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					                                   COSC 101: COMPUTER LITERACY
                                         CHAPTER 10 QUIZ


MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
     1) How many steps are there in the system development life cycle?                              1) _______
         A) 5                     B) 4                   C) 6                  D) 10

       2) What is the first step of the system development life cycle?                                       2) _______
           A) problem and opportunity identification             B) analysis
           C) development and documentation                     D) design

       3) During which phase of the system development life cycle are flowcharts and data-flow diagrams      3) _______
            A) development and documentation                 B) design
            C) analysis                                      D) testing and installation

       4) In the ________ phase, the problem is explored in depth and program specifications are             4) _______
             A) evaluation                                     B) problem and opportunity identification
             C) analysis                                      D) development and documentation

       5) What is the final step of the system development life cycle?                                       5) _______
           A) testing and evaluation                            B) design
           C) analysis                                          D) maintenance and evaluation

       6) In a ________ system, each step is dependent on the previous step being completed first.           6) _______
             A) waterfall                                      B) bottom-up
             C) rapid development                             D) top-down

       7) ________ is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use   7) _______
          to perform a task.
             A) Diagramming            B) SDLC                    C) Flowcharting         D) Programming

       8) The method of algorithm creation used when a programmer breaks down a problem into a               8) _______
          series of high-level tasks and continues to break each task into successively more detailed
          subtasks is called:
            A) bottom-up design.                                 B) object-oriented analysis.
             C) top-down design.                                D) coding design.

       9) ________ is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm.                                     9) _______
            A) Diagramming            B) Flow analysis       C) Flowcharting             D) Pseudocode

      10) A ________ is a visual diagram of a process, including the decisions that need to be made along    10) ______
          the way.
            A) Structure chart                                 B) Data -flow diagram
             C) Flow chart                                     D) Gantt chart

      11) With object-oriented analysis, programmers identify all the categories of input that are part of   11) ______
          the problem into
            A) tables.                B) units.               C) classes.               D) blocks.
12) In object-oriented programming, ________ allows a new class to pick up all the characteristics of   12) ______
    an existing class.
       A) regression          B) compilation           C) reusability            D) inheritance

13) In terms of object-oriented analysis, classes can be defined by actions called                      13) ______
       A) classes.               B) tasks.                 C) properties.            D) methods.

14) The language that the CPU understands, consisting of a sequence of bits, is called                  14) ______
      A) second-generation language.                   B) assembly language.
      C) basic language.                               D) machine language.

15) BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, C++, and Java are all ________-generation languages.                         15) ______
      A) first           B) fourth                 C) third                D) second

16) The ability to create programs with higher-level programming languages that can be moved            16) ______
    from one type of computer to another is called:
       A) transferability.      B) scalability.          C) inheritance.       D) portability.

17) PROLOG (PROgramming LOGic) is an example of a ________ generation language.                         17) ______
      A) Fifth           B) Third                 C) Second               D) Fourth

18) A variable declaration tells the operating system to allocate space                                 18) ______
      A) in the CPU.                                       B) in RAM.
      C) on the bus.                                      D) on the hard drive.

19) The process by which program code is converted into machine language is called                      19) ______
      A) programming.         B) translation.         C) execution.            D) compilation.

20) The binary sequence that instructs the CPU to run the programming code is called a(n)               20) ______
      A) base code.                                      B) executable program.
      C) source file.                                   D) interpreted program.

21) Violations of the strict, precise set of rules that define a programming language are called        21) ______
      A) runtime errors.                                      B) logic errors.
      C) keyword errors.                                      D) syntax errors.

22) Most integrated development environments (IDEs) include a debugger that                             22) ______
     A) helps programmers find logical errors.        B) corrects errors found during beta
     C) eliminates viruses.                          D) helps programmers find runtime errors.

23) Which language do programmers use if the problem requires a lot of number crunching?                23) ______
     A) C++                  B) Java                 C) FORTAN                D) HTML

24) Which of the following is/are NOT part of a program's problem statement?                            24) ______
     A) outputs, or the information that is expected to be produced
     B) inputs, or the data that is expected to be provided
     C) pseudocode, or the text-based approach to documenting the algorithm
     D) processing, or the set of steps that transform input into output

25) Decision points consist of binary decisions and ________.                                           25) ______
      A) repeating loops                                B) functions
      C) Boolean values                                 D) logical operators

26) Translating an algorithm into a programming language is called                                  26) ______
      A) compiling.             B) interpreting.      C) executing.              D) coding.

27) Structured Query Language (SQL) is an example of a                                              27) ______
       A) fifth-generation language.                   B) third-generation language.
       C) second-generation language.                 D) fourth-generation language.

28) Which statement does NOT describe fifth-generation languages?                                   28) ______
     A) They use a set of short, English-based commands (such as SUB) that speak directly to the
     B) Problems are presented as a series of facts instead of a specific algorithm.
     C) The system of facts can be queried.
     D) They are the most "natural" of languages.

29) Some programmers include scroll bars, title bars, buttons, and menus in a program simply by     29) ______
    adding them to a layout through a process called ________ programming.
      A) visual                B) applications           C) layout               D) drag and drop

30) An alternative approach to systems development, called ________, makes use of a prototype at    30) ______
    the beginning of the project.
      A) the waterfall method                          B) rapid application development (RAD)
       C) integrated development (ID)                  D) the iterative method

31) ________, building a small program model, is a form of rapid application development (RAD).     31) ______
      A) Interpreting           B) Flowcharting         C) Prototyping           D) Compiling

32) In which industries is COBOL still commonly used?                                               32) ______
       A) insurance            B) transportation      C) manufacturing           D) Web design

33) Which statement about selecting the right programming language for a project is FALSE?          33) ______
     A) Select a language that is easy for programmers to use and maintain.
     B) Some programming languages may take up too much space.
     C) Programming languages require the same amount of time to execute.
     D) Certain languages are customized to support a UNIX or Windows environment.

34) Which of the following is taught as the beginning computer language at many colleges and        34) ______
      A) Java                   B) Lisp                 C) Visual Basic        D) FORTRAN

35) Which of the following statements about Java is FALSE?                                          35) ______
     A) The Java program can run on any CPU or operating system.
     B) Its object-oriented model enables programmers to benefit from its large set of existing
     C) Java needs to be compiled only once.
     D) Java can run only on a Windows operating system.

36) A(n) ________ error is caught when the program executes.                                        36) ______
      A) execution             B) runtime             C) logical                 D) syntax
37) Which of the following statements describes dynamic decision making?                                     37) ______
     A) It is the ability of a Web page to display itself based on choices the reader makes.
     B) It is part of the flowcharting phase of algorithm creation.
     C) It is an alternative method used in system design.
     D) It occurs during the second phase of the SDLC.

38) Which of the following statements about pseudocode is TRUE?                                              38) ______
     A) It is used only with the C++ programming language.
     B) It uses shapes and arrows to represent an algorithm.
     C) It is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm.
     D) It is a basic programming language.

39) Small Java-based programs are called                                                                     39) ______
      A) Java applets.        B) Java classes.              C) JavaScripts.            D) JSPs.

40) The loop decision point consists of three features: an initial value, a set of actions to be             40) ______
    performed, and a(n)
      A) class.                B) operator.                C) testing plan.             D) test condition.

41) Flowcharts and data flow diagrams are used during which step of the SDLC?                                41) ______
      A) analysis                                     B) testing and installation
       C) design                                      D) development and installation

42) The two main types of decision points are the binary decision and the                                    42) ______
      A) variable.             B) initial value.        C) loop.                       D) circle.

43) Special symbols called tags are used in which of the following languages?                                43) ______
      A) HTML/XHTML                                       B) C++
      C) BASIC                                            D) Java

44) Which of the following is the programming language often used to build Windows applications?             44) ______
     A) Visual Basic            B) C++                C) Java                 D) HTML

45) Which of the following development environments enables Web sites to talk to each other easily           45) ______
    by introducing a standard way for software to interact through Web services?
      A) PHP (hypertext preprocessor)                    B) the .NET framework
      C) JavaScript                                     D) RAD

46) Which of the following would NOT be used to build Web sites with interactive capabilities?               46) ______
     A) Active Server Pages                           B) Java Server Pages
     C) PHP (hypertext preprocessor)                  D) HTML

47) To develop Web-based multimedia, Adobe Flash includes a programming language named                       47) ______
    ________, which is similar to JavaScript in its keywords, operators, and classes.
      A) Active Server Pages                              B) LimeLight
      C) SilverLight                                      D) ActionScript

48) In object-oriented programming, each object from a given class is described by its                       48) ______
       A) initial value.                                B) derived class.
       C) input and output.                             D) data and methods.

49) Which of the following is the first stage of the program development life cycle (PDLC)?                  49) ______
      A) implementing the project                       B) debugging the code
      C) describing the problem                         D) writing the plan

50) Which of the following is the final stage of the program development life cycle (PDLC)?            50) ______
     A) debugging the code                                 B) writing the plan
     C) implementing the project                           D) writing the code

51) Keywords in a programming language that allow the programmer to redirect the flow of the           51) ______
    program based on a decision are called
      A) operators.                                  B) control structures.
      C) directions.                                 D) pseudocode.

52) Who is responsible for writing internal documentation for software programs?                       52) ______
     A) programmers                                     B) copy editors
     C) technical writers                               D) users

53) Which language is used for applications that need to collect information from networked            53) ______
      A) HTML                  B) FORTRAN                C) Java                  D) COBOL

54) Which of these elements is NOT common to all programming languages?                                54) ______
     A) structured classes                            B) set of operators
     C) rules of syntax                               D) supported data types

55) The beta version of software is associated with which part of the program development life cycle   55) ______
      A) development of the problem statement            B) debugging
      C) testing and documentation                       D) algorithm development

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