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9) Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Reference numbers are used to aid
   identification, (S.G.No's.). Recently updated numbers from Stanley Gibbons
   Catalogue supplements (Oct 2011).

10). All prices are in Sterling Pounds.
Recent additions: Aitutaki, Chris., Nevis, Somalia,  Comores, G-Bissau, Malta, Mozambique, Namibia,
Norfolk, Sao Tome, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Barbados, Belgium, Congo (2007), Maldives, Marshall Is.
(NOTE two 2010 issues), Montserrat, Pitcairn, Surinam, Azores, Cuba, Finland.

Afghanistan       2000 Shells (6v): Callistoma ziziphus, Buccinulum corneum, Murex,             4.60
Afghanistan       2000 Shells SS: Helix hortensis souvenir sheet,                               3.25

Aitutaki          2011 Clams (6v): collecting shellfish,                                        5.50
Aitutaki          2011 Clams (2v shtlt):                                                        6.50

Alderney          2006-7 Definitives Corals (16v): Sunset Cup Coral, Anemones
                         Strawberry/Parasitic Anemone, Devon Cup Coral, SG288-08               16.50

Algeria*          1997 Shells (3v): Hinia reticulata, Chlamys var., SG1233-5                    1.90

Angola            1993 Molluscs (4v): trochita trochiformis, strombus latus,
                       Aporrhais pesgallinae, fusos aff.albinas, SG1015-8                       3.25

Antigua           1986 Shells (4v): Fly-specked Cerith, Smooth Scotch Bonnet, W.I.
                      Crown Conch, Murex Ciboney, Atlantic Nautica, SG1023-6,                   4.95

Argentina         2008 Shells (4v): Epitonium fabrizioi, Calliostoma mil., SG3314-7,            5.90

Aruba             2002 Tourism (4v): Shell, + Quartz and Gold Mine, SG263,265,271-2,
                       only available on illustrated First Day Cover,                           4.95

Aruba             2005 Corals (4v): Diploria strigosa, Acropora cervicornis, SG369-72,          3.90

Ascension         1989 S.(4v): Charonia var,Strombus latus,Tonna galea,Harpa dorisSG506-9, 3.25

Australia         2004 Tasmania Paris (4v shtlt)MS2356: seashells part of design on $1,         2.70

Australia         2005 Shell on beach (1 value): SG2500,                                        1.25

Azores            2010 Marine Invertebrates (4v): Crab, Starfish, SG653-6,                      7.90

Bahamas           1997 "Hong Kong 97 Exh." MS1096: $1 Crown Cone souvenir sheet,                1.50

Bahamas           1997 "HK Return to China" MS1097: 70ct Lions Paw souvenir sheet,              1.30

Bahamas           1999 Queen Conch defin. 10cts (1v): BLOCK UPRIGHT watermark                   0.40

Bangladesh        1994 Shells (4v): Scallop, Oyster & 10 different seashells,
                       Set of the Year, SG520-3,                                                2.20

Barbados          1997 Shells (4v): Trumpet Triton, Scotch Bonnet, West Indian King
                       Murex, Measled Cowrie, SG1107-10                                         2.30

Barbados          1997 Sea Shells MS1111: various in an underwater scene souvenir sheet,        1.50

Barbados          2004 Corals MS1260: Maze Coral souvenir sheet                                 1.95

Barbados           2011 Sailors’ Valentines (4v): collages designed from shells, SG1375-8, 4.25

Belgium           2011 Bal du Rat Ostende (1v): border has design with several shells,          2.25

Bermuda           2002 Shells def. 35ct value with 2008 imprint (1v): SG897B,                   0.80

Brasil            2007 Shells (3v shtlt)MS3497: Cochlespira elongata, Charonia                  5.40

Br.Indian Ocean T.1996 Shells & Corals (4v): lopha cristagalli, bursa
                          bufonia, terebracrenellata, SG176-9                                   5.50

Brunei            2007 Marinelife (2v shtlt)MS726: Chambered Nautilus (& Boxfish),              2.75

Cambodge          1999 "Molluscs" - probably Arthropods (6v): Shellfish, Seaslugs,SG1884-9 5.25

Caymans           2010 Shells (8v): Vexillum pulchellum, Nerita versicolor, gmelin,
                       Strombus raninus, including bklt stamps, SG1234-42,                      8.90
Caymans           2010 Shells MS1240: - Conch Shells souvenir sheet                             4.95
China (P.R.)     2007 Nanji Island Park (3v): all shells, SG5194-6,                        0.95

Christmas Is.    2011 Crabs (4v):                                                          5.50

Cocos            2007 Shells (4v): Oriental Moonsnail, Pearly Nautilus, SG430-3,           3.95

Comores          2011 Crustaceans (4v shtlt): Penaeus indicus, Gecarcoidea nat             9.50

Comores          2011 Crustaceans SS: Birgus latro & hynchocinetes souvenir sheet         12.50

Congo            2007 Shells (& Lighthouses + Scouts) (4v)                                 5.95

Cook Is.         1991 Coral definitive $6 (1v): Stylaster echinatus, SG788, Cat.£14,used 5.75

Cook Is          2007-9 Marinelife + Wildlife definitives (41v): Corals, Fish,
                        Parrots, butterflies, turtles, birds, SG1496-1536,                77.50

Cuba             2000 Snail Shells(5v+label): Polymita picta iolimbata & roseolimbata,
                      P.Picta nigrolimbata and Polymita picta versicolor, SG4461-5,        4.50

Cuba             2007 Tourism (6v): only one Shell + birds, Iguana, Turtle, SG5068-73      2.90

Cuba             2007 Tourism (4v): snail shell, bfly, solenodon, frog, SG5148-51,         4.70

Cuba             2008 150th Anniv. Dr.Carlos Torre (6v): Polymita picta fuscolimbata,
                      Polymita picta nigrolimbata & iolimbata, SG5206-11,                  4.90

Cuba             2008 Dr.C. Torre MS5212:Liguus fasciatus souvenir sheet, Shells + Map     1.80

Cyprus (Turk)    1994 Shells (3v): charonia tritonis, cypraea talpa, tonna galea,SG385-7 1.80

Czech Rep.       2002 Pearl Oyster Shell (1 value): SG326                                  1.15

Dominica         1976 S.(7v+SS): Flame Helmet,Mouse Cone,Apple Murex,SG554-60+MS561        7.75

Dominica         2004 Shells (10v=4v+6v shtlt): Strombus pugilis & gallus, Prunum labiata,
                      Distorsio clathrata, Cittarium pica, Chione paphia,
                      Polystira, SG3375-9                                                8.95
Dominica         2004 Shells MS3380: Strombus alatus souvenir sheet,                     2.95

Dominica         2006 Shells complete defins to $20 (12v): Turbinella angulata, Vasum
                      muricatum, Fusinus closter, Terebra strigmata, Prunum carneum,
                      Anodontia alba, Cancellaria cassidiformis, Strigilla carnaria,
                      SG3513-26, on reorder arrival late Dec.2011 £24.50)

Dominica         2009 Shells (10v=4v+6v shtlt): Hyalina avena, Persicula fluc., Agatrix
                      agassizi, Olivella floralia, Marginella ebur.,SG3661-4 + MS3665      8.50

Dominican Rep.   1998 Shells (4v in setenant block): Lyria vegai, Strombus gigas,
                      Nerita peloronta, Cittarium pica, SG2090-3,                          5.50

Falklands        2006 W.W.F. Caracara (4v): one value has 15 mussel shells, SG1062-5       4.10

Faroes           2010 EUROPA (2v): one has oyster shells, SG614-5,                         6.50

Fiji             1970 Royal Visit(3v): overprints on Shell - Nautilius pompilius (+ fish)0.40

Fiji             1996 Shell (1 value): only shell value from Banabans set, SG938,          1.75

Finland          2010 Autumn (3v shtlt) MS2029: Crayfish, (+ Mallards & Moose),            4.95

Fr. Polynesia     1996 Shells (3v): Vexillum loscotinctum, Conus pertusus,
                       Cypraea alisoni, SG749-51                                             1.15

Fr. Polynesia     2003 Seashell (1v): Orange Banded Cowrie, SG960,                           6.70

Fr. Polynesia     2007 Seashells (4v) Lambis crocata pilsbryi, Cypraea thomasi, SG1049-52, 3.95

Fr. Polynesia     2011 Crabs (4v): Atergatopsis cf germanini, Zosimus aeneus, Carpilius
                       Maculates and convexus,                                               4.40

Fr. Polynesia     2011 Crabs (4v shtlt): designs as set above,                               4.50

Gabon             1996 Shells (3v): hexaplex rosrium, conus pulcher f.prometheus,
                       fuines caparti, Scott#829-31,                                         3.50

Germany*          2002 Shells (2v): Pearl Mussel, Desmoulin’s Whorl Snail, SG3117-8          1.75

Grenada           1993 S.(12v+2SS): Atlantic Grey & At.Yellow Cowries, Caribbean Vase,
                       Lightening & Royal Comb Venus, Reticulated Cowrie Helmet,
                       Barbados Mitre, Measled Cowrie, Dog-head Triton, Lion’s Paw
                       Scallop, Crown Cone, Rooster-tail Conch, SG2550-61 + MS2562          19.50

Great Britain     2009 Mythology (6v): one is a snail being ridden by a pixie,               7.50

Gren.Grenadines   1986 Shell MS775: Brown Lined Paper Bubble souvenir sheet,                 4.90

Gren.Grenadines   2008 Seashells (4v): Olivancillaria contortuplicata, Scaphella junonia,
                       Pitar dione, Fasciolaria tulipa, SG3969-72,                         1.75
Gren.Grenadines   2008 Seashells (6v shtlt)MS3973: Lyropecten nodosus, Fasciolaria lilium,
                       Terebra taurinus, Cypraea mus,                                      7.50

Guernsey          1999 Sea Shells (1 value): various on a beach, SG836,                      0.85

Guernsey          2006 Ramsar Wetland (6v): Shells (+ Oyster Catcher,Blenny,etc.)SG1123-8 5.05
Guernsey          2006 Ramsar Wetland (6v shtlt) MS1129: Shells,(+ Oyster Catcher, etc.) 5.10

Guinee Rep.       1998 Shells (6v): Voluta fulgetrum, Semicassis undulata, Conus monilis,
                       Crenatus achatinus, Tibia martinii,Melongena corona, was £5.95     3.95
Guinee Rep.       1998 Shells SS: Fusinus ustulatus souvenir sheet, was £2.90             1.90

Guinea-Bissau     2002 Shells MS1368: Tellina madagascariensis souvenir sheet,               4.50

Guinea-Bissau     2005 Seashells/Lighthouses SS: souvenir sheet                              9.95

Guinea-Bissau     2009 Seashells (5v shtlt): Melo aethiopicus, Fascio hunteria,             11.50
Guinea-Bissau     2009 Seashells SS: Facsiolaria lignaria souvenir sheet                    11.30

Guinea-Bissau     2011 Shells (6v shtlt): Marmarosterna pulcher, Pugilina moreo, Neotunea
                        Bolinus brand.,                                                   11.90
Guinea-Bissau     2011 Shells (2v shtlt): Pugilina moreo, Neotunea,                        9.60

Hong Kong         1997 Shells (4v): Murex, Cone, Cowrie, Clam, SG911-4                       2.25

India             1998 Shells (4v): Cypraea staphylaea, Chicoreus brunneus,
                       Lambis lambis, Cassis cornuta, SG1830-3, Cat.£2.90                    1.35

India             2001 Corals (4 values): Acropora formosa & digitifera, SG2008-11           2.95

Ireland           2005 Gastronomy (2v): feature oyster shells (+ lamb chop), SG1738-9,       1.80

Ireland           2010 Defins (4v): Common Octopus, Sea Slug, Hermit Crab, B-nose Dolphin    4.60

Israel            2002 Fossils/Minerals (3v; one is an Ammonite,(+ copper ore) MS1612        4.95

Jersey         2006 Shells (6v): Littorina lirroralis, Calliostoma zyziphimum, Glycymeris
                    Chlamys varia, Helcion pellucidum, Trivia monacha, SG1264-9,       5.60

Jersey         2006 Ormer Shell MS1270: Haliotis tuberculata souvenir sheet            3.75

Jersey         2006 BELGICA OPTD on above Ormer Shell MS1270: Haliotis tubercul s/sheet 3.80

Kiribati       2002 Cypraea Shells (6v shtlt)MS673: cribaria designs,                  5.80

N.Korea        1994 Shells (2v): gomphina veneriformis, phallum strigatum, SGN3412-3   1.95

N.Korea        1997 Snails in Shells (3v): SGN3716-8                                   2.65
N.Korea        1997 Snails sheetlet two strips with informative gutter, superb         5.25

N.Korea        2002 Shells (4v): Cristaria plicata, Lamprotula coreana, SGN4210-3,     2.95

Laos           1993 Shells (5v): conus aulicus, epitonium pretiosum, lambis
                    ragosa, chlamys senatorius noblis, lambis millipeda, SG1344-8      5.70

Luxembourg     2010 Mussels shells (1 value): SG1878,                                  2.70

Macedonia      2007 Shells (4v):Macedopyrgula pavlovici,Valvata hirsutecostata,SG540-3 6.90

Macedonia      2007 Shells MS544: Ochridopyrgula macedonica souvenir sheet             3.70

Macedonia      2010 Lake Ohrid Flora/Fauna(4v): Water Snail - Gocea ohridana,
                    Sponge, Algae Surirella spiralis, Chara Ohridana, SG699-702,        9.95

Malaysia       1992 Corals MS497: subergorgia souvenir sheet, Cat.£2.25                1.25

Malaysia       1995 Corals booklets (2 bklts): Coral Cup Polyps, Soft Tree Corals,
                    Feather Stars, Sea Fans, Cat.£6.80                                 5.95
Malaysia       1995 Corals (4 values taken from the above booklets),SG559-62 Cat.£3.40 1.50

Malaysia       2005 Islands(4v; one is Chlamys rastellum(+Seastar,Nudibranch,)SG1311-4, 1.50

Malaysia       2007 Marinelife (2v shtlt):MS1377, Chambered Nautilus (+ Boxfish)       0.95

Malaysia       2008 Shells (4v): Chicoreus brunneus, Cassis cornuta, SG1525-8,         1.55
Malaysia       2008 Shells Shells MS1529: Murex pectin souvenir sheet                  1.75

Maldives       1979 Shells MS805: vasum turbinellus souvenir sheet, Cat.£11.00         4.95

Maldives       2003 (4v): Cowrie, Cardita Clam, Sundial, Corn Shell, SG3849-52         5.75

Maldives       2010 Shells (8v=4v+4v shtlt):Zoila freiendii,Cyprae leucodon, Pinctada,
                    margaritifera, Conus bengalensis/amadis/abbas, SG4248-51 + MS4252, 15.50

Malta          2004 Shells (16v shtlt):Chlamys pesfelis, Gyroscala lamellose,
                   Phalium granulatum, Fusiturris similes, Bolinus brandaris SG1316-31 3.75

Malta          2010 Biodiversity (4v): Freshwater Crab (+ Petrel, orchid, SG1670-3,    7.75

Marshall Is.   1985 Shells 1st series (5v): Cymatium lotorium, Chicoreus cornucervi,
                    Strombius aurisdanae, Turbo marmoratus, SG41-5,                    3.95

Marshall Is.   1986 Shells 2nd series (5v): Chicoreus ramosus, Lambis crocata,
                    Bursa lissostoma, Strombus sinuatus, Bursa bubo, SG85-9,           2.70

Marshall Is.   2004 Shells (2v): Chambered nautilus, Map Cowrie, Turban shell,
                    Touterei’s cowrie, Trumpet triton, various different, SG1763-4,    1.25

Marshall Is.   2010 Shells (4v): Paper Nautius, Giant Tun, Pilgrim’s Scallop,
                    98ct Gibbula magus (orange background), SG2459-62,,                6.75

Marshall Is.   2010 Shells (2v): 28ct Pilgrim’s Scallop & 98ct Gibbula magus
                    (this time with grey-blue background), SG2536-7                    2.40

Mauritania         2000 Sea Shells (3v strip): Harpa costata, Voluta lapponica,
                        Tellina variegata linne, Scott#745                                   1.75

Mauritius          1996 Snail Shells (4v): pachystyla bocolor, gonidomus pagodus, SG939-42 1.25

Mayotte            2000 Seashells (4v shtlt): Cassi cornuta, Charonia tritonis, SG109-12     2.75

Micronesia         2002 Seashells (12v=2x6v shtlts) MS1167a/b:"Oblique Nutmeg",Imp.Volute,
                         Mitre, Cybiola vespertilio, Cassis cornuta,                       9.50
Micronesia         2002 Seashells MS1167c/d: Eyed Auger Geography Cone 2 souvenir sheets   6.90

Micronesia         2009 Shells (10v=4v+6v shtlt): Thais bitubercularis & aculeata,
                        Erronea pyriformis, Conus caracteristicus, Cyclophorus pilula,      13.40

Monaco             2002 Shells (2v): Mitra zonata, Luria lurida, SG2525 & SG2531             1.90
Monaco             2002 Snail Shell definitive (1v): Helix aspersa, €0.41 value SG2529       0.95

Monaco             2010 Submarine Reserve Larvotto (1v): Pinna nobilis,                      0.50

Montserrat         2005 Shells (4v): Liguus fasciatus & testudineus & virgineus,SG1279-82    5.30
Montserrat         2005 Shells MS1283: Liguus fasciatus souvenir sheet,                      3.40

Montserrat         2009 Darwin (4v shtlt)MS1435:one is Seashell containing a soldier crab, 5.25

Montserrat         2011 Shells (5v): Tectarius muricatus, Astraea tuber, Strombus raninus,
                        Aequipecten gibbus, Phalium cicatricosum, SG1472-6,                 7.25
Montserrat         2011 Shells MS1477:Tonna maculosa souvenir sheet(Atlantic Partridge Tun) 3.90

Mozambique         1997 Crustaceans (2v): opts. Lisiosquilla maculata, Palinuzus delagoae    0.80

Namibia            1998 Shells (4v): Conus mozambiqus, Venus verrucosa,
                        Patella granatina, Cymatum cutaceum africanum, SG795-8               1.85
Namibia            1998 Shells (4v sheetlet) MS799: designs as above,                        1.90

Namibia      2011 Marinelife (8v shtlt): Cape Rock Lobster,(+ Gannet,Jackass Penguin,Kelp    6.90

Netherlands Antilles 2005 Corals W.W.F. (4v): Stephanocoenia intersepta, Manicina
                          areolata, Eusmilia fastigiata, Diplora strigosa, SG1720-3,         8.95

Nevis              2007 Shells (13v): Reticulated & Measled Cowrie, White Lined Mitre, Beaded
                        Periwinkled, Atlantic Hairy Triton, Alphabet Cone, SG1998-2010    18.90

Nevis              2011 Shells (8v = 4v + 4v shtlt): Cypraea aurantium, Cyphoma
                        gibbosa, Chicoreus articulatus, Charonia variegata, Arca zebra,     10.25
Nevis              2011 Shells (2SS): Cittarium pica + Thais deltoidea 2 souvenir sheets     6.95

New Caledonia      1992 Shells (2v): cassis abbotti & amalda fuscoloingua, SG952-3,          1.30

New Caledonia      2001 Shells (3v strip): Nautilus macromphalus x 3 different, SG229-31,    4.50

New Caledonia      2006 Conus geographus (1v) SG1375,                                        2.30

Norfolk            2011 Shells (5v): Canarium labiatum, Spirula spirula,
                        Neritina turrita & atramentosa, Conus ebraeus & capitaneus           9.50

Pakistan*          1999 Shell Oil Company logos (1v): eight different “shells” SG10091,      0.60

Palau              2003 Shells (6v shtlt): Murex brevifrons, Charonia variegata,
                        Tonna galea, Strombus gigas, Cassis madagariensis, SG1946-51,        6.75
Palau              2003 Shells MS1958b: Cymatium femorale souvenir sheet,                    3.40

Palau              2006 W.W.F. Chambered Nautilus (4v) SG2153-6                              3.60
Palau              2006 W.W.F. Chambered Nautilus (8v shtlt; 2 sets above SG2153-6)          7.20

Palau              2007 Triton Horn Shell souvenir sheet, Scott#887,                         2.90

Palau              2009 Shells (10v=4v+6v shtlt): Pugilina cochlidium, Scalptia crossei,
                        Littoraria articulata, Polinices sebae, Cyclophorus siemensis,      11.40

Papua New G.    1981 Land Snail Shells (5v): Forcartia buhleri, naninia citrina,
                     papuina adonis & hermione, papustyla hindei &
                     novaepommeraniae ryhnchotrochus strabo, SG421-5                      1.45
Papua New G.    1981 Land Snail Shells (5v): as above but in fine used condition,         1.20

Papua New G.    1987 15t surcharge on Coral 1v: SG562,                                    0.30

Papua New G.    1991 Land Snail Shells (4v): rhynchotrochus wegmanni, papuina
                     chancel & xanthocheila, planispira deaniana, etc. SG632-5,           2.50

Papua New G.    2004 Shells (6v): Phalium areola, Conus auratus, Oliva min., SG1050-5,    8.95

Papua New G.    2006 Shells surcharges (2v): Phalium areola, Conus auratus, SG1134-5,     0.95

Philippines     1998 Seashells MS3165: Massarius papiliosus, Fasciolaria trapezium,       1.80

Philippines     2009 Crabs (8v=4v+4vshtlt): Carinoplax nana, Oxypleurodon stimpson,
                    Cyrtomaia largoi, Hyrsutodinomene vespertilio, SG4172-5 + MS4176      5.90

Philippines     2009 Lobsters (8v=4v+4v shtlt): Chelarctus aureus, Polycheles coccifer,
                     Metanephrops netunus/australiensis,Remiarctus berth.SG4235-8+MS4239 8.50

Philippines     2010 Marine Biodiversity definitives (36v): Textile Cone, Corals, Crab
                     Fish, Starfish, Manta Ray, Turtle, Whale, Shark,
                     Set includes scarce withdrawn stamp(on reorder £37.50)

Pitcairn        2003 2nd Conus Shells(5v):triatus,marmoreus,textile,geographus,SG637-41 4.50

Pitcairn        2004 Scenic (4v; one is Cowrie Shells at St.Pauls Bay, SG664-7,           4.35

Pitcairn        2010 Indigenous Snail Shells (4v): Orobophana solidula and
                     Philonesia filiceti, two different of each type, SG816-9,            6.30

Poland          2005 Seashell MS4183: Sydney Stamp Exhibition souvenir sheet              2.40

Romania         2008 Petea Creek Nature Reserve MS6837: shell – Melanopsis parreysi,
                     ray-fin fish - Scardinius racovitzai, flower – Nymphae,              3.70

Rwanda          1998 Fauna (imperforate sheetlet); includes one watersnail shell          5.95

St. Helena      1981 Sea Shells (4v): Charonia variegata, cypraea spurca sanctahelenae,
                     janthina janthina, pinna rudis, SG381-4,                           1.65

St.Pierre et Miquelon 1995 Crustacean (4v strip): Scallop, Lobster, Crabs etc. SG731-4    3.95

St.Pierre et Miquelon 2007 Shell (1v): Plactopecten magellanicus, SG1039                  2.25

St.Pierre et Miquelon 2009 Lifeboats & Seashells (1v) SG1098,                             2.70

Sao Tome        2011 Christmas Is. Fauna (4v shtlt): Crabs, ( + Sula sula,               10.70

St.Vincent Bequia 2010 WWF Yellow-lined Arrow Crab (4v strip)                             4.40

Samoa           2006 Seashells (4v): Cypraea mauritiana, aurantium, cribraria,SG1183-6, 3.95

Senegal         1994 Shells (5v): conus gloria maris, scalaria pretiosa, polymita
                     picea, nerita senegalensis, murex saxatilis, SG1305-9,               1.65

Senegal         1997 Shells(5v):Cassi tesselata,Pugilina meria,Cyprea mappa, SG1470-4,    2.75

Senegal         1997 Shells(25v shtlt= 5 sets above SG1470-4) Special Offer was £13.75, 9.95

Singapore       2007 Shells   Pre-Stamped Envelope                                        0.80

Slovenia*       1995 Fossil shell (1v): karavankina schellwieni, SG260,                   0.97

Slovenia*       2006 Fossil snail shell (1v): Srednjemiocenski potz, SG705              0.96
Slovenia*       2006 Fossil snail shell (10v sheetlet of 10 X SG705 Srednjemiocenski p, 9.60

Solomons           2006 Shells complete definitives (14v): Conus marmorius, canonicus,
                        panniculus, proximus aurantius, ferrugineus, consors, magdalenae,
                        tmetus, SG1202-15,                                                13.95

Somalia(Ital.)     1998 Shellfish (4v): Gnathophyllum elegans, Eupagurus bernhardus,
                        Palinurus vulgaris, Portunus pelagicus,                                          9.75

Somalia(Ital.)     2000 Sea Anemones (4v): one has large clam,                                           9.95

South Africa       1995 Shells (5v strip) Afrivoluta priglei, lyria africana, conus
                        pictus, marginella mosaica, gypreaea fultoni, SG893-97                           1.40
South Africa       1995 Shells as above but in sheetlet of 2 sets of SG893-97),                          2.75

South Georgia       2009 Corals (4v): Thouarella sp., Stylaster sp., Paragoria, SG479-82,               6.15

Surinam            2010 Shells (7v setenant): Tonicella lineata, Chione paphia,
                        Epitonium pallasi, Strombus pipus, Callanitis disjecta                         25.50

Sweden             2010 Norden (2v shtlt)MS2664: Blue Mussels, (+Ship, sea birds),                       5.75

Sweden             2011 Fossils (2v): Murchisonia singulata & Ophioceras
                          an ammonite-like fossil, SG2708-9                                            16.90

Taiwan             2007 Seashells (4v): Marchia lobeckii, Cypraea aur., SG3254-7                         1.90

Taiwan             2008 Seashells (4v):      Cymatium pyrum, SG3321-4                                    2.25

Taiwan             2009 Seashells (4v): Strombus simatus, SG3355-8                                       2.20

Taiwan             2010 Crabs (4v): Cardisoma, SG3449-52,                                                3.30

Taiwan             2010 Sea Shells (4v): Thatcheria mirabilis, Tibia martinii,                           2.60

Tanzania           1998 Year of the Ocean Yvert#390: Sea Scallop souvenir sheet,                         2.90

Thailand           1997 Shells (4v): Nerita chameleon, Littoraria melanostoma,
                        Drupa morum roding, Crytospira elegans, SG1979-82,                               1.25
Thailand           1997 Shells (4v sheetlet) MS1983: designs as above,                                   1.75

Tokelau            1997 Shells (4v): Cypraea tigris, argus, mauritania, talpa, SG250-3,                  4.50

Tokelau            1997 Shells MS254: Cypraea mauritiana souvenir sheet,                                 2.80

Turkey             2002 Shells (4v shtlt): Common Periwinkle & N. Whelk, Painted Top
                        Shell & Edible Cockle, Netted nassa, MS3507                                      2.50

Turks              2007 Shells defin. to $2 (13v): Coralliophila abbreviata, Bulla striata
                        Chama macerophylla,Murex margaritensis,Astraea brevispi,SG1850-62 13.70
Turks              2007 Shells definitive $10 (1v): Oliva reticularis, SG1864,             14.90

Tuvalu             2005 Marinelife (4v shtlt) MS1150: Clam (+ striped faced Unicornfish)                 4.75

Uruguay            2007 Shells (4v): Aequipecten tehuelchus, Conus clenchi,
                        Trophon pelseneeri, Americominella duartei, SG3056-9,                            2.75

Vanuatu            2006 Reef Shells (10v shtlt) MS961: Cypraea annulus, Tridacna                         4.50

Vietnam            2004 Shells (3v): Chicoreus ramosus, Murex haustellum and trochelli,
                         SG2578-80,                                                                      1.75

Br.Virgins Is.     2010 Marinelife (5v): one has Shells, (+ Seahorse, turtle, fish),
                         SG1252-6,                                                                       4.80

Wallis et F.       1999 Shells (4v):Epitonium scalare,Cassis cornuta,Lambis,Charon,SG736-9 5.25

Wallis et F.       2005 Shells (4v shtlt)MS864: Conus eburneus, imperialis, generalis                    3.30

Wallis et F.       2010 Coral Reef (4 values)                                                            2.50

Next Shells listing will be in the Winter of 2011; meanwhile if you would like any other lists please let me

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