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									Rotary International
                 Nick Mascitelli
                District Governor
                  District 5220

  Where does our Rotary Club
   fit in the Rotary world?
Rotary and our Club
 Today there are approximately 1.2 million
 We have just over 30,000 Rotary Clubs
 Rotary is in 166 countries around the world
 These countries are broken down into 529
Your Rotary Club
 Never forget:
  – Your Rotary Club is the most essential part of
    the work of Rotary and Rotarians
  – Your Rotary Club serves your community, the
    world and the people
  – Your Rotary Club is Rotary
  – Rotary International and The Rotary
    Foundation cannot exist without Rotary Clubs!
A Rotary District
 A Rotary District is made up of Rotary
 Each district is governed by a District
 Districts have the number of Rotary Clubs
  beneficial to their geographic area. Most
  are in the area of 2,200 Rotarians.
Where does the
Rotary District fit?
 Each Rotary District is in a Zone within the
  Rotary world.
 There are 34 Zones around the world.
 Each Zone is made up of about 39,000
 Our Zone is number 24
So Far - Here is where we are

Your Rotary Club
 –Fits in a Rotary District
 –This District is part of a
  Rotary Zone
Zones are paired together

  The Zone we are paired with is
            Zone 23
The make up of Zones 23 and 24
      Zone 23                   Zone 34
      – 12 Districts             – 11 Districts
      – Washington                 – Hawaii
  – Parts of No California    – Central California
          – Idaho            – Southern California
         – Nevada              – Part of Nevada
         – Oregon
Why are Zones Paired Together?
 First to make the large Rotary world a bit
 The International Director is selected from
  paired Zones (33 and 34) which makes 17
  of the 19 members of the Board of Directors
 The Director is alternated between Zones
 There is a Training Institute annually which
  alternates between the Zones
Zone Geographic Sizes
and the Board of Directors
 The United States has six directors on the
  Board…because of the number of members
 Zones 10 and 11 (for example) has Spain,
  Portugal and all of Africa! Why…the
  number of members.
 Italy (the entire country) has one Director
 Japan has two Directors
 Australia and New Zealand have one
Paired Zones selects an
International Director
 The Director sits on the Board of Rotary
  International for a two year term
 The Director alternates between Zones -
  This allows that person to be from various
  areas of the combined Zones
 Now let’s look at the Board of Directors of
              Rotary International
The Board of Directors

 The 19 members of the Board are:

  – The 17 elected Directors
  – The President and President-Elect of Rotary
  – The General Secretary (who operates the day to
    day activities of Rotary) sits with the Board but
    is a non-voting member
What is the Job of a
Rotary International
Interesting you should ask!
Your Director
 Represents all Rotary Clubs and Districts
 Establishes policy for the organization
 Is a spokesperson for Rotary International
 Is an officer, just as the District Governor,
  of Rotary International
 Directs and controls the affairs of Rotary
 Enforces the Constitution and By-Laws of
  Rotary International
This year’s Board has
members from
Japan             Brazil
Australia         Nigeria
India             United States
Italy             Ghana
The Netherlands   Canada
Iceland           Wales
Let’s see where we are at so far
               Rotary Club
              Rotary District
                  Zone
   That Zone is paired with another zone
                 Director
            Board of Directors
                President
The R.I. President
 A Rotarian just like you and me
  – Past Director
  – Club member in good standing (cannot be an
    honorary member)
  – The world’s #1 Rotarian
  – Motivates
  – Inspires us all
  – The lucky person: jacket color and theme
 Confused yet?

There is more to come!
Rotary International
  Rotary International    The Rotary Foundation

      Clubs               Operates separately
                                 from Rotary
    Districts                  International
      Zones               Has a separate Board
                                  of Trustees
   Directors              But, does come under
   President                 the guidelines of
                            Rotary International
The Rotary Foundation
of Rotary International

 Operates separately from RI
 Has a thirteen member Board of Trustees
 Terms are four years
 Meets quarterly
 Governs all activities (fund raising and
  administration of Humanitarian Programs)
  of our Foundation
World Headquarters

  Rotary International
 1560 Sherman Avenue
 Evanston, Illinois USA
How are we made up?
Rotary employs 450 people full time
Rotary works 24 hours a day
Nine service centers around the world
The General Secretary administers the
 day to day operations of Rotary
There is an in-house cafeteria so
 everyone can eat!
We are a very complex
 Some Complexities:
   – 20 different languages
   – Nearly 100 different currencies that change
     value daily
   – This year: twelve different nationalities on the
     Board of Directors to operate as one unit
   – A “Foundation” that deals around the world
     with new demands arising daily
What else?

 A more complex operation
   – One day mail is equal to a town of 30,000 people.
   – Rotary translates into twenty different languages.
   – The largest publishing house in Evanston and one of the largest in
     the Chicago area.
   – 30 annual International Meetings.
   – Rotary operates on an annual operations budget of US$64 million.
   – We now have the most up to date computer and phone system
   – We have a new, expandable daily, Web site.
   – You can now complete applications and submit orders to Rotary
Some of the communication services
Rotary Provides
 International Convention
 The monthly Rotarian magazine
 Rotary Newsbasket
 Rotary World
 Web site - new and expandable
 144 different brochures about Rotary programs in as many as 20 different languages
 Many brochures are accessible on the Web site
 Some Presidents - Monthly Newsletter
 A Service Representative is assigned to each club
 Monthly listing of key departments and personnel with phone numbers
 “Fax Back” service
 Annual “Official Directory” with RI Officers, Clubs and where they meet
 Rotary “Official Catalog” (on line also) listing all publications, forms and Video
    presentations available
   You have just seen a
snapshot look at the world
        of Rotary
   But, there is still the most
    important part to come!
Never forget:
   Why you joined your Rotary Club

You joined
 –To serve your community
 –To serve our world
 –To serve its people
        Is the largest,
     most accomplishing,
best humanitarian and finest
      civic organization
         in the world
To Continue to be the Best:
We as a group:
 – Must always look to the future as to what
   our Rotary Club can do
 – Seek new Rotarians (not just members)
 – Remember that our Club’s growth is
   certain as long a we build our leadership
It is up to

You are a valued part of

 Team: Rotary
As a Team look what we have done!

 We have grown from four members to over
  a million
 Built one of the largest, most prestigious
  and accomplishing Foundations in the world
 Beat Polio
 We send people all over the world seeking
  world understanding and peace
  – just to mention a few
Let’s continue:
 To “Look Beyond Ourselves”
 Experience “Real Happiness is Helping
 Continue “To Do What We Believe in and
  Believe in What We Do”
 “Show Rotary Cares”
 “Discover a New World of Service”
 “Follow Your Rotary Dream”
 Work hard for “Consistency, Continuity and
 “Renew the Spirit of Rotary”
 “Put Life into Rotary - Your Life”
 “Build the Future with Action and Vision”
  – and so many more valuable annual themes
Don’t forget:
 You and your Rotary Club are Rotary
  – Districts
  – Zones
  – Directors
  – Officers
  – Play only a small part of what we are
And most of all:

   Be proud to be a

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