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SBF2 A Brick for ASG - Texas State University


Senator Abel Valencia
Senator Jen Roby
Senator Maxfield Baker
Senator Joseph Flores
Senator Tiffany Roemer
Date of first reading: September 27, 2010
S.B.F. 2010-2011/2
                        "A Brick for ASG"

WHEREAS:   The Associated Student Government (ASG) of Texas State
           University-San Marcos is a representative body of
           students serving students; and

WHEREAS:   Strong alumni relations are for the benefit of all
           students; and

WHEREAS:   Texas State is planning to build a new Alumni Visitors
           Center, pending adequate funds,   to establish an
           accessible location and a sense of place for alumni;

WHEREAS:   The Ferrari-Ray administration established the "Bobcat
           Bricks" initiative as a program to
           raise funds for the construction of the new Alumni
           Center; and
WHEREAS:   The Bobcat Bricks Committee in conjunction with and/or
           approval from University Advancement, Facilities, and
           University Marketing    began the marketing phase of the
           program at Discover Texas State on Sept. 25; and

WHEREAS:   The ability to purchase a personally engraved is now
           available; and

WHEREAS:   To purchase a brick would allow ASG to concretely
           express support for the Bobcat Bricks 13 initiative;

BE IT ENACTED: That the Associated Student Government of Texas
                State purchases a personally
                15 engraved brick from the Bobcat Bricks program
                at the cost of $100; and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED:      That the inscription read, line 1:
                            “Associated Student Government,” line
                            2: 17 “It’s a New Day in Bobcat
                            Country;” and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED:      That the payment source be the
                            unallocated funds in the ASG budget;

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED:      That this legislation be forwarded to
                            ASG Treasurer Todd Braden, ASG Advisor
                            Kathy Weiser, Dean of Students Dr.
                            Margarita Arellano, Vice President of
                            University Advancement Becky Prince,
                            Vice President of Student Affairs Dr.
                            Joanne Smith, and University President
                            Dr. Denise Trauth.

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