers
                                              62762 Gary Thomas            Dec-10 'This very readable and well PART ONE: GETTING YOUR BEARINGS
                                                                                                               widely book there remains a great deal of
                                                                                                 Despite being crafted used, should significantly advance th
             A Guide for Project               53629 Gary Thomas                             a research project? Do you need advice with a Question
                                                                                                          Your examples, How to do a Research Pro
How to do Your Research Students in Education and Applied Social Sciences 2009 Are you doing With many practicalIntroduction: Starting on how to carry o
The Literature A Step-by-Step Guide for Students 48627 Diana Ridley                               A concise, step-by-step guide to conducting strengths isse
                                                                                                                Introduction \ One of its great a literature i
                                                                              2008 `I highly recommend Diana Ridley s book. The Multiple Purposes of a Li
            A Student's Guide
Making Supervision Work for You                 56039 Jerry J Wellington                                       Opening Up the Supervision articles \ The
                                                                              2010 'Amongst the plethora ofthe plethora guidance books and Processnow a
                                                                                                'Amongst advice and of advice and guidance books and
            A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time ResearcherWalliman
Your Research Project    /f002Second Edition 37202 Nicholas                                      'A key asset of in the quality in the quality ofof text and gra
                                                                                                                  the book lies the Research presentation
                                                                              2005 `A key asset of the book lies Research andof presentationProblem \ Info
             The Essential Guide
Your Undergraduate Dissertation for Success     23128 Nicholas Walliman                           Your the mostWhat's It All for? \ isin terms ofof Dissertat
                                                                                                                helpful I have seen a Types helping und
                                                                              2004 'This book is one of Undergraduate DissertationWhatpractical, step-by-st
             Strategies for Personal and Professional Development and Scott Buckler
How to be a Successful Teacher                  58104 Paul Castle                                             demanding profession, one in to your Pre
                                                                                               'Reading this About the authors \ Acknowledgments \pers
                                                                            2009 Teaching is a rewarding, yetbook may change your attitude which a stud
                           /f002Second Edition
The Good Writing Guide for Education Students 51312 Dominic Wyse                                'What a super little book after is.break, THINKING \and Le
                                                                                                                studying this a Like Eats, Shoots adjust
                                                                              2007 Whether you are returning toPART I READING AND or need help 1 Rea
Study Skills for Dyslexic Students              49199 Sandra Hargreaves                            Includes CD-Rom. completed the Postgraduate Certificat
                                                                                                                  Chapter you struggling to Workload \ Cha
                                                                              2007 '[W]ith all the contributors having Are 1: Managing Yourmanage your wo
Education Research and Methodologies                                     Jan-12 Using a variety of methodological approaches and research techniques
                                                                                              Using a variety of methodological approaches and resear
                                                60117 James Arthur, Michael Waring, Robert Coe and Larry V HedgesONE: INTRODUCTION TO RESEAR
                          /f002Second                                  Cathy This           Praise for the First Edition readable introduction to AND
                                                                                                           PART ONE: 'This work affords a concise o
Theory and Methods in Social Research Edition 57898 Bridget Somekh and Jan-11 Lewinnew edition provides a scholarly and:READING, REVIEWING all the
Introduction to Research Methods in Education   51943 Keith F Punch                               popular the popular Introduction to Social Research Me
                                                                                                              Introduction \ Theory and Method in , this b
                                                                              2009 . Based on theBased onIntroduction to Social Research Methods Educa
Developing Effective Research Proposals Edition 46601 Keith F Punch                              Keith Punch's updating of The Proposal: Readers, Expe
                                                                                                              Introduction \ thorough preparation. In this
                                                                              2006 Successful researchFrequires effective andhis indispensable guide inclu
             Guide to Research                 61929 Daniel Boudah
Conducting EducationalCompleting a Major Project                                               Designed to be used duringprocess, Conducting Educatio
                                                                                                             Research in the research process, Condu
                                                                           Nov-10 Designed to be used during the research Education \ Identifying a Rese
Understanding the Research Process              58227 Paul Oliver                                the Research Process helpsProcess helps students Ra
                                                                                                              the Research students understand the us
                                                                              2010 UnderstandingUnderstandingThe Idea of Research \ The Conceptualund
                          /f002Second Edition 23314 Clive Seale
Researching Society and Culture                                                                  The comprehensively revisedalready well established stu
                                                                                                               Clive Seale - and greatly PART ONE: RE
                                                                              2004 `This new edition enhances the value of anIntroduction \ expanded Seco
           Pursuing Ideas as the Keystone of 62090 Clifton Conrad and Ronald CThis comprehensive handbook draws on diverse perspectives--tradition\
                        /f002Second Edition
The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education Exemplary Inquiry         Sep-11 Serlin                    Part I. Exploring Ideas: Education, Second
                                                                                          The SAGE Handbook for Research inEmbracing Inquiry
                                            57568 Amanda Coffey and Feb-11 The social sciences have consistently soughtkey contributions towith you
Researching Young People /f002Three-Volume Set                      Tom Hall                             brings together ways of engaging the so
                                                                                         This collection VOLUME ONE: JOURNEYS \ Mobilities \
             Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed61935 Burke Johnson and Larry Christensen Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and is a graduated text
Educational Research        /f002Fourth Edition Approaches                                               PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Introductio
                                                                         Jan-11 Educational Educational Research , Fourth Edition Mixed Approaches
              Mystery as Theory
Qualitative Research and Method Development                             May-11 Empirical dataEmpirical dataThe Use of Empirical Materialthe social scie
                                                61787 Mats Alvesson and Dan Karreman                         is one of the cornerstones of for Theory in
                                                                                              is one of the cornerstones of knowledge in knowledge D
                          /f002Four-Volume Set
Ethnographic Methods in Education            60411 Sara Delamont                               This social research is dependent on documentation hist
                                                                           Aug-11 Although almost allcollection demonstrates the long and fascinating in o
                           /f002Third Edition                            2009 Doing Action Researchand updated, OrganizationAcknowledgements \ P
Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization 55836 David Coghlan and Teresa Brannick                  About The Third Edition now contains: @!
                                                                                           Revised in Your Own theAuthors \ is the essential resou
                           /f002Three-Volume Set
Action Research in Education                                           2010 Action Research in Research in Education traces the evolution of clas
                                                                                         Action       VOLUME 1: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE
                                              55658 Anne Campbell and Susan Groundwater-Smith Education traces the evolution of classroom researc
Doing and Writing Action Research                                          2009 Doing       Doing and ResearchONE: WHAT IS WRITTEN IN AN an
                                                                                                           PART provides a clear, comprehensive AC
                                                50558 Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead and Writing Action Writing Action Research provides a clear, com
             A for Improving Educational Practice
                          /f002Second Edition 55558 Valsa Koshy
Action ResearchStep-by-Step Guide                                                                 'It right for Action motivated Research? \ and the Started
                                                                                                                  What Is Action by this book Getting possib
                                                                               2009 Which topics areis hard not to beResearch in an education context? How
A Guide to Practitioner Research in Education                               Mar-11 This book is Lewin andresearch methods for practitionerfor practitioner
                                                                                                   guide to is a PART to research methods research. Writ
                                                                                                                 guide ONE:
                                                 58229 Ian Menter, Dely Elliot, Moira Hulme, Jon a This book Kevin Lowden WHAT IS RESEARCH AND W
              A Practical Handbook             61307                       Jan-11 Ethical issues Ethical issues Introduction \when researchers are working
The Ethics of Research with Children and Young People Priscilla Alderson and Virginia Morrow                    are a crucial Defining Some Terms \ Rese
                                                                                                 are a crucial consideration consideration when researche
             A Guide for Studying your Teaching61161 Anastasia Samaras
Self-Study Teacher Research                     Practice                                         Self-Study Teacher Research guides'W'S OF SELF-STUD
                                                                                                              PART ONE: THE SIX pre-service teacher
                                                                               2010 Self-Study Teacher Research guides pre-service and in-service and in-s
            Approaches to                      55797 Carol                2010 With the growth of work important contribution to Insider-Researcher bo
                                                                                               'This        Key Concepts practitioner research this \
Doing Work Based Research Enquiry for Insider-Researchers Costley, Geoffrey C Elliott and Paul Gibbsis anbased learning andfor the the ever-growing litera
School-based A Guide for Education Students      51178 Elaine Wilson                                provide veryIntroduction: PGCEfor developing teachers
                                                                                                                 valuable resource - M level: why should te
                                                                               2009 'This book will The newaM-level PGCE courses require trainee teachers
                                                61155 Marilyn
Understanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational Research Lichtman                           how learningPARTto and QUALITATIVE RESEARCH it
                                                                                                               how ONE: analyze and design one s ow
                                                                               2010 When learningWhento read, analyze, read,design one s own research, A
              Evaluation in Education Edition
                            /f002Third Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed
                                                  57793                     2009            Focused on fully discussing what to be "good" research, \
                                                                                                           An Introduction to is considered to be "goo
Research and Integrating Diversity with and Psychology Donna M Mertens Methods Focused on fully discussing what is consideredResearch \ Evaluation R
Doing Visual Research                            50075 Claudia Mitchell                           Doing Visual Research offers an innovative the use of ph
                                                                                                                PART ONE: GETTING STARTED \ Introdu
                                                                             Apr-11 Doing Visual Research offers an innovative introduction tointroduction to
              A Practical Guide                17586 Kathy
Constructing Grounded Theory through Qualitative Analysis Charmaz                                'A model student Invitation to of working with and Gatherin
                                                                                                                 influential way Grounded Theory \ full of d
                                                                               2006 `Grounded theory is a highly An text: lively, carefully argued qualitative vi
               A Guide
Reflective Interviewing to Theory and Practice   51472 Kathryn Roulston                            Qualitative researchers have long made use of interview
                                                                                                                   long made \ Asking Questions and Individ
                                                                               2010 Qualitative researchers haveIntroduction use of many differentmany diffe
                                           5                          Jun-11 This       This 42 chapter volumeAims Andthe art in visual research
                                                                                                      Preface: state of Organization the art Ha
The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods 2871 Eric Margolis and Luc Pauwels 42 chapter volume represents therepresents the state of Of Thisin v
               Inquiry in Visual Arts
Art Practice as Research /f002Second Edition 59133 Graeme Sullivan                                 Art Practice as Research, Second Edition continues to pr
                                                                                                                  Introduction: continues to present a Resea
                                                                               2009 Art Practice as Research, Second EditionRe-Viewing Visual Arts compe
                                               62259 Nigel Ford
The Essential Guide to Using the Web for Research                                                 This internet has how the students and researchers with
                                                                                                                Introduction Becoming an Evidence-Base
                                                                             Jun-11 In recent years, thebooks shows provided:opportunities and challenges p
                          /f002Four-Volume Set
Qualitative Research Methods in Education    54821 Harry Torrance                                 This four-volume set sits 1: THEORETICAL ORIGINS ma
                                                                                                                  VOLUME alongside Stephen Gorard's OF
                                                                               2010 This four-volume set is part of the Fundamentals of Applied Research s
                           /f002Fifth Edition
Designing Qualitative Research                                              2010 This B Rossman popular text provides useful guidance for developing
                                                                                                This           Introduction \ Qualitative Research Genres
                                                 61165 Catherine Marshall and Gretchen popular text provides useful and pragmaticand pragmatic guidance
               Thematic, Narrative and Arts-Informed Perspectives
Qualitative Inquiry                               51471 Lynn Butler-Kisber                         '[A] unites theIntroduction Issues in Qualitative Inquiry \
                                                                                                                   basics of research design courses in qual
                                                                               2010 Qualitative Inquirymuch-needed addition \to introductoryin qualitative res
              A Guide for Social             11399 Jane Ritchie         Lewis               An excellent introduction to the Liz Spencer -and practica
                                                                                                           the theoretical, methodological The Found
Qualitative Research Practice Science Students and Researchers and Jane 2003 `An excellent introduction to Dawn Snape andtheoretical, methodologica
Qualitative Researching     /f002Second Edition 17811 Jennifer Mason                            The Second bestselling text offers students STRATEGY
                                                                                                                PART ONE: bestselling text offers students
                                                                               2002 The Second Edition of this Edition of this QUESTIONS OFand first-time
             Frameworks for an Integrated Methodology
Using Mixed Methods                           55464 David Plowright                              'Read this book before you read any ofan Integrated Meth
                                                                                                               an innovative approach the other texts on
                                                                             Dec-10 Using Mixed Methods offers From Mixed Methods to to social and educa
                            /f002Fourth Edition 62042
Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics Neil J Salkind                             This text teaches an ONE: YIPPEE! I'M IN STATISTICSis
                                                                                                                   People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics
                                                                             Nov-10 The bestselling Statistics for PART often intimidating and difficult subjec
            Getting Methods
Teaching Quantitative the Basics Right                                   Mar-11 This exciting collection is both useful and and Malcolm Williams - Prefa
                                                 55106 Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams                        Geoff Payne timely. out the problems, stra
                                                                                               This exciting collection clearly lays It clearly lays out the p
                             in Education with SPSS
Doing Quantitative Research/f002Second Edition 58925 Daniel Muijs                                 This accessible and authoritative essential for education
                                                                                                                Introduction to Quantitative Research \ Exp
                                                                             Dec-10 This accessible and authoritative introduction is introduction is essential
Multilevel Modelling                           52234 Anders Skrondal and SophiaData collectedData collected VOLUME 1: LINEAR multilevel or a multilev
                            /f002Four-Volume Set                                                            in the social have a often have clustered
                                                                          2010 Rabe-Heskethin the social sciences oftensciencesMULTILEVEL MODE
                           /f002Three-Volume Set
Quantitative Research in Education            52867 Stephen Gorard                               This major cutting-edge ONE: KEY ISSUES IN EDUCAT
                                                                                                               VOLUME and seminal practice from practi
                                                                               2008 This major work captures work captures cutting-edge and seminal aroun
              A Primer
Quantitative Research in Education               59015 Wayne K Hoy                                Quantitative Research in Education: A Primer is a briefgu
                                                                                                                The Nature of Research and Science \ an
                                                                               2009 Quantitative Research in Education: A Primer is a brief and practicalCon
                          /f002Second Edition 62116
Handbook of Youth Mentoring                                                                        The definitive Handbook of Youth Handbook of state-of-
                                                                             Sep-11 The definitive reference on youth mentoring, the Mentoring is aYouth Me
The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence58854 Darla K Deardorff                           The SAGE Handbook CONCEPTUALIZING INTERCULT
                                                                                                             PART I. Competence Competence brings
                                                                               2009 The SAGE Handbook of Interculturalof Interculturalbrings together in on
                            Creativity, and Talent5
Encyclopedia of Giftedness, /f002Two-Volume Set 5176 Barbara Kerr                                 The two-volume Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, a
                                                                               2009 The three-volume Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent pre
           Participative Inquiry and Practice
                          /f002Second                                   2007 'For anyone seeking to create meaning out of life, inspireresearch, this b
The SAGE Handbook of Action Research Edition 40009 Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury                      PART ONE: or doing action \ Peter Reaso
                                                                                          'For anyone thinking about GROUNDINGS others with pu
                           /f002Four Volumes 62256 Dominic Wyse
Literacy Teaching and Learning                                               Oct-11                 A feature that unifies this major work is the idea of contex
Online Learning                                62961 Michael Thomas
                            /f002Four-Volume Set                                                   'This publication providesdiscipline Development and influ
                                                                                                                   Part as a among the best theorizing, Tra
                                                                             Jun-11 'Online learning is growing rapidly 1: Professional and in terms of its rese
           Advances Educational Leadership Practice
                         /f002Second Edition                                                This fully updated Second Edition of IntroductionHandboo
                                                                                                           Fenwick W SAGE - The SAGE \ PART
The SAGE Handbook of in Theory, Research and 62089 Fenwick W. English Mar-11 This fully updated Second Edition of TheEnglish Handbook of Education
The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Disorders                          Feb-11 Over the last four decades, breakthroughs in genetic have takenHowlin,i
                                                                                            Reflecting the PART ONE: OVERVIEWknowledge, place
                                            48899 Patricia Howlin, Tony Charman and Mohammad Ghaziuddin    enormous changes that \ Patricia togeth
The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning                                      Cairns, Karen Evans and the a state-of -the THEORY Len has become o
                                                                                               'Over Bridget PART ONE:
                                                                                                             decade, workplace learning Cairns and Ma
                                                 54657 Margaret Malloch, Len 2010 This Handbook providespastN O'Connorart overview\ of the field of workp
                        /f002Second Edition & Behavioral Tashakkori   Charles Teddlie ' of Mixed Methods inTashakkori and Charles Teddlie O
                                                                                                    Abbas Social & Behavioral Research conta
The SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social 61180 Abbas Research and2010 The Handbook The SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social and- B
                          /f0022010 Edition
Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education                                2010 Drawing on theRoss-Gordon Introduction: Adult and Continuingthis the
                                                                                               contributions contributions of 75 leading field, Educatio
                                                 61172 Carol E Kasworm, Amy D Rose and Jovita Drawing on theof 75 leading authors in the authors in2010
                                           60612                        John The SAGE As the of Communication and Instruction T Warren in Int
                                                                                                    Deanna L Fassett and John research - a
The SAGE Handbook of Communication and Instruction Deanna L Fassett and 2010 T Warren Handbookonly multiparadigmatic collection of functions asthe
                           /f002Two-Volume Set 0194 Craig Kridel
Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies           6                                                  The Encyclopedia ofKridel provides a comprehensive\Dav
                                                                                                               Craig Curriculum Kridel \Craig Kridel intro
                                                                               2010 The Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies \CraigStudies provides a comp
                            Reform and Dissent 6                       2010 The history of American and Julie is an area rich in ideas, rife with contr
                                                                                            J Lasley education is replete with educational reform, an
                                                                                                        C Daniel Raisch
Encyclopedia of Educational/f002Two-Volume Set 0084 Thomas C Hunt, James C Carper, ThomasEducational reform Biddle \Julie Biddle \Jackie Arnold \Mi
                           /f002Two-Volume   5
Encyclopedia of African American Education Set 5232 Kofi Lomotey                                The Encyclopedia of African American Education covers
                                                                               2010 The Encyclopedia of African American Education covers educational ins
                                                                         2010 This book provides is an impressive yet EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPH
                                                                                            'This an authoritative, collection of contributions Philosop
                                                                                                          PART ONE:
The SAGE Handbook of Philosophy of Education 52091 Richard Bailey, Robin Barrow, David Carr and Christine McCarthy accessible guide to thefrom man
The SAGE Handbook of Measurement                                              Tucker and Madhu Viswanathan Eric Tucker, Madhu Viswanathan and Geof
                                                                                               The SAGE Handbook of Measurement draws together co
                                                 50067 Geoffrey Walford, Eric 2010 The Sage Handbook of Measurement is a unique methodological resou
Encyclopedia of Law and Higher Education         57461 Charles J Russo                               The Encyclopedia of Law law occupies Russo profession
                                                                                                                   Elizabeth Pearn \Charles in the \Charles R
                                                                               2009 In light of the significance that educationand Higher Education is a comp
The SAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral 55956 Larry E Sullivan                          The SAGE Glossary of Behavioral Sciences provides stu
                                                                               2009 The SAGE Glossary of the Social andthe Social and Behavioral Science
                                               Evaluation                2009 The Handbook of Educational Evaluation brings together the experience
The SAGE International Handbook of Educational48130 Katherine Ryan and J Bradley Cousins               Globalization and Policy Research in Educa
                                                                                          The SAGE International Handbook of Educational Evalua
                            /f002Three-Volume Set55131 Eugene                2008 The Encyclopedia of the Social and CulturalPopular Culture introduction
Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of EducationF Provenzo, Jr.                              Education and Foundations of Education p
                                                                                              The Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive Cultural Cap
              A Reference Handbook
21st Century Education                       5
                           /f002Two-Volume Set 4928 Thomas L Good                                 Via 'mini-chapters,' the SAGE Dolan Supply and Deman
                                                                                                                 Alyson Lavigne 21st Century Reference Se
                                                                               2008 Via 100 entries or 100 entries or 'mini-chapters,' the-Handbook highlight
                           /f002Two-Volume Set 8128 Charles J Russo
Encyclopedia of Education Law                4                                                   Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Ma
                                                                               2008 Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, Janua
                            /f002Two-Volume Set 7549 Josue M Gonzalez
Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education           4                                                 The Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education focuses a two-vo
                                                                               2008 The Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education in the United States is on the u
Citizenship Education                          50649 James Arthur and Ian Davies
                            /f002Four-Volume Set                                             Volume One: Fundamentalarticles from the political and e
                                                                                                            Volume key Issues: The Nature of Citizen
                                                                          2008 This four-volume set brings together 1: Fundamental Issues: The Nature
                            Psychology       4
Encyclopedia of Educational/f002Two-Volume Set 7500 Neil J Salkind                                 There are few Provides an A-Zoverviewsall aspects ofdisc
                                                                                                                 comprehensive listing of of the field ed
                                                                               2008 The field of educational psychology draws from a variety of diverseofEdu
                         /f002Four-Volume Set
Student Assessment and Testing              50015 Wynne Harlen                       Volume One: articles providing theoretical discussion and
                                                                                                   VOLUME I \ PART ONE: ASSESSMENT T
                                                                 2008 This set brings together key Assessment Roles and Purposes. VolumeR
                Series         Imprint       Pages          BIC Codes      Category      Cloth ISBN     Cloth Price Pre-pub PricePaper ISBN
                                 216 Thinking JDDB Young Children Learning978-1-84920-463-7 about Schemas \ PART TWO: CHILDREN'S PATTERNS OF
  PART ONE: YOUNG CHILDREN LEARNING \pages    about                    Cl \ Some Questions
                                                         Early Childhood Education"IC                       Pa 978-1-84920-464-4
                                       192 pages
                <SE>SAGE Key Concepts series                JDDB                         Cl 978-1-84920-400-2
                                                                           Early Childhood Education"IC                              Pa 978-1-84920-401-9
                                            224 pages     JDDB,JDA         Early 21st Century: Twenty #66.00 of Policy Change \ Into the future, learning from
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-4497-7
                                                                                                       Years                      Pa 978-1-4129-4498-4
  A Short History of Early Childhood Education \ The legacy of history \ Into theChildhood Education,Social/Philosophical Foundations,History of Education" the past \ The P
                                 256 pages                              Cl of Learning \ Partnerships with Parents//Carers \ Pedagogy in Practice \ PART TW
  PART ONE: HOW YOUNG CHILDREN LEARN \ Contemporary Perspectives \ Theories978-1-84920-404-0                      Pa 978-1-84920-405-7
                                        424 pages    JCD,JDDB,VFKC1
                <SE>SAGE Foundations of Psychology series                   Cl 978-1-4129-1114-6
                                                                                          #72.00                    Pa
                                                                Developmental Psychology (General),Child Development"IC 978-1-4129-1115-3
                                    \ pages    JDDB,JDFT,JDCX Childhood Education,Teacher Training,Foundation Degrees,Foundation Degrees for Learning
                                                            Early        Cl 978-1-84860-223-6
                                                                                       #67.00                    Pa 978-1-84860-224-3
  PART ONE: YOU AND YOUR LEARNING 440Sally Jaeckle - Managing Yourself and Your Learning \ Maureen Brookson, Ruth Pimentel and Paul Parslow-Williams - E-L
                                           232 pages     ONE:     Early Childhood Education,Reflective Practice"IC
                                                                                Cl 978-1-84860-161-1
                                                                                             #67.00                Pa Reflective Thinking;
  Michael Reed and Natalie Canning - Introduction \ PARTJDDB CHILDREN'S LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT \ Karen Appleby -978-1-84860-162-8 Reflective Practice
                                          200 UNIQUEJDDB \ Natalie Canning - Case Study: Playing with Cardboard BoxesPa 978-1-84860-997-6
  Natalie Canning - Introduction \ PART ONE: Apages  CHILD                   Cl 978-1-84860-996-9
                                                               Early Childhood Education,Children's Play"IC          \ Natalie Canning - Identifying Unique Qua
                                              176 pages                                     By examining#65.00
                                                                                                         issues                      Pa 978-0-85702-169-4
 working in early years, improving quality experiences for all young children is a priority.Cl 978-0-85702-168-7surrounding quality improvement, the importance of reflective pr
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages          JDDB,JDL                     Cl 978-1-84920-134-6
                                                                           Early Childhood Education,Study Skills (General)"IC       Pa 978-1-84920-135-3
                                  320 pages  JDDB,JBS,MBN  Early Childhood 978-1-84787-167-1 - Childhood through 978-1-84787-168-8
                                                                          Cl Cultures \ Roy Lowe
                                                                                         #67.00                     Health,Sociology Thomas - Sociology of
  PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDHOOD \ Bob Sanders - Childhood in DifferentEducation,Social Work - Children,Public Pathe Ages \ Nigelof Education"IC
                                                    Contemporary Theories andCl 978-1-84787-517-4
                                                                              Children’s Lives \ Protection,Teacher Training,Reflective Practice"IC
                                                                                                                        Pa Tim Waller and Ros
  PART ONE: THEORY \ Tim Waller - Modern Childhood: JDDB,JBNH1,JBQHChildhood Education,Child Jane Waters - Well-being \978-1-84787-518-1 Swann - Children’
                                     264 pages                 Early                        #62.00
                                         240 pages    JDDB,YXDS Early Childhood Education,Educational Research Methods"IC
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84920-519-1
                                                                                              #65.00                     Pa 978-1-84920-520-7
  You Can Do Research : Your Feelings about Doing Research Myths about Early Childhood Research An Inclusive Approach towards Early Childhood Research Your Rese
                                        288 pages YXDS,JDDB Educational Research Methods,Early Childhood Education,Teacher Training"IC
                                                                            Cl 978-1-84787-523-5
                                                                                           #67.00                      Pa 978-1-84787-524-2
  Janet Moyles - Foreward \ PART ONE: PARADIGMS AND PRINCIPLES \ Positivist Research \ Interpretivism and Post-Structuralism \ Ethics \ Listening to Young Childre
                                          208 Introduction//Rationale for the Text \ Sue Callan and Alison Jackson - Concepts of 978-0-85702-175-5 Practice \ Michael R
  Sue Callan, Michael Reed and Alison Murphy -pages                                               #60.00
                                                                                     Cl 978-0-85702-174-8                   Pa Quality and Ethical
                                             256 pages      JDDB                         Cl 978-1-84920-115-5
                                                                           Early Childhood Education"IC                              Pa 978-1-84920-116-2
                                          224 pages     JDDB,JDC Leadership & Management,Early Childhood Education"IC of Early Childhood Leadership \ Early Ch
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84920-754-6
                                                                                                   Practitioners' Understandings 978-1-84920-755-3
  The Early Childhood Leaders' Agenda \ Leadership in English Early Childhood Education and Care \#75.00                      Pa
                                        /f001176 pages - Empowering communitiesCl 978-1-84787-319-4leadership \ Natalie Canning - Managing change and pedagogic
                                                                                through inspirational
                                                                                             #64.00                     Pa 978-1-84787-320-0
  Value-based leadership and management \ Janet MurrayJDDB,JDC Early Childhood Education,Leadership & Management,Leadership,Early Childhood Management & L
                                            184 pages
                <SE>Critical Issues in the Early Years      JDDB,JDC                     Cl 978-1-84920-553-5
                                                                                                      #65.00                   & 978-1-84920-554-2
                                                                           Early Childhood Education,Early Childhood ManagementPa Leadership"IC
                                            208 pages
                <SE>Critical Issues in the Early Years                                                #65.00
                                                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-962-1                        Pa 978-0-85702-963-8
                                            192 pages
                <SE>Critical Issues in the Early Years                              Cl 978-1-84920-577-1
                                                            JDDB,JDFT Early Childhood Education,Teacher Training"IC                  Pa 978-1-84920-578-8
                                             192 pages     JDDB,JDA,JDCF \ An environment of movement and Comparative Education,Policy & life \ The exercises of the
                                                                          Early         Cl 978-1-84787-515-0
                                                                                                     #62.00                        Pa 978-1-84787-516-7
  Introduction \ The Montessori Story \ The child worker and the adult observer Childhood Education,International & order \ The exercises of practical Planning"IC
                                             176 from     why is it important? \ The models and principles that form the basis of Pa Communities,Leadership & Developm
                                                                        Early         Cl 978-1-84787-527-3
                                                                                                    #62.00                        partnership working in
  What is partnership working, where did it come pagesand JDDB,JBJC,JDC Childhood Education,Working with Parents, Families &978-1-84787-528-0practice \Manageme
                                              160 pages       Approaches? Early
                                                                          \ Integrated Early Years Services: Co-Location, Roles and Development \ Integrated Children's Serv
                                                                                        Cl 978-1-84920-730-0
                                                                                                      #65.00                      Pa Communities,Social
  Introduction \ Defining Integration: What Are the DifferentJBJC,JDDB,JBQH Childhood Education,Working with Parents, Families &978-1-84920-731-7 Work - Children,C
                                            248 \ Section JDDB,JDGL,JDK
                                                                     Children's Play,Special & Inclusive Education,Teaching Methods & Learning \ Katherine
                                                                                   Cl 978-0-85702-071-0
                                                                                                  #65.00                     Pa 978-0-85702-072-7
  Introduction: Setting the Scene by Sara Knight pages One Introduction \ Breaking Through Concrete: The Emergence of Forest School in LondonStyles"IC Milchem -
                                          144 Forest JDDB              Early Childhood 978-1-84787-276-0 from Forest School Participation: A Report \ Seeing the Links
                                                                                     Cl Learning \ Outcomes
                                                                                                   #62.00                    Pa 978-1-84787-277-7
  Contextualizing Forest School \ What Makes It pages School? \ Exercise, Fresh Air andEducation,Children's Play,Classroom Activities"IC
                                             152 pages   JDDB,JDD         \ Sounds Play,Early Childhood Education,Classroom Activities"
                                                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-629-7
                                                                                                       #60.00                       Pa 978-1-84920-630-3
  Earth \ Hueristic Play \ Water \ Seasonal Change and Connectivity \ Air Children's of the Environment \ Fire \ Risk and Danger \ Natural Creativity
                                          240 pages     JDDB,JDK     Early Childhood Social Skills,Personal \ Social Education,Social, \ Young Children's Behaviour \ Y
                                                                                    \ 978-1-84860-105-5
                                                                                                  #62.00                     Pa 978-1-84860-106-2
  The Seeds of Confidence \ Living and Learning with Others \ Becoming Independent ClEmotional Well-Being & Dispositions for Learning Emotional & Behavioural Difficultie
                                                          JDDB,JDGL Developing a Ritual for Separating \ John: Exploring Lines and Connecting
  Early Years Practitioners and Parents Engaging in Child Study \ Ewan: Early Childhood Education,Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties"IC and Coming to Understa
                                           192 pages                                               #65.00
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-84920-165-0                    Pa 978-1-84920-166-7
                                  \ Early Childhood Matters \ Wellbeing Themes \ PART TWO: THE Management & Student Behaviour,Health Wellbeing \ Compa
  PART ONE: INTRODUCING WELLBEING224 pages      JDDB,JDK                    Cl 978-1-84860-720-0
                                                                                         #65.00               Pa 978-1-84860-721-7
                                                              Early Childhood Education,Classroom THEORY OF WELLBEING \ The ABC Of & Wellbeing"IC
                                          208 pages    JDDB           Early Childhood Developing #65.00
                                                                                    - 978-1-84920-005-9 Pedagogical Approaches to Play and Learning \ Liz Brooker
  Elizabeth Wood, Pat Broadhead and Justine Howard - Introduction \ Elizabeth Wood Cl Education"IC                      Pa 978-1-84920-006-6
                                             168 pages                                    Cl 978-0-85702-731-3
                                                                                                          seen as                    Pa early childhood practice. In this book, th
nce of promoting young children's creative thinking, and the social relationships that support it, is now #75.00 a vital element of good 978-0-85702-732-0
                                          200 pages      JDDB          Early Childhood Education"IC
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-84787-525-9
                                                                                                     #60.00                           Drawing-Telling \ Drawing and Embodimen
  Creativity: Meaning-Making and Representation \ Surfacing the Voices of Children: The Role of the Interlocutor \ Intratextuality inPa 978-1-84787-526-6
                                              168 pages     JDS,JDDB,JDDFLiteracy,Early Cl 978-0-85702-990-4 Literacy,Teaching in Primary Schools"
                                                                                        Childhood \ Definitions
                                                                                                      #65.00                    Pa 978-0-85702-991-1
  Introduction \ Structure of the book \ Overview of the book \ Becoming a Reader in a Digital Age Language & of Reading: The Cognitive-Psychological Perspective The Psy
                                       384 pages    JDDB,JDS,GRRochelle Cherry - The Importance of Hearing and Listening Skills in (General)"
                                                                                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7407-3
  Sandra Levey - Language Development: Theories and Explanations \ Early Childhood Language & Literacy,English,Speech CommunicationLanguage Development \ Joy
                                          344 pages    JCD,JDDB,CFDevelopmental Psychology (General),Early Childhood Education,Linguistics (General),Early Childho
                                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-0231-1
                                                                                             #65.00                      Pa Period Hypothesis:
  Landmarks in the Landscape of Child Language \ Can Animals Acquire Human Language? Shakespeare's Typewriter \ The Critical 978-1-4129-0232-8 Now or Never? \ Inp
                                           236 pages  JDDB      Early Childhood 978-1-84787-592-1 for Early Childhood Services
                                                                               Cl - The Policy Agenda
                                                                                             #67.00                    Pa 978-1-84787-593-8
  Bernadette Duffy - Introduction \ PART ONE: POLICY AND RESEARCH \ Gillian Pugh Education,Education Studies,Teacher Training"IC \ David Hawker - Children's Trus
                                             176 pages  JDDB,JDCF Early Childhood Education,PolicyEarly Years Policy Development \ Implementing Early Years Policy
                                                                                     Cl \ Influences on &
                                                                                                   #67.00                      Pa 978-1-84787-447-4
  What Is Policy and Why Is It Important? \ The Development of Early Years Policy so Far978-1-84787-446-7Planning,Politics of Education,Inclusive Education"IC
                                  256 pages  JDDB         Ioanna Palaiologou - Policy#67.00 in England and the Pa 978-1-84860-127-7 Early Years Founda
                                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-126-0
                                                                                      Context                    Implementation of the
  PART ONE: POLICY, PEDAGOGY AND KEY ISSUES IN PRACTICE \Early Childhood Education,Policy & Planning,Early Childhood Teaching Skills,Teacher Training,Polit
                                             224 Professional Status \ What Is Childhood Process? \ What Qualities, Knowledge, Skills and Understanding Does an EYP Nee
  Getting Started: An Introduction to Early Years pages   JDDB                         Cl 978-1-84787-189-3
                                                                                                    #62.00                     Pa
                                                                        Early the EYPS Education,Mentoring,Teacher Training"IC 978-1-84787-190-9
                                           224 pages     JDDB,JDCJ Early Childhood Education,Assessment,Early Childhood Assessment"IC
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-121-6
                                                                                                  #60.00                      Pa 978-1-84920-122-3
  Jonathan Glazzard and Julie Percival - Assessment for Learning: Theoretical Perspectives and Leading Pedagogy \ Julie Percival - Values and Principles of Assessment
                                         232 pages     JBJC2,JDDB,JB Working with Parents,Early Childhood Education,Resources 978-1-4129-3501-2
                                                                                   Cl of working -#75.00
                                                                                                   the Pen                Pa for Parents"IC
  Notes on the team \ Acknowledgements \ Preface \ 1.New forms of provision, new ways 978-1-4129-3500-5 Green Centre \ 2.Developing evidence-based practice \ 3.Gett
                                              176 pages      JDDB           widely acclaimed978-0-85702-092-5
                                                                                          Cl approach to assessment
                                                                                                       #60.00                  Pa a huge international
rr's seminal work on learning stories was first published in 2001, and this Early Childhood Education,Assessment" has since gained978-0-85702-093-2 following. In this ne
                                           224 pages     JDDB,JDFX,JDCJ Childhood Education,Adult Education &Difficulty and Uncertainty \ Communicating with Others
                                                                        Early          Cl 978-0-7619-6793-4
                                                                                                     \ Persisting with Life-long Learning,Summative Assessment & Testing"
  A Folk Model of Assessment - and an Alternative \ Learning Dispositions \ Interest and Involvement #69.00                       Pa 978-0-7619-6794-1
                                 360 pages  INTERPRETATION Childhood Education"IC EARLY CHILDHOOD \ History and Framework of Early Education an
  PART ONE: BACKGROUND, CURRENT ISSUES, AND JDDB      Early OF ASSESSMENTS IN                         Pa 978-1-4129-7015-0
                                           320 pages     JDCH          Teaching the Curriculum,Curriculum Leadership"IC
                                                                                     Cl 978-0-85702-067-3
                                                                                                   #65.00                     Pa 978-0-85702-068-0
  What Should Schooling in the 21st Century Look Like? \ Cross-Curricular Policy and Practice \ What Does Good Cross-Curricular Practice Look Like? \ Social Perspectives
                                            224 concerns and explicitly underscores the 978-0-85702-382-7
and Learning places learning at the centre of ourpages                                             of assessment in that learning. 978-0-85702-383-4
                                                                                     Cl importance #65.00                      Pa This new edition provides a comprehen
                                              368 pages    JDK,JDFT     Teaching Methods & Learning Styles,Teacher Training"IC \ Theories of Learning and Intelligence
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-075-2
                                                                                                  #65.00                      Pa
  Introduction: Effective Teaching - The British Research Reviewed \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING AND LEARNING 978-1-84920-076-9
                                        232 pages       - Introduction:Teaching Methods & Learning Styles"IC
  Margery McMahon, Christine Forde and Margaret Martin JDK                         Cl 978-1-84920-127-8
                                                                                                 #65.00                     ONE: POLICY \ Margery
                                                                        Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching \ PART Pa 978-1-84920-128-5 McMahon - Secti
                                             Is the Book JDDF,JDDH,JDCF Engage with the Book?#60.00 ONE: THE IMPORTANCE OF ENQUIRY
                                                                        You         Cl 978-1-84860-615-9
                                                                                                   \ PART                      Pa
  Introduction \ What Is the Book for? \ Who 240 pages for? \ How MightTeacher Training,Teacher Induction,Reflective Practice"IC 978-1-84860-616-6IN ENHANCING LEA
                                   332 CURRICULA AND THE Humanities,Learning Poonam Batra - Introduction \ ThePa 978-8-13-210296-0
  PART ONE: SOCIAL SCIENCES IN SCHOOL pages   JDS,JDK    EKLAVYA STORY \ Styles,South Asia Studies"            Eklavya Team - Reconstructing the Curric
                                   464 pages JD,JDD     Education,Teacher Resources"IC              Pa 978-1-4129-5644-4
                                     216 pages    JDD          Teacher Resources"                                  Teacher \ PART TWO:
  PART ONE: PEOPLE \ The Open House: Welcome to Student Teaching \ The Teacher Conference: Meeting Your CooperatingPa 978-1-4129-7300-7 POLITICS \ The R
                                   Graham Handscomb and Anne Cockburn ClSetting out \ #65.00 Handscomb - Working Together and Enquiring within \ Sue C
  PART ONE: THE LEARNING TEACHER \ 336 pages                                          Graham
                                                                      - 978-0-85702-486-2                   Pa 978-0-85702-487-9
                                        264 pages JDK        Teaching Methods &Waite & #65.00
                                                                          \ Sue Learning Styles,Early Childhoodperspectives on learning outsideSchools"IC
                                                                                       Nick Pratt - Theoretical Education,Teaching in Primary the classroom
  Sue Waite - Introduction \ THEORY FOR LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM Cl 978-0-85702-047-5                       Pa 978-0-85702-048-2
                                           176 pages    JDDF,JDS
                <SE>Published in association with the UKLA                            Cl 978-1-84920-195-7
                                                                                                   #60.00                      Pa
                                                                        Teaching in Primary Schools,English,Teacher Training"IC 978-1-84920-196-4
                                           192 pages
                <SE>Published in association with the UKLA                                          #65.00
                                                                                       Cl 978-0-85702-971-3                      Pa 978-0-85702-972-0
                                   296 pages JDDF,JDS,JDCH Teaching in Primary Schools,Science,Primary Teacher Training,Teacher Training"ICLife processes \
                                                                         Cl 978-1-84860-118-5
                                                                                       #67.00                   Pa AND LIVING THINGS \
  PART ONE: DEVELOPING SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE \ Helping Children to Become Scientific \ PART TWO: LIFE PROCESSES 978-1-84860-119-2
                                       256 Has Evolved \ Natasha Serret and Karen Kerr - The Curriculum in Flux \ Tara Mawby and Alan Peacock - Science Literac
  Alan Peacock and Mick Dunne - How Sciencepages                                           #60.00
                                                                             Cl 978-0-85702-505-0                       Pa 978-0-85702-506-7
                                            of primary                               Primary Humanities is
                                                                                                  #60.00                     Pa 978-0-85702-340-7
broad and balanced overview of the teaching 192 pages history and primary geography, Cl 978-0-85702-339-1 indispensable reading for all primary teacher education student
                                           Literacy Teachers Know and Do \ A View of Speaking and Listening \ Oral Language Pa 978-0-85702-157-1 \ A View of Early Re
  Introduction: How This Book Works \ What280 pages                                             #60.00
                                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-156-4                      across the Curriculum
                                               teach and                               Cl 978-0-85702-158-8
                                                                                                     #65.00                       focuses on observing
hildren is a fundamental aspect of learning to216 pages a vital component of primary English teaching. Observing Primary LiteracyPa 978-0-85702-159-5 children and teacher
                                        248 pages       Cooper - Philosophy of Education \ SueTeacher Training"IC - Planning, 978-0-85702-738-2
  PART ONE \ Susan Shaw - History of Education \ Hilary JDFT                      Cl 978-0-85702-733-7
                                                                     Teacher Training,Primary Lowe and Kim Harris         Pa Monitoring, Assessment and Recording
                                              Roden - Introduction \ Jonathan Barnes -Cl 978-1-84920-596-2in Primary PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING ENGLISH, COMMU
  Patricia Driscoll, Andrew Lambirth & Judith280 pages     JDFT,JDCH,JDDF              Cross Curricular Perspectives \ Schools,Curriculum"IC
                                                                         Primary Teacher Training,Teaching                      Pa 978-1-84920-597-9
                                             160 pages    JDDB,JDFT Continuing Professional Development,Early Childhood Classroom Management \ Pursuing your own
                                                                                      Cl 978-0-85702-526-5
                                                                                                    #60.00                   Pa 978-0-85702-527-2
  Outstanding Professional Attributes \ Professional Knowledge \ Planning \ Outstanding Teaching \ Assessment \ Team Work \ Education,Teacher Training"IC
                                           136 Teacher?JDDF
  Graham Birrell - So You Want to be a Primary pages                 Teaching in the Most of your Time Before the Course Teacher Training,Teacher Training,Reflective
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-029-5
                                                                                                 #60.00                    Pa 978-1-84920-030-1
                                                        \ Graham Birrell - Making Primary Schools,PGCEs & MEds,Primary Begins \ Helen Taylor - Making the Most of yo
                                           208 pages       and the development of values978-1-84787-594-5 Jo Josephinou - Who am I? How can we learn to value ours
  Chris Rowley & Hilary Cooper - Cross-curricular learningJDCH,JDDF,RG               Cl \ Jan Ashbridge and
                                                                                                   #62.00                       Pa 978-1-84787-595-2
                                                                        Curriculum,Teaching in Primary Schools,Study Skills for Geography,Teaching the Curriculum,Prima
                                             176 pages      JDGL,JDC,JDDBSpecial & Inclusive Education,Policy
                                                                                        Cl Families \ Being Healthy \ Staying Safe Pa 978-1-84860-137-6 \ Teacher Positiv
                                                                                                      #62.00                       \ Enjoying and Achieving
  Introduction \ Every Child Matters and the Social Justice Agenda \ The Child in Society \ 978-1-84860-136-9 & Planning,Early Childhood Education,Primary Making a Trainin
                                 400 SOCIAL JDS,JDDF   Humanities,Teaching \ Primary Schools"                     Pa 978-1-4129-6856-0
  PART ONE: BUILDING A FRAMEWORK FOR pages STUDIES \ Defining Social Studies inCelebrating Diversity in Social Studies Education \ PART TWO: PLANNING
                                            200 pages                                for teacher education
                                                                                                   #75.00                      comprehensive overview
support teachers in developing new strategies and pedagogies for teaching music, and Cl 978-0-85702-393-3 students requiring a Pa 978-0-85702-394-0 of the subject Tea
                                            128 engaged and active learners. In this Secondary Schools,Learning Styles" grounded in the realities of teaching in today's clas
ful classroom teaching, your students need to be pages                                Cl 978-0-85702-384-1
                                                        JDK,JDDH Teaching in book, there is practical advice that is          Pa 978-0-85702-385-8
                                   320 pages    JDDH         Teacher Training978-1-84860-712-5 Lifelong Learning and 978-1-84860-713-2
                                                                          Cl for Understanding
                                                                                        #65.00                    Pa Teacher Training,Higher & \ Understan
  PART ONE: EDUCATIONAL POLICY \ Why Teach? \ Understanding Secondary Education \Post-compulsory Education,SecondaryPost-Compulsory EducationFurther Edu
                                    464 pages JDA,JDK        Education Studies,Teaching Methods & Behind Special Education \ Fixing Foundations"
                                                                                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-8007-4
  PART ONE: ISSUES IN JUSTICE, EQUITY AND EQUALITY \ Racial Diversity in Public Schools \ No Child LeftLearning\ Styles,Social/PhilosophicalUrban Schools \ Charte
                                           400 pages     JDS,JDFT    to Use It \ PART 978-1-84787-288-3 IDEOLOGIES AND VALUES OF ENGLISH
                                                                                   Cl ONE: HISTORIES,
  Stephen Clarke and Paul Dickinson - Introduction: The Book and How English,Secondary Teacher Training,Teacher Training"ICPa 978-1-84787-289-0 \ Paul Dickinson -
                                           176 pages     YHB,JDS        History Liz West978-1-84787-187-9
                                                                                     Cl - Year 5//6 and
                                                                                                  #62.00                       Brougham Castle \ Jon
  Arthur Chapman - Introduction: Constructing History 11-19 \ Hilary Cooper and(General),Humanities"IC Year 7 Historians Visit Pa 978-1-84787-188-6 Nichol - Bringing th
                                           184 pages    JDS,JDGC Early Childhood Gifted & Talented,English"IC
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-598-6
                                                                                                  #65.00                      Pa 978-1-84920-599-3
  Introducing the Essentials of Communication, Language and Literacy \ Observing Children in an Enabling Environment \ Parent//Baby Songs \ Finger Rhymes \ Mark-Makin
                                            352 pages    JDDF         Teaching in Primary Schools"                              Pa 978-1-4129-7493-6
  Strategies for Literature-Based Teaching of Language Arts and Reading \ Strategies for Literature-Based Teaching of Social Studies \ Strategies for Literature-Based Teac
                                          144 pages    JDDB,JDS     Early Childhood Language &#60.00
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84920-421-7 Contexts \ The Role 978-1-84920-422-4
                                                                                                  \ Critical
  Sensible Approaches to the Teaching of Reading \ Sensible Approaches to the Teaching of ReadingLiteracy,Literacy,English"ICPa of the Teacher \ Knowledge for Reading
                                  \ Linguistics: The Study of Language \ Sociolinguistics: Language and Cultures \ Psycholinguistics: Early Language Acquisition
  PART ONE: LANGUAGE AND LEARNING264 pages       JDS,JDDB                    Cl 978-1-84920-007-3
                                                               English,Early Childhood Education"IC                   Pa 978-1-84920-008-0
                                           224 pages    JDS,JDDF,JDDB  \ Narration and PointPrimary #72.00
                                                                                     Cl in of ViewSchools,Early Childhood Language & Literacy"IC
                                                                                                     \ Narrative Structure, Time and978-1-4129-3013-0
  Introduction \ Developing Personal Knowledge about Books \ Narrative English,Teaching978-1-4129-3012-3                         Pa Cohesion \ Character, Setting and The
                                 320 pages  VOCABULARY IN CONTENT AREAS \ Strategy 1. Semantic Mapping: Developing Robust Academic Vocabulari
  PART ONE: ACADEMIC VOCABULARY: DEVELOPINGJDS       English"IC                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7283-3
                                    288 pages \ Introduction English,Humanities,Teaching Diverse Critical Issues Approach \ The Essentials and Foundations of
  PART ONE: TAKING A CRITICAL ISSUES APPROACH JDS,JDGF to Multicultural Children's Literature: A Students"          Pa 978-1-4129-5522-5
                                           200 pages     JDDF,JDS,JDDBExploring Classroom Talk through Action Research \ Frances Dunkin - Being Involved in Research:
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-143-8
                                                                                                 #65.00                      Pa 978-1-84920-144-5
  Classroom Poster \ Debra Myhill - Learning to Write \ Susan Jones - Teaching in Primary Schools,Literacy,Early Childhood Teacher Resources,Primary Teacher Training
                                           320 pages       JDS,JDDB,JDDF  \ Writing \ Spelling, handwriting and Literacy,Teaching in learners \ Language,
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-082-7
                                                                                                        #67.00                     Pa 978-1-84787-083-4
  Speaking and listening \ Reading \ Resources and activities for reading English,Early Childhood Language &punctuation \ BilingualPrimary Schools"IC literacy and gender
                                  424 pages  INSTRUCTION \ P David Pearson - The Reading Wars \ Rebecca Powell,978-1-4129-6591-0 Elizabeth Rightmye
  PART ONE: PLANNING AND ORGANIZING LITERACY JDS       English"                                            Pa Ellyn McIntyre, and
                                             248 TeachersJDS
  Introduction: Learning from Successful Literacypages                 English"                                               Literacy Success : Focus
                                                          : Discussion of IRA's Excellent Reading Teachers \ Guiding Students Pa 978-1-4129-5643-7 Questions Read
                                  208 Strategy 1: Teaching Observation, Questioning, and Inference \ Strategy 2: OralPa 978-1-4129-7110-2
  PART ONE: BUILDING RESEARCH SKILLS \ pages   JDS          Humanities,English"                                      Histories in the Curriculum \ Strategy 3: D
                                         272 pages    JDDB,JDS     Addition and Subtraction \ Understanding Numeracy,Teacher Training,Primary
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-4725-1
                                                                                               #69.00                      Pa Division \ Understanding the Principles
  Understanding Mathematics \ Understanding Numbers \ UnderstandingEarly Childhood Education,Mathematics & Multiplication and 978-1-4129-4726-8 Teacher Training"IC
                                         160 pages     JDDF,JDS,JDFT Teaching in Primary Schools,Mathematics & Numeracy,Primary Teacher\ Training"IC
                                                                                                                              Fourth Edition How to
  The Purpose of This Workbook \ The Categories of Tasks \ Related Chapters in Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers - ,Pa 978-1-84860-442-1 Use This Workboo
                                432 pages    JDDF,JDS,JDFTInsecurity about 978-1-84860-196-3
                                                                        Cl Mathematics \ Mathematics in the Primary Curriculum \ Learning to Learn Mathema
                                                                                     #75.00                     Pa 978-1-84860-197-0
  PART ONE: MATHEMATICAL UNDERSTANDING \ Primary Teachers'Teaching in Primary Schools,Mathematics & Numeracy,Teacher Training,Primary Teacher Training"
                <SE>Math Recovery           224 pages                M            Cl 978-0-85702-060-4
                                                                                               #65.00                     in 978-0-85702-061-1
                                                          JDS,JDD,JDDF athematics & Numeracy,Classroom Activities,TeachingPa Primary Schools"
                <SE>Math Recovery           224 pages                M            Cl 978-1-4129-0757-6
                                                                                               #69.00                     Pa 978-1-4129-0758-3
                                                          JDS,JDDB,JDD athematics & Numeracy,Early Childhood Curriculum,Classroom Activities"
                                  416 SCIENCEJDS,JDK,JD Science,LearningScience \ Science Education in Social Context \ Toward a Philosophy of Hands-O
  PART ONE: CREATING THE CONTEXT FOR pages    EDUCATION \ The Nature of Styles,Education"                     Pa 978-1-4129-7991-7
                                 192 pages  JDS,JDDH,JDFT
                                                       \ Ruth Richards 978-1-84920-125-4
                                                                    Cl Looking at Life \ Ruth Richards - Human 978-1-84920-126-1 Activities"IC
                                                                                  #65.00                    Pa Training,Classroom
  PART ONE: BEGINNINGS AND DEVELOPMENT OF LIVING THINGSScience,Teaching- in Secondary Schools,Secondary TeacherReproduction and Genetics \ PART TW
                                         Scientific Learning \ Creating a Science Rich Curriculum,Science"IC
  PART ONE \ Supporting Young Children's 200 pages      JDDB,JDS                     Cl Environment \ PART
                                                                                                  #62.00                   Pa Part 2 \ Living Things
                                                                       Early Childhood 978-1-84860-142-0 TWO \ Introduction to 978-1-84860-143-7 \ Habitats and Su
                                  \ Educational Goals and The Nature of Science Inquiry : The Schools,Curriculum"
  PART ONE: THE NATURE OF SCIENCE 344 pages     JDS,JDDH,JDCH                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-6665-8
                                                             Science,Teaching in Secondary Goals of American Education How Science is Practiced Testing H
                                         288 pages     JDA,JDFT        Education Studies,Teacher Training"IC
                                                                                       Cl education Studies
                                                                                                    #75.00                   Pa \ The Nature of Education: The meaning
  What Is Education Studies?: The New 'Education Studies' The traditional disciplines and978-1-4129-2193-0 Comparative education 978-1-4129-2194-7
                                              176 pages    \ Laudan AronEducation Studies,Sociology#67.00
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-84787-529-7
                                                                                                    (General),Special & Inclusive Education,Management of Special Educa
                                                                                                                                Pa 978-1-84787-530-3
  Kitty te Riele - Educational Innovation for Young People JDDF,JDK,YJB- Alternative Schooling in the USA \ Frans Meijers - The Need for Dialogue in Vocational Education
                                    256 pages JBJC,JBNH1,JBQH with \Cl 978-1-84920-379-1 Rights: The Development of
                                                         Working    Phil Jones - Children's
                                                                                 #65.00                     Pa 978-1-84920-380-7
  PART ONE: CHILDREN'S RIGHTS: KEY IDEAS, PERSPECTIVES AND DEBATES Parents, Families & Communities,Child Protection"IC Ideas and Debates \ Gary Walke
                        AND Forge Press PERSPECTIVES Status Attainment and Social Mobility Studies"IC
                                   640 pages    JB,JDA
  PART ONE: THEORETICALA PineHISTORICAL Publication                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8039-5
                                                        Sociology of Education,Education \ The Rationalization of Education and Training: Max Weber \ S
                                  352 PARTNERSHIPS \ The Community Involvement & Partnerships,Working with Parents" Partnerships \ Meeting the Needs o
  PART ONE: THE BASICS OF EDUCATIONAL pages                                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-5212-5
                                            JBM,JBJC2 Importance of Educational Partnerships \ History of Educational
                                            336 pages   JDA,JDCH,JDCLEducation \ Curriculum as Content and Product \ Development & Assessment,Teaching the Curric
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84787-274-6
                                                                                                 #67.00                      Pa 978-1-84787-275-3
  The Curriculum and the Study of the Curriculum \ Knowledge and the Curriculum Studies,Curriculum,Curriculum StrategyCurriculum as Process and Development \ Curricu
                                              Less-Than- JDCH         Curriculum Development"                                  New Sequence of Courses \ Meeting the
  Case Study Matrix \ Tackling Diversity in a200 pages Diverse Environment \ Bringing Calculus to Life: Hands-on Learning in aPa 978-1-4129-6055-7
                                            224 pages                                  Cl 978-0-85702-838-9
                                                                                                     #70.00                      Pa 978-0-85702-839-6
  (W)e are here \ Enter e-Learning \ E-Learning - an educational revolution \ E-Learning design - concepts and considerations \ Empowered learners - powerful tools for lear
                                         272 pages      YXDS,JDFX Educational Research Driving New Conditions for Distance 978-1-84920-471-2
                                                                                   What is Methods,Online
                                                                                                #70.00                   Pa Chapter Outline Looking Forward Furth
  Acknowledgements \ Introduction: New Learning Practices: What's New in Learning? Cl 978-1-84920-470-5 Learning &Learning? Education"IC
                                    240 pages     JBNH3,JD,JBNH1 Protection,Child Neglect,Children, Adolescents andPa Professional \ PART II: CHILD MALTRE
                                                                Child         Cl 978-1-4129-2091-9
                                                                                            Things                      Interpersonal Violence
  PART I: CHILD PROTECTION WORK \ Different Perspectives \ The Multi-Agency System \ Making#69.00 Different \ Personal and978-1-4129-2092-6 (General)"IC
                                       232 pages
                <SE>SAGE Key Concepts series                                        Cl 978-1-4129-2843-4
                                                                                                 Geography (General),Social Pa 978-1-4129-2844-1
                                                            YJB,JBM,RGLSociology (General),Human #67.00                     Work & Social Policy (General),Community
                                           184 pages      Culture & Society       Cl 978-1-84860-646-3
                <SE>Published in association with Theory,JDA,JB,JPP Sociology of Education,Education Studies,Public Policy & Public Administration"
                                          208 pages   JBS,MJ,JD Social Policy ContextPolicy #60.00
                                                                                 Social \ Graham Brotherton and Gill- McGillivray - ChangingSpecialties,Social WorkF
                                                                                              (General),Social Work Children,Other Health Childhoods, Changing
  Graham Brotherton - Working with Children, Young People and Families: TheWork &Cl 978-1-84860-988-4                    Pa 978-1-84860-989-1
                                           and Data    JBV,JBS,JBVP2  Criminology \ Explaining Youth (General),Juvenile/Youth Pa 978-1-84787-432-0
                                                                                    Criminal Justice Crime
                                                                                                  #67.00                      Crime \ Explaining Youth Crime II: Radical
  Youth Crime: Representations, Discourses488 pages\ Histories of Youth and Crime & Cl 978-1-84787-431-3 I: Positivist Criminologies(General),Criminology (General),You
                                          160 pages      Education Early Childhood Education,Developmental Psychology (General)"IC
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-4712-1
                                                                                              #60.00                      Pa 978-1-4129-4713-8
  Introduction: Developmental Psychology and Early YearsJCD,JDDB \ Emotional Development \ Social Development \ Play, Development and Learning \ Memory and Unde
                                       144 pages      JDGL,JDB,JCRM Special & Inclusive \ Children with working memory impairments \
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-3612-5
                                                                                                 #66.00                    Pa 978-1-4129-3613-2
  What is working memory? \ Working memory in childhood. \ Working memory and learningEducation,Educational Psychology,Memory"IC Children with short-term memory
                                            136 pages    Reading Disorder \ Mathematical Disorder#65.00
                                                                     S            Cl 978-1-84920-747-8
                                                                                                  \ Dyspraxia \ Psychology,Cognitive Development"IC
                                                                                                                            Pa 978-1-84920-748-5
  Our Brain's Post-It-Note \ Diagnosing Working Memory \JDGL,JDB,JCRpecial & Inclusive Education,EducationalADHD \ Autistic Spectrum Disorder \ Student Strategies a
                                         2064 pages JCD,JDB          Developmental Psychology (General),Educational Psychology"
                /f001<SE>SAGE Library of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology                 #750.00
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-268-5
                                         232 pages  JBS,MJX,MQC   Social Work &Cl 978-1-84787-178-7
                                                                                Social Policy #65.00
                                                                                                                          Importance of Attachment \ The Emergenc
  The Birth of a Human Being: What Makes Us Who We Are? \ The Balancing Act: Psychodynamic Insights \ A Secure Base: ThePa 978-1-84787-179-4
                                            504 pages    JCRM,JDK      Memory \ Episodic the Brain"IC                    Pa Memory \ Visual Memory \ Autobiograp
  Introduction to the Study of Memory \ The Biology of Memory \ WorkingMemory,Learning & Memory \ Semantic Memory and Lexical978-1-4129-7253-6
                                      280 Series
                <SE>SAGE Advanced Marketingpages                       Consumer Marketing,Consumer Psychology,Sociology ofPa 978-1-84787-927-1
                                                            KMP,JCAD,JDGL                      #75.00
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-926-4                     Childhood,Social, Emotional & Behavioura
                                         2064 Thought & Practice
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JDB,JC                             Cl 978-0-85702-178-6
                                                                           Educational Psychology,Applied Psychology (General)"
                                     304 pages      Xinyin Chen - How Social Change Affects Individual
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84920-019-6
  PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Rainer K Silbereisen andJD,JCD,JBS Developmental Psychology (General)" Adaptation \ Steffen Schmidt - PART TWO: DYNAMIC OF
                                          \ Basic Components - Scales and Items (General),Personality,Educational Psychology,Forensic Psychology,Research MethodsT
  Foundations of Psychological Assessment 312 pages                               How Assessment Measures Are Made \ Statistics for Psychological Measurement \
                                                      JC,JCS,JDB Psychology \ Cl 978-1-84787-478-8                         Pa 978-1-84787-479-5
                                       160 pages
                <SE>SAGE Key Concepts series                                         Cl 978-1-4129-0878-8
                                                                                                  #66.00                       Development"IC
                                                            JB,JBS,JCR Sociology of Childhood,Social Work - Children,Cognitive Pa 978-1-4129-0879-5
                                         192 Diversity and Equality Mean? \ Gianna Knowles and #65.00 Training"IC \ Vini Lander - Ethnicity and Whiteness \ Gianna
  Gianna Knowles and Vini Lander - What Does pages                                Cl 978-1-84920-600-6
                                                                                               Vini Lander - Identity
                                                       JDGF,JDFT Teaching Diverse Students,Teacher                       Pa 978-1-84920-601-3
                                             160 Alleged JDDB,JDGF,JDFT Intercultural Competence \ The Background to Daily Practice: Curriculum Guidance, Discussio
                                                                        Early         Cl 978-1-84860-986-0
                                                                                                   #60.00                    Pa 978-1-84860-987-7
  What Is Your Culture? \ Multiculturalism and Itspages Failure \ The Idea of Childhood Education,Teaching Diverse Students,Teaching Strategies for Diverse Students,De
  Baroness Mary Warnock                      336 pages                         Cl 978-0-85702-162-5
                                                                                              \ Gavin              Pa 978-0-85702-163-2
                              - Foreword \ PART ONE: SEN - POLICY, PRACTICE AND PROVISION #70.00 Reid and Lindsay Peer - Introduction \ Sheila Riddell, Elisabe
                                         224 pages
                <SE>Education Studies: Key Issues                                                      #60.00
                                                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-810-9                        Pa 978-1-84920-811-6
                                         200 pages
                <SE>Education Studies: Key Issues           JDGL,JDA                     Cl 978-1-84787-380-4
                                                                                                       #62.00                       of 978-1-84787-381-1
                                                                           Special & Inclusive Education,Education Studies,Politics PaEducation,Inclusive Education"IC
                                              264 pages      Needs \ Partnerships with Parents \ Responding Childhood Education"IC Young Children \ Observation and Ass
                                                                                        Cl 978-1-84920-132-2
                                                                                                     #70.00                     Pa
  Legislation and Policy \ Families of Children with Special JDGL,JDDB Special & Inclusive Education,Early to the Affective Needs of978-1-84920-133-9
                                              176 common JDGL,JDGS,JDDB legislation \ Education,Autistic Spectrum Disorders,Early Childhood Education"IC \ Understa
  Tricia David - Foreward \ Definitions of autism,pages                Special       Cl 978-1-84787-507-5
                                                                                                    of children with autism \ Issues 978-1-84787-508-2
                                                         features and relevant & Inclusive Families #67.00                        Pa of diagnosis and assessment
                                            208 pages     JDGS,JDGL Analysis - ABA \ 978-0-85702-488-6
                                                                                       Cl TEACCH#70.00
                                                                                                    Programme \ C Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy \ D Denver Health Scie
                                                                                                                                Pa 978-0-85702-489-3
  Introduction \ Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches \ A Applied Behaviour Autistic SpectrumBDisorders,Special & Inclusive Education"IC
                                             176 pages                                adults who have severe
                                                                                                   #75.00                       Pa autism, and who are
eraction is an approach to teaching the fundamentals of communication to children and Cl 978-0-85702-170-0 learning difficulties or 978-0-85702-171-7 still at an early sta
                                              232 pages        Disability Studies \ Intersections: and Illness,Social Policy \ Society: Sociological & Rehabilitation,Community /
                                                                                             Cl 978-1-84787-557-0
                                                                                                            #65.00                       Pa 978-1-84787-558-7
  Introduction: Global Disability Studies \ Debates: PoliticalJBS,YJB,MB Sociology of Health Diverse Disability Studiesand Disability,Disability Disability Studies \ Individuals:P
                                    176 pages JDA,JDGF,JBM as a_______________ \ Come From \ My Name \ Metaphorical Me \ Identity Collage \ Zen Ca
                                                          E                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-7736-4
  PART ONE: INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY AND SELF-AWARENESS \ My Lifeducation Studies,TeachingI Diverse Students,Community Involvement & Partnerships"
                                            72 pages       JDGL           Inclusive Education"                                       \ Sample Lesson Plans
  Sample Lesson Plans for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities \ Sample Lesson Plans for Individuals with Learning DisabilitiesPa 978-1-4129-8971-8 for Individuals with
                                       296 pages
                <SE>SAGE Key Concepts series                          Learning Disability Nursing,Nursing,Specific Learning Difficulties"IC
                                                            MQC,JDGS2,JBS                          #65.00
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-634-0                        Pa 978-1-84860-635-7
                                         1770 Thought & Practice Education,Teaching Strategies for Diverse Students,Inclusive Education"
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JD,JDGF,JDGL                           #600.00
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-4709-1
                                             432 pages     JDGL,JDGF Academics Establishing the Rationale: Demographics of 978-1-4129-5213-2
  Introduction : Case Study: Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity onSpecial & Inclusive Education,Teaching Diverse Students" Students in Our Classrooms Setting the
                                 720 pages   \ Special Education in Context: People, Concepts, and Perspectives \ Policies, Practices, and Programs \ Cultura
  PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF SPECIAL EDUCATIONJDGL          Special & Inclusive Education"IC                        Pa 978-1-4129-6317-6
                                           136 for 14-19 JDGS2,JDFX Specific Learning978-1-84787-585-3& Further Education Pa 978-1-84787-586-0
  Barbara Pavey - Dyslexia and the implications pages                                Cl - The dyslexia-friendly college \ Margaret Meehan - Dyslexia-friendly higher educ
                                                         and adult learning \ Alan WaughDifficulties,Higher                    (general)"IC
                                  176 pages   JDGL,JDCF,JDA Special & Inclusive Education,Policy History of Inclusion \ 978-1-84787-941-7of Inclusive Educatio
                                                                          Cl Themes \ The Social
                                                                                        #77.00                      Pa The Current State
  PART ONE: HISTORY, SOCIAL CONTEXT AND KEY IDEAS \ Inclusive Education: Key978-1-84787-940-0 & Planning,International & Comparative Education,Inclusive Ed
                                       256 pages
                <SE>SAGE Key Concepts series                JBJC,JBQJ,JB              Cl 978-1-4129-2005-6
                                                                                                   #60.00                       Pa 978-1-4129-2006-3
                                                                        Sociology of the Family,Working with Parents, Families & Communities,Family Policy,Family Therap
                                          160 pages    JDS,JDGF,JDDB Modern Foreign Languages,Teaching Diverse Principles Pa 978-1-84787-532-7
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-531-0
                                                                                               #62.00                     and Interpretations \ Frank Monaghan - Ma
  Angela Creese and Constant Leung - Introduction \ Constant Leung - Communicative Language Teaching and EAL: Students,Bilingual/EAL Learners,Teaching Strategies
                                  232 pages     JDK,JDFT     Classroom Management & Student
                                                                         Cl EFFECTIVE TEACHER \ Being a 'Good' Teacher
                                                                                     #65.00                    Pa 978-1-84920-078-3
  PART ONE: BEING AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER \ Introduction \ PART ONE: BEING AN 978-1-84920-077-6Behaviour,Teacher Training"IC \ Being and Becoming Emotiona
                                          136 pages     JDK,JDGS5,JDCXIntervention Approaches \ Student Behaviour,Foundation Degrees Approach \ Support,Behaviour
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84787-583-9
                                                                                                 #60.00                    Pa 978-1-84787-584-6
  The Context \ Preventing Problems and Promoting Positive Behaviour \Classroom Management & The System Approach \ The Negotiation for LearningThe Relationship Ap
                                         176 pages      Establishing and
                                                                     Higher & Further 978-1-4129-3455-8
                                                                                   Cl Education (general),Classroom Management Strong First Impression \ Creating a
                                                                                                 #69.00                   Pa 978-1-4129-3456-5
  Why Are Some 14-16 Years Olds in Further Education? \JDFX,JDK,JDGS5Developing Effective Links with Partner Schools \ Making a & Student Behaviour,Behaviour Mana
                                 320 PERSONVFKC1,JBS,JCD
  PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE YOUNG pages               Children and Adolescent Counselling,Social ExperiencesPa 978-1-84860-643-2
                                                                      Cl 978-1-84860-642-5
                                                                                    #77.00                       \ Environmental Stresses
                                           \ The Nature of Adolescence \ The Influence of Childhood Work - Children,Child Development"IC for Young Peopl
                                   Goals for   VFKC1,JBSN,MMJ Children Child-Counsellor Relationship \ Attributes of a Counsellor for Children \
                                                                            Cl 978-1-4129-4833-3
                                                                                         #69.00                         Pa
  PART ONE: COUNSELLING CHILDREN \ 328 pagesCounselling Children \ The and Adolescent Counselling,School Counselling"IC 978-1-4129-4834-0 PART TWO: PRAC
                                  264 pages JBSN,VFKC1 Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),School PARTPa 978-1-4129-7006-8
                                                                                                          III: THE CURRICULUM
                                      Children and JBSN,VFKC1,JDa Person-Centred Way Is #60.00 \ The Person-Centred Approach: Theoretical Framework \ Cou
                                                              in           Cl 978-1-84787-934-9
                                                                                        Different                  Pa 978-1-84787-935-6
  PART ONE: THEORY \ Why Working with 208 pages Young People Children and Adolescent Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Person Centred Hist
                                        624 pages     Psychotherapy? \ Colin Feltham - Types of Goal \ Colin Feltham - Arenas978-1-4129-0275-5
  PART ONE \ Colin Feltham - What Are Counselling and JBSN,JC                    Cl 978-1-4129-0274-8
                                                                                              #75.00                      Pa \ Colin Feltham - Settings and
                                                                  Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),School Counselling,Counselling Psychology"IC Opportu
                                              224 pages                              Cl 978-0-85702-511-1
                                                                                                  #65.00                     Pa
                                                            VFKC1,JBSN Children and Adolescent Counselling,School Counselling" 978-0-85702-512-8
                                            224 of therapy that is thoroughly person-centred in its values. Establishing theand Psychotherapy (General)" in both child develo
ng new book presents a new 'child-centred' modelpages                                 Cl 978-0-85702-759-7
                                                                                                      #65.00                      Pa 978-0-85702-760-3
                                                         JBSN,VFKC1 Children and Adolescent Counselling,Counselling roots of child-centred therapy
                                            240 pages      Roles, Responsibilities and Cl 978-1-84787-916-5
                                                                                       Boundaries Establishing a Positive Environment Motivating Learners and Managin
                                                                                                    #62.00                     Pa 978-1-84787-917-2
  Becoming a Professional in the Lifelong Learning Sector:JDFX,JDK,JD Adult Education & Life-long\ Learning,Higher & Further Education \(general),Teacher Training for Pos
                                           160 pages      JDFT           Students, Technology, and Educational Results :       Pa and Program Administration Student A
  Lorri E Cooper - Preparing to Teach: Considerations of Administration, Teacher Training for Post-compulsory Education" University 978-1-4129-7519-3
                                                       JDFX,JDFT Designing the Cl Education (general),Teacher Training for Post-compulsory Education"IC
                                                                                     Curriculum for#70.00
                                                                                                    Learning               Pa Learning \ Learning
  Setting the Scene \ Seven Factors Underpinning Successful Learning \ Higher & Further 978-1-84920-113-1 \ Assessment Driving 978-1-84920-114-8 through Feedback
                                           260 pages
                                    284 Belawati JDFX
   1 : OPEN AND DISTANCE LEARNING \ Tian pages                Origins \ TianCl Education (general),Online Learning & Belawati - Associations and Partnerships
                                                                            Belawati - Financial
                                                 - Conceptual Higher & Further 978-8-13-210562-6 Management \ TianDistance Education"
                                  308 pages  1FM,JDFX     Sangay Jamtsho and Sonam Rinchen - Bhutan \ Sanjaya Mishra and & Distance Education"
                                                                      Cl 978-8-13-210561-9
   1: THE EMERGENCE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION IN SOUTH ASIA \South Asia Studies,Higher &#37.50 Education (general),Online LearningZeba Khan - India \ Nazir
                                          176 pages     JDDH,JDC,JDAeaching in Secondary Schools,Leadership & Management,Sociology of Education" \ Vocational Lea
                                                                      T               Cl 978-1-84787-181-7
                                                                                                   \ Reforming General Education 978-1-84787-182-4
  Discussing a 14-19 Phase in England \ Understanding 14-19: An Historical and Political Framework #72.00                    Pa \ The 14-19 Diplomas
                                            176 pages    KMKH,JDC
                <SE>Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books                      Cl 978-1-84920-738-6
                                                                         Leadership,Leadership & Management"IC                   Pa 978-1-84920-739-3
                                      208 and Jeffrey Lawrence -Leadership & Management,School Management"IC Fullan978-0-85702-396-4 Level Change \ Niam
  PART ONE: THE BIG PICTURE \ Marty Linskypages    JDC                       Cl 978-0-85702-395-7
                                                                 Adaptive Challenges for School Leadership \ Michael Pa - Leading System
                                         264 pages       JDC          Leadership & Management"IC
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84920-173-5
                                                                                                #65.00                FOR LEADERSHIP AND IMPROVEMENT
  Helen Timperley and Jan Robertson - Establishing Platforms for Leadership and Learning \ PART ONE: EXPLORING MODELSPa 978-1-84920-174-2
                                              456 \ Style KMKH,JDC,GR  Leadership,Leadership & Management"IC                Pa \ Leader-Member
  Introduction \ Trait Approach \ Skills Approach pages Approach \ Situational Approach \ Contingency Theory \ Path-Goal Theory 978-1-4129-7488-2Exchange Theory \ T
                                             Recognizing KMKH,JDC Leadership"ICCl 978-1-4129-7075-4
                                                                                                 #58.00                      Pa 978-1-4129-1655-4
  Being a Leader \ Recognizing Your Traits \ 224 pages Your Leadership Philosophy and Style \ Attending to Tasks and Relationships \ Developing Leadership Skills \ Crea
                                          384 pages    KM,JDC,JCH Change Management,Organizational Psychology (General),Leadership & Management"IC
                                                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7886-6
  Sources for Understanding Organization Change \ Rethinking Organization Change \ A Brief History of Organization Change \ Theoretical Foundations of Organizations a
                                           304 pages   JDC,JDCC School Management,Leadership,School Change, Reform,theRestructuring"of School Culture \ Case
                                                                                                                               & Significance
  School Culture Checklist \ Case Study 1: Buchanan School: Can School Culture Get Better than this? \ Defining and SpecifyingPa 978-1-4129-7901-6
                                            to pages     JD,JDS,1FM English,Education,South Truth or Consequences \ Reducing978-8-13-210564-0 or Quicksand \ Wha
  Leaning Forward! \ True Grit: The Courage192Get It Right \ Rein in the Rebel: Rekindling Hope \ Asia Studies"          Pa the Hate \ Bedrock
                                        232 pages     JDC            of Educational Leadership and
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84860-190-1
                                                                                                #65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-191-8
  The Importance of Leadership and Management for Education \ ModelsLeadership & Management"IC Management \ Formal Models \ Collegial Models \ Political Models \
                                          216 pages       and Processes of Coaching Cl Psychotherapy (General),Coaching"IC Change Minds \ Motivation and Transform
                                                                                    \ 978-1-84920-298-5
  Coaching: The Foundations \ Models of Coaching \ SkillsJBSN,JDFT Counselling andLearning and Transformation: Ways ThatPa 978-1-84920-299-2
                                       /f001464 pagesBSN,JDC,KM
                                                     J             Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training & Supervision (General),Leadership
                                                                                Cl THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES \ The Psychodynamic Approach to Coaching \ G
  INTRODUCTION \ Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova and David Clutterbuck - PART ONE:978-1-84787-542-6                       Pa 978-1-84920-288-6
                                  320 PRACTICE \ Tony Bush, Les Bell and David Middlewood - Introduction: New Directions in Educational Leadership \ Kenne
  PART ONE: LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES ANDpages  JDC                         Cl 978-1-84860-209-0
                                                         Leadership & Management"IC  #75.00                    Pa 978-1-84860-210-6
                                             504 pages     JDCH,JDC Curriculum Development,Leadership,Leadership & Management"
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-6781-5
Leadership , Second Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource written for educational leaders (both administrators and teachers) who want to successfully restructure and enhance s
                                         1768 Thought & Practice
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JDA                              Cl 978-1-84787-564-8
                                                                         Education Studies"        #600.00
                                           408 pages      Current Thinking about Leadership: A Review and Critique \ RedefiningPa 978-0-7619-7177-1
  Introduction: The Nature and Importance of Leadership \ KMKH,JDC,KMMH                            #91.00
                                                                        Leadership"ICCl 978-0-7619-7176-4                      Leadership: A New Model \ Leadership, Vi
                                         696 pages      Concepts andLeadership"IC
  The Environment of New Era Organizations \ Leadership KMKH,GR,JDC                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-3908-9
                                                                     Theories \ Shared Responsibility for Leadership \ Impetus for Organizational Leadership \ Culture: T
                                         336 PART KMK ,JPP,JDC  ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE \ Concepts of Organizational978-1-4129-2678-2
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-2677-5
                                                                                         Policy                     Pa Change \ & Management"IC
  Conceptual Perspectives on Leading Change \pages ONE: LEADING Change Management,Public#61.00 & Public Administration,LeadershipConcepts of Leadership in Or
                                           320 pages    KM,JDGC         Business & Management (General),Gifted & Talented Education"IC
                                                                                                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7773-9
  Creative Approaches to Problem-Solving: Introduction What Is Creativity? Characteristics of Creative People Operations within the Creative Process Removing Blocks and
                                     320 pages  JDV,JDC   Leadership in Educational Technology,Leadership"      Pa Rosemary Papa -
  Preface \ PART ONE: LEADERSHIP POLICY AND INNOVATIVE PRACTICE \ Theodore Creighton - Entrepreneurial Leadership \ 978-1-4129-7210-9Technology Leaders
                                            200 pages    : About Family Engagement in Education How to Use the Casebook \Pa 978-1-4129-7437-0
  Introduction: Preparing Educators in Family EngagementJBM,JBJC2 Community Involvement & Partnerships,Working with Parents" ONE: THE MICROSYSTEM \ Theo
                                           160 pages    KMKH,JDC Teamwork in Organizations,Organization Studies \ HowPa 978-1-4129-7515-5 Teams Function? \
                                                                                                                         Do High Performance
  Why Groups? \ Effective Organizational Support for Teams \ From Groups to Teams: The Stages of Group Development(General),Leadership & Management"IC
                                 576 pages       - A History Leadership \ Alan Bryman -#90.00
                                                                           Cl 978-1-84860-146-8
  PART ONE: OVERVIEW PERSPECTIVES \ Keith Grint KMKH,JDC of Leadership,Leadership & Management"Methods in the Study of Leadership \ Georgia Sorenson, Geo
                                            276 pages    JD,JB,1FM Development Studies GLOBALIZATION AND THE POLITICS OF Studies"
                                                                                  Cl 978-8-13-210293-9
  Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Farid Mirbagheri and Taisha Abraham - Introduction \ PART ONE:(General),Sociology of Education,South AsiaEXCLUSION \ Sukhadeo Thorat
                                  264 pages JDA,JDFT,JDCL
                                                       Education Studies,Teacher Induction,Staff Supervision/Evaluation/Retention"
                                                                                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7236-9
  PART ONE: THE RATIONALE FOR REQUIRING PORTFOLIOS \ Why Develop the Portfolio? : Chapter Objectives Scenario Overview What Is a Portfolio? Purposes fo
                                           336 pages
                <SE>Published in association with The Open University                               #75.00
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-4462-0163-3                      Pa 978-1-4462-0164-0
                                         304 pages  JD,MJ,KM   Continuing Professional Development,Higher & Further Education (general),PGCEs & MEds,Educat
                                                                            Cl 978-1-84860-211-3
                                                                                          #65.00                     An Introduction \ Reflection and Reflexivity
  Mind the Gap: How to Use This Book \ PART ONE: REFLECTION AND REFLEXIVITY: WHAT AND WHY \ Reflective Practice: Pa 978-1-84860-212-0
                                  \ What Is   KMMS,YXDS,GRS Study & Narrative Analysis,Educationalthe Whole \Methods,Qualitative Your Case Study: Wha
                                                                          Research Design \ Models of Research Pa 978-0-85702-563-0
  PART ONE: GETTING YOUR BEARINGS 248 pagesa Case Study? \ Case Study andCl 978-0-85702-562-3
                                                            Case                      #65.00                   Ensuring Quality in Techniques for Busines
                                              \ Project Management \ TheStudy Skills (General),Research Methods & Evaluation Deciding on an Approach: Methodology and R
  Your Introduction: Starting with a Question 272 pages                                Cl 978-1-84787-442-9
                                                                                                    #62.00                    Pa 978-1-84787-443-6
                                                           JDL,GRS,CTK Literature Review \ Decide on Your Question - Again \ (General),Essays/Dissertations,Educational
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                                   Cl 978-1-4129-3425-1
                                                                                                  #60.00                    Pa 978-1-4129-3426-8
                                                           JDL,GRS,YJBStudy Skills (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General),PGCEs & MEds,Professional Writi
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages         JDL                          Cl 978-1-84860-617-3
                                                                         Study Skills (PG)"          #60.00                      Pa 978-1-84860-618-0
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                    S               Cl 978-1-4129-0131-4
                                                                                                     Research Methods"IC
                                                           JDL,JBB,YXDS tudy Skills (General),Social#75.00                       Pa 978-1-4129-0132-1
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                                    Cl 978-0-7619-4139-2
                                                           JDL,JBB,JCB Study Skills (General)"IC   #59.00                        Pa 978-0-7619-4140-8
                                                        JDCF,JDFT Mentoring,Teacher ONE: PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS Pa 978-1-84920-017-2
                                                                                                                             \ The morning
  About the authors \ Acknowledgments \ Preface \ Foreword \ How to use this book \ PART Induction,Continuing Professional Development"IC bell: another day begins! Intr
                                          232 pages                                               #62.00
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-84920-016-5
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                    E             Cl 978-1-4129-4858-6
                                                                                                  #59.00                      Pa 978-1-4129-4859-3
                                                           CTK,JDA,JDFT ssays/Dissertations,Education Studies,Teacher Induction,Education"IC
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                    Higher     Cl Education (general),Study Skills (General),Specific Learning Difficulties,Study Skill
                                                           JDFX,JDL,JDGS2 & Further 978-1-4129-3608-8                      Pa 978-1-4129-3609-5
                                 448 METHODS AND METHODOLOGIES Cl 978-0-85702-038-3 Can This Book Help You? \ Making the Most of the 'Mapping
  PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCHpages                                   #75.00
                                                               IN EDUCATION: \ How                  Pa 978-0-85702-039-0
                                   REFLECTING \ Introduction \ Bridget Somekh et al - Research in the Social Methods"ICBarbara Kamler and Pat Thomson - W
  PART ONE: READING, REVIEWING AND368 pages                               Cl Methods,Educational
                                                                                        #75.00                     Pa
                                            JBB,YXDS Social Research 978-1-84920-014-1 Research Sciences \ 978-1-84920-015-8
                                           398 pages     \ The Context of Ethics in Research Research \ Research Questions \ From Research Questions to Data \ Literatu
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-84787-017-9
                                                                                                  #67.00                     Pa 978-1-84787-018-6
  Introduction \ Theory and Method in Education Research YXDS,GRS Educational Education Methods,Research Methods (General),Data Collection & Analysis,Qualitative
                                           176 pages      JBB,JDL,YJB Social Framework for Developing Proposals \ Generating Theories and Dealing with the Literature \
                                                                                    Cl Methods,Study Skills
                                                                                                 #69.00                    Pa 978-1-4129-2126-8
  Introduction \ The Proposal: Readers, Expectations and Functions \ A GeneralResearch 978-1-4129-2125-1 (General),Qualitative Methods,Quantitative Methods"IC
                                           336 pages    YXDS,GRS Educational Research Methods,Research Methods (General)"IC Pa 978-1-4129-7902-3
  Research in Education \ Identifying a Research Problem, Question and Searching Relevant Literature \ Understanding Relevant Literature and Writing a Literature Review
                <SE>SAGE Study Skills Series pages                   Research Methods (General),Educational Research Methods,PGCEs & MEds"IC
                                                           GRS,YXDS,JDFT                      #60.00
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84920-111-7                    Pa 978-1-84920-112-4
                                          544 pages JBB,GTSC,MBGR Research 978-0-7619-4196-5
                                                               Social        Cl Methods,Data Collection & Analysis,Qualitative Suki Ali et al - Politics, Identities
                                                                                           #91.00                       Pa 978-0-7619-4197-2
  Clive Seale - Introduction \ PART ONE: RESEARCH CONTEXTS \ David Lazar - Selected Issues in the Philosophy of Social Science \ Methods,Quantitative Methods"IC a
                                                Section pages
                                                            Exploring   Multiple Purposes of Inquiry #90.00 Stakeholders \ D.C. Phillips - Chapter 1. Muddying the Water
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-4129-8000-5
                                                                                                     and Key
  Part I. Exploring Ideas: Embracing Inquiry \/f001560 One: JD,YXDS the Educational Research Methods,Education"
                                         1232 pages
                <SE>Fundamentals of Applied Research YXDS                             Cl 978-1-84860-774-3
                                                                         Action Research/Practitioner#450.00       #400.00
                                      648 Educational Research \ Quantitative, Cl 978-1-4129-7828-6 Research \ PART TWO: PLANNING THE RESEARCH STUDY
  PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Introduction topages                                Qualitative and Mixed
                                                  YXDS,GRS Educational Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                                            144 pages    GRS,YXDS Research Methods (General),Evaluation Theory,Data Collection & Analysis"
                                                                                     Cl 978-0-85702-323-0
                                                                                                  #65.00                     Pa 978-0-85702-324-7
  The Use of Empirical Material for Theory Development \ The Role of Constructions and Language in Empirical Research \ Key Methodological Principles for Detecting Myst
                                       1664 Research Methods              Cl 978-1-84920-732-4
                                                                                       #600.00     #550.00
                <SE>SAGE Benchmarks in Socialpages JBKH,YXDS Ethnography,Educational Research Methods"
                                         184 pages    GRS,YXDS,KMMS Introducing Action Research: A Brief Introduction Pa 978-1-84860-216-8
                                                                 Action      Cl 978-1-84860-215-1
                                                                                          #67.00                       To Action Research Three Audiences//Vo
  About The Authors \ Acknowledgements \ Preface \ PART 1 FOUNDATIONS \Research,Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Qualitative Techniques for Business & Manag
                                         1240 pages            Action Research/Practitioner#450.00
                <SE>Fundamentals of Applied Research JD,GRS,YXDS                            Inquiry,Action Research"
                                                                            Cl 978-1-84860-683-8
                                   208 pages  GRS,YXDS Action Research,Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry"IC Pa 978-1-84787-175-6
                                                                     Cl 978-1-84787-174-9
  PART ONE: WHAT IS WRITTEN IN AN ACTION RESEARCH REPORT? \ What is Special about Action Research Reports? \ What Goes into an Action Research Report?
                                           176 pages     the Literature \Action Research/Practitioner#67.00 \ Analyzing MEds,Professional Writing Skills,Data Collection & A
  What Is Action Research? \ Getting Started \ Reviewing YXDS,JDC,JDFT                 Cl \ GatheringInquiry,PGCEs & Data and Pa 978-1-84860-160-4 \ Writing up Your Ac
                                                                          Planning Action 978-1-84860-159-8                      Generating Evidence
                                 272 DO IT? YXDS,JDFT Educational Research Methods,PGCEs DO WE WANT TO 978-1-84920-185-8a Research Question
                                                                     Cl 978-1-84920-184-1
  PART ONE: WHAT IS RESEARCH AND WHYpages \ What Is Research? \ Why Do It? \ PART TWO: WHAT& MEds"IC Pa KNOW? \ What Is
                                          176 pages      The Purpose of This Book: Starting from Uncertainty and the Question Pa 978-0-85702-137-3 as Insiders or Outsi
  Introduction \ Defining Some Terms \ Research Ethics \ YXDS                      Cl 978-0-85702-136-6
                                                                     Educational Research Methods,Data Collection & Analysis" Format \ Researchers
                                    344 pages YXDS,GRS Action Research/Practitioner Inquiry,Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Self-Stud
                                                                                                                  Pa Process: What and
  PART ONE: THE SIX 'W'S OF SELF-STUDY RESEARCH \ Understanding Self-Study: What and Why \ Overview of the Self-Study 978-1-4129-7207-9 How \ The Methods
                                            Search and GRS,KMMS,YXDS Research Methods Information Research Ethics and Insider-Researchers \ Management (Genera
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84860-677-7
                                                                                               #65.00                      Pa 978-1-84860-678-4
  Key Concepts for the Insider-Researcher \ 224 pages Review of Relevant Knowledge and & Evaluation\ (General),Research Methods for Business &Privilege, Power and P
                                            304 pages    YXDS,JDFT Educational Research Methods,PGCEs RESEARCH TO Training,Professional
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-4849-4
                                                                                                #62.00                 UNDERSTAND TO UNDERSTAND AND
  Introduction: PGCE - M level: why should teachers do school-based research? \ PART ONE: USING EXISTING& MEds,TeacherPa 978-1-4129-4850-0Writing Skills,Data C
                                  328 pages \ Reading Educational Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General)"
                                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7526-1
  PART ONE: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH APPROACHESYXDS,GRSEthnography \ Reading Grounded Theory \ Reading Phenomenology \ Reading Case Studies \ Read
                                             Literature YXDS,JCB Educational Research Methods,Research Methods in Psychology"IC
                                                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7190-4
  An Introduction to Research \ Evaluation \552 pages Review and Focusing the Research \ Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research \ Causal Comparative and Co
                                     256 pages    GRS,GTSC,JBB   Social Research 978-1-4129-4582-0 Visual Research \ PART TWO: VISUAL METHODS FOR SOCI
                                                                              Cl \ Ethical Issues in
                                                                                             #70.00                   Pa 978-1-4129-4583-7
  PART ONE: GETTING STARTED \ Introduction: Why Visual Studies for Social Change?Methods,Communication Research Methods,Research Methods for Cultural Studie
                                            Methods series
                <SE>Introducing Qualitative 224 pages                             Cl 978-0-7619-7352-2
                                                                                               #75.00                       Pa 978-0-7619-7353-9
                                                         GRS,JBB,JCBQualitative Research (General),Data Collection & Analysis,Qualitative Methods"IC
                                             216 pages      \ Interviews Educational Research the Qualitative Interview \ Designing Studies That Use Interviews \ Doing Inte
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-4129-4856-2
                                                                                                   #67.00                        Pa 978-1-4129-4857-9
  Introduction \ Asking Questions and Individual Interviews GRS,YXDS with Groups \ TheorizingMethods,Interviewing,Qualitative Research (General)"IC
                                          680 pages    GRS,YXDS Educational ResearchVISUAL RESEARCH Research (General)" Integrated Conceptual Framework f
                                                                             Cl OF Methods,Qualitative \ Luc Pauwels - An
  Preface: Aims And Organization Of This Handbook \ PART ONE: FRAMING THE FIELD978-1-84787-556-3
                                            312 pages    YXDS,GRS Visual Arts Research Practice \ Art Practice as Research 978-1-4129-7451-6
                                                                                                                        Pa \
  Introduction: Re-Viewing Visual Arts Research \ Changing Demands of EducationalTheory andMethods,Research Methods (General)" Using Art Practice as Research \ PAR
                                          216 pages      JDFX,GRS       \ Learning and Critical Thinking - & Distance Education"IC and Assessment Basics Essential Lea
                                                                                     Cl 978-0-85702-364-3
                                                                                                    #60.00                     Pa
  Introduction : Becoming an Evidence-Based Critical Thinker This BookInternet Research,Online LearningThe Essentials : Learning 978-0-85702-365-0
                                         1680 pages            Educational Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General)"
                <SE>Fundamentals of Applied Research JD,GRS,YXDS                         #600.00
                                                                            Cl 978-1-84860-207-6
                                           344 pages      GRS,YXDS Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Methods,Research Design"
                                                                                                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7044-0
  Introduction \ Qualitative Research Genres \ Trustworthiness and Ethics \ The What of the Study: Building the Conceptual Framework \ The How of the Study: Building th
                                                 Constant   GRS,YXDS Educational Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Case Study & Narrative Analysis"IC
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-4129-4819-7
                                                                                                     #65.00                         Pa 978-1-4129-4820-3
  Introduction \ Issues in Qualitative Inquiry \168 pagesComparison Inquiry \ Phenomenological Inquiry \ Narrative Inquiry \ Poetic Inquiry \ Collage Inquiry \ Photographic Inqu
                                       336 pages     GRS,JBB,JCBQualitative Research (General),Qualitative Methods"IC Pa 978-0-7619-7110-8
                                                                                  Cl - The Applications
  Dawn Snape and Liz Spencer - The Foundations of Qualitative Research \ Jane Ritchie 978-0-7619-7109-2 of Qualitative Methods in Social Policy Research \ Jane Lewis
                                  \ Finding   GRS,JCB,JBBQualitative You Stand \ Designing Qualitative Research \ Pa 978-0-7619-7428-4
                                                                       Cl 978-0-7619-7427-7
                                                                                     #64.00                       PART TWO: GENERATING QUALITATIV
  PART ONE: QUESTIONS OF STRATEGY224 pagesa Focus and Knowing Where Research (General),Data Collection & Analysis,Qualitative Methods"IC
                                          224 pages   GRS,YXDS Educational Research Methods,Mixed \ Case Selection: Data Source Management \ Case Selection
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84860-107-9
  From Mixed Methods to an Integrated Methodology \ The FraIM: Frameworks for an Integrated Methodology Methods"IC  Pa 978-1-84860-108-6
                                      \ Statistics GRS,JCB,YXDS    Quantitative/Statistical Research FREUD AND DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS \ Means to an End: Co
                                                                                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7959-7
  PART ONE: YIPPEE! I'M IN STATISTICS 472 pages or Sadistics? It's Up to You \ PART TWO: SIGMA (General),Research Methods in Psychology,Educational Research
                                         208 Geoff     JPS,YXDS,GRS Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Educational Research - Mapping the
                                                                                  Introduction: The 'Crisis
                                                                                                 #70.00                      Payne Methods,Sociological Research M
  Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams - Preface \ pages Payne and Malcolm Williams - Cl 978-1-84860-000-3 of Number' \ GeoffPa 978-1-84860-001-0 Academic Landsca
                                             264 pages     Quasi-Experimental Research 978-1-84920-323-4
                                                                                    Cl \ Designing#75.00
                                                                                                  Non-Experimental Studies \ Pa 978-1-84920-324-1
                                                                                                                             Validity, Reliability and
  Introduction to Quantitative Research \ Experimental and YXDS,GRS Educational Research Methods,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC Generalizability \ In
                                       1608 Research Methods            Cl 978-1-84787-273-9
                <SE>SAGE Benchmarks in Socialpages GRS,MBGR Research Methods (General)"
                                         1208 pages            Educational Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Education,Quantitative M
                <SE>Fundamentals of Applied Research JD,GRS,YXDS                         #450.00
                                                                            Cl 978-1-84787-327-9
                                         160 pages     GRS,YXDS Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Quantitative/Statistical the Structure and Substance of R
                                                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7326-7
  The Nature of Research and Science \ Concepts, Variables, and Research Problems \ Conceptual Foundations of Statistics \ AnalyzingResearch (General),Educational H
                                       600 pages    JBJC,JCD,JBS Adolescence,Youth Work,Working with Parents, FamiliesPa Communities"
                <SE>The SAGE Program on Applied Developmental Science                     #84.00
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4129-8013-5                      & 978-1-4129-8014-2
                                  560 pages GR,JDGF,KMBIntercultural Communication,Working with Minority Students,International Business & Management (
                                                                      Cl 978-1-4129-6045-8
  PART I. CONCEPTUALIZING INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE \ Conceptualizing Intercultural Competence \ The Identity Factor in Intercultural Competence \ The Inte
                                             1112 pages JDGC,JC,JB Gifted research and ready-to-use facts from the fields of education, psychology, sociology and the a
                                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-4971-2
ume Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent presents state-of-the-art & Talented Education,Creativity,Sociology of Education"
                                    752 pages     KMMS,JBSN,JBV Research Groundings \ Patricia Gayá Wicks, Peter Reason, Hilary Bradbury - Living Inquiry: Perso
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-2029-2
  PART ONE: GROUNDINGS \ Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury - Introduction toMethods for Business & Management (General),Counselling Research Methods,Research
                                         1664 Thought & Practice
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages                                                  #600.00
                                                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-507-4         #550.00
                                         1664 Thought & Practice
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JDFX                                Cl 978-0-85702-765-8
                                                                           Online Learning & Distance Education"      #550.00
                                          ONE: MULTIPLE LENSES OF DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP \ Ira E Bogotch - A History of Public School Leadership \ Floyd D
  Fenwick W English - Introduction \ PART 456 pages  JDC,KMKH,JD             Cl 978-1-4129-8002-9
                                                                Leadership,Education"     #90.00
                                        Tony Charman and Mohammad Ghaziuddin 978-1-4129-4486-1Psychiatry,Early Childhood Language & Literacy"
  PART ONE: OVERVIEW \ Patricia Howlin,592 pages              Clinical Psychology (General),Child
                                                   JCD,JDDB,MMJ                            #95.00
                                                                            Cl - Introduction \ PART TWO: DISORDERS WITH A KNOWN GENETIC CAUSE \
                                      504 pages    JDK,KMKH        Work, Place and & Learning Styles,Organization Studies Theories of
                                                                               Cl 978-1-84787-589-1
  PART ONE: THEORY \ Len Cairns and Margaret Malloch - Theories ofTeaching MethodsLearning: New Directions \ Paul Hager - (General)" Workplace Learning \ Knud I
                                          912 pages    GRS,YXDS Research Methods & Evaluation \ John Creswell - Mapping the Field Research Methods"
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-7266-6
  Abbas Tashakkori and Charles Teddlie - Overview of Contemporary Issues in Mixed Methods Research(General),Mixed Methods,Educationalof Mixed-Methods \ Burke Joh
                                            512 pages      JDFX        Higher & Further 978-1-4129-6050-2
                                                                                     Cl Education (general),Adult Education & Life-long Adult Development \ Group and O
  Introduction: Adult and Continuing Education as an Intellectual Commons \ Adult Learners \ Access and Participation \ Adult Learning \Learning"
                                         488 pages     GR,JD,GRS Mass Communication (General),Speech Communication (General),Communication Research Metho
                                                                                 Cl \ PART ONE: COMMUNICATION EDUCATION \ Ann Darling - Communication E
  Deanna L Fassett and John T Warren - Introduction: Critical Communication Pedagogy978-1-4129-7087-7
                                               /f0011064 pages
                                                             GTS,JD,JDCH   Curriculum,Curriculum Development"
                                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-5883-7
  Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \David Callejo Perez \Leigh Chiarelott \Leigh Chiarelott \Leigh#185.00 \Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \Craig K
                                              /f0011112 pages JD,JDCC        School Change, 978-1-4129-5664-2 Dewalt
                                                                                           \Rachel Collopy \Mark
  Julie Biddle \Julie Biddle \Jackie Arnold \Milton Gaither \Milton Gaither \Milton GaitherCl Reform, & Restructuring" \Mark Dewalt \Robert Hampel \Robert Hampel \John Ha
                                           educational JDGF             Working fromCl 978-1-4129-4050-4
                                                                                        pre-school through
pedia of African American Education covers 1152 pages institutions at every level,with Minority Students" graduate and professional training, with special attention to histori
                                 570 pages JDA,HP         Social/Philosophical Foundations,Philosophy (General)"
                                                                        Cl 978-1-84787-467-2
  PART ONE: EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY \ D C Phillips - What Is Philosophy of Education? \ Robin Barrow - Schools of Thought in Philosophy of Educa
                                        648 Walford - Reflections on Social Measurement:Business & Management (General),Educational Research Methods,Test & M
  Eric Tucker, Madhu Viswanathan and Geoffrey pages GRS,KMMS,YXDS               Cl 978-1-4129-4814-2
                                                                   Research Methods for How #90.00 Scientists Generate, Modify, and Validate Indicators and Scales
                                           /f001584 pagesD,LCHP,JDAEducation,Legal 978-1-4129-8111-8 & Comparative Education"
                                                                                  Cl Safransky #60.00
                                                                                                 \Robert        El 978-1-4129-6902-4
  Elizabeth Pearn \Charles Russo \Charles Russo \CharlesJRusso \Charles Russo \RobertIssues,International Safransky \Robert Safransky \Robert Safransky \Robert Safrans
                                            624 pages     YJB,GR,JD Sociology (General),Communication
                                                                                       Cl curriculum-driven reference work, both in print and online, defining the major terms
Glossary of the Social and Behavioral Sciences provides students with a highly accessible,978-1-4129-5143-2 and Media Studies (General),Education,Geography, Earth & En
                                           608 \ Globalizing InfluencesEducational Research Methods,Educational Evaluation"
  Globalization and Policy Research in Educationpages   YXDS,GRS                    Cl Evaluation Imaginary
                                                                        on the Western 978-1-4129-4068-9 \ Fundamental Evaluation Issues in a Global Society \ Evalu
                                           1392 pages Labor           Sociology (General),Education"
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-0678-4
  Education and Popular Culture Cultural Capital AmericanYJB,JDColleges History of Education Society (United States) Educational Reform Summerhill Biography and Educ
                                        1032 pages JD              Education" Cl - Textbook #190.00
  Alyson Lavigne Dolan - Supply and Demand; Recruitment and Retention \ Jere Brophy 978-1-4129-5011-4 \ Sharon L. Nichols - NCLB: Effects on Achievement \ Robert E
                                          1072 pages JD,LCHP         Education,Legal Issues"
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-4079-5
 an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, January 2010. The Encyclopedia of Education Law is a compendium of information drawn from the various dimensions
                                            1056 pages polemics and Modern Foreign Languages"#210.00 that have taken place in United States schools. It is written for
pedia of Bilingual Education focuses on the unique history,JDS                    Cl 978-1-4129-3720-7
                                                                    the various forms bilingual education
                                         1664 Thought & Practice Humanities,Citizenship Studies,Politics of Education"
                <SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JDS,JPVH1,JDA                          #600.00
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-4711-4
                                              1208 pages JDB,JCD
  Provides an A-Z listing of all aspects of Educational Psychology                      Cl 978-1-4129-1688-2
                                                                           Educational Psychology,Developmental Psychology (General)"
                         1640 Thought & Practice           Cl 978-1-84787-047-6
<SE>SAGE Library of Educationalpages JDCJ,JDDB Assessment,Early Childhood Assessment"
                         Electronic Price
Paper Price Electronic ISBN
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         El 978-0-85702-704-7
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