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					What does it mean to be
      ProLIFE ?

            To be in favor of the full
            protection of ALL human
          life despite it age, place of
               residence, stage of
             development, physical
           condition or appearance.
              From conception to a
                  natural death
     What are semantics ?
Put plainly, the changing if the meaning of
words to blur or disguise the truth or affect
         the perception of people

     E.g.: It’s just a Fetus not a baby.
The word fetus means “little child” in Latin
 this conveniently allows the pro-abortion
        person to avoid the “B” word
Semantics is the chief
weapon used by those
 in favor of abortion
   I am in favor of “women’s choice” and not in
                 favour of abortion.
  The choice is of the stronger over the weaker
            and a this is a “poor choice”

                   Its just an embryo !
     As though the word embryo changes the
   reality that it is a human embryo and not that
               of a dog or other animal
More Semantics
       Its just a product of conception!
  We are all products of conception, no matter
                how old we are.

                Its just a blob of cells
    It is scientifically incorrect to say that an
  embryo is not human because of its stage of
  development. Its like saying that a toddler is
             less valuable than a child.
Common reasons to justify
     an abortion

               Its not a wanted baby!
    Not wanted does not make the child any less
   valuable. Because I do not want a hamburger
        but a chicken burger does not make
          hamburgers any less valuable.
Common reasons to justify
     an abortion

          The mother was   raped!
        Who agrees with this statement?

       Then let me ask you some questions
•Is the embryo the rapist?
•Is the embryo fully human with its own DNA?
•Is that embryo made up of genes from both it’s
father and its mother?
•Who agrees that if your father or mother commits
a crime that you should go to jail for the crime they
•Should you go to jail for a crime your father
committed before you even existed?
  Rape and abortion

         The child is always innocent
 The woman may believe that in removing the
 child she will “undo” the damage done to her
body but in effect she then has to deal with the
     trauma of having killed her baby also.
     The baby is half hers and not fully his
 Rape and abortion

Those encouraging abortion often do
 so because they are uncomfortable
dealing with rape victims, or perhaps
   out of prejudice against victims
 whom they see as being "guilty for
          letting it happen “
 Only study available
dealing with Rape and
"Most women who aborted did so only because they felt it was their only
  choice, and more than 80 percent said it was a choice they deeply

 In contrast, most (88%0 of the women who carried to term reported that they
      believed they had made the right decision in having their children.

What is especially striking is that even though some women were still struggling
with the pain of the rape, none of the respondents expressed regret over having
given birth or a wish that they had chosen abortion instead. Instead, many saw
         their children as instruments of healing and grace in their lives."

      Dr David Reardon – Victims and Victors (The Elliot Institute)
Common reasons to justify
     an abortion
   Using dehumanising language may change
   perception but never the fact that the child
   deserves greater love and protection
   Doctors are often wrong in diagnosis

   Society is hypocritical. We offer them special
   parking and lifts, speak tenderly about the
   poor sweet things and in the same breath we
   send a message that they are a burden
        Case study –would you abort?
            The father had syphilis
  The mother tuberculosis. Of four previous
children, the first was blind, the second died,
the third was both deaf and dumb, the fourth
The mother is pregnant again, would you say
         abortion was justified here?
                 Maybe? yes ?

      Congratulations – you just killed
Congratulations – you just killed
Common reasons to justify
     an abortion

                 It can’t live on its own
       Yes that is true until about 24weeks. But
   neither can the child that is born – at least until
                     it is much older.
    The more dependent is the life on its mother
    the more of a duty it is for us to provide that
    life with protection and laws to safeguard it.
Common reasons to justify
     an abortion

                 Its not a person
   Personhood is defined by membership in the
       human species and not by stage of
        development within that species.
   •Because it may be small does not make that
           personhood less important

       Just follow this short cartoon with me

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