The Small Business Advantage by Bradleystephens


									with federal agencies and major prime contractors                                 Disaster victims must repay SBA disaster loans. SBA
across the U.S., the SBA helps ensure that small                                  can only approve loans to applicants with a reasonable
businesses obtain a fair share of government                                      ability to repay the loan and other obligations from
contracts and subcontracts.                                                       earnings.     e terms of each loan are established in
                                                                                  accordance with each borrower’s ability to repay.        e
   e SBA has business development programs that                                   law gives SBA several powerful tools to make disaster
use federal prime contracts as a tool to help small,                              loans affordable: low interest rates (around 4 percent),
disadvantaged businesses compete in the marketplace.                              long terms (up to 30 years), and refinancing of prior
                                                                                  liens in some cases.     e interest rate for loans is based
   e programs provide a broad range of business                                   on SBA’s determination of whether applicants have
development support, such as mentoring, procure-                                  credit available elsewhere – the ability to borrow or use
ment assistance, training, financial assistance, and                               their own resources to overcome the disaster.
other management and technical assistance.        e
goal, however, is to prepare small, disadvantaged firms                            Also important for small businesses is preparing in
                                                                                                                                                                                             The Small Business
for procurement and other business opportunities.                                 advance for a disaster. For information on SBA’s
                                                                                  disaster assistance, visit
For more information, visit:                                            
                                                                                  Your Voice in Government
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery                                                               e SBA’s Office of Advocacy is the
   e SBA provides affordable, timely and accessible                                               independent voice for the small
financial assistance to homeowners, renters and                                                      business community inside the
businesses of all sizes located in a declared disaster                                               federal government, working to
area. Financial assistance is available through low-                                                  ensure rules and regulations do not
interest, long-term loans for losses that are not fully                                               unfairly burden small entities.
covered by insurance or other recoveries.
                                                                                     e office also provides research which examines the
SBA disaster loans are the primary form of federal                                role of small business in the economy and the impact of
assistance for the repair and rebuilding of non-farm,                             government regulation on small businesses. In addition,
private-sector disaster losses, and they are the only                             the office takes its direction from small businesses in
form of SBA assistance not limited to small businesses.                           developing policies and legislation to help small
                                                                                  businesses succeed. For information, visit

                                                                                  If you feel your small business is facing excessive or
                                                                                  unfair regulatory enforcement, including unfair audits,
                                                                                  excessive fines or penalties, compliance actions or
                                                                                  retaliation, the SBA’s Office of the National Ombuds-
                                                                                  man may be able to help.       e Ombudsman accepts
                                                                                  comments directly or through regional hearings from
                                                                                  small businesses regarding instances of regulatory                    SBA programs and services
                                                                                  enforcement, and then reports to Congress on the fair-        are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis.
                                                                                  ness of the federal government's actions and
                                                                                  responsiveness to small business.
Greensburg, Kan, 2007. A home hit by a F5 tornado that struck and destroyed
all of the town leaving the residents destitute. FEMA Photo by Michael Raphael.                                                                                                               Your Small Business resource
                                                                                  For information visit                           MCS-0032 (October 2008)
                                                                                                                                      Training When You Need It
                                                                        and for SBDCs. For information about         In addition to training workshops held by SBA district          loans.   e primary business loan programs of SBA
                                                                        Women’s Business Centers, visit         offices and resource partners across the country, the agency      and the equity financing program are:
                                                                        and choose Women’s Business Centers from the “Counseling      also features the Small Business Training Network, an
                                                                        & Assistance” heading at the bottom.                          Internet-based training portal.                                 • 7(a) Loan Program
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Certified Development Company
                                                                        Special-Emphasis Programs                                     SBTN provides more than 25 free, self-paced courses and          (504 Loan Program)
                                                                        You may also qualify for special-emphasis programs.      e    links to a wide array of information resources. Interactive     • Microloan Program
                                                                        SBA serves women entrepreneurs nationwide through its         assessment tools are available to guide clients to appropri-    • Small Business Investment Company Program
                                                                        various programs and services, some of which are designed     ate training. e online training is available 24 hours a day.
                                                                        especially for women.      ere are women’s business owner-    More information is available at             e distinguishing features of these loans are the
                                                                        ship representatives in every SBA district office to help                                                                       total dollar amounts that can be borrowed, the type
                                                                        women access SBA’s programs and services, including loan      Find      e Regulations You Need                                of lenders who can provide these loans, the uses for
                                                                        guarantees, federal contracting opportunities, training, can improve the lives of small business owners     the loan proceeds, and the terms placed on the
                                                                        counseling and more. Additional information is available      by providing a simple and efficient means of accessing over       borrower. More information about each of SBA’s
Bobbie Jacobs-Ghaffar and Lesa Jacobs are two sisters who had a         at                                         9,000 Web sites with regulatory compliance information at       loan programs can be found at:
vision for turning their health care experience into a thriving home-                                                                                                                        then select “Loan
grown business. The recent national Small Business Persons of the
                                                                                                                                      all levels of government—federal, state and local. Business.
Year established Native Angels Homecare and Hospice located in          SBA offers a variety of services to American veterans          gov provides tools and services for business owners to access   Eligibility” from the “Financial Assistance” list
Lumberton, N.C.                                                         making the transition from soldier to small business owner.   information needed to successfully start and operate a          along the bottom.
                                                                        Each of SBA’s district offices throughout the country has       business. Features include:
       very year the U.S. Small Business Administration                 designated a Veterans Business Development Officer to                                                                             e SBA does not offer grants to individual business
       and its nationwide network of resource partners                  help veterans prepare and plan for entrepreneurship.    e     • “Permit Me”—a consolidated search tool for obtaining          owners to start or grow a business.
       help millions of small businesses start, grow and                Veterans Business Outreach Program provides entrepre-         federal/state/local permit and professional licensing
succeed.                                                                neurial development services such as business training,       information.                                                    Government Contracting
                                                                        counseling and mentoring to eligible veterans owning or                                                                       and Business Development
If you’re just starting out, SBA resources can help                     considering starting a small business. More information       • Small Business Guide to Energy Efficiency – guidance               e federal government is the largest purchaser of
organize your thoughts on what type of business you                     is at                                       that helps business owners become energy efficient, save          goods and services in the world. Although small
want to open. SBA resources can also help you obtain                                                                                  money and locate assistance.                                    businesses face challenges when trying to win federal
loans and develop your business management skills. If                      e SBA also features programs for American Indians,                                                                         contracts, the SBA can help small businesses work
you’re already in business, you can use SBA resources to                Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians seeking to create,       • Toolkit—a “gadget” (a short block of code        through these challenges. Working side-by-side
manage and expand your business, obtain government                      develop and expand small businesses.       ese groups have    that can be pasted into an existing application) that can be
contracts, recover from disaster, and have your voice                   full access to the necessary business development and         integrated into a different Web site of the business owners’
heard in the federal government.                                        expansion tools available through the agency’s entrepre-      choosing to get immediate access to essential online tools
                                                                        neurial development, lending and procurement programs.        and resources to help run their business.     e
You can access SBA help online 24 hours a day at www.                   More information is at:                                       Web site is constantly evolving to provide small business or visit one of our local offices for assistance.                     owners with the information and tools they need to be
Counseling & Assistance                                                 U.S. Export Assistance Centers consist of SBA and U.S.
Get a head start with business experts who can help you.                Department of Commerce staff in a single location and          You’re just a computer click away from help 24 hours a
Resources include the SBA’s district offices serving every                provide trade promotion and export-finance assistance for      day at:
state and territory, nearly 400 offices of SCORE —                        small businesses.     e Centers also work closely with
Counselors to America’s Small Business, more than 950                   other federal, state and local international trade            Financing Your Business
                                                                        organizations. To find the nearest USEAC, visit www.sba.                                                                       Nicholas “Nick” Christiansen, Sr., is President and CEO of Eagle
Small Business Development Centers primarily located                                                                                  Many entrepreneurs need money to start or expand a              Technologies, Inc., a security management firm and government
on college campuses, and more than 110 Women’s                          gov/aboutsba/sbaprograms/internationaltrade/useac/            small business and must combine what they have with             contractor in Lanham, Md. Christiansen is a past Washington,
Business Centers located across the country. For infor-                 index.html.                                                   other sources of financing.     ese sources can include          D.C., metropolitan area Small Business Person of the Year.
mation about SCORE and SBDCs visit,                                                                                     family and friends, venture capital financing and business

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