The Hot Zone writer's notebook by jlcastil


									                                                                  The Hot Zone
                                                           Critical Reading Responses
DIRECTIONS: As you read pp. 3-24, answer these questions. You will be asked to respond to these questions in class as part of your quiz grade. Keep
the responses in a notebook. You will turn in the responses at the end of the novel. Your journal will include photos, charts/graphs, and reading responses.
Please write in complete sentences and use correct grammar and mechanics.

1.      The author uses “as if” regularly in the first page, as if he is trying to draw comparisons to more familiar settings. Keep track of this literary
        device as you keep your journal.

2.      (pp. 4-6) The author uses a sensory image of hot and cold in describing the case. Why does he create this disequilibrium (imbalance)?

3.      The author makes a distinction between lethal and nonlethal contagion. What is the difference?

4.      Describe the behavior of weaverbirds and what makes them interesting.

5.      Why don’t antibiotics work on viruses?

6.      Connective tissue is one of four types of tissue in our bodies. What are the other three?

7.      What is the reference to “hot” in this sequence?

8.      Narrative point of view: The author often switches from one narrative point-of-view to another. On page 20 the author switches from third-person
        narration to the second-person voice, i.e., “he,” and “they” are switched to “you.” What is the impact of this technique? Why do you think the
        author does this?

9.      The toxic agent has an active voice as the chapter ends. What is it doing?

10.     Is the agent that killed Charles Monet a character in The Hot Zone? If it is a character, what sort of character is it and what role does it seem to
                                                            PAGINATION INSTRUCTIONS:
INCLUDE IN NOTEBOOK:                                        1. Fold this question sheet into thirds to create a tri-fold. Attach it to the 1 right-hand sheet of paper & number it page 1. Title p.
                                                               1 “ Reading Questions for pp. 3-24.”
1.      Map of Reston, Virginia.                            2. Turn the page and number it page 2. Attach the map of Reston, Virginia, and title the page “Map of Reston, VA.”
                                                            3. On the next right-hand sheet of paper, number the page 3. Attach the picture of Kitum Cave and title the page “Opening to
2.      Photo of elephants at Kitum Cave.                      Kitum Cave.”
                                                            4. Turn the page and number it page 4. Attach the photos of Elephants Underground and the Illustration of Kitum Cave. Entitle
3.      Photo of entrance to Kitum Cave.
                                                               the page “Elephants of Kitum Cave & Illustration.”

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